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Here are the profiles Diane Darcy is currently working on.

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Example of repeating source
Stickers & their use
Brick Walls - OR need more work
Elizabeth Hanson
Grace Ethel Davies
Links to Families I am working on (trying to solve issues)
Rene Veronica (Rose) Ellston

Links to WAITE Family

Add profiles for the family to Waite Spouses
John Waite
John Francis Waite
Michael Sharman Waite
Westhorpe/Howard/Riley/Carroll/Johnston/McLeod/Radford/Blakeley etc Familes I created for Jamie Westhorpe
Harvey Riley his maternal grandfather (& their ancestors)
Nancy Vera (Carroll) Riley his maternal grandmother (& their ancestors)
Edward John Irwin Westhorpe his paternal grandfather (I created his ancestors)
Joan (Howard) Westhorpe his paternal grandmother (I created her ancestors)
SHONE FAMILY (sorting various family lines into correct connections)
Thomas Shone born 1760
Eva Emily (Shone) Beaumont add children
Marjorie Josephe (Shone) Morrison add spouse and children

TO DO Remove from list once profile is updated.

William Frederick Gidley add parents, siblings, wives & children
Joyce May (Smith) Debono add parents info under Research Notes
Doris Isabel (Ricks) Burrows Add birth record in 2026 born 1926

Vincent John Coombes

Update the profiles of the family of Thomas Darcy and grow his tree. Try to find records in Ireland that may link him to my Darcy line. He had a sister Bridget who was living in Mairtland at the time of his arrival in NSW. Check newspaper records etc. Find information about Bridget Darcy.

Add parents of : Dora "Doris" Pauline (Barker) Robins aka Nicol

Her probable mother

"Classified Advertising" The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : 1933 - 1954) 29 September 1933: page 12. BARKER.—The Relatives and Friends of Mrs. Frances H. Barker, late of Cannon Hill, are invited to attend her Funeral, to move from the Funeral Parlour, Stanley Street, South Brisbane, Tomorrow (Saturday) Afternoon, at 3.30 o'clock, to Toowong Cemetery. K. M. SMITH, Funeral Director.[1]

Death registration: Frances Harriet Barker |Death date: 28/09/1933 | Mother's name: Helen Halpin | Father/parent's name: John Smith | Registration details: 1933/B/22182 | Reg. Queensland, Australia

BARKER FRANCES HARRIET |AGE 79 Years| Date of Service: 30-09-1933 | Cemetery: Toowong Cemetery, Grave Location: 18-20-10

In August 2023 find death record in NSW BDM Index for Ruby Pearl (Essex) Darcy and update her profile.
In July 2023 find birth record in Victoria, Australia, for Thomas Hudson Cambridge and add to his profile
Irene Veronica (McMahon) Twyford find birth record in 2023-2024
Each Year check NSW & QLD BDM for births & deaths for the children of Iola Kathleen (Darcy) Thompson births between 1914-1935.
In 2024 find Marriage Record for Frederick Gregory Harvey married Jeannetta Aletta (Otterspoor) Freney about 1949.
In 2026 find Death Records for Gregory Thomas Rowan & his wife Mona (Field) Rowan
In 2025 find birth registration for Laurence Augustine D'Arcy and add to profile.
Follow up work to be done on these profiles - once completed remove from this list

Update presentation of profiles

Thomas Doubleday
Nada Mary (Hood) D'Arcy add parents & siblings Link to parents can be found from Find A Grave: Memorial #135089360
Thomas Joseph Willans
Isabella Jane Begbie
Herbert Smirnoff Campbell
Mary Anne Rose (Coombes) Burchell
Florence May (Jacobson) Nicol born 29 Feb 1920 Add her parents, siblings etc
Graydon Mather Johnston married a Willans (David Conolly family) update Johnston profile - added parents & children
Mary (O'Donnell) Hinchcliffe Add her parents & siblings
Arthur Collier Robinson Add children (Donnelly descendant)
John James Woodward Add parents & siblings
Ethel May (Ide) Tate Add children
Gerrard-585 research note to do with Gerrard-716
EXTRA PROFILES I MANAGE for future reference - if I forget why I manage them !
Margaret (Darcy) Kerr Is she Margaret Darcy, daughter of James & Julia Darcy from the 'Ellenborough'? Also questions from Helen Pillidge regarding her grandmother-in-law, Eva Elizabeth (Kerr) Pillidge McIntyre. Refer to emails from Helen Pillidge.
PILLIDGE FAMILY TREE Helen Pillidge emails sent regarding connection to Darcy family
Peter Pillidge
Isaac Richard Pillidge
Moira Aileen (O'Brien) Pankhurst possible grand-daughter of John O'Brien and Frances Darcy refer to research notes on profiles.
Families connected to the O'Rourke Family (Margaret (O'Rourke) Darcy, wife of Edward Darcy
Dulcie Jessamine (Major) O'Rourke married John Joseph O'Rourke who is a nephew of Margaret (O'Rourke) Darcy.
Dulcie Jessamine (Major) O'Rourke is the daughter of Violet Lavinia (Major) Thurlow and she is the daughter of Harriet (Major) Lodge and she is the wife of Richard William Lodge and they are the parents to the various Lodge family members I manage. The family lived in area west of Maitland, around Bishops Bridge and Sawyers Gully. Most of the Lodge family are buried at St Andrew's Anglican Church graveyard, Bishops Bridge, NSW, Australia.
Note: I have orphaned the Thurlow & Lodge family profiles.
Families connected to Lucy Ann (Moon) Webb I was contacted by her great-great- grand-daughter, Krystal Ord, daughter of Pamela (Mahoney) Ord, who was the daughter of Thomas Mahoney and Lucy Maude (Webb) Mahoney, who was the daughter of Lucy Ann (Moon) Webb. Background: For some reason in March 2022 I adopted the profile of John Vose and grew the tree from there to William James Webb and his wife, Lucy Ann (Moon) Webb. I have no idea why I did this! Written 23 July 2022.
Families connected to Renee Veronica (Rose) Ellston I was contacted by Paul Robert Ellston, who grandmother, Renee Veronica (Rose) Ellston had told the fmaily she was related to Les Darcy the boxer. I created her family on Wiklitree and could find no connection to the Darcy family. TO DO Keep growing this family as far as possible. Paul Robert Ellston wrote very nice emails to me.
SHONE Family in New Zealand and Tasmania Emails for Mike Shone, also his mother's line
Mike Shone contacted me about the D'Arcy family profiles I had created on Wikitree.
Connection of D'Arcy family to Shone family
Michael Darcy is father of Francis Darcy is husband of Elizabeth Mary (Duigan) D'Arcy is sister of Michael John Duigan is father of Michael Simon Duigan is father of Kathleen (Duigan) Shone August, is wife of John Bell Shone is father of Mike Shone.
This is how I became involved with the Shone family tree.
Mike and I exchanged a few emails regarding the Darcy Duigan families, and I decided to grow the tree on Wikitree.
Michael Darcy (1816-1856) father of
Francis Darcy (1845-1888) husband of
Elizabeth Mary (Duigan) D'Arcy (1836-1911) sister of
Michael John Duigan father of
Michael Simon Duigan father of
Kathleen (Duigan) Shone August wife of
John Bell Shone parents of
Mike Shone
Other members of this extended family
Kathleen (Duigan) Shone August. And John Joseph (Darcy) D'Arcy, his sister, Florence Mabel (Darcy) Loughran.
Elizabeth Mary (Duigan) Darcy
Frances Elizabeth (Darcy) O'Brien
Moira Aileen (O'Brien) Pankhurst
Henry Gerald Loughran]
Lewis John Loughran (1914-1975)

Quick access to these profiles
Joan Lewis
Anne Louisa (Pullen) Hammond wife of William Hammond, Peter's great uncle -
Elizabeth (Archer) Hooley Ancestor of Mary Hooley
John R. Brown from Devon, helped him with sources etc
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