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Date: 1470 [unknown]
Location: Dobra, Jarosław, Galicja, Austriamap
Surname/tag: Galicia
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From Wikipedia:

Dobra [ˈdɔbra] (Ukrainian: Добра, Dobra) is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Sieniawa, within Przeworsk County, Subcarpathian Voivodeship, in south-eastern Poland.

  • The first mention in the sources appears in 1470, during the establishment of the Jarosław Estate.
  • In 1594, part of her Jarosław property was given to Katarzyna Sieniawska, who in 1593 was married to Adam Hieronim Sieniawski. The last of the Sieniawski family was Zofia Czartoryska née Sieniawski, who in 1731 was married to August Aleksander Czartoryski, and from that time the Czartoryski estate became the owners of the Sieniawski estate. In 1897, the Sieniawska Czartoryski Estate was established, which existed until the land reform in 1944.
  • According to W. Kubijowicz, in 1939 Dobra had 2,530 inhabitants (including: 1,880 Ukrainians, 630 Poles and 20 Jews). In the years 1945-1946, the Ukrainian population was, on the initiative of Poles who came from Volhynia, repeatedly attacked by partisans from Sieniawa and Wylewa, who carried out numerous murders and robberies.
  • On January 19, 1946, the village was attacked by the Polish armed detachment "Volynyak". "Volynyak" with 22 soldiers murdered 33 Ukrainians aged from 1 to 72. There is a monument to the victims of "Volynyak" at the cemetery with the inscription: "Residents of Dobra murdered on January 19, 1946 rest here." and 27 names with age. 6 of them are under 12 years old, 14 are over 50, 12 are women and there is no man under 57 years of age.[1]
  • The village was the seat of Kuszcz Dobrzański and the SKW self-defense unit was active. On June 17, 1945, a group of 150 people consisting of the MO and partisans attacked Dobra, burned 270 houses, demolished the church and murdered 22 people. In 1945, 706 people from 160 houses were displaced to Ukraine. The remaining residents were attacked in 1945–1946 by the Polish Army, UB and partisans. In 1947, the next inhabitants were displaced during Operation Vistula to the Recovered Territories.
  • On April 3, 1940, the RNC of Ukraine decided to evict the village and the residents were resettled in the Izmail Oblast. Archival data show that during 1945, 706 Ukrainians (160 families) were evicted from Dobra to the villages of Ternopil, Drohobytsk, Odesa, and Stanislav regions.

Proper Location Fields for Wikitree

  • 1772-1804:Dobra, Jaroslau, Königreich Galizien und Lodomerien, Habsburgermonarchie
  • 1804-1867: Dobra, Jaroslau, Königreich Galizien und Lodomerien, Kaiserthum Oesterreich
  • 1867-1918: Dobra, Jaroslau, Königreich Galizien und Lodomerien, Österreichisch-Ungarische Monarchie
  • 1914 - 1939: Dobra, Jarosław, Lwów, Polska
  • 1939 - 1945: Dobra, Lwów, Distrikt Galizien, Polen
  • 1945 - 1975:Dobra, Jarosław, Rzeszów, Polska
  • 1975 - 1998: Dobra, Jarosław, Przemyśl, Polska
  • 1998 - Pres: Dobra, Przeworsk, Podkarpackie, Polska

Dobra (1772-1918)

Dobra was formerly in the Russian division of Galicia from 1772 until 1918.

1772-1918 Dobra had it's own Greek Catholic Church. Roman Catholic Church and Synagogue was located in Sieniawa.

1900 Census = 2090 total inhabitants:

  • 451 Roman Catholics
  • 1567 Greek Catholics
  • 67 Jewish
  • 5 Other
  • 538 Polish
  • 1550 Ruthenian

Common Ukrainian Names for this area.

The photo below depicts locations of churches according to the 1900 census. [2]. This information is crucial when searching for records. Dobra-4.jpg

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List of archived records:

Dobra House Number Study

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  • 1828 (Cieplice births 1821-1846) Scan 24; 3 July 1828, no house#; Tecla, illegitimate child of Eva of father Simeon Dublanica of Dobra
  • 1833; (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 6; 1833 Dobra; Daniel Kolodka, widow, house#66; Maria, of Stefan Sytar, Dobra
  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 106; Olech Paszkowski, of Stefana nd mary Szamrylo, age 27, house#413; and Jago, of Kazim Sydorski and Mary Ozga, age 26, Dobra
  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 118; 7 Jun 1875 Sieniawa; Panko Kocur, of Anton and Mary Stecko, age 22, house#33; Marena Ozga, of Wawra and Kaski Buniownich, age 20, Dobra


  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 16; 30 Sept 1847 Sieniawa; Dan Czornejki of Hryc and mary Turaj; age 28 house#157; and Halka Ozga, of Mike and Mary Buniowski, age 27, Dobra house #1


  • (Cieplice Deaths) OMITTED; Scan 169; 13 Jan 1887; house #5; Nicolaus Nowak; Dobra; 47 years old; cod: Repentina morte/Sudden, unexpected death


  • (Cieplice record) OMITTED; 1895 birth; Scan 86; house#6; Natalia; of Anna Beblo (of Ignati and Marianna of Dobra)


  • (Cieplice record) 1855; Scan 4; #7/219; Basilius Zuk, widow of Dobra (of Procopi and Parascevia Cetulec of Adamowka) and Anna Augucztyn, widow (of Jacob Nagorni and Anastasia Lezsik)


  • (Cieplice record) 1820; Scan 79; #14/155; Jedruch Dziki, Dobra and Anna Czoreyka


  • (Cieplice record) 1816; Scan 69; #59/23; Greg Kurek, Dobra and Anna Luty (59 is Luty hh, Cieplice)


  • (Cieplice record) Scan 24, page 21, 1836; July 31st, house# 16/27; Theo Grod, age 65, widow; OMITTED Eva, age 50, Widow, formerly Krywonos, father: Hubaczova (Dobra)


  • (Cieplice record) 1857; Scan 61; #35/134; Alex Hammlak; Dobra (of Petri and Maria Nakoneczny) and Maria (of Stefan Matwijeczko and Helena Cehlak)


  • OMITTED (Cieplice Announcement); Scan 7; 6 Oct 1844 Sieniawa; Jurko Zielonka, of Wasyl and Femy Makara, age 40, Dobra house#36; and Eva, of Dmytro and Hanki Dukow, age 20, Rudka house#128


  • (Cieplice Announcment) Scan 122; 1876 Sieniawa; Olech Szegda of Hyrc and Nasta Biela, age 48 house#360; and Maren Ozga, widow of Blazk, Dobra house#39; of Jedruch Mazura and Halki Dropyn


  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 59; 29 May 1858 Sieniawa; Senko Chodan, of Jedruch and Hanki Pyzak, age 32, Dobra house#52; and Marya Badnar, of Mike and Hanki Buniowski, age 23 house#76


  • (Cieplice Announcment); Scan 22; 12 Jun 1848 Dobra; Fedko Zielonka, of Olech and Paraska Makara, age 20, house#26; and Pazia Chodan, of Olech Marnski age 16; Dobra house#56


  • (Cieplice record) 1860; Scan 28; #60/3; Joannes Kotodczak; Dobra (of Demetri and Eudocia Lupa) and Parascevia (of Joannis Zielonka and Anna Bochnak)
  • (Cieplice record) Scan 16, 5 Feb 1899, Iwan Matwijec, of Jurko and Katarzyna Stecko, Cieplice, house#379, age 26; Tanka Kolodczak, of Andrzej and Katarzyna Havuriko?, Dobra, house#60, age 24


  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 171; 1888; Andrzej Paczala, age 25; Dobra house#73, of Jurko and Hanka Sczanwcz; and Kat Skweres, age 26, house#188; of Nik and Anna Sopyolko


  • (Cieplice record) 1883; Scan 150; #82/146; Casmin Srogota, Dobra (of Joannes and Cath Stadnicki) and Anna (of Joannes Peklak and Maria Nagurni)


  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 91; 25 Oct 1868 Dobra; Wasyl Ostiak, of Kost and Eva Ziomko, age 48; house#315; and Eva Chodan, of Iwan and Marena Zuk, age 31, Dobra house #97
  • (Cieplice record) 1884; Scan 152; #97/139; Mike Chodan; Dobra (of Greg and Maria Kolodczak) and Maria (of Mike Pich and Cath Antysz)


  • (Cieplice record) 1863; Scan 47; #102/19; Basili Lichowid; Dobra (of Joannis and Pelagia Semen) and Pelagia (of Daniel Dziuban and Eudocia Antosz


  • (Cieplice record) Scan 15; 20 Nov 1898; Mike Semen, of Ilya and Mary Kocur, Cieplice, house#488, age 24; Eva Ko-ut (Kolut?), of Iwan and Ksenia Kokotko, Dobra, 3 Jan 1881, house#104, age 17


  • (Cieplice record) 1877; Scan 118; #134/109; Stefan Matwijeczko, widow (of Alex and Pelagia Leszak) and Maria; Dobra (of Basili Korchowiec and Parascevia Zaplawa)
  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 159; 1886 Dobra, Jurko Matwijec, widow, of Iwan and Maria Pich, age 51, house#379; and Tanka Korchowec, of Wasil and Paraska, age 35, Dobra house#109


  • (Cieplice record) 1871; Scan 81; #120/113; Andrew Szelewa (of Alex and Maria Paszkowski) and Maria; Dobra (of Daniel Czornejki and Helena Ozga)


  • (Cieplice record) Scan 27, 10 Jun 1902; Iwan Molody, of Iwan and Anna Nakoneczna, Rudka house#119; born 25 Sep 1878, age 23; Tanka Kolenko, of Olech and Anna, Cieplice house#10 age 26


  • (Cieplice record) Scan 26, Nov 1900; Hryc Grod, of Dmytri and Anna Kocur, house#16, age 26; Mary Juchya? of Stefan Juchye? and Anna Mochobska; Dobra house #125, age 25


  • (Cieplice record) 1861; Scan 33; #126/305; Blasius Ozga, widow; Dobra (of Jacob and Xenia Koneczny) and Anna (of Demetri Grod and Anastasia Semen)


  • 1827; Scan 93; #143/34; Max Chodan, age 22 Dobcza/Dobra? and Ahafia Pich


  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 72; 24 Nov 1861 Dobra; Panko Maziar, of Max and Eva Szelewa, age 29, house#371; and Fryzia Lychowyd, of Fedka and Mawni, age 23, Dobra house#137
  • (Cieplice record) 1883; Scan 146; #137/58; Basili Chodan; Dobra (of Daniel and Anastasia Chodan) and Maria (of Teodor Melnyk and Xenia Grod)


  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 69; 10 Mar 1861 Dobra; Fedko Grod, of Roman and Parascevia Malykin, age 25, house#27; and Xenia of Danyl Chodan and mary Duda, age 24, Dobra house#139


  • (Cieplice record) 1820; Scan 79; #145/16; Joannes Stanko, Dobra and Eva Grod
  • (Cieplice record) 1851; Scan 87; #145/6; Basili Stanko; Dobra (of Joannes and Eudocia Grod) and Anastasia (of Constantin Antosz and Parascevia Hlibowicz)
  • (Cieplice record) 1878; Scan 121; #145/264; Joannes Stanko; Dobra (of Basili and Anastasia Antosz) and Pelagia (of Constantin Kryl and Maria Studenny)


  • (Cieplice Announcement) 15 Feb 1852 Dobra; Senko Grod, widow, age 41, house#164; and Tanka, widow of Jedruch Wlochn, of Iwan Stuczki, age 30, Dobra house#146


  • (Cieplice Record) 1832; Scan 12; #147/4; Teodor (of Max Chodan) Dobra and Anna Zielonka


  • (Cieplice record) 1860; Scan 60; #444/154; Joannes Dziuban, widow (Simeonia and Parascevia Zimkiewicz) and Anna; Dobra (of Mike Puchta and Marie Ktymko)


  • (Cieplice record); 1814; Scan 61; #89/159; Daniel Kolodka, age 18, single, Dobra (#159) and Parascevia Nagorni, age 15, single (#89, diff village?)


  • 1888; Scan 169; Basili Stanka; Dobra #190 (of Antoni and Maria) of Helena Semen; #488 (of Elias and Maria Kocur)


  • 1842 (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 27; 23 Feb 1842 Dobra; Wasyl Zielonka, of Oleck and Mary Duda, age 15, house#5; Malanka, of Iwan Chodan, Dobra house#198


  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 105; 24 Nov 1872 Dobra; Mike Karchut of Olech and Tanki Mokrycki, age 39, house#129; and Baska Czykalo widow Lua, of Mike Luka and Reina, age 36, Dobra house#206


  • (Cieplice Announcement) Scan 138; 1881 Sieniawa; Iwan Pich of Andrew and Hanka Szamrylo, age 23, house#53; and Hanko Pyzak, of Iwan and Marcny Krokosyn, age 18, Dobra house#207


  • OMITTED; (Cieplice Announcement) marriage did not take place; Mike Maziar, of Hryc and Tanki Wusin, age 25, Dobra house#219; and Kaska of Mike Gwozdz and Hanki Studenny, age 17 house#276


  • (Cieplice) 1874; Scan 97; #220/24; Mike Rudnianyn; Dobra (of Alex and Anna Chodan) and Anastasia Pich (of Nicolas and Anna Grod)


  • (Cieplice record) 1871; Scan 77; #222/16; Nicolas Chodan; Dobra (of Jacobi Chodan and Eudocia) and Anastasia (of Teodor Grod and Eudocia Jarysz)


  • (Cieplice marriage) Scan 15, page 12; 4 June 1833, house#109/249; Joannes, age 16, single, child of Matheus Tara; Euphrosina age 20, single, child of Jacob BiaTy of Dobra


  • (Cieplice record) 1834; Scan 17; #147/250; Mike Skweres, widow and Eva (of Simeon Dubian) Dobra (omitted)


  • (Cieplice record) 1850; Scan 82; #332/376; Mike Granat (of Joannes and Maria Karchut) and Maria; Dobra (of Israelis Feldman)


  • (Cieplice Record) 1833; Scan 15; #236/370; Joannes (of Pant Nagorny) and Eufrosima (of Simeon Szegda), Dobra

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