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Donaghmore Civil Parish, County Tyrone

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This information page for the Civil Parish contains a list of all the townlands in the parish and links to the category for the townland (if it has been created). There also may be notes about the individual townlands.
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Donaghmore Civil Parish

Irish or Alternate Name: Domhnach Mór.
Logainm Link: Donaghmore Parish on Logainm.ie
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Barony: Dungannon Middle
Province: Ulster


Population Centres of Donaghmore Civil Parish

Note: Population centres for this Parish, where known, are shown here. For a full list see Towns of County Tyrone


Irish or Alternate Name: Domhnach Carr.
WikiTree Category: Category for Carland
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Irish or Alternate Name: Baile Uí Dhonnaíle.
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Irish or Alternate Name: An Chloch Chorr.
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Donaghmore Village

Irish or Alternate Name: Domhnach Mór.
Web page for Donaghmore Village
WikiTree Category: Category for Donaghmore Village
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Village is 3.5km NW of Dungannon


Irish or Alternate Name: An Doire Mhín.
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The Townlands of Donaghmore Civil Parish

The townlands in Donaghmore Parish (Domhnach Mór) are those taken from Donaghmore Parish on Logainm.ie and validated against townlands on the 1851, 1871 and 1901 Lists of Towns and Townlands and Griffiths valuations data. A link is provided in the notes for the 1901 and 1911 census. Please note that these may not always work if the townland was not available on the census in question. The census site may also substitute a similar name so be prepared for unexpected results!
If the townland has a category it will be linked in the table below. If there is no link and you need the category please contact David to get the category created or put in a request for the category to be created. Alternatively, if you feel condifent to do so, see Townland Category Information Boxes below for how to create them yourself.
Townland Irish/Alternate name WikiTree Category Link Notes
AgharanAchadh (an) Raithin (Beag) 1901 Census, 1911 Census
AghareanyAchadh Raithní 1901 Census, 1911 Census
AghintoberAchadh an Tobair 1901 Census, 1911 Census
AghnagarAchadh na gCarra 1901 Census, 1911 Census
AltaglushanAlt an Ghlasain 1901 Census, 1911 Census
AnnaghbegAn tEanach Beag 1901 Census, 1911 Census
AnnaghmakeownEanach Mhic Eoin 1901 Census, 1911 Census
Annaginny Category:Annaginny Townland, Donaghmore Parish, County Tyrone1901 Census, 1911 Census
AughlishAchadh Loiscthe 1901 Census, 1911 Census
BallybrayBríCategory:Ballybray Townland, Donaghmore Parish, County Tyrone1901 Census, 1911 Census
BallysaggartBaile na Sagart 1901 Census, 1911 Census
BallywardBaile an Bhaird 1901 Census, 1911 Census
Clananeese GlebeCluain Inise 1901 Census, 1911 Census
ClonavaddyCluain an Mhadaidh 1901 Census, 1911 Census
CottagequinnCottage 1901 Census, 1911 Census
Creevagh LowerCraobhach 1901 Census, 1911 Census
CullenfadCuilleann Mór 1901 Census, 1911 Census
CullenramerCuilleann Ramhar 1901 Census, 1911 Census
DernaseerDoire na Saor 1901 Census, 1911 Census
DerryalskeaDoire Aille Sceach 1901 Census, 1911 Census
Derryhoar  1901 Census, 1911 Census
DerryveenAn Doire Mhín 1901 Census, 1911 Census
DonaghmoreDomhnach Mór 1901 Census, 1911 Census
Dristernan and DredoltDristearnánCategory:Dristernan and Dredolt Townland, Donaghmore Parish, County Tyrone1901 Census, 1911 Census
DrumbearnDroim Bearna 1901 Census, 1911 Census
DrumhirkDroim Thoirc 1901 Census, 1911 Census
DrumnafernDroim na Fearna 1901 Census, 1911 Census
DrumreanyDroim RaithnighCategory:Drumreany Townland, Donaghmore Parish, County Tyrone1901 Census, 1911 Census
EdenacrannonEadán (an) C(h)rannáin 1901 Census, 1911 Census
EskraghNa hEiscreacha 1901 Census, 1911 Census
FeroyFáladh RiabhachCategory:Feroy Townland, Donaghmore Parish, County Tyrone1901 Census, 1911 Census
FinulaghFionnloch 1901 Census, 1911 Census
FoyghSessiagh Faiche 1901 Census, 1911 Census
GarvaghGarbhachadh 1901 Census, 1911 Census
GlasmullaghGlasmhullach 1901 Census, 1911 Census
GlenadushCluain an Dois 1901 Census, 1911 Census
GoreyGuaire/Guaireach 1901 Census, 1911 Census
Gortlenaghan and DerrykeelDoire Chaol
Derrykeel and Gortlenaghan
 1901 Census, 1911 Census
Also referenced on Logainm as Derrykeel and Gortlenaghan and similarly on Placenamesni.org yet all indications are that these refer to this townland under the references here.
GortnaglushGort Glaise 1901 Census, 1911 Census
KillygavanaghCoill Gamhan 1901 Census, 1911 Census
Killyharry GlebeCill Thairre 1901 Census, 1911 Census
KillylevinCoill an Leamhain 1901 Census, 1911 Census
KillylissCoill an Leasa 1901 Census, 1911 Census
Killymaddy (Evans)Coill na Madadh 1901 Census, 1911 Census
Killymaddy (Knox)Coill na Madadh 1901 Census, 1911 Census
KillymoyleCoill an Mhaoil 1901 Census, 1911 Census
KillyquinnCoill Uí Choinn(e) 1901 Census, 1911 Census
KilnasleeCoill na Slí 1901 Census, 1911 Census
LisboyAn Lios Buí 1901 Census, 1911 Census
LisgallonLios Uí Gealagáin 1901 Census, 1911 Census
LisnagowanLios Gabhann 1901 Census, 1911 Census
LisnahullLios a’ Choill 1901 Census, 1911 Census
LisnamonaghanLios Uí Mhanacháin 1901 Census, 1911 Census
MoghanMúchán 1901 Census, 1911 Census
Mullaghadrolly Category:Mullaghadrolly Townland, Donaghmore Parish, County Tyrone1901 Census, 1911 Census
MullaghanaghMullán na hÁithe 1901 Census, 1911 Census
MullaghbaneAn Mullach Bán 1901 Census, 1911 Census
Mullaghconor GlebeMullach Conchobhair 1901 Census, 1911 Census
MullaghcreevyMullach Craoibhe
aka Mullaghacreevy
 1901 Census, 1911 Census
MullaghfurtherlandMullach Phudarlaigh 1901 Census, 1911 Census
MullaghmoreMullach MórCategory:Mullaghmore Townland, Donaghmore Parish, County Tyrone1901 Census, 1911 Census
Mullaghmore GlebeMullach Mór 1901 Census, 1911 Census
MullaghroddanMullach Uí Rodáin 1901 Census, 1911 Census
MullycrunnetMúine Cruithneachta 1901 Census, 1911 Census
Mullygruen  1901 Census, 1911 Census
ReaskcorRiasc Corr 1901 Census, 1911 Census
ReaskmoreRiasc Mór 1901 Census, 1911 Census
ReclainRáth Chlaon 1901 Census, 1911 Census
ReloaghRáth Locha 1901 Census, 1911 Census
StakernaghStácarnach 1901 Census, 1911 Census
TerrenewTír Ó nAodha 1901 Census, 1911 Census
ToomogTomóg 1901 Census, 1911 Census
TullyallenTulaigh Álainn 1901 Census, 1911 Census
Tullyaran Category:Tullyaran Townland, Donaghmore Parish, County Tyrone1901 Census, 1911 Census
Tullydraw Category:Tullydraw Townland, Donaghmore Parish, County Tyrone1901 Census, 1911 Census
TullyleekTulaigh Liag 1901 Census, 1911 Census
TullynureTulaigh an Iúir 1901 Census, 1911 Census


Excluded Place

Posted as a townland on Logainm.ie, this is shown as a minor place on Placesnamesni.org.
There is aslo a population centre in Clonfeacle Civil Parish by the same name.


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Townland Category Information Boxes

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