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In the Status set by WikiTree ID field you enter your own WikiTree ID, e.g. Franklin-1. It is remembered, so you have to enter it only once.

You can set a status and enter a comment for each error.

The active status is the latest entered status excluding comment.

There are five actions:

  • Comment (no change in status): This enables you to add a comment without changing the status.
  • Not corrected: This sets the error as not corrected. It will continue to be shown in all lists.
  • Corrected (hide until next recheck): This sets the error as corrected so it will be hidden from error reports until next dump. After that it will be shown again if it was not actually corrected.
  • False error (hide forever): This sets the error as a false error. It will be hidden from WikiTree+ error reports forever.
  • Proposed merge (hide for 30 days): This hides the error for 30 days thus giving a merge time to be completed. The error will be hidden from prepared error lists.

On the right-hand side, there may be commonly-used comments for each action. By selecting one you enter the comment into the comment box. It can be edited there.

When you have selected a status and entered a comment, click the "Add" button.

If there are related errors for the profile, you will also see a 'Set status also for related errors section.

Once an Error Status is Set

  • The only place you will see the status of an error is when you click on the status button again from an error list. The status will not show up in the error list unless the error was not edited correctly. Then, the following week the error, remaining on the error list, will also show the status previously set.
  • If you are working from your own personal error list, once you correct the error and mark the status, the error will completely disappear from your list (again, unless you did not edit it correctly and it shows up again next week).

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Error status page
Error status page


On 21 Jun 2018 at 05:53 GMT Gary Burgess wrote:

Does not to seem to matter what link I click on, I cannot find the list of profiles, is this data doctor quest a test of my intelligence?