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Hi I am Karen. (See comments and Weitz section above. I have read the above and notes, and I have a couple of questions for what is written above, as well as information you may not have...I've been working on Jackson's since the mid 1970's. I have the "Jackson's of Lower Virginia" Edna Brandenburger, another book by Haemmell, and copies of every deed and will I could find in Chesterfield, Amelia and abstracts of those in Henrico, Cavaliers and Pioneers and both "Tidewater Virginia Families" by Virginia Hutcheson Davis.

  • Fun :D

1. I think there is a typo in the marriage date of Leah Wiliams to Ralph Jackson. You have it in 1748.

  • I checked (which our "Changes" does not indicate) then it DOES say 1678 on my computer... both in the Profile above as well as the "Family and Property" Section. What am I missing? and if you see it, please change it. But I just checked and its all there???
1679/80 makes a lot more sense -- and that’s even early since he arrived, per ships transcriptions below, in 1676 and in deposition below, was age 30 in 1680. had worked for Mr. Eppes for four years..
  • So, I think we have it then, yes? he was 30 in 1680 (Indicated above) Worked for Mr. Eppes for 4 years (1776) so he was 26ish when he got off the ship. yes? That fits. So was working for 2 years when he married Leah. yes?

That would put his birth date roughly around 1649/50 or so. So he was about 25/26 years old on arrival.

  • So you're saying the Birth Date should be abt 1648 where I say abt 1650... If you want to change BD to 1648, go ahead.

2. You have a Mary Perkinson listed as Elizabeth’s sister. I’ve not found a daughter for John Perkinson and Elizabeth Jackson. I have a bunch of sons-John, William, Daniel, Ralph and Francis, named in his ill. I may have missed one., or he didn't name daughter's in his will.

  • I think she's addressing you Jim. You want to answer her? But as far as me (Moyer-780) I think I said above she married John Perkinson after Ralph died and they had no children. That's probably more clear in her Profile. Wiki keeps the two profiles separate.
I do not believe Jim meant to say that Leah and John Perkinson had a daughter. I think you were in the midst of writing these wonderful notes as I was still working on clarifying Jim's Notes. If you see a problem there, please go up to where you see it and put a parenthesis with your initials and I'll address it in the morning?

3) I know John Perkinson also had a brother, Seth Perkinson.

  • I just opened John Perkinson's profile today. As Seth's information is in the "Comments" below, I'm cutting it out of here and moving it over to John Perkinson's profile. You will see it there. But if you look above, I have Wills and Property stored in a "Free Space" profile as a link in Sources. There was too much in the Sources filling up this profile so I put it in there to access in References below. Now I use the space to create a DNA Connection Section instead. But all the sources should be there. I'll review, but we have to be careful not to duplicate information. This would be nice, though in the Profile I opened for John Perkinson today.
There is a close connection between the following families throughout Ralph I and Ralph II’s lifetime, including Thomas Neal and descendants, Francis Hester and descendants (through moved to Charlotte County VA) and several others- Traylors et al.
  • I know that Leah Neal has been confused with Ralph and took work sorting her out. If she is connected. If you want to take this on, go ahead, but she does not belong in Ralph Jackson from Scotland's profile.

4) I am in contact with the niece of Edna Bradenberger. Edna wrote the multi volume article on the :Jackson's of Lower Virginia” (Virginia Genealogist Vol 30-32), in which she notes Patrick in the Colony along with a second group of Jackson's who seem to go further south through Brunswick and Lunenburg, but also appear along Flat Creek in Amelia Co later. The niece thinks Ralph came from William Jackson of Aberford, Yorkshire, England. I tend to think he is the son of Patrick.

  • I found his Christening Records from Kirkcaldy. I realize there was another Jackson family in Virginia from England, but we are in the middle of not only Sourcing them through Scotland's People, but DNA connections as well.

: The niece had a genealogist locate the baptismal certificate for a Ralph, son of Wiliam Jacksone in North Yorkshire, but there is really no proof he is one in the same.

  • Yep its a favorite, but wrong.

5. You are correct that Ralph I married Leah Williams although I think the dates above are out of whack. They didn't marry about 1768. He was dead by then. Maybe 1668, but I think that's too early as well.

  • Again I say, I'm not sure where you're seeing 1768? Perhaps you transposed the numbers? It says 1678. Always did. This is a very long and valuable work, please don't make it harder than it it...please. You're making me doubt my own eyes.

The niece has published a book, and states that Ralph was the son of a William Jackson, and was baptized in 1649 in Aberford, Yorkshire, England, having been born in the village of Smith, nearby. Ralph arrived in 1676, and had worked 4 years for Francis Eppes, per the 1680 deposition.
  • Pity she published. There's probably a Ralph, son of William from England, but not this one that I can see for now. There were a couple (As I state above). We straighten them out through DNA.
I think he comes from Patrick (Padrick) of Scotland.
  • Not only is Ralph from Scotland, but yes, so is his father's Patrick. Another clue is that he partners on property I have stored in Free Space with another Scot and Welsh on property. The Scots had a tendency to clan together.

It may be that Patrick, found in Virginia is his father,

  • I agree. and I'd be interested in anything you have on Patrick in Virginia. Please read the profiles of his parents and ancestors coming out of Edinburgh. He has an ancestor who married a Baron after her first husband (John Jackson) died.
or his uncle or other kin (No)
but he seems to have a closer relationship with the group headed by Ambrose, who’s children include a Thomas, William RALPH, and others, but they seem to move through Surry, Brunsweck Counties, later Lunenburg, but there is one Francis, who appears in Amelia County, close to Francis of the "Cottage" (Home of Ralph II). He's known as Francis Jackson of Flat Creek vs Francis Jackson of the Cottage.Ambrose and family may have a familiar relationship with Ralph given the names are much the same, but they followed a different path of settlement. - (This is important and I'll look at this in the next few days.)
  • However the name Patrick appears in the grandchildren oft he sons of Ralph I, and Williams continues as a name until the s is dropped off in later generations of Ralph, immigrant, as well as the name Ralph, including my de'd uncle, Ralph Jackson.. While Ralph arrived into Charles Cittie County on the south side of the James and the Appomattox Rivers, I remember Patrick being in Essex, on the middle neck? It would appear that the immigration of Ralph Jackson I was sponsored by the second Francis Eppes. Lt Col John Eppes of Charles City Co patented 2750 acres in that county in 1667. It may be that his area in the present Charles City Co contained the Eppes Plantation (Hopewell) where Ralph Jackson spent his first years in the New World (age about 26-30. See Virginia Magazine of History 3 (1895-6) pp 393-401 and Bristol Parish records p 172-3
Again: this is important. Be careful of a Patrick in Essex. These are common names and untangling them in Virginia is a nightmare.

(For idea where Francis Eppes imported Ralph Jackson see Henrico Co Dale Parish, Deed Bk 1 pp 151 and 190 Order Bk 2 p 262, and __ Book 3 p 235) In Feb 1680, he was deposed as a witness in a court action held at Varina in Henrico. record states: :Ralph Jackson age about 30. that as ye deponent was walking upon the road he saw two of Mr. Shelton's servants falling of fencing. Where do ye deponent had fallen timber for Mr. Eppes about four years since without molestation. As I came back again, Mr. Shelton's cart was standing upon the land to carry fencing away"...... (Eppes vs Shelton) On 29 Jun 1681, Ralph Jackson's mark appears as a juror at an inquest, so it would appear his indenture, if he was truly indentured, lasted only between 1676 and 1680, shorter than the average of 7 years..
  • This is very interesting. First I have to say the Jacksons in Scotland were very wealthy. Jim has records that connect his family to the Jacksons shipping Tobacco from Glasgow to the Colonies through an English route. This is probably why there's confusion as to British and Scottish Jacksons. We can sort this out and it would be wonderful for the 3 of us to do that together. But Eppes probably knew the Jacksons in Scotland - possibly Glasgow. The Patrick connection will be important. How Did Eppes know Patrick?
If he was a cabinet maker, he may have worked off his indenture building Appomattox, which is still standing. This would have freed him to marry by 1679/80 at age 30, the estimated date of his marriage to Leah Williams. For the time when he appears freed from indenture see Henrico Records Bk 1 p 196 and Book 3 p 179 and p 235. Also. Henrico Records Virginia State Archive Bk 1 1677-02 p 152 for the deposition and p 191 for the record of his jury duty.
  • The British Jackson may have been indentured, but certainly not the Scottish one. Go up his tree. My profiles are sourced.

PART 2 Francis Epes and others again claimed Ralph Jackson, among the tImmigrants: Ships Transcribers Guild Blessing-

Before April 24, 1703:

Captain Francis Epes, Destination Virginia 1703....Virginia Patents 9, p. 540, 541.
  • The Blessing* To all &c Whereas &c Now know ye that I the said Francis Nicholson Esqr, Governer &c do with the advice & Consent of the Councill of State accordingly give & grant unto
Captn: Francis Epes,
Mr Isham Epes ,
Mr Frances EPES Junior,
Mr George Robinson Minister,
and Mrs Elizabeth KENNON &
Mr Phillip JONES &
Mrs Martha STRATTON &
Mr James HILL

a tract of Land containing four thousand acres lying and being in the County of Henrico on the North side of Appomattock river beginning at two Corner [ ] on the said river below the mouth of Wintopock main Creek and runeth thence into the Woods North West and by North two hundred thirty two poles to a Corner pine thence North by East Seventy six poles to a Corner black Oake thence North by West forty poles to a Corner black Oake thence West and by North one hundred & fourty poles to a Corner gum thence North North West Eighty six poles to Corner black Oake West South West twenty two poles to a Corner pine thence West fourty eight poles to a Corner white Oake thence North thirty two poles to a black Oake thence North West Seventy two poles to a Corner white Oake thence North by West ninety four poles to a Corner hiccory thence North by East fifty two poles to a Corner black Oake thence North East fourty eight poles to a Corner hiccory thence North two hundred twenty eight poles crossing the Northerne branch of Wintopock to a Corner black Oake thence North East by North fifty poles to a Corner black Oake thence North thirty four poles to a Corner white Oake thence West North West one hundred thirty five poles crossing the middle branch to a Corner gum thence North West Seventeen poles to a Corner pine thence North North East Seventy poles to a Corner white Oake thence North West by North one hundred twelve poles to a Corner hiccory thence West ninety poles to a Corner white Oake thence North West fifty six poles to a Corner maple standing upon Wintopock main Creek. (this is opposite where “Appomattox” or “Hopewell” still stand)… .thence down the main Creek according to the meanders thereof to a Corner white Oake standing on the South side of the said Creek thence South west and by South thirty eight poles to a Corner white Oake thence South & by West one hundred & ninety poles to a Corner pine thence South West and by West sixty four poles to a Corner black Oake thence South South East Eighty one poles to a corner hiccory thence South by West fourty six poles to a Corner black Oake South by East Seventy four poles to a Corner black Oake thence South one hundred Sixty six poles to a Corner black Oake thence South West fourty poles to a Corner black Oake & South East twenty eight poles to a Corner butter wood Corner on a small branch thence down that branch to Appomattock river thance down ye said river according to the meanders thereof to ye place it began including the aforesaid four thousand acres of Land

the Land being due unto the Sd Cap:in Francis Epes, Mr Isham Epes, Mr Francis Epes Junor, Mr Geo Robinson Minister, & Mrs Elizabeth KENNON & Mr Phill: JONES & Mrs Martha STRATTON and Mr George ARCHER and Mr James Hill by and for the transportation of Eighty persons into this Colony whose names are to be in the records mentioned under this patent
To have & to hold &c To be held &c Yielding & paying &c Provided &c Given under my hand & the Seale of the Colony this 24th day of Aprill anno Dom 1703 -- Exd Cap:in Francis Epes &c their patent for 4000..........G Fr: Nicholson acres of Land in Henrico County -- Blessing & c
  • It looks like these are settlers:
Mary Barnacle..............Richard Hand............Edwd Thatcher Dorothy Brown..............Wm Edwards..............Ellen Walker Margtt Overby..............James King..............Eliza North Jane Stroude...............John Lewis..............Rowld Bell Jane Green.................Timo Bonus..............Henry Clark Wm Pane (Faine)............Saml Kendall............Wm Smith Wm Marlin..................Cha Mackartee...........Cha Dennis Wm Cooke...................Andr Crawfoot...........Wm Osborn James Miller...............Haniball Haskins........Matt Jones Caleb Ware.................John Decus..............Walter Pitman Anthony Downing..........Edwd Harper...........Edwd Standley Wm Muggee..................James Hill..............Richard ----- * John Swaine................Wm Loftice..............John SMITH John Bay...................Jona Ingram.............Fra Jones Jeffery Robinson...........Richd Godin.............Wm Huff John Patridge..............Mary Colcor.............Wm Stiles Saml Cooke.................John Brown..............Thomas Deane Daniel Watts...............Saml Bushell Margtt Magee............... Wm Asborne… Sarah Sheppard.............Saml West Wm Wright............Susan Nockson ….Saml Iles.................. Edwd Harper Easter Orchard.............Richd Harford Tho Thorpp..........Giles Roe ….Trestam Paine.............. Will Okes… Charles Egan..........Susan Simons Thomas Taylor..............Fra Yeule John Littleworth...........ROLPH JACKSON .........Thomas Vincent

Surname not included in manifest.

PART 3: It is possible Ralph may have married twice. We know he married Leah Williams, whom many say was Leah Neal,, which is incorrect.

There is currently a memorial stone erected later in time in the Jackson family cemetery at the "Cottage" (now in Amelia Co VA), which has Jackson on one side and Neal on the other as Leah’s maiden name. I believe that was an error which has perpetuated incorrect information, unless she had married a Neal prior to Ralph, but that is doubtful.

Elizabeth could be the child of an earlier wife, along with a James d. 1714 and Thomas d. 1713, both found in the 1704 Quit Rent records of Henrico County, in close proximity.. Were they related? I don’t know but I do know that they died shortly after Ralph, indicating perhaps they were close in age and maybe not sons but kin?

There is a close connection to the Neal Family, as Ralph I and Ralph II continue to interact in deeds, wills, etc, with Thomas Neal. (I also come from Thomas Neal (d. 1764 Chesterfield Co VA) through daughter Mary and her son, Francis). They are not the Neal's of Beaver Pond, but probably also closely related. Francis Hester is also involved in Ralph I and Ralph II's businesses. I've traced the Hester's to Thames, Oxfordshire, England, and a Hugh Hester who has a son Francis (most give the father as Hugh's brother but that Francis, if you read the manuscript from England in Oxford's web site- the image- that Frances is a girl, not a boy. But that's another story.

The reason I think Ralph may have married twice, I think, perhaps Elizabeth is from a first marriage. She'd married before Ralph I wrote his will in 1708, and she's the only child named, besides "My sons" (all of whom were minors, though Williams married shortly thereafter). Note the son is named Williams, not William, which I guess comes from Leah’s maiden name, just as Lewis Jackson, son of Ralph II, is most likely named after his mother’s maiden name, though I cannot prove she was Obedience Lewis.
  • Williams is my ancestor. I come to the Jacksons through Williams.
I do know that Ralph Jackson, imnigrant, was part owner of a mill, still standing in what is now Colonial Heights, with Lodowick Lewis. Lodowick was born in New Amsterdam, sent back to England, and returned to Virginia as an adult. Translated, his name would be Lewis Lewis and he was thought to be either Scot or Welsh, born in Ny, orphaned early- his mother was the daughter of the Gov of New Amsterdam (NY). I’d love to find if he had a daughter or granddaughter named Obedience.
  • THIS could be VERY important to why we have multiple Ralphs - One from Scotland and One from England. AND COULD tie in Jim Miller's story. Please find under my Summary.

Ralph did name Elizabeth as His daughter, in the deed in 1699 to John Perkinson and his wife, Elizabeth, my daughter,….. John Pattison, second husband of Leah Williams Jackson Pattison, lived or was cared for by Ralph II and Joseph and he deeded to Ralph II a Bible, and to Joseph a kettle, naming them as his son in laws. . I wish I knew where the Bible Ralph received is, but it appears lost. Will of Ralph Jackson: Will of Ralph Jackson In the name of God Amen, I, Ralph Jackson of the County of Henrico, being aged and sickly but of perfect and sound memory, Do make this my last will and testament in the form and manner as followeth; First, I give and bequeath my soul to Almighty God who gave it hoping threw the merits of my Saviour Jesus Christ to ask free and full pardon of all my sins and my body to ye earth to be buried at the direction of my Executrix hereafter named ...and as to my worldy estate, after my just estate debts and funeral charges paid...as followeth; I give and bequeath to each of my sons one hundred acres on ye north side of Swift Creek to take it's breath on the creek and run a mile into ye woods to them and their heirs forever. And further it is my desire that they take thier choice as they come of age, that his or their part be equa;ly divided between ye rest of my sons, my wife to take her one third when she shall think fit. Item I give to my daughter Elizabeth Perkinson two young ewes. Item I give to my children that I have not given cattle to; a young cow and a (_) ; the remaining part of my estate I give to be equally divided between my wife and my children ...only my daughter Elizabeth to have no more than what I have already given her. I make my wife my sole executrix of this my Last Will and Testament. In witness of whom I have hereunto set my hand and fixt my seal this seventh day of October Anno 1708 His Ralph (R) Jackson Mark Witnesses;; John Worsham, J.W.Worsham and William Worsham. Henrico Court 1 Feb 1709: presented by witnesses ___________________-- Ralph Jackson was also importing people and receiving land under the head right system by 1698, but claimed in 1692: Nugent, “CAVALIERS AND PIONEERS” VOL 2 RALPH JACKSON, JOSEPH MADDOX, & JOHN DUGLES (DOWGLES /Douglas) 784 acres Chas City co in Bristol Parish 29 Apr 1692 p 244 Beg. on a br of Moncuseneck Maine Cr. crossing Wildcatt falls down, etc. Imp of 15 persons Geo Hatton, Rich Longwell, Eliz Kendall, Pompy & Guy 11 Rights by Cert from Mr. William Edwards, Ckl 1689

Nugent “CAVALIERS AND PIONEERS VOL 2” PATENT BOOK 7 Richard Jones Junr. 232 acrs Lower Norfo;k Co 22 Nov 1682 p 227 Beg at Alexander Foreman by the Cypress Swamp, intersecting Gravelly Neck Run to Bear Garden Swamp; on the Eastern Ranges';' adj Mr John Sent' including all the Bear Garden Ridges etc. Trans of 3 Persons, Sarah Lee, Patience Martin and , Nicholas Jackson. On the same page Mr. Jno Barnes (Barners & Geo Parker 350 acres Accomack Co on Rack Ille and by some called the beaches 22 D3c 1682, p 228 N upon Gargaphys Inlett S. upon Gr Mattampkin Inlett E. Upon the Seaboard and . upon the Salt water and sunken Marshes. Trans of 7 person Fran. JACKSON, Wm Sparrow, Eliz. Blag or Blay, Judith Sewel, Thomas. Cole, Richard Franklin. Ralph JACKSON listed Charles Cittie Co Deed Bk 9 p 149 as line of Nicholas Overbey 26 apr 1698 23 OCt 1703 Robert Bolling Chas City Co in Bristol Par, to Ralph Jacksons line. on branch of Rohick Creek.

So, in summary, I estimate, based on the deposition in 1680, Ralph was born 1649/50 and arrived in the colonies in 1676, age about 26 years. He appears to have worked for Francis Eppes for 4 years, based on the testimony given in 1680, when he was still “working” for Mr. Eppes. He married Leah about 1679/80 which would give time for Elizabeth, if she was the oldest, to be married by 1699 to John Perkinson. He died 1708/8, after having at least Elizabeth, Williams, John, Ralph, Daniel, Joseph and maybe a Francis (Unproven) The children were proven as they received their divident as they became of age, recording Ralph (dec’d) as their father. John Pattison also deeded land to Ralph and Daniel, land of their father. So, how do we prove or disprove whether he’s the son of Patrick, which I think he is, but not perhaps that Patrick found in Essex earlier, or the son of William Jacksone of Aberford, Yorkshire England. Both appear to have been born about 1649/50/51 depending on the month, given the first of the year was in March?

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