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Earls Colne Parish Records

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Location: Essexmap
Surname/tag: Earls Colne
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Overview of parish records.

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Originals can be found on Essex Record Office

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D/P 209/1/1 Overall Date Range 1560-1656

Baptisms 1560 - 1605 and 1647-57

1560-61 Image 7 ¥ Priscilla Brownson, Margaret Brewer, Jane Lyster, Abraham Smith ¥, Ann Bridge ¥, Ann Savage, William Leppingwell ¥, Alice Howell, Margaret Smith, Priscilla Garrett, (Robert Playford ¥, Jone Playford), Anne Reade, Mary Pullen, Ann Abbott, Thomasyn Rogers, John Lyster, Margaret Dauche, Mary Wood, Susanna Rampton, John Trasor ¥, Thomas Snellocke, John Kettle ¥. 📌
1561-64 Image 8 ¥ Nicholas Parker, Elizabeth Esdroo, Ann Stretye, Jane Hownell, Thomas Polley, John Bridge, John Cooke, John Silito, Clement Turner, Avice Jollye, Robert Brewer, Joan Knight, Robert Smith, Agnes Abram, Joan Parker, Alexander Pmyler, Henry Morlye, Edith Leffingwell, John Peresonn ¥, Robert Wood, Henry Kettle, John Trasor ¥, Margaret Prentice, John Woodward, Elizabeth Smith, John Googinge, John Bretton, Cicilye Mortimer, George Elicbeck, Edith Caroche, Margery Pullen, Thomas Playforth ¥, Mary Davye, John Leffingwell ¥, Margarett Rampton, Agnes Bridge, Thomas Bridge, William Lyster,( John Read ¥, Robert Read ¥), Ann Warren, Elizabeth Warren, Rachell Midleton, Alice Bauer, Joan Burton ¥, Thomas Polley, Thomas Mylmer, Robert Parker, John Jolly, Maryon Trasor. 📌
1564-66 Image 9 ¥ Henry Abbott, Jone Turner, Elizabeth Taylor, Thomas Ricard, Agnes Wood, (Richard Prentice, Jone Prentice ¥), Edith Cooke, Bartholomew Garrad, Nicholas Carter, Elizabeth Knight, Robert Parker, Elizabeth Allen, Margery Stretye, Christopher Burton, Margery Deverell, Alice Diglett, Richard Pmyter, John Pereson, George Snellocke, John Grymwood, Bartholomew Hulls, John Leffingwell, Richard Smith, Henry Hoy, Albion Sileto, (John Playford ¥, Joan Playford ¥), Margaret Read ¥, Edith Midleton, Katherin Kettle, John Hall, John Sparrow, John Cawey, Edward Segge, Robert Allen, Katherin Warren, Agnes Rampton, Emm Kingston, Thomas Burton ¥, Agnes Trasor ¥, William Gewis, Agnes Leffingwell, Margery Davye, John Wood, Grace Wood, Rose Lambert, Margery Bridge ¥, Christopher Draw, John Garrad, Grace Abbott, John Playford, Grace Brand ¥, Samuel Sparrow, Mary Smith, John Smith, Joan Polly, Robert Abbott ¥. 📌
1566-68 Image 10 ¥ Margaret Parker, Christian Rogers, William Bonner ¥, Edith Turner, Robert Jollye, Edith Sommercote, Grace Deverell, Margerie Diglott, Thomas Allen, Ann Bridge, John Gewirt, Hellena Crabb, Cicil Midleton, Agnes Knight, Agnes Carter ¥, Christopher Edwick, Edward Grigg, Alban Prentice, Elizabeth Burton, Agnes Carr, Johan Whiting, Edward Read, Jone Bonner, George Smith, Agnes Potter, Susann Smith, Georg Kettle, Emme Burton, Thomas Brand, Mary Catt, Thomas Garrad, Jone Ennowse, Thomas Kitchold, Jone Abbott ¥, Henry Rampton, William Jollye, Rose Playford, Jone Abbott, Hellena Allen, Margaret Lovell, Ann Drawer, Robert Grymwood, Johan Roult, William Gerves, John Sileto, Ann Leffingwell, Ann Fynch, An Turner. 📌
1568-70 Image 11 ¥ Mary Smith, Jone Leffingwell, John Sparrow, Mary Bridge, Alice Allen, John Midleton, Elizabeth Sigge, Edith Potter. Jone Somercote, John Pilgrime, Edith Trasor, Edward Ferson, Ann Polly, Thomas Diglett, Clemons Browne, Nicholas Garrad ¥, John Puntt, Mary Sparrow, Richard Barrington, Faith Knight, Amye Read ¥, Richard Robiant, John Griges, William Ennowse, John Catt, Jane Littler, Edith Carter, Thomas Turner, John Boult, Samuel Burton, Robert Rampton, Robert Hunt, Rose Hunt, Elizabeth Burton, John Smith, John Kettle ¥, Gurye Layre, Ann Ellis, Ann Bridge, Rose Read, Jone Carr, Katherin Sigg, Elizabeth Bownd, Grace Greenwood, Ann Garrad, Mary Fynch, Jane Smith, John Jolly ¥, Adam Garrad.📌
1570-72 Image 12 ¥ John Brand ¥, Samuel Diglott, Jacob Humpsteed/Kingstone, John Evans, Agnes Potter, Thomas Jervis, Alice Leffingwell, Jane Newton, Richard Allen, Edward Pullen, Thomas Bridge, Margarett Midleton, Mary Ellis, Alice Playford ¥, John Sileto, John Church, Edith Borham, John Allen, Mary Williamson, John Strutt, Edward Crisoe, Thomas Claypole, John Knight, Mary Kettle, Daughter Smith, John Turner, Henry Smith, Thomas Wade, Roger Buers, Ruth Griggs, Thomas Marches, John Richold, John Read, Israell Ennowse, Edye Burton, Susan Kinge, Agnes Jolly, Thomas Robiant, Margery Garrad, Rose Jervis, Eoye Grenewood, Elizabeth Rowele, John Lane, Thomas Bonnes, William Burton, Agnes Hunt, Margarett Pollye, Margarett Carter, Alice Watson. 📌
1573-75 Image 13 ¥ Henry Wade, Blanch Pawell, Barbara Fynch, Alice Broughton, Priscilla Middleton, Alice Kinge, Mathew Sparrow, John Brand, Richard Wade, Edward Newton, Alice Sannsome, Raynold Turner, John Smith, Elizabeth Freind, William Catt, Elizabeth Catt, Sara Cutler, Agnes Barrett, Grace Sigg, Elizabeth Wade, Susan Brocke, John Ellis, John Lawer, Richard Newman, Margerie Watson, Katherin King, Ann Sannsome, Ann Weale, Robert Jervis, Joan Jolly, Andrew Kettle, Avis Buers, Katherin Milbourne, Edward Payne, Robert Read, Grace Turner, Samuel Griggs, William Knight, Thomasin Culverton, Ann Root, Robert Game, John Pale, Trephoda Burton, William Garrard, Jane Layne, Edith Martin, Judith Hunt, Edward Sparrow, Jeffery Kinge, Ann Rice, Margerie Newton, An Loggin, Edith Potter.📌
1575-77 Image 14 ¥ Judith Harding, William Carter, Margaret Fynch, Benett Scott, Ann Wade, Susan Adhams, Mary Bentley, Agnes Bonnes, John Baylye, Mary Barrett, Henry Prentice, Mary Midleton, Nicholas Robiant, Anthonye Rooks, Margaret Bryent, William Brand, Alice Burton, George Bagwourth, Henry Allen, Margarett Vanne, George Clemence, Roger Potter, Ann Grenwood, Edward Paule, Edward Watson, Joan Bleake, Margarett Kendall, Jane Newman, Ann Clarke, John Weale, Marye Turner, Edith Garrad, Margerie Mapas, Thomas Pryor, Richard Hayword, Ann King, Peter Gylatt, Roger Brownson , Ann Richardson, William Harte, Henry Wade, William Turner, Russell Hasenett, Joan Culverton, William Playford, William Fynch, William Jervis, Anne Layne, Joan Garrad.📌
1577-80 Image 15 ¥ John Strutt, Francis Newton, Joan Prentice, Edward Lumney, Son Pye, Joan Carter, Ann Bridg, George Browne, Sara Read ¥, Thomas Sansonne, Joan Cony, Mary Clarke, An Breuer, Elizabeth Cony, William Bragg, John Mapas, Ancilla Scott, Elizabeth Bleake, Robert Layne, Thomas Wallis, Susan Rooke, Grace Mott, Elizabeth Caunt, Robert Brand, John Coe, Henry Sparrow, John Ringer, Robert Hutton, Joan Fynch, Mary Sawyer, John Bownd, Son Payne, Joan Jenkinson, Robert Caught, John Neale, An Polly, John Barrett, John Cofield, (William Kinge, Margarett Kinge), John Kendall, Olifer Weale, Henry Pratt, Alice Culveston, Thomas Wade, Ann Turner, William Richardson, Susan Smith, Thomas Gilatt, John Hayward, Thomas Bridge. 📌
1580-82 Image 16 ¥ Mary Layre, Joan Parker, Mary Mott, Mary Clarke, John Garrad, Rachell Grig, Henry Creke, Mary Bonner, Edmond Clarke, Katherin Browne, John Brownson, Gregorie Garrad, Dina Wade, John Polly, Laurance Gilat, Henry Chapman, Rose Williamson, Thomas Game, Joan Newton, Thomas Foote, John Bruer, Margarett Bruer, Henry March, Ann Smith, Joan Kinge, Rose Layr, Joan Rooke, Richard Cory, Robert Jenkenson, Daughter Prior, Robert Hatch, William Candeller, Titus Kendall, William Turner, Richard Finch, Elizabeth Payne, William Grigg, Margaret Wade, Gorge Ringer, John Wade, Joan Gilatt, Susan Wallis, Daniell Buers, Samuell Preat, Joan Clarke, Richard Humfrey, Nicholas Garrad, Joan Kinge, John Bonner, Mary Clarke, An Hayward, William Midleton. 📌
1582-83 Image 17 ¥ Joan Mapas, Alice, Mary Bridge, Thomas Hutton ¥, Robert Polly, Joan Catt, Nicholas Kendall, Joan Harr, John Game, Richard Gunner, Ann Layne, Mary Turner, Nicholas Bleake, Nicholas Taylor, Rose Scott, John Clarke, Joan Harr, Margaret Hayward, Nicholas King, Hester Christmas, Richard Parker, Humphrey Browne, Thomas Hurr, John Grige, John Jenkenson, William Manners, William Wallis, Henry Sparrow, Alice Parker, Margaret Parker, Margerie Pullin, Grace Lumney, Ann Garrad, Richard Creke, George Man, Robert Parker, Richard Turner, Gorge Payne, John Wade, Esras Wade, Richard Huster, Susan Canche, Elizabeth Gilat, Rachell Lonely, Grace Clarke, William Smith, William Scott, James Ringer, Ruth Gunner, Hester Williamson, Christian Binner. 📌
1584-85 Image 18 ¥ Mary Wade, Mary Parker, Henry Somersom, Elizabeth March, Henry Garrad, Hengh Clarke, Alice Layre, Alice Gillatt, Henry Hayward, Barnabye Fletcher ¥, Jane Goodyn, John Roote, Emanuell Bridge, Ruth Bonner, Richard Brand, Alice Brownson, John Strutt, William Barnard, Jeffery Finch, Laurance Pryor, Edward Adhams, Anne Cooke, Elizabeth Cooke, John Smith, Susan Harr, Robert Cannt, Richard Garrad, William Catt, Joan Honyhter, John Mannors, Thomas Sileto, Jane Kinge, Bridgett Kendall, Henry Pullen, Thomasin Kendall, Edith Parker,John Smith, Richard Clark, (William Hutton, Thomas Hutton), Rose Smith, Elizabeth Dishburne, Joan Pake, Ann Halles, Agnes Bunner, Edward Potter, Joan Wade, William Taylor, Joan Humfrey, Elizabeth Grigs, Arthur Hacster, Rose Hatch.📌
1585-88 Image 19 ¥ Henry Cory, James Hayward, Richard Handler, Henry Handler, Daughter Ansell, Grace Newton, John Little, Edith Gilat, Margarett Ringar, Margarett Layre, Agnes Hayward, Elizabeth Man, Richard Game, Agnes Parker, John Kinge, Robert Parker, Katherin Bridge, Robert Christmas, Richard Gunner, Mary Wad, Margarett Laurence, Constance Evance, John Bird, Ann Hutton, Thomas Polly, Benett Roote, Calvin Sileto, Ann Aschefeild, Thomas Harr, Jane Buers, Rose Waller, Mercy Lumney, Thomas March, John Barnard, John Mapas, Thomas Parker, Ann Pinchbacke, Jone Garrad, Elizabeth Farrad, Grace, Bartholomew Clarke, Jane Turner, Thomas Leffingwell, Robert Hayward, John Bunting, Rose Church, John Knight, Thomas Blosse, William Smith, Samuel Garrad, Thomas Polly.📌
1587-88 Image 20 ¥ Edward Somersonne, John Jolly, Joan Chandler, John Cannt, Jane Greene, Richard Kendall, Peter Manners, John Wade, Margerie Bird, Simon Bonner, Prudence Catt, Mary Stamer, Elizabeth Sever, Edward Pake, Samuell Wallis, William Bridge, Edith Man, John Edwards, Henry Wright, William Clarke, William Rooke, John Payne, Marjorie Buntinge, Agnes Pryor, Rebecca Gummer, Joseph Ellis, Charles Smith, Ann Fletcher, Edmund Layne, Richard Kendall, William Kinge, Joan Brownson, Kapcht Huxster, Margarett Bruer, Mary Pullin, Thomas Humfrey, Laurance Gilatt, Katherin Potter, Jane Parker, John Aschefeild, Alice Browne, Susan Ware, Elizabeth Gilat, Grace Parker, Marria Fisher, William Evans, John, Elizabeth Mapas, Mary Sigg, Elizabeth Bridge. 📌
1588-90 Image 21 ¥ Margery Ward, William Newton, Rose Parker, Alice Hatch, John Silito, Audeye Sigg, Alice Gould, Edward Taylor, Rose Wade, Sara Hayward, John Wade, Henry Polly, Thomas Turner, Elizabeth Read, Mary Kendall, William Wade, Susan Manninge, Adam Polly, Robert Knight, Joan Borner, Bartholomew Smith, William Polly, Thomas Smith, Ann Fley, Bartholomew Bunner, Alice Garrad, Ann Huntman, John Clarke, Constance Harr, Barnabe Edes, Richard Jolly, John Stevens, Joan Man, William Jerrad, George Chandler, Grace Kendall, Agnes Little, Richard Roote, Alice Roote, John Hampton, (John Creke, Samuell Creke), Elizabeth Grene. 📌
1590-91 Image 22 ¥ Thomasin Manners, Joan Lis, Nicholas Dishborne, William Gunner, Edward Champney, Margaret Ward, Ann Somersonne, Frandello Pullen, Thomas Leffingwell, Elizabeth Lumney, Margaret Layre, Grace Grene, Elizabeth Church, Dorethe Peretree, Mary Richold, Margery Suntt, William Evans, John Chapman, John Pake, Cicily Smith, Nathaniell Buntinge, William Dearsley, William Bunner, Ann Parker, Mary Ashefeild, (Jeffery Hutton, Henry Hutton), Joan Pereson, Ann Randall, William Buner, Ann Bentall, Susan Wade, Frances Wright, Lucresia Godfrey, John Wright, John Kendall, (Simeon Hayward, Michaell Hayward), Barbara Fisher, Elizabeth Humphrey, Agnes Baker, Frances Turner, Martha Pinchbacke, George Potter, Christian Hayward, William Kingly, Henry Conney, William Hatch.📌
1591-92 Image 23¥ William Handler, Elizabeth Watson, Joshua Barnard, Unica Harr, Margarett Baylye, Thomas Taylor, Dorethe Wade, Ellenor Purcas, Mary Mosse, Joan Talbatt, Richard Knight, Abigall Parker, Ann Smith, Thomas Clarke, Joan Allen, Gorge Layne, Elizabeth Waller, Ann Morley, Henry Turner, Elizabeth Kees, Mary Poyb, Alis Winckfeild, Grace Hunting, John Potter, John Polly, William Wright, Mary Bruer, Rose Wade, William Parker, Edward Bridge, William Gilat, Margerie Creke, Helena Cutler, Thomasin Chick, Elizabeth Gilat, John Adhams, John Buntinge, John Church, Mary Pereson, Gorge Baker, Robert Strich, Steven Champney, Jane Richols, John Taylor. 📌
1593-94 Image 24¥ Anthony Bentall, Edward Roote, Ann Wade, Thomas Pullen, George Turner, Symon Ware, Mary Jerrad, Jane Smith, Rachell Bruer, Elizabeth Manners, Katherin Prior, Margarett Garrad, Jane Burton, Nicholas Ive, Elizabeth Clement, Katherin Knight, Mary Hayward, Alice Perse, John Payne, William, Alice Wade, William Syleto, Weston Aschefeild, Mary Pake, Mary Sigg, (Thomas Creeke, Susan Creeke), John Moss, (Jeremy Hatch, William Hatch), Elizabeth Talbot, Agnes Handler, Mary Wright, Alice Knight, William Kendall, Roger Harlakenden, William Buntinge, Jean Winckfeild, William Wright, Edward Parker, William Potter, William Clarke, Elizabeth Wade, Elizabeth Layre, Robert Catt, William Allen, Mary Bridge, Mary Baker, Edward Pilgrim, John Leffingwell. 📌 📌
1594-95 Image 25 ¥ Jeffrey Morley, Elizabeth Taylor, John Playford, Mary Bayliffe, Thomas Knight, Grace Clarke, William Adhams, Margaret Huntman, Edward Clarke, Katherine Pereson, Lucie Conney, Robert Harvye, Elizabeth Allen, Susan Allen, Richard Parker, Sara Champney, Henry Abbott, William Norman, Elizabeth Pereson, Joan Grant, Francis Somerson, Anne Church, Thomas Smith, Elizabeth Catt, John Kettle, William Harlakenden, John Smith, John Layre, Robert Gilat, Ann Burton, Agnes Burton, Samuel Browne, Alice Lugner, Elizabeth Bentall, Peter Polley, Thomas Turner, Bridgett Pease, Elizabeth Harris, Bridgett Aylworth, Elizabeth Bruer, Jeffery Bruer, Edmond Turner. 📌
1596-98 Image 26 Andrew Ashefeild, Mary Bridge, Sara Kendall, John Bunner, Lidia Payne, Elizabeth Pake, John Pullen, Alice Pilgrim, Richard Smith, Joan Ward, Rose Cooke, Robert Allen, Dorothy Harlakenden, John Butler, Thomas Bridge, Sara Bunting, Elizabeth Wade, Elizabeth Sawin, George Barber, Judith Bruer, Richard Knight, John Parker, Richard Allen, Richard Sileto, An Manners, Ann Creke, Mary Champney, Child Mann, John Garrad, Rose Pereson, Isaac Harryson, John Brown, Jane Church, John Firche, Ann Harlakenden, Senelophon Gilat, Margery Huntina, George Bentall, Andrew Kettle, John Brewer, Agnes Browne, Elizabeth Taylor, John Bayliffe, Joan Perse, John Pike, Susan Sawen.📌
1598-99 Image 27 Daniell Wade, Elizabeth Wright, Agnes Smith, Richard Hammond, John Morgan, John Catt, Bridgett Payne, Robert Crow, Katharin Church, George Smith, Robert Taylor, Elizabeth Morly, Rose Pennock, Water Newman, Alice Abbott, Ann Sileto, John Pilgrime, Agnes Turner, Robert Turner, Abigall Turner, John Champney, Francis Burton, Thomas Williamson, John Coney, Sara Woodward, Susan Bridge, Susan Ashfield, Isaac Edicke, Clement Turner, Jane Harris, John Ayleward, Anne Buner, William Allen, Jane, Alice Garrett, Susan Layer, Thomasin Jolley, Joan Baker, Elizabeth Newton, Thomas Harlakenden, Elizabeth Clarke, Thomas Bruer, Joan Bunting, Aneiche Bunting, Jeremy Mogin, Thomas Hatch, Margaret Champney, Alise Bayly, Esdras Wade. 📌
1599-1603 Image 28 ¥ John Smith, Henry Kettle, Camela Pollin, Barnabery Stait, Margery Kendall, George Hunnick, Joane Sparrow, Richard Rookes, Henry Bridg, Peter Mortimer, Thomas Payne, Clement Man, Anne Cobb, Hellina Game, Hugh Bruer, William Ginnings, Frances Bruer, John Smith, William Pike, Agnes Harlakenden, Anne Grant, Thomas Grant, Mary Smith, Taraye Griffin, Thomasin Sillito, William Gylot, John Persse, Jane Turnier, Alis Cat, Anne Pennock , Susan Ashfield, Aamos Payn, Anne Cat, Christopher Turner, Nicholas Harris, Anne Perse, John Midleton, Peter Tyler, Thomas Hatch, Mary Pilgrim, Charles Huntman, Edward Allin, Joan Bayly, Robert Abot, Katherin Hatch, Robert Anno, Jeremy Brobent, John Allen, William Burton, Sara Gremerd, Jane Harlakenden, Frances Newton, Gyles Crow, Margaret Bendall, Grace Champney, William Ward, John Rookes, Ann Aylward, John Payne, James Cony, Francis Newton, William Mott, Judith Patterson, Anthony Garret, Anable Layer, William Bridg, William Smith, John Bruer, Robert Baker, Thomasin Bridg, Mary Smith, Jane Finch, Brigget Allen, Edward Grant, Elizabeth Prior, Audery Strcock, Thomas Frison, Mabel Harlakenden, Alis Pike, Edith Cockter, Francis Gilat, Henry Bruer, Elizabeth Pertry, John Cat, Susan Pain, Mary Smith, Samuell Gaine, Thomas Perse, John Morgin, Thomas Pampling, Judith Sillito, Robard Horner, Richard Lay, Daniell Rowton, Mary Tyler,Joan Game, Thomasin Kendall, John Bruer, Nicholas Ho? 📌
1603-05 and ♦️1647-1657 Image 29 John Crow, Edward Cane, Rose Sparrow, Lydia Fearne, Richard Turner, Grace Allen, Mary Kettle, James Ginnings, Judith Pennock, Margaret Bullin, Alis Turner, John Hatch, Gamaliel Parker, Penelope Leffingwel, John Cock, Joan Hunwick, Nicholas Ashfield, Francis Abbot, Robard Bridg, John Ward, Ann Newton ¥, Grace Wade, John Grant, Katherin Harlackinden, Rosse Pennock, John Frost, John Sadd ¥, Elizabeth Rokes, Elizabeth Purchas, Moses Jylson, Katherin Midleton, Edward Catt ¥, John Bruer, Ann Bruer, Robard Pertry, James Man, Mary Grant or Allen, Thomas Ides, Mary Sansom, Alis Pamplin, John Burton, Elizabeth Gylat, Michaell Mott, Elizabeth Allen, Agnes Browne, Robard Enows, Ann Richal or Lovet, Thomas Prior, Francis Carter, James Pennock, Esderas Allen, Edward Payn ¥, Edith Brownson, John Smith, Robard Lee, Rachell Porter, John Baily, Thomas Garret, Nicholas Perse, William Hutt, Moyses Newton ¥, John ?ton, John Tiler, Margaret Finch. ♦️ John Izerson, George Izerson, Anna Lambe, John Coleman. Henry Biflett, Margaret Biflet, Mary Lambe, Frances Garrad. 📌

Burials 1559 - 1588

1559-61 Image 30 Katherin Knowls, John Leffingwell ¥, Ann Bird, John Hownell, Henry Pullen, Grace Reyner, Thomas Smith, Thomas Pullen, Samuel Jolly ¥, Elyne Smith, John Ruggls, John Watson, Gorge Kettle, Robert Pullen, John Wells, Adam Cooke, Katherin Moye, William Pinseed, Agnes Wild, Jane Lyper, Robert Whiteman, Joan Smith, Ann Bridge ¥, William Leffingwell ¥, Agnes Sparrow, Margarett Puale, Alice Hownell, Ann Brownson, Margarett Waide, Robert Grene, Agnes Bridge, Alice Allen, Katherin Hayle, Mary Sparrow, Helena Thorne, John Kettle ¥, Nicholas Parker, Margarett Pennocke, John Skinner, Gorge Byton. 📌
1562-64 Image 31 Alice Sileto, Henry Talbott, Mary Ruggles, Blanch Sayer, Joan Hudson, William Bickmer, Bartholomew Church, John Taylor, William Midleton, John Abbott, John Abbot, John Garrad, Margarett Abbott, Maryon Garrad, Peter Stokes, Nicholas Garrad, William Abbott, John Jolly ¥, John Malorye, William Lypter, Steven Hills, Elizabeth Hills, Henry Finch, Abraham Smith ¥, Thomas Polward, Israel Lommey, Elizabeth Keyne, Robert Read ¥, Mary Davye, Thomas Pollye, Edith Warren, Richard Everson, John Leffingwell, John Kassell, Ann Warren,John Trasor ¥, Joan Burton ¥, Thomas Everit, Julian Richardson, Thomas Playford ¥ , Mary Northine, Robert Cooke, John Read ¥, John Trasor ¥, Joan Prentice ¥. 📌
1564-66 Image 32 ¥ Agnes Wood, Margarett Hills, Robert Polly, (John Playford ¥, Joan Playford ¥), Lucye Thomson, Jean Pye, Rose Symsonne, Elizabeth Lampkine, Mathew Hudson, Joan Fuller, Robert Playford ¥, Elizabeth Cawch, Ann Diglott, Alice Digglott, Thomas Parmyter, Thomas Burton ¥, Richard Barbar, Katherin Warren, Emme Kingston(Bonner), Joan Elderbye, Thomas Skinner, Margarett Davye, Elynor Carew, Grace Brand ¥, Richard Parmyter, Roger Goodrige, Agnes Mureroke, Robert Mortimer, Robert Abbot ¥, Phillis Roote, Elizabeth Bonner, Richard Wood, Agnes Pye, William Bonner ¥, Agnes Abbot, Elizabeth Deverell, John Culverton, John Wood, Bridgett Hussett, Agnes Deane, William Jervis also Martin, Agnes Carter ¥, Margery Pullen, Nicholas Parker, Robert Greggs.📌
1566-70 Image 33 Jeffrey Ells, Joan Bonner, John Lonnaye, Grace Deverell, Elizabeth Everson, Thomas Allen, Jeffery Bischope, Eve Tyllett, Joan Abbott ¥, Rose Ells, Dionyse Davye, Margery Read ¥, Margarett Roult, Joan Spicer, Margarett Game, Agnes Sparrow, Robert Abbott, Thomas Hills, Richard Roult, John Spenser, Anne Finch, Margery Oxenford, Gorge Brice, Margery Bridge ¥, Nicholas Garrad ¥, John Ward, Thomas Turner, Beatrix Somershe, William Underwood, Karthell Midleton, James Hoyle, Amye Read ¥, John Eversome, Agnes Trasor ¥, Joan Turner, John Bellatt, William Olynche, Rose Hunt, Robert Allyson, Ann Ells, Robert Hudson, John Sannsome. 📌
1570-72 Image 34 Alice Browne, Christian Carter, Tirilye Midelton, Elizabeth Bownds, Margerye Summercote, Nicholas Summercote, Robert Newman, Joan Parker, Joseph Lambe, John Strutt, Ann Strutt, Joan Waide, John Brande ¥, Joan Smith, John Pudney, Robert Carter, John Boult, John Ketle, Elizabeth Smith, Roger Potter, John Jolly, Hellena Carter, Gorge Somersham, Blyth Clemens, Thomas Jeavis, Alice Jeggon, Elynor Stoke, Joan Cable, William Boreham, Widow Pudney, Vyne Smith, John Strutt, John Petfield, Ellen Harringson, John Evans, Ann Barrett, June Samsone, Joan Payne ¥, Joan Turner, Rose Cobbe, Alice Playford, Ellen Knight.📌
1572-75 Image 35 Robert Huttens, Edith Bryse, Margarett Browne, William Lambe, Ann Marsh, Henry Waide, George Floersbecke, Gregorye Garrad, Alice Broughton, John Pennoke, Joan Pudney, Samuell Diglett, Mathew Sparrow, Margarett Allen, Elizabeth Diglot, Alice Little, William Fynch, Henry Somerson, Thomas Humprad, Phyllis Polly, John Lawer, Joan Ptring, Steven Ley, Alice Evans, Jeremy Rampton, Elizabeth Finch, Ann Ruggles, Florence Cutler, John Clarke, Thomas Bridge, Robert Ennows, William Knight, Margarett Rookes, Thomas Hunt, John Taylor, Susan Brooke, John Grenwood, Avis Playford, Thomas Burton, Miles Elthrow, Alice Banks, Agnes Bridge. 📌
1575-80 Image 36 ¥ William Wade, Elizabeth Woodward, Margaret Mathew, John Harte, Edward Clarke, Elizabeth Clarke, John Sreat, Joan Playford, Edward Crispe, Joan Lummey, Elizabeth Taylor, Enoch Hassnett, Margaret Boyes, Susan Adhams, Margery Wade, Russell Hassnet, John ?, John Potter, Clemens Wiffe, Jane Burton, Alice Sparrow, William ?, Widoe Snoden, Richard Kelton, Barbara Wood, Bartholomew Garrad, John Sansome, Richard Ketle, William Turner, Sara Reade ¥, Elizabeth Estrey, Joan Better, Joan Parker, Widow Newton, Olyver Weale, Alice Culverton, Rose Smith, Son Wade, Rose March, Rose Ward, John Weale, Alice Culverton. 📌
1580-85 Image 37 ¥ Thomas Prentice, Widow Humfrey, An Wells, Samuell Griggs, Alice Hayward, Anthonye Allen, Alberry Bridge, Thomas Culverton, Edward Pullen, Mary Bruer, Edward Riche, Hellena Manners, William Griggs, Alice Edwards, John Barratt, John Playford, Thomas Smith, William Rosse, John Pudney, Elizabeth Cobb, Roger Harlakenden, Margarett Wade, Mary Brooke, Margarett Hassett, John Barrett, John Fabs, Mary Taylor, John Bayliffe, Marion Bayliffe, Elizabeth Chrispe, Margaret Prentice, John Wood, Thomas Knight, Robert Boys, John Rojent, Henry Clarke, John Sparrow, Alice Smith, Barnabe Fletcher ¥, Richard Brand, Cicilye Turner, James Pudney, Margaret Wade, Thomas Lumney, Edith Ennows, Elizabeth Sigg, Robert Sawyer, Joan Wade.📌
1585-88 Image 38 Richard? Bartholomew Church, John Hurr?, Agnes Leffingwell, Thomas Wade, Clement Turner, John Wade, Richard Prentice, William Smith, Ambrosse Abbott, Margereye Barnard, Joan Turner, Katherin Finch, Turner, Alice Game, Margarett Allen, Alice Cofield, Robert Jolly, John Cutler, An Taylor, Margarett Norson, William Greene, Dny Lambert, Robert Pereson, Thomas Polly, Agnes ?, Samuell Manninge.📌

Marriages 1559 - 1605

1559-60 Image 1 William Aymes and Katherin Cannt, Thomas Bridg and Ann Plumton, Henry Kettle and Annes Evered, George Smith and Margery Mathew, John Playford and Avis Brand, Robert Boyd and Margaret Duves, Gorge Abbott and Margarett Game, John Daley and Marian Greene, Nicholas Bucke and Katherin Cutler, Thomas Potter and Joan Gillam, Icherand Bampton and Christian Cooke, Anthony Aline and Agnes Bondbroke, Thomas Canche and Joan Brian, William Smith and Elizabeth Brewer, John Trasor and Ann Grene, Richard Bover and Katherin Wager, Hennles Fuller and Joan Clarke, William Hunlett and Alice Strutt, Robert Hassett and Bridget Birde, John Struett and Joan Walson, William Goodridge and Joan Cowp.📌
1560-71 Image 2 John Davye and Pull Wedon, Thomas Foule and Joan Allen, John Pennocke and Margarett Camescall, John Diglett and Elizabeth Pyke, Gorge Hall and Joan Wells, Thomas Allen and Margarett Hutton, John Wood and Barbara Buser, Richard Prentice and Margarett Ward, John Grymwood and Elizabeth Read, Gilbert Draw and Joan Wilde, Thomas Burton and Alice Ells, John Burton and Jane Pyle, John Midleton and Joan Umfray, John Hills and Margaret Bonner, Gorge Abbott and Jame Pamter, John Pennocke and Joan Northen, Robert Abbott and Joan Turnysche, Mathew Hudson and Agnes Sowscher, Thomas Gore and Elizabeth Brownson, William Jervis and Margarett Hudson, Robert Berrye and Mary Bickmar, John Butcher and Margaret German, Richard Brand and Jane Mallery, Henry Abbott and Alice Garrad, William Carter and Christian Little, John Scott and Helena Stonnard, Edward Greege and Mary Cutler, Jeffery Ellys and Joan Spurgeon, Robert Ennowse and Grace Biston, Edward Catt and Joan Spicer, Robert Senoice and Agnes Culverton, John Evans and Alice Goodrige, John Browne and Alice Pilgrim, John Preett and Elizabeth Harvy, John Layre and Joan Abbott, John Sparrow and Agnes Marten, Thomas Jewes and Samma Warren, Thomas Pare and Joan Byston, John Ward and Joan Clarke, Thomas Bridge and Ann Trymbull, John Hammond and Joan Cant, Francis Newton and Agnes Enner, Henry Somershin and Margery Calye, William Carter and Susan Sparrow, Bennitt Watson and Eliyre Myjchell. 📌
1571-79 Image 3 Henry Smith and Joan Pennok, Thomas Little and Christian Chapman, John Bundy and Agnes Foke, Thomas Humpstead and Alice Kingston, William Kynge and Agnes Parker, Richard pain and Judith Turner, Henry Christmas and Joan Crabbe, Richard Waye and Margarett Waller, John Brandbrocke and Alice Carter, John Cutler and Susan Harris, John Barrett and Margery Church, John Leffingwell and Dorothie Dowdeall, Thomas Hudson and Margarett Harte, Thomas Culverton and Alice Pereson, Water Newman and Jane Evans, Richard March and Jane Bennett, Richard Abraham and Margerye Somersone, John Somsom and Ann Bennall, Thomas Allen and Margarett Laurance, Nicholas Game and Katherin Greene, John Sparrow and Elizabeth Streett, Thomas Loggen and Joan Ley, Richard Horspitt and Grace Ennows, Richard Bagworth and Elizabeth Bene, [[Cofield-101|John Coffeild|and Alice Burton, John Throston and Ann Prentice, John Playford and Mary Usherwood, Hugh Clarke and Agnes Leffingwell, Laurance Gylett and Elizabeth Green, Gorge Barker and Joan Elicheron, Henry Polly and Hope Manninge, William King and Alice Rydson, Thomas Johnson and Joan Payne, Gorge Harvy and Margery Hutton, Thomas Strutt and Margery Harr, Thomas Bell and Margarett Clarke, John Fletcher and Helena Sparrow, Henry Clarke and Winefreind Burtonscher, Symon Turner and Joan Strutt, John Sawyr and Ann Browne, John Symon and Dorcas Dowty, Roger Mott and Ann Byrd, James Ward and Ann Pullen, Richard Parker and Margarett Burr, Richard Clarke and Margery Pullen, Richard Samford and Rose Mott, William Gerrard and Prudence Usherwood, Thomas Edwards and Margery Newton, Robert Clarke and Elizabeth Siggen, John Griggs and Helena Manners, John Bunnerand Barbara Smith, William Smith and Joan Newton, Peter Gylat and Ann Grene, John Gould and Ann Leffingwell, Robert Boys and Ann Davison, John Wade and Polonia Gabyn. 📌
1580-89 Image 4 William Clarke and Elizabeth, Thomas Fuller and Joan Weale, Randal Gargrave and Frances Harrys, Thomas Clarke and Ann Sigge, John Pullen and Margarett Gage, Thomas Hutton and Joan Harvye, Thomas Manninge and Margery Smith, Thomas Rooke and Marian Watson, William Manners and Margarett Hayward, Rype Cole and Lettice More, Thomas Maris and Joan Wade, William Smith and Marye Robient, Arthur Huester and Katherin Usherwood, William Bird and Agnes Allen, Henry Harr and Margarett Griggs, Thomas Pullen and Rose Spurgion, Thomas Harr and Susan Jolly, John Wade and Andaye, Esdras Wade and Clement Rojent, John Parker and Ann Read, Henry Smith and Alice, Thomas Sileto and Margarett Sever, John Laurance and Elizabeth Allen, Richard Wad and Joan Cooke, John Buner and Elizabeth Pye, John Pow and Mary Garrett, John Page and Rebecca Harr, John Burton and Joan Polly, Miles Man and Alice Sigg, Moyses Taylor and Alice Mortymer, William Dyshbourne and Grace Clarke, Richard Clarke and Joan Cante, Edward Wade and Marye Plaford, James Pynchbacke and Joan Knight, Henry Bird and Agnes Pereson, Jeffery Waller and Rose Trasor, Nicholas Ashefield and Margarett Hunt, Thomas Wade and Chrystian Graye, Thomas Turner and Joan Polly, Robert Knight and Constans Munt, Robert Manning and Ann Boys, William Pheshe and Agnes Sawyer, Robert Allen and Margarett Hall, Thomas Polly and Margaret Parker, John Steven and Ky Grenwood, Richard Randall and Ann Kent, Richard Read and Katherine Kettle, Luke Hawkins and Joan Ennos, John Jolly and Jane Robient, Henry Wright and Edith Midleton, John Sigg and Margarett Rogers, John Buner and Ann Bridge, Charles Huntman and Margery Deverell, William Wade and Joan Bunster, William Taylor and Mary Goslyn, Edward Sigg and Agnes Carr, Thomas Chrisp and Joan Creke, Richard Smith and Margarett Bruer, George Wood and Margery Bridge, Franham Haryson and Margery Jolly. 📌
1589-93 Image 5 Thomas Smith and Joan Abbott, William Bridge and Ann Polly, John Layne and Winefred Clarke, John Agar and Rose Turner, John Pecker and Alice Knight, John Peretree and Marian Traser, Christopher Pearey and Priscilla Garrad, Symon Grene and Margarette Potter, John Harvy and Margery Smith, Richard Hayward and Tabitha Manninge, Henry Bridge and Edith Trasor, John Pereson and Edith Grene, Steven Chamney and Rose Carre, Laurence Parker and Ann Cokerell, Francis Wright and Grace Abbott, Thomas North and Marie Jones, Thomas Allen and Elizabeth Thaulton, John Syleto and Agnes Gould, Roger Pye and Elizabeth Cabacke, Henry Polly and Jane Brand, John Leffingewell and Emm Harvye, Thomas Winckfeild and Joan Parker, Benjamin Chandler and Margaret Parker, Thomas Moses and Rose Davy, Henry Morly and Grace Grenwode, John Keys and Elizabeth Stanton, Clement Conye and Dorcas Potter, John Burton and Joan Wade, John Coote and Joan Payne, Nicholas Perce and Alice Leffingwell, Thomas Allen and Helena Fletcher, William Hollington and Christian Wade, William Adhams and Joan Penyfather, Michell Bleake and Alice Watson, Thomas Smith and Agnes Potter, John Kettle and Rose Read, Clement Turner and Cisilye Mortimer, William Norman and Agnes Bridge, John Burton and Katherin Wade, Samuel Burton and Barbara Caunt, William Browne and Elizabeth Bassett, John Syleto and Parnell Parrolo, John Crabb and Elizabeth Richards, Nicholas Saunder and Alice Ferman, Edward Payne and Margarett Harwood, James Franctlie and Margaret Burgis, Amos Mansett and Joan Evans, Arthur Davers and Joan Bird, Thomas Brand and Ann Peretree, William Wright and Margaret Ward, Christopher Allen and Elizabeth Kent, George Vine and Margery White, John Clarke and Joan Joslin, Richard Fishe and Mary Garrard, Marmaduke Hasvy and Alice Allen, Jeffery Wall and Joan Srellose, John Aylward and Grace Wood. 📌
1594-1601 Image 6 George Pylgrim and Sara Cutler, Thomas Pereson and Helena Allen, William Smith and Ann Scott, John Playford and Joan Carr, Richard Allen and Helena White, John Browne and Katherin Cashell, Thomas Lugnor and Ann Garrad, Thomas Whipsin and Agnes Traser, Richard Smith and Elizabeth Crabb, Edmund Laye and Margery Polly, John Hales and Elizabeth Sparrow, Abraham Pike and Jane Newman, John Bruer and Joan Jolly, John Hammond and Jane Smith, Adam Garrad and Judith Cornewell, John Coney and Margarett Hull, Steven Ball and Ann Garrad, John Scott and Jane Newton, Moyses Harr and Elizabeth Freind, Francis Trundle and Rachell Davison, Samuel Haines and Susan Hewes, Robert Cobbe and Edith Ward, Thomas Anneally and Elizabeth Crisp, Robert Crowe and Fayth Knight, John Bruer and Phillis Sparrow, John Layre and Alice Man, Nathaniel Persye and Elizabeth Yorke, Robert Smith and Susan Harr, Francis Newton and Barbara Burton, Thomas Polly and Margery Wood, John Smith and Barbara Pake, Edward Newton and An Hospitt, William Mott and Marye Neale, Robert Strutt and Marry Catt, Marmaduke Harvye and Ann Kerken, John Hatch and Katherin Huyter, William Kitchin and Margarett Potter, John Grant and Ruth Griggs, Edward Payne and An Kene, William Dashe and Elizabeth Warner, Samuell Game and Grace Gyant, Edward Griggs and Ann Evans, Robert Rooke and Thomasin Warren, William Sable and Margaret Kendall, William Jenninges and Elizabeth Adams, George Allen and Agnes Bannnes, Thomas Aylett and Sara Cutler, John Dirkes and Margaret Tiegor, William Clarke and Retina Cawed, Samuel Tyler and Jane Taylor, John Ward and Mary Game, Francis Cooke and Marye Butten, Gyles Jeane and Margarett Bayly.📌
1601-05 Image 7 Huget Potter and Margaret Parker, John Fylson and Anne Sansam, Robert Game and Joan Playfoot, Thomas Pamplin and Joan King, Francis Carter and Joan Caunt, Robart Horne and Agnes Clarke, John Keane and Mary Meake, Thomas Smith and Margaret Potter, John Hatch and Rachell Hayward, Thomas Sansom and Judith Cata, William Catt and Elizabeth Cowland, Thomas Totman and Katherine Hunwick, Rychard Potter and Margery Pamplin, John Sadd and Elizabeth Caunt, John Fonst and Selena Prondo, John Pennock and Margery Neuton, John Newton and Elizabeth Dix, John Brount and Ammy Cutler, John Cobb and Katherin Cockerton, Richard Barton and Pricilla Midleton, John Brownson and Elizabeth Layer, John Fletcher and Rose Williamson, Francis Neale and Hellena Prentis, Thomas Prior and An Grimmer, John Bridg and Margaret Barker, William Hut and Hellena Williamson, Richard Prentis and Joan Carter, Joseph Clayton and Edith Parkman, Joan Sillito and Joan Stebbing, John Smyth and Thomasing Caunt, John Hopper and Elizabeth Lord. 📌


Blank page Image 39

D/P 209/1/2 Overall Date Range 1609-1654

Entries in blue are duplicated in book 3

Baptisms 1609-1654

1609-1610 Image 1 Agnes Paine ¥, Thomas Miller, Thomas Tyler, Margaret Knight, Roger Smith ¥, Elizabeth Diglet, Elizabeth Prippes, Rose Rosborrow, William Wade, Elizabeth Cressener, John Cooke, William Middleton, John Ellis, Anna Hatch, Edward Newton, William Newton, Frances Ward ¥, John Sillito, Samuel Burton, Richard Crow, Richard Roote, Mary Hutton, Anne Kemp, John Sillito, Margaret Finch, Thomas Paretree, Mary Wright, Rebecca Allen, Cornelius Brownson, Annis Game, Eusabet Peake, Henry Morley, Anna Finch, Rose Cate, Mary Barton, Mary Paine, Alse Bens, Rose Hut, William Rooke, Ann Harlakenden, ? rooryoat, ? Newton, Susanna Newton, Catherine Knight. 📌
1610-1612 Image 2 Anne Parker, Jane Sansome, Moses Creeke, Ismael Graunt, Elizabeth Newman, Rachel Sad, Ruth Prior, Richard Clarke ¥, Elizabeth Smith, Moses Andrews, John Andrews, Sarah Burton, Moses Cant, Rose Wade, Jane Buers, Christopher Larkins, John Gilson, Mary Church, Thomas Cutler, Alse Noobye, Henry Wryth, John Rosbrooke, Grace Lay, Adam Garrard ¥, Sarah Phypps, Sarah Phypps, Rose Walles, Ann Crowe, Ann Hutton ¥, Richard Bonner, William Pane, William Cooke, Thomasin Sparmes, Eedy Game, Thomas Allen, Samuel Paine, Rose Polle, Albery Prior, Richard Ellis, John Burton, Robert Sillito, Johan Hoskins, Bridget Gaunt, Thomas Sillito, Lettis Evans ¥, Jone Paine, John Penocke, Robert Penocke, Jone Penocke, Rose Miller, Richard Coote, Robert Catche, Thomas Smithe ¥, Griggol Finche, Edward Brewer ¥, Anna Ellis, Robert Davies, Virtue Wilsonne, Francis Brewer, Rose Cole, Roger Harlakenden, Grace Waller, Mary Brewer, John Newton ¥, Thomas Tyler, Agnes Loveney, Charitye Boyer, John Man, Elizabeth Turner, Thet Middleton, William Shepheard, Margaret Ward, Eedie Polley, Thomas Frost, Joan Pamphlyn, Jefferye Ellis, Rose Reade, Priscilla Strut. 📌
1612-1616 Image 3 Jone Roote, Abigail Read ¥, Henry Sillito, Henry Hatch ¥, Elianor Smithe, Alse Brownsonne, Rose Hutton ¥, Grace Tranfield, Richard Hutton, Abigail Clarke, Robert Marchin, Margaret Cant, Adam Brewer, Philip Nealy, Ann Hutton, Alice Brown, Ann Newton, Richard Abbot ¥, Anne Prior, Grace Cressener ¥, Susan Gale, Robert Smith, Richard Harkmson, John Boy, Mary Ade, Geoffrey Cyber, William Garret, Albon Curie, John Polly, Priscilla Wade, Catherine Sarid, Marie Creake, John Prior, James Rooke, Rosamund Church, William Kettel, Mabell Harlakenden ¥, Elizabeth Peake, Edward Rogers, Samuel Paine ¥, Thomas Man, Grace Game, Abigail Harris, Edmund Burton, Elizabeth Catt, John Gibson, Ruth Grant, John Shepard, Jane Hall, Robert Allen, Joan Kosos, Alce Bunting, John Hutton, Henry Hutton ¥, Elizabeth Bournier, Charles Kene, John Grant, An Lay, Thomas Brewer, John Smith ¥, Thomas Boover, Samuel Newton, Elizabeth Bowers, Joan Miller, Mary Gilman, Margaret Cade, Triscia Prior, Richard Parkinson, Robert Middleton, Joanne Cooke, William Sporring, Richard Sigg, Elizabeth Strutt, Thomas Turner, Susan Andrew, Susan Kendall, Samuel Pinchkarte, Richard Ward, Joan Prior, Edward Cant, Richard Burton, Edward Harris, Mary Cooke, Mabell Harlakenden, John Taylor, Sarah Wall, William Fletcher, Thomas Mannings, John Reade, Edward Potter, Susan Barber, Richard Silito, Thomas Wade, William Brewer ¥, Thomas Man, Rachell Hamond, Susan Clay, John Wade, John Miller, Francis Reade, Jane Clark ¥, Richard Hatch, Robert Kendall, Elizabeth Lee, Susan Parker, Francis Newton ¥, Susan Pamplin, Richard Brownson, William Rampton, Mary Polly, Elizabeth More, Calvin Silito, Rose Cressener, Susan David, Jane Brown, Elizabeth Hatch, Samuel Middleton, John David, Joan Paine, Adam Scepriard, Robert Prior, Agnes Creake ¥, Richard Paine, Elizabeth Kendal, Eleanor Harris, Richard Man, John Prior, Joan Grimwood, Joan Potter, Rose Read, James Pennock, Elizabeth Hutton, Moses Garret, Ellin Burton, Jean Thinblebee, Georg Harlakenden ¥, John Frost, Michael Man, Marie Burton, Elizabeth Smyth, William Paretree, John Roote, Elizabeth Clay, Kachell Waller, Agnes Pennock, John Rampton, Kachell Peake, John Gilman, Anna Read, Ann Strut, Margaret Modet, Joan Cant, John Newton ¥, Nicholas Allen. 📌
1616-1622 Image 4 Margaret Cig, Prindia Ballard, Ann Hutton, Joseph Turner, John Hutt, Richard Cannt, Margaret Fletcher, John Upcher ¥, Susan Layer, John Creake, Anna Princhbark, Mary Clark ¥, Milo Barton, Susan Rakes, Joan Dishborne, Robert Prior, John Bullock, John Potter, John Steven, Bartholomew Cressener, William Hatch, Elizabeth Panter, William Allen, John Cake, Toby Harris, Georg Wade, Richard Ward, William Kendall, Joan Andrew, Joan Cooke, Cosan Coane, Margaret Davie, Jane Smith ¥, Samuel Sympant, Ellin Paine, John Laruses, Elizabeth Bunter, Joan Miller, Thomas Pilgrim, Robert Lay, Samuel Game, Edward Bur, Henry Pande, Thomas Rampton, William Adam, Adam Pollie, Guy Hutton, Elizabeth Reade, Mary Browne, Joan Burton, Robert Newton, Thomas Hatch ¥, Elizabeth Brownson, George Cressener, John Moore, Anne Hancock, Henry Burton ¥, Susanna Smyth, Mary Thinolobie, Mary Taylor, Ann Ward, John Prentice, Henry Wiles, Guy Pennock, Richard Man, Marye Sillito, Georg Kais, Thomas Guy, Alice Layer, (William Hutton ¥, Mary Hutton), John Kendall, Grace Heard, Joan Man, William Micklefield, John Wade, Nicholas Biford, Edmond Wall, Edith Osburne, Joan Ambrose, Roger Middleton, Anna Nealy, Mary Layer, Margery Faw, John Cant, Thomas Raid, Thomas Grymer, John Sigg, Peter Kendall ¥, John Hutton, Edward Paine, Joan Adam, William Roote, John Cressener, Mary Prior, Susan Strut, Margaret Parrs, Francis Rooke, Thomas Potter, Susan Steven, Edward Clark, Dorcas Hunnicke, Thomas Smyth ¥, John Prior, Thomas Andrew, Franncis Ward, Grace Paine, Grace Burton, John Fletcher, Deborah Harris, Joan Layer, Georg Cutting, An Allen, Thomas Upsher, Mathew Bridge, Mary Allen, Edward Daly, Elizabeth Hutton ¥, Agnes Clark, Mary Kendall, Hellen Prentis, An Bunner, Thomas Bullock, Susan Biggs, John Kendall ¥, Elizabeth Kendall ¥, Richard Creake, Joan Cooke, Hugh Potter, Debora Potter, William Gilatt, Joan Manning, John Michaelford, Elizabeth Garret, William Andrews, Margaret Man, Samuel Gates, Mary Larrot, Samuel Read, Sara Strutt, Mary Church, William Pilgrim, John Cressener, Hugh Silito, Magdalen Ballon, Bartholomew Hatch, Francis Clitter, John Adam, Ann Wade, Magdalen Euendr, Hugh Man, Magdalen Thimblobne, Henry Hatch, Margery Burton, John Hutton, Rachel Prior, Symon Middleton, Richard Hauksbee, Hugh Potter, Grace Browne, John Smith ¥, Mary Rand, Nicholas Kendal, Anne Day, Joan Harris, John Write, William Hutt, James Pennock, Jeremy Biford, Anne Harris, Grace Hunwick, William Layer, Grace Hodgson, Elizabeth Kendall, Nohn Cannt, John Hall, Jean Cressener, Grace Potter, Matthew Hutton ¥, Abraham Middleton, Elizabeth Kendal, Marie Amos, Edward Tayler, Elizabeth Pennock, Magdalen Scot, William Wright, Ann Colman, Jone Payte, John Dell. 📌
1622-1627 Image 5 Thomas Kane, Elizabeth Paine ¥, Magdalen Burton ¥, Marian Cooke, Francis Gales, Mary Abbot, John Garret Susan Upcher, Francis Man, Thomas Wade, Joan Larret, John Creak,Elizabeth Tayler, John Prior, William Disburne, Rosa Ellis, Benjamin Hood, Rose Harris, Margaret Allen, Bartholomew Clark, William Huske, William Bullock, John Dodman, Magdalen Allin, William Kendall, Henry Coney, John Allen, Edward Creake, Richard Stowel, Edward Ballard, Grace Harris, William Man, William Sell, Henry Abbot, Samuel Biglet, Elizabeth Davy, Anne Hauksbee ¥, Joane Prior, Joan Bunner, Joan Shilito, Agnes Smyth, William Hunnick, Elizabeth Adams, Edmund Layer, Susan Tebals, Thomas Bredg, William Turner,Joan Kent ¥, Susan Andrew, Richard Miller, Edmund Steven, Alice Hodgson, Edward Browne, Ann Wade, Jeffery Hutton, Rose Hatch ¥, William Fawcet, Thomas Andrew, Ellin Strut, Joan Kendal ¥, Ann Dedman, Solomon Caunt, Agnes Christmas ,Mathew Ames, Margaret Wade,Thomas Fowler,Margaret Sever, John Kendal, Jane Middleton, Tobie Cressener ¥, Gamaliel Holden,Thomas Joceline, Nathaniel Burton ¥, Joan Pinchback, Daughter Themblebie, Daughter Wade, William Cooper, Anne Potter, John Flatman, John Dishburne, Grace Rogers, John Stock, Robert Biford, Thomas Paine ¥, Eleonor Long, Sara Newton ¥, Grace Michaelfeild, Grace Crook, Georg Layer, Susan Bur, Roger Turner, Repentance Clarke, Francis Colman, Elizabeth Alen, Mary Gosslen, Ellin Roote, John Huske, Grace Sell, Grace Wallis, Anne Creake ¥, Robert Champney, Ester Harris, Rose Michaelfield, William Larrot, William Hauksbee, Henrie Clough, Symon Ive ,Elizabeth Fanning, Dionis Prior, Edith Turner, Robert Cooke, Robert Abbot, Robert Briant, Bartholomew Adam, Alan Hunnick, Elizabeth Smith ¥, Joan Tayler, Jeane Coney, William Davy, Abret Garret, Elizabeth Buller, Elizabeth Middleton, Anne Man, Repent Sparrow, Thomas Christmas, Jane Smyth, Anne Fawcet, Edmond Creak, John Clarke, Elizabeth Goslen, Robert Land, Alice Steven, Mary Pilgrim, Anne Bricke, Mary Wade, Anthony Smith ¥, Levy Clark, Elizabeth Dishburne, Mathew Turner, Sara Tebal, Robert Ballard, Francis Pilgrim, Rose Cressener, Mary Dedman, Robert Hutton ¥, Isaac Cooke, Dorathy Brewer, Clement Turner, John Leffingwell, William Burton, Mary Loveday, Elizabeth Allin, Mabel Aliston, Joane Stowel, Daniel Lee, Peter King, Thomas Fanning, Mary Brownson, Samuel Creake, Robert Paine, Edward Prior. 📌
1627-1632 Image 6 Henry Buller, Ann Andrew, Robert Harris, Daniel Price, Thomas Somersone, William Crow ¥, John Layer, John Strut, Margaret Wallis Margarett Wall, Elizabeth Hutton, Henry Huske, John Christmas, Anne Harris, Elizabeth Clark, Francis Smith, Thomas Wade, Samuel Wade, Nicholas Disburne, William Lake, John Thimblebie, John Thomson, William Newton, Magdalen Perry, Daniel Aymes, Abraham Taylor, Georg Abbot ¥, Thomas Coney, Richard Neave, Jeane Garret, Dorothy Man, Richard Rookes, Anna Rookes, Richard Knock, Grace Kendall ¥, Rebecca Harris, Francis Clark, Mary Adam, John Sutton, Anne Miller, Margaret Cobb, Elizabeth Brick, Mary Middleton, Rose Man, Thomas Turner, Anne Steven, Elizabeth Clark, Dorathy Layer, Edith Smith, Anna Teball, Isaac Price, Thomas Andrew, John Brownson, Robert Crow, Thomas Caunt, Mary Turner, Margaret Creake ¥, John Pilgrim, Elizabeth Potter, Thomas Rookes, Anne Pilborow, Robert Layer, Anne Layer, Anthony Garret, Toby Burton ¥, Mary Cressener, John Clarke ¥, Sara Hauksbee, Thomas Leffingwell, Ellin Osburne, Richard Clitter, Elizabeth Knock, Mary Hutton, Diana Harris, Joane Clark ¥, John Brewer, Robert Stowel, Magdalen Lee, Abraham Christmas, Sara Prior, Robert Finch, John Barker, Mary Parker, Elizabeth Somersonne, Margaret Adams, William Hadfield, Nathaniel Wade, Thomas London, Francis Kendal, Ales Cook, Anne Eden, Mary Abbot, William Wallis, William Potter ¥, Elizabeth Clark, Margarett Garret, Mary Newton, Mathew Perry, Elizabeth Goslin, Edmond Wade, Anne Bownes, Margaret Rooke, Elizabeth Hunwick, John Church ¥, Joane Clark, Joan Catt, Christopher Turner, Elizabeth Harris, John Bowles,Hanna Sanders, Martha Taber, John Penhock, Josias Man, Anna Manning, Margaret Hodson,John Crow, John Harris, Mary Potter, Robert Pilborow, Clement Turner, William Waford, William Neave, John Bowles, William Reade, John Bowles, Dorathie Pease, John Brownson ¥, Brigit Bonnes, Anne Finch, John Keeble, Edward Grant, William Clark ¥, Mary Bewit, Elizabeth Smyth, Mary Christmas, Charles Kendal, Thomas Allen ¥, Mary Patten, Anne Parker, Anne Cob, Joane Pilgrim, John Prior, Thomas Hutton ¥, Mary Fawcet, Elizabeth Aymes, Urania Harrison, John Cony, Edward Prentice, Stephen Man,Anne Garret, Edward Cressener ¥,Mary Knock, John Brewer, Grace Newton, Thomas King, Elizabeth Paretree, Edward Pilborrow, John Tyler, Judith Garett, Susan Smith, Mary Waford, John Keble, William Creak Richard Lee. 📌
1632-1637 Image 7 ¥ John Bruer, Bartholomew Huske, John Cutter, Rose Cutter, Thomas Buttoll, Mary Pike, Edmond Hunwick, Susan Creak ¥, Esdras Wade, John Browne, Edmond Pease, Barbary Harrington, Mercy Brick, Anna Potter, Nathaniel Saunders, Elizabeth Daniel, Grace Manning, Henry Bownes, Nicholas Harrison, Susan Adams, Susanna Burton, Jeffery Tayler, Thomas Prior, Dorcas Brownson, Thomas Allin, Elizabeth Prentice, Mary Bowles, Agnes Penhock, Bartholomew Church, John Clarke, Anne Grail, Mary Silito, Edward Clarke, Edward Smyth ¥, Reynold Finch, William Patten, James Markam, Abraham Markam, John Coll, Bridget Knock,Mathen ?son, John Hewis, Robert Patten, Edward Coney, Susanna Wallis, William Hatch, Christopher Fawcet, Anna Burton ¥, Mary Harrison, Thomas Butroer, Margaret Brownson, Richard Rayment, Dorcas Prior, Mary Fawcet, William Smyth ¥, Judith Garret, Margaret Lea, Daniel Biford, Anne Waford, Mercy Paine, Abigail Abbot ¥, Robert Hunwick, Thomas Keeble, Christopher Aldrich, John Fell, Samuel Crow ¥, Thomas Fisher, James Harrington, Agnes Bowner, Joan Prior, Daniel Aymes, Mary Potter, William Creak ¥, Margaret Harlakenden, Edith Manning, Sara Christmas, William Brick ¥, Robert Pilbrow, Gamaliel Garret, Margery Sillito, John Buttel, James Game, Mary Carter, Dorcas Peake, Thomas Ward, Mehetabel Burton, Abraham Pike, William Sutton, Thomas Haske, John Allin, Jeane Markham, John Hodgson, John Morley, Thomas Man, Georg Price, John Rushbrooke, Henry Sanders, John Evans, Edmond Wade, Nicholas Bowles, Henry Hutton, Bartholomew Hunwick, Edward Hatch, Hanna Pilgrim, Rosamond Arnold, Ann Paine, Margaret Markham, John Finch, Richard Sillito, Sara Prentice, John Church, James Adams, Mary Prentice, John Biford, Katherin Hodgson, Mary Hurril, Mary Harlakenden ¥, William Brick, Mehetabel Harrington, Thomas Harlakenden ¥, Wife Smyth, Richard Hatch, Robert Garret, Abigail Tyler, Nicholas Smyth, John Raymoul, Robert Pilborow, Hanna Gill, Mary Ruggles, Phebe Newton, Alice Ferret, Robert Haxall, Elizabeth Taylor, Anne Crow ¥, Robert Harison, Hanna Burton, Francis Burrow, Susan Borow, Frances Manning, William Stand, Abigail Grant, Susan Gibson, Sara Newton, Samuel Prior, Robert Knock, Mary Matchero, Tolchanias Fuller, Jeremy Cob, Robert Sillito, Thomas Seton, Susan Aldrich, Robert Lea, Robert Myf?, Mary Barker.📌
1636-1641 Image 8 ¥ Mary Parker, Elizabeth Paine, Anne Paine, Elizabeth Bunner, Mary Brownson, Nathaniel Christmas ¥, Edith Ward, Richard Rushbrook, Agnes Bunner, William Carter, Samuel Finch, Richard Bowles, Joane Amye, George Wade, Susanna Hatch, Rebecca Keble, William Peartree, William Garret, Thomas Garret, John Ward, Judith Death ¥, Anna March, Elizabeth Kendal, George Hunwick, Mary Burton, Roger Benous, Elizabeth Allin, Nicholas Clark, Mary Slade, Mary Crow, Elizabeth Ellis, John Ruggles, Magdalen Hodgson, Edward Abbot, John Potter, Mary Potter, John Staubs, Elizabeth Paretree, Susan Lay, Edward Fr?, Richard Rayment, Elizabeth Badge, Motry Canders, Grace Morley, Francis Game ¥, Anne Bentel, Elizabeth Markam, Abram Brewer, John Markham, Abel Chop, Susan Rayner, John Pake, Ivy Grant, Thomas Hales, Elizabeth Cressener, John Hutton, John Hodgson, Thomas Adam, Mary Hind, John Smyth, John Gaut, Elizabeth Death ¥, Anne Hatch, George Harris, John Richmas, Magdalen Creens, William Sillito, William Paint, Elizabeth Paine, William Fawcett, John Garret, John Paretree, ? Rushbright, John Kendal, John Ellis, Samuel Burton, Dorothy Brainad, Agnes Haxal, John Wade, Anne Cob, Grace Sillito, Anne Paine, Edward Johnson, John Sexton, Anne Sexton, Zecharia Buttal, John Bunner, John Amy, Mary Finch, Susan Manning, John Peake, John Harrison, Samuel Bownes, Humphrie Ruggles, Grace Sillito, Elizabeth Playley, Thomas Hales, John Hales, John Danish, Samon Stevens, Samuel Bexer, Jone Buers, Margaret Hunt, Thomas Osborne, Bon Mom, Edward Sillito, William Garret, Robert Carter, William Boules, Anna Ward, Brownell Bremen, George Peartree, Mary Garrett, Anne Ward, Rachell Ward, Thomas Hutton, Sarah Waight, Elizabeth Hodgson, Thomas Boules, Pillory Reyner, Manris Paine, Francis Ward, Ann Smith, George Benshall, Henry Barker, Grace Hunwick, John Prentice. 📌
1641-47 Image 9 ¥ Rachel Flake, Deborah Ffell, Nathaniel Chrismas, Daniel Markham, Susana Arnold, Grace Sillito, William Newton ¥, Sarah Potter, Fiona Knocke, Sarah Burton ¥, Susanna Saniers, John Smith, William Death, John Turner, Mary Rushbrooke, Anna Hunt, Thomas Sillito, Mary Morley, David Plaitic, Susanna Bowles, Rose Hatch, Mary Kendall, Samuel Pannell, Susanna Pearetre, Robert Andrewes, Jane Pear-tree, Mary Josselin ¥, Jone Pilgrim, Hodson, Rachel Leeke, Richard Manning, Nathaniel Markham, Mary Brewer, Susanna Cook, John Quilter, Elizabeth Tiffin, Mary Bunner, John Stevens, John Mole, Mary Fis, John Coffin, Richard Tylle, John Abbott, Jane Game, Henry Wade, Elizabeth Mamu, William Kendall, John Sillito, Elizabeth Ffinch, Richard Cant, Daughter Diggs, Elizabeth Burton, Elizabeth Potter, ? Bentall, Elizabeth Drifs, Joane Peartree, Mary Smith, John Pease, Mary Wallford, Mary ?, Nathaniel Hake, Mary Johnson, Thou..Hunt, ? Bett, Jeoxgs Moss, Elizabeth Ward, Thomas Hivas, Mary Brewer, Dorcas Sillito, Jone Peartree, Margery Penhach, Richard Burton, Elizabeth Ffossett, John Pilgrim, Anna Peartree, Thomas prent, Thomas Josselin, Rachael Goodman, John Burton, Nicholas Kendal, William Sillito, Richard Bunner, ? Hatch, Mary Caplin, Robert Ward, Adam Polly, James Man, Simon Rushbrook, Joanna Bowles, Grace Hoskins, John Parke, Sarah Mole, William Kendall, John Trowles, Elizabeth Hunt, William Mann, Rachel Quilter, Mary, Jane Kendall, Samuel Chrismas, John Smith, Sarah Hatch, Thomas Johnson, Mary Bridge, John Death, Winifred Plaile, Thomas Peake, William Joude, Barbara Sexton, Richard Smith, Judith Potter, Mary Peried, John Newton, Richard Ellis, Frances Beaver, Dinah Pearetree, William Andrewes, Mary Denham, John Lynnet, Prudence Hutton, Daughter Cooke, William Markham, Ann Hutton, Mary Morley, Mary Prid, Susanna Smith, Daniel Bures, Anna Read, Emanuel Hales, John Bowles, Esdras Peartree (Evans), Richard Game, Edward Payne, Elizabeth Turner, Anna Turner, John Brewer, Samuel Holden, William Peartree ¥, Jane Josselin, John Biford, Susanna Bunner, Elizabeth Sillito, Sarah Siggs, Tyler, Richard Sillito, William Peartree, Edward Haxall, Anne Hatch ¥, William Rushbrooke, Richard Ward, Peter Caplyn, James Penhacke, Elizabeth Hatch, Mary Lofye, Edward Bauard, Mary Davis, Elizabeth Hatch, Leape, An Brewer, Alice Peirce, William Potter, Walter Pease, Edward Stevens, Elizabeth Amos, William Gipps, Ann Newton, Edward Creake, Samuel Finch, John Rookes, Richard Kendall, Richard Peeke, Mary Hatch, John Bell, Elizabeth Mole, Margaret Frost, Abraham Bowles, Isaac Burton, Robert Kendall, Martha Bunds, Mary Johnson, Martha Markham, Edward Kendall, Daughter Brewer, Mary Hutton, Edward Tentler, Benjamin Wade, Susanna Slacke, Sarah Penhacke, William Ward, (Tabitha Paine, Anna Paine), Jefferey Ellin, John Ffossett, Daniel Rogers, Ann Holden, Thomas Tiffin, Sarah Brewer, Symon Holden, Thomas Andrewes, Elizabeth Death, Ann Hutt, John Read, Anna Morley. 📌
1647-53 Image 10 See book 3 image 12Mary Hutton, Sarah Cant, Mary Peartree, Adria Peartree, Martha Smith, Ralph Josselin ¥, Thomas Chito, Jeremy Bur? ,Sarah Burke, Henry Hatch, Samuel Game, William Clarke, Edward Peartree, George Appleton, Mary Coney, Sabina Peird, Mary Fanens, ? Garrett, Susana Finie, John Caplin, Anne Hatch, Elizabeth Denish, He? Brewer, ?Knight, William Davy, Thomas Potter, ? Kendall, Edward Paine, John Peartree, Grace Ward, ? Polley, John Hatch, Mary Sigge, William Holden, William Adams, John Creake, Mary Sigge, William Holden, William Adams, ? Creake, David Bell, Rose Roshoroke, Thomas Andrews, George Potter, Ralph Josselin ¥, Hanna Pin, Elizabeth Bunner, Dorothy Harlakenden, Unknown Cressener, Robert Tiffin, Edward Stephens, Anne Holden, William Bernard, ? Bucke, Mary Kendall,Daniel Ames, Elizabeth Stevens, Sarah Sillito, John Browne, ? Weke, John Warren, Thomas Appleton, ? Buers, ? Pullen, ? Allen, Elizabeth Kendall, Elizabeth Reach, Edward Peartree, Thomas Brewer, Mary Smith, William Burton, ? Pen, Daniel Lea, Sarah Finch, William Stephens, John Hatch, Robert Peartree, Elizabeth Caxton, Martha Bowles, Margaret Kendall, Mary Hatch, Rose Paine, Thomas Wade, Ann Clitter, Elizabeth Layer, Edward Sillito, Henry Morly, John Ward, ? Davy, John Adams, Thomas Death, Mary Wesson, John Josselin, Edward Lay, George Cressener, Edmond Warren, Thomas Payne, Alicia Harlakenden, Solomon Polly, John Siggs, Margaret Amie, Daughter Totnam, Anne Andrewes, Daniel Lea, Nathaniel Burton ¥, William Bullock, Anna Sillito, Mary Garret, Alice Pearetree, Susanah Clitter, Robert Paine ¥, Daniel Amie, Mary Stephens, Elizabeth Appleton, Mary Sillito, Elizabeth Smith, Anne Bucks, Charles Kendall, John Calam, Nathaniel Finch, Mary Pilgrim, Margaret Ellin, Sarah Caplin, John Greene, Sarah Burton ¥, Grace Day, John Cressener, Elizabeth Peartree, Mary Holden, John Kendall, ? Adams, ?? , ??, ? Ward, ??, ? Hill.📌
1649-1657 Image 20 Sarah Paine, Ann Josselin, Jeremiah Bunner, Elizabeth Bounes, Rachell Bouneys, Robert Harrison, Thomas Husht, Susan Bounes, Ann Wiseman, Henry Wiseman, Margaret Harrington 📌
1657-1693 Image 21 Richard Clitter, Robert Man?, Elizabeth Paine, Thomas Houlgate, Elizabeth Fell, Martha Lam, Bridgett Biflet, Thomas Harrington, Elizabeth Wade, James Ward, Ephraim Adams, John Garrete, Mary Raner, William Raner, Thomas Raner, Ruth Harris, John Wilkin, Son Wit, William Boolac.📌

Burials 1609-1653

1609-1610 Image 10 William Kinge, Child Sadd ¥, Henry Creeke, Arthur Ringes, Robert Laver, ? Pyppes, Robert Sob, Robert Chitant, Elizabeth ?reeke, Roger Smithe ¥, Child Fletcher, Ellen Sat, Elizabeth Brown, Elizabeth Har, Richard Williamsonne, Anne Newton ¥, Mary Binner, John Creeke, Robert Fro?, Henry Garrard, Edward Paine ¥, Agnes Paine ¥, John Fryt, Margaret Hot, John Binner, Edward Cat ¥, Barbarye Binner, Richard Grove, Margery Pennocke, Jeremye Garrard,Joane Scote, Tabitha Paine ¥, Richard Allen, was Thomas Frayt, Agnes Alay, Jone Hutton, John Al?, James Sad, ?riston Fist, Grace Allen, Richard Hat, William Shaw, Samuel Allen, John Walles, Ellen Allen, Rose Read ¥, William Allen, Frances Srirpe, Margaret Finche, Elizabeth Breuer, George Cressener, Canpre Huxtor, Robert Read, Rose Freeman, Jane Pierson, Frances Ward ¥, John Brewer, Rose Prior, Alse Pike, John Jolle, Robert Carter,Willian ?te, Robert Tonnen, Margaret Ashfield, Robert Game, Randolphe Green, Henry Brooke, John Bunner, Sarah Phyppes, Elizabeth Allen, Anne Hutton ¥. 📌
1610-1613 Image 11 ??, ? Parter, Alse Abbot, Bridget Johnson, Anne Emerye, Rose Pennocke, Elizabeth Polley, Rose Polle, Elizabeth Wright, Frances Pierce, Ann Smythe, Richard Ellis, Richard Parker, James Potter, Charles Grant, John Frost, Rose Parker, Richard Sparey, Robert Pennocke, Joyce Hampton, Jone Pennocke, John Middleton, William Manners, Rose Allen, Jone Abbat, Rose Pullen, Rose Car, John Grant, Thomas Newton ¥, Margery Siggers, Robert Chandler, Elsabethe Garrard, Mary Williamsonne, Thomas Andersonne, John Prentise, Robert Warde, Son Cressener, Edward Paine, William Ely’s, Elisabeth Allen, William Evans, Anne Claypole, Olf Garad, Prudense Garad, John Cooke, Adam Garad ¥, Margerye Edwards, Marye Strut, Thomas Sansome, Matye Stunt, Priscilla Whippes, Marye Marnet, John Cooke, Agnes Gallfant, Jone Pamphlin, William Tayler, Editha Cooke, Tyites Paine, Christian Hayward, Jeffereye Walle, John Suener, John Har, Anne Church, Robert Allen, Margaret Pullen, Jone Wall, Jone Rooke, Clement Wade, Anne Lea, Edward Cat, Tabitha Hayward, Rose Wade, Rebecca Allen, Abigail Read ¥, Frances Browne, Margery Burton, John Wade, Ellen Allen, Elizabeth Newman, Elizabeth Church, Gualter Newman, Rose Wade, John Cat, Thomas Smythe, Laurence Gilot, Elinor Smithe, Elizabeth Hix, Agnes Pike, Alse Brownsonne, Wlawke Read, Thomas Smithe, Child Pike, Masts Cannt, Thomas Sworder, Richard Clark ¥, Robert Cant, Thomas Newton ¥, Jefferis Ellis, Margaret Layer, John Brewer, Edward Payne ¥, Rose Hony, John Burton, Grace Daw, Pania Lay, Moses Harrs, Richard Parkinson, John King, Richard Prior, Anna Prior, Albone Sillito, Old Mother Gilot, Elizabeth Peeke, John Mapis.📌
1613-1620 Image 12 Thomas Prior, Robert Rookes, Robert Berrie, Denne Smith, Mabel Harlakenden¥, John Bridg, Richard Clarke, Maryann Cooke, Robert Machn, Joan Caunt, Charitie Boorar, John Caunt, John Hatch, William Catt, Thomas Baver, Ales Buntinge, Margaret Sparrow, John Frymmer, Joan Miller, John Newton ¥, Elizabeth Catt, Rose Cobb, Joan Silito, Dorathea Middleton, Charles Kew, Lettice Evans ¥, Henrie Morley, Mother Grymme, Rose Read, Ould Wright, Henry Hatch ¥, William Enough, Ales Browne, Samuel Pinchback, Elizabeth Catt, Joan Prior, Molos Stoner, John Andrew, Pravell Allin, Richard Silito, John Sparrow, Agnes Lay, Weston Aschefeild, William Catch, Thomas Brand, Rose Hunt, Moyses Newton, Henry Brenner, Elizabeth Pouter, John Clitter, Thomasin Newton, Henrie Hutton ¥, Simon Turner, John Wibrook, Thomas Game, John Pennock, Mager Clark, Christopher Parkinson, Adam Shepard, Edith Clayton, Robert Church, Agnes Creake ¥, Margaret Cat, Rose Hutton ¥, William Gilson, Abre Peretree ¥, John Smyth ¥, Rose Theopaw, Mother Paine, Mother Burton, Robert Fenton, Priscilla Prior, George Harlakenden ¥, Susan Olay, Jane Clark ¥, Henrie Abbot, Thomas Williamson, Edward Brewer, Susan Cooke, Edward Brewer ¥, Grace Cressener ¥, Ellen Ellis, William Brewer ¥, Samuel Paine ¥, Barbarie Newton, Esdras Wade, Samuel Bunner, John Evans, Thomas Manning, Richard Tyler, Edward Clemens, Joan Cooke, Elizabeth Smyth, Joan Wade, John Newton ¥, Joan Brownson, Mary Barton, Margaret Berrie, Christopher Parkinson, Thomas Smyth ¥, James Clark, Nicholas Ashfield, Frances Foxe, Mother Bewers, Robert Allen, Margaret Cant, Rose Smyth, Thomas Shilito, Elizabeth Abbot, John Parkinson, Robert Layer, Margaret Harris, Edith Polly, Mary Gilate, Elizabeth Brownson ¥, John Prior, Margaret Paine, Henry Prior, John Frost, Margaret Fletcher,Joan Jolly ¥, John Caunt, John Church, Ann Prior, Susan Davy, Henry Wiles, Thomas Nealy, Frances Smyth, Ales Wallenger, Susan Burrow, Georg Ellis, Agnes Ellis, Mary Thimblebee, Anna Hauksbee, Edith Pollie, Jane Thimblebie, Ales Layer, Dorothy Rookes, Peter Gilate, Joan Andrew, Abraham Foole, Richard Parker, Elizabeth Parker, Clement Conny, Mary Hutton ¥, Joseph Clayton, William Hutton ¥, Richard Wade, Henry Burton, Joan Burton, Alice Michaelfield, Priscilla Hayson, Robert Cobb, Ann Rookfode, Francis Clark, Edward Wall, Jeffrey Potter, Susan Strutt ¥, John Sillito, Joseph Turner, [[Read-6482|Robert Read], Elizabeth Balland, Susan Wright, Thomas Grinds, Mary Wright, Elizabeth Bower, Wife Game, Ann Tiffin, John Layer, Thomas Machin, Mary Nevill, Susan Haddock, John Bunting, Margaret Bull, Thomas Wade, Peter Tyler, Thomas Smyth, Mary Gilman, John Grant, Thomas Cooke.📌
1620-1625 Image 13 Francis Potter, Serras Cundy, Edward Davy, Cousans Middleton, Margaret Ward, Mary Clarke ¥, John Larrot, Francis Newton ¥, John Gilman, Mary Church, Joan Smith ¥, John Caunt, Mary Burton, Ales Clitter, Edmund Burton, Edmund Lay, Francis Clitter, Elizabeth Potter, Richard Abbot ¥, Thomasin Sparrow, Mary Cake, Thomas Bull, Elizabeth Allen, Joan Wade, Grace Crampnty, Barbarism Finch, Amy Wade, John Newton, Hugh Potter, Elizabeth Turner, Mother Hodyson, William Smyth, James Dimmock, Thomas Andrew, Margaret Alan, Mary Smyth, Henry Biford, Nicholas Biford, John Kendal ¥, Elizabeth Taylor, Dorcas Crachered, Mathen Brownson, John Michaelfods, Thomasin Smith, Ann Johnson, Boara Andrew, Anne Sillito, Elizabeth Al..mock, Thomas Wade, Mother Pullen, John Brownson, Georg Pilgrim, Robert Dedman, John Haxel, Mary Brownson, John Dedman, Joan Cooke, Ann Tayler, Thomas Warren, Grace Disburne, Elizabeth Tayler, Clemoure Bounes, William Hinde, Moses Tayler, Margaret Manners, Mary Newton, Elizabeth Dashe, Grace Middleton, John Prior, George Baker, Jean Clark, Henry Wright ,Samuell Diglet, John Cant, Nicholas Harrison, Rachel Prior, Susan Tobals, William Huske, Richard Prentice, Susan Cooke, William Disburne, Henry Sanderson, Samuel Squire, Agnes Manning, Magdalen Burton ¥, Ann Kent, John Penifather, Constance Wade, Susan Biggs, Thomas Scotch, Daniel Rand, Margaret Lay, Elizabeth Hodge, John Shilito, Elizabeth Sad, Thomas Turner, Abree Prior, John Write, Joan Kent ¥, Joan Hutton, John Smyth ¥, John Shilito, Mary Roroton, Frances Reeve, John Rave, Curtian Hollington, Ann Spouder, Henry Coney, Isabel Gilate, Francis Abbot, Magdalen Strut, ? Bon, Mathew Hutton ¥, John Fletcher, John Reeve, Solomon Caront, Pariel Syday, Elizabeth Pryte, William Allin, Grace Rogers, John King, Jane Rand, John Tyler, Joan Bunting, Catheren Hatch, Elizabeth Wade, Pargern Haywood, Ellen Wade, Mary Pryor, Richard Smyth, Margaret Mather, Repentance Clark, Richard Roofe, Ales Laye, John Pullen, John Kettle, Francis Gilate, Joan Clark, Thomas Norfolk, Anne Creake ¥, Mary Ward, Dorrell Sparrow, John Harris, Thomas Wade, William Lorrel, Margerie Focke, Edmund Layer, Roses Rowton, Neil Burton, Agnes Bownes.📌
1625-1631 Image 14 John Dawes, John Dewes, Margaret Wade, Elizabeth Strut, Margaret King, Samuel Wade, Nathaniel Burton ¥, Samuel Tyler, Grace Wade, Elizabeth Smith ¥, Stay, Mary Wade, Joan Ward, Richard Michaelfield, Anne Cutting, John Man, Mary Smith, John Patt, Grace Harris, Robert Cooke, Susan Bur, Francis Newton, John Upcher, Grace Michaelfield, Stebbin, Thomas Paine ¥, Margaret Write, Margaret Kitchin, John Hodgson, Faith Crowe, Elizabeth Hutton ¥, Tobie Cressener ¥, John Rand, Mary Clarke, Robert Biford, Rebecca Hare, Margen Aymes, Joan Wade, Catheren Seabor, Anne Man, Thomas Andrew, Robert Prior, Thomas Hatch ¥, Anne Goston, Elizabeth Gosthen, Margery Sigg, John Briant, Thomas Leffingwell, Robert Champney, Ellin Neave, John Upcher ¥, Margaret Smith, Anne Bullock, Jeane Harkakenden, Anne Hawksbee ¥, Joan Bunner, John Upcher, Henry Clench, Joan Layer, Joan Polley, Rose Church, Anthony Smith ¥, Mathen Turner, Elizabeth Allen, William Adams, Hugh Bullock ¥, John Sworder, Agnes Smith, Elizabeth Aymes, Mary Norfolk, Elizabeth Roote, Joan Silito, William Abbot, Dina Wade, Robert Polley, Agnes Harkaken, William Crowe ¥, John Silito, Thomas Lommas, Daniel Price, Lettice Burke, Daniel Aymes, Richard Fen, Georg Noble, Mary Clarke, Richard Rooke, Katherin Sillito, John Potter, Robert Stephen, Marian Taylor, Margery Allen, Mary Creake, Anne Sober, Margaret Latham, Mary Kettle, Rose Kettle, Robert Baker, Anne Strut, Joane Sillito, John Pennock, Thomas Man, John Coke, Jeane Evans, William Allen, Toby Burton ¥, Anne King, Andrew Kettle, John Clarke ¥, Richard Polley, Mother Brand, Susan Fernes, John Gilson, Mary Thimblebee, Peter Kendall ¥, Richard Man, Abigail Colman, Bartholomew Church, Ester Middleton, Elizabeth Pike, Joan Tayler, Catherin Greene, Margaret Cobb, Mabel Nevill?, Alice Knight, Grace Harrison, Edward Sparrow, Rose Champney, Francis Lenton, Elizabeth Fanning, Edmund Layer, John Sutton, William Rooke, Jeremy Biford, William Potter ¥, Moses Taylor, Joane Holden, Richard Middleton, Rose Hatch ¥, Robert Brewer, William Wallis, Catheren Read, John Brownson ¥, Richard Bullard, George Clitter, Mother Taylor, Edward Wad, William Shepard, Catheren Davy, Elizabeth Gostlin, Thomas Turner, Joane Ward, Anne Kettle, John Bowles, Alice Daniel, Ellen Allin, ?sias Man, Avis Ward.📌
1631-1636 Image 15 Richard Harlakenden, John Butrow, John Harris, Joan Harvy, Georg Abbot ¥, Anne Teball, John Eldrid, Robert Pilborow, Margaret Haddock, John Garrett, Richard Kendall, Agnes Smyth, Dorothy Pease, Georg Brett, Martha Golding, Anne Wade, Briget Borones, John Keble, John Brownson, Robert Rookes, Elizabeth Kendal ¥, Anne Cobb, William Clark ¥, Stephen Champney, John Creake, William Waford, John Aylock, Widow Hills, Thomas Morris, Edward Prentice, Francis Neave, Edward Cressener ¥, Priscilla Perry, Richard Lee, Susan Stowell, Anne Polley, Mary Brewer, Thomas Allen¥, Catherin Daniel, John Sutton, Elizabeth Burk, Rose Sutton, Thomasin Cooke, Elizabeth Lea, Richard Briant, John Coney, Elizabeth Paretree ¥, Elizabeth Brownson, Richard Creake, Mary Fawcet ¥, John Brewer, Henry Bownes, Richard Creake, Elizabeth Warren, Mary Loveday, Grace Manning, Agnes Smith, William Hunwick, Alice Sewell, Edith Manning, Edward Smith ¥, Robert Hutton ¥, Margaret Harvy, Edward Hunwick, William Nott, Margaret Harlakenden, John Burton, Joan Catt, Emolen Harlakenden, Anne Ive, Joan Prentice, William Waford, Simon Ive, Mary Middleton, Joan Middleton, John Middleton, Anna Burton ¥, Rose Newton, Richard Rayment, William Smyth ¥, Thomas Browne, Christian Lovely, Mother Creake, Elizabeth Parker, Daniel Biford, Mother Man, Ellin Kent, Ann Wade, Robert Hunwick, Mary Grant, Margery Hinton, Thomas Prine, Joan Gray, Joanne Clark ¥, Elizabeth Hutton, Sarah Newton ¥, Margaret Wall, Margaret Grigs, William Pennock, John Gilson, Margaret Lea, Brigit Gaunt, Sara Strut, Jeffery Hutton, Thomas Hutton ¥, Edmund Creak, Agnes Pinchback, Edward Clark, Mother Kendall, Lettice Brock, Mary Hills, James Harrington, Robert Pilborow, Margaret Osborne, Robert Rampton, Brigit Paine, Francis Wright, Edith Manning, Anne Haxall, Mary Osborne, Elizabeth Strut, Jeffery Taylor, Edward Taylor, Mary Neeve, William Brick ¥, Rachell Catt, Mary Lancaster, Anne Stevens, Anne Turner, Elizabeth Prentice, Dorcas Gower, Thomas Rampton, Elizabeth Cressener, John Church ¥, Elizabeth Newton, Alice Borones, Joane Middleton, Edmond Coney, Elizabeth Paine ¥, Margaret Creake ¥, Elizabeth Humfrie, Richard Boroles, Mary Browne, Samuel Crow ¥, Jane Kendal ¥, Coristian Potter,[[King-44229}?ren Smyth]], ?ert Noble..📌
1636-1640 Image 16 John Parker, Jeffery Potter, John Biford, Richard Hatch, Elizabeth Paretre, Abigail Tiller, Henry Abbot, Mary Creak, Hanna Pilgrim Mary Harlakenden ¥, John Turner, William Hunwick, Robert Knock, Elizabeth Abbot, Mary Allin, Clemence Allin, Anne Crow ¥, Mary Prentice, Bartholomew Hunwick, Joane Sanders, John Smyth, Hugh Andrews, John Allin, Thomas Hales, Samuel Burton, Susan Creake ¥, John Bramwood, William Hutt, Edward Wade, Anne Payne, Nathan Browne, Elizabeth Bridge, John Bownes, Samuel Wade, Abigail Haukson, John Bownes, Thomas Coney, Frizard Aymes, Rachel Game, William Creake ¥, John Smith ¥, George Wade, Elizabeth Taylor, John Fletcher, Moyses Creake, Susan Bownes, Aldereth Peartree, John Abbot, Richard Bowles, Mary Burton, Rebecca Smyth, Edward Harris, Susan Stevens, Henry Huske, [[King-44229}Catheren Smyth]], John Creake, Joane Game, Zacharias Fuller, William Browne, Francis Breuer, John Price, Joan Grant, John Parker, Nicholas Clark, Robert Pilborow, Anne Bowles, John Brownson, Judith Garrett, John Stanes, Mother Gunner, Samuel Haddock, Richard Rayment, Elizabeth Peartre, Elizabeth Ditchburne, Mother Layer, Grace Hills, Bennet Scot, Susan Stanes, Maurice Biford, Susan Hatch, Anne Grant, Nicholas Ditchburm, John Kettle, Nicholas Perse, Bridget Bowles, John Hawksbee, Georg Man, Robert Browne, Margery Burton, Richard Ellis, Nathaniel Christmas ¥, Susan Kendal, Thomas Paine, William Wright, Margaret Ellis, Thomas Keeble, Richard Rayment, Robert Smyth, John Wade, Daniel Clinch, Robert Cook, Francis Game ¥, Mother Baker, Anne Richman, Thomas Hales, Robert Ballard, Judith Death ¥, Elizabeth Read, Widow Rand, Widow Michaelfied, Thomas Smyth, Mathie March, Joane Hardy, Abigail Abbot ¥, Thomas Pullen, Mary Creake, Mother Harris, Nicholas Clark, Thomas Gipps, Henry Wade, Richard Brook, Joan Coney, Richard Rushbrook, Abram Brewer, Thomas Allin, Daniel Lea, Robert Crow, Zecharia, Buttol, Robert Lea, Anne Middleton, Frances Manning, John Prentice.📌
1640-1650 Image 17 John Cob, Emmanuel Finch, Joane Tayler, Anne Raymond, Richard Game, John Sexton, John Baziksbie, Susan Biggs, John Kendall, Joan Adams, Robert Micklefeld, Mary Crow, Samuel Brewer, Grace Kendall ¥, Mary Pilgrim, John Smith, Alice Cob, Rubers Gunner, Child Dommell, Samuell Creak, Elizabeth Little, An Smith, John Ward, Mary Sparrow, Thomas Harlakenden ¥, John Griggs, Joan Prentice, Edward Prior, Esdras Wade, Elizabeth Digglatt, Anne Scroggs, Elizabeth Hutton, Thomas Roote, Frances Church, John Wade, John Smith, Cicely Turner, [[Church-6795}Rose Church]], Martha Lea, Jane Prior, Sarah Burton ¥, Child Pease, Daniel Ames, Edward Porter, James Penhach. Annie Wade, Elizabeth Death ¥, Francis Ward, John Hodson, Thomas Fisher, John Triggs, Magdalen Thimblebee, Margaret Pease, Rachel Pease, Jone Thimblebee, Edward Gant, Henry Pickett, John Coulis, Nicholas Kendal, William Newton ¥, Old Brewer, John Aylward, Nasalen Pannel, Robert Hatch, Roger Butes, John Hutt, Jane Peartree, Abraham Emery, Wife Frost, Thomas Manning, Joane Payne, Edith Siggs, Daughter Death ¥¥, Wife Sterin, Susanna Sands, Thomas Ruggles, Jone Hatch, Wife Cowell, Wife Tiball, Ellen Haxal, Widow Gilsen, Susanna Walter, John Day, Rose Hatch, Daughter Morley, Ann Read, Son Bental, Stephen Champney, Elizabeth Browne, Joanne Bowles, Robert Sillito, Widow Biford, John Read, Wife Prior, Jone Gylat, James Burton, Barbara Sexton, James Man, Widow Wright, Son Browne, John Kendall, John Clarke, Abigail Clarke, William Peartree ¥, Thomas Pryor, Wife Hawkin, Margery Kendall, Robert Hutt, John Pierson, Ann Dowe, Wife Sillito, Mary Davis, Lungley, Jane Ballard, John Clarke, William Hughes, Samuel Brewer, John Brewer, Priscilla Wiseman, William Hatch, Ralph Josselin, John Huste, Sarah Harlakenden,Thomas Harlakenden, William Cosins, Elizabeth Tiffin, Anne Hurrel, Wife Hauens, Edward Cressener, Elizabeth Cressener, Edith Peartree, Thomas Christmas, Arthur Fuller, Mary Josselin ¥, Mary Church, Ralph Josselin.📌
1651-1653 Image 18 ¥ Margaret Potter, Smithee Harkakenden, Mary Cockerell, Thomas Harlakenden, Jane Webb, Henry Dowe, Robert Browne, William Death, Sarah Burton ¥, Ambrose Waller.📌

Marriages 1609-1657

1609-1614 Image 18 Samuel Marringe and ?, Richard Creeke and Marye Wright, John Cannt and Joan Cooke, William Blowers and Agnes Wade, William Clarke and Jone Trobber, Bartholomew Clarke and Jane Ellis, William Brown and Margaret M?, Walter Newman and Agin Rooke, Richard Primer and Margaret Broad, Richard Bark? and Marye Winckhorne, Thomas Meelye and Alse Layer, Adam Polle and Joan Mainpart, John Coote and Margaret Rooke, John Beinete and Elisabeth Man, William Chapbeard and Rose Harvye, Jeffery Ellis and Elisabeth Stevens, Thomas Haw and Margaret Barow, Richard Allen and Rose Bridge, Henrye Hutton and Anne Garrard, William Porridge and Ann Norton, Robert Katche and Jone Clarke, John Wade and Annye Grigs, Nicholas Awecake and Jone Kathe, Robert Davye and Katherine Potter, Samuel Waller and Dinah Wade, Thomas Wiband and Jone Garrad, John Hare and Tabitha Richolas, Henrye Syrut and Anne Miller, John Man and Elisabeth Tomsonne, John Smithe and Katherine Kinge, Thomas Pullen and Alse Tomsonne, Edward Browne and Alse Wade, John Brewer and Jone Harvey, John Burton and Agnes Manninge, Edward Harris and Edith Parker, Thomas Read and Elizabeth Layer, Nicholas Kendal and Agnes Manning, Thomas Paine and Jone Ellis, Daniel Church and Ellen Brewer, Edward Taylor and Agnes Polley, John Caunt and Joan Man, John Purs and Frances Turner, Edward Burton and Ales Saman, Edward Bailals and Elizabeth Allen, Robert Hatch and Joan Potter, Greg Man and Ann Layand.📌
1615-1632 Image 19 John Kendall and Elizabeth Loveday, Thomas Prentice and Rose Elilman, John Bowles and Grace Newton, William Lawertury and Margaret Dod, John Diglet and Ales Parker, Malachie Clawel and Susan Ward, Georg Noble and Grace Monk, Samuel Hill and Alice Undward, John Furle and CrTy Archer, Toby Cressener and Jean Church, William Adams and Elizabeth Tower, Simon Smyth and Joan Simkin, William Shopard and Ellen Cat, John Cooke and Thomasin Cook, Francis Newton and Marie Hayward, John Brownson and Mathen Taylor, William Lovenly and Joan Woodward, John Silito and Savell Prior, Francis Carter and Grace Motte, John Smyth and Agnes Newman, Henry Miles and Elizabeth Harrison, Edmund Layer and Elizabeth Poorson, Henrie Clench and Jane Harlakenden, Henry Common and Joan Bull, William Allen and Margery Clemens, Robert Polly and Jean Broner, John Clark and Mary Sparrow, John Tyler and Marian Culpork, William Alyton and Calchner Rowton, Thomas Prior and Mary Baker, Jeffery Potter and Sara Thimblebie, William Nevill and Mary Harlakenden, William Polley and Prudence Bull, John Colman and Abigail Parker, Richard Michelfield and Sara Perrie, Simon Holon and Constance Evans, John Michelfield and Johanna Gitman, Joseph Biggs and Susan Noane, Joseph Salby and Katherine, John Garret and Elizabeth Tayler, Robert Sewr and Katherine Browne, John Hodgson and Grace Wade, Robert Linton and Mary Turner, William Clarke and Cordelia Nott, Thomas Harkakenden and Jeane Lawson, Samuel Squire and Agnes Rowton, Edward Bridge and Ellen Gillet, Henry Dowe and Ann Ashefeild, Thomas Law and Mary Wade, William Allen and Susan Watt, Robert Michell and Ruth Grant, John Huste and Joan Gig, Samuel Creake and Joan Allon, Georg Clitter and Elizabeth Layer, John Cooke and Thomasin Hempstead, John Cold and Margaret Wadly, Edward Birkmer and Rose Wade, John Raud and Clemence Bowers, Samuel Davie and Aram Brewer, John Dedman and Mary Pilgrim, Thomas Turner and Mayer Durrer, William Fawcet and Mary Ashfeild, Edward Sommerfield and Katherine Prior, Thomas Sanders and Elizabeth Clark, ? and Phebe Collin, Francis Newton and Rose Sansome, Francis Smyth and Susan Ashfeild, Edward Taylor and Joan Bosely, Richard Rookes and Ann Parkinson, Robert Lee and Margaret Holdwick, John Kent and Hellen Finch, Robert Strutt and Elizabeth Waller, Edward Barker and Margery Chearwood, William Part and Chantie Goodall, Robert Sommer and Elizabeth Parson, John Claypoll and Alice Pamphlin, John Gardner and Joan Shortland, John Bullar and Elizabeth Pannell, Richard Taylor and Marian Tyler, Thomas Pullen and Frances Kendall, Robert Seber and Ellin Fooke, Francis Sommersone and Agnes Smith, John Rushe and Elizabeth Potter, John Cobb and Margaret Pututict, Giles Crow and Anne Hallinel, Richard Buck and Elizabeth Dedman, John Wade and Ann Harr, John Sutton and Rose Pennock, Clement Man and Sara Champney, Thomas Williamson and Katharine Harlakenden, John Clark and Mary Enows, John Clarke and Elizabeth Butreor, Edmund Potter and Anne Sachra, Anthony Garret and Anne Sillito, John Newton and Mary Lucas, William Cannt and Margaret Walford, Isam Greene and Sara Bonotell, Anthony Baker and Mary Smyth, Robert Pilborow and Elizabeth Smyth, John Barker and Anne Kemp, Robert Finch and Anne Lea, Edward Johnson and Mary Clarke, Thomas Harrison and Grace Clarke, John Eden and Ann Harlakenden, Paul Catt and Susan Allin, Robert Prentis and Mary Woodward, John Tyler and Lydia Ferris, Richard Hodson and Margaret Pilbrow, William Patten and Mary Digbie, Henry Munday and Judith Milbanck, John Buttoll and Dorothy Hempstead, William Penock and Ann Hatch, John Colma and Edith Pilbrow, George Hunnick and Elizabeth Bird, Gamaliel Parker and Katherine Bland, John Browne and Elizabeth Srooder, Samuel Borones and Anna Hast, John Hinkin and Margery Sillito, William Bowles and Ann Hudson, Repentance Smyth and Jane Man, Thomas Wickes and Anna Smyth, Walter Pease and Francis Heroit, Thomas Allin and Mary Rushbrook, Henry Morlay and Elizabeth Dobson, Edward Prentice and Alice Brown, William Finch and Joan Malchroman, Thomas Allin and Anne Micklefield, William Biford and Dmira Fearnes, Richard Stammer and Mary Prior, Moyses Creke and Jean Sparrow, John Peake and Ann Bland, Steven Champney and Grace Sillito.📌
1632-1663 Image 20 George Marsh and Anne Burton, James Markham and Martha Collins, William Guyon and Elizabeth Barbar, John Browne and Jeane Ellis, Samuell Haddock and Elizabeth Gylat, Robert Sillito and Mary Hutton, William Burk and Rebecca Micklefield, Abraham Markham and Alice Turner, Richard Hawkins and Mary Tyler, William Hatch and Anne Newton, Christopher Faroret and Alice Blye, Samuel Payne and Zrncson Man,John Cony and Margaret Wade, Edmond Frost and Thomasin Clench, Thomas Fisher and Elizabeth Watson, John Page and Margery Lancture, Edward Wright and Jane Wright, John Fell and Agnes Person, Christopher Alderiche and Elizabeth Clarke, Edward Haxall and Anne Pennock, Thomas Hills and Elizabeth Johnson, James Fitch and Abigail Munnings, William Arnold and Elizabeth Allen, John Hinkin and Isabell Sillito, William Newton and Joane Rookes, Thomas Sillito and Anne Hutton, Anthony Hodgson and Faith Chishull, Daniel Lea and Matsie Turner, John Rushbrooke and Mary Howsie, Samuel Newton and Margarett Davy, Richard Hatch and Susan Rookes, William Smyth and Martha Goulson, James Gibson and Grace Waller, William Hurrel and Anne Harlakenden, William Stanes and Susan Richardson, John Stevens and Annable Layer, Edward Clarke and Mary Lenton, John Smyth and Margaret Puckle, Thomas Fishepoole, and Anne Pennock, Georg Bento, and Anne Kent, William Paine and Mary Thorp, William Sextin and Susan Pamplin, John Ames and Joane Andrewes, Richard Bunner and Anne Pamplin, William Nichols and Rose Harrington, Esdras Paretree and Joane Ellis, Thomas Garret and Susan Smyth, Nicholas Clarke and Joane Underwood, Christopher Bernard and Rebecca Wade, John Kendal and Elizabeth Hatch, William Paretree and Elizabeth Hatch, John Paretree and Joane Man, John Stevens and Alice Pearse, Robert Langham and Judith Alderich, Thomas Hales and Rose Smyth, John Eleston and Joane Clench, John Ludgater and Margaret Lancaster, Richard Sillito and Dorcas Huniwirk, Thomas Osborne and Alice Finch, Israel Grant and Anne Cooke, William Grant and Elizabeth Clitter, Robert Bots and Elizabeth Cooper, Henry Playle and Alice Clarke, Samuel Pannel and Magdalen Hut, William Bowles and Joane Cooke, Esdras Paretree and Mary Browne, Alexander Scott and Abigail Harris, Thomas Harvy and Mary Kendal, John Sillito and Sara Foot, Henry Danish and Elizabeth Pilbrow, William Paretree and Susan Stevens, Thomas Waite and Grace Burton, Robert Pryor and Joane Clarke, Francis Turner and Ellin Watson, Henry Coney and Mary Lynnet, James Roote and Margarett Till, John Kent and Margery Smith, Daniel Leaper and Elizabeth Kendall, John Smyth and Jane Biford, Richard Fisher and Anne Crow, Daine Wiseman and Anne Wakes, Edward Tailer and Susan Andrewes, Francis Mole and Rose Alcock, John Quilter and Rebekah Peeke, William Hatch and Elizabeth Harvie, William Cooke and Susanna Sells, George Wallford and Mary Webb, Robert Browne and Mary Cressener, John Sigge and Edith Dishburne, Robert Homes and Mary Polly, George Jerman and Mary Ostler, John Taylour and Mary Peake, John Taylour and Mary Baker, John Kendal and Rose Ive, Thomas ? and Grace Pennock, John Holden and Ann Game, Richard Hatch and Mary Day, Joseph Breton and Anne Davy, Henry Hatch and Dorothy Wenden, Arthur Brooke and Alice Hodson, Thomas Prentice and Grace Bull, Henry Wiseman and Ann Smith. William Bernard and Elizabeth Webbe, Daniel Regdewell and Mary Johnson, George Potter and Elizabeth King, William Webbe and Jane Game, John Newman and Lydia Laver, William Hatly and Jane Renel, Edward Haxall and Anne Hatch, Hugh Green and Rachel Goodman, William Rayner and Alice Wright, William Daniel and Rachel Waller, Thomas Crosse and Margaret Potter, William Webb and Elizabeth Church, John Kempe and Ann Nethercott, George Layer and Martha Hitch, Edward Drane and Mary Lassel, John Layer and Elizabeth Adams.📌


Image 21 Message to say that the register was wholly transcribed in 1894

D/P 209/1/3 Overall Date Range 1650-1728

Entries in blue are duplicated in book 4, with a clear sequence. Book 4 had been transcribed in part from book 3 but additional names have been added. Black records may also be duplicates

Baptisms 1650-1691

1650-1654 Image 12 Elizabeth Clarke, Sarah Clarke, Elizabeth Manninge, John Cressener, Elizabeth Rogers, Elizabeth Pertre, John Kendall ¥, Henry Adams, John Lea, Catherin Hutt, Son Paine, Edward Spooner, Sarah Hatch, Anna Bullock, Daughter Webb, Son Iserson, Elizabeth Ward ¥, Mary Lambe, Mary Campion, Ann Josselin, Mary Houleson, Sarah Paine ¥. 📌
1654-1655 Image 13 Jeremy Bunner, Jeffery Spinke, John Huske, (Rose Abbut, Grace Abbut), Nathaniell Burton, John Aymes, Edward Graunte, Richard Hatch, Martha Layer, Elizabeth Lay, Edward Graunte, Joseph Andrewes, Mary Scambler, Hellina Allen, John Paine, Joan Amy, Elizabeth Clitter, Mary Sillito, Anna Kendall, James Day, John Hulgate, Elizabeth Haxall, Katherine Paine, Phebe Markham, Mary Web, Rebecca Buers, Anna Stephens, John Chrismas, Jonathan Clarke, Sarah Pertre, Alice Peertre, Anna Finch, Ann Smith, Jane Greene, Anna Houlgate, Mary Sigge, Margaret Boulds, Margaret Caplin, Elizabeth Ward, Mary Prior, John Amis, Joane Clarke, Richard Harlakenden, Susan Manninge, Thomas Loue, Gamaliell Hatch, Humphre Cressener, John Austin, Sarah Burk.
1655-1657 Image 14 Thomasin Abbutt, Mary Phyler,Jane Gould, Anna Warren, Thomas Hill, Suzanna Adams ¥, Frances Bownes, Mary Bea, Anne Ellis, William Bunner, Margaret Izerson, John Day, Hanna Chraunte, Nicholas Kendall, George Clarke, William Creeke, John Hatch, Anne Wade, Isaac Peertre ¥, Robert Totman, Mary Layer, Annis Garret, John Bemamin, Daughter Rogers, Sarah Daley, Richard Hatch, Anna Campion, William Newton, Hetitinns Hawkden, Elizabeth Sillito, John Kendall, Edward Pearetre ¥, Elizabeth Harlakenden ¥, Rose Paine, Hugh Greene, Mary Raven, Anne Fincham, Mary Fincham, Catherin Day, Anne Crow, Mary Wiseman, Mary Smith, William Hull, Sarah Laurance, Henry Hutton. 📌
1657-59 Image 15 Susan Stephens, Elizabeth Androwes, Esdras Pertre, John Clarke, Daniell Burton, Mary Josselin, Grace Aymes, Elizabeth Abbutt, Jane Chrismas, William Burk, Mary Ward, Sibilla Cressener, Nicholas Caplin, Mary Day, John Bullock, Anna Cobane, Mary Hatch, Mary Hatch (d of Bart), Sarah Hills, Anne Crow, Richard Harlakenden, Elizabeth Warren, Jane Prior, Samuell Spooner, Robert Lambe, John Wade, Thomas Burk, Sarah Layer, Tabitha Sillito, Mary Tyler, Susan Barnard, Katherin Allin, Mary Allin, Margaret Sextin, Robert Dauey, Suzannah Bunner, John Sad, Mary Pennock, John Clarke, Dori Lay, John Garrad, Robert Kinge, Edward Ward, Esdras? Gold. 📌
1659-1661 Image 16 Rosamun Harris, John Bayraine, Elizabeth Web, John Cob, Sarah Wade, Margaret Paine, Anne Peretre ¥, Abraham Campion, Bartholomew Austin ¥, Thomas Christmas, Elizabeth Josselin, Thomas Osbourne, Robert Potter, John Creake, Elizabeth Harrington, Edward Yate?, Martha Lun, Elizabeth Hutton ¥, Thomasin Kendall, Martha Clitter, Rosamun Cressener, Henry Abbutt, William Reyner, Mary Wade, Mary Goold, Suzanne Day, Mary Scott, Robert Greene, Dorcas Adams ¥, George Wade, Mary Crow, William Pertree, Joane Andrewes, John Fell, Mary Warren, John Sad.📌
1661-1665 Image 17 Elizabeth Hutton, Elizabeth Bullock ¥, Martha Amey, Thomas Bun, Stephen Harga, Ann Prior, Abigail Sillito, Thomas Hatch, Mary Harvey, Richard Potter, Laurance Burridge, Hanna Clarke, John Garrad, Joseph Day, John Butler, Mary Rushbrooke, Mary Osbourne, Sarah Abbutt, Mary Kinge, Thomas Chrismas, Letitia Browne, Stephen Willon, Ann Wade, John Pennock, Phebe Spooner, William Fossett, Susanna Wade, Abraham Chrismas, Samuell Chrismas, John Eldred ¥, Isaac Pain, Joseph Ward ¥, Alicia Hutton, Samuel Clarke, Joseph Hatch, Edward Butler, Joseph Day, Dorothy Girton, Elizabeth Peartree ¥, Thomas Mole,Hester Cressener, Elizabeth Man, Mary Wilson, William Fell, Martha Burton,John Meriton, Robert Paine, Rebekah Josselin, Susanna Potter, Robert Warren, Robert Sillito, John Rushbrook, Robert Garrad, William Read, John Ward ¥, William Green, William Peartree, John Garrett, Margaret Eldred, Nathaniel King, Mary Laurence, John Foulsham, John Mole, Robert Haxall, John Wade, Samuel Paine, William Fossett, Mary Gould, Dorcas Prior ¥, Mary Waller, George Peartree, Thomas Totman, Mary Hutton, Elizabeth Bucke, Joanna Bucke, Philip Butler, Edmond Clerk, Edmond Osborne. 📌
1665-1670 Image 18 Rebekah Edwards, Elizabeth Bullock, Thomas Wiseman, Ralph Wiseman, John Owens, John Stevens, John Pilgrim, James Smith, Edward Cressener, Mary Bowes, Richard Appleton, Margaret Garrad, Christopher Fossett, Daniel Day, Robert Penhacke, Edward Ward, Elizabeth Rushbrook, William Clerke, Martha Harvy, Mary Harvy, Mary Clerke, Edward Peartree, Alicia Smith, John Fell, Hanna Burton, Elizabeth Alstone, Sarah Man, Doce Prior, James Laurence, Daniel Harrington, Mary Hales, Mary Skingley, Samuel Wade, Elizabeth Paine, Elizabeth Potter, (Rosamund Hutton, Mary Hutton ¥), Jane Wilson, Abigail Pain, Thomas Fuller, Edward Sillitoe, John Eldred, William Owies, Daniel Greene, Grace Mole, Ambrose Foulsham, David Hutton, Joanna Gold, Richard Drane, James Drane, Margaret Drane, Hannah Edwards, Anne Appleton, Mary Ward, John Garrad, Ann Bond, Mary Pilgrim, John Pease, Christopher Fossett, Ellen Allen, Katherine Allen, John Allen, John Brown, Andrew Butler, Robert Locke, Thomasin Smith, George Layer, John King, Mary Taylour, Esdras Peartree, Mary Day, Mary Bullocke, Ann Stephens, Samuel Peacocke, Edward Harrington, Ann Pain, Edward Pain, William Fell, Nathaniel Sauell, Thomas Hutton, George Man, Margaret Stevenson, Elizabeth Fossett, Mary Cob, Mary Bridge, Mary Burton, Richard Ellis, William Allin, Mary Smith, William Fisher, Judith Potter, Katherine Wright, Elizabeth Heckford, Richard Garrad, Thomas Nightingale, Sarah Wilson, Mary Tyler, Anna Penhack, Elizabeth Hutton, Ann Haxall, John Fossett, John Hiscocke, Mary Eldred, Margaret Hales, Rosamond Hutton, Sarah Ouris, Thomas Cob, Walter Pease, Philip Mole, Susanah Death, Margaret Edwards, Sarah Bullocke, Thomas Danish, Elizabeth Fisher, Mary Sewell, Ann Guyant, Thomas Pilgrim, Samuel Boosey, Mary Harrington. 📌
1670-1676 Image 19 (Robert Somervell, John Somervell ¥), Mary Ward, John Hutton ¥, Sarah Prior, Hannah Prior ¥, Ann Peartree ¥, Peter King, Mary Read, Mehetabel Nightingale, Thomas Fell, Mehetabel Burton, Andrew Smith, William Boosbie, Edward Pain, Thomas Smith, Susanna Barrett, James Potter, Mary Wright, William Pilgrim, Sarah Ellis, Sarah Fisher, Edward Stephens, John Layer, Mary Fisher, Mary Rogers, Alicia Sillito, Susanna Allin, Esdras Peartree, Mary Dore ¥, Hannah Fuller, Daniel Cobbe, Rachel Baily, Margaret Ward, John Holden, William Edwards, Isaac Edwards, Joseph Hutton, Ann Cob, John Hutton, George Clitter ¥, Adria Tiler, Mathew Brown, John Bond, Hester Parker, Samuel Boosby, John Smith, John Hall, Margaret Smith, Susanna Tailoe, Sarah Bullock, Mary Ward, Margaret Potter, William Andrews, Thomas Andrews, Mary Turner, An Peartre, Elizabeth Barrett, Susanna Last, Bridgett Hubbard, Elizabeth Peartree, Jane Woodthorpe, Joseph Thaisis, William Edwards, Rebekah Knig, Ann Cobb, John Pease, Edward Boosey, Mary Ellis, Thomas Pilgrim, Mary Somerville, Jeffery Hutton, Robert Wright, Robert Andrews, Sarah Reyner, Isaac Potter, Susanna Ward ¥, Andrew Hall, Humfry Tailour, Margarett Tailour, James Wafend, John Midleton, Elthanan Midleton, Samuel Hutton, Ann Ellis, Mary Sibley, John Andrews, Margaret Smith, Deborah Man, Richard Parker, Robert Harris, Samuel Burton, John Brewer, Mary Hubbard, George Sibley, Henry Hall, Elizabeth Allen, Henry Ludgater, Edward Fell, Susanna Smith, Sarah Brewer, Edward Fincham, Mary Fincham, Humfry Rugles, Elizabeth Bridge, Mary Peartree ¥, Martha Stephens, Mary Caplin, Edward Pani, Ann Parkinson, Martha Parkinson, Mary Fisher, Mary Foster, Daniel Andrews, Mary Hull, (Mary Hutton, Ann Hutton), Grace Pain, Isaac Bullock. 📌
1676-89 Image 20 Robert Latch, Mary Latch, Thomas Waford, Mary Potter, Alicia Ffosset, Thomas Hall, George Peartree, William Peartree, Thomas Pease, Martha Glade, William Hutton, Francis Waren, Robert Carter ¥, Samuel Land, Robert Smith, Samuel Ludgater, Mary Sibley(Crossed out), Bridget Bridge, Elizabeth Cob, Rose Man, Sarah King, Mary Don, John Caplin, Daniel Hall, (Guy Hutton, Jonas Hutton ¥), Mary Bennett, Elizabeth Androws, Hannah Pindar, Ann Fisher, Ann Andrews, Katherine Ffell, Thomas Bucks, Ellen Bucks, John Ffoster, Martha Appleton, Richard Bunner, Joseph Potter, Thomas Ludgater, William Bond, Ann Smith, Jane Pain, John Last, William Last, Joseph Last, John Hatch, Richard Fisher, Susanna Pain, William Fosset, Simon Hall, John Paine ¥, William Ellis, John Walford, Mary Bridge, Nicholas Caplin, Thomas Brewer, Hannah Brewer, Hester Hutton, Charles Loft, Richard Brewer, Martha Peartree, Anne Peartree, Thomas Rugles, John Molins, Mary Cob, Mary Brewer,Nathaniel Wade, Frances Andrews, Widward Ffell, Robert Pease, Sarah Bucks, Lydia Tyler, John Carter ¥, Rosamond Powter, Susanna Foster, Margaret Smith, Richard Brewer, Henry Bennet, John White, Elizabeth Paine, John Panis, Mary Pain, William Raymond, Mary Hutton, Richard Andrews,John Tiler, Charles Last, Richard Clitter, Mary Fletcher, Mary Ellis, Katherine Harrison, Joseph King, John Scofell, John Peartree, Margaret Bennet, Daniel Cob, Richard Bridge, Elizabeth Symon, William Bunner, Mary Rugles, John Bullin, John Crismas, John Burke, Robert Finch, John Appleton, Thomas Appleton, Susanna Appleton, Mary Appleton, Mary Breson, Abigail Pain, Sarah Haxall, Elizabeth Perkinson, Mary Perkinson, Edward Pain, George Peartree, John Peartree, Elizabeth Pain, Sarah White, Mary Rayner, Thomas Rayner, John Hatch, Ralph Josselin, Charles Loft, Sarah Heyward, Rosamund Hayward, Mary Elliston, Sarah Smith, Mary Brewer, Thomas Pain, Mary Carter, Thomas Sawkins, James Scouell, Anne Allmond, Mary Allmond, Simon Kaisbrook, Marg Lasbrook, Katherine Ffell, Elizabeth Wayford📌
1683-1689 Image 21 Sarah Caplin, Richard Caplin, Thomas Hall, John Hain, Susannah Sewell, Isaac Blumfield, Nathaniel Cob, Dorothy Christmas ¥, Mary Haxall, Edward Pease, Simon Oberell, An Shere, ffrancis Bellow, Abigail Abbot, James Ward, John Surry, John Larret, Matthew Howeson, Matthew Moule, Henry Hatch, George Clitter, An Bennet, Ann Hatch, Samuel Dolly, Samuel Smith, John Paine, Martha Richmond, Samuel Finch, John Fletcher, Susanna Newton ¥, Robert Paine, John Scofill, Richard Hayward, Parnel Bridge, Susan White, John Ruggells, Roger Roote, Elizabeth Gray, John Hall, Thomas Pudney, William Pudney, Mary Peartree, Jane Josselin, John Hum, Rosamund Fletcher, Joseph Christmas, Roger Roof, Guy Pennock, Jurtace ibile, Edward Waxford, Mark Bullow, Mary Hayward, Alice Odvell, Elizabeth Paine, Hannah Finks, John Austin, John Bennet, Daughter Ellis, Robert Finch, Mary Sucklin, Elizabeth Toller, Mary Edwards, Mary Last, Elizabeth Finch, Edward Bridge, An Newton, Sarah Shrugbrough, Thomas Glide, An Voln, Mathias Voln, Mary Waford, Margaret Newton ¥, Isaac Pain, Mary Savill, Rose Toller, Joseph Sparrow, Joseph Fletcher, Thomas Crismas, Mary Fland, Mary Bentall, Bartholomew Ash, James Buck, Richard Buck, James Cranfield, Mary Sad, Susanna Sad, John Sad, Elizabeth Crow, Mary Crow, John Crow, Susanna Crow, An Crow, Edward Crow, John Sad, Mary Hum, Thomas Surry, Sarah Mattison, An Pennock, Robert Pennock, John Swirdeing, Sarah Bixham.📌
1689-1691 Image 22 Mary Conny, Robert Poulter, Elizabeth Poulter, Sarah Pudny, Benjamin Crab, Pheby Crab, Rebecca Pain, Grace Toller, Estar Buller, Thomas Paine, Richard Appleton, Ann Appleton, Martha Appleton, John Tiffin, Susan Scovel, Henry Bennett, Jane Ruggles, John Nightingale, Son Cranfield, Frances Fletcher, Nathaniel Walford, Ann Root, Daniel Cook, William Pain, Elizabeth Dale, Thomas Littel, Edward Peartree ¥, Mary Peartree, Elisabeth Rasbrook, Abraham Crismas ¥, Samuel Crismas ¥, Edmond Clark, Edward Charliton, Nathaniel Flamer, George Man, Richard Tiffin, Elisabeth Pain, Thomasin Toller. 📌

Burials 1653-1689

1653-1654 Image 22 Anna Burton, John Appelton, Elizabeth Allen, Margaret Till, Mallathie Stowen, Mary Harvie, Richard Nevill, Joane Pertre, Joane Dishburne, Child Davie, Sarah Tibball, John Fossett, Daughter Web, Son Person, Lettiss Flatman, Alice Fossett, John Kendall ¥, William Sextin, John Wade, Mary Web, Elizabeth Dishburne, Elizabeth Ward ¥, Joane Price, William Kendall, Nathaniel Burton ¥, Sarah Chrismas, Adam Polly, Anne Garrad, Thomas Drue. 📌
1654-1657 Image 23 Samuell Game, John Church, Rebecca Harrison, Elizabeth Androwes, Agnes Somersom, Mary Pilgrim, Margery Brownson, John Barret, Elizabeth Cooke, Laurance Prior, Mary Bambe, Henry Abbutt, Hannah Bouthgate, George Wade, Sara Paine ¥, Richard Harlakenden, Sarah Sigge, Elizabeth Bone, Thomas Bullock ¥, Richard Hatch, Hellina Strutt, William Allin, Mary Danie, Bartholomew Clarke, Elizabeth Hatch, John Tibball, Robert Randall, Elizabeth Rogers, Thomas Rayner, Mary Lea, Joan Wade, Grace Ayleward, Elizabeth Dow, Jane Tyler, Peter Kinge, Edward Cressener, Mary Rushbruck, John Hatch, Elizabeth Rogers, Robert Tohnan, Benjamin Rogers, Ann Jue, Richard Hatch, Katherin Daniel, Grace Champney, Cornelius Brownson, John Christmas, Mahetabell Elliston, Samuel Allison, Nicholas Kendall, Elizabeth Anger, Rachell Finch, Anne Crow, Joan Stephens, Edward Day, Thomas Westwood, Anne Finch, Edward Hatch. 📌
1657-1659 Image 24 Mary Finch, Samuell Bounds, Anne Kendall, Judith Sillito, Anna Harris, James Rayner, Margarett Martin, Jane Hutt, Isaac Pertre, Robert Hutton, John Stephens, Francis Turner, William Focet, Ismaell, Grant, Ann Willowes, Mary Scot, Grace Keene, William Burk, Elizabeth Harkakenden ¥, Mary Stephens, Margery Pennock, Edward Spooner, Francis Somersom, Ann Christmas, Richard Bunner, Suzanna Waller, Mary Layer, Joan Finch, Dorothy Carter, Elizabeth Daney, John Clarke, Mary Pullen, Edith Harris, Elizabeth Graunte, Sarah Man, Mary Hunwick, Richard Huske, John Houlgate, Robert Prentis, Rose Church, Richard Harlaken ¥, Elizabeth Harris, Clement Man, Edward Pearetre ¥, John Stephens, Anthony Garret, Margery Kente, Anne Hatch ¥, George Clarke, Martha Langford, Hellina Wiseman, John Hutton, Richard Harlakenden, Nicholas Harrison. 📌
1659-1661 Image 25Mary Hosier, Grace Hodson, Mary Paine, Sarah Sillito, Sarah Strut, James Ward, Jane Prior, Trafina Micklefield, Thomas Harrington. Edward Taylor, Bridget Scot, Mary Lynnet, Margaret Caplin, Judith Rayner, John Biford, Jane Daley, Suzanna Adams, Edmund Clarke, Martha Hodson, John Ellis, Margaret Newton, Rebecca Buck, Abraham Markham, Pricilla Edens, Thomas Bramble, Mary Tompson, William Graunte, Ann Hatch, John Rogers, Richard Drane, Mary Bridge, Elizabeth Manninge, Mary Smith, John Easting, Lillian Sener, Thomas Fisher, Joane Huske, Grace Mihill, Bartholomew Austin ¥, Robert Davey, Anne Crow, Dorcas Peake, Thomas Cell, Susan Creake, Suzanna Dory, Mary Day, Mary Sillito, Bridget Harrison, Mary Graunte, Lettice Browne, Elizabeth Bullock ¥, Frances Bridge, Sarah Haye, Mehetabell Hurrell, John Wade. 📌
1661-1664 Image 26 Margaret Drane, Katherin Westood, Lidia Tyler, Samuell Bounds, Anna Fisher, Mary Wade, Joane Tyler, Thomas Hatch, Anna Ellis, Anna Rugles, Samuel Burton, Joane Clarke, Guy Hutton, Laurance Burridge, Dorcas Adams ¥, Hanna Clarke, Edith Hunwick, Child Rafe, Anne Spooner, Elizabeth Garrad, John Cob, William Brand, John Peake, Ann Peake, William Paine, James Caplin, John Kente, George Man, Joseph Day, Stephen Wilson, Joane Laye, Charles Totman, Thomas Harvey, Frances Neale, Robert Tibball, Mary Markham, George Deane, George Harris, John Wade, Edward Browne, Clement Turner, Jane Wade, Thomasin Harding, John Hunwicke, Bridgett Aylward, Edward Elliston, Susanna Hatch, Edward Spooner, John Richards, Mary Tailour, John Hinkin, John Death, Elizabeth Peartree ¥, William Roote, Mary Estling, Elizabeth Hutton ¥, Joseph Day, Widow Bucke, Anne Potter, Daniell Harrington, Sarah Wade, Elizabeth Peartree, William Garrad, Ann Peartree ¥, John Adams, Charitie Webb, Helen Stephens, Alice Markham, Helen Allen, Susanna Brooks, Mary South, John Molins, Wife Paine, Mary Pinchbanke, Elizabeth Bridge. 📌
1664-1671 Image 27 John Eldred, Dorcas Prior, Henry Hutton, Charles Hutton, Daniell Lea, Joanna Clarke, Susanna Sadde, John Ward ¥, Martha Brownson, Thomas Talbot, Frances Brocke, George Hunwicke, James Caplin, Anne Layer, John Warren, Elizabeth Layer, John Owers, Richard Ward, Joan Tyler, Mary Bunner, Jane Larret, Wife Wade, Magdalen Garrad, Robert Lea, Margarett Lea, John Lewis, Robert Hutton ¥, Widow Pinchback, John Keeble, William Ward, Francis Everett, Mary Hutton ¥, Mary Fnigsly, William Adams, Widow Wade, Sarah King, Thomas Christmas, Wife Johnson, Wife Layer, Widow Manning, Sarah Roote, Edward Newton, Widow Hinkin, Widow Kendall, Joseph Slacke, Anna Paine, Elizabeth Owers, Grace Drane, Esdras Wade, Thomas Bucke, Edith Rugles, Mary Fosset, Sarah Grumm, Daughter Haxall, Edmond Potter, Samuel Wade, Thomasin Smith, Robert Mighill, Edward Clarke, Doce Prior, Joan Caunt, Rachell Brown, John Kendall, Elizabeth Clarke, Wife Greene, Humphrey Cressener, Edward Potter, William Pilgrim, Jonathan Cleibe, Ann Man, Elizabeth Caplin, Elizabeth Willowes, Thomas Harvy, Francis Spooner, Richard Sillito, Daughter Clarke, Clemence Spooner, Mary Peartree, Martha Markham, Henry Ames, Daughter Wilson, Samuel Tyler, William Fisher, William Death, Mary Ward, Daniel Harrington, Richard Smith, Phabe South, Henry Morly, Mary Rushbrooke, John Rushbrooke, Thomas Tiffin, Joseph Ward ¥, Elizabeth Fosset, Susanna Death, Thomas Pilgrim, Christopher Mathew, Elizabeth Wade, Tobie Harris, Ann Wiseman, Robert Carter, Philip Mole, Robert Crow, Elizabeth Morly, Mary Wilton, John Hutton ¥, Hannah Prior, Sarah Wilson, Mary Caplyn, John Burton, Samuel Boosey, Elizabeth Bullock, William Mitchell, Elizabeth Plaise, Susanna Smith, John Brown, Judith Rainer.📌
1672-1678 Image 28 Mary Prior, Wife Haxall, Widow Smith, Mary Coman, Sarah Markham, Mary Ellis, Elizabeth Biflet, Thomas Sillito, Mary Dore, George Potter, Ann Garrard, Calvin Sillito, Richard Sillito, Sarah Falsom, Sarah Totman, Grace Appleton, Ann Peartree ¥, Mary Dore ¥, Grace Hurrell, Jane Wilson, Samuel Boosey, Elizabeth Layer, Susanna Bunner, Mary Paine, John Lausener, Mary Prior, Jane Prior, Robert Finch, Marlo Drake, Margaret Holden, Thomas Fuller, Dorcas Conny, Grace Fuller, Robert Rookes, Prudence Fuller, Jane Man, Thomas Josselin, Isaac Paine, Elizabeth Ward, Ann Josselin, Thomas Hales, Susanna Peartree, William Humphreys, Susanne Last, Daughter Smith, William Peartree, William Kendall, Mary Taylour, Anna Tyler, Elizabeth Newton, William Fosset, Elizabeth Pain, William Harlakenden, Richard Ellis, Daniel Ames, Eleanor Bullock, Zachariah Drane, Mary Hatch, Susanna Rayner, Mary King, Magdalen Hodson, Elizabeth Stephens, Wife Lambe, Thomas Bullocke, William Cleese, George Cressener, John Hills, Penelope Templer, Margaret Harrington, John Holden, Mary Bunner, Magdalen Ellis, Ann Prior, Martha Glade, John Owens, Ann Silito, Child Sibly ¥, Mary Sibly, Edward Brown, George Cressener, Elizabeth Strutt, Richard Harlakenden, Norden, Robert ffinch, Margaret Brownson, Anne Eldred, Wife Hutton, Mary Peartree ¥, Alice Fosset, Elizabeth Androws, George Appleton, Samuel Paine, Robert Campion, John Clarke, Francis Harrington, Doce Harris, Rose Brewer, Sarah Cowell, Robert Peartree ¥, Anne Sillitoe, Anne Ellis, Daniel Hall, Elizabeth Adams, Mary Harlakenden, William Booseby, Mary Dore, Alice Androws. 📌
1683-1687 Image 29 See book 4 image 5 and 6 John Carter, Samuel Flail, Thomas Green, James Root, Susanna Hutton, James Cafin, Thomas Joslin, Richard Tiler, Ann Apleton, Widow Markham, Widow Slack, Elizabeth Leper, Edward Stevens, An Raven, Infant Bilcham, Margaret Ames, John Hum, Edward Draine, John Peartree, Mary Finch, John Apleton, Edward Gould, Child Ordelle, Mary Burton, Sarah Algar, Daniel Hutton, Gamaliel Garret, Edward Finch, Thomas Apleton, John Tyler, John Alston, Mathew Haughton, Elizabeth Poole, Child Poulter, Child Snellock, Guy Pennock, William Newton]], Child Andrews, Child Playle, Dr Bennet, John Davis, Elizabeth Caplin, Mary Jenner, Richard Tyler, Widow Bangor, Ann Bowers, Mary Smith, Old Peartree, Child Paine, Robert Pennock, Child Thrift, Rebecca Borons, Elizabeth Shelborn, Jane Gold, Abigail Abbot, Child Perse, Elizabeth Fletcher, Child Christmas, Child Stebber, Child Finch, Daughter Parkinson, Male Sad, Martha Ram? [ image 6] Lidia Tyler, Rose Kendall, Thomas Wade, Son Bennet, Child Hicks, John Pennock, Joseph Hatch, Elizabeth Ellis, Daughter Newman, Twins Cobbs, Twins June, William Sevaw, William Rogers, ?Kramer, Thomas Glide, Rose Hut, Susanna Williston, Mary Naroon, Joan Amy, Child Fossett, Mary Hutton, James Emery, Edward Spooner, Child Scow, Edward Thrift, Child Hicks, Christopher Fossett, William Hut, Wife Abbot, Wife Davy, Jacob Rogers, Thomas Abbot, Edward Haxall, Esther Ball, Jane Rogers, Thomas Harris, John Bennet, Robert Midleton. 📌
1687-1689 Image 30 ¥ Ann Coe, Thomas Garret, Elizabeth Thrift, Robert Carter ¥, William Adams, ? Kemball, John Carter, ? Raiment, Ann Chaplin, Elizabeth Amy, James Lay, Susan Potter, Sarah Jay, John Bond, Mary Rogers, Henry Wiseman, Child Wiseman, Child Cobb, Charles Last, Joanna Alston, John Garret, Abraham Bilsham, Edward Harris, Sarah Tiply, Joseph Andrews, Child Pennock, Agnes Lovejoy, Mary Husk, Francis Newton, Mary Fincham, John Bennet, Ralph Wiseman, Mary Biggs, Son Bullard, Nathaniel Wade, Alice Hutton, Joseph Fletcher, Richard Buck, Elizabeth Bowers, Goody Allin, John Appleton, John Ellis, ?ea Hutton, ? 📌

Marriages 1653-1728

1723-1725 Image 2 Jacob Frost and Judith Falkener, John Harris and Elizabeth Cockerill, Richard Ellis and Mary Fell, William Catley and Mary Raven, Benjamin Radley and Mary Nath, Robert Pease and Sarah Ward, Thomas Rayner and Mary Fell, James Walford and Mary Pease, Bartholomew Austin and Mary Layer, Samuel Christmass and Ann Suckling, Edward Wash and Mary King, Edward Pease and Mary Baker, Richard Fawcett and Sarah London, Thomas King and Sarah Shave, William Chapman and Mary Fuller, William Benson and Mary Harvey. 📌
1725-1728 Image 3a John Cranfield and Elizabeth Ellis, John Walker and Ann Gold, Joseph Christmass and Rose Fell, William Leppingwell and Mary Andrews, Thomas Parminter and Mary Mought, Thomas Anthony and Mary Pudney, Thomas Norman and Mary Blackwell, William May and Elizabeth Osborn, Robert Brumfield and Martha Davy, Samuel Hutton and Sarah Purchas, Isaac Potter and Ann Boosby, John Amy and Mary Rayner, John ? and Elizabeth Clark, Robert Arnold and ?, John Clayton and Martha Papfield, Edward Walford and Ann Babbs, Thomas Crush and Mary Reynolds, Peter King and Margaret Newman, Francis Kingsborough and Phebe Gibson, ? Brewer and ? Shepherd. 📌
1653 Image 3b Robert Potter and Judith Tanner, Jonathan Clarke and Anna Potter, Ismaell Graunt and Elizabeth Somes, Edward Tayler and Mary Pilgrim. 📌
1654 Image 4 Richard Neale and Francis Micklefields, John Allen and Hellina Bellmas, John Peertree and Alice Laver ,James Prior and Mary Forcet, John Austin and Joane Clarke, John Wade and Sarah Willion, Edward Nuton and Margaret Cunney, Richard Mott and Elizabeth Cake, Thomas Phyler and Susan Sextin, Samuell Paine and Anne Stowen 📌
1655-1656 Image 5 Joseph Burton and Mary Cunny, William Creake and Elizabeth Clarke, John Bammont and Elizabeth Aymes, Matthew Butcher and Margaret Nevill, Robertt Tibball and Sarah Browne, George Joul and Susan Potter, William Prentis and Mary Prentis 📌
1656 Image 6 Tobi Harris and Joane Wilson, Abraham Markham and Mary Wilson, John Place and Susanah Burton. Robert ffinch and Roochell Johnson, Bartholomew Johnson and Mary Whiter, Abraham Christmas and Jane Garrard, Robert Prentis and Anna Burton, William Sutton and Mary Mathews 📌
1656-1658 Image 7 Samuell Tyler and Joane Payne, John Clarke and Elizabeth Michell, Richard Bridge and Mary Brown, Robert Barnard and Susan Adams, John Eldred and Margaret Harlakenden, Robert Brannidos and Dotri Man, John Pennock and Mary Potter. 📌
1658-1672 Image 8 Thomas Osbourne and Mary Day, Robert Potter and Suzanna Hatch, John Haughty and Margarett Sawkins, John Quyles and Anne Sonson, Anthony Garrett and Mary Brewer, Robert Finch and Mary Josselin, Robert Mihill and Ellioner Harris, John Tyler and Elizabeth Manwood, Thomas Bowes and Elizabeth Harlakenden, John Man and Sarah Potter, Phillip Mole and Grace Drake, William Peartree and Anne Hatch, John Keeble and Mary Bonnett, Thomas Velsey and Grace Collisin, Isaac Paine and Sarah Waite, William Garrrad and Phebe Newton, Thomas Rawlins and Mercie Paine, John Layer and Elizabeth Adams, John Wade and Ann Prentice, Robert Haxall and Grace Sillito, John Skinner and Ann Laver, John Gilby and Mary Kendall, Robert Waller and Mary Brewer, Thomas Tebball and Elizabeth Grant, Christopher Fosset and Elizabeth Markham, Edward Stevens and Mary Bowles, John Stevens and Anne Cocoett, Bartholomew Hustle and Diana Harrison, William Sheppard and Martha Richold, John Finch and Hannah Fuller, Richard Sullin and Mary Titterill, Samuell Paine and Elizabeth Allin,John South and Phebe Garrett, Esdras Peartree and Mary Smith, Thomas Hutton and Mary Barker, John Ellis and Sarah Hatch, Richard Manning and Sarah Gyppes, Andrew Fuller and Mary Laver, John Bond and Ann Christmas, John Pease and Jane Peartree, Henry Norden and Mary Potter, William Death and Susanah Pammer, Isaac Page and Susanah Thayer, John Brett and Joanna Everard, Thomas Cocke and Elizabeth Thayre, William Bousebee and Elizabeth Warren, Nathaniel Fuller and Elizabeth Amie, John Layer and Susanah Barnard, Nathan and Elizabeth Cressener, Edward Johnson and Elizabeth Potter, John Everitt and Hannah Choise, Richard Tyler and Andria Peartree, James Hood and Susanah Harrington, James Guy and Ann Hatch, Joseph Sewell and Mary Hatch, John Somervell and Mary Sillitoe, Edward Abbus and Elizabeth Guyon, Abraham Brett and Mary Amie, Esdras Peartree and Mary Strutt, William Andrewes and Joanna Mixer, John Barrett and Susanah Smith, Jonathan Woodthorpe and Jane Josselin, George Layer and Elizabeth Fossett, Thomas Leppinwell and Grace Coe, Thomas Stowe and Ann Hutton, Samuel Stowe and Elizabeth Denish, John Peartree and Elizabeth Bennett, James Lighton and Bridgett Savill, John Pain and Mary Edwards, Henry Plaise and Mary Campian. 📌
1673-1699 Image 9 Richard Ellis and Mary Hatch, Edward Brown and Mary Adams, Daniel Cobb and Elizabeth Hales, James Walford and Elizabeth Radly, John Wenden and Sarah Hatch, Joseph Everitt and Elizabeth Haxall, John Newton and Judith Potter, Edward Fincham and Mary Finch, John Pickard and Martha Shepheard, Philip Cocke and Margarett Newton, Edmond Verle and Dorothy Shepheard, Samuel Filander and Sarah Carter, Robert Flack and Elizabeth Clitter, John Smee and Mary Bird, Thomas Appleton and Susanna Clitter, Thomas Reyner and Ann Wiseman, Gilbert Smith and Elizabeth Josselin, Richard Bunner and Elizabeth Reltan, Thomas Daniel and Susanna Lawson, Samuel Paine and Sarah Bucke, Richard Fisher and Grace Mole, John Sadde and Mary Hatch, William Choate and Susanna Amie, William Peartree and Susanna Manning, Samuel Finch and Elizabeth Bridge, Gamaliel Hatch and Ann Wade, John Coleman and Ann Wade, Edward Day and Mary Josselin,Steward Spicer and Rebekah Josselin, John Lake and Mary Patrick, William Suckling and Mary Swan, Robert Finch and An Elab, Alexander Williston and Sarah Digler, Jonathan Tayler and Elizabeth Hutton, Edward Cob and Sarah Kamn, Thomas Paine and Susan Death, John Ellis and Hester Koepe, Aaron Cracknel and Anne Ludgater, Esdras Wade and Elizabeth Tod, William Hatch and Elizabeth Pain, William Sexton and Mary Thurrington, Richard Drane and Lydia Collins, Thomas Osborne and Anne Parkinson, Francis Crisp and Elizabeth Partrey, James Burgess and Mary Summerfeild, Thomas Nightingale and Alice Gibbs, Thomas Everett and Christian Whiffen, John Pratt and Judith Garrad, Isaac Carson and Hannah Sparrow, Edward Clay and Mary Dines, Samuel Finch and Hellen Smithyman, James Chaplin and Sarah Ellis, Joseph Ely and Priscilla Lurkin, John Clark and Mary Bennet, Edward Pain and Sarah Prior, Richard Pratt and Margaret Potter, Thomas Pease and Sarah Bullock, John Pease and Rachel Androws, Matthew Clopton and Hannah Allis, Edward Gould and Martha Radley, John Cobs and Anne South, William Lumney and Elizabeth Bentley, Esdras Peartry and Mary Prentise. 📌
1699-1713 Image 10 William Hutt and Grace Pool, William Jegon and Elizabeth Alston, Joseph Fell and Rose Powter, Thomas Sillito and Mary Ruggles, Peter Raven and Hannah Mullins, John Ingram and Elizabeth Stow, Giles Crow and Elizabeth Crow, John Holliday and Elisabeth Wade, Daniel Andrews and Martha Parkinson, John Summerfeild and Elisabeth Allen, Robert Smith and Ann Snellock, Francis Crispe and Grace Hutt, Daniel Kimmis and Sarah Andrews, Peter King and Mary Sadd, Edward Fell and Elizabeth Parkinson, George Pain and Susan Smith, John Cast and Elisabeth Pennock, Samuell Hall and Martha May, Caleb Maysant and Sarah Loveday, Thomas Bullock and Martha Gallafins, Robert Pease and Anne Bullock, Thomas Buck and Judith Garrad, John Brewster and Sarah Bland, Daniel Cobs and Sarah Dedman, John Andrews and Elisabeth Garrad, Thomas Garrett and Mary Davis, Caleb Matsont and Rose Hudson, John Wood and Mary Gould, Daniel Middleton and Elisabeth Cooke, Nathaniel Raven and Ama Fenton, Thomas Hull and Mary Clitter, John Crismas and Ann Mole, William Elden and Martha Maynerd, John Wisdon and Elisabeth Sparrow, John May and Mary Peacock, William Cole and Martha Andrews, George Sharpinton and Mary Webb, John Hutchinson and Frances Fletcher, Daniel King and Elizabeth Ruggles, Paul Ingate and Elizabeth Tilbrow, John Pain and Ellen Andrews, Benjamin Crabb and Mary ?, Richard Baker and Mary Moss, William Dearsley and Ann Ellis, John Bullock and Catherine Fell, William Lawrence and Martha Manum, John Sad and Rachel Brackly, John Dore and Sarah Pudney, John Buck and Jane Gray, William Pudney and Susannah ?, Daniel Patten and Elisabeth Clitter.📌
1713-1718 Image 11 John Schoffield and Mary Curd, John Caplin and Abigail Haxel, Robert Pennock and Elizabeth Clitter, Thomas Lawrence and Hannah Buck, William Arnold and Elizabeth Buck, John Sadd and Mary Peartree, Daniel Cook and Mary ?, William Crabb and Mary Pain, Thomas Hutton and Susannah Scofield, Robert Laiswell and Prudence Hardye, Thomas Clark and Mary Cant, John Dines and Ann Algate, James Bullard and Elizabeth Hatch, Thomas Carter and Mary Hutchinson, Samuel Pain and Ann Laizill, George Frost and Sarah Brewer, Isaac Humphreys and Elizabeth Brewer, Joseph Brooks and Esther Robinson, Henry Wakefield and Hannah Fawcet, John Harvey and  ?, Edward Crabb and Ann Raven, Daniel Shepherd and Elizabeth Amey, Joseph Rawlins and Elizabeth Scofield, Thomas Rayner and Mary Gray, Richard Drane and Mary Godfrey, John Bullard and Elizabeth Pain, Thomas Brown and Mary Sexton, John Raven and Elizabeth Cook, Izarson White and Thomasin Flanner. 📌
1719-1722 Image 12


Blank page Image 1 & 31

D/P 209/1/4 Overall Date Range 1678-1755

Baptisms 1679-1755

1670, 1687-1688 Image 2 Mary Ward, Daughter Lepen, Child ffell, Jo Emerson, Child Andrews, Child ffell, ?pet Raven. 📌
1679-89 Image 26 Josiah Frith, George Frith, Edward Frith 📌
1691-92 Image 27 John Ellis, Robert Godfrey, John Godfrey, Joseph Tiffin, Susan Oliver, John Bullock, Nicolas Bullock, Mary Shepheard, Elizabeth Hatch, Anne Pennock, Ann Peartree, William Tiffin, Elisabeth Wade, Christopher Fosset, John Craig, Francis Craig, Joseph Andrews, Mary Andrews, Warren Clitter ¥, Martha Fletcher, Thomas Tiffin, Elisabeth Scofeild, Thomas Sad, Richard Appleton, George Appleton, Thomas Overall, Susanna Dale, Timothy Surrey, Walter Pease, Martha Ellis, William Pain, Mary Kendall ¥, William Emerson. 📌
1692-95 Image 28 Thomas Osborne, William Fosset, William Pudney, Margaret Hum, James Bullen, John Sparrow, John Little, Sarah Finch, William Wright, Peter Raven, John Boosy, Josiah Wilkinson, John Evans, Sarah Pain, William Peartrey ¥, Elizabeth Buck, Richard Roote, Abigail Abbutt, Iserson White, John Fletcher, Sarah Rayner, William Fosset, Hannah Cunny, James Savil, Sarah Savil, Daniel Shepheard, Richard Ellis, William Ellis, Edward Unwin, Dorothy Hatch, Martha Dorre, Anne Williston, Mary Walford, Mary Tiffin, Mary Crispe, Elizabeth Flamer, Golding Boosy, Abigail Pain, Ann Surrey, Grace Abbut, Martha Ellis, Rose Fosset, Thomas Tiffin, John Cook, Martha Fletcher, William Rayner, James Burgess, Elizabeth Clitter, Daniel Fosset, John Raven, Mary Chrismas, Martha Ellis, Elizabeth Crow, John Pratt, Anne Booseby, Elizabeth Booseby, Mary Abbutt, Rebecca Hatch, John Pease, William Raven, John Patrick, John Midleton, Manning Buck, Thomas Pennock, Mary Hatch, Thomas Root, Child Godfrey, Child Wade, Son King, Susanna Bullen, Thomas London, Mary Pain, Isaac Pain, Robert Tiffin, George Peartrey, Samuel Pagnall Little, Child Fosset, Child Sexton, Robert Haxel. 📌
1695-1700 Image 29 Mary Prare, Mary Partry, Sarah Partry, Robert Haxell, Frances Sparrow, Elizabeth Fletcher, Mary Appleton, Edward Alston, Elizabeth Alston, Phebe Alston, Anne Pennock, Marthae Layer, Joseph Andrews, Daughter Gray, Richard Piper, Anne Raven, Mary Reyner, John Tiffen, Mary London, Susannah Fosset, Child Chaplyn, Daughter Williamson, Susannah Wenden, Child Fullers, Edward Abbutt, Alen Overal, Mary Wale, Mary Scofield, John Peartrey, Edward Pain ¥, John Burgess, Mary Little, Daniel King, John King, Mary Pudney, Samuel Chrismass, Anne Fletcher, Susanna Fossett, Abraham Oliver, Anne Rogers, James Emerson, Sarah Chapman, George Fossett, Elizabeth Fossett, Grace Abbutt, John Hatch, Hannah Fossett, Thomas Pratt, Katherine Fell, William Sadd, Susan Sadd, George Wright, Sarah London, Peter Clerk, Mary Gould, Edward Gould, Samuel Gould, Edward Pain, James Rogers, Anne Wale, Elizabeth Middleton, Thomas Hum, Thomas Hales, John Raven, Sarah Overall, Daughter Shepherd, Susanna Pratt, George Appleton, William Peartrey, John Fuller, William Fuller, Thomas Fuller, Mary Fuller, Elizabeth Fuller, Samuel Fuller, John Cobs, Henry Gouldston, Elizabeth Smith, James Latham, Joseph Fletcher, Mary Wiseman, Edward Pain, James Tiffin, John Cranfield, Anne Partrey ¥, Judith Pratt, Mary Hatch, Sarah Hatch ¥, Joanna Abbutt, Thomas Pease, Robert Pease, Samuel London, Mary Fossett, Thomas Carly, Jacob Green, William Green, Son Edwards, Son xmas, Susannah Potter, Son King, Richard Bigsby, Prudence Bigsby, Thomas Rayner, Mary Clark, John Clark, James Root, Samuell Patrick, Esdras Pease, Benjamin Fletcher, Daughter Fossett. 📌
1700-1701 Image 30 Daughter Layer, Daughter Raven, Gamaliel Hatch, Elizabeth Robinson Clerk, Richard Hatch, Ann Chrismas, Mehetabel Rule, Ambrose Sadd, John Chapman, Samuel Burton, Son Pease, Timothy Rogers, Daughter Hutton, Son Shepheard, Samuel Studd, Elisabeth Williamson, William Williamson, William Bateman, Richard Sillito, Isaac Potter, Edward Osborn, William Osborn, John Osborn, Mary Osborn, Anne Overall, Elizabeth Layer, George Bateman, Daughter Brewer, Daughter Fell, Daughter Cranfield, William Carly, Susanna Partre, Martha Partre, Benjamin Fletcher, John Garrad, Thomas King, Jane Rogers, Hannah Leosy, Francis Brewer, John Brewer, James Paine ¥, Elizabeth Patrick, Philip Oliner.📌
1701-1706 Image 31 Matthew Edwards, Elisabeth Edwards, Child London, Son Gab, Benjamin Fletcher, Mary King, Son Cranfield, Daniel Scofield, Child Shepheard, William Tiffin, Anne Fosset, John Gould, Jane Gould, Child Sexton, Elizabeth Pratt, Son King, John Smith, Rachel Peartrey ¥, Anne Peartrey, Mary Patrick, Margaret Leper, John Emerson, Jane Rogers, Child Raven, Anne Root, Robert Potter, Mary Williamson, Child Last, Child Sillito, Child Sexton, Father of Child Bullock, John Chapman, Mary Hatch, Matthew Fletcher, Daughter Larke, Margarett Pain, Christian Andrews, Martha Andrews, Joseph Andrews, Aaron Andrews, Abraham Andrews, Mary Williamson, Mary Tiffin, Child Sillito, Nathaniel King, Child Appleton, John Cas, Elizabeth Fell, Mary Fell, Jacob Cranfield, Elizabeth Harn, Son Garrad, Elizabeth Fell, John Brett, Samuel Hall, John Chaplyn, Jane Rogers, Martha Ruggles, Mary King, Sarah Booseby, Mary Booseby, John Chaplyn, Simon Overall, Moses Fletcher, William Ellis, Sarah Clarke, Mary Carly, Susanna Hutton, Elizabeth Tiffen, John Tiffen, Sarah Tiffen, Elizabeth Rule, John Bewers, Judith Reyner, Sarah Reyner, Child Buck, John King, Robert Patrick ¥, Richard Clitter, Elizabeth Clitter, George Wade, Sarah Wade, Elizabeth Wade, Nathaniel Wade, Samuel Potter, Anne Pain ¥, Susanna Ellis, Daniel London, Ann Pratt, Jane Adams, Matthew Andrews, Child Fell, John Williamson, Ann Gould, Jane Midleton, Edward Peartree, Rachel Peartree, Child Crisp, Matthew Serjeant, William Burton, Elizabeth Shepheard, John Leper, John Buck, William Brewer, Son Pease, Rebecca Layer, Mary Rule, Daughter Cast, Child Pain, Ann Hales, Robert Cranfield, Margaret Pattrick, Rachel Brackley, Sarah Midleton, Mary Gould, Katherine Fell, Sarah Hatch, Elizabeth Clark, Ann White, Stephen Rogers, William Suckling, Elisabeth Suckling, Sarah Suckling, Ann Suckling, Dorothy Suckling, Martha Suckling. 📌
1706-1708 Image 32 ¥ Hannah Potter, Joseph Cranfield, Elizabeth Hum, Mary Sargeant, Richard ?, Peter King, John Middleton, William Hallobread, Samuel Gyant ¥, Daniel Cobs, Martha Fell, Elizabeth Leper, Ann Wade, Christopher Andrews, John London, Thomas Doe, Mary Doe, An Buers, Robert Pease, Margaret Last, Child Adams ¥, Mary Wistow, John Grean, Daniel Grean, Jane Pease, John Pease, Mary Pease, John Buck, Nicolas Balls, Mary Overall, John Andrews, Thomas Williamson, John Williamson, John Ellis, James ?, Richard Brewer, Mary Stowers, Sarah Fell, John Fell, Mary Fell, Elizabeth Fell, Katherine Fell, Margaret Fell, Thomas Fell, Ann Patrick, Elizabeth White, Mary Prat, Elizabeth Appleton, Thomas Brewer. 📌
1708-1711 Image 33 Edward Pease, Hannah Pease, Sarah Osborn, Elizabeth Osborn, Margaret Osborn, Sarah Guyon ¥, Samuel Hales, Grace Fosset, John Wood, Daniel Root, Phillip Tiffin, Mary Roggers, Mary Hull, Mary Middleton, Ann Middleton, Andrew Coney, Elizabeth Cobs, Elizabeth Potter, George Clitter ¥, John Woodnorth, Nicolas Balls, Sarah Green, Richard Bewers, Samuel Gyon ¥, John Serjeant, Susannah Clitter, Sarah Leper, Emmanuel Man, Elizabeth Andrews, Nathaniel King, Nathaniel Cranfield, Sarah Clerk, Susan Ellis, Sarah White, Elizabeth Potter, Child Arnold, Henry Wenden, Sarah Pattrick, Daniel Burton, Susan Buck, Sarah Guyun ¥, Isaac Osborn, Edward Cook, Mary Cook, Mary Brewster, Elisabeth Green, Elisabeth Frith, Mary Caplin, Benjamin Hull, John Potter, Henry Overall, Mary Potter, James Cobes, Nathaniel Cobes, Hannah Cony, John Christmas, John Wade, Sarah Sad, Hannah Sewel, Mary May, Benjamin Serjeant, Martha Burton, Mary Gyant ¥. 📌
1711-1713 Image 34 ¥ Edward Clitter ¥, Thomas Ellis, Richard Everard, Mary White, Ann Leaper, Mary Hales, Mary Caplin, George Jarvis, Sarah Wenden, Elizabeth Stowers, Esther Raven, Thomas Bullock, John Pease, Rebekah Buck, Mary Buck, Richard Potter, Agnes Robinson, Sarah Conie, Samuel Gyant, Benjamin Crabb, Mary Cranfield, James Buck, John Lenton, Mary Brackley, John Buck, John Sad, Elizabeth Rayner, Mary Godfrey, Martha Rosbrook, John Sparrow, Catherine Fell, Ann Fell, Nathaniel King, Hannah Bullock, Jane Rayner, Susannah Potter, John May, Elizabeth Hutton, Mary White, John Austin, Philip Robinson, John Eglyn, Hannah Coney, Ellen Pain, Sarah Guyont, Ann Pease, Katherine Bullock ¥, Frances Serjeant, Margaret Everett, John Sad, Mary Brewer, Thomas Andrews, William Andrews, John Cash, Henry Cash. 📌
1713-1716 Image 35 ¥ William Dearstey, Elizabeth Hales, Mary Ellis, George Layer, Ann Burton, William Springate, Joseph Springate, Mary Springate, Sarah Cobbs, John Scofield, Grace Buers, William Buers, George Wall, Elizabeth Angier, Sarah Potter, Mary Browne, Martha Rayner, Margaret Brewer, Ann Grey, Elizabeth Shote, Mary Shote, Elizabeth Dorr ¥, Sarah Brewer, William Arnold, Robert Arnold, Mary Clitter, Joseph Fell, Ruth Fell, Joseph Lower, Ann Sexton, Bartholomew Austin, Ann, Grace Crisp, Thomas Crisp, Mary Raven, Elizabeth Rayner, Francis Bownds, Elizabeth Middleton, Mary Middleton, Glanvile Bernard, Sarah Hatch, John Edwards, Richard Edwards, Thomas Edwards, Elizabeth Gyon ¥, Ann ?ll, Esther Buck, Edward Crab, Warren Hull, Katherine Bullock, Martha Leaper, Hannah Rayner, John White, Clerk, George Anger, Joseph Christmas, Elizabeth Bullard, Elizabeth Arnold, Mary Ellis, Mary Cobb, Mary Dor, Mary Wenden, John Scofield, Daniel Cook, Daughter Hales, Mary Jarvis, Mary Crab, James Vince, Judith Buck, Elizabeth Wall, Thomas Lawrence, John Gyon ¥, Susan Haxel, Elizabeth Ingate, Walter Pease, Sarah Cranfield, Sarah Edwards, Edward Frith, Josiah Frith, Rose Harris, Elizabeth Rayner, Mary Rayner. 📌
1716-1718 Image 36 ¥Sarah Rayner, Hannah Rayner, Elizabeth Cook, Mary Wood, Ann Wood, Elizabeth Wood, Samuel Springate, Mathew Chapman, John Pain, Marvel, John Cook, Ann Frith, Sarah White, Mary White, John White, Robert Pease, Rayner, James Rayner, Son Brewer, John Hatch, Elizabeth Ellis, Roger Appleton, Vince, George Clitter, Martha Bullock, Mary Bateman, John Collyer, Elizabeth Patten, Joseph Scofield, Sarah Lair, Joseph Clark, Lair, John Cobbs, Grace Harris, George May, Margaret Wood, Sarah White, Daniel Burton, Mary Potter, Thomas Buck, Ellen Hull, Sarah Hull, Robert Hull,  ? Flowers, George Rayner, James Rayner, Mary Rayner, Elizabeth Godfrey, Susannah Arnold, Simon Overal, James Bullard, Pamphlyn Wenden, Mary Edwards, Elizabeth Hales, John Brazier, John Sadd, John Cook, Dorcas Boulton, John Theobald, Elizabeth Holliday, Judith Leaper, Sarah Brackley, Humphrey Ruggles, Rachel Sadd, Benjamin Serjeant, Aleyn Baker, Margaret Shelley, Thomas Sadd, Judith Hyem, Lydia Pease, Scofield, John Dorr, Thomas Edwards, Edward Marvel, Mary Rayner, William Dorr, Dorothy Byfleet, Thomas Angier, Hannah Harvey, Thomas Pease, Mary Drane.📌
1718-1721 Image 37 Elizabeth Bullock, John Shepherd, Joseph Ellis, James Springate, Mary Vince, Judith Lawrence, Daniel Middleton, Jane Middleton, Ann White, Rosamund Crab, Margaret Brewer, Elizabeth Gyon ¥, Ann Dines, Ann Dorr Edward Gold, Elizabeth Gold, Thomas Sparrow, Mary Christmass, Richard Morris, Robert Cook, William Sadd, William Rayner, John Wood, Matthew White, Mary Rayner, Mary Christmass, Sarah Unwin, ? Bateman, Ann Hull, Edward May ¥, Ann Crabb ¥, Isaac Dines, Martha Rayner, Hannah Newton ¥, Judith Hales, Francis Bullard, Ellen Buck, Susannah Keble, Joseph Cook, Robert Hum, Thomasin Harris, Mary Goslyn, Sarah Brown, Martha Grimwood, Ann Dorr, Mary Sadd, Edward Cook, Sarah Crab, Susannah Bewers, Elizabeth Raven, Thomas Scot, ? Bridg, Elizabeth Rayner, Daniel Patton ¥, ? Seafield, Joseph Brazier, John Clark, Jane Clark, Thomas Clark, Mary Clitter, Thomas Brick, Elizabeth Raven, Elizabeth Osborn, Henry Burton, Susannah Dorr ¥, Richard Morris, George Rogers, Simon Cook, Hannah Ellis, Thomas Newton, Bridg Newton, Sarah Lair, Susan Sadd, Alice Baker, Mary Dines, John Unwin, John Edwards, John Hull, ? Hales, Elizabeth Edwards, Peter Everard, Isaac Shelley, William Potter, Martha Gold, Edward Wood, Thomas Grimwood, Joseph Sewell, Robert Vince. 📌
1721-1723 Image 38 Matthew White, Mary Ellis, Sarah Bridg, William Raven, Rebeccah ?, Benjamin Abbutt, James Rayner, John Peartree, Phebe Crabb, Ann Hurd, Samuel Brown, Mark Holiday, John Bullard, Hannah Pease, Jonathan Lair, ? Cobb, John Algate, Sarah Sillito, Ann Sillito, ? Sillito, Hannah Newton, Edward Bateman, Thomas Sillito, Ann Hutton, Susannah Hutton, Rebecca Bewers, Thomas Bernard, Ann Crabb, Henry Unwin, Thomas Pease, Elizabeth Scott, Thomas Cook, Robert Arnold, Thomas Laurence, Edward Osborn, Stephen Hum, John Boyden, Thomas Brackley, James Buck, ? Rayner, Hannah Bridg, Elizabeth Cook, Hannah Ellis, Mary Rayner, John Raven, Joseph Shepherd, Ann Rayner, Robert Middleton, Thomas Sewell, John Ellis, William Clark, Hannamiel Rogers, Sarah Marvell, Ann Marvell, Clem Brown Keeble, Peter Raven ¥, Elizabeth York, Hannah Bowtil, Sarah Chaplain, Elizabeth Peartree, John Bullock ¥, Mary May, Sarah Sowers, Ann Bernard, Elizabeth Trash, Sarah Gosslyn, Sarah Sadd, George Beard, John Gold, Susan Hull, Mary Sadd, Mary Hale, Francis Brewer, Matthew Cook, Sarah Unwin, John Wood, Stephen Vince, William Bateman, Elizabeth Abbutt, Judith Rayner, William Peartree ¥, Sarah Osborn, William White, Samuel Crab, Ann Arnold, John Bullock, Mary London, Richard Stringer, John Raven, Mary Wright, George English, Robert Brazier, George Smith, Susan White, Alice Everard, Daniel Patton ¥, Ann Bateman, Ann Pennock, Mary Ruggles, Richard Stringer. 📌
1723-1726 Image 39 Elizabeth Dorr, William Crabb ¥, Daniel Holliday, John Campion, Rose Moss, Richard Edwards, William Baker, Thomas Bernard, Mary May, Mark Bullard, Phoebe Crab, Bartholomew Austin, Ann Porter, Samuel Raven, John Gyon, Judith Pratt, Mary Cook, William Dor ¥, John Cook, Mary Rayner, Mary Long, Mary Hum, Philip Crisp, Elizabeth Crisp, William Catley, Edward Austin, Isaac Buck, William Crab, John Ellis, Joseph Johnson, Mary Bullock, Samuel Hales, Judith Frost, Rebecca Rayner, William Rayner, Thomas Rayner, Jonathan Grimwood, Grace King, Elizabeth Ruggles, Ann Rayner, Sarah Rayner, Margaret Brazier, John Brewer, Sarah Beard, Isaac Shelley, John Thompson, Edward Thompson, Ann Rogers, Edward Austin, Elizabeth May, Sarah? Rayner, Elizabeth Wright, Sarah Sad, Mary Rayner, Hannah Crab, Margaret Bernard, James Vince, Sarah May, Peter Raven, Jane Gold, John Dor, Susan Osborne, Hannah Raven, Prudence Hutton, Elizabeth Shepherd, Isaac Shepherd, Elizabeth Campion, Joseph Boyton, Sarah Coney, Mary Hull, Jeffery Cook, Edward Shepherd, Daniel Green, Mary Brewer, Jane Pain, Judith Gyon, Elizabeth Cranfield, Son Hales, William Long, Elizabeth Bullock, William Bateman, Edward Pease, Margaret Rayner, Martha Dorr, Peter Raven, Francis Maccali, Jonathan Gosslyn, John Crow, John Owers, Mary Everard, Aly Baker, John Chaplin, Thomas Rayner, Sarah King, Mary Patton, Ann Hutton, James Wash, Philip Unwin, Isabel White, Thomas Corder, John Raven &, Elizabeth Dor. 📌
1726 Image 40Sarah Hum, Abigail Rayner, John Alliff, William Beard. 📌
1726-1727 Image 41 Grace Sad, John Gold, Ann Bernard, Sarah Fawcet, Joseph Christmas, Martha Fitch, John Bridg, John Cook, ? May, Joseph Brazier, John Edwards, Christiana ?, Mary Campion, John Peartree, Edward Austin, William Crab, Mary Harrington, Charles Wright, Hannah Rayner, Mary Hall, James Cole, Robert Parmiter, John Breton, Thomas Humm, John Nutman, James Chaplin, Susanna Osborn, Elizabeth Laurence, Edward Osborn, Edward Rayner, Ambrose Wright, Mary Long, Samuel Crab, William Ellis, William Crab, John Moss, James Rayner, Mary Pease, Edward Bateman, George Bateman, ? Fales, Ann Smith, John Drane, Mary May, Rebecca Cranfield, William Walker, John Coney, Thomas Rayner, Sarah Wiltshire, William May, Rose Rayner, Sarah Rayner, John May, Mary Meed, Edward Beard, Margaret Dor, Mary Green, Mary May, Sarah May, Joseph Brazier. 📌
1728-1730 Image 42 ¥ Henry May, William May, Thomas May, Ann Bernard, Mary Amy, Ann Shelley, John Harrington, Charles Everard, Samuel Fitch, Sarah Brown, Susan London, Edmund Osborn, William Raven, Samuel Hutton, Thomas Gyon, Francis Kingsborrow, James Chaplin, Daniel Gibson, Elizabeth Olliff, (Elizabeth Meed, Mary Meed), Ann Darling, James Drane, John Drane, Elizabeth Drane, Lydda Drane, John Christmas, John Osborn/Fell, Edward Osborne, Margery Crab?, Mary Wright, John Spells, John Grimwood, Mary Cook, John Amy, John Bullock ¥, Ann Parmeter, Thomas King, Richard Chaplain, Hannah Bateman, Sarah Bateman, James Gold, Ann Olliff, Elizabeth Bernard, Mary Pear, Daniel Shepherd, Son Sweeting, Mary Chapman, Bartholomew Austin, Elizabeth Marvel, Ann Jonnyns, Hannah Bullock, Thomas Gyon, John Beard, Edward Newman, Josiah Wilkinson, William Ellis, John Ellis, William King, John King, Elizabeth Moss, Mary Shepherd, Archelans Long, John Cranfield, Thomas Cook, Hannah Moss, Samuel Gosslyn, John London, John Gibson, James Rayner, Sarah Cook, James Mayhew, Samuel Meed, Mary Meed, Thomas Brazier, Mary Springate, Wright, Leah? Hutton.📌
1730-1732 Image 43 John Fenn, Ann Smith, John Hull, Isaac Buck, Martha Dorr, Peter Dorr, Elizabeth Brewer, Mary Fell, Bridget Bernard, Samuel Christmass, William Leaper, George Peartree, Mary Raven, Rose Christmass, Susanna Wilkinson, Hannah Crab, William Olli, Sarah Bateman, ?us Chaplin, ? Osborn, ? Meed, Michael Houghton, Jelon Wright, Isabel Unwin, Daughter Johnson, Christopher Cook, Mary Smith, Isaac Book, William Davie, Grace Osborn, ? King, Robert Collins, George Rayner, ? Marvel, Thomas Gibson, Joseph Brewer, Son London, Ann Raven, Judith Moss, John ?, Edward Austin, Sarah May, Mary Brazier, John Middleton, Edmund Leaper, Elizabeth Green, William Parmiter, Ann Crow. 📌
1731-1733 Image 44 ¥ Ann Crab, John Shepherd, Gerorge Fen, Ann Smith, Sarah Hutton, Susanna Wright, Sarah Smith, Nathaniel Cranfield, Abraham Hitchcock, Adam Polley, Thomas Silleto, John Bernard, Mary King, Thomas Allgate, Richard Brown, Elizabeth Crab, Elizabeth Gyon, John Meed, Daniel London, Martha London, Samuel Fitch, Richard Unwin, John Davye, Ann Fox, Elizabeth Laizill, Catherine Laizill, Thomas Owers, James Chaplin, John Higgleton, Ann Christmass, Joseph Fell, Susanna Heydon, Ann Banister, Ann Coney, James Wilkinson, Edward Long, Elizabeth Cook, James Edwards, Elizabeth Spell, Samuel Gold, Richard Chaplin, Elizabeth Chaplin, William Boosby, Mary Byford, John Gosslyn, Mary Middleton, Thomas Bullock, Ann Rayner, John Amy, Sarah Buck, William Rayner, Robert Crab, ? Tiffen, Sarah Osborn, Elizabeth Scott/Gallivant, John Algate, Sarah Brewer.📌
1734-1735 Image 45 Elizabeth London, Mary Full, John Wright, Sarah Parminter, Child Chaplin, Ann Man, Mary Davy, Robert Brazier, John Unwin, (John Jennyns, Mary Jennyns ¥), Thomas Gibson, Martha Meed, Mary Springate, Sarah Fitch, Elizabeth Frith, Daniel Smith, John Polly, Sarah Wright, Ann Hale, Sarah Chaplin/Cobbs, Sarah Bullock, John Hutton, Sarah Hull/Meed, Sarah Cranfield, Elizabeth Hitchcock, Mary Fox, Daniel Cowland, Sarah King, Mary Cook, Elizabeth Dor, Samuel ?, Samuel Bullard, George Braibroke, James Braibroke, Thomas Edwards, Elizabeth Austin, Jacob Green, Martha Waggstaff, Daniel Middleton, Thomas Banister, Thomas Rayner, Mary Williamson, Sarah Hale, Abigail Chaplin, Thomas Bullard, Thomas London, Daniel Leaper, George Algate, Francis Brewer, Wenlock Brewer, Sarah Meed, Thomas Head, JohnnChaplin, Thomas Byford, Ann Gibson, John Vince, Nicholas Long, Edward Fell, Richard Chaplin, Samuel Buck, Charles Tiffen, Moses Davy.📌
1736-1738 Image 46 Edward London, Richard Amie, Martha Full, Margaret Osborn, Samuel Gosslyn, Samuel Fitch, Isaac Cook, Richard Clitter, Isaac Crab, Sarah Hales, Richard Owers, Mary Gyon, Samuel Christmass, William Polly, Mary Peartree, Elizabeth Wood, Margaret Everard, Jacob Rich, Elizabeth Middleton, ? Rayner, Edmund Harrington, Mary Hutton, Sarah Brown, James Rayner, Jacob Cranfield, George Maybrooke, Mary May, John London, Elizabeth Meed, Mary Sad, Mary Bridgeman, John Boosby, Sarah Potter, John Christmass ¥, William Brazier, James Walford, Elizabeth Laizil, James Vince, Sarah Chaplin, Mary Amie, Thomas Williamson, Mary Hall, Travellers, Daniel King, Esther Ellis, Thomas Shad, Mary Pain, Hannah May, John Seafield, John Chaplin, Mary Buck, William Brewer, Philip Crisp, Thomas Crisp, Sarah Crisp, William Cranfield, George Davie, Sarah Willis. 📌
1738-1740 Image 47 Sarah Hull, Sarah London, Edward Austin, Thomas Sillitoe, Mary Christmass, Thomas Chaplin, James Mole, Samuel Hales, Sarah Osborn, Mary Man, Mary Vince, Samuel Bullard, James Buck, Mary Osborn, Susanna Springate, Rachel May, Rose Crab, Ann Clark, John Hayes, Martha Powter, William Owers, Elizabeth Laizill, Hannah Gullifant, John Gullifant, Child Middleton, John Brown, Mary Sad, Mary Hull, Richard London, Thomasin Hutton, Mary Rayner, George Peartree, Stephen Vince, James Wood, Susan Smith, Richard Prat, Daughter Hale, William Newman, John Williamson, Richard Chaplin, William Gladwin, Elizabeth Gibbs, Ann Wenden, Martha Clark, Grace Willis, Mary Man, Robert Hull, Isaac Buck, Thomas Buck, Thomas Hutton, Thomas Mitledg, Sarah Sible, Mary Shave, Edward Marvin, Charles Williamson ¥, Jemima Moss, John Edwards, Mary Edwards, Robert Marvin, Edward Osborn. 📌
1740-1742 Image 48 ¥Robert Wenden ¥, William Wood, Sarah Stead, Sarah Clitter, Ann Tyler, Sarah Hale, Thomas Buck, Thomas Sisley, Elizabeth Clark, James Larin, Elizabeth Fromond, Mathew Mole, Thomas Man, Thomas Waggstaff, Mary Hayer, Ann Meed, Florian Bullock, Sarah Pratt, Robert Vince, Elizabeth Shelley, Sarah Clark, John Man, Nicholas Gosslyn, William Ellis, James Owers, Elizabeth Hart, Sarah Wenden, Rebecca Dorr, Susanna Hull, Mary Buck, Richard Pease, Joseph Bowles, William Hays, Elizabeth Shave, John King, Elizabeth Sillito, John Sillito, Susanna Amy, Thomas Snellock, Sarah French, Edward Fell, Esdras Jennyns, Samuel London, (Robert Hutton, Elizabeth Hutton), George Fromond, William Clark, Serjeant Martyn, Cook Williamson ¥, John Marvin, William Waggstaff. 📌
1742-1744 Image 49 ¥ Samuel Shelley, Samuel Byfleet, Isaac Osborn, Ann Clitter, Hetty Man, John Christmass, John Taylor, Elizabeth Bridg, Rachel Sad, Mary Rayner, Mary Crisp, Ann Crisp, Mary Clark, Thomas Sibley, Thomas Osborn, Thomas Smith, John Pratt, Sarah Middleton, Mary Powter, Mary Manning, Mary Brown, Mary Mole, Samuel Potter, John Ellis, Abigail Rayner, Mark Rayner, Joseph Ellis, Mary Hatton, Sarah Boosby, Elizabeth Hull, Thomasin Kay, John Buck, John King, Susanna Shave, Mary Bridg, George Fromond, Samuel Parkinson, Richard Frinch, Richard Frinch, Sarah Frinch, Ann Hull, Susan Powter, Thomas Belcham, John Bullard, John Frith, Edward Frith, John Austin, John Wenden, John Holiday, James Rayner, Ann Clark, Daniel Middleton.📌
1745-1746 Image 50 ¥ William Smith, Daniel Byfleet, Samuel Shelley, Mary Amy, Sarah Williamson, Ann Bullock, George Lair, Ambrose Marvin, Daughter Stowers, John Clark, Samuel Gladwin, William Tyler, Mary Austin, Mary Rogers, Joseph Mole, George Davies, Henrietta Brereton, Mary May, John Parmiter, John Potter, Isaac London, James Boosby, Jane Martyn, Abraham Christmass, Edward Rayner, Ann Prat, Thomas Berring, Mary Hum, Joseph Rayner, Child Manning, Thomas Austin, Mary Waggstaff, Hannah Fromond, Rose Smith, Sarah Buck, Jeremiah Brazier, Thomas Ellis, John Dearsley, Joseph Brown, George Allgate, John Man, Elizabeth Bullard, Ann Hull, Elizabeth Wenden, Daniel Green, Lydda Gatward. 📌
1746-1748 Image 51 ¥ Mary Lay, Bridget Man, William Clark, Susanna Hutton, Thomas Hutton, William Hutton, John Brewer, Elizabeth Austin, Jesse Buck, Elizabeth Fitch, Susanna Man, George Clitter, Mary Powter, Thomas Gold, Mary London, Sarah Constable, William French, John Bullock, Sarah Hull, Thomas Ellis, Sarah Gyon, Louisa Frith, Richard Edwards, Judith Amy, Phoebe Mole, Ann Sad, John Sad, William Long, Raymond Knightly, Mary Chaplin, Henry Chaplin, Thomas Middleton, Ann Gataway, Jeffery Chaplin, Samuel Parkinson, John Smith, Robert Warren, Robert Brazier, Mary Austin, Sarah Middleton, John Williamson, Sarah Dearsley, George Rogers, John White, Martha Manning, James Buck, Elias Buck, Richard Fromont, John Bullard, Ellen Head, Plampin Wenden, (Samuel Billsham, Daniel Billsham), Ann Brazier.
1749-1753 Image 52 ¥Mary Clitter, John Osborn, Anna Shave, Mary Brewer, Samuel Gataway, Ann Christmass, Thomas Man, Samuel Thomas Page, Rebecca Edwards, Susanna Lay, Thomas Shelly, Mary Ellis, Margaret Hull, Thomas Rayner, Elizabeth Rayner, Henry White, Mary Brown, Elizabeth Smith, William Dor, Jeffery Boosby, James Hum, Martha Campion, Ann Pennock, Ann Pouter, Sarah Chaplin, William Sad, Mary Hyham, Sarah Rayner, Robert Buck, Susanna ?, Frances Bullard, John Unwin, Thomas Amy, James Wenden, Lydia Gataway, Mary Ellis, Cordelia Shelly, William Goslin, William Ratleif, William Dazely, Mary Dazely, William Smith, William Mergit, Robert Osborn, Grace Gurney, John Share, Samuel Burton/Gould, Shaves Wife, Guyons Wife, Charles Guyon, Mary Shelley, Lecks Roggers, Joanna Cardinal, Richard Clitter, Ann Man, William Man, William Book, Jane Smith, Sarah Jeny, Matthew White, John Fromont, James King, Robin Lay, Thomas Edwards, William London, William Shally, Marg Williamson, Richard Brewer, John Pauch, Mary Paulette/Hutton, John Bullard, Mary Boolluck, Mary Dor, Richard Brewer, Daniel Wenden, Benjamin Hull, Ann Pond, Thomas Buellster, Samuel Ham, Sarah Hum, Elizabeth Cardinal, William Hart, George Palmaton, James Dugard, John Drane, Mary Osborn, Jany Fromont, Edward Fromont, Margaret Wilkinson, Mary Rayner, Rebecca Rayner, Mary Wingright, Mary Osborn, Jonathan Gamelyn, Samuel Hutton, Elizabeth Lenard.📌
1753-1755 ¥ Image 53 William Rayner, Sarah Gurney, John King, John Brazier, Mary Page Bays, Isaac Shelley, Frances Smith, John Green, Sarah Rogers, William Dorr, Elizabeth Cook, Henry Wenden ¥, John Mole, Sarah Clarke, Richard Drane, Robert Seagrew, Esther Buck, William Hails, Mary Wright, Peter King, John Furnival/Shepherd, Dorothy Mupet, Samuel Middleton, Frances Bullard, William Shelly, Edward Clitter, Ann English, Ann Osborn, Richard Osborn, John Brazier, Edward Cook, Catherine Cardinal, Hannah Bullock, Mary Rayner, Edward Austin, Edward Green, James Rayner, Mary Wiltshire, Martha White, Mary Ellis, John Shepherd, Mary Hutton, Samuel Root, Samuel Wenlock, John Aldgate, John Shelley, (Sarah Lay, Hannah Lay), Hannah Brewer, Grace Osborn, Mary Smith, Joseph Kitson, James Hull, Sarah Chaplin, Susannah Smith, Elias Buck. 📌

Burials 1678 - 1755

1687 Image 2 Jo Summerfield, D Nightingale, Daughter Bewers, Widow Andrews, John Crowes 📌
1678-1680 Image 3 Samuell Pain, Robert Campion, John Clarke, Frances Harrington, Theodosia Harris, Rose Brewer, Sarah Cowell, Robert Peartree, Ann Sillito, Ann Ellis, Daniel Hall, Elizabeth Adams, Mary Harlakenden, William Booseby, Mary Dore, Alice Andrews, Mabell Elliston, James Markham, Daniel Belcham, Mary Harris, John Sillito, Mary Peake, Deborah Man, Elizabeth Paine, Anne Rugles, Susanah Layer, Mary Appleton, John Rugles, Margaret Ellis, Child Mullins, Mary Essex, Nicholas Caplin, Hellen Smith, Mary Scott, Letitia Holden, Elizabeth Bennett, Hester Cressener, Mary Fletcher, Katherine ffell, Joseph Potter, Ann Ludgater, Mary Spooner, Sarah Belcham, Child Pain, John Brewer, Ann Wiseman, Child Hutton, Stranger, Robert Wright, Benjamin Newman, John Jay, Sarah Burton, Child Appleton, Anne Deekes, Mary Fleetwood, Andrew Clarke, Mary Cressener, John Paine ¥, Mary Bidford, Elizabeth Rothbrooke, William Allen, Edith Everitt, Ann Finch, Jonas Hutton ¥, Robert Pavie, Richard Clitter, John Amie, Sarah Man, Anne Campian, Margaret Ward, Charles Last, Daniell Osborn, Elizabeth Clarke, Ritchard Hatch, Edward Lambe, John Buttall, Mary Paine, Ann Osburne, John Mullins, Richard Tiler, Mary Mory, Jane Reyner. 📌
1680-1683 Image 4 Ann Haxall, Rachel Quilter, Sarah Reyner, James Potter, Margaret Prior, Elizabeth Jenner, Mary Lea, Dorothy Buttall, Robert Carter, Elizabeth Boosby, Rose Fletcher, George Clitter ¥, Christopher Buers, Frances Larrel, John Everitt, Katherine Wright, John Somervill ¥, Anne Smith, Mary Peartree, Henry Bislott, John Finch, Mary Tiffin, Daughter Bifloots, Elizabeth Tiler, William Fossett, Daughter Flacke, Robert Appleton, Susanna Smith, Daughter Flack, Margaret Smith, Son Paine, Sarah Clerke, John Kendal, Mary Tiffin, Grace Ward, Son Buers, Susanna Allen, John Smith, Henry Bennett, Mary Brewer, Ann Burton, Ellen Buck, Richard Mott, John Boosey, Lydia Flanner, Susanna Ward ¥, Elizabeth Bagshaw, Katherine Garrad, Daniel Andrews, Henry Collins, Robert Frost, John Harson, Child Andrews, Alicia Hutton, Rachel Andrews, Rachel Everitt, Charles Last, Jeremy Bunner, Robert Flack, Child Holton, Bartholomew Huske, Richard Bunner, Robert Newton, John Burton, John Eldred, Robert Harrington, Anna Day, Susanna Davy, Child Powter, Child Jay, Child Fowles, Susanna Jay, Son Wade, Son Bullocke, Edward Pain, Child Hatch, Ann Laurence, Thomas Reyner, Quilter, Susanna London, Mary Ellis, John Hutton, Ralph Josselin. 📌
1683-1685 Image 5 ¥ John Carter, Margaret King, Samuel Plail, Thomas Rainer, Thomas Greene, James Root, Susannah Hutton, James Cafin, Thomas Goslin, Richard Tyler, An Apleton. Widow Markham, Widow Slack, Elizabeth Leaper, Edward Stevens, An Karin, Infant Belcham, Margaret Amis, John Hum, Edward Draine, John Peartree, Elizabeth Fosset, Mary Finch, John Paine, John Apleton, Edward Gould, Simon Cowell, Child Tyler, Mary Burton, Sarah Aldgate, Daniel Hutton, Gamaliel Garret, Edward Finch, Thomas Appleton, John Tyler, Matthew Haughton, Susannah Hatch, John Alston, Elizabeth Poole, Son Poulter, Guy Pennock, Child Snellock, William Newton, Child Andrews, Child Plail, An Bennet, John Adams, Elizabeth Caplin, Elizabeth Man, Mary Jenner, Widow Vangold, Richard Tyler, An Bowers, Mary Smith, John Fletcher, Goodman Peartree, Child Paine, Robert Pennock, Child Thrif, Rebecca Owers, Elizabeth Stebbing, Jane Gold, Abigail Abbas, Child Pease, Elizabeth Fletcher, Child Shibbes, Dorothy Crismas ¥, Child Finch, Child Sad, Daughter Parkinson, Martha Kapent 📌
1685-1689 Image 6 ¥ Sarah Whatley, Lidia Tyler, Rose Kendall, Thomas Wade, Child Bennet, Child Hicks, John Pennock, Joseph Hatch, Elizabeth Ellis, Elizabeth Norman, Child Cob, Child Cob, Child Tine, Child Tine, Son Everard, William Rogers, Thomas Raine, Rose Hut, Susana Willison, Thomas Glide, Mary Norden, Joan Amy, Christopher Powel, Mary Hutton, James Emery, Edward Spooner, Child Scobell, Edward Thrift, Child ? , Christopher Fosset, William Hut, Wife Abbut, Wife Davie, Jacob Rogers, Thomas Abbut, Edward Haxall, Hester Ball, Judith Rainor, Jane Rogers, Thomas Harris, Child Bennet, Robert Midleton, An Cob, Thomas Garret, Elizabeth Thrift, Robert Carter ¥, William Adams, Son Kendall, John Carter, John Raimond, Child Caplin, Elizabeth Amy, James Jay, Susanna Potter, Sarah Jay, John Bond, ? Rogers, Child Wiseman, Child Cobb, Charles Last, Joann Allston, John Garret, Abraham Bolsham, Edward Harris, Sarah Toply, Joseph Andrews, Child Pennock, Agnes Lovejoy, Mary Huske, Francis Newton, Mary Fincham, John Bennet, Ralph Wiseman, Mary Bigs, Thomas Bullard, Nathaniel Wade, Alice Hutton, John Hutton, Joseph Fletcher, Richard Buck, Joseph Andrews, Goody Allen, Elizabeth Bowers, John Appleton, John Ellis, Lidia Hutton, Rosamund Fletcher, John Abbut, Child Cranfield, Child Golden, John Halbrooke, Mary Walford, Margaret Newton, George Layer, A Woman, John Wade, Bartholomew Bustry, Mary Gray, Joseph Sparrow, Alicia Smith, John Suchawk, Mary Bentall, William Chapman, John Allen, Daniel Leper, Mary Potter, Child White, Margaret Prior, Elizabeth Ocrrile, Edward ?, Elizabeth Hatch, John ?📌
1689-1693 Image 7 Elizabeth Sparow, Edward Paine, John Kendall, Isaac Paine, Child Las, Widow Sawing, Nicholas Kendall, Child Snellock, Samuel Stow, Child Appleton, Son Ramon, James Pryor, Mary Hansom, Susan Newton, Joan Andrewes, Goodman Fisher, John Sunderland, Daughter Ward, Susan White, William Pudney, Elizabeth Bullock, Nicholas Ashwell, Susan Wiseman, Susan Sad, William Andrewes, Ann Overal, Child Hut, Joan Totman, Francis Nun, Jane Harrison, Robert Pennock, Frances Cobs, Child Fosset, Anne Fosset, Henry Hatch, Edmund Clerk, William Pain, Rebecca Buck, Edward Clitter ¥, Alice Pilgrim, Mary Stevens, Jeremy Cobs, Mary Peartry, Edward Pain, Thomas London, Abraham Christmas ¥, Samuel Christmas ¥, Edward Peartree ¥, Sarah Pitchfork, Alice Allin, Elizabeth Mott, George Man, Francis Crow, William Hatch, Daniel Buers, Hannah Sparrow, Edward Alston, Ann Bond, Child Hutt, Richard Harlakenden, Samuel Pain, Child Hatch, Susanna Dale, Wife Algates, Susanna Bindes, Martha Ellis, Samuel Fuller, Widow Sunderland, Child Hull, William Fosset, Son Hutton, Mary Kendall ¥, John Husk, Widow Chaplyn, Mary Hast, Martha Fletcher, Sarah Finch, Ann Hutt, William Peartrey ¥, John Layer, John Bullock, Jane Joscelin, Mary Ellis, Sarah ?, Henry Morley, Wife Belcham, Richard Ellis, Hannah Cunny, Marke Bullen, Mary Tiffin, Elizabeth Flammer, Jonathan Sparrow, Mary Turner, Robert Harris, Stillborn Cobs, John Surrey, Ann Surrey, Child Finch.📌
1693-1700 Image 8 Elizabeth Finch, Child Hatch, Anne Root, Grace Abbut, Joinnna Wade, Mary Brag, Child Wade, Richard Clitter, Robert Cook, Martha Ellis, Daniel Shepheard, Richard Parker, Widow Peake, Ann Cressener, Robert Lamb, Henry Biflett, George Peartrey, Joseph Belcham, Child Powter, Mary Cranfield, Mary Tilley, Richard Ellis, William Shoat, Roger Larret, Richard Appleton, Margaret Sexton, Abraham Chrismas, Child Clarke, Mary Shepheard, Child Peartry ¥, Alice Appleton, Mary Rayner, John Pain, Edward Haxal, Child Croios, Susana Potter, Esdras Peartrey, Martha Ellis, Female Chapman, Richard Tyler, Warren Clitter ¥, John Pratt, John Appleton, Elizabeth Gibson, Elizabeth Herrington, John Pease, Child Bennet, Nicholas Balls, Katharine Lenton, Phebe Crab, John Pennock, Henry Bennet, Daughter Hatch, Hannah Harvey, John Wade, William Newton, Edward Cobs, John Back, Child Webb, (Side) John Lenton,Child Pratt, Elizabeth Cobs, James Harvey, Thomas Bigsby, Child Regness, Wife Labs, Child Reyner, Richard Cuslyn, Richard Appleton, Sarah Savil, John Fell, Wife Gold, Ann Pennock, Son Pennock, John Cressener, Daniel Fosset, Widow Holden, Robert Marridg, Ann Newman, Martha Fletcher, Ann Rogers, Child Pratt, Abraham Finch, Child Man, Mary Wale, Richard Piper, Joseph Hutton, Ann Morly, Edward Warren, Thomas Pratt, Mary Brightwell, Joseph Sewell, Anne Sewel, Robert Fletcher, Thomas Algates, Abraham Chrismas, James Cranfield, Martha Lockey, Child Midleton, Child Grey, Elizabeth Powter, father of Child Bullock, Aden Hunwick, Widow Hunwick, John Crow, Christopher Fosset, Joseph King, Robert Haxall, Daughter Rasbrook, widow Clark, John Scot, Thomas Fell, Edward Pain ¥, Hester Bullen, Child Green, Elizabeth Johnson, Ann Durrant, Mary Summerfield, Rose Powter, Sarah Pecker, Anne Hutton, Anne Partry, Thomas Osborne, Wife Sawkins, Sarah Hatch, Alice Hutton, Margaret Brewer, Margaret Brewer. 📌
1700-1706 Image 9 Wife Pennock, William Hutt, Child Hutt, Wife Wiseman, John Ellis, Edward Cressener, Elizabeth Crispe, Clemens Pain, Henry Hutton, Elizabeth Lewsy, Mary Abbutt, Elizabeth Clitter, Robert Arnold, Frances Gosslin, Elizabeth Robinson Clerk, Elizabeth Ruggles, Henry Abbutt, Anne Peartry ¥, Alice Hutton, Son Ring, Daughter Powter, Bartholomew Hatch, Daughter Brewer, Margaret Cobs, Nathaniel King, Mary Garrad, James Robinson Clerk, Susanna Robinson Clerk, Mary Coe, Grace Garrad, Ester Hutton, William Adams, John Pease, Martha Harris, Child Hutton, Anthony Garrad, Robert Belchamp, Simon Rasbrook, Widow Pennock, Gamaliel Hatch, Child Belchamp, Child Rasbrook, Stillborn Wiseman, Matthew Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards, Child Rayner, Child Cranfield, Daniel Scofield, Widow Person, Joseph Belchamp, Rachel Pease, Daughter Parker, Daughter Sexton, Robert Pease, William Fosset, Jonathan Tiffin, Widow Belchamp, Child Alston, Daniel Cob, Wife Grant, Son Pain ¥, Susanna London, Bartholomew Alston, Rachel Partrey ¥, John Cobs, Mary Man, Joseph Gostlyn, Elizabeth Hatch, Son Garrad, Elizabeth Hum, Phebe Spooner, Thomas James, Susan Bernard, William Sexton, John Clarke, Peter Raven, Sarah Sawkins, Joseph Layer, Susanna Oliver, Mary Peartrey, Mehetabel Rule, Child Roberts, Child Rayners, Sara Death, Elizabeth Man, Widow Pennock, Simon Bayly, Mary Garrad, Robert Patrick ¥, Child Hales, Susanna Ellis, Philip Oliver, Abraham Hayle, William Houghton, Bridget Peartrey, Ann Clitter, Goody Lundals Markham, Jeffery Hutton, Robert Davy, Child Wade, Wife Wiltshire, Widow Bayly, Daughter Fuller, Wife Leper, Child Siday, Child Pain , Mary Cast, Jane Pease, Child Rainer, Robert Potter, Wife Dowre, Sarah Laurance, Thomas Pease, Sarah Pease, Mary Overal, Madam Brag, Thomas Ruggles, Widow Andrews, John Sparrow, Child Sucklin, Wife Rogers, Sarah Boosby, Wife Bailey, Stephen Rogers, Sarah Maysant, Judith Nuten.📌
1706-1710 Image 10 Ann Rogers, Child Clitter ¥¥, John Low, Widow Hacksell, Child Bold, Widow Bolluck, Robert Pease, Robert Pease, Quakers Child, Widow King, John Downs, Child Crow, Child Adams ¥, Daughter Ruffel, Jane Rogers, Katarine Esex, Widow Benum, Margaret Adams, Nicolas Balls, Samuel Guyon ¥, Cristopher Fosset, Joseph Boll, William Augur, Edward Partree, Elizabeth Clark, Mathew Mole, Stephen Sturmore, Esdras Peartree, Mary Pratt, Widow Pain, Wife Man, Henry Playle, Elizabeth Peartry, Susan Root, Wife Middleton, Mary Gray, Mary Clerk, Samuel Burton, Hannah Potter, Mary London, John Green, Ann Root, Widow Houlton, Mary Hutton, Elizabeth Cobs, Widow Wade, Mary Wright, John North, Christopher Parkinson, An Smith, James Fuller,John Pease, Martha Crow, Daniel Root, Richard Caplin, An Cobs, Richard Brewer, Sarah Gyon ¥, John Ellis, Ann Peartry, John Root, Rose Fossett, James Ward, Joseph Bayleigh, Mary Pilgrim, Daniel Rogers, John Crow, John Pattrick , Susan Ernard, Mary Frith, Widow Brewer, Rebecca Arnold, Samuel Guyon ¥, Child Baker, Child Wood, Widow Garrard, John Smith, Child Pain ¥, Rose Fossett, Frances Sparrow, Susan Fossett, Captain Abbutt. 📌
1710-1713 Image 11 Wife Sandale, Widow Playle, Abraham Oliver, Thomas Right, William Suckling, Widow White, Robert Russel, Robert Haxed, Alice Nitingale, John Ludgater, Child Pease, Child Lazwell, Hannah Cony, Mary Brewer, Henry Hatch,Son Cobb, Mary King, Hannah Sewel, Martha Parkinson, Sarah Pudney, Mary Tyler, Benjamin Crab, Richard Silleto, Mary Caplin, Richard Cressener, Elizabeth Hath, Peter King, William Hatch, Wife Scofield, Sarah Larret, Judith Pattrick, Child Bullock ¥, George Wade, Mary Bullock, Ann Root, John Shuller, Nicholas Caplin, Giles Crow, Sarah Ellis, Thomas Rayner, Elizabeth Rogers, Mary Layer, ? Williams, George Mann, Mary Caplin, Elizabeth downs, John Rayner, Wife Wade, Sarah Shell, Joseph Sewel, Mary Bell, Susannah London, Christian Andrewes, Grace Crisp, John Lad, Sany Amoy, Sarah King, Thomas Ludgater, John Fletcher, Frances Hutchinson, Martha Fletcher, Widow Cross, James Buck, Thomas Aldgate, Roger Root, Wife Gibs, Martha King, John Pilgrim, Caleb Messant, An Coney, Mary White, Elizabeth Palmer, Peter Raven, Thomas Putney, Grace Fosset, Mary Lad, George Clitter ¥, Mary Sewel, Rose Abbutt, Mary Potter, Wife Boneley, Elizabeth Appleton, Mary Baker, Judith Prior, Mary Seaton, Mary Gyon ¥, John Lenton, Robert Smyth, Gilbert Smyth, Susannah Potter, Grace Caplin.📌
1713-1717 Image 12 Daniel Burton, Judith Rayner, Mary Rogers, John Peartree, Ellen Pond, Richard Clitter, Edward Clitter ¥, Elizabeth Clitter, Sarah Gyon ¥, Elizabeth Layer, Jeremy Bowers, Anne Hutton, John Schoffield, Robert Hutton, Jacob Cranfield, Katherine Bullock ¥, John Eglyn, Sarah White, Margaret Eldred, Nathaniel Cranfield, Elizabeth Hale, John Sparrow, Elizabeth Hutton, William Raven, John Raven, Elizabeth Pattrick, Ann Bateman, Susannah Vince, Dorcas Boosy, Thomas Andrewes, John Clark, William Emerson, John Scofield, Hannah Coney, Sarah Pain, Ann Hatch, Elizabeth Dorr ¥, Widow Caplin, Rachel Sparrow, Glanvile Bernard, Sarah Cobbs, George Wall, Sarah Crow, Gyles Cock, Richard Bigsby, Susannah Crow, Child Lazill, Child Wade, Lydia Crow, Elthanan Middleton, Ann Fell, Mary Ellis, John Lenton, Thomas Bernard, Elizabeth Smith , Sarah Brewster, Susannah Hutton, Elizabeth Gyon, Elizabeth Smith, Widow Crab, Elizabeth Wistow, Mary Cobbs, Widow Hawe, Joseph Fletcher, John Gyon, Widow Lair, Elizabeth Sycantin, Elizabeth Falkner, Rachel Bowles, George Peartree, John Cressner, William Chapman, Sarah Baily, Wife Bullock, Mary Bromfield, Sarah Wade, John Newton, Humphrie Ruggles, Jonathan Tiffin, John Crow, Thomas Tiffin, Margaret Ellis, Mary Potter, John Pain, Sarah Bott. 📌
1717-1722 Image 13 Robert Ward, Richard Hermew, John Eldered, George May ¥, Edward Green, Thomas Tiffin, Daniel loaper, John Door, Elizabeth Peartree, Martha Barnard, Alice Newton, Richard Ellison, child Head, Thomas Pain, John Hatch, Simon Overall, Thomas Pyper, Child Jarvise, Sarah Clitter, Wife Algate, John Clark, John Hatch, Elizabeth Cook, Robert Middleton, Child Rayner, Edward Abbutt, Widow Rosbrook, Child Bridg, William Osborne, Robert Tiffin, Child Gritg, Abigail Abbutt, Jervoice Williamson, William Rayner, Child Buck, Wife Brown, Henry Abbutt, Samuel Newton, Elizabeth Gyon ¥, Edward Gold, Ann Appleton, Elizabeth Middleton, Child Brackley, Son May ¥, Daughter Suckling, Richard Boreley, Isaac Gladwin, John Sadd, Thomas Pond, Hannah Newton ¥, John Cass, Child Lawrence, Marg Lamb, John Brewster, Mary Harris, Thomas Harris, John Wood, Daniel Patton ¥, John Pain, Mary Crabb, child Sadd, Wife Pease, child Grimwood, ? Peartree, Mary Cressener, Mary Holiday, Rachel Belchamp, John Cook, Sarah Hatch, Son Catley, Susanna Keeble, Wife Potter, Prudence Green, Wife London, Rachael Sad, Christopher Ellis, Edward Cook, Elizabeth Dutch, widow Emerson, Ann Ellis, Jacob Green, John Hull, William Tiffin, Child Hallibread, Jacob Green, Wife Leaper Edward Cressener 📌
1722-1724 Image 14 Child Sadd, Sarah Sadd, Edward Osborne,Child Cob, Ann Crab ¥, Martha Jennings, Susanna Hughes, Child Brackley, Edward Johnson, Susanna Hatch, George Cressener, Sarah Gyon, Thomas Sadd, Child Johnson, Francis Bullard, John Franklyn, John Pain, John Ellis, Mary Bridg, Sarah Cobb, Susanna Fawcett, John Buck, Child Cobb, Child May, Child Raven ¥, Child Bullock ¥, Matthew Cook, Clement Cowper, Susan Sad, Benjamin Abbutt, Child Harvey, Widow Ward, Elizabeth Frith, Child Patton ¥ Child Frith, Child Watford, Child Frith, Child Baker, Child Dor, Child Osborn, Child Crab ¥, Child Sad, Mary May, Robert Brazier, Francis Ludgater, Widow Pennock, Judith Pratt, Thomas Bridg, ? Christmas, Child Potter, Ann Bernard, William Dor ¥, Ann Pratt, William Peartree, Grace Pain, Wife Algate, Katharine Brewer, Child Austin, Child Brown, Child Eglin, Ellen Pain, Jane Sadler, Child Vince, Child Cook, William Boosby, Robert Harris, Child Silletow, Margaret Grimston, James Vince, Elizabeth Frith, Child Ruggles, Mary Catly, Ann Stow, John Smart, Child Porter, Samuel Emmery, Child Ruggles, Margaret Ashford, Judith Farmer, John White, William Brewer, Ellen Pain, Joseph Brazier, Child Ellis, Child Rayner, Child Long, John Toll, William Catly, Widow Raymond, Thomas Edwards, Sarah Emmery, John Brewer, Child Hale, Thomas Glide, Child Edwards, John Androwes, Joanna Buck, Ann Warren,Widow Bowl, Wife Dore, Child Brown, David Oddy.📌
1725-1728 Image 15 Widow Marvel, George Appleton, Widow Overal, John King, Daughter Lucklyn, Child Traveller, Wife Amy, Edward Austin, Widow Peartree, Abigail Caplin, Widow Rayner, Wife Christmass, Widow Low, Wife Middleton, Abraham Hales, James Savil, Child Filch, Widow Gold, Alice Rogers, Child Rogers, George Biddulph, Robert Warren, Wife Cranfield, Henry Adams, Jane Collyer, Ferrars Stringer, Robert Crow, Ann Bernard, John Ollif, Jane Collyer ¥, John Patrick, Thomas Catley, Elizabeth May, Benjamin Harvey, Elizabeth Harvey, Mary Brewer, Daniel Meed, Child Bewers, Joseph Brazier, Francis Crisp, John Cook, Wife Shepherd, Widow Bewers, John Breton, Sarah King, Child Brown, Mary Everard, Child Brewer, Child Fitch, Sarah Lair, Child Holiday, Child Dor, Child Hutton, ? Buck, Wife Crow, James Chaplin, Grace King, Widow Crow, John May, Elizabeth Cook, Child Campion, Child Rayner, Child Drane, Child Wilsher, Child Owers, John Hammond, Child Rayner, John Newton, Peter Dor, Ann Middleton, Widow (george) Peartree, Child Crab, John Raven, Thomas Cole, Child Austin, Child Shelley, John Last, Child Cook, Edward Frith, Widow Middleton, Child Holliday, Hester Raven, Martha Purchas, Child Meed, Matthew Newman, Child Spell, Wife Rayner, Child Pease, Child Cook, Francis Bullard, Child Adams, Child Meed, Child Meed, Martha Eglin, Mary Savil, Child Buck, Wife Pudney, Child Christmass ¥¥, Spl Vangaver, Elizabeth Goslyn, Samuel Fitch, Elizabeth Bullard, Susanna Hammond, Child Raven, Widow Springate, Child Leaper, Child Smith, John Grimwood, Wife Campion, Jacob Cranfield. 📌
1729-1732 Image 16 Richard Clitter, Wife Gold, Richard Edwards, Wife Bowles, John Amy, Edward Pease, Thomas Bifleet, William Peartree ¥, James Rayner, Child Bullock ¥, Edward Banister, William Bifleet, Mary Lair, Widow Bifleet, Child Lawrence, Thomas Lawrence, Nathaniel King, John Fell, Child Wood, John Bullock, Samuel Fitch, Child Shepheard, Child Osborn, Mary Andrews, Wife Middleton, Elizabeth Osborn, Child Wistoe, Daniel Patton, Child Cook, Frances Burton, Child Brewer, Child Crab, Wife Pease, Child Cook, Robert Pease, Thomas Rayner, Philip Unwin, Rebecca Spicer, Joshua Brooks, Mary Wistow, Wife Osborn, Wife Buck, Richard Andrews, Child Buck, Wife York, Sarah Tiffen, Susannah Dorr ¥, Child Brewer, Wife Tiffin, Child Raven, Thomas Nightingale, Thomas Hale, Widow Austin, Child, John Crow, Wife Cook, Child Wright, John Bullock, Thomas Buck, Elizabeth Savil, Widow Meed, Child Ellis, Child Rayner, Mary Plampin, Robert Collins, Child Hum, Child Christmass, Margaret Cass, Child Mawel, Sarah Winden, Elizabeth Peartree, Charles Thorsby, William Peartree, Child Austin, Child London, Mary Parish, Wife Wood, Traveller, Child Owers, Child Parmiter, John Eldred, Child Gibson, Wife Fawcet, Child Chaplin, John Brewster, Widow Gray, Jonathan Gosslyn, John Gold, Martha King, William Gibs, Samuel Marriage, Elizabeth Caster, Widow Tiffen, Widow Walker, Child Leaperin, Henry Sweeting, Edmund Osborn, Child Meed, Robert Newman, Child Long, Child Wright, Wife Christmass 📌
1733-1739 Image 17 Richard Argent, Samuel Hall, Widow Rayner, William Kent, Josiah Smith, Frances Serjeant, Mary Crisp, Mary Cressener, Thomas Moss, Child Parminter, Child Parminter, John King, Child Cook, Elizabeth Pointer, Child Fitch, Joseph Abbutt, Child Hatch, Humphrey Ruggles, Sarah Unwin, Simon Rosbrook, Mary Jennyns ¥, Judith Gosslyn, Child Wilkinson, Child Bullard, Susan Pattrick, George Allgate, Wife Parmeter, Joseph Christmas, Wife Cob, Child Parmeter, Child Austin, Durabella Eldred, Elizabeth Peartree, Child Smith, Child Fell, John Crow, Mary Eldred, Child Chaplin, Child Pain, Adam Polly, Child Rayner, Child Smith, James Wilkinson, Widow Maisant, James Rayner, ? King, Child Crab, Child Middleton, Child Allgate, Wife Rayner, Susanna Downes, Child Cook, William Deansley, Child Shelley, Thomas Sillito, Daughter Rayner, John Brewster, Child Christmass, Sarah Braybrook, Samuel Parminter, Sarah Trisher, Child Polly, Child Amy, Child Smith, Elizabeth Angier, John Algate, Child George Peartree, Child Williamson ¥, Child George Peartree, Wife Pattrick, Widow Green, Child King, John Sad, Child London, Child Ellis, Child Fitch, Mary Eldred, Ann Smith, Child Hull, Child Hull, Benjamin Hull, Child Hull, Child Pain, John Eldred, Widow Rayner, Child Long, Child Allgate, Child Mead, Adam Polly, Child May, John Wistow, Child Algate, Widow Pain, Child Brewer, Wife Hull, Thomas Warren, Child Middleton, Catherine Fell, ? Middleton, Nicholas Bullock, Widow Catly, Richard Kant, Dorothy Wale, Widow Baker, Widow Bullard, William Smith, Margaret Arris, Susanna Smith, Infant Hale, Thomas Bullock, Widow Broughty, Child Fell, Child Gibson. 📌
1740-1744 Image 18 ¥ William Newman, Widow Foster, John Cranfield, Child Fell, Child Gibson, Hannah Smith, Child Algate, Jane Robinson, Child Williamson ¥, Widow Edwards, Child King, Daughter Sillito, Child Wenden ¥, Robert Hum, John Puffleet, William White, Sarah Hales, Catherine Kemp, Susanna Wistow, Child Pain, James Edwards, Edward Gold, Bridg Newton, Ann Sad, Walter Pease, Wife Powter, John Brazier, Thomas Shad, Wife Lair, Thomas Tiffen, Wife King, John White, Widow Crow, Wife Pain, Widow Arnold, Peter Raven, Richard Ellis, John Prentice, Widow Biggsby, William Long, Ann Smith, Child Sibley, Wife Pease, Widow Cole, Wife Brewer, Wife Scofield, Isaac Mole, Child Bullock ¥, Child Martin, Child Cooper, Daughter Buck, Wife Dor, Henry Wenden, Samuel Burton, Margaret Everard, Child Green, Peter Everard, Child Clark, Wife Rayner, Widow Bott, Widow Pain, Widow Hume, ? Raven, Robert Marvin, Samuel Meed, Widow Long, William Sucklyn, Richard Brewer, Wife Dearsley, Elizabeth Angier, Widow Brewster, Widow Hale, Grace Hatch, Widow Raven, Wife Shelley, Child Powter, Robert Newman, John Pratt, Rachel Brackley, Child Shelley, Elizabeth Manning, Child Man, Samuel Smith, Child Fromont, Erased, John Page, Child Wenden, Wife Hull, Child Hull, Robert Hull, Sarah Pain, Child Chaplin, Child Kuffle, Elizabeth Moss, Frances Parish, Daniel King, Wife Rayner, James Emery, John Frith, Edward Frith.
1745-1752 Image 19 ¥ Widow Edwards, John Bullard, Mary Freeman, Mathew Serjeant, Widow Gibbs, Child Potter, Widow Meed, Sarah White, Edward Pain, Child Jennyns. Robert Godfrey, Wife Chaplin, Thomas Hart, John Clark, Richard Stringer, William Bateman, Child Braybrook, Thomas Brewster, Child Brown, Wife Livermore, Solomon Grimston, Bartholomew Austin, Jane Martin, Daniel Burton, Child Austin, Wife Clitter, Child Gataway, Child Unwin, Widow Sad, Child Hutton, Child Potter, Wife Hull, Phil Smith, Isaac Mole, Daughter Arnold, Widow Chaplin, William Smith, Joanna Gold, Wife Grimwood, Abigail Martin, James Savil, Child Chaplin, Isaac Potter, John Fitch, Child Gataway, Child London, Child Middleton, Sarah Hull, Wife Pennock, Child Hutton, Child Wilkin, Child Constable, William Eglin, Mary Sewell, Widow Bartholomew, John Hatch, George Clitter, Child Hutton, Oliver Lowry, Frances Smith, Child Amy, Elizabeth Wright, Child Bullard, Mary Pease, A Sojourner, Sarah Dearsley, Elizabeth Robinson, Wife London, Mary Barfoot, George Layer, Mary Green, Child Edwards, Joseph Constable, Charity Hatch, William Peartree, John Brown, Wife Raynner, Ann Daysly, Ester Auston, Peter King, Matthew Cranfield, Martha King, John Buck, Richard Alliss, Wife Boosby, Elizabeth Cass, Nicholas Ball, Edward Pain, Richard Faucet, Daughter Ellis, William Darely, James Savil, Elizabeth Adams, Rose Smith, Child Smith, Mrs Sandous, Mrs Mayhen.
1752-1755 Image 20

Marriages 1728 - 1753

1748-1753 Image 21

1741-1748 Image 22 John Sewel and Sarah Peartree, John Taylor and Susan Peartree, Henry Mascal and Sarah Wallis, John Cook and Susan Sad, John Clark and Mary London, John Raven and Susannah King, James Rayner and ? Raven, Samuel Jobson and Rebecca Leswill, Joseph Ellis and Mary Bapam, Samuel Simmonds and Elizabeth Argent, Benjamin Hull and Sarah Edwards, John Austin and Margaret Polly, Bartholomew Austin and Elizabeth Walpole, John Bullard and Elizabeth Abbott, Robert Hume and Mary Coney, John Bullock and Elizabeth Clark, Edward Austin and Mehetabel ?, Robert Parminter and Martha Bunting, Thomas Polley and Sarah Killingbeck, Abraham Pool and Sarah Coney, George Rogers and ? Canffield, Edward Rayner and Elizabeth Cranfield, Henry Collins and Priscilla Falsam, Thomas Sibley and Elizabeth Cook, Samuel Gataway and Elizabeth Hull, John Goody, and Sarah Sad, John Brewer and Elizabeth Pultney, Thomas Burton and Elizabeth Collison, John Chaplin and Elizabeth Gullifant, Samuel Parkinson and Sarah Mole, William Ardley and Hannah Crab, Elias Buck and Katherine Layerl, John Wenden and Mary Gibson, William Leach and Elizabeth Dearsley, James Butcher and Pleasant Idle, Samuel Jobson and Ruth Alliston. 📌

1736-1741 Image 23 Ezekiel King and Charity Hatch, William Smith and Martha Hall, John Wicker and Ann Pease, Joseph Turner and Sarah Wiltshire, Samuel Brazier and Susanna Brackett, Thomas Manning and Elizabeth Hutton, Thomas Lawrence and Ann Fill, Joseph Woodard and Rebecca Jourdan, John Puplett and Ann Crow, James Rayner and Ruth Fill, James Rayner and Elizabeth Patten, William Boyden and Elizabeth Arnold, Thomas Spencer and Susanna Coker, John Schofield and Christian Pennock, Daniel Green and Elizabeth Wood, John Clark and Mary Crab, Robert Osborn and Elizabeth Lair, Warren Hull and Maria Sambo, John Pease and Mary Clitter, Thomas Buck and Mary Shave, William Edwards and Susanna Crow, Samuel Springate and Sarah Green, John Wale and Ann Eldred, Abraham Dugard and Sarah Smith, John Kettle and Dorothy Wenden, Thomas Jones and Hannah Fell, John Parkin and Mary Edgar, Plampin Wenden and Ann Pennock, Samuel Shelley and Margaret Knightly, James and Sarah, Edward Marvin and Mary Rand, John Stowers and Alice Layzill, Mathew Mason and Ann Day, James Robinson and Elizabeth Parish, Thomas Snellock and Sarah Goslyn, Thomas Osborn and Mary Oddy, James Rayner and Mary Ellis, Richard Ruffle and Hannah Newton.📌

1730-1736 Image 24 Francis Cadge and Elizabeth Leswell, Benjamin Howard and Elizabeth Burr, John Algate and Elizabeth Hale, Thomas Silleto and Elizabeth Sucklyn, Michael Houghton and Sarah Middleton, Daniel Smith and Mary May, John Brightwen and Mary Godhard, John Hermude and Elizabeth Fell, Thomas Somerson and Sarah Dainar, George Rayner and Mary Noble, Thomas Coney and Mary Harvey, Daniel Cowland and Ann Hales, Abraham Letch and Ann Giblin, Henry Dunning and Mary Seabrock, Daniel London and Elizabeth Potter, William Boosby and Sarah Little, William Hart and Susana Wilkin, Daniel Andrews and Elizabeth Downs, Thomas Hart and Martha Full, Porth Rowland and Susan Buck, Joseph Kent and Mary Wilkinson, Daniel Middleton and Mary Pease, Thomas Harvy and Mary Wood, William Samms and Elizabeth Spark, Thomas Banister and Ann Fisher, George Smith and Sarah Algate, Edward Frith and Jane Hance, William Rand and Hannah Larkin, Samuel Christmass and Mary Hull, Solomon Grimston and Susanna Newman, Richard Everett and Mary Pennock, Thomas Taylor and Sarah Bickmer, Joseph Hardwin and Mary Toakley, John Buck and Mary Bray, Edward Fincham and Mary Brown, George Rogers and Mary Fell, William Nier and Elizabeth Mills, John Sad and Mary Osborn, Peter Church and Mary Smith, Joseph Windal and Ann Hutton, Henry Dawson and Jane Wilborn, Thomas Frau and Mildred Poulter. 📌
1728-1730 Image 25 Philip Crisp and Ann Edwards, John Appleton and Mary Frew, Fisher Walford and Rachel Gladwin, Isaac Mole and Phoebe Crab, John Campion and Martha Rayner, William Davie and Rebecca Lair, Richard Chaplin and Elizabeth Austin, John Miller and Jane Gold, Daniel Green and Sarah Rayner, Joseph Fell and Elizabeth Rayner, John Springate and Mary Green, Joseph Cranfield and Mary ?, William Eglin and Sarah Peartree, John Collyer and Mary Hull, John Davie and Hannah Baker, John Honex and Ann Pain, Adam Polly and Mary Coin, Solomon Hitchcock and Sarah Hatch. 📌


Blank page Image 1 & 56 Image 21 is a duplicate of 20 added by ERO to show a fold

D/P 209/1/5 Overall Date Range 1756-1781

Burials 1756 - 1781

1756 Image 4 ¥ George Livermore, Thomas Brewster, Martha English, Martha Fitch, Mary Rayner, Ann Potter, Samuel Hutton, James Emmings, Cook Williamson ¥, Hannah East, John Sibley, Mary Sexton, Sarah Vince, John Higham, Ann Wenden, John Edwards, Elizabeth Raven, Ann Crab, Thomas East, William Bannister, Thomas Pease, Mary Brewer, Sarah Dorr, Child Holyday. 📌
1764-1765 Image 10 ¥ Sarah Ketley ¥, Martha Crab, Susannah Balls, Sophia Dunckley, Elizabeth Everitt, John Dorr, Mary Springett, Samuel Biflett, Child Wilkerson, Mary Partridge, Elizabeth Chaplyn, Mary Amey, Mary Cobbs, Clere Chaplyn, Susannah Hart, Elisha Smith, John Osborn, Elizabeth More, John Clark, Thomas Dunckley, Mary Dunckley, Mary Catley, Sarah Guyon, Child Dor, Child King, Martha Campen, Sarah Chaplyn, Child Maninfield, John Unwin, John Chaplyn, Infant Dorr, Mary Collyer, John Chaplyn, Judith Leaper 📌
1768-1770 Image 14 ¥ Mary Drane, Anne Drane, Widow Arnold, James Mole, Phoebe Mole, Ann Fell, Henry Pastrag, James Brown, Sarah Wilkerson, Ann Mann, Elizabeth Lansdell, Frances Humphreys, John Brown, Elizabeth Fell, Richard French, Ann Sogres, John Clark, Jacob Hamon, Christopher Wragg, Mary Shaw, Mary Polin, Susannah Bering, Elizabeth Chaplyn, Susannah Hawkins, Sarah Morse, Judith Bartholomew, Ann Wale, Elizabeth Hutton, A Stranger, Sarah Gibson, Benjamin Moore, Robert Segers, Frances Humphrey, Mary Hours, John Williamson, Charles Drane, Mary Hart, Bridget Constable, Sarah French, Mary Ham, Susannah Grimston, Elizabeth Wash, Mary Sanders. 📌
1775-1776 Image 17 ¥ John Cansdale, Thomas Hum, Samuel Shille, John Amy, Ann Corolin, Judith Root, Elizabeth Aldgate, Widow Smith, James Browning, John Clark, George Rogers, Jonathan Clark, Elizabeth Manning, George Clitter, Sarah Williamson, Mark Cowlin, William Peach, John Dasely, Elizabeth Gibson, George Barret, Daughter Brown, John Moore, Susan Amy, John Edwards, Thomas Senton, Martha Ligon, Elizabeth Chaplyn, Elizabeth Chaplin, Elizabeth Beauchamp, John Cansdale, Pheobe Beard, Nicholson Wilkinson, Jeremiah Finney, Susan Taylor, Sarah Burke, Elizabeth Buning, John Wenden, Elizabeth Chaplyn, Eleanor Shepherd, Jeninal Smith, Mary Wright, Joseph Fell, Grace Johnson, Son Jeriah 📌

Baptisms 1756 - 1781

1763-1764 Image 32 ¥ John Osborn, Mary Cowland, Charlotte Betts, Thomas Musset, Henry Norman, Thomas Wiley, William Ellis, Samuel Cook, Hannah Partridge, Sarah Osborn, Thomas Brotrad, Isaac Drane, Benjamin Savill, Hannah Segers, Mary Segers, James Howes, Thomas Crisp, Sarah Ketley¥, James Buck, William Cranfield, Elizabeth Springett, Eleanor Bartholomew, Ann Wennright, Elizabeth Algate, Mary Bateman, Anne Rayner, Elizabeth Brown, Elizabeth (Brown?) Clark, Mary Whiley 📌
1764-1765 Image 33 ¥ John Findall, John Browning, Thomas Dunckley, Mary Dedman, Rebekah Constable, John Chaplin, Christopher Norman, William Segers, Elizabeth Parkall, John Chaplin, Daniel Cowlin, Sarah Ham, Mary Ketley, Susannah Chaplin, Edward Osborn, Margaret Dorr, Mary Auger, Edward Cook, James King, Mary Ellis, Mary Harrington, John Bartholomew, Anne Leaper, John Hailes, Thomas Savill, Isaac Cook 📌
1767 Image 35 ¥ Sarah Buck, Richard Browning, George Peach, William Osborne, Sarah Ham, Thomas London, John Smith, Mary French, Robert Drane, Lydia Drane, Margaret Osborne, Saville Harrington, John Ketley, Mary Chaplin, Sarah Clark, Sarah French, Isabel Unwin, Mary Mowl, John Cook, Elizabeth Smith, Mary Galley, John Smith, Jeffrey Paskall, Thomas Brazier 📌



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