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Early Deeds and Wills used in Jackson Research

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Date: 1694 to 1800
Location: Stafford County, Virginia; Prince William County, Virginiamap
Surnames/tags: Jackson, Boydston, Calvert, Fairfax, Farrow, Fennois, Foster, Henderson, Higs, Jordan, Peake, Reno, Ridley, Tyler Virginia, Colonial Virginia
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All these links still need to be tested!! Missing URLs might be available on that Summary of Deeds doc. Also checkout the timeline.
It might be helpful to also include URLs to transcripts posted to WeRelate.org. I just included one; there are more.

1664 Stafford County formed

1694-1743 Quotes from the book "Prince William A Story of its People and Places, WPA, 1941, Pg 27: "Along the branches of Quantico Creek and the north branches of Chopawamsic, the following men took up patents between 1694 and 1743: William Bennett, Samuel Jackson, Abraham Farrow, Thomas Harrison, Robert Headges, William Halley, Henry Lucas, Henry Halley, Francis Jackson, Wansford Arrington, Philemon Waters, John Ashmore, John Farrow, John McMillan, William Spiller, Charles Green, and Bertrand Ewell."

1683 - 1692 Stafford County Deed Book D, 1686-93, p. 256, from abstract by Ruth and Sam Sparacio https://docs.google.com/document/d/18SmVl0rJZnKr7YuCqEPgGHE_p1AknykbFwRTFk9Vuv0/edit Att a Generall Court held at James Citty April 30th 1683:
Richard Gibson ordered to deliver a mare to John Blakman. Blakman or Samuel Jackson could witness Bill of Sale in Stafford County. Samuel being named in this court case in 1683 indicates he was probably born prior to 1662.

1688 February 13 Stafford Deed & Will Book 1686-1689; The Ancient Press, pg 107a
"Samuell Jackson giveath unto his Daughter Elizabeth Jackson one Mare Colt and her Increase . . ."
(Samuel's birth year is a guesstimate based on his giving his daughter Elizabeth a horse in 1688. It is ASSUMED that she was abt 18 years old; perhaps getting married, and that he was about 25 years old when she was born. So lots of assumptions there.)

1694 Sep 25 "200A was conveyed by said Andrew Gibson to Samuel Jackson" We don't have this actual deed; this is a quote from the 1766 deed when these 200A were sold by "Samuel's grandson" Francis Jackson to Tebbs in 1766. The same 200A mentioned again in a 1788 Tebbs deed. See years below for URL to transcription(s).

1694 Oct 15 Stafford DB 2, pg 36 450A From Margaret Lady Culpeper to Samuel Jackson on main run Quanticott Creek, Stafford County. Source: Northern Neck Grants No. 2, 1694-1700, p. 36 (Reel 288). Part of the index to recorded copies of land grants issued by the agents of the Fairfax Proprietary between 1690 and 1781 and by the Commonwealth between 1786 and 1874. Transcription of this 1694 deed is available here: https://www.werelate.org/wiki/Transcript:Deed_1694_Culpeper_to_Samuel_Jackson_450A
In 1739 234A of this 450A was sold by Samuel's son John who says he "holds as a legatee under last will and for account of his father Samuel Jackson it being part of a parcel of land granted to Samuel Jackson the father of John for 450 acres by deed from the proprietors office in 1694." (The actual Will has not been found.) See February 1739 transcript of the sale of 234A here: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0B2Hcj_7z7KIRYjAwY2Q3MWMtZGQ0ZC00YTQ2LTg0MjYtZTM4Yzc5Mzg1OGZi

1701 14 May, John West, J. Peake, James Herriford and Samuel Jackson met at the home of Mrs. Ann Owsley and took an inventory of the effects of Thomas Owsley and on 2 June 1701 appraised their value. An additional inventory was held on 6 October 1701 which included "one sorrey Indian slave, one lame boy about 9 years old, one old bull, one old servant" (Stafford Co. Record Book, 1699-1709, p. 114). See 1723 below where mention is made of John Peake having the Jackson orphans. NEED URL TO TRANSCRIPT. AND WHERE IS THIS RECORDED??

1710 Sep 25 111A From Maruritte Lady Fairfax to Samuel Jackson on the Main Run of Quanticott, adjoining his own land. NEED URL TO TRANSCRIPT. AND WHERE IS THIS RECORDED??

1712 April 4 Stafford DB?, pg 64 The Right Honorable Catharine Lady Fairfax Baroness Dowager of Cameron in Scotland The Only Daughter and heir of Thomas Fairfax . . .to Francis Jackson of Stafford Co. 227A downloaded from Library of Virginia URL = ?? Transcription posted to:
http://www.werelate.org/wiki/Transcript:1712_Deed._227A_Lady_Fairfax_to_Francis_Jackson This 227 acres on the South Run of Quanticoe Creek adjoins land of Robert Hedges which Robert purchased in 1708. The land also borders on that land that borders “ye path that goes from SAM. JACKSONS to Chappawamsick”. Note that in 1745 a Francis Jackson records a resurvey of this 227A saying it was first purchased by his father. So these 227A were purchased in 1712 by a Francis Jackson and resurveyed in 1745 by his son also named Francis. The 1745 resurvey included an additional 113A for a total of 340A and is recorded in Northern Neck Grants F, 1742-1754, p 227-228.

1715 December 21 Recorded where? 242A abt two miles below the lands of Henry and Wm. Halloy and Henry Lucas, Deed to Francis Jackson of Stafford Co.
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fTK1cw9BjvA1uhw3b3UnlsiShalTBaxdhPzRF2WKjpY/edit THE RIGHT HONORABLE CATHERINE LADY FAIRFAX sole PROPRIETOR of the Northern Neck of Virginia . . . Given at my office in Westmorland County within my said proprietory under my seal witnessed by my agent and attorney dully authorized there to. Dated the Twenty first day of December in the second year of the reign of our Soverign Lord George of Great Brittain ?? King Defender & Annog? DOM 1715.

Stafford County Will Book K, 1721-1730, is lost, but an Old General Index for Stafford County includes a list of the contents for that missing book. Here are pertinent Jackson entries, with dates as calculated by Nicklen. Someone named FARROW was apparently the creditor (or administrator?) of one or the other.
JACKSON, John. (1721). Page 11, inventory.
JACKSON, Richard. (1726). Page 162, inventory.
JACKSON, Samuel. (1722). Page 41, inventory.
JACKSON, ---- [Estate]. (1722). Page 42, Farrow's account vs.
[John Bailey Calvert Nicklen, "A Missing Will Book of Stafford County and Its Contents," Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, vol. 57, no. 1 (Jan. 1949), p. 72]

1725 November 11 Stafford Co DB J, pgs 196-197 from abstract by Ruth and Sam Sparacio. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vHlrKz-TCmraPrH7wNCt6ar_kOcQ1cF9X2if-0d59yA/edit Mary JACKSON, widow, of Stafford County, dated and recorded 11 Nov. 1725. In it she gives her two sons livestock and other personal property, to be delivered to son James FENNOIS now 15 at age 20, and to son John JACKSON now 13 at age 20. [Stafford County Deed Book J, p. 196-197, from abstract by Ruth and Sam Sparacio,]

1731 Prince William County formed from Stafford County.

Marda transcribed & shared with me the following doc. 1739 February 24 DB D: 327-332 234A John Jackson of Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co., Grantor. Thomas Harrison Jr. of Hamilton Parish, PWC.
Lease + Release. John Jackson & Sarah his wife sell "containing two hundred and thirty four acres more or less situate lying & being in ye Parish of Hamilton of County of Prince William and on ye South side of Quantico Run which said Land of aforesaid John Jackson holds as a Legatee under that will and fossamont of his father Samuel Jackson it being part of a tract or parcel of land granted unto Samuel Jackson father of ye said John Jackson for four hundred & fifty acres by deed from ye proprietors Office of ye Strafford County of Virginia bearing date of fifteen day of October in ye year of our Lord one Thousand sic hundred ninety four . . ."
It appears that John signed doc as “John J. Jackson” tho it was uncommon for middle names to be used prior to the Revolution. Marda interpreted that as a ‘J’ for his mark.

1739 transcriber assumes this is Oct 4th but this is unsure as the whole doc is nearly illegible. This doc was found at LVA labeled pg 129 291_0284.tiff (E-129)
This is a deed for 538 A in Prince William Co to Mr. Lovell Jackson of PWC. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1A2U_04hbtmrPIpDqo_-6Ja9acMpPDlRXN4Nn1vnJxeg/edit?usp=sharing

1741 March 22 PWC WB: C, pgs 338, 339 Peter Rust and Nimrod Hot bond for estate of Ludowick Jackson, dec'd https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FCi_MRm9PqzDocT8PT7VzH0YiaeomRZsTKH1lsFWmdo/edit?usp=sharing

1741 August 11 Northern Neck Grants E, 1736-1742, pg 308 REFERS BACK TO DEED OF 1715 December 14 & John Jackson of STAFFORD and the 1741 deed refers to "Francis Jackson only Son and Heir of the said John Jackson dec'd" also Francis is brother-in-law of Thomas Jordan. Francis & Thomas both of PWC apparently share ownership of 524A.
found at LVA here: http://lva1.hosted.exlibrisgroup.com/F/BF54S14ILF5233KLNI9IMQ2GN92I51LJED8VXN88VC9C9CI1TK-39959?func=full-set-set&set_number=000863&set_entry=000034&format=999 Available on microfilm. Northern Neck Grants, reels 288-311. The Right Honourable Thomas Lord Fairfax, Baron of Cameron in that Part of Great Britain called SCOTLAND, Proprietor of the Northern Neck of Virginia to John Jackson of STAFFORD

1743 September 20 PWC Will Book C, 434-436, from abstract by John Frederick Dorman] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EtEs74-nL2AgtZhH3ninITpVkgl3YVNFZ9s-diUZafc/edit The estate account of Mr. William LINTON, dec., 1733 [date of beginning of account] includes identical payments to the three children of Charles TYLER, William LINTON's stepchildren, for whom he had been guardian. This appears to be the remaining distribution of inheritance from their father.
[1734] To paid James LOVELL, 46.12.1. [He married Jane TYLER]
[1738] To paid Fras. JACKSON, 46.12.1. [He married Sally TYLER]
[1738] To paid Charles TYLER, 46.12.1.
Recorded 20 Sept. 1743. [Prince William County Will Book C, 434-436, from abstract by John Frederick Dorman] Is this book available online somewhere?

1745 July 15 Fairfax of SCOTLAND to Francis Jackson Northern Neck Grants F, 1742-1754, p 227-228 Image found at Library of Virginia: http://lva1.hosted.exlibrisgroup.com/F/BF54S14ILF5233KLNI9IMQ2GN92I51LJED8VXN88VC9C9CI1TK-28119?func=full-set-set&set_number=000863&set_entry=000016&format=999
System # 000855552
FRANCIS JACKSON of the County of Prince William setting forth that he was in Possession of a certain tract of Land which was granted to his father for Two hundred & twenty seven acres by Deed from my Office bearing date the 4th day of April 1712
Go back and get google URL.

1752 January 13 WILL of Lovell Jackson of Fairfax Co found in Loudoun County, Virginia Will Book A, Pages 174 and 175.
Posted by Cheryl Jackson Malone, CMalone646@aol.com on Wed, 18 Aug 1999
Witnesses: William West, John Ethell and Winniford Ethell. (The original doc should be verified before assuming Winniford is female!)

1763 August 3 DB Q pg 77, 78 John Jackson sells household goods and slave Jennie to Allan Macrae of the Town of Dumfries. Witnesses John Calvert and William Dobbie. [It is thought that the witness John Calvert is the father-in-law of John Jackson as per the book "Calverts in Virginia", pg 81.] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Pk8WLofuW28zpHgak8u21rOdCudWGg34EG8Uos_bwEk/edit?usp=sharing

1766 March 4 PWC Deed Book Q pp 366-367 LDS Film 33107 for 1763-1771 n.d. Accessed by Jack McAnally. Recorded by John Graham March 4th 176? year unreadable but probably 1766 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1I-ezKD9-FtFfg_E9oOLye9NdDjCVxDFVpHftrOMNELA/edit#heading=h.scq3fs64odff
Lease 300A (part of 590A adjoining the lands of Swan Jones, Francis Jackson and John Farrow) Dettingen Parish between the North Run of the Chappawamsick and South Run of the Quantico. Lease from Anthony Buckner to Francis Jackson. Anthony Buckner was referred to as Anthony Buckner Kolloy of PWC.

1766 November 2 & 3 DB Q pgs 405-411 210A lease & release. Boydston, Thomas to Francis Jackson of Dettingen Parish.
Boystons (Thomas, his wife Patience, George,Benjamin and David) of Fairfax County to Francis Jackson of Parish of Dittengen in PWC for five shiillings, 210 acres that tract lying in PWC on East side of Long Branch of Occuquan adj his own land and Henry Filkins and Henry Norman & Mr. Spiller. One half of this land is willed by Francis in 1781/82 to son Samuel; the other half to grandson Billey I have a transcription of the Nov 2 lease but apparently no transcription of the release. Which I don't think I need anyway. Where is a URL to transcription?

1778 Nov 2 Francis Jackson & wife Sarah gifts son Samuel 240 acres
Prince William County Deed Book T 1774-1779. p488-489
(On margin: Exd. & Deld. Octr. 26th 1785. R.G.)
Frances' wife signs as Sarah C. Jackson.

1781 Dec 10. Francis Jackson’s WILL PWC Circuit Court Records. Will Book G: 142-145

1781 Sept 6 Wm. Purcell to Samuel Jackson Jr. Deed Book U pages 261-262
Samuel Jackson, Jr. buys negro woman Easter and one horse.

1781 Sep 6 DB U: pg 263
Samuel Jackson Jr buys negro boy Adam; witnessed by John Calvert

1782 #4 Bond book Samuel Jackson Junr et al bonded on estate of This apparently has been damaged. Need to find orig and repost. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tyJ2Azh0uURbgXOGi3BAnO5LP7_BKaGJhQkr-6WOhpk/edit

1783 Aug 14 John Seale vs Samuel Jackson Jr, son of Samuel Jackson

1783 October 6, PWC DB U, pgs 428-431
William Henderson and wife Charlotte, sell 120A to Francis Jackson of PWC; adjoining Major James EWELL and HOGAN and HENDERSON
Witnesses: Wm ALEXANDER, Cleon MOORE, John PURCELL

Marda transcribed & shared with me the following doc. I don't know if the URL I use to access them will work for other folks. 1784 March, PWC DB W, pgs 49-52 Jackson, Francis and Mary his wife, grantors to Moore Hoff. Deed 120A PWC adjoining Major Ewell and Hogan and Henderson. Witnesses: Sam'l Bynn, Richard Neale and James Reves. Note: This was not listed on the excel spreadsheet index. MG transcribed on 7/22/2018 Francis bought this 120A parcel the prior October!

1790 April 2 DB X: 363-368 Gray, Higs & Reno to Samuel Jackson
Charles Gray and Sibby his wife, Edward Higs and Elizabeth, his wife and Francis Reno of PWC and Samuel Jackson of PWC 204plus acres, part of 531A formerly Thos Reno.
(This is the deed I couldn't find earlier when someone inquired. It appears w/o further research that Thos Reno died and he had daughters Sibby, Elizabeth and son Francis who inherited his land.)

1790 Oct 21 DB X: 478 Samuel Jackson to John Jackson, George Jackson, John Calvert and James Roach. Sells household goods to sons and son-in-law James Roach and ? John Calvert.

1792 June 4 Samuel Jackson Lease.
Prince William County, Virginia Circuit Court Records. Deed Book Y: 148-53.
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QoG7bFzFsJ8AAPym8AVyvMF457AjVD Samuel Jackson, Vashti Jackson his wife and Charles Jackson his son.

1792 June 4 PWC Cockburn of Fairfax To Francis Jackson of PWC Deed Book Y, p. 153-157.
Mentions Martin Cockburn, Samuel Beall, Nathaniel Tyler . . .
To Francis JACKSON and assigns from the making of this indenture during the natural life of said Francis JACKSON, Lidia JACKSON his wife and Samuel JACKSON his son
This seems to be abt the same 1792 deed from Sparacio book: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zCqOvws7eWJR_9uu1K85YVan6qkSCfYIyOFZIDUL9GM/edit#heading=h.5c7k4a4gvb77 Marda has left comment here.

Marda transcribed & shared with me the following doc. I don't know if the URL I use to access them will work for other folks.
1793 Sept 2 PWC DB Y, pgs 272-273. George Jackson of PWC, Grantor to Cumberland Wilson. Bill of Sale.
George Jackson of Prince William County received 50 pounds from Cumberland Wilson for “one Negro fellow named Peter abt age 32” and other assorted items. Witnesses: Jesse Taylor and John G. Heslop. Note: This was not listed on the excel spreadsheet index. MG transcribed on 7/22/2018

1795 Oct 5 Fairfax to Samuel Jackson DB Y: pg 674
John Fairfax, wife Mary, now of Monongalia Co. and William Fairfax and wife Nancy of PWC to Samuel of PW 250A adj Henry Peake and gives history of how Wm & John Fairfax got the land.

1796 lease Sam to Foster DB: Z 68-9 #11 (18 June 1796)
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JVxyuajrhGsfNq7FB4A8Q206c8nirRYHySYGE8gxgrY/edit?usp=sharing (Andrew Foster, wife Jane and son Fielding Foster)

1798 Samuel Jackson, wife Mary, to Baptists. DB Z: 295

1799 Dec 2 PWC DB Z, pgs 538, 539 Deed - Jackson, Francis Grantor to Evins, Matthews
being part of tract of land granted to William Ridley by the Proprietor of the Northern Neck and bequeathed by said Ridley in the year 1751 to his two daughters and their heirs Elizabeth and Sarah Ridley who intermarried with Charles Cornwell and Frances Jackson, that is to say Elizabeth to Cornwell and Sarah to Jackson which said land was divided between said Cornwell and Jackson at their request by the County Surveyor in the year 1770; the said Francis Jackson and Sarah his wife being both dead, their said parts now lawfully belonging to their son, Francis Jackson.

Link to Timeline:

Link to "Summary of Deeds":

2012 Discussion concerning certain deeds or lack of them: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1P_pk7S9XTXsvdbixYu__7oSGHeZZDs5HOkx6qighP70/edit?usp=sharing

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