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Earls Colne, Essex One Place Study

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In Brief

Earls Colne is a village near Colchester in Essex, England named after the River Colne, on which it stands, and the Earls of Oxford who held the manor of Earls Colne from before 1086 and founded a priory there. There was ongoing close association with the earls of Oxford whose seat was at nearby Castle Hedingham.
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In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries the main road from Colchester to Cambridge passed through the village. The cloth-producing market town of Halstead was en route. Between Halstead and Chappel are Earls Colne, Wakes Colne, Colne Engaine and White Colne. Since families were often spread between these villages and might own land in across the area, they are also included in the study where it makes sense.

Whilst Earls Colne certainly had weavers during the seventeenth century, it was a predominantly an agricultural settlement with a commercialised mixed farming regime which included dairying, hop-growing and commercial hay-making as well as grain production.

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White Colne

Notable residents.

Thomas Audley, 1st Baron Audley of Walden KG, PC, KS
Thomas Fowell Buxton Bart, MP Politician, philanthropist and abolitionist.
Sir John Jacob 1st Baronet of Bromley
Ralph Josselin Vicar of Earls Colne and diarist.
Margery de Vere, Countess of Oxford was buried in St Andrew’s Earls Colne.
Richard de Vere, 11th Earl of Oxford was buried in St Andrew’s Earls Colne.
Thomas Shepard Puritan minister in England and New England. First Chaplain of Harvard University.
Olive Mary (Harrisson) Edmundson Horticulturalist.
John Garrad Leader of the early Quaker movement in Earls Colne.

Old Family Names.

Ashfield Variations: Ashefeild, Ashefeilde, Ashefelde, Ashefield, Ashefielde, Ashefild, Ashefilde, Ashfeild
Earliest Arrival : Nicholas Ashfield c1560 - 1617
Brownson Variations: Browneson, Brownesonne
Earliest Arrival : Cornelius Brownson 1525 - aft1560
Christmas Variations: Chrismas, Cristmas, Crystmas, Christmasse, Cristemas
Earliest Arrival : Thomas Christmas Miller 1535-1610
Cressener Variations: Cresenor, Cressenor,Cresiner, Cresner, Cresnor, Cressenar, Cressnor, Crisner
Earliest Arrival : George Cressener Gentleman. 1596-1650
Additional  : Cressener Family in Earls Colne
Garrett Variations: Garrad, Garrade, Garrard, Garrarde, Garret, Garwood, Garad, Garrade
Earliest Arrival : Gregory Garrett c1510 - 1593
Green Variations: Greene, Grene
Earliest Arrival : John Green c1510 - 1559
Harlakenden Variations: Harlakendene, Harlakinden
Earliest Arrival : Roger Harlakenden JP 1541-1602
Additional  : Harlakenden Family In Earls Colne
Eldred Variations: Eldrid
Earliest Arrival : John Eldred JP. abt. 1629 -1717
Additional  : John Eldred Diary
Fossett Variations: Faucet, Faucett, Fawcet, Fawcett, Fawcette, Focet, Focett, Fossetts
Earliest Arrival : William Fossett c1570 - c1623)
Jolly Variations: Jolley, Jollie, Jollye, Jolye
Earliest Arrival : Robert Jolly Sailmaker 1540-1587
Josselin Variations: Joscelin, Josceline, Joscelyn, Joscelyne, Joselin, Joseline, Joselyn, Joselyne, Josline, Joslin, Josling, Joslyn, Josscelyne, Josseline, Josselyn, Josselyne, Josslin Earliest arrival Ralph Josselin Vicar of Earls Colne and diarist.
Additional : Diary of Ralph Josselin
Kettle Variations: Kettell, Kettil, Kettel, Ketel, Ketle, Ketyl, Kettyl, Kettyll.
Earliest Arrival : George Kettle 1501-1560
Leffingwell Variations: Leffingewell, Leffyngwell, Leffyingwell, Lefyngwell, Lepingwell, Leppingwell, Leffingewell
Earliest Arrival : John Leffingwell 1505-1550
Markham Variations: Marchant, Markam, Markeham, Markhan
Earliest Arrival : James Markham Weaver 1607-1679
Additional : Markham and associated families.
Nevell Variations: Nevill, Nevel, Nevil, Nevile , Neville
Earliest Arrival : Nicholas Nevell 1570 - 1632 (Chappel)
Peartree Variations: Paretree, Pearetree, Partre, Partry, Partrey, Pairtree
Earliest Arrival : Esdras Peartree alias Evans c1585 - 1646
Smith Variations: Smithe, Smyth, Smythe
Earliest Arrival : Henry Smith c1510-15
Additional  : Smith Family in Earls Colne
Strutt Variations: Strut
Earliest Arrival : Robert Strutt c1590 - 1659

Trades and Professions

Alehouses : Thomas Leffingwell
Ale-Tasters: Henry Smith
Apothecaries: Henry Clench
Bakers: John Pennock, William Harrington, Willi Harrington, Edward John Harrington, Francis Smith, Thomas Ruggles
Blacksmiths: John Abbot
Bricklayers: James Prior
Butchers: Henry Hatch, Henry Hatch, John Hatch, Henry Hatch, Plampin Wenden, George Fairhead, Esdras Peartree, Esdras Peartree,William Peartree, William Peartree
Chandlers: Edward Day
Clergy: Ralph Josselin, Nicholas Nevell, John Sarjant, Thomas Shepard, Thomas Carwardine
Constables: John Green
Coopers: William Smith
Cordwainers: Samuel Christmas, Francis Newton, William Newton
Curriers : Thomas Smith
Glovers : John Bond
Joiners: Henry Smith , Richard Smith
Legal: John Eldred JP, John Eldred JP,William Harlakenden JP,William Nevell,
Maltsters : Edward Johnson
Manor Stewards : Solomon Grimston
Masons: William Fossett
Millers: Thomas Christmas, John Christmas
Military : John Pennock
Sailmakers : Robert Jolly
Sawyers: Richard Appleton , John Cofield
Shoemakers: William Newton , Thomas Edwards, John Edwards, Robert Strutt
Spirit merchants Cornelius Josiah Thorne
Tanners : Thomas Smith
Taylors Francis Smith, Robert Peartree
Victuallers : Thomas Smith, Thomas Smith, John Kettle
Weavers: Thomas Fuller, Robert Lock, James Markham


1628 Thomas Prentice to New England
1635 Roger Harlakenden, his wife Elizabeth and his sister Mabel, Thomas Shepard all to New England on the Defence.[1]
1620-40 Edmund Frost and his wife Thomasine to Massachusetts Bay Colony, New England.


  1. The autobiography of Thomas Shepard, the celebrated minister of Cambridge, N. E. With additional notices of his life and character. Shepard, Thomas, 1605-1649; Adams, Nehemiah, 1806-1878 p31

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