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This page is for suggestions for upcoming Data Doctors Challenges. Share any ideas you have below. Aleš will determine which ones are possible and the team will add some of them into the mix.

New Data Doctors Challenge Theme Ideas

  • I am not bored, but, this month I am hosting the Sourcerers' Challenge so have been working on those instead of DD but they do at times overlap. It would be great if we could combine some of the challenges to hit more things on a profile. Loretta Leger Corbin
Challenges and Suggestions are not very connected. It would be hard to do both at the same time. Recently we have a few new challenges so maybe some challenge could overlap. Aleš.
  • I would also suggest that there are some massive problem gedcoms out there that could use collaborative clean up. Two mentioned on this Weekend Chat and those might provide a different way of doing a challenge where we have to work together to figure out some messy gedcoms and set them straight. Many of the profiles in them are unsourced or badly sourced, many cross into pre-1700 or pre-1500, many touch multiple projects. Loretta Leger Corbin
    • DeMarco-Gaffney Family Tree.ged, Dale Byers.
    • GI120368.ged, Wendy Sullivan.
    • DeCoursey). Sharon Casteel
We need minimum of 15000 suggestions for a challenge. preferably more. So doing a few GEDCOMS is not enough. Aleš.
Could be joined with other GEDCOM Errors. Aleš
  • Perhaps Ales could run a report of the top 10 PM with the largest number of errors... That would lead I think to people who are connected and would need some collaborative work. The abovefrom Pennie-22 Laura Bozzay
We already tried this and rejected it, since we don't want to single out this profile managers. But if someone wants his errors looked into as part of the challenge, let me know and it can be done if someone asks for help. Aleš
  • Would it be possible to have a challenge for the newer people in the project which also incorporates the random people that join the weekly challenge, and a more complex one for the more seasoned doctors, that would give them something more involved to work on? Wendy Sullivan
There are some challenges that are not error related like Orphans, that have all types of errors in it. Aleš
Sounds good. Aleš
  • Gender Errors (ie all Male profile errors, All female errors, All gender less errors), Darren Kellett
Gender error could be one of the common challenges. Aleš
  • Relationship Errors (child born before parents, Married to multiple people etc), Darren Kellett
Existing regular Challenge (Dates). Aleš
North America makes 70% of all suggestions. Europe is more complex to correct due to less sources available. Aleš
  • Immigration ie someone born in one country, died in another, Darren Kellett
Interesting. Aleš
  • National holiday or special occurances (ie Ireland cause of St patricks day), Darren Kellett
We tried this from beginning and usually there weren't enough suggestions. Aleš
They mostly have regular challenge in a logical group. Aleš
  • Profiles with the most errors attached (ie if a Mother died before birth for 10 kids and the associated errors are corrected that would be over 10 errors corrected.), Darren Kellett
interesting. Aleš

Other ideas

  • I am not bored with the challenges, but I do wish that more people could get the opportunity to win the weekly challenges. I don't think its fair that the same person can keep winning every week. I think that you should only be able to "Win" once. Then, if they continue to win every week after that, then the award badge should be issued to the person that did the most edits but hasn't won yet. Two challenges ago I worked my butt off trying to win, and it was looking simply impossible so I gave up. I still came in second place, however, decided that winning a challenge was impossible so I wasn't even going to try anymore. Stephanie Stults
Sounds interesting. Maybe limiting to 1 win per year or quarter. Aleš
  • Champion of Champions. All previous challenge winners are on a separate tracking report where we can correct any error except the ones in the regular challenge (to be fair for those that haven't one a challenge), Darren Kellett
This is good alternative to previous idea. That way we could have 2 winners each week. Aleš
  • I wonder if there was a way of having a challenge of the newbies since 2015 to now 2018 for any type errors or having unsourced profiles including duplicates of old profiles. Just a thought. Andrea Pack
Do you mean that only new users would participate? What would be the point of such challenge. Aleš
  • GedCom cleanup might be a thought for a Spring Clean-a-thon....Different teams could work on different GedComs... Loretta Leger Corbin
That is up to the teams. It is not connected to the challenges. Aleš
  • Have a challenge to clean up all Find a Grave references that are NOT using the Template "FindAGrave|123" Linda Peterson

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Data Doctors: Community Clean-Up
Data Doctors: Community Clean-Up