East Lulworth - Electoral Register - Spring 1922

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Date: 15 Apr 1922 [unknown]
Location: East Lulworth, Dorsetmap
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East Lulworth - Electoral Register - Spring 1922

Polling District: S Parish: East Lulworth

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Name Surname Ref Parl Locl Address Person Profile
Alfred Thomas ALLINGHAM 1 R O 47 Home Farm
Florence Ada ALLINGHAM 2 HO HO 47 Home Farm
Robert BAKER 3 R O No. 45
Martha BAKER 4 HO HO No. 45
Mary Adeline, Miss BATES 5 O O House (joint)
Amy Eliza, Miss BATES 6 O O House (joint)
Thomas BENNETT 7 R O No. 35
Ann Maria BENNETT 8 HO HO No. 35
William Thomas BENNETT 9 R No. 35
Edwin BONHAM 10 R O Weld Arms Inn
Beatrice Georgina BONHAM 11 HO HO Weld Arms Inn
Harry BROWN 12 R O Cottage, Lulworth Castle Park
Jane BROWN 13 HO HO Cottage, Lulworth Castle Park
George Allen BUDDEN 14 O Burngate Farm (joint) [Abode Wolfeton Farm, Charminster]
John Oakley BUDDEN 15 O Burngate Farm (joint) [Abode West Lulworth]
Anne BURT 16 O O Botany Farm
Henry James BURT 17 R The Stores
Margaret BURT 18 O O The Stores
Thomas William BURT 19 R O Botany Farm
Honora Emily BURT 20 HO HO Botany Farm
Sarah Jane, Miss BURT 21 O O No. 8
Elizabeth BUTT 22 O O 14 Rose Cottage
Francis BUTT 23 R O 15 East Lulworth
Amy BUTT 24 HO HO 15 East Lulworth
Frederick William BUTT 25 R O Monastery Farm
Mary BUTT 26 HO HO Monastery Farm
Henry James BUTT 27 R O Weld Arms Farm
Adelaide Mary BUTT 28 O O Weld Arms Farm
Cyrus Samuel CARTER 29 BP O Home Farm [Abode St Monica, Surrey Rd, Bournmouth]
Emma Elizabeth CARTER 30 HO Home Farm
Frederick Joseph CHAMP 31 R O No. 23 Champ-113
Georgina Matilda CHAMP 32 HO HO No. 23 Southall-342
Arthur Joseph CHAMP 33 R O 43 Mount Pleasant Champ-146
Frances Annie CHAMP 34 HO HO 43 Mount Pleasant Stevens-17168
William Joseph CHAMP 35 R O 17 Littlemore Cottage
Cecilia Elizabeth CHAMP 36 HO HO 17 Littlemore Cottage
Wilfrid John COPP 37 R O Post Office
Mabel COPP 38 HO HO Post Office
Isaac, Rev COWD 39 R O Presbytery
Amelia COX 40 O O No. 18
Charles Henry COX 41 R O No. 29
Winifred May COX 42 HO HO No. 29
Alfred CULL 43 R O Cottage, Sea Vale Farm
Lottie CULL 44 HO HO Cottage, Sea Vale Farm
Frederick DAVIS 45 R O 70 Sea Vale
Catherine DAVIS 46 HO HO 70 Sea Vale
William DAVIS 47 R O No. 5
Miss Ellen FANNING 48 O O House
Michael, Rev Canon FANNING 49 R House
Robert Charles FARROW 50 O The Stores [Abode -Wint...? Dorchester]
Annie FOOKS 51 O O 55 Shaggs
Charles FOOKS 52 R O 61 Edypit Cottage
Ellen Ann FOOKS 53 HO HO 61 Edypit Cottage
Edward John FOOKS 54 R 55 Shaggs
James Joseph FOOKS 55 R O 41 Mount Pleasant Fooks-427
Lucy Emily FOOKS 56 HO HO 41 Mount Pleasant Woods-11575
Thomas John FORD 57 O East Combe Farm [Abode Coombe Keynes, Wareham]
Ellen Mildred FOSTER 58 O House [Abode 30 Walton Street, London, S.W.3]
Mary Ann, Miss HAIME 59 O O No. 32
Henry John HARDY 60 R O 70 Seavale
Louisa HARDY 61 HO HO 70 Seavale
Frederick Frank HIBBS 62 R O No. 7
Jessie HIBBS 63 HO HO No. 7
Frederick Charles HOOPER 64 R O No. 62 Wareham Lodge
Veronica May HOOPER 65 HO HO No. 62 Wareham Lodge
Julia Mary HUNT 66 O O No. 22
Albert KNIGHT 67 R Linden Cottage
George KNIGHT 68 R O Linden Cottage
John Robert, Rev LAWRENCE 69 R O The Vicarage
Eva LAWRENCE 70 HO HO The Vicarage
Clarence William LOVELL 71 R No. 3
Henry William LOVELL 72 R O No. 3
Louisa Mary LOVELL 73 HO HO No. 3
Reginald Joseph LOVELL 74 R No. 3
George MARGRIE 75 R O Police Station
Bertha Margaret MARGRIE 76 HO HO Police Station
Eli George MATCHAM 77 NM 10 East Lulworth
Mary Jane MATCHAM 78 O O No. 10 East Lulworth
Thomas MATCHAM 79 R O Home Farmhouse
Louisa MATCHAM 80 HO HO Home Farmhouse
Arthur Edward MERRY 81 R O No. 39
Henry MERRY 82 R Home Farmhouse
George MITCHELL 83 R O House, Shaggs
Jane MITCHELL 84 HO HO House, Shaggs
Hugh Guy O'HARE 85 R O No. 22
Florence O'HARE 86 HO HO No. 22
Jemima Ann, Miss OLD 87 O O No. 37
Reuben PRESSLEE 88 R O Cottage
Thomas PRIDE 89 R No. 45
Edward Joseph REGAN 90 R O No. 26
Archibald Joseph ROGERS 91 NM 17 Littlemore Cottages
George ROLLS 92 R O No. 20
Agnes, Miss ROLLS 93 O O 20
Charles Joseph ROPER 94 R 53 Shaggs
Francis Joseph ROPER 95 R 53 Shaggs
Robert ROPER 96 R O 53 Shaggs
Teresa Mary ROPER 97 HO HO 53 Shaggs
Mary Eliza, Miss ROPER 98 O O 51 Shaggs
Alfred Richard RUNYARD 99 R O No. 25
Margaret Elizabeth RUNYARD 100 HO HO No. 25
Frances Rebecca RUNYARD 101 O O No. 25
Joseph Albert RUNYARD 102 R No. 25
Emma SCUTT 103 O O 48 East Lodge
Edward Joseph SKILLER 104 R 44 Mount Pleasant
Henry Joseph SKILLER 105 R 44 Mount Pleasant
Humphrey Joseph SKILLER 106 R O 33 Rustic Cottage
Leonora SKILLER 107 HO HO 33 Rustic Cottage
Mary Ellen SKILLER 108 O O 44 Mount Pleasant
Thomas Philip SLADE 109 R O No. 21 Slade-2194
Ellen SLADE 110 HO HO No. 21
Richard Charles SMITH 111 R O 34 Myrtle Cottage
Emily Mary SMITH 112 HO HO 34 Myrtle Cottage
Christina Mary, Miss SQUIBB 113 O O 38 The Laurels
James STEVENS 114 R O No. 19
Elizabeth Jane STEVENS 115 HO HO No. 19
Agnes Mary STROWBRIDGE 116 O O 49 East Lodge Squibb-441
Joseph STROWBRIDGE 117 R - 49 East Lodge Strowbridge-64
Leo STROWBRIDGE 118 R O 51 Shaggs Strowbridge-57
Rosina Mary STROWBRIDGE 119 HO HO 51 Shaggs Roper-1925
Thomas, Sr STROWBRIDGE 120 R O No. 1 Strowbridge-58
Elizabeth STROWBRIDGE 121 HO HO No. 1 Harris-35028
Thomas, Jr STROWBRIDGE 122 R O 38 The Laurels Strowbridge-70
Clara Mary STROWBRIDGE 123 HO HO 38 The Laurels Squibb-442
Edmund Maxwell STUART 124 R O Linden
Mary Anne STUART 125 HO HO Linden
Albert Joseph STURMEY 126 R No. 45
Amelia Ann STURMEY 127 O O 54 Shaggs
Charles STURMEY 128 R O East Lulworth Farm
Emily Honor STURMEY 129 HO HO East Lulworth Farm
Francis Joseph STURMEY 130 R O 52 Shaggs
Lucy Emma STURMEY 131 HO HO 52 Shaggs
George STURMEY 132 R O No. 27
Louisa Mary STURMEY 133 HO HO No. 27
James STURMEY 134 R No. 4
Mary Anne STURMEY 135 O O No. 4
William STURMEY 136 R No. 16
Emma SWAYNE 137 O O National Schoolhouse
John TOMS 138 R O Cottage, Monastery Farm
Ann Louisa TOMS 139 HO HO Cottage, Monastery Farm
Edward TRENT 140 R O 31 The Stores
Miss Kate TRENT 141 O O The Stores
Alice Mary WHITE 142 O O 42 Mount Pleasant

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