DD Challenge 811 V

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Date: 23 Oct 2017 to 30 Oct 2017
Location: [unknown]
Surnames/tags: data_doctors challenges
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Error List

811 errors

Suggestion report for 811 errors. There were 178076 suggestions on 2017-10-22.

Condition to prepare list (SQL is ([Default].[ErrorID] In 811)).

178076 Suggestions Total 0000-0000 0001-1499 1500-1699 1700-1799 1800-1899 1900-1999 2000-9999 Open New
811 Uncleaned profile after merge 178076 11618 4682 19545 35776 76765 29596 94 138543 876

Table prepared at 23.10.2017 23:37:08 (Slovenian time).


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Working on 1800-1899
posted by Andrea (Stawski) Pack

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