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Welcome to the Data Doctors Video Collection!

The Data Doctors Project Productions is creating a line of videos to help Data Doctors do their work and benefit all WikiTree members working on suggestions for their managed profiles improving the health of the one-world tree.

Admission is free and available 24/7. All features are rated: WT - helpful to all WikiTree members.

Now showing in these theatres:

  1. Introductions- Overview of topics, Data Doctors and other subjects important to Data Doctor work and all working on suggestions;
  2. Group & Topic Documentaries- as outlined on the Data Doctors Project Page, Names, Relationships, Locations, etc., and other topics, i.e. Reports, Tags, etc.
  3. Individual Suggestions Instructions by Genre - How Tos on each specific suggestion, as seen in the Description of Suggestions on the project page, grouped by the type of suggestion (genre).
  • Videos are grouped below by Suggestion Type Groups of suggestions (Name, Location, Gender, etc.) genre theatres.
  • Each genre theatre marquee contains a caption of Coming Soon! or Now Showing!.
  • The Now Showing! marquees link to the theaters showing those features;
  • The Coming Soon! marquees indicate that videos are in development, and the theatre is under construction.
  • Running Time for each video is given in minutes:seconds under the premiere image.
  • The video premiere caption also notes if the video includes a timestamp index for fast forwarding to items of interest.
Click on any premiere to enjoy that show!


Introductory Topics for Data Doctors' Practice & WikiTree Members

Running Time: 1:07

A fun introduction to being a Data Doctor and what you may encounter.

The Spreadsheet Double Feature

Premiere Trailer
Running Time: 4:53 with timestamps index

What? Where? How?

The Spreadsheet Part I
Running Time: 5:13


The Spreadsheet - Part II explains all.

Group & Topic Documentaries

Topics and Suggestion Groups Overview

Premiere Trailer
Running Time: 10:00 with timestamps index.
Everything You Wanted to Know about Suggestions Reports and Didn't Know Where to Go -

Now You Will!
Running Time: 3:08
Mr. E Just Wants a Good Date

Why Is That So Difficult?
Running Time: 5:44
The Cryptic Crypt Cryptogram

Mr E Figures Out Find A Grave
Running Time: 3:41
Gender: Mr E or Ms Take?

Gender Confusion: Missing, Misidentified, or Just Plain Wrong!
Running Time: 2:41
Mr. E Explores Headings

All about Biography Headings
Running Time: 24:38 with Timestamp Index
To Merge or Not To Merge? That Isn't the Question
But the Right Thing to Do.

Mr. E is on the Straight Path to Learn the Right Way to Merge - with Great-Great-Grandpa Grump E
Running Time: 3:19 with timestamps index.
<Tag> - You're It!

All about references tags

Individual Suggestions Instructions

How To Instructions by Genre (Suggestion Type Group)

  • Videos are grouped below by Suggestion Type Groups of suggestions (Name, Location, Gender, etc.) genre theatres.
  • The genre marquees link to the group theatres where you can get the list of features and links to both the Suggestion Page and the video.
  • The individual suggestion instruction How-Tos are located by clicking on the genre (Suggestion Type Group) headings.

Each How-To feature gives the step by step instructions explaining:

  • What it is
  • What causes it
  • How to fix it
  • Where to report it
  • After you watch the video, you can read the review or the book - newspaper or book icons link to the corresponding Suggestions page.
Choose your Genre and view the videos!
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Spoiler Alert!

Image:Data Doctors Project Images.png

Announcements will be made every Friday in G2G and the Data Doctors Google Group for coming attractions so you don't miss the new releases!

Special thanks to our own Karen Hoy and her cinematic genius!

Binge-Worthy Watching

Grab a bowl of popcorn and watch them all!
Click on The Complete Collection for the full playlist.

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