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Welcome to the Dorset Team page. We cover the county of Dorset, England and are part of the South West England Team and England Project.

Please feel free to browse and check out the links below.

Team Members

Team Leader: Malcolm Rowlands

Team Members: Hilary Gadsby | Russell Gerrard | Brad Cunningham | Owen Lake | Nicki Davis | Kaitlyn Emmett | Cherryl Schmidt |Heather Brannon | Jan Hellier | Rex Ingram | Janet Costa | Susan Squires

If you are interested in helping out in Dorset and not already a member of the England Project, please read the England Project Page to learn more about the project, what we do and how to join us. If you're already a member of the England Project and wish to join us, please contact Dave Welburn.

If you have any questions about Dorset, please contact Dave Welburn


Our goal is to ensure that all Dorset profiles are of a high standard, as complete as possible, and connected to the global tree.

Ideally all profiles where the person was born in Dorset should have the 'born in Dorset, England' sticker.
Flag of Dorset (St Wite's Cross, adopted 2008)
... ... ... was born in Dorset, England.

Topics, Links and Stats

The latest statistics for England and all counties are here:

England Regional and County Statistics

and a commentary is here:

England Statistics Commentary

For the statistics for Dorset, please see:

Dorset Statistics

Click the links in that table to see a fuller breakdown of profiles needing action.

Alternatively click on links below for latest reports: Unsourced | Unconnected | Suggestions | Unknowns

Where evidence is not forthcoming, profiles may be listed for review under the team's Longstanding Unsourced Profiles Dorset: Procedure for longstanding unsourced profiles of suspect existence. procedure.

Profiles in the Dorset Maintenance Categories

please note some entries may relate to locations other than Dorset, England such as 'Dorset, Vermont, USA'

Notables born in Dorset

Please remember when working on profiles managed by other people to make contact with them before making any major changes.

Team Challenges We have one Challenge team connected to the England Project. Members of the England Counties teams are encouraged to join as a member of The Mighty Oaks and participate from time to time in WikiTree challenges for England.

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Flag of Dorset
Flag of Dorset


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Please join me in welcoming a new Dorseteer - Susan Squires, Susan has completed England Orphan Trail 1 and becomes a new valuable team member.


posted by Malc Rowlands
Thank you. I look forward to working with the team. Susan
posted by Susan Squires
Please join me in welcoming a new Dorseteer - Janet Costa, Janet has completed England Orphan Trail 1 proving she is an excellent researcher/profile compiler and is joining us in the premier county team.

Welcome to the Dorseteers Janet.


posted by Malc Rowlands
Happy New Year Dorseteers

In 2023 we were in the top third in correcting suggestions and we were sixth in the county tables for connecting which overall is good for such a small county and team - going well.

Unfortunately our unsourced and unknowns increased a little which is a little disappointing but I’m sure as a team we will correct this in 2024.

The latest stats up to 23 December can be viewed here which show Dorset profiles increased by some ten thousand and the overall quality of profiles are encouraging.

If we can try as a team to improve as many of the errant profiles as possible in 2024 I’m sure we can become the #1 county not just in being the best team but also with the highest improvement numbers.


posted by Malc Rowlands
Hi Dorseteers

The Autumn Source a Thon will soon be with us can we please have a real go at our Dorset unsourced profiles - latest list perhaps listing on this team page as a comment which dates we’ll be concentrating on, I’ll start on the 1500 - 1699’s.

Good luck


posted by Malc Rowlands
edited by Malc Rowlands
We now have a page for Longstanding Unsourced/Suspect Existence profiles. with a big thank you to Elizabeth for setting it up, fortunately so far we have only one profile on it.


posted by Malc Rowlands
Hi Malc,

I’ll have a go at the 1800-1899 group.

Best wishes Rex

posted by Rex Ingram
Hi Dorseteers,

After the Easter Break I’m intending, as time permits, to attack our errant stats for the County, if anyone wishes to join in I would be extremely grateful. It would be great to improve our stats if only in the unknowns.

Kind regards


posted by Malc Rowlands
Please join me in welcoming Rex Ingram, who recently graduated OT1, thank you for joining the Dorseteers Rex, I’m sure you’ll be an asset to the team.
posted by Malc Rowlands
Hi Dorseteers,

The weekly stats page has just been updated, can’t remember the last one, they show the following:-

The number of profiles has increased by 3066 but unfortunately the Unsourced have risen to 933 an increase of 69 and the Unknown’s stand at 691 which is only plus 1 but a staggering number!

When we consider we’ve just completed a Source a Thon it’s a little disappointing we have increased the figure by 69, could we please spend any spare minutes on the Unsourced/Unknown profiles.

Kind regards


posted by Malc Rowlands
Hi Dorset Team Member’s,

The latest weekly stats show the following:-

Profile Number’s + 155 Unsourced +9 Unconnected +25 (I personally have created 3 of these, will try and connect) Active Suggestions-37 Unknowns-1

Looking at our Category Maintenance Page (I this week have cleared 3 sections) but the following section numbers are outstanding:-

Death Record = 41 Birth Record = 44 Marriage Record = 5 Profile’s Needed = 50 Unsourced = 500+

It would be fantastic if we could spend a few spare minutes, now and again, correcting the odd one in the above lists, it wouldn’t take long to reduce the overall numbers even if only in the Maintenance Categories.

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere have a great summer and in the Southern Hemisphere stay warm.

Kind Regards,


posted by Malc Rowlands
We have a new team member Jan Hellier, an exceptional OT1 graduate who I’m sure will be an asset to our team, welcome and a big thank you Jan for choosing Dorset.
posted by Malc Rowlands
Hi to all the Dorset Team members, thank you for your work on reducing the numbers of unsourced profiles in Dorset, the latest stats show we are top for this in the South West and if memory serves me correctly the best in England 🥇

We all know how to interpret the stats and they look pretty good although the unsourced still seem quite high and hopefully we can bring them down even further.

My personal goal for 2022 is to improve my early WT profiles adding the many children who I haven’t as yet profiled and their families so should definitely increase the number of Dorset profiles on WT.

All our team are dedicated and experienced WTeers so we definitely have the advantage and it would help if we could recruit other like minded people to the team.

Have a great and productive 2022

P.S. If you haven’t already signed up for Discord it’s a great friendly meeting place, hope to see and hear from you.

posted by Malc Rowlands
edited by Malc Rowlands
Thank you to everyone working on Dorset profiles.

In the Topics, Links and Stats section I've added a link to the latest week on week statistics for Dorset and other counties in the South-West England Region.

The figures in the right hand columns show the latest number of Dorset profiles that are unsourced or unconnected or have suggestions to explore. If shown in green, the numbers have reduced since last week. If shown in red then the number has increased.

Can you help us keep the Dorset figures green?

Click the links in that table to see a fuller breakdown of profiles needing action.

posted by Martin White
A big THANK YOU to everyone who has worked on Dorset unsourced profiles.

Prior to the latest source a thon there were 1434 unsourced profiles for Dorset - this has been cut to 1197.

Keep up the great work!

Martin Team Leader for Dorset

posted by Martin White
Hi Dorset team. I'm very new to Wikitree and still fumbling my way around here. I have joined the England project and was exploring the links and came across Dorset, my home county and the birth place for most of my ancestors for the last 300 years.
posted by Antony Jeanes