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Connection Finder Process

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The Example Profile of the Week is a profile featured in the Connection Finder and weekly Family Newsletter. These are the items for consideration in choosing the EPOW and accompanying profiles (up to 12 total):

  • Must be connected to the Global Family Tree. If they aren't, work on connecting them and if nothing else, they can be featured in the future.
  • Must have some sort of image of the person, whether of a sculpture, painting, photograph, etc. Image will most likely be cropped into a headshot if it isn't one already. It will then have a WikiTree color for the background. Images must be copyright free or available with some sort of fair use license.
  • Reasonably Notable. It's unlikely we'll feature every baronet and congressperson who has a page on Wikipedia, but if they have something remarkable, like some invention, they're the first of something, part of a major event, then they fit the search criteria better. What kind of brief line can we use to describe them that people will immediately recognize?
  • Must have a nice biography.
  • Building from that, must have decent sources. Can we find sources to support the biography? Sources should be used as inline citations as much as possible to support facts.
  • Must follow WikiTree Style Guidelines.
  • Attached family should be as complete and correct as possible.
  • The higher the CC7, the better.
  • Preferred to be relevant to the actual Wednesday that the EPOW will be in the newsletter. Reasons for relevance:
    • Recent or upcoming feature in popular culture and media due to death, anniversary, docuseries, etc. (example: New evidence surrounding the death of Amelia Earhart being found. The recent movie Ford Vs. Ferrari, based on the actual events of Carroll Shelby and the Ford Motor Co.'s fight against Ferrari in the Le Mans.)
    • National holidays/observances (example: Charles Dickens at Christmas because of his novel, The Christmas Carol. Another example: A famous Canadian on Canada Day.)
    • Their birth date. (example: Joe Smith was born on this date in history.)
    • An anniversary. (example: The anniversary of the date that Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's homerun record.)
  • Try to avoid undue controversy. If you aren't sure, just discuss it with the team.

Steps in working on Connection Finder process:

  • Make sure project boxes are above the bio line and stickers are below it. Everyone we feature will have at the very least a Notable sticker. This is how the CC7 numbers show up on the profile.
  • Edit the bio, as needed. Google a chunk of the text to be sure it hasn't been copied and pasted from somewhere. Try to be considerate of what's already been written, if it seems that someone has taken the time to actually form a bio.
  • (Team) Archive/delete unnecessary comments.
  • (Team) Remove any images that you can't find a source for.
  • Check to see if it would be beneficial to add more images if you find some available which help tell the person's story.
  • Remove unsourced family. Make a note in the biography as necessary.
  • Add missing family.
  • Make sure all family members have at least one reliable source on their profile. Using the Wikipedia "Cite this page" MHRA option is easy.
  • Use the "no more siblings", "no spouse", "no middle name", or "no children" radio buttons as appropriate.
  • Not everyone is a fan of backgrounds, but tasteful ones do make the page pop a little. There are quite a few places to get them if something already on WikiTree doesn't fit (many are on Space:Abby's Tools). Pixabay and Pexels have free images.
  • Working images or quotes from the person, as appropriate, help make the biography that looks more like something that should be featured.
  • Make sure the biography is balanced. If the figure had some controversy, be sure it isn't avoided but also isn't blown up. Focus on their life and family more than their antics, as the focus is family history.
  • Add [[Category:Example Profiles of the Week]]<!--Name of feature and year--> to the profile.
  • Add the current page views numbers to the spreadsheet.
  • Abby will update the EPOW spreadsheet to move from active list after the profile features.
  • The Team will likely take a final go through of edits on the profile. Don't be offended! It's best when it's a group effort and extra polish won't hurt.
  • Team will add [[Category:Featured Connections]]<!--name of feature--> to previous week's profiles and remove from oldest group still in category.
  • After 8-10 weeks, the Team will change the Featured Connections category to the [[Category:Featured Connections Archive 20xx]]<!--name of feature--> category.
  • Add a link to the Archived connection's G2G post to the Category page.
  • Update stats and links in the spreadsheet.

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