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Duncan Association Newletter Vol 4 No 2

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Brief Duncan Data From Files of Mary Ann Dobson


Rice Duncan

Rice Duncan, b. 18 March 1813, d. 17 Oct. 1847 Sullivan Co. TN, wife Ellenor Snapp

"Family Record" from Bible (copy sent 9/19/1978 by Alberta Westby, Arlington Heights, IL (1993 address); see Marion Co. IA and Sullivan Co. TN)
"From a Bible at the home of my aunt (by marriage) Mrs. Eddath Dyer who is in her late 80's. She has 3 or 4 Bibles. This was probably Lucindas, 1 is that of Eliz. Parker Dyer and 1 is that of my grandparents, Peter Aquilla Dyer and Martha Hardin Dyer.
FAMILY RECORD. Births. Aquilla Parker was Born December the 11 in the year - 1793
Lucinda Parker was Born July the 3rd day in the year - 1801 (crossed out) Rosaner Parker was born November the 26th 1830 Rice Duncan Born Mark (sic) the 18 - 1813 Lucinda Emmaline Parker was Born the 16 of November - 1843 Edwin Martial Pearson Born, March the 26 1853 S. V. Duncan. Born October 5th 1840 Deaths. Rice Duncan Departed this life October the 17 - 1847. John Rice Woods Departed This life October the 19 day 1848 Aquila D. Woods Departed this life October the 26 1852 Samuel A. Dyer Departed this life March the 5 1854

Typed copy of letter, typed by Barbara D. Spurgin, Feb. 13, 1975 (from Larry Spurgin, Carlsbad, CA, 4/6/1984; MAD's spacing) (from:) Dr. Geo. R. Duncan, Express Office, Fordtown, TN. Fall Branch, TN, April 16, 1913. (To) Miss Celia Spurgin, Bristol, TN. My dear Miss Spurgin, In answer to your inquiry in regard to the Duncans in this part of the Country I am fearful that I can not give you very much information as my parents both died when I was very young. I know that the Lucy Parker- and your Grand Mother Rosanna Spurgin were Sisters of my Father Rice Duncan and Uncle Horlan. My brother Dr. S.V. Duncan went also to Iowa and settled in Pleasantville - Perhaps if your parents settled near where Aunt Lucy lived that you also knew - my brother out there. He lives in Dallas Texas at the present time. Uncle Horlan died many years ago - & his 2 sons John & Richard went to Kentucky near Glassco. He had 2 daughters. The oldest Fannie married a Hall - they are both dead and their children are scattered. The other one married a Ford. She died but left no children. There were 6 of my family 5 boys & 1 girl. John S. the oldest went to Ill - before the war & was killed in a R.R. wreck about 28 years ago. His widow lives at Bluff City Ill- They have 2 children a boy McClelland who lives some where in Mo. The girl Eleanor married a R.R. man by the name of Burke. I have not heard from them in 2 or 3 years & don't know where they are. The next Dr. S.V. lives at Dallas Texas, only has one child Dr. Miles who also lives in Dallas. William died in the Confederate. Nam (?) married a Ford moved to Texas both are dead. Their children in Dallas Co. Texas. Jos. lives near Brownsboro in this Washington County. His children are all married & scattered. I have 8 children 5 girls & 3 boys. The oldest Dr. O.R. is located at Fordtown in the same Co Bristol is. 2 in Col. 1 in Oregon. 3 girls live at home and 1 married & lives a few miles a way. Your great great grand father on your grand mother Duncan had I think 5 brothers one of located near the place where my son Dr. O.R. is located. His family are all gone from here save one great grand son J.E. Duncan who lives in the neighborhood. One went to what is Madison Co. Tenn. I know nothing of his family. One went to what is now known as Blont Co. He has a great grand at Knoxvile John Duncan & one George at Knoxville, one settled in what is known as Lusbury settlement in this Washington Co. the other one was killed by the Indians & is buried in this Co. near the mouth of Boons-Creek on the Walanger River. They all came to this Country with the old Beans. So I guess I might have the right & pleasure to call you Cousin Celia. If you can I would be pleased to have you visit me & come to Bristol some time and if you remain there any length of time I will hunt you up. With best wishes I am yours most Respt. Geo. R. Duncan You will please look over bad writing as I am 65 years old am sort of an invalid.

Sullivan Co. TN Deeds (SLC before 1979) Deed Book 12, pg.156: 6 March 1838, John Snapp to Rice Duncan and Ellenor H. Duncan his wife daughter of said John Snapp, for love and affection, land on both sides Sinking Creek. No wit. (FHC film 972,709) Deed Book 13, pg.395: 2 Aug. 1843, agreement between John Snapp and Rice Duncan, transfer of personal property from John Snapp to Rice Duncan in return for maintenance of John Snapp and also Nancey during our natural lifetimes, and also Mary G. Baker and Sarah E. Baker to be fed and clothed till they marry or arrive at 18. /s/ John Snapp, Rice Duncan. Wit. B.L. Yoakley, Blake Carlton. Recorded on oaths of wit. (FHC film 972,709) 24-48: 31 May 1870 William Mullinix Clerk of the Chancery Court of Sullivan Co. TN, to George Rice Duncan & Nancy Ford, wife of John Ford, witnesseth that said George R. Duncan, John Ford and wife Nancy and John (sic) G. Duncan had on 27 Aug. 1869, filed their bill in the Chancery Court against Sarah Emaline Barnes widow and the other heirs of John Barnes Jr., decd, and against R.P. Gott, John Yoakley, John Barnes Sen., Jane L. & Wilberforce Wells, Exr. and Exrx. of J.A. Wells, decd, Joseph Birdwell, Samuel V. Duncan and John S. Duncan, setting forth among other things that they, the complainants, were children and heirs at law of Rice & Ellen H. Duncan who had departed this life before the filing of the bill; and further alleged that said Rice & Ellen Duncan were owners of 183 acres in Sullivan Co., which land was charged with the support of one John Snapp and also one Nancy Sullins, and the said Nancy Sullins having in 1858 filed her bill in this court against John Barnes, adm. of sd Rice Duncan & others to enforce her lien for her support, and by Decree of Chancery Court the land was sold, and the cause of Samuel Duncan et al by next found against R.P. Gott, J.N. Wells, et al, which two causes were consolidated and heard together, that the land was firmly sold 7 May 1859 and purchased by John Barnes Jr., now deceased, and whereas complainants G.R. Duncan & others had filed their bill against the widow and heirs of John Barnes Jr., decd, and others, alleging that there was purchase money still due and unpaid, cause finally heard and determined at May term 1870, of Chancery Court, in which final decree it appears that said defendant Sarah E. Barnes, according to an agreement and compromise made between the complainants and defendants, which agreement is made a part of the decree of the court "in the premises was adjudged to be the owner of a portion" of the 183 acres of about 50 acres which is set out by metes and bounds in the decree, and the rest of the 183 acres was divested out of all the parties to the suit and vested in the complainants, Jos. G. Duncan, George R. Duncan and Nancy Ford, the decree further shows that complainant Jos. G. Duncan had sold to George R. Duncan his undivided interest in the remainder of the 183 acres, thus vesting George R. Duncan with 2/3 interest in the remainder of the 183 acres, J. Wm. Mullinix, clerk, is directed to make a deed to the said George Rice Duncan of 2/3 of the remainder of the 183 acres after allowing 50 acres to Sarah E. Barnes, and of 1/3 the remainder to Nancy Ford; said Mullinix grants to George Rice Duncan and Nancy Ford in consideration of the premises to the said George Rice Duncan 2/3 interest and to the said Nancy Ford 1/3 interest to the remaining portion of the 183 acres, on the south side of Holstein River on Sinking Creek, known as part of the farm on which John Barnes lived at the time of his death, ... stone in a road Emaline Barnes corner, thence on G.W. Slaughter's line, ... middle of Sinking Creek, ... John Ford's corner and line, ... Elbert Jacksons line ... John Sproles line ... said G.W. Slaughters line ... widow Barnes corner of a fifty acre tract, ... with her line ..., ... crossing Sinking Creek ... containing 133-3/4 acres, ... accordance with the final decree. "None of said 50 acres tract allotted to Mrs. Sarah Emaline Barnes embraced in this 133-3/4 acres." (FHC film 972,715)

1896 "A Memorial and Biographical Record of Iowa" Vol. II, by The Lewis Publishing Co. (FHC book 977.7 D3m, SLC 9/4/82; also from Alberta Westby 1978) Pg. 624-625: SAMUEL VANCE DUNCAN, a well-known medical practitioner of Pleasantville [Marion Co.], IA, belonging to the Eclectic school, is numbered among the native sons of Tennessee, his birth having occurred in Sullivan county on the 5th of October, 1840. In pioneer days the family became connected with that county, for within its borders at an early period in its history there located Joseph Duncan, the grandfather of our subject, a gentleman of Scotch descent. The Doctor's father, George Rice Duncan, was born and reared there, and, having attained his majority, married Ellen Snapp, daughter of John Snapp. He was of English descent and a native of the Shenandoah valley, of Virginia, whence he removed to Tennessee during pioneer days. In the family of six children, five sons and one daughter, the Doctor was the second in order of birth. Three of this number are still living. All of the brothers were in the Civil war, but they were divided in their allegiance, one being a member of the Union army, while three of the number wore gray. Our subject served in the Seventeenth Iowa Infantry under Colonel John W. Rankin, of Keokuk, Iowa. William served in the battle of Chicamauga with the Confederate forces. Another brother was a surgeon in the Confederate army, and William (sic), who was also in the Southern ranks, died soon after the close of the war. Dr. Duncan of this review spent his childhood days in his Southern home and attended a private school, his time being divided between his studies and farm work until his twentieth year, when, in 1860, he came North, locating in Pleasantville, Iowa. Here ... In April, 1861, he offered his services to the Government, and joined Company G, of the Seventeenth Iowa Infantry, for three years' service. .... In 1868 the Doctor led to the marriage altar Miss Melissa, the eldest daughter of Miles Jordan, .... MAD: Samuel Vance Duncan's brother was George Rice Duncan; Samuel's parents were Rice Duncan and wife Eleanor Snapp; this Rice Duncan was the son of either Rice or Jesse Duncan who were sons of Rice Duncan killed about 1777 while fighting Cherokee Indians during a campaign to the Long Island in the Holston River and his wife Elizabeth Duncom who was provided for on May 8, 1777. (Sources for Rice and Elizabeth: "History of Southwest VA, 1746-1786, Washington Co., 1777-1800" by Summers, pg. 244-5; also "Families and History of Sullivan Co. TN 1779-1992" by Holston Territory Gen. Society, pg.8-9, Pay Rolls of Militia Companies Protecting Fincastle Co. VA, Against the Cherokees, 1776-1777, from Floyd Duncan 11/14/93; "Journal of the House of Delegates, Virginia" for Elizabeth Duncom, May 8, 1777, and June 16, 1777, pg. 49, 78, 79; from Mrs. Alberta Westby). Additional information: Washington Co. TN Deed Books (some from Shirley Harper 6/6/84; some from LDS) Deed Book 6, pg.94: 21 Feb. 1797, Elizabeth Duncan of Washington Co. TN, to Joseph Duncan, Jessy Duncan, Robert Duncan, Rice Duncan, Lyda dun Can, "for the love and good will that she bereth to the sd Joseph Jessy Robert Rice Duncan hath given" land on Wattauga River the south side, beg. at Bussard Hill, running down the Wattauga to the mouth, then down both Holstein and Wattauga "for complyment" including the lines of the survey, "and likewise to my well beloved daughter Lyda Duncan" a negro girl named Milly... Wit. Nathan Shipley, Joseph Brittin. /s/ Elis. (her + mark) Duncan (seal). (FHC film 825,524; also from Bobbie McDowell from Geo. Duncan's notes) Deed Book 12, pg.288: 4 Aug. 1810, Elizabeth Duncan to Ezekiel Wright, $200, land below the mouth of Watauga river, being land laid off for son, Joseph Duncan, and he sold it to Ezekiel Wright, adj. Rice Duncan and Jesse Duncan land. Wit. Richard Warner, Nathan Shipley, George Hail. (FHC film 825,526; from Bobbie McDowell from Geo. Duncan's notes) Deed Book 17, pg.362: 23 Jan. 1822, Joseph Duncan of Blount Co. TN to Joseph Crouch, $400, 100a on south side of Watauga River, part of 300a tract of land granted to Elizabeth Duncan from State of North Carolina, beg. dividing line between Joseph Duncan & Rice Duncan, with dividing line, to stake on old line, original corner, corner to Jesse Duncan, dividing line between Joseph & Rice Duncan, opposite to the house Joseph Duncan lived in, down the river so as to include the half of the spring, excepted out of part conveyed to Rice Duncan. Wit. Wm. Crouch, Henry Frasier, Reuben Crouch. Proved by wit. Oct. 1822. (FHC film 825,527; also from Bobbie McDowell from Geo. Duncan's notes)

Alfred Duncan

Alfred Duncan, b. 1804 TN, lived Sullivan Co. TN, d. ca 1852; wife Margaret married (2nd) John Pickens; brother of Rice Duncan, wife Elenor Snapp 1850 Sullivan Co. TN census: Pg.147, #897, Alfred Duncan 46 TN gunsmith; Margaret 36 TN; Emeline 33, Merriah 22, Madison 19, Jno. 15, Edmon 12, Alfred 10, Samuel 7 TN

1860 Sullivan Co. TN census, District 5, P.O. Blountville: Pg.45, #533-533 Margaret Pickens 50 TN school teacher $500-$25; Eliza Duncan 8 TN; Elizabeth Pickens 5 MO

Sullivan Co. TN Deeds (SLC before 1979) Deed Book 18, pg.328: 20 Nov. 1854, agreement between John Pickens and Margaret Duncan, both of Sullivan Co., that John Pickens for love and good will he has for said Margaret Duncan, to take her child and feed and clothe it and assist in raising it and is to treat said child in all respects as a father; and John Pickens agrees not to have anything to do with any part or portion of property or money that may fall to said child from the estate of Alfred Duncan, decd; and John Pickens not to have anything to do with property or money said Margaret Duncan may have on hand. /s/ John Pickens, Margaret Duncan. Wit. John A. Viars, Micajah B. Hale. Personally appeared 3 Sept. 1855 John Pickens and Margaret Duncan now Margaret Pickens, and acknowledged the agreement. (FHC film 972,711) Deed Book 19, pg.238: 13 Feb. 1857, John P. Duncan to Elmira M. Pearce, both Sullivan Co., $200, 1/2 dower interest of Margaret Duncan, widow of Alfred Duncan, decd, to land owned by Alfred Duncan on south side of Holston River; dower laid off to Margaret Duncan after the death of her husband Alfred, then conveyed by Margaret Duncan to Madison and John P. Duncan ... I, John P. Duncan, sell to Elmira M. Pearce my half of aforesaid dower. Wit. M.M. Duncan, Thomas Light. (FHC film 972,712) Deed Book 19, pg.241: 19 Feb. 1856, D.B. Wexler and wife Elizabeth Wexler formerly Duncan, and Elmira M. Pearce, formerly Elmira M. Duncan, sell to M.M. and J.P. Duncan our distributive share of two tracts of land of Alfred Duncan, decd, 250 acres. Wit. Wm. Galloway, Margaret Slaughter. Deed Book 19, pg.241: 30 June 1857, Benjamin Birdwell and wife Lydia, formerly Lydia Duncan, to M.M. and J.P. Duncan (similar to 19-241 above). Deed Book 20, pg.560: 5 Oct. 1859, Edmund B. Duncan to J.P. and M.M. Duncan for $300, my interest, being a child's part, in two tracts of land (same as earlier). Wit. R.P. Chase, Mahlon Ritter. (FHC film 972,712) Deed Book 20, pg.562: 8 Jan. 1862, Matison (sic) M. Duncan to John P. Duncan, my interest (same as earlier). Wit. R.P. Chase, Mahlon Ritter. Deed Book 24, pg.515: 21 Dec. 1869, Samuel D. Duncan to J.P. & M.M. Duncan, $200, a child's part of 250 acres (Alfred Duncan's land). Wit. Mahlon Ritter, J.P. Chase. (FHC film 972,714) Deed Book 24, pg.516: 11 Jan. 1870, partition of land descended from Alfred Duncan and by deed from Lydia A. Birdwell, Elizabeth G. Wexler, Elmiry M. Pearce, E.B. Duncan, S.D. Duncan, A.L. Duncan, and Eliza G. Duncan; we M.M. Duncan and John P. Duncan, hold title in land (200 acres and 50 acres), have made partition of land .... Deed Book 24, pg.517: 31 March 1871, A.L. Duncan to J.P. & M.M. Duncan, a child's part ... interest in 250 acres. Deed Book 25, pg.363: 7 Aug. 1873, legal document that one of the guardians of Eliza Duncan, one of heirs of Alfred Duncan decd, filed petition in 1857 asking for sale of her interest in 250 acres, this is to replace lost deed ... to Madison M. Duncan. (FHC film 972,715)

Matthew Duncan

Matthew Duncan, b.1777 IRE, to Westmoreland Co. PA, then ca 1808 to Coshocton Co. OH; 2nd wife Diana Butler

1881 "History of Coshocton Co. OH, Its Past and Present 1740-1881" by Hill (FHC book 977.165 H2hi; SLC 8/29/88) Pg.463: Adams Twp. Early settlers ... Nathan Evans from near Baltimore, MD, about 1818 located the northwest quarter of Sec. 3; Samuel Duncan, a brother to Matthew Duncan, of New Castle twp, the southwest quarter of section 5. He here ran a little fulling machine. His death resulted from the kick of a horse. Pg.569: Matthew Duncan, from Westmoreland Co. PA, emigrated about 1808 to the southwestern part of the Giffen section, on the place now owned by Mr. L. Lawrence. He distinguished himself in early times by building a large store house, the first of the kind erected in the township. Pg.653: James Cochran, Jefferson Twp, born in East Union, Coshocton Co. OH, Dec. 4, 1838, son of Caleb and Anna (Duncan) Cochran, and grandson of William Cochran and Matthew Duncan. His grandfather, Duncan, came to America at 12 years of age, and settled in Maryland. His father was born February 5, 1806; died September 28, 1877. His mother was born Feb. 29, 1812, in New Castle Twp. ...

Coshocton Co. OH Will Records, Court of Common Pleas (FHC film 894,326; SLC 8/29/88) Vol.1, pg.336: 17 Aug. 1822, letters of admin. granted to Elizabeth Duncan on estate of Samuel Duncan, bond Matthew Duncan & John Scott. Vol.1, pg.391: Appraisement of estate of Samuel Duncan; $100.62-1/2; list of debts taken from the books of Samuel Duncan, $92.05-1/2. Vol.C, (missed page number): 27 April 1833, final settlement; credit for 1/2 of Fulling machine recovered by Mathew Duncan in a suit in chancery; includes cash paid by Matthew Duncan, Caleb Farquah for fulling, cash paid in land office, receipts from many people. No heirs shown. (MAD: 1820 Coshocton Co. OH census, Perry Twp, pg.27, Samuel Duncan, 100010 - 10010) (MAD: one Elizabeth Duncan married John Mains on 10 April 1823 in Coshocton Co. OH; she may be daughter of Mathew Duncan or widow of Samuel Duncan.)

Coshocton Co. OH Deeds (SLC 8/29/88) Deed Book 1, pg.121: 14 Aug. 1813, Robert Giffin and wife Netty of Coshocton Co. OH to Mathew Dunkin of same, $900, Sec. 33, Range 9 Twp 6, 300a. Wit. Stephen Merydith, J.W. Pignian?. (FHC film 895,705) (MAD: 1820 Coshocton Co. OH census, Newcastle Twp, pg.25, Mathew Duncan, 120001 - 12110) Deed Book 7, pg.246: 28 Sept. 1833, Matthew Duncan and wife Catharine of Coshocton Co. OH to Robert Lockard of same, $500, N 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec. 5, Twp 8, Range 8, 80a. Wit. French M. Thornhill, Jesse Criswell. (FHC film 895,708) (MAD: 1830 Coshocton Co. OH census, Newcastle Twp, pg.49, Mathew Duncan, 0001,1001 - 0012,001; marriages in Coshocton Co. OH for Isabela Duncan to Thomas Tipton on 1 Sept. 1835 and for Jane Duncan to James Farquhar on 3 Dec. 1837) Deed Book 13, pg.400: 22 March 1839, Matthew Duncan and wife Diana to Soloman Tipton, both Coshocton Co. OH, $100, lot 12 in New Castle, formerly known as West Liberty. Wit. Josiah L. Hill (JP), David C. Zimmerman. (FHC film 895,711) (MAD: 1840 Coshocton Co. OH census, New Castle Twp, pg.324, John Duncan, 0010,1 - 2200,01; Mathew Duncan, 0000,1000,1 - 0010,001. 1850 Coshocton Co. OH census, Newcastle Twp, pg.12, #155, Mathew Duncan 73 IRE (no occupation) $5030, Diana 51 MD, Elizabeth Butler 23 OH. Coshocton Co. OH marriage of Matthew Duncan to Dinah Butler, 25 Feb. 1835) (MAD: 1850 Coshocton Co. OH census, New Castle Twp, pg.13, #163, John Duncan 41 PA butcher, Ann 41 MD; Mary J. 17, Amanda C. 15, Phebe S. 12, Eleanor 10 OH; Henry Smith 9 OH, Alexander Moris/Maris 23 OH carpenter; Coshocton Co. OH marriage of John Duncan to Anne Farquher, 10 Aug. 1830.) (MAD: 1850 Coshocton Co. OH census, Bedford Twp, pg.27, #162, Mathew Duncan 30 OH farmer $1000, Cordelia 22 OH; Samuel 2, Mary E. 3/12 OH; Mary J. 27, Josephine 2 OH. Coshocton Co. OH marriage of Mathew Duncan to C. Severns, 31 Dec. 1846.)

Samuel Duncan

Samuel Duncan, d. by 1820; had son Amos Duncan; had land in St.Louis Co. MO (have not identified this family otherwise)

St. Louis, MO, Deeds (SLC 8/25/88 & 9/15-20/89) Deed Book 2, pg.489, #831: 23 March 1801, in the town of St. Louis in Illinois, before a Notary Public; wit. Joseph Hortis, and Juan Laffillard, appeared Samuel Duncan, father, and Amos Duncan, his son, inhabitants of this jurisdiction, who have agreed: that Samuel Duncan holds a farm containing 10 arpens of land front by about 240 deep on south bounded by land of Huff, north by his son Amos Duncan, this latter containing 8 arpens front with the same depth as that of his father, on the north bounded by William Girthch/Birthch, and the contracting parties, father and son, for their convenience and particular labor, each one requires that of the other, Samuel Duncan, the father, agrees to give Amos Duncan, his son, the former 10 arpens of land adj. Huff, in exchange for the 6 (sic) arpens which belong to his aforesaid son, to the line bounded north by Huff; with no other advantage. (FHC film 466,345) Deed Book L, pg.107: 8 Sept. 1820, Amos Duncan to Josiah H. Bell and Aaron Hanscom, both of parish of Natchitoches, LA, $550, 240 arpens in St. Louis Co. MO about 8 miles above town of St. Louis on Mississippi River on east; Lawrence Hoof on south on land granted by Spanish government to Samuel Duncan in 1796 and surveyed and recorded in 1797 and conveyed in 1801 by Samuel Duncan to said Amos Duncan in exchange for adj. tract of land granted by Spanish government to Amos Duncan in 1796 and surveyed and recorded in 1797. No wife. Wit. Sam Shibler, Edward Love. Rec. by Notary Public in Natchitoches Parish LA 10 May 1822. (FHC film 529,943) Deed Book L, pg.108: 8 Sept. 1820, Amos Duncan, heir and representative of Samuel Duncan decd, to Josiah H. Bell and Aaron Hanscom, $550, (the other land). Same wit.

Matthew Duncan

Matthew Duncan, d. ca 1807, of Philadelphia Co. PA; son of Isaac and Margaret Duncan; married 2nd Letitia Buyers who moved to St.Louis Co. MO.

"Colonial Families in the US" by Mackenzie (from Evelyn Sigler 3/22/83) Pg.345. McKim Family from Ireland to America 1734; to Philadelphia; to DEL. John McKim, b. 5 Feb. 1742, m. Margaret Duncan, dau. of Isaac and Margaret Duncan of Philadelphia PA. Pg.545. Veazey Family. George Ross Veazey, Baltimore MD, b. 17 Jan. 1820, d. 12 Sept. 1856 in Baltimore; m. 16 May 1850 Eliza Duncan, b. 6 March 1824, d. 2 Jan. 1870. She was dau. of Rev. John Mason Duncan, minister of the Associate Reformed Church at Baltimore, and his wife, Eliza McKim. Granddau. of Capt. Matthew Duncan of Philadelphia and of John McKim. Gr-granddau. of Rev. John Mason, minister of Cedar St. Pres. Church, New York. Additional information on the family of Rev. John Mason Duncan: 1850 Baltimore Co. MD, Ward 10, pg.62, #76-81, John M. Duncan 61 PA assoc. ref. minister $30000, Mrs. Jno. M. Duncan 54 MD; J. McKim Duncan 32 MD lawyer, Helen 30, Eliza 27, Margt. 26, Emily 23, Jane 13 MD; Mary Hamilton 30 IRE; & 3 black servants 1860 Baltimore Co. MD, Ward 11, pg.495, #372-381, Eliza Duncan 58 MD (blank) $15,000-$1,000, Helen H. 39 MD; Eliza Veazey 37 MD, Duncan (m) 9, George 8, Parker (m) 6 MD; Margaret Duncan 34, Emily F. 32, Jane McK. 22 MD; Richard 6, Mason (m) 8 PA; Ellen Anthony 14 MD MULATTO "Baltimore Co. MD Wills, Books 21-23" by Burns: Will Book 22, pg.182: Duncan, Annie T., 9 Feb. 1848; legatees: father and mother to receive estate left by grandfather and Aunt Timothy. Wit. Eliza Duncan and Margaret McKim Duncan. 2 March 1848. (FHC book 975.271 S2b; SLC 3/2/92) 1891 "History of Vigo Co. IN with Biographical Selections" by Bradsby (FHC book 934,921 item 4; SLC 9/83, 9/18/91, 2/25/92) Pg.740-2: John Mason Duncan, president of Coates College; among distinguished educators of Terre Haute; lineal descendant of the most noted of Scotchmen, John Knox, the rugged old Presbyterian, and also of Ralph Erskine. His given name is from his granduncle, Rev. John M. Mason, D.D., LL.D., perhaps the most noted American pulpit orator of his day. The parents of Prof. Duncan were Richard and Roselle (Lafayette) Duncan, latter of whom was a grandniece of Marquis de Lafayette. The mother was a native of Paris, France, and the father of Baltimore, where the son was born April 20, 1858. Richard Duncan, the father, died in Oct. 1855, leaving two children, of whom our subject is the elder; the mother died in Oct. 1858. John Mason Duncan was reared in his native city to the age of 12 years, ... made president of Coates College for Women, Aug. 20, 1888. John Mason Duncan and Rebecca Duffield, of McConnellsburgh, PA, were married Sept. 28, 1881. She was the niece of the eminent divine, Rev. Dr. John T. Duffield, professor of mathematics in the College of New Jersey. Of this union there is one child, Duffield Knox, a bright-faced little boy of six summers. The wife and mother died Feb. 28, 1885, and on June 20, 1887, Duncan and Sarah McCleave of Cumberland, MD, were married. She is the daughter of Judge Robert H. McCleave of that place ... and Sarah Hall, both parents natives of VA and of Scotch-Irish descent. (have copy)

"American Biography, a New Cyclopedia" (spine title: "Encyclopedia of American Biography") Old Series, pub. by American Historical Society (FHC book 973 D36e; SLC 9/18/93) Vol.27, 1926, p.254: (The Veazey line) ... George Ross Veazey, son of Dr. John Thomson and Sarah (Ward) Veazey, was born Jan. 17, 1820, and died Sept. 12, 1856; he was an attorney-at-law in Baltimore, MD. He married, in 1850, Eliza McKim Duncan, who was born in 1824 and died in 1870. Their children: 1. Duncan Veazey. born Feb. 16, 1851 in Baltimore, MD, married Nov. 24, 1880 at St. Stephen's Church, Sassafras, Cecil Co., to Annie Veazey Knight, born July 6, 1850 at Essex Lodge, Cecil Co., who died Aug. 31, 1925 ...; 2. George Ross, born in 1852, died in 1871; 3. Isaac Parker, born in 1854, died in 1919; 4. McKim, died in infancy. (The Duncan Line). Isaac Duncan, who was born in 1718, and died in 1770, came from Scotland in 1767, and settled in Philadelphia; he married Margaret, surname unknown. Captain Matthew Duncan, son of Isaac and Margaret Duncan, was born in 1750, and died in 1807; he was a soldier of the American Revolution. He married Helena Mason, dau. of Rev. John Mason, minister of the Cedar Street Presbyterian Church, New York City, a descendant of Cornelius Barentse Van Wyck. Rev. John M. Duncan, son of Matthew and Helena (Mason) Duncan, was born in 1790 and died in 1851; he was a clergyman of the Associate Reformed Church, in Baltimore, MD. He married Eliza McKim, dau. of John McKim Jr., of Baltimore. Their dau. Eliza McKim Duncan married as above, George Ross Veazey, and they were the parents of Duncan Veazey of this review.

"PA Gen. & Hist." Nov. 1988, #6; "The Cumberland Valley: Cradle of the Scotch-Irish in America" by Reid W. Stewart (from Florence Dyess 11/27/88) Pgs.23-27: Voyage to the New World. The voyage to the New World was a perilous one. Overcrowding caused not only distress to the passeengers, but fostered disease. It was not unheard of for rations to be scarce or even to run out. Margaret Duncan, who later gave funds to build the "Vow" Associate Reformed Church in Philadelphia, had been chosen by lot to become the victim for the next day when all the rations were gone, but fortunately for her, land was sighted the next morning. As a vow of thanks, she promised to build a church which she fulfilled. Storms and shipwrecks were also misfortunes, and even piracy was not unheard of. Dispite all the problems of passage, an unending flow of humanity boarded ships in Ireland to come to America. The trip was not easy, but these Scotch-Irish were accustomed to life being a struggle. ... (MAD: general dates were 1750 to 1775.)

Philadelphia Co. PA Wills (SLC 9/25/86) Will Book 1, pg.26 to 34, #110: 5 Dec. 1801, will of Margaret Duncan of City of Phila., widow, (lots of religious terms). To my son Matthew Duncan and his heirs in trust, my lot of ground on the NW corner of Market & 13th ... from Delaware in the said City of Phila., 25 feet wide on the north side of Market Street and 105 feet deep on 13th Street. To my grandson John Mason Duncan eldest son of my son Matthew, a lot on north side of Market Street adj. last mentioned lot, 25 feet wide on Market St. and 105 feet deep. To my grandson David Telfair Duncan 2nd son of my son Matthew, lot adj. last mentioned, 180 feet deep to a 20 ft. alley. Remaining land on NW corner of Market & 13th St., 25 feet by 50 feet, to my executors in trust to build a good brick church and stone cellar (describes church size, windows, etc.) for a congregation reformed Synod to which the Reverend Robert Annar's church in Spruce Street belongs. To my son Matthew and his heirs in trust another lot of ground (bottom of page dark). To my granddau. Ann Timothy dau. of my daughter Elizabeth Telfair decd, lot on South side of Market St. adj. last mentioned lot, during life, then to her (Ann Timothy's) son David Telfair, unless when she dies, she does not have any son living called David Telfair, then at her death to her eldest son. To the said Ann Timothy 500 lbs to build a house on the lot. To my son Matthew Duncan in trust for my grandchildren Robert Pryor Duncan and Margaret Duncan, children of my son Isaac decd until they arrive at age of maturity, that is, Robert to 21 and Margaret to 18, lot on southwest corner of Market and 13th St., remembering that the 25 feet nearest to Market St. is to go to grandson Robert; if either of these grandchildren die before age of maturity or without issue, then the whole to go to the survivor; if both die, then the lot to be divided between by great-grandson Isaac Telfair McKim, son of my granddau. Margaret McKim, and Isbella Bailey, dau. of my dau. Mary Ann Bailey. To my dau. Mary Ann Bailey, lot on west side of 13th St. adj. last mentioned lot during her life, then to my grandchildren Isaac, James, Henry and Elizabeth, children of my dau. Mary Ann. To my granddaus. Esther Bailey, dau. of (two more words interlined and too dark to read), Mary Ann her heirs a lot on West end of last mentioned. To my grandson Isaac McKim, son of my dau. Margaret, lot of ground adj. a lot purchased by Thomas Leiper at public sale of city lots in 1787, on the public square. To my grandson William McKim son of my dau. Margaret, a lot of ground adj. last mentioned, on public square. To my granddau. Margaret Bailey, dau. of my dau. Mary Ann, a lot adj. last mentioned on the public square. To my son Matthew Duncan in trust for such of the children of said Matthew Duncan as he shall name his heirs, a lot on Shippen Street in Dist. of Southwark between 3rd & 4th streets from Delaware, adj. a lot of ground set apart for a family burying place, adj. a frame house and lot now belonging to Isaac McKim subject to a yearly rent charge or sum of 4 lbs 4 shillings per annum. To my son Matthew Duncan in trust for my grandson Robert Pryor Duncan, son of my son Isaac deceased, lot on Shippen St. (same terms if Robert dies, then Margaret gets it). To my dau. Mary Ann a lot on Shippen St. subject to rent. To my dau. Mary Ann Bailey for life a lot of ground on Shippen St., then to grandson David Telfair son of my dau. Mary Ann Bailey. To my great granddaus. Elizabeth Holliday and Sarah Holliday, daus. of my granddau. Ann Holliday decd., a brick messuage or tenement adj. aforesaid Bake house on last mentioned lot. To my son Matthew Duncan in trust for the childrean of Matthew, 3 frame houses adj. aforesaid. To my great granddau. Ann Holiday, dau. of my granddau. Ann Holiday decd, a tenement adj. the burial ground. To Sarah Carson Mantua?, maker dau. of James Carson Taylor decd, a brick house. To son Matthew Duncan in trust etc. a tenement. To granddau. Margaret McKim dau. of my dau. Elizabeth Telfair decd, lot on Christian Street in Dist. of Southwark between 2nd & 3rd streets from Delaware, during life and then to her (Margaret McKim's) son David Telfair. To granddau. Margaret Holliday, dau. of my son Robert Duncan decd, lot adj. last mentioned. To my grandson William Bailey, son of my dau. Mary Ann, lot on Christian Street adj. last mentioned. To my son Matthew Duncan in trust a lot on Christian Street; any buildings to be erected on any of these lots shall belong to the lots. To my son Matthew Duncan in trust land in Northumberland (bottom line too dark to read). To my son Matthew Duncan in trust a tract of land in Northumberland Co. called Hemarte? Ferver? 300a per patent. To my son Matthew Duncan land now occupied by John Davidson in Northumberland Co., 168a by patent. To my son Matthew land in Northumberland now occupied by Jacob Seix? 221a not yet patented. To my grandsons Isaac McKim and William McKim, sons of my dau. Margaret McKim decd, 4 tracts of land in Lycoming Co. called Venice, Valona, ??itby (tape on margin), and Warwick, containing 1180a per deeds and patents. To my grandson David Telfair Duncan son of my son Matthew Duncan, land in Lycoming Co. called Lough Darrach, 476a by deed and patent. To my son Matthew Duncan in trust two tracts in Lycoming Co. called Duncans Palace and Edenburgh, 653a per patents. To my grandson John Mason Duncan, son of my son Matthew, land in Lycoming Co. called Dublin, 178-1/4a per patent. To my son Matthew Duncan lot of ground in town and county of Northumberland Lot #47. To my grandson Isaac Bailey son of my dau. Mary Ann Bailey, lot in town & county of Northumberland #280. To my grandchildren Isabella Bailey and Ann Bailey, ch. of my dau. Mary Ann Bailey, lot in Sunbury #27. To my grandson William Bailey, son of my dau. Mary Ann Bailey, lot in Sunbury #152. To my son Matthew Duncan lot in Northumberland #116. To my grandson David Telfair Duncan, son of my son Matthew Duncan, land in Luzerne Co. I purchased from John Disk about one mile below the mouth of Teagu?, 253a not yet patented. If any of my above property shall be sold before I die, it does not affect the other bequests. Remainder of estate, including two tracts in Centre Co., one tract in Dauphin Co. and any bonds that may be due me when I die, to be sold to pay debts. To my granddau. Ann Timothy 500 lbs to erect a building. I discharge my children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren and my son or sons in law from payment of any bonds, etc. Appoint son Matthew Duncan and son in law William Bailey as executors. Wit. Peter Lohra, Silas E. Writ?, Jas. Humphreys Jr. Rec. Dec. 1, 1820. (FHC film 21,731) Will Book 2, pg.87, #29: Matthew Duncan, 1807 - pages missing from book. (FHC film 21,732)

"PA Vital Statistics" (from June Ricketts 1/28/86, no date given) "Phila Weekly Register": At Sunbury, PA, Mr. Matthew Duncan to Miss Laetitia Buyers, dau. of J. Buyers, Esq., of Sunbury.

Northumberland Co. PA Deeds (SLC 8/27/88) Deed Book U, pg.532: 3 Jan. 1822, Letitia Duncan of City of Philadelphia, widow, to Sarah Buyers of Borough of Sunbury, Northumberland Co., $1000, interest in lands and estate of which John Buyors late of Sunbury, Esq., died ... my father the said John Buyers. Wit. H. Donnel, Michael Quin. (FHC film 961,202) Deed Book W, pg.267: 29 Dec. 1827, Latitia Duncan of town of Sunbury, Northumberland Co. PA, to William Ellis and Adam Schyler of Northumberland Co. PA, by power of attorney from Thomas Duncan and William F. Duncan, devisees of Mathew Duncan decd, sell interest of Thomas C. (sic) Duncan and William F. Duncan and also all rights said Laetitia has to land in Turbut Twp, Northumberland Co., "(perhaps a part may be situated in Columbia Co.)", 10a, including in survey held by John Buyers decd, and the same which Geo. P. Buyers and Sarah Buyers, lawful heirs of John Buyers, decd, conveyed to William Ellis and Adam Schuyler afsd, but it appearing that the oldest survey was in the name of Mr. (sic) Duncan; for $40. (FHC film 961,203)

St.Louis, MO, Deeds (SLC 8/25-26/88 & 9/15-20/89) Deed Book R, pg.534: 13 Dec. 1831, James S. Lyle and wife Elizabeth to Letitia Duncan, all City and Co. of St. Louis, MO, $600, lot in St. Louis; mortgage; he owes Letitia (her) $600. (FHC film 529,946) Deed Book E3, pg.281: 9 April 1842, Laetitia Duncan to Thomas O. Duncan, both City and County of St. Louis, for $5, for love to her son; land in trust; life estate for use of Laetitia Duncan, then to Thomas O. Duncan for his natural life; then rents etc. to be paid to Jane E. Duncan, wife of Thomas O. Duncan for her life; then in trust to Laetitia Duncan, Phebe Maddock Duncan, Caroline Jane Duncan and Sarah Della Duncan, living daus. of said Thomas O. Duncan and such other daus. of said Thomas O.Duncan who may hereinafter be born in lawful wedlock to their heirs respectively in case a dau. dies, her share to the survivor. Thomas may sell land at his discretion. (FHC film 531,561)

Jesse Duncan

Jesse Duncan, d. 1818 Hopkins Co. KY; son Robert Duncan to St.Louis Co. MO, d. by 1843

Hopkins Co. KY Will (FHC film 554,882; SLC 8/24/82) Will Book 1, pg.313: 9 Sept. 1818, Jesse Duncan of Hopkins Co. KY, sick and low state of health; to sons Coleman and James the tract of land on which I now live to be equally divided between them; also to said Coleman one horse, one bed and 3 negroes Joseph, Shadrach & Milly; also to said James one bed and 2 negroes Siomon? and Gilburd. To daughter Jane 1 negro woman Siller? and her increase during life of said Jane and said Silla and her children to be equally divided between the daughters of said Jane at her death. To daughter Polly two beds ? one horse and 2 negroes Nancy and Abraham and their increase during the life of said Polly and at her death the said negroes to my son Coleman, but in case Polly should marry and have children, the said negroes Nancy & Abraham to Polly during her life and then equally divided among her children. To my son William $500 to be paid to him in a waggon and horse and if said waggon and horse should not amount to the $500 the balance is to be paid to him by my executor at the expiration of 3 years. To my sons John, Jesse and Robert 3 negro fellows Winston, Jonathan and Jere, if they can agree on the division of said negroes, I wish them to do so but if they cannot said negroes are to be sold and the proceeds of sale to be equally divided between them at the expiration of three years which time my son? R? cost? is to take charge of same ... and keep them hired out for the purpose of raising money to pay my debts. I wish all my personal property be sold and the proceeds applied to the payment of my debts. Appoint son Robert sole executor and request him to give my sons Coleman and James as much money as will be necessary to start them in their business out of the proceeds of the sale and the hire of the negroes. Wit. William Metcalfe, Alexr. Miller, Henry Miller. Recorded Dec. Court 1818 on oath of Alexander Miller and Henry Miller.

Hopkins Co. KY Deeds (SLC 1/9/88) Deed Book 1, pg.354: 12 Feb. 1816, Collin Carter of Lincoln Co. KY by William Gordon his attorney, to Jesse Duncan of Hopkins Co. KY, $500, 300a on Cainey Fork of Tradewater, corner Metcalfe, Alexander Miller. No wit. (FHC film 551,682) Deed Book 7, pg.143: 3 June 1834, Coleman Duncan of Hopkins Co. KY to James Duncan of town of Galena [Jo Daviess Co.], IL, for $100 which was paid in discharge of a mortgage given by said Coleman Duncan in 1832 to Benjamin Warren?? for restitution? of debts; Coleman conveys to James Duncan interest in land supposed to contain between 150 and 200 acres, being Coleman's undivided half part of land in Hopkins Co. devised by Jesse Duncan, father of said Coleman & James Duncan, and by the will supposed to contain 300a; the intent hereof being to convey Coleman's half of the land to James. No wife, no wit. (FHC film 555,290) Additional information: 1830 Hopkins Co. KY census, pg.47, Coleman Duncan, 0000,11 - 0; may be the same person as 1836 Dubuque Co. IA Territorial Census, pg.44, Coleman Duncan, 3 males over 21, no females; not identified later.

1899 "Encyclopedia of the History of St.Louis [MO]" by Hyde & Conard (FHC book 977.865/S1 H2h; SLC 2/25/92) Vol.1, Pg.617: "Duncan's Island" -- Early in the present century a low sand-bank extended from the foot of Market Street to the south-western extremity of the village of St.Louis. A slight elevation at the lower end of this bank, which was covered with bushes, insulated by the actio of the river, developed in time into a well-defined island, which, up to about the year 1830, kept increasing by accretions. Robert Duncan, or, as he was called, "Old Bob" Duncan, built a cabin on the island to insure a pre-emption claim, and this gave to it the name "Duncan's Island." David Adams, a renowned hunter, mentioned by Captain Bonneville in the journal of his adventures and explorations in the Rocky Mountains, lived on the island at a later date, and died there not many years since. The portion of the island not washed away has been absorbed in the mainland on the Illinois side. (have copy)

St.Louis, MO, Deeds (SLC 8/25/88 & 9/20/89) Deed Book L, pg.350 1 Nov. 1822, Robert Duncan for love I bear to Jonathan, a black man, who descended to me as part of my portion of estate of my deceased father Jesse Duncan who purchased him and his mother Rachel and his two brothers Wiston and Kildere from Samuel Craigs by bill of sale 18 Feb. 1795, and for faithful service, emancipation. Wit. J.V. Garner, Josiah Spalding, John K. Walker, A. Gray, Joshua Barton. (FHC film 529,943) Deed Book C3, pg.80: Whereas Robert Duncan, late of St. Louis Co. MO, died owning land, 90 arpens & 19/100, western part of tract, in part of prairie near town of St. Louis called the Cul de Sac on the waters of Chouteau's Mill Creek, deeded from David Musick to Robert Duncan 19 Jan. 1820; land divided by commissioners between ... and Robert Duncan April 1838; deed from William Duncan of Hopkins Co. KY 24 May 1843 to James Clemins Jr., the undivided 1/5 part allotted to Robert Duncan. Signature of William Duncan proven on oath 24 May 1843 of Benjamin Duncan and Harrison Duncan of Henry Co. MO. (FHC film 531,560) Deed Book C3, pg.81: Whereas Robert Duncan, late of St. Louis Co. MO, died owning land; being the same tract held under Joseph Motard and confirmed to Calvin Adams by Motard; survey made for representatives of James Mackay; division of land between Benj. W. Ayres, Enock C. March, Elias T. Langham, Joab Toney, Charles Mullikin and Zachariah Wilson's heirs, and Robert Duncan; 189.81 arpens of/and undivided tract of 90.19 arpens; now 24 May 1843 Benjamin (+) Duncan of Henry Co. MO deed to James Clemens Jr. of City of St. Louis, $156, undivided 1/5 part. Rec. on oath of William Duncan of Hopkins Co. KY "near Maddisonville, KY." Deed Book I3, pg.118: Robert Duncan, late of City and Co. of St. Louis MO, owned real estate; lot in city purchased from Therese, widow of Jacques Moise, 14 March 1817, deed F-203; and lot from David Adams and wife Elizabeth and James Adams and wife Deliet, 5 March 1832; and lot in Block 39 from Tousaint Racine and wife Julia; and lot in block 46 from Hezekiah Wright and wife, 14 Oct. 1831; now 24 May 1844 deed from William Duncan of Hopkins Co. KY to James Coleman Jr. of City of St. Louis, MO, $522, undivided 1/5 part. William Duncan appeared in St. Louis to rec. deed. (FHC film 531,563) Deed Book Q3, pg.170: (blank day) April 1845, James Duncan and John Duncan of Madison Co. IL appoint Samuel Willi of City and Co. of St. Louis MO, attorney; undivided 2/5ths land and lots of Robert Duncan. They appeared 16 April 1845 in St.Louis. (MAD: James Duncan of Jo Daviess Co. IL in Hopkins Co. KY deed in 1834 not identified later; James and John Duncan of Madison Co. IL in 1845 St.Louis Co. MO deed not identified later.) Deed Book N4, pg.549: Sheriff deed; whereas on 8 May 1850 an order of sale made in St. Louis Circuit Court; petitioners were John R. Shipley, Samuel Willi and David H. Armstrong; defendants were James Clemens Jr. and wife Eliza, Robert M. O'Blevins and wife Therese, Benjamin Duncan, James Armstrong and wife Nancy, Wilson Sissall and wife Mary A., James M. Duncan, John Duncan, Martha Duncan, James Monroe Duncan, John W. Duncan, Lucinda Duncan, Jefferson C. Galloway and wife Matilda, and James Bishop and wife Lucretia, Hampton Brashear and wife Mahala, Robert C. Duncan, James P. Duncan, Tennessee V. Duncan, Mary Ann M. Duncan, Martha Duncan, William Van Burin Duncan and Mary Metcalf; land sold May 1850 to David H?. Armstrong the highest bidder, $234? and $205, sell lots 6 and 7 in said plat, bounded by Chauteau Avenue, Motard Avenue, ??. Sheriff deed of sale in partition - mention of conflicting surveys. 8 May 1850. (FHC film 531,592)

St.Louis Co. MO Wills (from Cora Getty 1978/79 to Louis Boone; from Louis 10/17/87; MAD: cannot find on microfilm) Will #1716. Robert Duncan, dec'd, 15 Feb. 1842; sister Mary Metcalf; brothers James, John, Benjamin, William; brother William had sons Robert and William; brother Benjamin was Am. Rev. War soldier in KY. Mentioned in will: Harrison Duncan, Monroe Duncan, Mary Duncan and wife of Sisle?, Jesse Duncan, Nancy Duncan and wife of James Armstrong. (MAD: Polly Duncan m. Isaac Metcalf on 29 Nov. 1821 in Hopkins Co. KY)

St.Louis Co. MO Circuit Court Minutes 1850 (FHC film 1,503,016; SLC 9/20/89) (no index Vol. 18, 19 or 20; following from page by page; see deed N4-549) Minute Book 20, pg.12: #38, 8 May 1850, John R. Shipley, Samuel Willi and David H. Armstrong vs. James Clemens Jr. and wife Eliza, Robert McO'Blevins and wife Therese, Benjamin Duncan, James Armstrong and wife Nancy, Wilson Sissall and wife Mary A., James M. Duncan, John Duncan, Martha Duncan, James Munroe Duncan and John William Duncan, Lucinda Duncan, Jefferson C. Galloway and wife Matilda, James Bishop and wife Lucretia, Hampton Brashear and wife Mahala, Robert E. Duncan, James P. Duncan, Tennessee V. Duncan, Mary Ann M. Duncan, Martha Duncan, William Van Buren Duncan, and Mary Metcalf; that land on Motard Avenue cannot be divided, a portion covered by conflicting surveys; petition to sell this lot.

Benjamin Duncan's heirs: Benjamin Duncan, James Armstrong and wife Nancy, Wilson Sissall and wife Mary A., James M. Duncan, John Duncan, and heirs of William Duncan whose widow was Martha Duncan, and William's children James Munroe Duncan and John William Duncan. Additional information: "Henry Co. MO Abstract of Wills & Administrations 1835-1854-1865" by Williams (FHC book 977.846 S2w; SLC 8/25/88; copy also from Dorothy Franks 5/22/90) Wills, Bonds & Letters 1854-1865; Book A, pg.34: Benjamin Duncan. Will 18 April 1849, proved 14 May 1855; wit. William Parks Sr. and James Y. Parks; exec. John Duncan; sec. P.M. Cecil and James M. Duncan. Heirs: James Monroe and John Duncan, Nancy Armstrong, Mary Ann Cecil and heirs of William Duncan. (pg.4) 1840 Rives Co. MO census pg.362, Benjamin Duncan, 0001,201 - 0010,01. 1850 Henry Co. MO census, pg.17, #217, Benjamin Duncan 41 GA (sic) farmer $445, Sidney (f) 47 VA, James M. 25 KY carpenter, John 22 KY farmer, Sophia Banister 38 VA; Henry Co. MO marriage Benjamin Duncan to Sidney S. Banister, 31 May 1849, by Bird C. Parks, JP. Henry Co. MO marriage, James M. Duncan to Rebecca Wade,6 Oct. 1853 by Wm. A. Gray, MG. Henry Co. MO marriage, Phillip W. Cecil to Maryann Duncan, 11 Jan. 1844, Daniel Briggs, MG. Hopkins Co. KY marriage, Nancy Duncan married on 14 Dec. 1837 to James Armstrong.

William Duncan's heirs: Lucinda Duncan (widow), Jefferson C. Galloway and wife Matilda, James Bishop and wife Lucretia, Hampton Brashear and wife Mahala, Robert E. Duncan, James P. Duncan, Tennessee V. Duncan, Mary Ann M. Duncan, Martha Duncan Additional information: St.Louis Co. MO Wills (from Cora Getty 1978/79 to Louis Boone; from Louis 10/17/87; MAD: cannot find on microfilm) Will #2003. William Duncan, dec'd, 3 May 1835; wife Lucinda; dau. Matilda m. Jefferson C. Gallowy; dau. Lucretia m. James Bishop; dau. Mahalla m. Hampton Brashear; son Tennesse V. Duncan; dau. Mary A.M.; dau. Martha?; son Robert E. Duncan; son William Van Buren Duncan; mentions James Duncan in IL, fractured leg and amputation; Janey Duncan got an allowance; mentions negro slave belonging to estate of Robert Duncan, also heir to William's estate. Additional information: Hopkins Co. KY Deeds (SLC 1/9/88) Deed Book 20, pg.606: 26 Dec. 1855, James F. Duncan to Alexander Miller, both Hopkins Co. KY, $105, as heir of William Duncan decd, 300a on Cany Fork of Tradewater, corner Alexander Miller, Metcalf. Wit. J.W. Hainley?, M.R. Harnby (Hainley?). (FHC film 555,297) Deed Book 25, pg.402: 23 Sept. 1863, Hopkins Co. Circuit Court comrs. to Mahala Brashier, wife of Hampton Brashier, to lay off to said Mahala Brashier late Duncan, wife of said H. Brashier, who was a child of Wm. Duncan decd, by virtue of a judgement in action, Wm. Duncan heirs vs. Wm. Duncan heirs, pending in said court; 1/9 part of whole tract and 1/8 part of 1/9 part, her share of her brother Wm. Duncan decd; her share 52a on Caney Creek, except that portion which lies in the dower during the life of Lucinda Woodsaff, late widow of Wm. Duncan decd. (FHC film 555,300) Additional information: 1850 Hopkins Co. KY census, pg.95, #660 Lucinda Duncan 49 TN $600; Robert E. 27, James F. 20, Mary A. 13, Martha 10, William V. 8 TN. pg.87, #548, Hamton Brasher 32 KY farmer $630, Mahala 23 KY, and family. Additional information: "Henry Co. MO Abstract of Wills & Administrations 1835-1854-1865" by Williams (FHC book 977.846 S2w; SLC 8/25/88; copy also from Dorothy Franks 5/22/90; MAD: this is son of William Duncan and Lucinda) Will Book B, pg.74, 81: William Duncan; died intestate. Adm. Norman Foster appt. 17 Feb. 1848; sec. William Cecil and George H. Hardy. Note: All assets turned over to the widow (not named). (pg.24) Will Book B, pg.277: P.W. Cecil and John Duncan in their own right and William W. Cecil as gdn. for James M. Duncan came into court and acknowledged a power of attorney to James Armstrong of Johnson Co. MO. (no date shown; pg.24)

Absalom Duncan

' Absalom Duncan' b. 1800 perhaps Spartanburg Co. SC; married Margaret T. Foster in 1823; lived Gwinnett Co. GA 1827-1840 and Blount Co. AL 1860.

"Pioneer Trails (AL)" by The Birmingham Gen. Society, Inc.; Vol.27#2 April 1985 (#4618 from Evelyn Sigler 5/28/86 & 8/8/86; SLC book 976.178 B2p, 3/2/94; from Persi index; this family lived in Gwinnett Co. GA 1827-1840, and Blount Co. AL 1860; Absalom was said to have been born in Spartanburg Co. SC) Pg.57: Absalom Duncan's Bible Record:
Absalom Duncan was born July 11, 1800, he married October 23, 1823,
Margaret T. Foster, born April 16, 1805.<br

  1. Elizabeth Ann Duncan was born July 23, 1826; died April 20, 1827
  2. Martha W. Duncan was born Nov. 4, 1827
  3. Elisabeth Nancy Duncan was born Jan. 8, 1829
  4. Wm. S. Duncan was born March 2, 1830
  5. Thomas F. Duncan was born Oct. 17, 1837; died May 27, 1855
  6. Robert D. Duncan was born June 24, 1833; died Dec. 25, 1872
  7. Rhoda Sophia Duncan was born October 15, 1834; died July 21, 1858
  8. Margaret L. Duncan was born July 23, 1836; died April 19, 1867
  9. Hannah Louisa was born June 25, 1838; died Jan. 25, 1880
  10. Absalom W. Duncan was born May 5, 1840; (of a wound he rec. at Atlanta) died August 19, 1864.
  11. Sarah Amanda Duncan was born Nov. 21, 1841; died Jan. 11, 1843
  12. Dilmus Tile Duncan was born Aug. 29, 1844
  13. Stiles Shelton Duncan was born Jan. 28, 1849

(MAD: This family is being researched by Mrs. Shirley Lacey Davis of Dora, AL)


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