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Dietrich DNA

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Dietrich and Dieter DNA tests, particularly Y-DNA

Key Dietrich/Dieter ancestor, usually a migrant to America, followed by descendants (indented) who have taken a Y-DNA test.

Grouped by Genetic Family, per Dietz-Dietrich project sponsored by FamilyTree DNA. "2GGS" = second great grandson, etc.

See also this Discussion of Dietrich Y-DNA test results, including possible locations for the origins for identified genetic families.

Haplogroup E1b1b1 (L117;M35; etc) Genetic Family A
Johann Adam Dietrich (abt 1710-abt 1775) & his son Johann Adam Dietrich (Jr) (1740-1817), mgr 1751 & settled Berks PA; Johannes Dietrich (abt 1754-1785) may be another son of Adam Sr, b in Berks. Elisha Teeters (b 1762) is clearly a male-line Dietrich, possibly b in Lancaster PA, son of George Hans Dietrich (bef 1736-abt 1780). Johann Dietrich (abt 1769-bef 1833) migr bef 1793 Hungary, then bef 1819 South Russia.

Unknown Dietrich, unknown origin
Unknown Dietrich kit 238789 Y-37 E-M35
Johann Dietrich (abt 1769-bef 1833) Germany
Living Dietrich kit 633754 Big Y E-BY67923
Johann Adam Dietrich (1740-1817) Germany
Living Dietrich kit 974398 Big Y E-BY67923
Samuel B. Dietrich (1851-1920), GGS/o Johannes Dietrich (abt 1731-1785)
Living Dietrich kit 236143 Y-37 E-M35 / Germany
Elisha Teeters (1762-Feb 1821) unknown origin, sons William Teeters, John Teeters
Living Teeters kit 121373 Y-67 E-M35 GD=0 from kit 236143
Percy Melvin Teeters (?-?) kit B7032, no details
Solomon Deitrick (abt 1840-abt 1874) unknown origin, son Israel Sylvester Deitrick
Living 2GGS kit N68889 Y-12 E-M35 GD=0 from kits 633754, 236143 & 121373

Haplogroup E1b1b1 (L117;M35; etc) Unclassified

Johann Dietrich (b.1861) Petersaurach, Bavaria
Unknown Dietrich kit 276418 Y-12 E-M35 GD=2 from Family A
Peter Dietrich (abt 1749-1831) unknown origin, son William Phillip Deatrick
Living Deatrick kit 276423 Y-12 E-M35 GD=8 from Family A; GD=10 from kit 276418

Haplogroup G (M201 etc) Genetic Family A

John Joachim Dietz Sr (1757-1827), S/o Andreas Ludwig Dietz (1708-1782) Bas-Rhin, Alsace
Robert Edwin Dietz (1915-1991) kit 201536 Y-111 G-BY37125
Living Dietz kit 504398 Y-111 G-BY37125

Haplogroup G (M201 etc) Unmatched
Hans Jerg Dieter (1699-1744) migr 1727 from Schwaigern, Wurttemberg, and settled first in PA and later in VA; Hans Jerg Dieter (1703-abt 1750) from Schwaigern, possibly a cousin, followed in 1729 and settled in VA.

Ohley Bascom Teter (1883-1950), 3GGS/o Hans Jerg (Dieter) Teter (1699-1744)
Living grandson kit 412271 Y-111 G-M201
Friedrich Tetz b. abt. 1830 Ukraine son Frederich Karl Tetz (1851-1926) migrated to Canada
Unknown Tetz kit N95780 Y-12 G-M201 GD=1 from kit 412271
Mahlon Stacy Teters (1852-1922), GGS/o Henry Samuel (Dieter?) Teter Jr. (c 1756-1823)
Living GGS kit -?- Y-46 G2a2b2a1 (G-P303)
Henry Dieter b. 1756, Sankt Goar, d. 1823
Living Teters kit 434844 Y-37 G-M201 GD abt 19 from kit 412271
Hippolitus Dietz b. 1840 d. 1909 Germany
Unknown Dietz kit 256631 Y-67 G-M201
Joseph Dietl dob 1844 Unknown Origin no details
Unknown Dietl kit 71291 Y-37 G-M201 GD abt 6 from kit 256631
Unknown Dietz(?) b. Germany, no details
Unknown Dietz kit N37244 Y-25 G-? GD=1 from kit 256631
Andreas Ditter 1627-1675 Germany, 4GGson Amor Ditter (1811-1893) migr 1857 U.S.
Unknown Ditter kit 358155 Y-111 G-FGC57326

Haplogroup R1a (M198; M512 etc) Genetic Family A
Elias Dieterich (1701-1759) b Ottmarsheim, Württemberg, in the Neckar valley, migr 1744, settled Northampton PA, sons Elias Dietrich (1738-aft 1786), Johannes Dietterich (1741-1809) & Jacob Dietrich (1749-1819), many descendants; Ignatius Dietrich (1812-1884) born Oos, Baden on the Rhine, nearly 100 km to the west of Ottmarsheim.

Unknown Dietterich
Living Dietterich kit 212037 Y-37 R-M512
James Monroe Detrick (1872-1950), 4GGS/o Elias Dieterich (1701-1759)
Living Detrick kit 362333 Y-67 R-M512 / Germany
Elias Dieterich (probably)
Living Detrick kit B124762 Y-37 R-M198
Ignatius Dietrich (1812-1884) Oos, Baden, Germany
Living Dietrich kit MK59306 Y-37 R-M198

Haplogroup R1b (M269 etc) Genetic Family A

Friedrich Wilhelm Dietrich (1816-1890) Hannover, Prussia
Living Brosz kit IN12534 Y-111 R-Z36
Jacob Dietrich (1825-1904) origin not specified
Living Dietrich kit N110858 Y-111 R-Z36

Haplogroup R1b (M269 etc) Genetic Family B

Peter Dedrick b 1785, m Susanah Funck
Living Dedrick kit 401553 Y-37 R-M269
Hans Dietrich b.1580 Hattgenstein, Germany
Living Dietrich kit 217086 Y-37 R-M269
Frederich Dietrich b1824 Bryansk,Russia d1897 ND, possible origins Hirschfeld, Pfalz
Louis Rudolph Dietrich (or desc) kit 418155 Y-25 R-M269 GD=0 from kit 217086
Christopher E Tederick (1738-1819) S/o Christoph Tederick b.1702 Kamenz, Prussia? d.1784
Living 5GGS kit 458749 Y-37 R-M269
Brian Tedrick(?) living kit 458749 no details
Carl Dietrich b. abt 1840
Living Dietrich kit 520294 Y-67 R-M269

Haplogroup R1b (M269 etc) Genetic Family C

Jacob Dietrich (1570-1636), S/o Jeorg Dietrch b 1546 Backnang, Württemberg
Living Dietrich-s kit 238791 Y-37, kit 236149 Y-37, kit 520294 Y-67 all R-M269

Haplogroup R1b (M269 etc) Genetic Family D

Henry Teeter/Dieter b, abt 1684 Ger d. 1734 Bucks, PA
Dwight Leland Teeter (abt 1935-2015) kit 354508 Y-67 R-BY3254
M.M. Teeter living kit 254030 Y-111 R-BY27674
Coonrod Teeter (1720-1771), S/o Henry Teeter/Dieter b, abt 1684 Ger
Francis Hugh Teeter (1926-2019) kit 598872 Y-111 R-BY3254

Haplogroup R1b (M269 etc) Genetic Family E
Johannes "Hannes" Dieterich (abt 1720-aft 1770) migr abt 1738, settled 1752 Frederick MD, sons John Deeter (1745-1790) & Abraham Teeter (1748-1827), many descendents with surnames Deeter & Teeter. Close match (GD=0 for Y-37) with living Swiss, so Swiss origins post 1600 probable but paper trail is lacking.

Heinrich Dietrich (1789-?), 2GGS/o Ulrich Dietrich (1665–1721) Switzerland
Living 3GGS kit E2342 Y-37 R-M269
George W. Deeter (1883-1966), 2GGS/o John Deeter (1745-1790) U.S.
Living GSon kit 513732 Y-37 R-M269 (R-U152)
John S. Teeter (1782-1847), S/o Abraham Teeter (1748-1827) U.S.
Living 3GGS kit -?- Y-37 R-M269
Paul Teeter (1937-2015), 2GGS/o Abraham Teeter Jr (abt 1778-1837)
Living son kit -?- Y-12 R-M269
David S. Deeter (1773-1849), S/o Abraham Teeter (1748-1827) U.S.
Living 3GGS kit 955479 Y-37 R-M269
Richard B. Minges (1872-1947), possible GGS/o David S. Deeter (1773-1849) U.S.
Living GGS kit 318040 Y-37 R-M269
John Godfrey Dietrich b.1877 Thun
Living Dietrich kit MK59305 Y-37 R-M269 GD=6 from kit E2342

Haplogroup R1b (M269 etc) Genetic Family F
Family name Dedrick/Dederick pre-1850 is largely restricted to descendants of the 1710 New York migrants Christian Diederich (abt 1660-?) and Johann Wilhelm Dietrich (abt 1660-1716), believed to be brothers. However, no paper trail to the two results below has been reported.

Abraham Dedrick (abt 1814-aft 1860) N.Y.
D. Dietrick livng kit N94563 Y-67 R-M269
Unidentified Ancestor
Living Dedrick kit 900254 Y-67 R-M269 GD=5 from kit N94563

Haplogroup R1b (M269 etc) Unmatched
There are fifteen Dietrichs (and one Dieter) whose Y-DNA results fall into Haplogroup R-M269 that FTDNA leaves unmatched. However, two pairs are potential matches, if the criteria are somewhat relaxed -- see the grouping immediately below.

John Amiel Dieterich b. 1804 Hessen, d. 1891 MO
Unknown Dieterich kit 114285 Y-25 R-M269
Frederick Diedrich b. 1821 Mecklenburg or Hanover, d. 1898 MI
Unknown Diedrich kit 276413 Y-12 R-M269 GD=1 from kit 114285
Frederich Dietrich b1824 Bryansk, Russia d1897 ND
Louis Rudolph Dietrich (1922-2004) kit 418155 Y-25 R-M269
Bernard (Bruno) Diederich (abt 1832-1898)
Palm Diederich (1898-?) kit 439124 Y-37 R-M269 GD=7 from kit 418155
Ebalt Dieterich b 1510 Homburg Hesse Germany, d 1530 legendary?
Unknown Deitrick kit 236141 Y-37 R-M269
Nikolaus Diederich, b. 1675 and d. 1740, possible GGSon John Diederich (1805–1893) migr to U.S.
Unknown Diederich kit 881409 Y-37 R-M269
Edmund Diederich b. 1845 Hanover Germany
Unknown Diederich kit 947686 Y-67 R-M269
Gottlob Friedrich Dietrich, b.1779 Germany -- no more info
Unknown Dittrich kit 124695 Y-111 R-M269
Johan Nicholas Dietrich b. 15 May 1727 Germany
Unknown Deatrick kit 210055 Y-67 R-M269
Reuben H. Deiter b. 1864, d. 1934. (possibly wrong person)
Unknown Butler(?) kit 142973 Y-37 R-M269
John D Deitrick b. 1815 Germany, d. 1899 Garrett MD
Unknown Detrick kit 201229 Y-111 R-PF2462
Andreas Deitrich b.1520 in Miltenberg,Germany -- no more info
Unknown Deitrich kit 211637 Y-37 R-M269
Petrus Diederich b. 1690 Basse-Rentgen, France
Unknown Diederich kit 29917 Y-37 R-M269
Unknown Dietrich(?) b. France -- no more info
Unknown Dietrich kit 217089 Y-37 R-M269
Unknown Dietrich b. Germany -- no more info
Unknown Dietrich kit 211990 Y-37 R-M269
Cain Dietrich Unknown Origin -- no more info
Templeton (Dietrich) kit 329094 Y-12 R-M269
Gotlieb (Christoph) Dietrich b. 1823 Germany, d. 1902
Unknown Dietrich kit 819264 Y-37 R-M269

Haplogroup T (M70 etc) Unclassified

Unknown Dietrich(?) b. Germany -- no more info
Unknown Dietrich kit 211997 Y-37 T-M70
Unknown Dietrich Unknown Origin -- no more info
Unknown Dietrich kit 276414 Y-12 T-M70

Haplogroup Unknown

Isaac Newton Dedrick (1850-1930)
Unidentified Descendant kit -?- Y-DNA not mentioned

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