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This is a companion page to Doctor Who for those who were part of the show as Adversaries!

Character Name Notes Member
The Master 1 Roger Delgado Not connected
Bio may need rewrite (copied from WP?)
Are all images fair or free use?
The Master 2 Peter Pratt No Profile
The Master 4 Anthony Ainley Connected
Bio looks good
Image may have been copied from Find A Grave
(do not see a citation to allow use).
Davros Michael Wisher No current profile
IMDb nm0936539
Dalek John Scott Martin No current profile
IMDb nm0552561
Dalek Robert Jewell No current profile
IMDb nm0422447
Dalek Peter Hawkins No current profile
IMDb nm0370199
Dalek Roy Skelton No current profile
IMDb nm0804031
Dalek Kevin Manser No current profile
IMDb nm0543760
Dalek Murphy Grunbar No current profile
No current Wikipedia page
IMDb nm1527712
Various Aliens/
Other Roles
Peter Halliday No current profile
IMDb nm0356579
Various Roles Kevin Stoney No current profile
IMDb nm0832325
The Celestial Toymaker Brian Hayles No profile
The Meddling Monk Peter William
Shorrocks Butterworth
Not Connected.
Bio is good.
Has image.

Images: 1
Enemies collage.
Enemies collage.

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I have been working on Peter Shorrocks and family. His father's bio is a tad sparse, but his paternal grandparents now have fairly decent ones. There wasn't much I could do with his daughter, as she was born after the census records cut off. (Son is still living.)

I created a profile for his wife, and added notables sticker to it. She's another who does not appear to have any public domain images out there, so I cropped a screenshot and uploaded it under Fair Use.

I have begun working on his mothers bio, as she already had a profile, and need to finish that before I start looking for more info and sources for her parents. (I have a whole slew, but I need to organise what I have, and see if there is more/better to be had.)

posted by Melanie Paul
Ok, Peter's mother's bio is as done as I have info for. Time to look at the next generation to see if there's a likely connection there.
posted by Melanie Paul
Peter now has both parents and all four grandparents with profiles. Also some other family members, but nothing that has led to a connection to the Tree.
posted by Melanie Paul
I've been wondering -- how would it be if we added occupation stickers using the adversary image? As in - if the person played as a cyberman, I have my vector image (as seen to the right of the background) that I can upload for use in a sticker. I can recrop my weeping angel to have it better fit sticker size. Same with the dalek image I created.

So far the only adversary images I have created are the dalek, cyberman, and a sontaran. (I can't claim to have created the weeping angel, just to have cropped and manipulated an existing image.)

Not an adversary - but I am also attempting to create a usable image of K-9, and will make it so it will scale for a sticker, IF this is something people would want.

posted by Melanie Paul
Any fanart image you make should be okay. =)
posted by Chris Ferraiolo
Per the question I asked about people wanting stickers for the profiles - I've gone and created 7 images (so far), for use in 8 occupation stickers.

Images (and code for using them) are on [this page].

If anyone wants on the Trusted List, just let me know, but understand I may not get to it right away.

posted by Melanie Paul
Profile and background image for this profile --- something with Daleks, Angels, and Cybermen?
posted by Azure Robinson
LOL. Weeping Angels on WikiTree. I think genealogists would love to go back in time don't you?

Do it.

posted by Chris Ferraiolo
Want me to try to cobble something up?
posted by Melanie Paul
That'd be great! Thanks so much! :) az
posted by Azure Robinson
First attempt -- I've stuck the images on my space page in case they're too much, or not enough, or just not wanted (Iwill not be offended if the latter).

posted by Melanie Paul
Nice job as always, Melanie! :) az
posted by Azure Robinson
Ahh .. I was gonna remove them and put them on my usual images page (didn't upload to it because new uploads get lost) if they were wanted. I'll switch them over now, though.

(The weeping angel will not be found anywhere online as it is the way I used it. I cropped and altered it. The cyberman and the dalek are (primitive) vector images based on creative commons images I saw somewhere and forgot to record. I maybe could do better, but it'd take a lot longer for the creation.)

posted by Melanie Paul

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