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INDEX to Duncan Association Newsletters

Vol.1 Issue #1 through Vol.10 Issue #2, 1993-2002

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March Duncan, b.1774-84, of Newberry Co. SC 1795-1828, wife Elizabeth Williams by 1803, wife Sarah Duckett by 1806; probable sons Rignal (d.1835 Laurens Co. SC), Barruch (Newberry Co. SC), John T. (Laurens Co. SC), and James D. (Greene Co. AL). 6#4

Marcus Monroe Duncan, b.1810 VA, wife Harriet K. ?Allen, of Cumberland Co. VA 1835, of Talladega Co. AL 1850, d.1867; had brother George W. Duncan b.1811 VA; son Benjamin Josiah Duncan. 6#2

Margaret Duncan, b.1849 Ireland, dau. of Patrick Duncan or James and Mary Ellen Duncan, to Macoupin Co. IL 1864; had brothers John and Timothy Duncan. 8#4

Marion Duncan, b.1838 Henderson Co. KY, son of Nathan Benjamin Duncan d. ca 1840 Henderson Co. KY and Martha Tyree; mar. Julia Elizabeth Mullen. 5#4

Marshall Duncan, b.1783/84 NC, wife Hannah Miller, d.1858 Sangamon Co. IL, son of James Duncan and Avy Shelton. 3#3

Martin C. Duncan, probable son of Daniel d.1781 Caswell Co. NC; mar. Mary Ray 1806 Mercer Co. KY. 5#4

Marvel Duncan, b.1796, son of Joseph d.1836 Blount Co. TN; mar. 1st Sarah Colville, mar. 2nd Mary Kirkpatrick, d.1863 Walker Co. GA. 6#1

Mary Duncan, d.1798 Worcester Co. MD, administrator Caleb Duncan. 3#3

Mary Duncan, of Edgefield Co. SC deed 1820, moved to Walton Co. GA. 5#2

Mary (Peyton), widow of ---- Duncan, of Fluvanna Co. VA in 1801, d.1829 Washington Co. OH (Mary Peyton's husband was given as possibly John Duncan by Nancy Reba Roy, but I cannot find proof nor the reason for her statement). 1#2

Mary Duncan Barr and Eliza Duncan Jenkins, daughters of Daniel Duncan d.1833 Fayette Co. KY and wife Mary Timberlake d.ca 1851 Boone Co. MO; see also Henry Timberlake Duncan, b.1836 Bourbon Co. KY, and his son George Brand Duncan, b.1861 Lexington, KY, in Newsletter Vol. 3#4, Oct. 1995. 10#2

Matricia Wilson Duncan Ikard, born Jan. 30, 1831, dau. of Anderson Benton Duncan and Telitha Jean, of Franklin Co. TN. 3#4

Matthew Duncan (Elder), b. ca 1717, of Frederick Co. VA 1751, d.1765 Frederick Co. VA, son of James Duncan from Ireland; said to be father of Matthew Duncan Sr. (d.1793 Berkeley Co. VA) who had wife Sarah. James Duncan from Ireland also had son Seth Duncan Sr. b.ca 1725. 10#1

Matthew Duncan (Sr.), wife Sarah in 1762-3, d. by 1793 probably Berkeley Co. (W)VA, perhaps son of Matthew Duncan (Elder d.1765); children include sons Matthew (Jr. d.1787 Richland Co. SC), Thomas (d.1806 Pendleton Co. KY), Maj. Joseph (wife Anna McLaughlin, of Bourbon Co. KY), James (wife Elizabeth Strode) and Seth Duncan (wife Ruhama Henshaw) and daus. Sarah Bell Greer and Jane Wilson. 10#1

Matthew Duncan (Jr.), d.1787 Richland Co. SC, son of Matthew Duncan (Sr.) d.1793 Berkeley Co. (W)VA); had brothers Thomas, Joseph, James and Seth Duncan and sister Sarah Greer. 10#1

Matthew Duncan, d. ca 1807, of Philadelphia Co. PA; son of Isaac and Margaret Duncan; mar. 2nd Letitia Buyers who moved to St.Louis Co. MO. 4#2

Matthew Duncan, b. ca 1745, possibly son of Elizabeth Duncan of Chatham Co. NC 1778; wife Mary, of Edgefield Co. SC 1789; perhaps sons Samuel (wife Seley), Joshua (perhaps wife Patience), Peter (wife Margaret, to Coweta Co. GA). 5#2

Matthew Duncan, b.1777 IRE, to Westmoreland Co. PA, then ca 1808 to Coshocton Co. OH; 2nd wife Diana Butler. 4#2

Matthew Duncan, b. ca 1798 SC, son of Peter and Margaret Duncan of Coweta Co. GA 1828; mar. 1st Frances J. Jones Mobley, mar. 2nd Hannah Willis, in Bastrop Co. TX 1880, d. age 96. 5#2

Melcher Duncan, b.1788 Robertson Co. TN, mar. Sarah Irvin 1808 Logan Co. KY, in Lawrence Co. TN 1820, in Pike Co. MO 1850; son of John Duncan and Lydia Spiller; see newsletter Vol. 1#4, Oct. 1993. 8#3

Michael W. Duncan, b.1815 SC, possibly son of Joshua of Edgefield Co. SC 1820; wife Elizabeth Sheely, of Lexington Co. SC 1850. 5#2

Milby Duncan, son of Levin Duncan, d.1788 Worcester Co. MD, wife Molly mar. 2nd Mr. Hammond; father of Levin Duncan, b.1814, who moved to Shelby Co. MO. 3#1

Miles Duncan, son of Nathaniel d.1773 Sussex Co. VA; wife Ann, d.1791 Wilkes Co. GA. 5#4

Moses Duncan, wife Sarah Whitmore, of Newberry Co. SC, d.1845 Jasper Co. MO. 3#2

Moses Duncan, b.1807 SC, son of Jonathan Duncan and Jane ?Jones; mar. 1829 Sarah Tarpley Clark, d.1868 Lauderdale Co. AL. 6#4

Nathan Benjamin Duncan, son of Nathan Duncan; mar. 1st Elizabeth Humphreys 1818 and 2nd Martha Tyree 1827 Caswell Co. NC, d. ca 1840 Henderson Co. KY; son Marion b.1838; possible descendant of David d.1744 Surry Co. VA. 5#4

Nathaniel Duncan, son of David who d.1744/45 Surry Co. VA; d.1773 Sussex Co. VA, widow Agnes d.1781-89 Caswell Co. NC; son Miles (Wilkes Co. GA). 3#2 and 5#4

Nathaniel Duncan, b.1758, 1801 of Pendleton Co. SC, bought land from John Duncan of Washington Co. VA, deed witnessed by David Duncan and Daniel Duncan; d.1833 Anderson Co. SC age 75, wife Kiziah Kilby d.1850 Franklin Co. GA; possible descendant of David d.1744 Surry Co. VA. 5#4

Nathaniel Duncan, mar. Jane Rainey 1792 Caswell Co. NC, probably the Nathaniel d.1805/6 Greene Co. GA who had son Rainey Duncan; possible descendant of David d.1744 Surry Co. VA. 1#2 and 5#4

Nathaniel Duncan, b.1796 GA, wife Miss Barnett, d. by 1858 Pickens Co. SC; possibly son of Nathaniel Duncan and Kiziah Kilby, who may be a descendant of David Duncan d.1744 Surry Co. VA. 5#4

Nathaniel Duncan, b.1797, from Pittsylvania Co. VA to Madison Co. TN, son of James Duncan whose widow Sarah mar. Alexander Leslie 1808 in Prince Edward Co. VA. 3#1

Nathaniel Duncan, b.1799 VA, mar. Amelia Garland 1821 Warren Co. KY, to Boone Co. MO by 1835, mar. 1844 Mrs. Sarah Lynch, d.1856 Boone Co. MO. 6#4

Nathaniel? Duncan, m. ca 1822 to Mary Nelms, 1840 Elbert Co. GA, 1860 Newton Co. GA; son Jesse Asberry Duncan b.1830 GA, d.1900 Cass Co. TX, m. 1855 Caroline Kirkpatrick in Newton Co. GA. 9#2

Nathaniel Duncan of Wilkes Co. NC 1803-1834, also had land Iredell Co. NC 1806 and 1811; perhaps had sons Benjamin and Chapman (Rowan and Wilkes Co. NC); possible descendant of David d.1744 Surry Co. VA. 5#4

Nathaniel Duncan d.1805/6 Greene Co. GA, widow Jane. 1#2

Nathaniel P. Duncan, b.1849 Pittsburg, Allegheny Co. PA, of Tulare and Kings Co. CA 1876; son of Robert C. Duncan, b.1817 PA, wife Nancy Patterson, of Beaver Co. PA 1850. 7#1

Nelson Duncan, Quaker, b. by 1740-1745; he and children Richard (b.1763, possible father of Richard H.), Elisha and Milcha (mar. Samuel Deen) at Bush River Monthly Meeting, Newberry Co. SC in 1775. 5#2

Nicholas Duncan, b.1816 Ireland, wife Isabella McBoyle, to LaSalle Co. IL ca 1844. 8#4

Nimrod Duncan d.1844 Shelby Co. KY, wife Hannah Martin. 1#1, 2#1; additional information 3#1

Orren H. Dunscomb, b.1799 VT, possibly son of James and Mary Dunscomb, mar. Sophia H. Gray, lived Trumbull Co. OH 1850; had son John H. Dunscomb lived Moultrie Co. IL. 9#4

Patrick Duncan (I) of Anne Arundel Co. MD, d. bef. 1684, mar. (1) Mary Nettlefold or Nettlefourd, mar. (2) Mrs. Jane Frizzell; had son Patrick Duncan (II) b.1676, wife Elizabeth; probably had son Patrick Duncan (III) had wife Mary; had son Patrick Duncan (IV) christened 1721. 3#2

Patrick Duncan, son of John Duncan and Margaret Creation of 1698 Bucks Co. PA, and grandson of William and Jane Duncan; mar. Elizabeth, of Bucks Co. PA 1758, to MD. 9#2

Patrick Duncan from Lancaster Co. PA to York Co. SC; will 1776 Kershaw Co. SC. 1#2

Pearson Duncan Sr., b. ca 1762, of Wilkes Co. GA 1784-85, Elbert Co. GA 1794-1830, probably the son of John Duncan Sr. 7#2

(Pearson) Pierson Duncan, b. ca 1770, possibly SC, wife Sarah, of Lancaster Co. SC 1815, Jackson Co. GA 1827, Jefferson Co. IL 1830, d. Jackson Co. IL 1843. 7#2

Pearson Duncan, b.1786 NC, d. after 1850, mar. ca 1820 to Winnafred Foley, lived Knox Co. KY 1820-1860 & later. 7#2

Perry Dunkin, d. by 1829 Baltimore Co. MD. 3#3, 3#4 Error Box

Perry Emory Duncan, b.1800 Greenville Co. SC, son of Robert Duncan and Hannah Carr, wife Mary Anne Hill, see Newsletter Vol. 2#1, 1994. 8#3

Peter Duncan, b.1775-80, possibly son of Matthew of Edgefield Co. SC 1789; wife Margaret, to Coweta Co. GA between 1812 and 1828; sons Matthew, John S., Elias, Peter E., Stephen, Samuel Wesley; dau. Crecy (Lucretia?) mar. Reason Mobley. 5#2

Peter Dunkin, b.1792 near Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co. PA, mar. Mary Martin 1819 in Montgomery Co. OH, of Carroll Co. IN 1850, son of John Duncan & wife Elizabeth Sunderland of Montgomery Co. OH; had sons William and Benjamin M. and others; see Newsletter Vol. 1#2, 1993, and also see Richard Dunkin b.1800 KY, of Carroll Co. IN 1850. 9#2

Peter Duncan, b.1812 KY, mar. Morning Ham 1833 Madison Co. KY, lived Hardin Co. KY 1843, Meade Co. KY 1850, Coles Co. IL 1857, d.1860; said to be son of Edward Duncan and Grace Taylor. 8#2

Peter H. Duncan, b.1809 TN, son of Benjamin of Madison Co. AL 1842; mar. Sarah E. Sadler 1836, of Jackson Co. AL 1850. 5#3

Pickens Duncan, b.1826 SC, and Samuel Duncan, sons of William; of Perry Co. AL 1860. 5#2

Philip Duncan, b.1826 SC, mar. Emily Marbut in 1843 in Newton Co. GA, died 1850-1854 probably in DeKalb Co. GA; Emeline mar. 2nd Elijah Bishop. 7#2

Rice Duncan, b.1813, d.1847 Sullivan Co. TN, wife Ellenor Snapp. 4#2

Richard Duncan, Quaker, b.1722, probably son of Patrick of Baltimore and Anne Arundel Co. MD; Fairfax Co. VA 1748 to Newberry and Edgefield Co. SC, d. by 1803 of Newberry Co. SC. 4#4

Richard Duncan, b.1779 NC, son of Elijah b.1757 Fairfax Co. VA; wife Mary, in 1830-1840 Franklin Co. MO and 1850 Jefferson Co. MO. 5#2

Richard Dunkin, b.1800 KY, wife Lydia b.1796 PA, of Carroll Co. IN 1850; related to (son of?) John Duncan & wife Elizabeth Sunderland of Montgomery Co. OH; see Newsletter Vol. 1#2, 1993, and also see Peter Dunkin b.1792 near Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co. PA, of Carroll Co. IN 1850. 9#2

Richard Duncan, b.ca 1805 SC; wife Mary Whittle b.1810 SC, Edgefield Co. SC 1844. 5#2

Richard A. Duncan, b.1823 ?Bibb Co. AL, probably son of Richard H. Duncan b.1800 ?Edgefield Co. SC and wife Elizabeth Body (5#2); wife Catherine, of Marion Co. AL 1850, to Hood Co. TX by 1880. 6#2

Rignal Duncan, son of March Duncan; d.1835 Laurens Co. SC, widow Elizabeth. 6#4

Robert Duncan, b.1762 Randolph Co. NC; wife Hannah Carr; via Washington Co. TN to Greenville Co. SC. 2#1

Robert Duncan, b. ca 1754; wife Margaret; Rev. Pension application in Huntingdon Co. PA 1818. 2#1

Robert Duncan, Bounty Land Warrant 1795 in MD (no further information). 2#1

Robert Duncan b.1776 SC, d.1857 Talbot Co. GA, wife Elizabeth ---- b.1784 Ireland; perhaps York Co. SC 1810, Wilkinson Co. GA in 1820, and Talbot Co. GA 1830-1850; sons James E. b.1801 SC of 1850 Houston Co. GA, John S. b.1803 SC of 1850 Muscogee Co. GA, George M. b.1805 SC of Dooly Co. GA 1850, Franklin b.1811 SC of 1850 Talbot Co. GA, William decd. by 1857. 7#2

Robert Duncan, b.1787 PA, son of Andrew Duncan and Anne Smith of York Co. PA 1827; wife Elizabeth Duncan, d. by 1827 Washington Co. PA; son Andrew (Logan Co. OH to Yamhill Co. OR).6#3

Robert Duncan, b.1788, wife Jane Graham, of Daviess Co. KY 1850, d.1871 Hancock Co. KY. 3#4

Robert Duncan, son of Jesse d.1818 Hopkins Co. KY; d.1842 St.Louis Co. MO. 4#2 and 8#3

Robert Duncan d.1828 Madison Co. TN, his widow and children probably to Brazos Co. TX (no proof). 1#2

Robert Duncan, b.1790 NC, wife Catharine b.1794 GA, d.1854 Gwinnett Co. GA. 6#3

Robert Duncan, b.1791 KY, mar. Milly Finney 1816 Jessamine Co. KY, of Shelby Co. MO 1850; son of Charles Duncan d.1829 Washington Co. IN. 8#2

Robert Duncan, b.1799 SC, son of John Duncan and Sarah Anderson; wife Nancy Bateman, of Bond and Shelby Co. IL 1820 to 1850; son Elisha Duncan b.1822 IL moved to Weld and Boulder Co. CO. 7#1

Robert Duncan, b.1802 Scotland, to CA in 1846, lived Santa Clara Co. 8#4

Robert Duncan, b.1805, son of Joseph d.1836 Blount Co. TN; wife Mary or Mary Ann, d.1851 Buchanan Co. MO. 6#1

Robert Duncan, b.1808 Ireland, wife Jane McCormick, to Canada ca 1832, to Ohio ca 1838, lived Miami Co. OH 1850; dau. Mary R. Duncan mar. George W. Riddle in 1870. 8#4

Robert Duncan, b.1812 AL, wife Martha Hargett, of Franklin Co. AL 1850; said to be son of William Duncan and wife Ruth Gregory or of Marshall Duncan. 6#4

Robert Duncan, b.1821 Scotland, wife Margaret Walker, in Kane Co. IL 1850, moved to Blackhawk Co. IA by 1857. 8#4

Robert Duncan, b.1829 Scotland, wife Anne Fleming, to Geary or Dickinson Co. KS ca 1871, d.1901. 8#4

Robert Duncan, b.1830 Canada, son of John Duncan and Christina Gerrad, to Wyandotte Co. KS 1868 with 2nd wife Mary A. Jeffers. 8#4

Robert A. Duncan, b.1863 Canada, son of Mary Ratliff, to Carbon Co. MT ca 1886. 7#4

Robert C. Duncan, b.1817 PA, wife Nancy Patterson, of Beaver Co. PA 1850; parents of Nathaniel P. Duncan of Tulare and Kings Co. CA 1876. 7#1

Roger Duncan, wife Sally Redmon, mar. bef. 1807 perhaps Harrison Co. KY, d. by 1836 Bourbon Co. KY; Roger was son of Thomas Duncan d.1830 Bourbon Co. KY who had wife Mrs. Catherine Rymel; Roger had sons Thomas, George, and John (b.1807, mar. Sallie J. Adair, to Callaway Co. MO). 9#3

Russell Duncan, b.1803 TN, wife Elizabeth McBride, son of Joel Duncan of McDonough Co. IL. 7#3

Samuel Duncan of Newbury, MA, in 1638, to Boston, Suffolk Co. MA, ca 1650; wife perhaps Mary; children probably include Samuel (wife Deliverance, d.1693 at Roxbury), John (m. 1675 Joanna Jefts), Hannah (mar. John Scott 1672 at Roxbury, Jabesh (Jabez) (b.1654 Boston), and Thomas (b.1656 Boston). 9#3

Samuel Duncan, Quaker, d.1770 Craven Co. SC, wife Sarah; Fairfax Co. VA 1748 to Newberry and Edgefield Co. SC. 4#4

Samuel Duncan, Quaker, b.ca 1751, son of Samuel d.1770 Craven Co. SC; in Wilkes Co. GA 1795, Greene Co. TN 1801, family in Miami Co. OH 1806, d.1834 Miami Co. OH; wife Mary B. Embree; sons Jesse, Samuel, Amos, Joshua, Isaac. 4#4

Samuel Duncan, b. ca ? 1751; wife Rebecca in 1776, connected to Nelson Duncan of Newberry Co. SC. 5#2

Samuel Duncan, wife Sarah or Suzanne Player or Prayer, d.1816 St.Louis Co. MO; had son Amos. 5#2 and 4#2

Samuel Duncan, b. ca 1760; Rev. War Pension in Lincoln Co. KY; son of Benjamin Duncan of Pittsylvania Co. VA 1762-1787, d.1796 Madison Co. KY. 2#1

Samuel Duncan, b.1764 Culpeper Co. VA; 2nd wife Catherine Head; Rev. Pension in Scott Co. MO; son of Charles Duncan d.1820 Daviess Co. KY. 2#1

Samuel Duncan, b.1786 NC, in Twiggs Co. GA in 1821, of Newton Co. GA 1850, d. after 1860; sons Simeon (b. 1814 SC), John A. (d.1846) and perhaps Willis. 7#2

Samuel Duncan, b.1816 NY, mar. Elizabeth Hornback, 1850 White Co. IN, 1860 Madison Co. IA. 8#2

Samuel Duncan, b.1820-24 SC, and Pickens Duncan, sons of William; of Perry Co. AL 1860. 5#2

Samuel Duvall Dunscomb, b.1792 NY, mar. Anna or Nancy Wood Rayburn in 1816, d.1823; had dau. Lucy Ann Claiborne Dunscomb (b.1819) mar. Samuel Duval Dunscomb Price (b.1817); Bible records in Logan Co. KY; had son Samuel H. Dunscomb b.1822 Simpson Co. KY. 9#4

Samuel Montgomery Duncan, b.1823, and Alexander Duncan, b.1821, from Ireland to Sonoma Co. CA 1850. 8#4

Samuel Wesley Dunkin, b.12/4/1812 Edgefield Co. SC, d. 2/11/1897 Campbell Co. GA; son of Peter Dunkin & Margaret; See brief mention in Newsletter Vol. 5#2, April 1997. 7#2

Sarah Duncan, b.1790 DE, d.1857 Bourbon Co. KY, had dau. (or dau-in-law) Matilda b.1813 KY who had sons William Duncan b.1835 KY and John b.1841 KY. 9#3

Seth Duncan, son of James Duncan from Ireland and brother of Matthew Duncan the Elder d.1765 Frederick Co. VA (Newsletter 10#1); Seth Duncan mar. 1st Elizabeth McCleary, mar. 2nd Ann, mar. 3rd Christina Bittinger, d.1791 York Co. PA; also had land in Frederick Co. VA later Berkeley Co. WV 1762-1772; children include James, Seth Jr., Matthew, Joseph, William (General) (b.1771), Abner Lawson (d.1823 New Orleans, LA), John (of 1850 Franklin Co. PA, d.1860 Adams Co. PA), Adam Seth Enos (b.1789). 1#2 and 10#2

Simon Duncan, b.1755 Worcester Co. MA; Rev. Pension at Worcester Co. MA. 2#1

Solomon Duncan, b.1824 KY, mar. Rebecca Amerine or Emerine 1845 Madison Co. KY, of Fulton Co. IL 1850-1860, to Montgomery Co. KS 1870; said to be son of Edward Duncan and Grace Taylor. 8#2

Stephen Duncan, b.1816 Knox Co. OH, mar. Mary Ann Mecum in 1848 in Perry Co. IL, d.1882 Jefferson Co. IL; son of James Duncan and Elizabeth Hather?. 3#4 and 10#2

Thomas Duncan, d.1659 Lancaster Co. VA; widow Mary mar. 2nd Edward Roe of Talbot Co. MD. 3#2

Thomas Duncan Sr., wife Elizabeth (d.1778), of Worcester Co. MD 1749. 3#1

Thomas Duncan, d. by 1790 Worcester Co. MD, administrators Mary, Isaac and William Duncan. 3#3

Thomas Duncan, d. by 1825 Worcester Co. MD, administrator Frances Duncan. 3#3

Thomas Duncan, d. by 1827 Worcester Co. MD, administrator James Duncan. 3#3

Thomas Duncan, d.1830 Bourbon Co. KY, wife Mrs. Catherine Rymel; had son Roger Duncan mar. Sally Redmon bef. 1807 perhaps Harrison Co. KY. 9#3.

Thomas Duncan, son of Thomas, d. by 1832 Worcester Co. MD. 3#3

Thomas Duncan, b.1765 Pittsylvania Co. VA; wife Rhoda Whitten; to Caswell Co. NC, then Anderson and Roane Co. TN; Rev. Pension in Monroe Co. TN. 2#1

Thomas Duncan, Bounty Land Warrant 1790 in NY (no further information). 2#1

Thomas Duncan, Service in NY, pension under act of 1786 (no further information). 2#1

Thomas Duncan d.1819 Posey Co. IN, wife Lydia (said to be Lydia Allen). 1#1

Thomas Duncan, d.1826 Mason Co. KY, wife Nancy; possible son James b.1817 KY. 4#1

Thomas Duncan, b.1802 PA, wife Nancy Herdman b.1812 PA; son George Duncan b. Allegheny Co. PA. 4#1

Thomas Duncan, b.1805 NC, from Decatur Co. GA 1840-1850 to Holmes Co. FL 1860, son William A. Duncan b.1848 GA; Response to query. 4#4

Thomas Duncan, b.1815 SC, possibly son of Joshua of Edgefield Co. SC 1820; wife Sarah Newton of Itawamba Co. MS 1860, d.1897 Clark Co. AR. 5#2

Thomas A. Duncan, b.1830 AL, son of Jesse Duncan and Nancy E. White of Jackson Co. AL 1840-1850; mar. Susan B. Pace, moved to White Co. AR 1872. 9#2

Thomas H. Duncan, b.1810 PA?, son of Hercules Duncan who d.1841 Fountain Co. IN (see Newsletter Vol. 3#4, Oct. 1995); wife a Miss Scott, of Harrison Co. MS 1850. 10#1

Thomas H.P. Duncan, b.1815 KY, wife Susan Browner, of Wayne Co. IA 1850, son of John Thomas Duncan of Whitley Co. KY; see Newsletter Vol. 5#3, 1997. 9#3

Thomas Lane Duncan, b.1781 VA, mar. 1st Elizabeth McHurgh or McHarg of Laurens Co. SC, in Franklin Co. AL 1820-23, in Hardeman Co. TN 1830, in Pontotoc Co. MS 1837, d. ca 1858. 2#3

Thomas W. Duncan, b.1858 Canada, son of James Duncan and Mary Hawkins, moved to Cook Co. IL 1881, then to Kane Co. IL. 8#4

Timothy Duncan, cousin of Benjamin Duncan b.1807 Harrison Co. KY; Query. 4#4

Timothy Duncan, b.1813 KY, wife Matilda Goodnight or Furnish, of Owen Co. KY 1850, cousin of Benjamin Duncan of Gallatin Co. KY 1850. 7#3

Travis or Traverse Duncan, born 4 or 14 March 1791 or 13 March 1792, died 26 Nov. 1836 Montgomery Co. KY; parents Charles Duncan and Elizabeth Dillard of Fauquier Co. VA. 2#2

Valentine Duncan, b.1811 Madison Co. KY, mar. Ann Davis 1839 in Madison Co. KY, d.1852; said to be son of Edward Duncan and Grace Taylor. 8#2

Walter J. Duncan, b.1842 Forsyth Co. NC, son of John Duncan and Catherine Jones; mar. Mary Carpenter 1877, lived Motley Co. TX 1930. 6#3

Washington Duncan, wife Mary, d.1835 Bourbon Co. KY, father of Joseph Duncan who married Charlotte Duncan and lived in Ray Co. MO 1850; see newsletter Vol. 1#3, July 1993, for information on his brother Archibald and their parents Joseph Duncan Jr. and Catherine O'Bannon. 9#2.

Reverend William Duncan, outed at the Revolution, died in Scotland in 1692 age about 65, wife Janet Macarthur, had a son William Duncan. 8#1

William Duncan, wife Jane, in Bucks Co. PA 1687, d.1715, Quaker; children include Edmund (mar. 1708 Sarah Butler), John (mar. 1698 Margaret Creation), George (mar. 1st 1699 Mary Sanders, to Kent Co. MD), and Ellen (mar. Alexander Mode 1702). 9#2

William Duncan, b.ca 1699 (age 38 in 1737, Deed 14-426), son of John Duncan and Margaret Creation of 1698 Bucks Co. PA; mar. Rachel Carver?, d. by 1790, Bucks Co. PA; children include William (d.1807), Esther (mar. John Praul), and Rachel (mar. Mahlon Ridge). 9#2

William Duncan d.1819, wife Deborah Duncan d.1821-24, Anne Arundel Co. MD. 3#2

William Duncan, d. by 1819 Worcester Co. MD, administrator Thomas Duncan. 3#3

William Dunkan, d. by 1839 Baltimore Co. MD, widow Ann. 3#3

William Duncan, d.1806 Duplin Co. NC, wife Anne (Kornegay). 3#1

William Duncan, b. ca 1748, wife Sarah Turner; lived Granville Co. NC; Rev. Pension in Greenville Co. SC. 1824, widow applied 1841. 2#1

William Duncan from Elbert Co. GA to Tuscaloosa Co. AL to Pontotoc Co. MS, d.1850. 2#4

William Duncan from SC, father of Elizabeth Duncan who mar. Charles McMakin in 1815 in Nelson Co. KY. 4#1

William Duncan, son of Jesse d.1818 Hopkins Co. KY; d.1835 St.Louis Co. MO, wife Lucinda in 1850 Hopkins Co. KY. 4#2

William Dunkin, b.1775-1780, wife Phebe b.1788 MA, d.1843 Dearborn Co. IN. 6#4

William Duncan Jr., son of William Duncan, born Oct. 14, 1778 in Ackworth, NH, and his wife Ruth Coffran Gilmore, born June 28, 1783 in Windham, NH. William Duncan Sr. came to Kalamazoo Co. MI about 1828. Love Letters. 2#4

William Duncan, b.1784 Dudley, Worcester Co. MA, mar. Annice Morse 1808 at Charlton, MA, d.1857 North Brookfield, MA; children include sons Charles (b.1811 Paxton MA mar. 1836 Tryphosa Lakin), William (b.1812 mar. Nancy Prouty 1838), James (b.1818 mar. Hannah Augusta Newton 1841), Timothy Mason (b.1821 mar. Mary Ann Cary 1843), Leonard Clarke (b.1834 mar. Mary Amanda Brewer 1855). 9#4

William Duncan, b.1780-1790, son of Jesse Duncan d.1818 Hopkins Co. KY; d.1844-1850 Hopkins Co. KY; possibly in Bedford Co. TN 1830 ??. 8#3

William Duncan, mar. 1809 to Elizabeth Ford or Force in Shelby Co. KY, died by 1825, wife Elizabeth from Oldham Co. KY to Johnson Co. IN by 1834, Brown Co. IN 1850; William was the son of Jesse Duncan from Buckingham Co. VA 1807, died Shelby Co. KY 1821. 7#2

William Duncan, b.1788; mar. Nancy Blackford 1813 Jessamine Co. KY, d.1863; son of Charles Duncan d.1829 Washington Co. IN and Margaret Burnside. 8#2

William Duncan, d. ca 1847 Giles Co. VA, wife Elizabeth Bane, son of William & Mary Kirk. 1#1

William Duncan, b.1797 SC, wives Jane Dowdle and Mrs. Elizabeth Hendricks (1834), of Lowndes Co. MS 1850; probably brother of John Duncan, b.1802 SC, wife Mary Ann Dowdle (1825, Tuscaloosa Co. AL), of Caldwell Co. TX 1850. 7#1

William Duncan, b.1798 GA, mar. Margaret Taylor 1831 Stewart Co. GA, d. by 1868 Sumter Co. GA; probably son of Nathaniel (d.1806) and Jane Duncan of Greene Co. GA; See Newsletter Vol. 1#2, 1993. 9#4

William Duncan, b.1805 TN, wife Matilda Arnold, of Coffee Co. TN 1850. 2#4

William Duncan (General), b.1772, son of Seth Duncan of York Co. PA; mar. 1st Mary Moulder, mar. 2nd Sarah Moulder, mar. 3rd Anna C. Peale; d.1864 Philadelphia, PA; not the son of Adam Seth Enos Duncan b.1789 PA as given in Newsletter 2#4 - correction in 10#2

William Duncan, b.1808 Todd Co. KY, son of William; wife Mary Hollingsworth; son John W. Duncan (Faulkner Co. AR). 6#2

William Duncan, b.1810 IRE, wife Catherine, of Dearborn Co. IN 1850, d.1869 or 1870. 6#4

William Dunkin, b.1819 Franklin Co. OH, son of Peter Dunkin and Mary Martin of 1850 Carroll Co. IN; mar. 1841 Hannah Payton. 9#2

William Duncan, b.1824 Canada, to Windsor Co. VT ca 1843, mar. Abigail Williams, to IA 1848; Polk Co. IA 1850, Cass Co. IA 1868. 8#4

William Duncan, b.1827 SCT, to Tehama Co. CA 1875. 8#4

William Duncan, b.1841 England, son of James Duncan and Annie Jobson, to Canada 1853, to Nodaway Co. MO 1872 with wife Jane Wells. 8#4

William Duncan, b.1845 England, son of Robert Duncan and Mary Thompson, of St. Louis Co. MO 1861, wife Sarah Pickering. 7#4

William Duncan, b.1899, Scotland, son of William Duncan & Helen Scatterty; to Colorado ca 1921. 8#4

William B. Duncan, b.1766 VA; of Caldwell, Calloway and Hickman Co. KY; d. ca June 1858 Hardeman Co. TN; mar. bef. 1804 to Winney Woolf from 96th Dist. SC, dau. of Henry Woolf from 96th Dist. SC who died in Marengo Co. AL in 1821. 2#3

William B. Duncan, son of Robert Duncan (d.1814) & Miss Evans of Roane Co. TN; 1830 McNairy Co. TN, 1840 Marshall Co. MS, d.1845 Hempstead Co. AR, wife Sarah. 7#1

William Galloway Duncan, b.1818 KY, son of James Duncan who mar. 1st 1799 to Anne Pomeroy in Jefferson Co. KY; mar. 1st Helen Smith and 2nd in 1838 to Lydia Harned, of 1850 Breckinridge Co. KY. 10#1

William H. Duncan, b.1838 Callaway Co. MO, son of John I. Duncan and Margaret Toler of Callaway Co. MO 1850; to Yolo Co. CA 1851, mar. Helen M. Reed 1863. 7#1

William Roddey Duncan, b.1816 SC, son of James Duncan and Ellen Roddy; mar. Jane Minerva Boyd in 1848; lived York and Chester Co. SC; d.1860 Bradley Co. AR. 4#3

William S. Duncan, b.1794 VA, son of Fleming W. Duncan Sr.; wife Nancy W. Short or Shot, d.1863 Wilson Co. TN; sons William Spencer Duncan (Wilson Co. TN) and George M.B. Duncan (Buckingham Co. VA). 6#2

William Spencer Duncan, b.1820 Smith Co. TN, son of William S. Duncan and Nancy W. Short or Shot; mar. Eliza Chamber 1844, d. bef. 1860 Wilson Co. TN. 6#2

William T. Duncan, b.1787 PA, mar. Susan Price in 1809 Logan Co. KY, d.1856 Logan Co. KY; children include sons John P. Duncan b.1810 d.1867 Logan Co. KY, James G. Duncan b.1822 to Ashley and Drew Co. AR, and Daniel D. Duncan b.1833. 9#4

William W. Duncan, b.1805 KY, mar. Amanda Catherine Purdy 1832 Washington Co. KY; 1840 Marion Co. KY; 1850 McDonough Co. IL, d.1859. 10#2

William W. Duncan, b.1829 Nelson Co. KY, son of James Duncan and Editha McKay of 1825 Nelson Co.; mar. 1860 to Miss Mary Ella White, of 1861 Clay Co. IL. 10#2

William Watts Duncan, b.1800 Greenville Dist. SC, mar. Mary Barnwell 1823 Jackson Co. GA, d.1847 Cobb Co. GA; son of John Duncan b. SC, not identified. 7#2

Willis Duncan, b.1775 VA, son of John Duncan d.1793 Fauquier Co. VA and wife Wilky; mar. 1st 1800 Pendleton Co. KY to Frances Colvin, mar. 2nd 1834 Hancock Co. IL to Philadelphia Haney b.1808 KY, d.1858 Adams Co. IL. 5#3

Wyatt Godfrey Duncan, b.1828 Amherst Co. VA, son of John I. Duncan and Margaret Toler of Callaway Co. MO 1850; to Yolo Co. CA 1851, mar. Mary Franklin 1879. 7#1

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