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Descendants of Rev. Benjamin Griswold Hildreth

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About the Project

The goal of this team sub-project of the Hildreth Name Study is to create profiles on WikiTree for all descendants of Rev. Benjamin Griswold Hildreth who were born with or carry on the Hildreth name. Those profiles which are created will be sourced as a fully as possible and complete, narrative biographies will be written for them.

Background Information

Rev. Benjamin Griswold Hildreth, was born about 1802 and grew up in Charleston, South Carolina. In the 1830s he moved with his wife Jemima Dowling and their large family to southeast Alabama where he was a farmer and a Methodist preacher. The book The Hildreth Family by brothers James Wilson Newman Sr. and William Alton Newman Sr,[1] (commonly referred to as the "Little Red Book of Hildreths"), which was written almost exclusively about the descendants of Rev. Benjamin Griswold Hildreth through his son Rev. Robert Henry Jackson Hildreth, along with other sources, is being used as a guide for researching that branch of Rev. Benjamin Griswold Hildreth descendants. Profiles for descendants of Rev. Benjamin Griswold Hildreth through his other four sons, William C. Hildreth, Rev. Travis Zaccheus Hildreth, James Marion Hildreth, and John B. Hildreth, who are mentioned but for whom members of descendant generations are not detailed in The Hildreth Family, are being researched in other sources. Female descendants whose last name at birth was Hildreth are also being profiled and included in this team sub-project.

The work of this team sub-project will become an expansion of and a supplement to the work originally compiled by the Newman brothers in The Hildreth Family.[1] However, because this is a sub-project of a one name study only descendants whose last name at birth was Hildreth are included here. This is not intended to be a complete family history of all descendants of Rev. Benjamin Griswold Hildreth.

How to Join

Contact Nelda Gilchrist Spires, Team Leader, if you have an interest in participating in this team sub-project.

Current Members

Work Sheet

This is the worksheet for the Descendants of Rev. Benjamin Griswold Hildreth part of the Hildreth Name Study. It shows which profiles relevant to this team sub-project have been created. A created profile should not be considered a complete profile. These profiles should be checked routinely...

  • to see if they need any maintenance (check profile suggestions)
  • to see if there are any new sources available from which can be extracted more information to be included in the biography
  • to see if source citations can be improved and that links within source citations still work
  • to see if the biography can be improved (see ideas at Biography Builders)
  • to see if all profiles for children with the surname Hildreth have been created (add any new profiles created to the worksheet)
  • to see if any categories need to be applied (especially categories of the Hildreth Name Study)
  • to see if they fit into other Hildreth Name Study team sub-project (if so, contact team leader for that sub-project)

WikiTree IDName
Hildreth-1548 A. E. Hildreth (1867-1874)
Hildreth-1406 Ada Lillian (Hildreth) Mixson (1876-1946)
Hildreth-1487 Alice Lee (Hildreth) Wiggins (1898-1980)
Hildreth-1586 Allie Rebecca (Hildreth) Hooks (1889-1974)
Hildreth-1913 Allison Van Nette Hildreth (1925-2021)
Hildreth-1589 Alonzo Carleton Hildreth (1908 - 1977)
Hildreth-1468 Alonzo Luther Hildreth (1883 - 1975)
Hildreth-1452 Annie (Hildreth) Pate (1877-1966)
Hildreth-1320 Armorita Nell (Hildreth) Gilchrist (1934-1983)
Hildreth-1437 Arvie Novesta Hildreth (1894-1960)
Hildreth-2056 Barbara Ann (Hildreth) Ezell (1938-2008)
Hildreth-1638 Barbara Marjorie (Hildreth) Hall (1931-2015)
Hildreth-1476 Bascom Horace Hildreth (1896 - abt. 1975)
Hildreth-301 Benjamin Griswald Hildreth (1802-1868)
Hildreth-1463Benjamin Lewis Hildreth
Hildreth-1475Benjamin Malcolm Hildreth (1894 - 1974)
Hildreth-1502Bertha Lula (Hildreth) Cobb
Hildreth-1592Bessie A. (Hildreth) Williams Harris
Hildreth-1353 Bessie Missouri (Hildreth) Windham (1898-1949)
Hildreth-1724Betty Jean (Hildreth) Wilkerson Eddins
Hildreth-1479 Betty Joan Hildreth (1934-1939)
Hildreth-1725Bettye Jean (Hildreth) Carter
Hildreth-1472Beulah Eulala (Hildreth) Fleming (1876 - 1945)
Hildreth-1705Billy Sam Hildreth
Hildreth-1658Bobell (Hildreth) Jones
Hildreth-1717 Carlton Donald Hildreth (1931-2008)
Hildreth-1718Carlton Donald Hildreth Jr.
Hildreth-2200Carroll O'Neal Hildreth (1939-2021)
Hildreth-1465 Catherine Lucille (Hildreth) Garlick (1921-2011)
Hildreth-1766Cecil Candler Hildreth
Hildreth-1720Charles David Hildreth
Hildreth-1488 Charles Edward Hildreth (1922-2012)
Hildreth-1681Charles Henry Hildreth
Hildreth-1469 Cheryl Lynnette Hildreth (1958-1960)
Hildreth-1721Clifton Donald Hildreth
Hildreth-1701 Coleen Mildred (Hildreth) Harper (1926-1987)
Hildreth-304Daisy Eletha (Hildreth) Green (1887 - 1957)
Hildreth-1690Dalton Lavine Hildreth
Hildreth-1549David James Hildreth
Hildreth-1669Della Louise (Hildreth) Crosby
Hildreth-2201Dewayne O'Neal Hildreth (1961-1961)
Hildreth-1722Donald Wayne Hildreth
Hildreth-1723 Donna Lucille (Hildreth) Nolan (1930-2019)
Hildreth-1726Doris Mae (Hildreth) Cooper
Hildreth-1447 Earlie Lee Hildreth (1894-1958)
Hildreth-1388 Edith Merle (Hildreth) Hamilton (1916-1974)
Hildreth-1767Edna (Hildreth) Williams
Hildreth-1768Edna Earl (Hildreth) Conway
Hildreth-1446Edward Homer Hildreth (1874 - 1965)
Hildreth-1576 Edward Roscoe Hildreth (1897-1978)
Hildreth-1392 Elizabeth Mae (Hildreth) Murphy (1899-1989)
Hildreth-1545Ella Hildreth
Hildreth-1546Emma Missouri (Hildreth) Potts
Hildreth-1682 Emma Bertha (Hildreth) James Wood Carter White
Hildreth-1391 Emmett Franklin Hildreth (1894-1973)
Hildreth-2111Emmett Franklin Hildreth (1934-2019)
Hildreth-1434 Erie May (Hildreth) Byrd (1887-1977)
Hildreth-1651Erin Carrinia (Hildreth) Whitfield
Hildreth-1653Ethel Lenora (Hildreth) Howell Wright
Hildreth-1435 Eunice Clyde (Hildreth) Johnson (1889-1981)
Hildreth-1771Evelyn Karen Hildreth
Hildreth-2053Evelyn Rebecca (Hildreth) Edwards (1936-2019)
Hildreth-1673 Fletcher B. Hildreth (1909-1980)
Hildreth-1687Florell {Hildreth) Tanner Sanders
Hildreth-1634Frances Hildreth
Hildreth-901Frances (Hildreth) Curenton (1840 - 1913)
Hildreth-1622Francis Marion Hildreth
Hildreth-1400 Franklin Pierce Hildreth (1854-1890)
Hildreth-1610 Fred Marsh Hildreth (1914-1916)
Hildreth-1655 George Hubert Hildreth (1896-aft.1926)
Hildreth-1688George Hubert Hildreth
Hildreth-1354 George Travis Hildreth (1862-1940)
Hildreth-1431 Gwendolyn (Hildreth) Taylor
Hildreth-1727 Harold Buttelle Hildreth (1924-1997)
Hildreth-1449 Harriet Calloway (Hildreth) Grimes (1825 - 1883)
Hildreth-1648 Harvey Hobert Hildreth
Hildreth-1587 Henry Lee Hildreth (1899-1973)
Hildreth-1405 Henry Walter Hildreth (1869-1933)
Hildreth-1253 Herbert Hoover Hildreth
Hildreth-1954 Herbert Riley Hildreth
Hildreth-1635 Howard Mercer Hildreth
Hildreth-2049 Hubert Jean Hildreth (1926-2020)
Hildreth-1473 Ida Roberta (Hildreth) Green (1878 - 1940)
Hildreth-1385 Irene Louise (Hildreth) Russell (1904-1978)
Hildreth-1641Iris (Hildreth) Brunson
Hildreth-1729James Burl Hildreth
Hildreth-1683James Cleveland Hildreth (1896-1975)
Hildreth-1647James Coy Hildreth
Hildreth-1772James Dayton Hildreth
Hildreth-1637James Edmund Hildreth
Hildreth-1730James Edward Hildreth
Hildreth-1716James Foster Hildreth
Hildreth-1731James Hamner Hildreth
Hildreth-1732James Harold Hildreth
Hildreth-1630James Harvey Hildreth
Hildreth-1428James Marion Hildreth
Hildreth-1486James Mason Hildreth
Jeanette (Hildreth) Drinkard (1924-1983)
Hildreth-1593Jesse Lee Hildreth
Hildreth-1636Jesse Lee Hildreth
Hildreth-1704Jesse Burl Hildreth
Hildreth-1656Jewell M. (Hildreth) Johnson
Joe Fred Hildreth (d. 29 Nov 2017)
Hildreth-1450John B. Hildreth (abt. 1842 - 1863)
Hildreth-1491John Daniel Hildreth
Hildreth-1499 John Horace Hildreth (1905-2001)
Hildreth-1672Johnnie I. Hildreth
Hildreth-1654John Travis Hildreth
Hildreth-1735Judie Dianne (Hildreth) Hewett Terrell Terry
Hildreth-1773Juliette Heather (Hildreth) Bowens
Hildreth-1719Kenneth Charles Hildreth
Hildreth-1631Kenneth Leon Hildreth
Hildreth-1739 Lawrence Cox Hildreth (bef.1942-1942)
Hildreth-1467Lena Anna (Hildreth) Majors (1870 - 1898)
Hildreth-1678Lillie Rebecca (Hildreth) Walters (1894-1968)
Hildreth-1478Lillie Mae (Hildreth) Miller (abt. 1900 - aft. 1975)
Hildreth-1492Linnie Jane (Hildreth) Laugley Robinson Thomas Gibson
Hildreth-1393 Lloyd P. Hildreth (1897-1898)
Hildreth-1552Lula Martha (Hildreth) Cobb
Hildreth-1387 Lula Ruth (Hildreth) Bower (1909-2003)
Hildreth-1715Madie Jewel (Hildreth) Cullifer Adkins
Hildreth-1596 Major Paul Hildreth (1921-1985)
Hildreth-1706Malcolm Forrest Hildreth
Hildreth-1698 Marcellus Hildreth (abt.1906-1919)
Hildreth-1751 Margaret Vestalene (Hildreth) Marshall (1919-1943)
Hildreth-1736 Marguerite (Hildreth) Huey
Hildreth-1787 Marilyn J. (Hildreth) Murray (1935-2018)
Hildreth-1757 Marion Elaine (Hildreth) Price
Hildreth-1646 Marjorie (Hildreth) Parmer
Hildreth-1703 Martha Louise (Hildreth) Foley (1933-1980)
Hildreth-1429 Martha M. Hildreth (abt. 1838 - aft. 1850)
Hildreth-1322 Marvin Bascom Hildreth (1871-1952)
Hildreth-1454 Marvin Joseph Hildreth
Hildreth-1390 Marvin Joseph Hildreth (1893-1974)
Hildreth-1541 Mary A. Hildreth
Hildreth-1427 Mary E. Hildreth (abt. 1836 - aft. 1860)
Hildreth-1477 Mary Ethel Hildreth (1898 - bef. 1900)
Hildreth-1547 Mary V. (Hildreth) Cobb
Hildreth-1466 Mattie Mae (Hildreth) Parker (1899-1984)
Hildreth-1544 Matty Hildreth
Hildreth-1433 Max Shofner Hildreth
Hildreth-1386 Max Shofner Hildreth (abt.1906-abt.1950)
Hildreth-1758Maxwell Pierce Hildreth
Hildreth-1702Melba Elizabeth (Hildreth) Nichols (1931-2009)
Hildreth-1697 Melvin Burl Hildreth (1901-1993)
Hildreth-1629Minnie (Hildreth) Kilpatrick
Hildreth-1402 Missouri Frances (Hildreth) Engram (1858-1942)
Hildreth-1404 Mittie Emma (Hildreth) Wilson (1865-1932)
Hildreth-1321 Morgan Bascom Hildreth (1910-1991)
Hildreth-1378 Morgan Edward Hildreth (1938-2000)
Hildreth-1474Muncie Decora (Hildreth) Griffin
Hildreth-1759Myrtice Louise (Hildreth) Fox Cobbs
Hildreth-1684 Myrtle (Hildreth) McClain Ramsey Glass Palmer McClain
Hildreth-1401 Nancy Jane (Hildreth) Heath (1856-1926)
Hildreth-1685Nobie Hildreth
Hildreth-1384 Ola Lee (Hildreth) Allen (abt.1902-abt.1924)
Hildreth-1471Olive Victoria (Hildreth) Hollis (1872 - 1914)
Hildreth-1436 Onnie L. (Hildreth) Whaley (1891-1955)
Hildreth-1760Oren Keith Hildreth
Hildreth-1689Ozell Uveda {Hildreth) Casady
Hildreth-1694 Paul Robert Hildreth (1927-1996)
Hildreth-1695 Pauline (Hildreth) Smith (1927-2014)
Hildreth-1748Pauline (Hildreth) Boswell
Hildreth-1743Pearl (Hildreth) Turner Surber
Hildreth-1453Pelham Alonzo Hildreth
Hildreth-1669Perry Tyson Hildreth
Hildreth-1761Philip Luther Hildreth (1911 - 2000)
Hildreth-1799Philip Luther Hildreth (1944 - 2015)
Hildreth-1733Raymond Hollis Hildreth
Hildreth-1489Robert B. Hildreth
Hildreth-1464Robert Bunyan Hildreth (1881 - 1970)
Hildreth-1783Robert E. Hildreth
Hildreth-1426Robert Henry Jackson Hildreth (1846 - 1907)
Hildreth-1432Robert Travis Hildreth
Hildreth-1550Rosetta Hildreth
Hildreth-1591 Roy Hamner Hildreth (1907-1979)
Hildreth-1734Ruby Nell (Hildreth) Gray
Hildreth-1430Saphronia Jane (Hildreth) Lang
Hildreth-1542Sarah Hildreth
Hildreth-1451Sarah Delilah (Hildreth) Bailey (abt. 1850 - 1936)
Hildreth-1403 Sarah Elizabeth (Hildreth) Chancy (1860-1933)
Hildreth-1543Savanah (Hildreth) Jones
Hildreth-1540Susan Hildreth (abt. 1848)
Hildreth-1652Terrell Pierce Hildreth
Hildreth-1770Thomas Frederick Hildreth
Hildreth-1691Thomas Morton Hildreth (1892-1968)
Hildreth-1693 Thomas Morton Hildreth (1924-2010)
Hildreth-1252Travis Glenn Hildreth
Hildreth-1323 Travis Zaccheus Hildreth (1830 - 1900)
Hildreth-1692 Unnamed Infant Hildreth (1922-1922)
Hildreth-1699Unnamed Infant Hildreth
Hildreth-1737 Unnamed Infant Hildreth (bef.1933-1933)
Hildreth-1438 Verdie Lee (Hildreth) Johnson (1901-1960)
Hildreth-1470Vinnie L. (Hildreth) Newman (1885 - 1947)
Hildreth-1686 Walter Hildreth
Hildreth-1774Walter Lee Hildreth (1913 - 2009)
Hildreth-1642William Benjamin "Ben" Hildreth
Hildreth-1644William Benjamin "Billy" Hildreth Jr.
Hildreth-1381 William C. Hildreth (abt. 1825 - aft. 1900)
Hildreth-1738 William Henry Hildreth (1929-2006)
Hildreth-1769William Lamar Hildreth
Hildreth-1590 William Love Hildreth (1903-1960)
Hildreth-1696Willie Benjamin Hildreth (1896-1936)
Hildreth-1633 Willis Hildreth (1936-2015)
Hildreth-1632 Wilson Homer Hildreth (1927-2004)
Hildreth-1389 Winnie Etha (Hildreth) Murdock (1891-1974)


One of the great mysteries of this line of Hildreths is if they are descendants of either Richard Hildreth or Thomas Hildreth, the two earliest known Hildreths in the part of North America which became the United States. The Newman brothers in The Hildreth Family[1] believe that Rev. Benjamin Griswold Hildreth was a direct descendant of Thomas Hildreth, but gaps and possibly errors in their research may exist. The parents of Rev. Benjamin Hildreth are known, but very little is known about his father or other ancestors. One of the potential ways this mystery may be solved is through DNA. If you are a Hildreth, particularly one descended from Rev. Benjamin Griswold Hildreth, please consider participating in the the Hildreth DNA Study. Read more about this study and find a link to it on our main Hildreth Name Study page by clicking HERE.

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