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Douglas County Herald

Privacy Level: Open (White)
Date: [unknown] [unknown]
Location: Ava, Douglas County, Missourimap
Surnames/tags: Lindesmith Pease
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Douglas County Herald, newspaper from Ava, Douglas County, Missouri. 1887-1923 https://digital.shsmo.org/digital/collection/p17228coll58

These are excepts from the newspaper
family names: Lindesmith, Pease, Willard, Doolen, Lowe
communities: Bethany, Richville, Dora, Topaz

Feb 20, 1890, p3, col 5 - Buckhart –
• Silver ore has been discovered in paying quantities in the hills six miles south of Buckhart. The first discoveries were made on the farm of Mira (sic: Myron) Pease on the south line of Douglas county, and since the precious metal has been discovered on several adjoining farms. On the farm of Mr. Hodson, just south of county line in Ozark county, a rich vein of quartz was discovered about 3 weeks ago and several tons of rich ore has been taken out. There is a good deal of excitement in the neighborhood, and nearly all the farmers have turned to be miners and are prospecting for new diggings.

May 1, 1890, p 3, Col 2 bottom
• Mr. Myrum (sic: Myron) Pease, formally a resident of Richland township, this county, was in our city on Monday. Mr. Pease is now engaged in the lumber business as a member of the firm of Pease Bros., of Texas county.

Nov 26, 1891, p2, col 3 - Richville –
• We have two schools conducted by F.M. Smallwood and D.O. McMurtry in a manner entirely satisfactory to the patrons and pupils [prob one of these was Bethany]
• Clarence Pease has left West Plains and moved back to his farm. He is a rustler (sic: hustler?) and is welcome in our community.

Oct 27, 1892, p2, col 4
• Running for election, People’s Ticket, national, for presidential electors
• 14th Dist. Myron M. Pease
also listed in the newspaper - Nov 3, 1892, p2, Col

Aug 10, 1893, p3, Col 2
• Local News – M. Pease of Richland township was in town on Wednesday looking after the interest of John King, who is debtor to the county funds. Mr. Pease paid up all interest and costs, and gave additional security on the bond. The case was then dismissed.

Sept 20, 1894, p3, col 4 - Richville – (Sept 10, 1894)
• Ed. Herald: The public discussion on politics at the Pease School House today was largely attended, notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather the crowd was about equally divided and both parties were very enthusiastic.
• The Free Mason in the vicinity of Pease School House, now known as the Pilot Knob School House, deserve great credit for their enterprise. The old school house was burned about a year ago, and the Masonic Fraternity have erected a beautiful two story building at a cost of about $1000….

Sept 27, 1894, p3, col 4 - Joint Discussion
• Of the issues of the day between candidates of Republican and populist parties of Douglas County at the following places –
• Richland township, Clarence Pease Schoolhouse, Monday, Sept 10, 10 am.
• also listed in the paper Oct 25, 1894, p 3, col 4

Mar 28, 1895, p3, col 1
• “M Pease of West Plains was attending tax sales.”

Oct 31, 1895, p3, col 4 bottom - Dora’s Trouble
• Story tells about a feud between then Tetricks and the Littles. The Harris family joined the Tetricks and the Pease family backed the Littles. Open war is predicted. Read more at link.

Mar 5, 1896, p3, col 3 top
• At the Populist Congressional Convention held at West Plains last Saturday, A.M. Livingston was nominated as their candidate for congress on the first ballot. The vote was as follows: Livingston 50, M.M. Pease 7, and Alf Harris 1.

April 2, 1896, p2, col 3 top
• You remember that when …. (article tells about Myron’s populist activism etc.)

June 25, 1896, p5, col 4 bottom
• MM Pease running for state? rep from the Populist party
• Sept 3, 1896 paper shows he lost (p3 col4 top)

Jan 6, 1898, p1, col 5
• Bethany Hall School – Report for the month ending Dec 28. Enrollment, male 31, female 33, total 64. Number of days attendance by all the pupils for the two months 1802. Average daily attendance of pupils 45.
• Roll of Honor: Mrs. M.M. Pease [age 29], Misses Sina and Laura Cearley, Vona Parsley. Messrs. T.G. Harrison, Jerry Lindersmith [age 55], Luther Black, Walter Pease [age 20], Hiram Rice, George Gibbing, Ed. Doolin [age 27], Phineas Reed, Clint Wilson, Rich Dobbs, and Oscar Bragg. Laura Judd, Teacher.

Jan 27, 1898, p3, col 3
• Bethany Hall School – Report of Bethany Hall School for the month ending January 12, 1898. Enrollment, male 31, female 34, total 65. Number of days attended by all pupils 819. Average number of pupils attending each day 46. The following persons visited the school during the month, Misses Dora Cunningham, Sina and Laura Cearley. Messrs M.M. Pease, J.H. Porter, Elijah and Luther Cearley, Eda (sic) Doolin, W.H. Hudd, Albert White and J. Tegier. Laura Judd, Teacher.

Douglas County Herald, June 16, 1898, p2, Col 6 • Omba and Vicinity - J.W. Rackley closed a successful tern of school at Bethany, June 3.

July 14, 1898, p8, col 2:
• Got Certificates – Following are the post offices and names of teachers who received certificates at the institute which finished its labors last week. Out of a total of 77 who were examined, there were only 4 who failed to get certificates…
• List includes:
• First Grade – W. A. Pease, Richville
• Second Grade – John Lindesmith, Richville
• Third Grade – Myrtie Pease

Sept 22, 1898, p5, col 4:
• Teachers Meeting – “The first meeting of the teachers of the eastern district of Douglas county was held at Clifty Hall, Sept 5th. There were present the following teachers: W.A. Pease, president…John Lindesmith,…. Nellie McMurtry….”

[John Lindesmith and Myrtle Pease married Nov 5, 1898 maybe at Bethany, but there doesn't seem to be any note about it in the newspaper.]

Nov. 10, 1898, p4, 4th col
• Program – Douglas County Teacher’s Association to be held at Ava on Fri-Sat Nov 25-26, 1898
Discussion on Arithmetic – Myrtie Pease

Nov. 17, 1898, p5, col 6 - Eastern District Teachers Association,
• Meeting Nov 5 at 2pm
• List includes:
• Walter Pease, Jno. Lindersmith, Myrtle Lindersmith, Nellie McMurtrey,

Dec 22, 1898, p4, col 4 - Teachers’ meeting –
• program for eastern district teachers association, held at Willow Spring, Sat Jan 7, 1899
• Discussion on corporal punishment – John Lindesmith
• The teacher and rural district – Walter A. Pease
• Recitation – Myrtle Lindesmith
• Misc business – W.A. Pease, President

Aug 2, 1900, p 4, Col 2 - Teacher’s Institute, meeting at Buckhart
• 75 teacher attended
• list includes:
• Richville: Walter A. Pease

Sept 27, 1900, p 8, col 4 top = Homestead Publication
• Witnesses to homestead publication of Stephen Ecton?
• E. Lindesmith, Otis McMurtrey of Richville.

Jan 31, 1901, p4, col 3 - Marriage Licenses –
• Oscar Doolin , of Vernon Ill., to Cora Campbell, of Dora. [Oscar was John Lindesmith’s cousin]

Aug 1, 1901, p8, col 2 - Topaz –
• Uncle John Doolin is down from Cabool [not sure who this is]

May 5, 1904, p1, col 2
• This tells where the following teachers will teach: Ida Sturgeon, Bethany Hall; Lester Brantley, Mr. Arat; W.A. Pease, Fairview; Laura Judd, Little Creek; Cora Hicks, Vanzant; (and others)

Oct 19, 1905, p8, col 3 top - Black Jack –
Bro Willard preached an interesting sermon at Mt. Zion last Sunday. [Joe]

Nov 9, 1905, p8, col 5 - Richville –
• School dismissed this week to finish the school house.
• School is progressing nicely under the management of Mr. Hopkins.

June 14, 1906, p8, col 2 - Richville –
• There are several schools in this part of the country that have not had an application.

July 5, 1906, p8, col 3 top - Richville –
• Richville has daily mail now.
• John Lindersmith made a business trip to Mtn. Grove Sunday.

June 9, 1910, p8, col 1 - Richville –
• Byron Pease has returned home from Ava, where he has been going to school

Sept 8, 1910, p1, col 6 - Richville –
• Bethany school is progressing nicely with Arlo Huntsman at the helm.
• The singing at John Lindesmiths Sunday night was a grand success.
• Byron Pease was visiting with Harry Sympson last Sunday.

July 6, 1911, p8, col 3 - Richville –
• Victor Dickison begins carrying the mail from Richville to Buckhart, next Saturday.

July 3, 1913, p3, col 1 - Richville –
• John Cearley is very busy stacking wheat. The farmers are rejoicing over the good wheat crop. [Husband of Minnie Lindesmith]
• Miss Maxine Sharpe was the guest of Miss Susie Pease Sunday.
• Mr and Mrs. J.A. Sharp and Mr, and Mrs. Orlonzo Yeoman visited Mr. and Mrs. M.M. Pease and family Saturday.
• Ocar (Oscar) Cudworth is seen near Richville every Sunday. Wonder what is so attractive there for him. Guess it is Edmond’s family.[Charlie Cudworth married Maud Wilson, daug of Ida Pease]
• Tolbert Kirkman visits John Carley’s often. Tolbert always did enjoy climbing door steps, so that is the place for him. Look out Virgil McMurtrey by Trickey.

Nov 20, 1913, p5, col 3 - The Reaper –
• …The anger of death visited the home of Robert McLaughlin near Sedan, Mo at 6 o’clock on the morning of Nov 12, 1913 and took away his youngest child, Mary. Mary Elizabeth McLaughlin was born Feb 13, 1891 her age being 22 years, 8 months, 20 days. …..She had many friends among the school children of Douglas county, having taught several successful terms, one at flat rock, two at Bethany Hall and was teaching her home school, White Oak, up to the time of her illness…

Dec 3, 1914, p8, col 5 - Richville –
• C.B. Dickerson is building a new house. He says he doesn’t intend to sleep out doors this winter.
• E.C. Cearley has taken pity on his stock and is building a new barn.

Apr 4, 1916, p2, col 2 - Dora –
• Mrs. Anderson Coble visited aunt Manda Lindesmith Wednesday afternoon.

Apr 13, 1916, p3, col 1 - Richville –
• Victor Dickison, who has been gone from home for the past seven months returned to his home last Saturday. (further note about his parents having a party for him)

May 4, 1916, p6, col 1, Dora –
• Geo. McMurtrey moved Mrs. Nellie Doolin from Denlow to her father’s Monday Mrs. Doolin will teach the Bethany school this year. [her husband, Ed Doolen died May 16, 1915 in Marion Co, IL. Ed Doolen was John Lindesmith's cousin]
Col 2-3 – Denlow –
• Mrs. Nellie Doolen is moving to her father’s D.O. McMurtrey near Dora, where she has been employed to teach the Bethany school.

May 18, 1916, p1, col 1 - Rural school teachers hired – (list of all schools)
• Bethany – Nellie Doolin,
• New Arlyn – A.M. Rankin, [he later married Nellie’s daughter, Alice]

June 1, 1916, p2, col 4 - Dora –
• Miss Bessie Cunningham is helping Mrs. Biggs clean house this week.

June 15, 1916, p1, col 3 - Richville –
• Mr Larkin Cearley is very sick at present [Minnie Lindesmith’s father-in-law]

July 13, 1916, p1,col 6 bottom - Richville –
• Albert Willard has been on the sick list the past week.

Aug 24 1916, p6, col 3 - Dora –
• Mrs. Nellie Dulin (sic: Doolen) who is teaching the Bethany school is boarding with Mrs. Myrtle Lindesmith.

Aug 31, 1916, p6, col 2 - Richville –
• Rev. Willard preached at Bethany church Sunday morning and Sunday night.

Feb 8, 1917, p1, col 2 - Six Houses destroyed by Fire During Week –
• During the heavy winds of last week five country residences and one school house in the east end of the county were totally destroyed by flames….The school house that burned was that of District 105, known as the Bethany school, the upper story of which was used as a Masonic hall.

Mar 22, 1917, p8, col 1 - Dora –
• Uncle Ebb Lindesmith is very sick with pheumonnia fever.
• Lucilla Dulin is better at present. [Lucile, daug of Nellie McMurtrey & Ed Doolen]
• Wm. Cash went to church at Bethany Sunday and went home with John Cearley’s for dinner
• Everett Hales’ [Bill’s father] visited Eleck Hale’s Monday.

Apr 26, 1917, p1, col 3 - Alice Doolen of Dora Wins Four Year Scholarship
• ….Miss Alice Doolen, age 14, daughter of Mrs. Nellie Doolen of Dora, and graduate from the Bethany school has made the highest average in the county. Miss Doolen will be awarded the four year scholarship offered by the Ava High School to the student making the highest average in the county in the 8th grade examination. Her average was 95 5-7.

May 10, 1917, p5, col 1
• There will be Eighth grade graduating exercises held at the Bethany school on May 17th. Six graduates of the school will receive diplomas. The school is holding local exercises because all of the graduates could not attend the county exercises to be held in Ava next Saturday night.

July 5, 1917, p4, Col 4-5
• Resigtration Cards for draft (list includes)
• #30 Robert Archie Dunningham, Dora
• #31 Virgil Cearley, Richville [son of Minnie Lindesmith Cearley]
• #139 Albert Alexander Williard (sic: Willard), Dora
• #154 Byron Metcalf Pease, Richville
• #155 Norton White Pease, Dora
• #159 Victor Cecil Dickison, Richville [m Minnie Pease 1916]
p8, Col 1 – Denlow –
• Mrs. Nellie Doolin and little daughter Lucile of Dora, are visiting relatives and friends around Denlow.”

Aug 16, 1917, p1, Draft men are examined [Albert Willard is not on this list]
• three-fourths claim exemption
• Those claiming exemption from draft (includes)
• Col 3 – Byron Metcalf Pease, Richville, married man wife dependent.
• Not claiming exemption (includes)
• Col 4 - Virgil Cearly, Richville

Aug 30, 1917, p8, col 1 - Richville –
• Mrs. G.N. Low (sic: Lowe) is slowly recovering fro a bad spell of sickness.
• John Cearley lost a fine cow last week. She choked on a peach seed.
• Miss Alice Harrison and her brother Wesley Harrison and his wife are visiting at the home of M.M. Pease.
• Mrs. Charley Cudworth [Maud Wilson, daug of Ida Pease]and two daughters, spent the day last Friday with Mrs. Cudworth’s cousin, Mrs. John Lindesmith and family. [The picture I got of John & Myrtle Lindesmith when they were young had been given to the Cudworths.]
• The Bethany school house and “Mason’s Hall” combined are very near completion. Some say we are going to have a nicer building than the old one.

Sept 13, 1917, p8, col 2 bottom - Richville –
• Mrs. Minnie [Pease] Dickison spent last Saturday night and Sunday with home folks.
• R.O. Pease and family are visiting his father and other relatives near Richville.
• Victor, Leonard and Oliver Dickison [Minnie’s family] made a business trip to Mtn. Grove last week.
• Albert Willard is learning to ride his bicycle, which he purchased a few days ago.
• Mrs. Oscar Doolen and children have been visiting the former’s parents Mr. and Mrs. Campbell of Dora. [Oscar was John Lindesmith’s cousin]
• Miss Thelma Doolen [Oscar’s daughter] has been visiting the past week? with her cousin, Maymie Lindesmith. She will return to her home in Vernon, Illinois in about a week.

Sept 20, 1917, p8, col 3 - Richville –
• The Bethany school teacher, Mr. Harold Smith was called away from his school to go with the Ozark Co., boys to Ft. Riley Kansas for training.
• Archie Cunningham, Virgil Cearley and Robert McGlaughlin are starting for Rt. Riley this week.
• Mrs. Lula Pease and children have returned to Caruthersville to her husband who went two weeks ago.
• Mrs. Cora Doolen and children have returned to their home in Vernon, Illinois, after a visit with home folks and relatives.
• The new school house and Masons’ Hall is slowly progressing. The farmers are so busy they cannot help any.
• There was a singing at John Cearly’s last Friday night for the boys who have to go to war everyone enjoyed themselves much.

Oct 4, 1917, p1, col 2 - State Money Apportioned –
• District 105, Bethany – 175.45

Mar 7, 1918, p1, col 6 - Teachers’ Examination
• The rural teacher of the county had a busy time in ava on Friday and Saturday of last week. It was the regular March Teachers’ examination…. Sixty-two taking the examination, 53 for 3rd grade certification, 5 for 2nd grade, and 4 for 1st grade. (List includes)
• First grade: Miss Lela Breckner, Sedan
• Third grade: Miss Joyce Lindesmith, Ava

Apr 4, 1918, p4, col 4 - Dora –
• Alice Doolen visited Ina McMurtrey Tuesday night.
• Albert Willard is an every Sunday caller at William Cashes. [Albert married Maymie in Oct 1919, but he was dating Edna Cash before that]

May 30, 1918, p2, col 3 - Dora –
• Mrs. Mont Biggs and daughter Miss Opal, Misses Maymie and Eva Lindesmith and Edna Cash, Mr. Albert Willard, Silas Hale, Everett Cash, Lewis Walker, Charlie Kemp and Thomas Brendle visited Wm. Hale and wife Sunday.

July 4, 1918, p 8, col 1 - Richville –
• Miss Blanche McMurtrey spent Sunday night with Eva Lindesmith.
• B.Y.P.U. which was led by Miss Jessie Cunningham, and preaching which was led by Rev. Willard at Bethany Sunday evening were well attended.
• Rev. Brindle, Mr. and Mrs. E.H. White, Mr. and Mrs. G.N. Low (sic: Lowe), Rev. J.M. Willard, Messrs Arthur, Albert and Wayne Willard, Misses Bess Cunningham, Lorena Lawson and Mable White were entertained at dinner in the home of J.I. Lindesmith and family last Sunday.

Aug 1, 1918, p1, Col 1 - Fifty-Five to Funston Thurs. -
• Hundreds at station to say farewell—boys were cheerful –
• The fifty-five registrants of Douglas County called to the service last Thursday are now in training at Camp Funston, Kansas.
• As the hour approached for the departure of the young men, hundreds gathered in Ava and at the railroad station to bid them farewell. And while all entertained a hope that not one of the boys would be missing when peace shall final be declared, there was a feeling of sadness which permeated the entire crown; for “it is no light thing to see so many going, though all may, in the providence of Him who wills the destiny of men, return.
• Follow are the names of all who went in Thursday’s contingent:
• (list includes) Virgil McMurtrey, Orvval L. Rankin, Albert A. Willard…

Aug 8, 1918, p8, , Col 1-2, Bethany –
• The Bethany school began Monday Aug 5th. Miss Lela Breckner is the teacher.
• Eva Lindesmith was a dinner guest of Miss Opal Biggs Sunday
• Miss Ida Massey and Mayme Lindesmith went to Ava Wednesday.
• Edgar Cearley, Virgil McMurtrey and Albert Willard of this vicinity left for Camp Funston last week. May they win their share of glorya ndreturn safely to their friends is our prayer.
• Misses Edna Cash and Ina McMurtrey were Bethany visitors last Sunday evening. Col 4, Dora –
• Virgil McMurtrey and Albert Willard were among the Douglas co. boys who left for training camps on July 25th.

Sept 5, 1918, p1, col 3 - Judges of Election –
• Brushcreek twp – E.C. Cearley, S.E. Kirkman, J.I. Lindesmith, C.B. Dickerson, R.T. McLaughlin, and Claud Hibbard.”
p8, col 2 – Richville –
• Miss Blanche McMurtrey and Miss Alice Dullen are at Ava going to School. P8, col 3 top
• The Bethany school is progressing nicely with Miss Lela Breckner as teacher.
• Mrs. Nellie Doolen and daughters Lucille and Alice, and Blanche McMurtrey moved to Ava last Saturday.
• Wedding bells: - One more wedding before Uncle Sam calls the boys. Arthur Willard, a prominent, well known citizen, won the hand of one of Douglas county’s best teachers, Miss Bessie Cunningham. The ceremony was performed Saturday evening. The bride went back to her school Sunday. The young couple have the best wishes of all their friends.

Nov 7, 1918, p6, col 3-4 - Names and Addresses of Douglas County teachers
• 6. Allen M. Rankin, Norwood, R3 [m Alice Doolen]
• 78. Mayme Lindesmith, Hebron

Dec 12, 1918, p8, col 1 - Dora –
• Frank Lindesmith of Springfield visited Wm. Cashs Friday.

Dec 19, 1918, p8, col 1 - Bethany –
• Miss Lela Breckner spent last Tuesday and Wednesday in Mtn. Grove.
• Mr. and Mrs. Norton Pease were callers at the home of Russel Pease Sunday evening.
• Arthur Willard was all night guest at the home of Rev. McMurtrey Sunday night.
• Mr. and Mrs. Myron Pease called on Ebb Lindesmiths Sunday.
P8, col. 3, Richville –
• Jessie Cunningham and Miss Mary Earl spent Sunday with Bessie Willard.
• Mr. Alva Bennett and Lela Breckner were married last week. The school children were all sad because she gave up her school.

Dec 26, 1918, p8, col 2, Bethany –
• Mr. John Lindesmith and daughter Maymie and son Lyle were seen in this vicinity last Sunday and Monday.
• Mr. M.M. Pease and family spent Sunday with their son Norton Pease and wife.
• Mr. R.O, Rease [sic, Russell Pease] departed for Arkansas to spend the holidays with Mr. Pease’s father.
• Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Biggs had as guests at their home last Sunday evening the following people: Mr. and Mrs. Milo Kent and daughter Miss Helen, Mr. John Lindesmith and daughter and Mr. Robert Bell.
• Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Willard took Sunday dinner in the Cunningham home.”
Col. 1, Dora –
• Miss Maude Upshaw spent Sunday with Clarence Pease’s.[Clarence married Betsy Upshaw in 1868, so this must be a niece of hers]

Mar 14, 1919, p8, cols 4-5 - Richville –
• Myrtle Lindesmith and Lyle are visiting relatives and old neighbors around Dora and Richville this week.
• Alice Doolen and Jessie Cunningham of Dora have gone to West Plains to take the teachers’ examination. They will be home Monday.
• Ida McMurtrey of Dora has gone to Gainesville to take the teachers’ examination.
• Tina Pease and little daughter Joyce called on Mrs. Hyram Lindesmith Sunday evening.
• The Baptist church at Bethany elected Rev. Milo Kent for pastor for the rest of the year.

April 24, 1919, p 8, col 2 = Bethany –
• Albert Willard has returned home from France, after being gone eight months.
• Arthur Willard departed for Iowa Monday.
• The Bethany School is progressing nicely. Mr. Allen Rankin is teacher.
• Mr. J.I. Lindesmith was the dinner guest at the home of R.O. Pease Sunday.

May 1, 1919, p8, col 1 - Richville –
• Blanche McMurtrey spent Saturday night with Alice Doolen of Dora.
• Miss Eva Lindesmith and Lorena Lawson spent Thursday night with Blanche McMurtrey.
• Noah Cearley has returned home from Kansas city where he has been working.
• The Bethany School closed April 23. The scholars who took the 8th grade examination are: Lawrence Biggs, Harold Bayless, Lorena Lawson, Opal Pease, Blanche McMurtrey and Eva Lindesmith.
• The party at Norton Pease’s was well attended and everybody had a good time.

May 22, 1919, p8, col 1 - Bethany –
• Alva Bennett and wife left for their home in Bransville Monday
• Mr. and Mrs. Norton Pease were Sunday guests of Harum (sic: Hiram) Lindesmith.
• Little Grace Pease [daug of Russell] is on the sick list.
• Mrs. Arthur Willard is teacher at the Round Valley school this week.

May, 29, 1919, p 8, col 2 - Topaz –
• Miss Eva Lindesmith was Sunday guest of Miss Hellen Green.
• Mrs. Bessie Willard who is teaching the Round Valley school spent the weekend with Miss Maymie Lindesmith.
• Mr. and Mrs. J.I. Lindesmith and son and daughter and Mrs. Bess Willard were Sunday guests at the home of John Henry Woods.

June 12, 1919, p5, col 5 - 65 take teachers exam –
• Third grade certificates (list includes)
• Bessie Willard, Dora
• Jessie Cunningham, Dora
• Alice Dollen, Dora
• Allen Rankin, Mtn. Grove
p8, col 1 – Bethany –
• Mrs. Norton Pease visited her mother Saturday night.
• Miss Opal Pease attending the baptising Sunday.
• Mr. White has a new Fordson tractor out on his farm for trial [father of Eva White Pease?]
P8, col 2 – Topaz –
• J.I. Lindesmith has been on the sick list the last few days.
• Mrs. Bessie Willard and Miss Maymie Lindesmith departed Friday for a visit with friends near and in Brandsville and Koshkonong.
• Misses Verle Cruzen, Sylvia Loyd and Eva Lindesmith and Messrs Nolan Dunnaway, Noah Wood [Jack] and Lee Dooms were after dinner guests of Misses Etta and Imogene Hafner Sunday.

June 19, 1919, p5, col 5-6 - Topaz –
• Miss Bessie Willard resumed duties in the school room Monday after several days vacation.
• Mr. and Mrs. Sam Dunaway and little son Doyle, Mrs. Merianda Lloyd, Messrs Rufus Collins, Ople Luallen, Clyde Luallen and Albert Willard and Misses Mae Luallen and Maymie Lindesmith were highly entertained in the Hood home Sunday.

June 26, 1919, p8, col 1 - Bethany –
• Bro. McMurtrey preached at Bethany last Sunday.
• Little Lucile Doolen is quite ill with Malaria fever.
• Bro. Kent preached at Round Valley Saturday and Sunday.
• Walter Willard has been helping his brother, Albert in the harvest field for a few days.
• Russell Pease and wife spent Sunday at the Davison home. Mr. Davison is very sick.
• Miss Mayme Lindesmith was a guest at Mr. Cunningham’s Saturday night.
• Mr. and Mrs. Biggs and daughter Opal were dinner guest at M.M. Peases Sunday.
• Mr. Cearley gave a nice party, in honor of his son’s return from France Saturday night. A large crowd attended and all reported a splendid time.
• Virgil Cearley, Charles Thompson, Robt. McLaughlin, Andrew Gibbens and Arthur Smallwood, all boys who have just returned from France, and who used to be frequent visitors at Bethany we give you a hearty welcome.

July 3, 1919, p8, col 1 - Topaz –
• Misses Christie McDaniel, Maymie and Eva Lindesmith, and Messrs Johnie and Everett Dooms and Roy Hoots were Sunday guests at the Wood home.
• Geo. Brown and family spent Sunday in the Lindesmith home.
Bethany –
• Mr. and Mrs. John Sweeton, Mrs. Norton Pease, Virgil and Edgar Cearley were Sunday guests at Mr. Biggs.”

July 10, 1919, p8, col 2 - Topaz –
• Mrs. J.I. Lindesmith and daughter Miss Maymie visited with old friends near Bethany last week.
• Miss Alice Doolen and Opal Pease were visitors of Maymie and Eva Lindesmith Saturday and Sunday.
• Albert Willard attended church at Mr. Ararat Saturday night and Sunday.
• School at Round Valley closed last Thursday. Mrs. Willard [Bessie] seems to have given good satisfaction.
• We feel proud to state that a student of Mt. Arrat school, Eva Lindesmith won the free business course awarded for the best grade made by the 8th grade graduates of Douglas County. Miss Eva went to school most of the year at Bethany and once when congratulated upon her success, she modestly replied, “Mr. Rankins did it.”
P8, Col 1, Bethany –
• Albert Willard is sick this week.
• M.M. Pease spoke at the school house Sunday morning.
• Webb Deupress vaccinated some hogs for N.W. Pease and Wm. M. Biggs last Firday.
• Mr. Jerry Lindesmith, Mrs. John Lindesmith and daughter, Maymie are spending a week among old friends.

July 17, 1919, p8, col 1 - Bethany –
• Joyce Pease is on the sick list again.

July 24, 1919, p10, col 4 [ Topaz –
• Rev. M.Q. Kent of Dora spent Saturday night with J.I. Lindesmith.
• The Sunday School ice cream social which was held at Mr. Lindesmith’s was well attended and all reported a good time. Everyone had plenty of cream and some of the greedy ‘Red’ even made themselves sick.

Aug 7, 1919, p10, col 3 - Topaz –
• Dinner guests of J.H. Woods Sunday were Misses Ruth Hafner, Tressie Foster, Opal Ried, Maymie Lindesmith, Mesdames J.I. Lindesmith, Mirandy Loyd and Messrs. Orville Orr, Johnie Doombs, Nolan Dunaway, Albert Willard and John Platner.”

Aug 14, 1919, p4, col 2 - Richville –
• Mrs. Susie Decker is visiting with her father Mr. Myra (sic) Pease
P4, Col 3 – Bethany –
• School is supposed to start the second Monday in August with Allen M. Rankin as teacher. Mr. Rankin taught a very successful term of school here last spring.

Aug 21, 1919, p8, col 2 - Topaz –
• Mr. J.H. Wood [Aunt Eva’s future father-in-law] is owner of a new Ford touring car, the first this neighborhood claims.
• J.I. Lindesmith and daughters returned home on Monday from Brandsville, where they were working at the peach sheds.
P8, col 3 - Dora –
• Miss Ina McMurtrey has the Black Jack school

Aug 28, 1919, p8, col 3 - Richville –
• Alice Doolen stayed all night with Blanche McMurtrey Saturday night.
• Bethany school began Monday with Allen Rankin as teacher.
• Alice Doolen expects to begin her first term of school Monday at Round Top. We hope she will have success in her work.

Sept 25, 1919, p3, col 3 - Topaz –
• Misses Etta Hafner and Maymie Lindesmith, both teachers, spent the weekend with home folks.

[Albert Willard and Maymie Lindesmith married Oct 10, 1919. There was a note in the newspaper about it, but can't find it now.]
Richville - "The newlywed Maymie Lindesmith and Albert Willard are making their home at Nathaniel Lowe's."

Nov 6, 1919, p1, col 5 - Names and Addresses of Douglas County teachers –
• 77. Miss Alice Doolen, Dora
• 78. Mrs. Bessie Willard, Hebron
• 104. iss Ina McMurtrey, Richville
• 105. Allen Rankin, Dora
[seems like Maymie should be on this list, but all 111 Douglas County teachers are listed]

Nov. 27, 1919, p 3, col 1 - Bethany –
• Rev. M.G. Kent has purchased a farm near Prior. We are sorry to lose them from our community, but glad they are not going any further away.
• Mr. and Mrs. Norton Pease and little daughter, Messrs Allen Rankin and Ermine White, Grandma Cannon and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Willard were highly entertained at the Biggs home Saturday evening.
• R.O. Pease and family are preparing to move to the Kent place which now belongs to Geo. Thornton.
• Miss Jessie Cunningham is finishing the Pine Ridge school.
• Mrs. Clarence Pease is no better at this time.
• Mrs Bob Decker [Susie Pease] is expecting her husband to arrive at any time, and thinks perhaps they will make their home here.

Dec 4, 1919, p8, col. 1 - Topaz –
• R.O. Pease and family and the Misses Opal and Eula Pease came very near a very serious accident in crossing the ford below Round Valley, and they were on their way to visit Mrs. (sic: Mr.) Pease’s sister, Mrs. J.I. Lindesmith of this place. The current had washed out a deep hole in the creek bed, and one mule went under very near turning the hack over. However, a terrible scare, wet feet and wet lap robes were the final result.

Jan 1, 1920, p 4, col 3 - Bethany –
• Walter Pease and Russell Pease, the former from Miller, Mo, and the later from Viola, Ark, incidently (sic) met at their fathers last Sunday evening. Walter had not visited friends and relatives here for years.
• Were it not for the absence of Jno. Lindesmith of Topaz, Mo. and Byron Pease of Colorado, Mr. Pease’s children could all be at home again.”
• Bethany school was dismissed Xmas week as Mr. Rankin wished to spend the holidays with home folks.
• Wedding bells have been chiming in our vicinity. New Gilmore and Rena Dobbs were married ruing the holidays. Bro. McMurtrey married the third of the Willard boys Christmas day. Arthur Willard was married to Bess Cunningham Aug 24, 1918, and on Oct 10, 1919 Albert Willard married to Maymie Joyce Lindesmith; and on Christmas day Walter Willard was married to Jessie Cunningham. All three couples were married by Rev. McMurtrey. Those present at the wedding were: Misses Alice Doolin, Bertha McMurtrey, Lucile Doolin, Lulu and Gertie Cunningham, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Willard and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Willard. The young couple will start to Oregon county next week.

Jan 1, 1920, p7, col 2 - Dora –
• Mrs. Nellie Doolin is teaching the Bell school.
• Harry Pease and wife returned to their home at Mtn. Grove Tuesday.

Jan 29, 1920, p4, col 3 - Dora –
• Albert Willard is sick.
• There is lots of sickness in the neighborhood now
• A large crowd attended Bert Cearley’s funeral Wednesday. He died Monday evening after suffering a week with pneumonia fever. His mother was buried a few days before. She also had pneumonia fever. The father Elbert Cearley and a grown daughter are also very low at present with pneumonia fever. [Elbert was cousin of John W. Cearley who m Minnie Lindesmith]

Feb 12, 1920, p4, col 3 - Topaz –
• Mrs. J.I. Willard and little son Lyle Jasper spent the weekend with Mrs. Lindesmith’s daughter, Mrs. Maymie Willard, and her father Mr. M.M. Pease of near Dora. [Was this when Maymie lost her first baby?]</I
• J.R. Roberts our teacher closed a successful term of school at this place and left his pupil, Eva Lindesmith to give the final examination, to be on Feb 27, as Mr. Roberts has gone to other work away from here.
P4, Col 4 – Dora –
• Miss Alice Doolin is spending the week at West Plains.

Mar 11, 1920, p 1, col 2 bottom - Thirty-five applicants for teachers’ certificate –
• The March teachers’ exam held at Ava High School Fri and St. Twenty-nine applicants for third grade certificates:
• Eva Lindesmith, Cabool.

Apr 1, 1920, p3, col 3 - Bethany –
• The pie supper at the Bethany school was well attended and the proceeds were $30.00.
• Mr. D.O. McmMurtrey has sold his farm to Geo. Freeman and will leave here soon. Friends and neighbors regret his departure.
• Miss Eva Lindesmith is attending at Bethany.
• Sunday dinner guest at the McMurtrey home last Sunday were: Mr. and Mrs. F. Bennett, Mrs. Albert Willard, Misses Eva Lindesmith, Opal Biggs and Erman White.
• Sunday school was organized at Bethany last Sunday. The following officers were elected: Albert Willard, Supt; E.H. White, Asst Supt; Opal Biggs, Secretary, with Mable White as asst.
p8 col 1 – Richville –
• The pie supper and entertainment at Bethany Friday night had the best of order that could be asked for.
• Mr. Allan M. Rankin will close a very successful term of school at Bethany April 2. The 7th grade examination will be given on the last of the week.

Apr 8, 1920, p1, col 3 bottom - Bethany –
• Mrs. Albert Willard is very ill with what is supposed to be smallpox
• Mr. and Mrs. V. Dickinson [Minnie Pease], Misses Lorene Lawson, Eva Lindesmith, Alice Doolen, Charles Kirkman, Allen Rankin and Erman White were Sunday visitors at the M.M. Pease home.
• A nice party was held at the Pease home Thursday night.
p7, col 3 – Richville –
• Mrs. Mayme Willard is on the sick list this week.
• Bethany school closed Wednesday, March 31st, but some of the scholars went back Thursday and Friday to take the 7th grade examination.

Apr 15, 1920, p 1, col 4 bottom - Topaz –
• Mrs. J.I. Lindesmith has been at the bedside of her daughter Mrs. Albert Willard. Mrs. Willard is reported better at this writing.

Apr 22, 1920, p3, col 3 - Bethany –
• Old Bethany church was crowded to its utmost last Saturday night while Rev. Mr. Kent gave a splendid sermon. Church every second Saturday night and Sunday. Everybody come.
• Mrs. John Lindesmith returned to her home this week. She has been staying with her daughter, Mrs. A. Willard, who has been quite ill.
• Herschell Pease left last week for Colorado. He will spend a few days in Augusta, Kans, visiting his sister, Mrs. Bob Decker.
• Allen Rankin was down last week attending to some business.
• M.M. Pease will talk at the school house Sunday, May 2.

May 6, 1920, p 4, col 5 top - Bethany –
• Mr. and Mrs. A. Willard, Miss Opal Pease, Earl Lindesmith and Willie Bennett visited Mt. Ararat relatives Sunday.
• Miss Alice Doolin spent Sunday with Blanche McMurtrey
• Mrs. George Biggs and daughter Miss Beulah visited with the Pease and Biggs families last weelend.
• Miss Ina McMurtrey left Saturday for Springfield where she will enter the Springfield Business College for a complete Business course.
• Bethany school is unable to report having a teacher yet.

May 13, 1920, p 2, col 1 - Bethany –
• J.I. Lindesmith and daughter Miss Eva and Mr. and Mrs. Alva Bennett were visitors in this country last week.
• Mr. and Mrs. Reese and Mrs. and Mrs. Lee Lindesmith were guests at the Newton Reese home Sunday. [not sure who Lee is?]
• Edgar Cearley had the misfortune to cut his hand severely on barb wire recently.
• Rev. Kent will preach at Bethany the second Sunday in June.

June 10, 1920, p7, col 5 - Hebron –
• Mrs. Mayme Willard, former teacher at Little Zion, is teaching Pine Ridge school. P7, col 6 - Dora –
• The friends and neighbors surprised Mr. D.O. McMurtrey on his birthday, June 5th, by taking dinner in a good time, and all enjoyed the feast.
• Mrs. Nellie Doolen and children have gone to Illinois on a visit to relatives and friends.

June 17, 1920, p6, Col 2 - Hebron –
• Mrs. Arthur Willard visited with home folks a few days last week.

July 22, 1920, p6, col 4 - Hebron –
Mrs. Bessie Willard is teaching Little Zion school again this year. School commenced July 12 <i>[Wasn’t Maymie teaching at Little Zion when she married in Oct 1919? If so, did Bessie finish out her year? Did she give up her school when she got married>]


Aug 26, 1920, p4, col 3 - New Arlyn –
• Miss Verle Cruzen visited with Miss Eva Lindesmith from Saturday morning until Sunday night.
p3, col 2 – Hebron –
• School at Little Zion is progressing very nicely with Bess Willard as teacher.
• Ina McMurtrey spent the last of the week with her cousin, Edna Cudworth.
• Round Top school has commenced with ina McMurtrey as teacher.

Sept 9, 1920, p5, col 4 - New Arlyn –
• Mr. and Mrs. George Brown and two sons, Wilson and Ralph, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cruzen and daughter, Verle, of New Arlyn were Sunday guests of Mr. J.I. Lindesmith and family at Mt. Ararat.
p 8, col 4 - Rural Schools open for fall and winter term.
• 40. Eva Lindesmith, Willow Springs
• 42. Lelia Bennett, Cabool
• 78. Bessie Willard, Hebron
• 79. Maymie Willard, Richville [teacher's home address, not school. She was teaching at Pleasant Mound]
• 80. Mrs. Minnie Dickinson, Sedan [Minnie Pease]</i<
• <i>[Don’t see Bethany on this list, but the list isn't the schools it's the teachers]


Sept 16, 1920, p2, Col 3 - Richville –
• Mrs. Mayme Willard is boarding at the home of Ames McMurtrey.
• Pleasant Mound school is progressing nicely with Mrs. Mayme Willard as teacher.

Oct 21, 1920, p 8, col 3 bottom - Hebron –
• Mrs. Walter Willard [Jessie Cunningham] of Koshkonong and brother Forest Cunningham of Dora spent Sunday with their sister Mrs. Arthur Willard of this place.

Dec 2, 1920, p2, col 1 - Bethany –
• School at Bethany is still progressing. The county Supt. was a visitor at our school one day last week.
• Miss Lorene Lawson spent Wednesday night with Miss Opal Pease
• Alva Lindesmith happened to the misfortune of getting his collar bone broken caused from a team running away.

Dec 16, 1920, p2, col 5-6 - Douglas County Pedagogues –
• Blanche Mcurtrey, Mtn. Grove, Mo
• Eva Lindesmith, Willow Springs, MO
• Lela Bennett, Cabool, Mo
• Nina McMurtrey, Roosevelt, MO
• Bessie Willard, Hebron, Mo [home address]
• Mayme Willard, Richville, Mo [Teaching at Pleasant Mound]
• Minnie Dickeson, Richville, MO

Dec 23, 1920, p3, col 2 - Bethany –
• Herchel Pease came home Friday from Colorado where he had been working.
• Earl Lindesmith came home from North Missouri last Wednesday where he has been at work.

Dec 30, 1920, p 2, col 4 - Pine Ridge –
• R.L. Pearce has moved onto Oliver Key’s place [Rhoda Lindesmith]
• Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Willard are moving to their place.

Jan 6, 1921, p3, col 3 bottom - Bethany –
• Schools which have been dismissed for the holidays will all begin Monday.
• Miss Eva Lindesmith is going to finish the other five months of school at Pleasant Mound. [Was she filling in for Maymie before J.I. was born, Feb 2]
• The party at Myra Pease’s was enjoyed by all who attended. There was plenty of music, including the new Victrola which they recently purchased.
• Bob Pierce has moved to the Oliver Keys place [husband of Rhoda Lindesmith]
• We are glad to have Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Willard as our neighbors again.

Feb 3, 1921, p4, col 4 - Richville –
• School at New Jail is doing fine with Miss Eva Lindesmith as teacher. We expect it to be still better when the new seats are in. [was she teaching at Pleasant Mound or New Jail?]
• Miss Opal Pease left Saturday for Kansas City where she expects to go to school.
• Eva Lindesmith spent Friday night with Blanche McMurtrey.
• Several attended the singing Sunday night at Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Willard’s.
• Mrs. Myrtle Lindesmith is staying with her daughter Mrs. Albert Willard this week. [for the birth of her baby, J.I.]

Feb 17, 1921, p1, col 6 - Petit Jurors –
• Brushcreek – M.E. Russell; alternate, Albert Willard

Mar 10, 1921, p8, col 2 - Richville –
• Alice Doolen has been visiting relatives and friends here for the past few weeks. She has gone back to her home in West Plains.
• Miss Eva Lindesmith spent Saturday and Sunday at her home at Topaz.

Apr 7, 1921, p4, col 2 - Petit Jurors for Coming Session of circuit court
(list includes)
• Brushcreek – M.E. Russell; alternate, Albert Willard

Mar 10, 1921, p8, col 1 - Richville –
• Alice Doolen has been visiting relatives and friends here for the past few weeks. She has gone back to her home in West Plains.
• Miss Eva Lindesmith spent Saturday and Sunday at her home at Topaz.

May 5, 1921, p3, col 2 bottom - Richville –
• Miss Eva Lindesmith and Lawrence Biggs were Sunday guests at Mr. Pease’s.
• Bethany school closed last Friday evening.

June 2, 1921, p6, col 6 top - Financial Statement of Douglas County, MO –
• J.I. Lindesmith, clerk of election - $2.50

Aug 25, 1921, p3, col 2 - Richville –
• Nellie Doolen and daughter of west Plains are visiting friends and relatives here.
• Bethany school house is getting a new coat of paint.

Sept 22, 1921, p3, col. 4-5 - Topaz –
• Mrs. J.I. Lindesmith has been on the sick list the past week.
• Eva Lindesmith and Charles Beason were dinner guests of Sylvia Lloyd Sunday at the home of J.H. Wood…. Mr. Beason, teacher of Mt. Ararat school…
• Mrs. Amanda Lindesmith has gone for an extended visit to her son in Ash Grove, MO.

Nov 10, 1921, p4, col 3 - Richville –
• A colored jazz band stopped at Bethany school last Wednesday and advertised their show by playing and singing a few pieces of music. Several of the pupils had never seen a negro.

Dec. 22, 1921, p2, col 2 - School Directory of Douglas County: (list of all 111 schools)
• Mt. Ararat, Clerk: J.I. Lindesmith; teacher: Chas. E. Beason; school address: Topaz
• Bethany, board president: M.M. Pease; teacher: Blanche McMurtrey; school address: Richville

Feb 16, 1922, p1, 5th col near top - Near-by News –
• Mrs. Rosa Willard, 37 years old, wife of Stonewall Willard [uncle of Albert Willard]of Brandsville, recently gave birth to quadruplets, all boys and weighing about 3 or 4 pounds each. Although born slightly premature all were fairly well developed, but lived only a few hours.

Feb 23, 1922, p8, col 4-5 - Richville –
• Mrs. Norton Pease entertained several neighbors children last Saturday afternoon in honor of her little daughter Joyce’s birthday. the evening was spent in outdoor games led by Miss Blanche McMurtrey. Ice cream and cake were served as refreshments.
• Mrs. Byron Pease has been on the sick list for the past week, but is reported better.
• Mr. H. Lindesmith is going to leave. His sale will be held on March 1st. [Joseph Hiram]
• Mr. and Mrs. Ed Price are visiting at Mr. E.B. Lindesmith’s.

Mar 16, 1922, p 1, col 4 - Many Applications for Certificates to Teach –
• List for the March exams. Grades being mailed this week –
• List of those who took the exam (includes)
• Mrs. Bessie Willard, Richville

Mar 23, 1922, p3, col 4 - Topaz –
• Mr. J.I. Lindesmith is slowly recovering from a long siege of typhoid. His daughter, Miss Eva, has been confined to her bed about eight days with the same fever.”

Mar 30, 1922, p6, col 2 top - Topaz –
• J.I. Lindesmith is still reported to be better. Miss Eva, also, is making a speedy recovery.
p8, col 4 – Richville –
• the dance at M.M. Pease’s Friday night was well attended and all had a joy time. It was the best one they have had in years. One reason is that no one was there with “white mule.”
Bethany school will be out 2 weeks earlier than was expected, since the clerk received a new statement of the school funds.

Apr 20, 1922, p8, col. 4 - Topaz -
• Mr. and Mrs. Albert Willard and little son from Dora visited with Mrs. Willard’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.I. Lindesmith during the weekend.
• J.I. Lindesmith is yet very poorly, but is able to walk out in the sunshine once in a while—when there is any sunshine”
• The school meeting at Mr. Ararat did quite a business, so reported. Mr. George Seibers was elected director to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Mr. Otis Barnes. Mr. Jesse James was elected for the term of three years, and we understand Logan Welch is to be clerk to fill the place of J.I. Lindesmith who resigned. The vote carried to move the school house site, also to bond the district to build a new 2-room school house so as to employ two teachers. We sure are glad to know of so progressive a move.

Apr 27, 1922m p2, col 1 – Richville –
• New Jail and Bethany both have their teachers employed.

May 18 1922, p2, Col 2 - Richville –
• Mrs. Mayme Willard has been very ill during the past week.
• Miss Ethel Sparks and Mr. Noah Cearley, both of Richville, were united in holy matrimony at the West Plains court house Friday, May 5th. They came to the groom’s home Sunday and expect to remain there for a few weeks. Then they are going to Kansas to spend the summer. A large crowd met and charivaried (sic) them on Monday night after which they treated on candy, and played in the yard by moonlight. They seem very happy and it is our wish that they will continue that way.”

June 8, 1922, p8, col 4 - Topaz –
• Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Willard from near Dora came Sunday to visit with Mrs. Willard’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.I. Lindesmith. Mrs. Willard and little son stayed over for a few weeks’ visit. Mrs. Willard has been very ill but is improving real fast.
• Miss Tressie Foster was a Sunday night guest of Miss Audra Spurlock who is staying at the J.I. Lindesmith home while she teaches the month at Mt. Ararat.

July 13, 1922, p8, col 1 - Topaz –
• Mr and Mrs. J.A. Roberts and son Kirby were Sunday dinner guests at the J.I. Lindesmith home.
• Mesdames Jim Reece and J.I. Lindesmith, Mr. Orville Reece and little Taylor Reece, made a flying trip Monday down near Dora after Miss Agnes Reece, who has been with Mrs. Albert Willard for the past four weeks.
• The families of Mr. George Brown Sr, Mr. Charles Hoots and Mr. J.I. Lindesmith met at Mr. Geo. Brown Jr’s on the Fourth and spent the day with nice “eats” and plenty of ice cream and lemonade. The creek was too cold and dingy for fishing which they meant to have indulged in.

July 20, 1922, p2, col 3 - Hebron –
• Mrs. Bess Willard is employed to teach Big Springs School. School begins there next Monday.
• Mr. and Mrs. M.M. Pease spent Sunday with Mr. White and on their way home called on Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Cudworth.
• We were sorry to hear of the death of little Dallis Pease. [son of Norton]

Aug 3, 1922, p3, col 3 - Topaz –
• Mr. Allen M. Rankin, one of the teachers employed for Mt. Ararat, was down viewing the new building and visiting the board of directors, and was also a guest at the J.I. Lindesmith home Thur evening.
• Sunday guests for dinner at the J.H. Wood home were Mesdames Will Wood and J.I. Lindesmith, Messrs Will Wood, J.I. Lindesmith, Charles Thompson and Roy Hoots. They also did full justice to those fine watermelons which John Henry always has at this season of the year.
• Miss Eva, Master Lyle J. and Grandma Lindesmith are spending the weekend down near Dora at the home of Miss Eva’s sister, Mrs. A.A. Willard.

Aug 17, 1922, p2, col 4 - Topaz —
• the family of Mr. Tom Freeman, Mrs. Mary Seibers and Mrs. J.I. Lindesmith and Master Lyle Lindesmith were dinner guests of Mrs. Lizzie Brown Sunday.
• Among those from this place that attended the baptizing at ‘Bridge’ were Misses Gertie Carrolton, Nola Peters and Eva Lindesmith. Messrs Orville Reese, Walter Brown, George Brown Jr, J.I. Lindesmith, James Reese, John Collins and Earney Robertson.

Sept 21,1922, p 7, col. 2 - Topaz –
• The families of Mr. Willie Butcher of near Buckhart and Mr. V.C. Dickison [Minnie Pease] of near Richville motored over to the home of J.I. Lindesmith and spent Sunday. Mrs. Dickison is a sister of Mrs. Lindesmith. They visited and praised the nice new school building at Mt. Ararat. Enroute home they visited the big spring at Topaz belonging to Mrs. Mary. J. Hutchison. The Topaz Spring is one of the wonders of the Ozarks.

Sept 7, 1922, p 7, col. 3 - Topaz –
• Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Willard and little son J.I. were weekend visitors with Mrs. Willard’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.I. Lindesmith. They happened to quite an accident enroute, but not so serious as it might have been. Their team [mules] ran away, throwing Mrs. Willard and baby from the hack but hurting them only slightly, also broke the tongue from the hack. Mr. Willard was letting the baby do the driving and he dropped one of the lines and the mules became scared.

Sept 28, 1922, p7, col 3 - Topaz —
• J.I. Lindesmith killed a fine mutton Monday, and as the teachers stay at his place, we hope they won’t become foundered on mutton.
• Misses Eva Lindesmith and Lurue Harp and Lyle Lindesmith were callers on aunt Jennie Wood Sunday evening.

Oct 5, 1922, p3, col 1 & 2 - Topaz –
• Mr. M.M. Pease of near Dora, and daughter, Eula, came up to the home of Mr. J.I. Lindesmith Sunday. Miss Eula, a sister of Mrs. Lindesmith, will remain and attend school at Mr. Ararat. She will be in the 8th grade work under Mr. Allen Rankin. [Rankin married J.I. Lindesmith’s cousin’s daughter Alice Doolen in 1926]
• Mr. and Mrs. J.I. Lindesmith had as dinner guests Sunday after church services, Mesdames J.H. Wood, Henry Shannon, eunice Reed and Messrs Evertt Reed, Henry Shannon and M.M. Pease and little Richard Wood, and Clovis and Cray Reed.

Nov 16, 1922, p6, col 1 - Topaz –
• School at Mr. Ararat was dismissed on election day. Mr. Allen M. Rankin went to New Arlyn to cast his vote.
• Messrs M.E. Barnes, George Brown Jr and J.I. Lindesmith went to Pleasant Hill church Sunday to help ordain some deacons in that church. Rev. Joe Dowdy held services.
• Mrs Alice Peters and children were Sunday dinner guests at Mrs. J.I. Lindesmith’s.

Dec 7, 1922, p8, col 2 bottom - Topaz –
• While the teachers were attending the meeting at Ava, Miss Eula Pease visited her homefolks near Dora.
• Miss Etta Hafner of Lone Star school was a Sunday dinner guest of Misses Eva Lindesmith and Larue Harpe.

Dec 14, 1922, p3, col 4 - Topaz –
• Mr. and Mrs. J.I. Lindesmith, Misses Larue Harpe, Eula Pease, Eva Lindesmith and Lyle Lindesmith were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Reed of the Oscar Robertson farm Sunday.
• Mr. Allen Rankin purchased oil and oiled the floors of both rooms at Mt. Ararat school. He surely keeps the new building looking fine.

Dec 28, 1922, p8, col 1 - Topaz —
• Mr. M.M. Pease of near Dora, Mo, was up at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J.I. Lindesmith, last Friday. He came after another daughter, Miss Eula May Pease to take home to spend with week’s vacation.
2nd col: (still Topaz, MO) —
• Mr and Mrs. Albert Willard and little son, J.I., were Xmas visitors with Mrs. Willard’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.I. Lindesmith, going home Monday afternoon accompanied by Miss (sic) Amanda Lindesmith, Mr. Lindesmith’s mother, who will visit a daughter and other relatives near Richville and Dora.

Jan 4, 1923, p8, 1st column – Topaz
• Dr. Duckworth … also called at the J.I. Lindesmith home. Mr. Lindesmith having quite an attack of rheumatism.
• Miss Eva Lindesmith has been on the puny list a few days, and was unable to teach school on New Years day
• Mr. M.M. Pease, accompanied by his two daughters, Misses Eula and Nina, was at the J.I. Lindesmith home last Sunday. Miss Eula stayed to resume her school work at Mt. Ararat.

Jan 25, 1923, p3, col 5 - Topaz –
• Round Valley school has been dismissed since early this week because of the sickness of the teacher, Miss Eva Lindesmith, who has the flu.
• Mr. and Mrs. Alva Bennett and two small children of Dora, were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. Barnes and the Lindesmiths. Mrs. Bennett was formerly Miss Lela Breckner and had taught one term of school at Mt. Ararat.
• The entire families of Otis Barnes, E.W. McDaniel, J.I. Lindesmith, Geo. Brown Jr, Tom Freeman, Bill Wallace, with numbers of individuals in other families have had the flu or lagrippe, and there are a few cases of pneumonia.

Feb 8, 1923, p4, col 3 - Bethany –
• Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Lawson and son, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Willard and son, and Misses Maybelle and Myrtle Mainard and Bess Kemp, and Mr. Elbert Smith and Murl Kemp were Sunday visitors at the Bennett home.
• Albert Willard made a trip to St. Louis this week.
• Uncle Eb and Aunt Olive Lindesmith spent Sunday at the M.M. Pease home.
• We understand that Uncle Will Campbell and wife have sold their farm and contemplate going to Illinois to their daughter, Mrs. Cora Doolen [wife of Oscar Doolen who was Amanda’s nephew].

Feb 15, 1923, p3, col. 4-5 - Bethany –
• Grandma Lindesmith [Amanda] is visiting her daughter Mrs. Minnie Cearley and other relatives and old neighbors.
• Francis Lindesmith of Washington is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eb Lindesmith.

Feb 22, 1923, p2, col 3 top - Bethany –
• Norton Pease made a business trip to West Plains this week.
• Frank Lindesmith of ash Grove is visiting with friends and relatives around here.

Mar 1, 1923, p 2, col 3 - Bethany –
• Rev James (sic: Joe) M. Willard of Koshkonong made a short visit with his sons, Albert and Arthur Willard, the first part of the week.
• J.I. Lindesmith of Topaz spent a day and night with his daughter, Mrs. Albert Willard, the first of the week. On his return home he was accompanied by his mother and brother, Frank Lindesmith of Ash Grove.
• Victor Dickison was behind the counters at Richville again this week.

Mar 15, 1923, p8, cols 2-3: Topaz —
• Charles Beason of the Ava High School was a Mt. Ararat visitor last week. He was guest at the J.I. Lindesmith home, and observed at Mt. Ararat school the entire week. He was the teacher of this school in 1921-22.
• J.I. Lindesmith accompanied by Misses Etta Hafner and Eva Lindesmith made a trip to Mtn. Grove Monday. Misses Hafner and Lindesmith remained there to attend high school.
p2, col 2 – Bethany –
• Mrs. Nell Doolen of West Plains is making a few days visit among old neighbors and relatives.
• Mrs. M.M. Pease made two trips to her father’s bedside last week—Grandma (sic) White who was not expected to live.
• Mrs. B. M. Pease had an incubator to hatch last week.
• Arthur Willard purchased a 360 egg incubator

March 22, 1923, p8, col 3-4 - Bethany –
• M.M. Pease and son Joe made a business trip to West Plains last week.
• Aunt Polly Low (sic: Lowe) has been very sick.
• Mrs. M.M. Pease is sick

Mar 29, 1923, p2, col 1 – Bethany -
• Miss Lorena Lawson was Sunday and Sunday night guest of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Willard
• Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Pease and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Victor Dickison [Minnie Pease]

Apr 5, 1923, p2, col 3 - Bethany –
• Albert Willard has been sick during the past week.
• Miss Eulah Pease [daug of Myron] who has been going to school at Mt. Ararat this past school year, returned to her home last Thursday.
• Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Willard are the very proud parents of a baby girl, born March 30th. Both mother and babe are feeling quite well.
• Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Pease spent Easter at the Ed Sparks home.

Apr 12, 1923, p2, col 1- Topaz –
• M.M. Pease and small son, Joe Niel, of near Dora, were dinner guests at the J.I. Lindesmith home last Thursday. Miss Eula Pease, a student at Mt. Ararat school returned home with them.
• Misses Lottie Loyd and Eva Lindesmith of Mtn. Grove were weekend visitors with home folks.
• Dinner guests at the J.I. Lindesmith home Easter Sunday were the families of Messrs. J.H. Wood and Monroe Wood, and Rev. Joe Dowdy, Mr. Allen Rankin and Miss Lottie Loyd. It was Mr. Lindesmith’s 45th birthday.

Apr 26, 1923, p2, cols 2-3 - Bethany –
• Mrs. M.M. Pease who has been quite ill is slowly improving.
• Miss Lorene Lawson has been employed to teach Bethany school this year.
• Mr. and Mrs. Victor Dickison [Minnie Pease] are the proud parents of a third son born last week. Both mother and babe are doing nicely.
• A wolf seen in Albert Willard’s field one day last week. Immediately after sunrise the wolf chased Willard’s sheep thru the fiend and right up to the gate near the house and barn.
• Miss Eva Lindesmith and Mr. Lawrence Biggs both students of Mtn. Grove High School, spent the weekend with friends and relatives in our vicinity.
• Rev. J.M. Willard spent a few days visiting friends and relatives near here the fore part of the week.

May 3, 1923, p2, col 3 - Richville –
• Mrs. Myra Pease has been very low but we are glad to know that she is some better at present. Miss Opal Pease, Mrs. Susie Decker and Herschel Pease came home on account of their mother’s illness.
• Miss Eva Lindesmith, who is attending school at Mtn. Grove, has been here this week on account of the illness of her grandmother, Mrs. Pease.
• Most of the schools in this vicinity have hired their teachers. Miss Lorena Lawson has Bethany school…
p8, col 1 - Topaz –
• The J.I. Lindesmith family was called to the bedside of Mrs. M.M. Pease of near Dora who is serioiusly ill. Her condition was a little improved when they returned, but she is dangerously sick yet.
• R.O. Pease and little Miss grace Winnie Pease of near Viola, ark, and Mrs. Albert Willard and small son J.I. of near Dora, Mo. were Thur night guests at the J.I. Lindesmith home.
• J.I. Lindesmith and son Lyle took Miss Eva Lindesmith back to Mtn. Grove last Sunday. She had been down to the home of M.M. Pease to be with the sick. She has three more weeks of high school at Mtn. Grove.

May 10, 1923, p2, cols 1 & 3 - Topaz –
• Mr. and Mrs. Fountain Bennett, Mrs and Mrs. Alva Bennett and two children Carlos and Freda, and Mrs. Albert Willard and baby of Dora, Mo, were guests of the Barnes’ and Lindesmith families the weekend; also they were Mt. Ararat church visitors representing Bethany church in the conference that was held at this place.
• Mrs. J.I. Lindesmith received word that Mrs. M.M. Pease, who has been dangerously ill in her home near Dora, Mo. was resting much better on that Friday, April 4th.
• Miss Eva Lindesmith was a home visitor this weekend. She was accompanied to Mtn. Grove Sunday evening by Miss Sylvia Loyd.
Col 3, Bethany –
• Wayne Willard of Koshkonong is working for his brother Albert Willard this spring.
• Mrs. M.M. Pease who has been seriously ill with heart trouble and other complications for some time is no better. Telegrams were sent to her daughter Opal Pease of Kansas City, and another daughter, Mrs. Susie Decker of Augusta, Kansas, and her step-daughter, Mrs. J.I. Lindesmith of Cabool. Letters and telegrams were also sent to her son Hershell Pease of Chicago and step sons, Russell Pease of Viola, Ark., and Walter Pease of Miller, MO. The children all came with the exception of Walter who is expected any time. Dr. Gordon of Dora is attending Mrs. Pease. Dr. Hogan of West Plains was also summoned the first of last week.
p8, col 2-3 – Bethany –
• Mr. Bob Decker of Kansas arrived last week on account of the serious illness of his mother-in-law, Mrs. M. M. Pease, Mrs. Decker having come on before Him.
• Obituary – the death angel visited the home of Myron M. Pease Monday morning, May the 7th, and bore away the soul of Eva Pease, a dear wife and mother. Mrs. Pease had been ill for some time, suffering severely. For two weeks or more she had welcomed the angel of death, and had remarked several times that she longed to go to her dear little girl who died several years ago. Mrs. Pease was 55 years old on the second of May. She is survived by a heart-broken husband, four sons and five daughters, seven grandchildren, a very old father and a host of other relatives and friends to mourn the loss. Burial took place at the Sweeton Cemetery May 8th at 3 p.m. – By a loving granddaughter.[probably Maymie]

May 17, 1923, p2, col 6 bottom -
• Financial statement of Douglas County, Mo for the year of 1922 –
• Expense of election: J.I. Lindesmith, clerk of election $2.00 (many clerks listed) https://digital.shsmo.org/digital/collection/p17228coll58/id/11161/rec/36
p8, cols 3-4 – Bethany -
• Miss Opal Pease who was called home from Kansas City a few weeks ago on account of her mother’s illness and death, returned to Kansas City last Sunday where she will again take up her school work.
• Hershel Pease will return to Chicago the 15th to resume his duties as foreman of a squad of Santa Fe Railroad men.
• Mr. and Mrs. Albert Willard had over a hundred young turkeys to hatch last week
• Mr. and Mrs. Byron Pease have moved into the house with the former’s father, M.M. Pease.
P8, col 1 – Topaz –
• The J.I. Lindesmith family attended the funeral of Mrs. M.M. Pease at the Sweeton cemetery near Dora, last Tuesday.

May 24, 1923, p2, col 2 - Topaz –
• Messrs Bruno Hafner and J.I. Lindesmith went to Mtn. Grove last Thursday. They were accompanied home by Misses Edna Wood, Etta Hafner and Eva Lindesmith who have been attending school at Mtn. Grove the past ten weeks.
P2, col 1, Bethany –
• Albert Willard had the misfortune to lose his house and the greater part of its contents by fire last Sunday, May 20th. The house caught fire on the roof and was most gone before anyone got there. Mr. and Mrs. Willard and the former’s brother got a few things out, but the neighbors who came never got into the house at all. Albert was looking around over his crop when his wife discovered the fire. By the time he got to the house the upstairs was in flames. The cellar and contents were also destroyed.
• Mr. M.M. Pease, son Joe and daughters Nina and Eula, spent Sunday visiting the children’s grandfather, Mr. W.S. White.
• Albert and Wayne Willard went to the home of their father, J.M. Willard, at Koshkonong, the first of the week.

June 7, 1923, p 6, col 2 top - Topaz –
• Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Willard were guests at the J.I. Lindesmith home Wednesday of last week. Mrs. Willard went from there to Cabool and on to Ava to take teachers’ examination. Mr. Willard returned to their home near Dora. Mrs. Amanda Lindesmith accompanying him to the home of John Cearley for a visit with her daughter, Mrs Jno. Cearley [Minnie Lindesmith].
• Mr. and Mrs. Willard had the misfortune of having their house and cellar with most of its contents destroyed by fire several days ago.
P1, Col 6 – 87 take Teachers Exam –
• Third grade certificate: (list includes) Mrs. M.J. Willard

June 21, 1923, p2, col 2 - Bethany –
• M.M. Pease and son Joe made a business trip to Ava last week.
• Mr. and Mrs. B.M. Pease have named their new son Carol Joe.
• Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Willard and babe were Sunday guests of J.H. Cunningham.
• Albert Willard is building a smokehouse in which he and his family will spend the summer.

June 28, 1923, p2, col 2 bottom - Bethany –
• Lula, Gertha and Otto Cunningham are ill with the measles.
• Mrs. Nell Doolin and daughters Misses Alice and Lucille motored from West Plains Saturday and were Saturday night guests in the A.E. McMurtrey home.
• Eva and Lyle Lindesmith were Saturday night guests of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Willard.

July 12, 1923, p1, col 6 – Rural Teachers Employed for 1923-24 (list includes)
• Pleasant Valley – Chas. Beason
• Mt. Ararat – Mary Hitchcock and Eva Lindesmith
• Round Valley – Mamie Willard
(cont on p 4, col 2)
• Pine Ridge – Lela Bennett
• Bethany – Florence Lawson

July 19, 1923, p8, col 5 - Topaz –
• Mrs. J.I. Lindesmith is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Albert Willard of Dora. She expects to come home soon and will bring her little grandson, J.I. with her to stay a few days.

Sept 13, 1923, p1, col 1 - Teachers’ Meet Well attended –
• The Annual Teacher’s Meeting and School Board Convention held in Ava last was… Out of a total of 129 teachers in the county, 99 were in attendance.
• Teachers present: Chas. Beason, Mtn Grove; Blanche McMurtrey, Cabool; Eva Lindesmith, Cabool;

Sept 20, 1923, p6, col 2 - Topaz –
• Mrs. Maymie Willard, teacher at New Arlin and her small son, and Mr. and Mrs. J.I. Lindesmith attended the B.M. Pease sale near Dora last Saturday.

Sept 27, 1923, p2, col 2 – Richville –
• Albert Willard will hold a public sale on Saturday 29th of this month.
• E.G. Sparks, Ames McMurtrey, William McGee and Dale Osborn painted the inside of the school house Saturday 22nd.
• Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Pease left last Tuesday, Sept 18, for Colorado where they will make their home.

Oct 4, 1923, p2, col 1 - Teachers and District Clerks of Douglas County
• Teachers: (list of 111 include)
• Eva Lindesmith – Cabool
• Lela Bennett – Dora
• Mayme Willard – Cabool
P4, col 1 – Bethany –
• The sale of A.A. Willards was well attended Saturday.
• Mr. and Mrs. Byron Pease are the proud parents of a baby girl. They have named her Dorothy Doris
• Lyle Lindesmith spent Saturday night at the M.M. Pease home.Joe Niel Pease and Nina Pease and their father attended the ball game between Pine Creek and Dora Sunday.
• School life seems to be running smoothly at Bethany
• M. M. Pease departed this a.m. for Viola, Ark. where he expects to spend a fortnight with his son Russell who resides at that place.

Oct. 11, 1923, p2, col 2
• Harvest Time (poem by Maymie Willard)

Oct 24, 1923, p4 - Bethany –
• Sales seem to be the order of the day in this and surrounding communities. We hate to lose so many good people from our midst, but wish them success and prosperity wherever they go.
• The sale of A.A. Willards was well attended Saturday.

Nov 1, 1923, p8, cols 2 – Bethany –
• Mrs. Norton Pease and daughter Joyce and baby Doris, and Mrs. M. Biggs were Sunday afternoon visitors at the Clarence Pease home.
• Mr and Mrs. Victor Dickison [Minnie Pease] entertained Mr. and Mrs. Will butcher and daughter Trilba at supper Saturday evening

Nov 22, 1923, p8, cols 1-2 - Topaz –
• Mr. A.A. Willard visited with his wife and little son during the weekend at the Lindesmith home. He had just returned from a business trip in Greene County.
• A surprise dinner was given at the Lindesmith home on Sunday, Nov 4th in honor of Mr. and Mrs. J.I. Lindesmith’s 25th wedding anniversary. Nov. 5th was their real wedding date but on account of convenience of time it was planned for Sunday following the regular church day services at Mt. Ararat. A large crowd was in attendance and a fine spread enjoyed by all. The ’surprise’ was perfect as Mr. and Mrs. Lindesmith didn’t ‘catch on’ till the many teams and cars began to unload.
• We are authorized to announce a program and pie supper to be given at New Arlyn school house on Wednesday evening, Nov 28th. It is given for the benefit of the school. Everybody come. Maymie Joyce Willard is the teacher.

Dec 6, 1923, p7, cols 1-2 - Topaz —
• Mr. Charles Beason, a former teacher of Mt. Ararat school, and who is teaching over near Goodville this year, was a week end guest at the Lindesmith home. He attended a singing at Uncle George Brown’s while here and met man of his former pupils who all expressed themselves as glad to see him again.
• Mr. H.M. Pease of near Dora visited at the Lindesmith home this past weekend and while here made a business call on Mr. Will Robertson at Wood.
• Mr. and Mrs. E. Mitchell, Misses Cozetta Bowden, Irene and Anna Orr, and Mr. Noah Wood were Sunday dinner guests at the Lindesmith home. [Noah is Jack Wood who married Eva in 1927.]
• Rev. Milo Kent spent Friday night at J.I. Lindesmith’s enroute to Ozark county, near the Arkansas line, for the purpose of working in a revival in that country….

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