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Duncan's of Eastern Tennessee

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Duncan Tartan

This profile is a collaborative work-in-progress. Can you contribute information or sources? Duncan's of Eastern Tennessee

This profile is a collaborative work-in-progress. Can you contribute information or sources?

Profile research represents Unknown "Joseph" Duncan (The Elder) (1660) parents Unknown; married Miss Bruce

2019 Under Construction - Consolidated Research Notes

Profiles suffer an array of issues, which may never be resolved, unless new records are uncovered.

The available information seems to indicate that the data is essentially inconclusive and circumstantial due to timeframe locations. Several discrepancies found between the Bios, Family Records, published histories and published court records, which may account for some discrepancies and co-mingled information.

BOTTOM LINE: No Documentation (unless given); Circumstantial Evidence & gut judgement. Re-review of Rockbridge History indicates many Scot=Irish-Ulster Scot came as "Parish" groups arriving first in Pennsylvania and (moving (or boundry changes) to VA, KY etc., ( Presumably these people entered America by the Delaware River)



Too little information available re Duncan for tentative identification on Joseph or his parents. Family stories appear to have co-mingled information with little or no support.

Possibly m 2X + and one wife may have been Polly Burns (or a spouse of theoretical son Joseph b est 1733; reportedly lived 100+ years); [[Duncan-7930|Polly Allison reportedly m Joseph (Son of Joseph Jr. and Ann Shaw (Grandson) Maintain separate "Profiles with "spouse" until can be determined if they should be merged or not. It is Generally accepted that (unknown Miss) Bruce was the Mother and Pollly Burns was the Wife

The Five Elders

Record entries indicate Five men (siblings or children) by the name of Anthony, Andrew, John, Joseph and James Duncan were in Eastern Tennessee before 1800; It is possible that all five men were brothers, but it is also possible that only some of them were related. There is NO PROOF if or how they are related outside of published will records and fragmented bible records. Little has been found about James Duncan, (James may have died).

  • Reportedly, all descend from Joseph m. Bruce. (This statement (if true) makes it likely that James m Boyd is probably related to Joseph and Bruce)

Joseph (b1660) (married Ms. Bruce / Presumably his Son Joseph (b 1733) married Polly Burns)

Duncan & Bruce

Unknown first name "presumed to be Joseph" Duncan m Miss Bruce [1] parents Unknown

(Birth Estimate - about 1660-1670. Reportedly from Northern Ireland (unproven); but possibly born Lancaster PA. (Duncan & Bruce are typically Scottish Surnames)
Marriage Estimate - (1680-1690) Presumed Wife Miss Bruce (from PA or MD)
Death Estimate Unknown - Before 1800
Location Estimate - Pennsylvania; Maryland; Scotland or Ireland
  • No information located re possible "Joseph" marriage of Duncan to Bruce / Burns - [1] - No information regarding Miss Bruce and Miss Burns other than Family Stories and FHC Pedigree Files .

No marriages found in Scotland's People - No IGI reference to Bruce - No early Irish Marriage located at https://www.irishancestors.ie/search/marriage/index.php or Fáilte Romhat (Hayes genealogy) which captured “selected Irish Marriages 1600-1900”; [https://registers.nli.ie/parishes?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q= Irish Catholic Parish Registers, National Library of Ireland (NLI - not searchable by "name".

  • Two likely Bruce families (of VA) - John Bruce of the Shenandoah John Bruce brought his family to America probably by way of Ireland after 1724. Reportedly John may have lived for some time in southeast Pennsylvania before settling his family in the Winchester (called Frederick Town until 1750) area between 1731-1737 - No proof or references to a Duncan marriage [More Research Required]
  • Alexander Bruce (Montgomery VA) with Allison connection - no spouse/no children identified; Chalkey's Page 289.--13th March, 1770. Alexander Bruce's estate settled, by John Montgomery, administrator--Paid Joseph Montgomery, Walter Stewart, Anthony Bledsoe, John and Andrew Crockett, Wm. Sawyers, Thos. Ramsey, Andrew Lyday. Received from James Allison for improvements and right of entry of land sold Allison. Due the estate from Benj. Rutherford, John Rutherford and Wm. Herbert.

Early records show

1775 Watauga Purchase Book; TN Land Grants (FHL film 1,013,360;

Pg.32, Old Book: Joseph Duncan, on 19 Nov. 1775, obtained a patent from this office for a tract of land on the first Eastern branch of boons Creek about two miles above the mouth of said Creek bounded. . . . corner to the land of John Calliham, William Bean & John Calliham, Wm. Bean, John Russell's land, containing 320 acres, which tract was entered by said Duncan 6 May 1775 who obtained a warrant for surveying the same, a plat of which was returned to this office by the hands of Wm. B. Smith, surveyor


Presumed children of Miss Bruce

Children Birth Estimates 1680-1745[2]

  • Joseph (1733) m Polly Burns (Family Papers of Calvin/Crawford re their son John of Blount) (possibility 2nd marriage to Burns) Reportedly 5 Children (Anthony, John, Joseph, Andrew, and a daughter who married John Allison) (All but John of Blount were "Unproven Burns Children) and the Presumed Elders of Greene Co Tn outlined in Dobson Manuscript)

Other likely Bruce Children:

James Duncan (1690) m Jane Boyd (Same named Children - (Children Anthony, James, Andrew, Joseph) (No Bible or records to support Parent connection - alternate parent possibly a son of James/Ferguson in Lancaster)
[Boyd's son) Anthony to Greene TN -- Bio Text appears to be a match to that of Duncan-4360 as dau Margaret m. Jacob White)
This is The Most Likely Connection to Joseph/Burns vs Contemporary James (1685) m Elizabeth (Chestnut Level parents John & Magdeline Ferguson) (children John, Robert, James and Andrew)
(1680) James Duncan (Proven brother to Andrew Duncan
Marriage Speculation - Reportedly[2] James Duncan m Unknown (presumed to be Nancy Young (No Proof or Support for Nancy Young)
See Andrew Duncan's Will -- brother James apparently died before 1762, leaving minor children James, Joseph and John, (Augusta Co. VA Will Book 3, pg. 245-247) .
James Duncan (1690) m Jane Boyd (possibly a son of James (Same named Children - their son Anthony to Greene TN)) (Children Anthony, James, Andrew, Joseph)

  • (1693) [[Duncan-3385|Robert Duncan m Janet (Leckey)
No information located on Janet Leckey other than IMR; some researchers indicate as Son of Duncan-11482 James Duncan and Elizabeth Strode; (No Robert located as son of Strode); others indicate as James & Elizabeth (son of John and Magdeline Ferguson) -- This is a likely connection (Immigrant Family) - but no records located for Janet Leckey this family; Ancestry.com gives U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 (source does not give date of marriage but does give Robert's year of birth as 1694 and Janet Leckey as Robert's wife) Unsourced Trees not deemed reliable sources if no other supporting evidence to make a connection. File appears to be in error/comingled re children of Leckey (Duncan-5908|John Thomas Duncan and Elenore Sharp appear to be proven Chestnut Level Families)
Most likely parent is James (1680) m Elizabeth vs James m Boyd vs James m Strode
  • Philadelphia Co. PA Wills 1759 (Probably Robert's)

(Sept 3 1759) L-314, #199: 3rd day 9th month 1759, will of Robert Duncan of City of Philadelphia, taylor; to son Joseph household goods; remainder to sons Joseph and John equally, when of age 21; if both sons die in their minority and without issue, estate to poor. Exec. friends Mordecai Yarnel of this City, merchant, and John Jones of Plymouth, Philadelphia Co. Wit. David Bacon, Job Bacon, Alexr. Seaton. Proved 6 Sept. 1759 on oath of David and Job Brown. (FHL film 21,725)

(see [[Yarnell-41|Mordecai Yarnel mar. Jane Duncan in 1792 in Greene Co. TN. (Marshall Duncan Family)

[March, 1796. Buchanan vs. McCutchen. Deed by Alexander Douglas] . . . . .Whereas I Andrew Duncan of Lincoln Co. have authorized and given to James Brownlee, Sr. of Augusta Co. power of Attorney to convey a tract of land on Pine Run which McCutcheon claims by Caveat from Andrew Duncan, heir by law. All the above wives were daus of Andrew Duncan decd., who also left a son Andrew. Andrew Sr.'s widow was Jennet. Andrew Jr. was dead 1791 intestate. Widow Jannet married Wm. McCutchen [4]
  • Anthony Duncan = Proposed Merge - Both Bio's reference "White" connections -- dau Margaret m Jacob White (they had son Abraham b abt 1805) Highly likely both represent same Anthony Duncan (b s/b (1743-1739 Est - will vs 1719) - [https://sites.rootsweb.com/~dobson/book/bookiii.htm#iii6 RW Pension App Greene Co. TN, 25 Oct. 1832 (age 88 = 1744)
Anthony Duncan m Unknown ((1719-1793 Unsourced)
Anthony m Unknown (son of James & Boyd (1743-1739 Est - will 1-195: 20 Feb. 1839)
Greene Co. TN Wills 1828-1854 (FHL film 464,111)

Section II Speculation Joseph (1733) / Polly Burns

There is a great deal of conflicting information surrounding the early Duncans – Many Source-to-Source discrepancies; co-mingling of records, Lack of records; conflicting family stories; number of Duncan’s with the same names, etc. Recent research availability has helped to solidify some of the mis-information; Researchers are encouraged to add sources and re-verify information; making adjustments to profiles as necessary.

Unless sources provided - Relationships are considered Unproven and dates are estimates.

  • As more data becomes available, hopefully the spouses and children can be more clearly defined and relationships s/b adjusted accordingly.

Joseph Duncan m Polly Burns

As the Presumed Son vs 2nd Marriage of Joseph (1660) and Bruce Joseph Duncan (1733) m Polly Burns)

(frequently styled as "the Elder") but is most likely a Son of Joseph and Bruce (vs that of Robert Duncan and Janet (Leckey) Duncan)
Birth Estimate 1725 - 1733
Marriage Estimate 1740 -1753

*Joseph Duncan m Polly Burns (son of Unknown Duncan and Miss Bruce,)

lived in Pennsylvania and/or Maryland ; Married Polly Burns]] [5] [1]
  • The Source used from (IMR) Yates Publishing. U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2004. Original data: This unique collection of records was extracted from a variety of sources including family group sheets and electronic databases. Originally, the information was derived from an array of materials including pedigree charts, family history articles, queries.

(Fact details indicate Joseph Duncan? married Mary Polly Burns in South Carolina. - likely a different "joseph m Burns" no other information or dates given; attached as parents of James m Margaret Johnston (1788 Carlisle PA d. 1838 ); appears to be son of John Duncan and Mary Kelly from the James Duncan and Jean Jane (Boyd) PA family (Edwards-7481 19:27, 19 January 2020 (UTC)) Edwards-7481)

Children Birth Estimates 1740-1770 -- Reportedly this Joseph had five children: Anthony, John, Joseph, Andrew, and a daughter who married John Allison.
All four sons were reportedly soldiers of the Revolutionary War.
  • Anthony and Andrew Duncan had been in Montgomery Co. VA together. The War pension of Anthony - connects the PA to Montgomery Augusta VA references with (estimated births in 1740's timeframe for the children


The Will on Joseph's Profile : 3 SEP 1759 in Rockbridge Co., Virginia Colony. (Appears to be in error - No Will Located this date for Joseph/Burns) (Copy of Will Text Needed to see if it validates Relationships of 5 Children - If in fact 100 yrs + birth would be est 1659 vs 1633 (Questionable (?) Alternate Polly (Mary or Margaret) or if IMR's in error)

  • 1833 Will Reference indicated -- Most likely applies to son of Duncan-3331Anthony Duncan
The 1833 Will shows Joseph/Polly as confirmed son of Anthony vs Robert & Leckey
(Some researchers show Polly may actually be Mary Doty (Polly was a common nickname that era (Margaret/Mary) - [[Doty-889|Doty connections unproven except for RW Pension) TN Marriages confirm Joseph m a Mary Doty)

(More research required re spouses of son Anthony and child Joseph (and/or Multiple Polly's)

Old pg.111, new pg 494: Joseph DUNKEN, decd, Monday 22 April 1833, Min. 17, p. 189. Witnesses Michael Bright Sr. and Jacob White proved will in court.

Joseph DUNKEN of Green Co., TN, 18 Feb. 1833, wife Polly DUNKEN, if she remarries the estate to go to my nearest kindred, that is to say my sisters if liveing, otherwise to legal heirs born of their bodies to be equally divided; also Elisabeth McNeese, wife of Even McNeese, to be taken in with my sisters and considered the same; sets slaves free; my father Anthony DUNKEN haveing contracted & agreed with me for a certain tract of land, which I now possess and live on, which my father by agreement made a will leaving me the land for his support; my wife Polly to take care of him; if she dies or remarries, the land to go to Joseph Smith, my sister's son and grandson of my father; if my wife Polly dies or remaries, my colored man Amon and his family to inherit land I purchased from William Dodd known as Rudolph Boos place; my friends Samuel McNeese and [[McNeese-119|Gravender McNeese executors. Wit. Michael Bright Sr. and Jacob White. Bond posted by Samuel McNeese and Gravender McNeese with Edwin Grubbs and Michael Bright Senr. security.

[http://www.mcneese.name/gedcom/fam01677.htm Elizabeth McNeese as daughter of Anthony m Mary (see also [http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~dobson/va/vascott.htm Scott Co VA 6-329: 1 Sept. 1840, James Duncan and wife Sarah to Elizabeth McNeese, Moses McNeese and William McNeese, for $95, 30 acres on Cove Creek. (FHL film 337,167) compare Greene Co. TN marriage 23 Feb. 1813 of Elizabeth Duncan to Evan McNeese)

Joseph and Burns 5 Children

Children in Washington, Blount and Greene Co. TN. presumed to be those of Joseph Duncan m Polly Burns b 1740's[6] of the 5 Reported children, only John is confirmed with bible records as a son. Without a will document to add support, all others are via unsupported Family Stories and circumstantial support via land/probate records.

  • Confirmed - Duncan-691 John of Blount m Margaret Paul Alexander (Bible) (9 children)
  • Supported *Joseph m (Ann) Shaw in PA[2] (4 children Joseph m Polly (Molly) Allison
Imported profile Joseph m "Molly" vs "Polly" Allison gives parents as Joseph (1750) and Ann Shaw RW Pension S-1809 Pension Application S-1809 Wythe Co VA (Age abt 81 = Birth 1751) executed September 14, 1832 Living in Washington Co TN.

(son of Joseph and Burns references 1860 will naming "Polly" dau of Robert Allison) Allison Wills

Polly may be "Molly Allison" - named as Polly Duncan in 1819 Will of Robert Allison (1-120)

Unsupported/Family Stories/Suspect[2]

  • Andrew (m (Jane Azeriah) Doty) lived/Died in Greene; m age 70; (1 dau m Azariah Doty)[2] (spouse LNAB Unproven)
  • Anthony m Mary [2] (Unproven) presumed son of James/Jean Boyd) (spouse LNAB unproven as Doty) (Most likely son of Joseph & Burns vs James & Boyd)

Joseph/Polly Burns Children Research

  • Daughter who married John Allison (Presumed to be Elizabeth) (no further information) [More Research Necessary


- https://www.werelate.org/wiki/Person:John_Allison_%2828%29
19-148: 10 March 1831, Joshua Hunt to Danl. Bowman Senr, $1500, 167- 1/2 acres, south branch Boones Creek, part of tract granted to Joseph Duncan by patent 10 Nov. 1784, lane between Joseph Melvin and said Hunt, Bowen's line, dividing line between heirs of Henry Bowers and Jacob Ellis, Hosses line. Wit. George Crouch, Jacob Illis?, Danl. Bowman. ( deeded by Duncan to John Melvin 19 Jan. 1789)

6 References to Allison in Washington Co. TN Deeds (FHL film 825,528; page by page)

19-17: 1829, Robt. & Jo. Allison buy & sell land on Boones Creek on line of old tract formerly owned by William Young and now by Saml. Crawford.
20-243: 1834, Josiah Conly married Polly Ann, Robert A. Thompson married Hannah Eliza, both daughters of Robert Allison, Junr. Deed is in reference to division of land and mentions dividing line with Joseph Duncan.

20-566: 23 Nov. 1832, Jane Allison to her daughter Polly Ann Conley and Hannah Eliza Thompson, gift deed, 124 acres Big Limestone, part of land her husband Robert Allison Jr. purchased of Henry Shields and given to her by will of said Robert Allison decd. Witness: Joseph Duncan, Nathan Shipley, David Stuart. Wit. Shipley & Stuart in court 16 March 1836.

James Callison (Two tracts listed consecutively in Chalkley's: - 1) Beverley Patent SW/NW, from William Beverley, 276 acres in "Beverley Manor", corner William Ledgerwood, 2) from William Beverley, 230 acres on "Nutt's Creek" in "Beverley Manor", 28 Feb. 1749), (b. abt. 1722, County Armagh, Ireland, d. bef. 16 Jan. 1789, Augusta County, VA). ]

  • 1. [[Duncan-3331|Anthony Duncan (1743 - 1839) RW pension S-1808 (Parent Discrepancy James/Boyd vs Joseph/Burns)
  • Anthony Duncan, born abt 1743-44 Lancaster Co. PA; married, wife unknown (presumed [[[Doty-910|Mary Doty]]) ; (No Doty Support - a Mary Doty m Anthony's son Joseph Duncan)
served in the Revolutionary War from Augusta Co. VA on the VA Line, and received military invalid pension S-1808 in 1832 at age 88 (=b 1744) for service in American Revolution.
His will dated 20 Feb 1839 [8][9] [10]
  • Contemporary Anthony's See son of James & Jane Boyd James/Boyd (same pension refs - Likely pension ref error or parent error

One Elizabeth Duncan married Aaron Newman on 9 Feb. 1802 in Greene Co. TN, bondsman William Houst Greene Co. TN marriage 23 Feb. 1813 of Elizabeth Duncan to Evan McNeese) (daughter of Anthony and Mary (Doty) confirmed by wills - as sister of Joseph (1833 Will as son of Anthony refers to Joseph & Polly, but Polly may be nickname for Mary Doty (proven marriage -- and a common nickname to timeframe)

Anthony's son Joseph m Mary Doty 02 Dec 1802 - Greene Co TN USGenweb Archives (Dunkin, Joseph Doty, Mary 02 Dec 1802)[11]

[[Duncan-691| John Duncan, born about 1750 (age 82 in 1832) or 1752 (cemetery); married Margaret Paul Alexander in Craigs Fort, French Broad River, on 17 July 1788 (Family Record); died 29 April 1836 in Blount Co. TN. Margaret was born about 1777 Margaret Paul Alexander FAG (daughter of Oliver Alexander and Margaret Paul)

born 1751-1753; (Rev. Pension S-1809); died after 1840. He served in the Revolutionary War from "Wythe Co. VA" (Montgomery & Botetourt Counties in 1774) under Capt. Joseph Crockett. He went to Washington Co. TN by 1778 (tax lists). He collected his pension in Washington Co. TN in 1832. Marriage to Ann Shaw [13] [6] Pension Application S-1809 Wythe Co VA (Age abt 81 = Birth 1751) executed September 14, 1832 Living in Washington Co TN.
  • (See also Duncan-7932 b. 1753; Duncan-11104 appears to be Match - ; Duncan-7929 More Research Needed)

5. James Duncan, was in Montgomery Co. VA on the tax list of 1782 with 1 white pole, 6 horses and 5 cattle ("Montgomery Co. VA Tax List 1782" by Kegley; "1782-1787 VA Taxpayers" by Fothergill). Also in Montgomery Co. VA were Anthony Duncan , Andrew Duncan , and John Duncan (presumed sons of Joseph/Burns)

  • Contemporary/Alternate Possibility James (b.1680) m. Nancy Young
  • Possible Young connection in Washington Co TN (1797-1802)
  • Washington Co. TN Inventory of Estates, Books 00, 1779-1821; 0, 1822-1831; 1, 1826-1843 (FHL film 24,849 items 1-3; typed by WPA, indexed; also FHL film 812,999 original)

00-55 Robert Young's estate, sale Aug. 8, 1797, filed Aug., 1797; Joseph Duncan bought a log chain for $2.24 and a mare for $201. 00-67 Robert Allison's estate; filed May, 1793, appraisers were Andw. Duncan and James Carmicle. 00-94 James Allison's estate, accounting dated 12 Feb. 1818 received by Joseph Duncan for Robert Allison. 00-146 Jno. Young's estate, inventory Nov, 1802, included sale to Abraham Bogart of "one steer" for $3.12. (this may be Young support - more research)


[1] [14] [6] [2]

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    vs McCutcheon March 1796 (lawsuit re Beverly Grant to Andrew Senior) Andrew's (Sr) wife named Jennet. Andrew died in Augusta Co VA (Had son Andrew) died by 1791 intestate Wife remarried William McCutcheon - both Jannet and McCutcheon died by 1791
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  12. presumed married Jane Azeriah "Jennit" DOTY October 1779 Paxtang/Derry Church, Westmoreland, PA
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Mary Ann Duncan Dobson "Duncan Research Files" (Consolidated, sourced and acknowledged); and the many Duncan Researchers that have provided information.
The Genealogy Bug

See Also (partial sourced) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, "Ancestral File," database, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/2:1:9HK3-M9J : accessed 21 August 2019), entry for Joseph DUNCAN Sr. (5NPZ-B7V); submitted by wrphillips2497979 [identity withheld for privacy].

(Sourced) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, "Ancestral File," database, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/2:1:9HK3-MK2 : accessed 28 August 2019), entry for Joseph DUNCAN Jr. (5NPZ-VWR); submitted by wrphillips2497979 [identity withheld for privacy].

(Sourced) World Connect

(Sourced)"Pedigree Resource File," database, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/2:2:3H54-JK9 : accessed 2 September 2019), entry for Evan T /McNeese/, cites sources; "Holly Ashby Hofmann's Family" file (2:2:2:MMD2-HLK), submitted 22 January 2016 by hollynoellehofmann1 [identity withheld for privacy]. and Evan McNeece

(Sourced) McNeese World Connect ; McNeese Family Research

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