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Eastern Cemetery, Gorham, Maine

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Eastern Cemetery is located on Main Street in Gorham, Maine. It is an active cemetery maintained by the town of Gorham.

This free space page for Eastern Cemetery is part of WikiTree's Maine Cemeteries Project, and was created to document the life and times of our ancestors that are interred there. The Maine Cemeteries Project is a subproject of the larger U.S. Cemeteries Project.

Contact Information and Location

Main Street
Gorham, Maine 04038
(207) 222 - 1670
Located between Main Street and New Portland Road in Gorham. There are drivable lanes within the cemetery; entrances are on both Main Street and New Portland Road.

To Do List

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Table of Interments

Sortable table
Last Name First Name Born Died Notes Photo (click for larger)
BakerRuth H. Elder11 Jul 181523 Aug 1900wife of Jacob C. Baker; widow of Phineas Ingalls and Lucius Bancroft
BakerJacob C.19 Jun 18083 Feb 1888
BancroftLucius Lorenzo25 Oct 181815 Sep 1860
BakerMoses24 Mar 176624 Mar 1847
BakerSarah Thomes7 Sep 17811 Mar 1853wife of Moses
FoggMoses16 Mar 18095 Jan 1892son of Daniel & Hannah
FoggChristiana O. Baker18127 Jun 1865wife of Moses
FoggElizabeth B.4 Mar 184325 Aug 1849daughter of Moses & Christiana
FoggWilliam M.10 Apr 185119 Jul 1884son of Moses & Christiana
HusseyCaroline "Carrie" Fogg14 Feb 184626 Feb 1926daughter of Moses & Christiana; wife of Albert
HusseyAlbert F.183928 Feb 1890
McLellanSamuel12 Aug 178420 Oct 1853
McLellanTabitha Flood22 Feb 179321 Mar 1857wife of Samuel
McLellanLewis25 Nov 183229 Sep 1912son of Samuel & Tabitha
McLellanFrances A. Hall183929 Dec 1912wife of Lewis
McLellanSimon E.24 Jul 182414 Jan 1909son of Samuel & Tabitha
McLellanMartha Ann13 Aug 18227 Sep 1867daughter of Samuel & Tabitha
McKenneyDavid Hasty23 Oct 181523 Feb 1893
McKenneyRebecca McLellan23 Apr 18167 Mar 1892daughter of Samuel & Tabitha; wife of David Hasty
McKenneySarah Louise8 Jun 184625 Aug 1849daughter of David & Rebecca
McKenneyHoward Augustus15 Jul 18482 Nov 1908son of David & Rebecca
McKenneyAlice West184624 Feb 1919wife of Howard Augustus
IngallsDr. Phineas22 Dec 179724 Feb 1858
EdwardsTheodore Brown25 May 181519 May 1900
EdwardsLavina A. Bangs11 Aug 184113 Aug 1902wife of Theodore Brown
DameTheophilus12 Apr 180029 Jan 1875
DameMary Ann Baker180424 Dec 1878daughter of Moses & Sarah; wife of Theophilus
DameMoses B.Jul 182621 Feb 1868son of Theophilus & Mary Ann
DameSusan M. Varney183428 Feb 1869wife of Moses B.
EmeryDaniel30 Nov 175211 Mar 1825
EmerySarah Moulton25 Feb 175729 Oct 1846wife of Daniel
EmeryJonathan21 Nov 17801 Oct 1845son of Daniel & Sarah
EmeryJane Stevens177323 Mar 18391st wife of Jonathan
EmeryGeorge W.19 Apr 180919 Mar 1815son of Jonathan & Jane
CresseyWilliam Wilberforce1 Oct 18282 May 1892
CresseyFrances Ellen Rounds9 Jun 183427 Apr 1922wife of William Wilberforce
CresseyMary Louisa13 Oct 186127 Feb 1864daughter of William W. & Frances
BlakeMehitable Irish28 Aug 18167 Jul 1873wife of Capt. Ebenezer
BlakeCapt. Ebenezer27 Dec 18132 Jan 1879
RobieToppan27 Jan 178214 Jan 1871
RobieLydia Brown6 Feb 178223 Feb 1811wife of Toppan Robie
RobieSarah Thaxter Lincoln179523 Apr 1828wife of Toppan Robie
RobieFrancis Brown19 Aug 18098 Oct 1876son of Toppan and Lydia
RobieMartha Leach Prince8 Oct 181212 Jan 1886wife of Francis Brown
RobieEliza Stevens17822 Nov 1865wife of Toppan Robie
FilesFrank Augustus26 May 184625 Mar 1909
FilesCornelia A. Watson20 Jul 184722 May 1922wife of Frank Augustus
FilesCharlotte Martha8 Nov 18749 Feb 1880daughter of Frank A. & Cornelia
FilesHerbert G.3 Jun 18502 May 1917
FilesMary "Nellie" Douglass27 Aug 185021 Apr 1896wife of Herbert G.
FilesMinnie G.23 Sep 18751898daughter of Herbert G. & Nellie
FilesFlorence Christenze19 Feb 18777 Jun 1897daughter of Herbert G. & Nellie
FilesSalome M.12 Oct 188513 Mar 1978daughter of Herbert G. & Nellie
FilesElvon Douglass12 Aug 188012 Jun 1947son of Herbert G. & Nellie
FilesEtta M. Hayes187523 Apr 1941wife of Elvon Douglass
HuntJoseph3 Jun 177814 Apr 1861
HuntMary "Polly" McLellan14 Sep 17856 Oct 1865wife of Joseph
JohnsonRobert Rich179915 Sep 1874
JohnsonMary Knight180325 Jul 1880wife of Robert Rich
JohnsonGeorge C.24 Sep 183323 Mar 1892son of Robert R. & Mary
JohnsonMartha E. Jordan11 Aug 18331 Jun 1916wife of George C.
KingWilliam B.2 Jun 181417 Jun 1907
MannEdmund12 Jan 17938 Mar 1862
MannSarah Gould17785 Jul 1868wife of Edmund
MannJames20 Jun 182226 Aug 1868son of Edmund & Sarah
MannMiriam F. Johnson19 Oct 18218 Jan 1902wife of James
MannHorace Preble23 Oct 184315 Nov 1923son of James & Miriam
MannHelen Maria Colby7 Sep 184113 May 1924wife of Horace Preble
MannEugene Willard21 Jul 186726 Nov 1886son of Horace P. & Helen M.
MerrillEdwin C.31 Jul 184326 Nov 1882
MosherMark5 Jul 181812 Oct 1901son of Benjamin & Polly
MosherLydia McNellage Smith31 May 182711 Feb 1887wife of Mark
MosherAlbert H.12 Dec 18591929son of Mark & Lydia
MosherMary E. Waterhouse18591943wife of Albert H.
MosherMarion S.189712 Nov 1919daughter of Albert H. & Mary
MurchSamuel9 Jul 18058 Mar 1876
MurchJane Blake14 Mar 181828 Nov 1884wife of Samuel
BangsNathan5 Aug 181117 Sep 1881
BangsStatira Whitney18103 Aug 1862wife of Nathan
BartlettFerdinand18421 Oct 1914
BartlettMary S. Elliot18411925wife of Ferdinand
BroadDaniel30 Dec 17831 Oct 1846
BroadCaleb Jewett13 Nov 181923 Oct 1846son of Daniel & Betsey
BroadHenry11 Feb 182410 Jan 1872son of Daniel & Betsey
BroadElizabeth J.6 Apr 18317 Apr 1854daughter of Daniel & Betsey
BrownNathaniel16 Mar 180031 Aug 1879
BryantRuth E. Lowell183522 Mar 1874wife of Francis A.W. Bryant
BurnhamRebecca Collins30 Nov 181620 Oct 1863
CatesJames P.17 Jan 181123 Sep 1838
ChadbournDeacon Nahum25 Apr 17846 Aug 1857
ChadbournDesire Watson5 Dec 178811 Aug 1858wife of Nahum
ChadbournFrederick9 Mar 182814 Jun 1831son of Nahum & Desire
ChadbournFrederick25 Dec 182518 Nov 1826son of Nahum & Desire
ChadbournSamuel Longfellow3 Nov 18181 May 1829son of Nahum & Desire
ClayEli18175 Nov 1891
ClayAlmira Towle11 Apr 18231 Mar 1906wife of Eli
CobbEbenezer4 Oct 176823 Dec 1840
CobbMary Larrabee23 Dec 17868 Sep 1859wife of Ebenezer
CobbMoses26 Mar 182723 Apr 1846son of Ebenezer & Mary
CobbSamuel C.15 Oct 177315 Oct 1839
CobbTabitha Elwell16 Sep 177020 Oct 1840wife of Samuel
CoburnJacob17792 Aug 1855
CoburnJacob29 Mar 180811 Sep 1882son of Jacob & Mary
CoburnTryphena Hancock9 Sep 18054 Oct 1899wife of Jacob
CoburnJoseph H.7 Apr 183718 Jun 1901son of Jacob & Evelina
CoburnEliza J. Sawyer21 Oct 18389 Apr 1916wife of Joseph H.
CoburnEdwin5 Dec 181323 Oct 1891son of Jacob & Mary
CoburnElizabeth Coolbroth19 Aug 181320 May 1884wife of Edwin
CoburnByron G.23 Dec 183523 Dec 1894son of Edwin & Elizabeth
CoburnWilbur J.18609 Jan 1894son of Joseph & Eliza
CoburnHarry H.187423 Jul 1878son of Joseph & Eliza
CoburnByron G.15 Nov 18691941son of Joseph & Eliza
CoburnJohn E.2 Sep 186419 Jul 1890son of Joseph & Eliza
CresseyMelville W.2 Feb 186731 Jul 1905son of William W. & Frances
CresseyJoseph30 Oct 182029 Aug 1898
CresseyRhoda Lowell183220 Sep 1868wife of Joseph
CresseyFrancis Orland18 Mar 18589 Feb 1864son of Joseph & Rhoda
CresseyLaura Celia29 Jan 186210 Feb 1864daughter of Joseph & Rhoda
CresseyIsabella Marie9 Apr 18547 Mar 1864daughter of Joseph & Rhoda
CresseyHorace10 Mar 184111 Oct 1911
CresseyLovanthia Elwell1 Jun 18526 Feb 1916wife of Horace
CrockettWilliam18073 Sep 1869
CrockettMary J. Brackett180417 Aug 1888wife of William
CrockettHarriet Folsom19 Sep 180023 Mar 1851wife of Samuel
CrockettPriscilla17 Aug 18312 Aug 1853daughter of Samuel & Harriet
CrockettBetsey Hunt9 Apr 177930 Dec 1851wife of John
DavisDaniel18002 Jun 1873
DavisMiriam Stone6 Dec 179524 May 1876wife of Daniel
DavisMary Ann22 Mar 182925 May 1886daughter of Daniel & Miriam
DavisDaniel Woodbury14 Feb 18428 Jul 1917son of Daniel & Miriam
DavisMary E. Watson7 May 18424 Jun 1916wife of Daniel Woodbury
DavisCornelia W.4 Jun 187415 Jan 1880daughter of Daniel W. & Mary
DavisAllen177026 May 1818
DavisJosiah5 Dec 17935 Aug 1843
DavisEunice Frost7 Jul 180319 Jul 1861wife of Josiah
DavisJames Wingate18 May 182313 Feb 1885son of Josiah & Eunice
DavisFrances Maria30 Apr 183320 Dec 1859daughter of Josiah & Eunice
DavisJulia ElizabethJun 184122 Oct 1841daughter of Josiah & Eunice
ElderDavid6 Feb 178623 Dec 1869
ElderAbigail Cobby25 Oct 178616 May 1852wife of David
DouglassDaniel30 Aug 18254 Sep 1901
DouglassMary Ann Lowell12 Apr 18245 Nov 1900wife of Daniel
DouglassElisha16 Oct 18245 Mar 1907
DouglassEllen Eliza Patrick27 Nov 18314 Sep 1909wife of Elisha
DouglassLewis19 Oct 18293 Aug 1902
DouglassHannah Patrick22 Jan 183331 Dec 1874wife of Lewis
PatrickDavid1 Sep 17764 Oct 1838
PatrickElizabeth A. Jordan20 Jan 178315 Jan 1850wife of David
PatrickCharles174515 Mar 1830
DrownJames L.1 Aug 182011 Oct 1898
DrownLucinda14 Oct 18212 Mar 1896wife of James L.
DrownFannie B.5 Aug 186611 Oct 1885daughter of James L. & Lucinda
DrownAlonzo11 Sep 18445 Feb 1918son of James L. & Lucinda
DrownEliza J. Hayes11 Feb 18468 Mar 1906wife of Alonzo
DrownEdgar F.8 Oct 187112 Oct 1941son of Alonzo & Eliza
DrownMabel F.9 Feb 187315 May 1959daughter of Alonzo & Eliza
DunnSamuel180012 Aug 1871
DunnJoanna Roberts12 Jun 180425 Apr 1838wife of Samuel Dunn
DunnMartha Roberts18 Apr 18139 Apr 1893wife of Samuel Dunn
DunnWilliam F.14 Oct 184514 Apr 1865son of Samuel & Martha
DunnSamuel28 Sep 184923 Jul 1872son of Samuel & Martha
DunnMelville4 Oct 185215 Apr 1864son of Samuel & Martha
DunnEveline22 Apr 186227 May 1866daughter of Samuel & Martha
DunnMary Ellen5 Apr 185725 Jul 1874daughter of Samuel & Martha
DunnWilliam F.29 Jun 182819 Dec 1833son of Samuel & Joanna
DunnSarah30 Jul 183025 Dec 1833daughter of Samuel & Joanna
EmeryDaniel C.2 May 18031 Jun 1881
EmeryLucia Jordan179917 Sep 1834wife of Daniel C.
EmeryMary A. Barrett180613 Aug 1864wife of Daniel C.
EmeryGeorge William28 Jun 183811 Aug 1898son of Daniel C. & Mary
EmeryEliza Barrett15 Aug 183626 Jan 1923daughter of Daniel C. & Mary
EmeryLucia Annah15 Oct 184716 Feb 1936daughter of Daniel C. & Mary
EstesJoseph3 Feb 180530 May 1892
EstesMaria Edwards8 Jun 180921 Apr 1893wife of Joseph
EstesAbba A.13 Jun 184216 Jul 1862daughter of Joseph & Maria
EstesAlbert Smith21 Feb 183730 Aug 1862son of Joseph & Maria
FoggDaniel14 Apr 177323 Oct 1829
ClementsHannah Hanscom Fogg16 Apr 177710 Feb 1842wife of Daniel Fogg & Jacob Clements
FoggWilliam180428 Jan 1830son of Daniel & Hannah
FoggMary Eliza183024 Mar 1831daughter of William & Mary
FoggElizabeth H. Babb182225 Jul 1842wife of Asa Rand Fogg
FolsomDr. Dudley15 Dec 176720 Nov 1836
FolsomLucretia Swasey23 Oct 177227 Sep 1837wife of Dr. Dudley
FosterWilliam Hart20 Jan 178022 Sep 1838
FosterBetsey Harding14 Nov 178625 Apr 1839wife of William Hart
FosterMary Ann2 Jul 18081 Mar 1881daughter of William H. & Betsey
FrostNathaniel24 Jun 177710 Feb 1830
FrostContent Hamblen5 Jan 17794 Dec 1845wife of Nathaniel
FrostCharles15 Sep 181829 May 1859son of Nathaniel & Content
StaplesAlexander McLellan26 Oct 180310 Oct 1844son of Ai & Eunice
GreenBethiah T. Lincoln Staples4 Apr 180316 Sep 1896wife of Alexander Staples & Samuel Green
StaplesLincoln Thaxter27 Jan 18438 May 1872son of Alexander & Bethiah
CurtisCapt. John17997 Jan 1870
CurtisStatira Staples1 Mar 180216 Jan 1883wife of Capt. John
StaplesWilliam26 Apr 179722 Jul 1838
StaplesMary McLellan179616 Jul 1852wife of William
StevensAnsel7 Jan 18367 Nov 1911son of Farnum & Hannah
StevensElizabeth Davis18 Aug 18331902wife of Ansel
LibbyDaniel15 Sep 178417 May 1839
LibbyElizabeth Warren2 Dec 179113 Mar 1878wife of Daniel
LewisLothrop13 Feb 17649 Oct 1822
LewisMary J. Prescott8 Nov 177430 May 1863wife of Lothrop
McLellanHugh Davis24 Jan 18059 Dec 1878
McLellanElizabeth P. Lewis19 Mar 18161 Sep 1838daughter of Lothrop & Mary; wife of Hugh Davis
McLellanAlexander Prescott8 Nov 183422 Feb 1835son of Hugh Davis & Elizabeth
McLellanEdward Henry23 May 18384 Sep 1838son of Hugh Davis & Elizabeth
PhinneyJames13 Apr 174118 Oct 1834
PhinneyLucy Cross7 Mar 178229 Dec 1863wife of James
RoundsAbial4 Sep 18359 Feb 1924son of Capt. Robert & Harriet
RoundsCarrie E. Cressey28 Jul 186013 May 1924daughter of Joseph & Rhoda; wife of Abial
McLellanDavid Jr.19 Feb 181813 Mar 1844son of David & Betsey
McLellanDavid21 Jun 17863 Mar 1860son of Cary & Mary
McLellanBetsey Phinney1 May 178721 Apr 1865wife of David
McLellanWilliam7 Jul 175913 May 1843son of James & Abigail
McLellanJane Harding17571 Sep 1845wife of William
McLellanDavid8 Apr 180526 Jan 1870son of William & Jane
McLellanMary Libby17 Jul 181717 Mar 1886wife of David
McLellanWilliam Jr.26 Feb 18131 Sep 1850son of William & Mehitable
McLellanMary J. Meserve182020 Dec 1861wife of William
McLellanEllen R.30 Oct 183924 Jan 1840daughter of William & Mary
McLellanRobert30 Sep 178228 Nov 1830son of Thomas & Jane
McLellanRebecca Patten178620 Jan 1861wife of Robert
McLellanPaulina P.12 Sep 182728 Feb 1904daughter of Robert & Rebecca
McLellanWilliam19 Mar 184017 Aug 1920son of David & Mary
McLellanFrancis H.27 Aug 182131 Oct 1853son of Robert & Rebecca
McLellanActor Patten28 Dec 181310 Dec 1903son of Robert & Rebecca
PhinneyNathaniel19 Aug 177114 Nov 1850
PhinneyMary Bangs1 Oct 177217 Aug 18211st wife of Nathaniel
PhinneyElizabeth McLellan Hatch6 Jan 17811 Oct 1864daughter of Thomas & Jane; 2nd wife of Nathaniel
PhinneyMartha Hamblen11 May 17403 Sep 18161st wife of James
PhinneyJames2 Sep 176813 Jan 1860
PhinneyAbigail Mosher1 Sep 177126 Oct 1840wife of James
PhinneyJames31 Aug 180327 Sep 1876son of James & Abigail
PhinneyCynthia Mosher11 Aug 180620 Mar 1869wife of James
PhinneyMartha Colman30 Apr 183113 Mar 1837daughter of James & Cynthia
PhinneyOliver PierceAug 183320 Sep 1833son of James & Cynthia
PhinneyEli180130 Nov 1833son of Nathaniel & Mary
PhinneyBenjamin179719 Jul 1841son of Nathaniel & Mary
PhinneyElizabeth Sloper180118 Mar 18331st wife of Benjamin
McGrathAngelina Crockett Phinney22 Feb 180619 Mar 1888wife of Eli & Benjamin
ElderSimon4 Dec 17914 May 1862
ElderElizabeth Johnson5 Jan 180424 Jan 1889wife of Simon
ElderRandall Johnson3 Nov 18336 Jun 1906son of Simon & Elizabeth
ElderFrances E. Roberts20 Feb 183317 May 1911wife of Randall
StaplesAi177722 Feb 1835
StaplesEunice McLellan16 Jun 177824 Sep 1841wife of Ai
MosherNathaniel5 May 176929 May 1848
MosherEunice Elder29 Nov 177429 Jul 1852wife of Nathaniel
MosherDaniel14 Jan 17858 Sep 1848
MosherOctavia M. Woodman10 Apr 17953 Jan 1853wife of Daniel
MosherNathaniel30 Jul 180326 Nov 1830son of Nathaniel & Eunice
MosherBenjamin30 Jan 177431 Mar 1863
MosherPolly Foster Warren178223 Nov 1850wife of Benjamin
MosherHugh Warren6 Sep 180920 Apr 1847son of Benjamin & Polly
LibbyJoseph C.4 Dec 17856 Sep 1835
LibbyElizabeth Phinney5 Jun 17897 Mar 18241st wife of Joseph
LibbyLove Phinney12 Nov 179622 May 18512nd wife of Joseph
LibbyAnna Huston Phinney26 Dec 17677 Jan 1849wife of Simeon
HanscomHumphrey28 Jan 175419 Sep 1836
HanscomEsther Libby7 Sep 17573 Jul 1830wife of Humphrey
HanscomJohn19 May 176310 May 1836
HanscomMary Hanscom7 Apr 176420 Feb 1830wife of John
HanscomDaniel15 Jun 179918 Mar 1833son of John & Mary
HanscomRufus23 Dec 180120 Nov 1873son of John & Mary
HanscomAlmon18 Mar 179928 Sep 1868
HanscomRebecca Hanscom179711 Jul 18351st wife of Almon
HanscomIsabella Deering29 Mar 181017 May 18702nd wife of Almon
MoultonJames L.9 Jan 18458 Apr 1915
MoultonMartha Crockett27 Apr 184523 Sep 1917wife of John L.
AldenCharles20 Jan 17896 Jun 1866
AldenNancy Quinby179129 Mar 1873wife of Charles
AldenGardner13 Jan 17958 Sep 1831
AldenMartha Chick25 Jul 178511 Feb 1849wife of Gardner
AldenClarissa20 May 182313 Sep 1853daughter of Gardner & Martha
AldenHenry20 May 182330 Sep 1871son of Gardner & Martha
AldenRachel Ann Carll27 Nov 182931 Jan 1888wife of Henry
CresseyJoseph14 Mar 17889 Feb 1858
CresseySarah Watts29 Mar 179529 Sep 1847wife of Joseph
CresseyEbenezer16 Jan 177931 Jul 1829
CresseySarah "Sally" Chick5 May 178314 Feb 1863wife of Ebenezer
LibbyDaniel C.22 Oct 181728 Feb 1897son of Joseph & Elizabeth
LibbyRuth W. Mosher7 Sep 182027 Feb 1897wife of Daniel C.
RoundsRobert18006 Mar 1860
RoundsHarriet Sturgis18 Mar 180720 Feb 1889wife of Robert
RustMeshach17965 Aug 1874
RustMartha Frost12 Feb 180325 Mar 1835daughter of Nathaniel & Content; wife of Meshach
RustSarah "Sally" Waterhouse12 Jan 179923 Feb 18812nd wife of Meshach
RiceJohn7 Oct 178424 May 1862
RiceMary Hanscom23 Jul 179126 Apr 1827wife of John
WatsonJohn23 Sep 174126 Oct 1834
WatsonTabitha Whitney16 Mar 174513 Sep 1831wife of John
WatsonGreenlief Clark14 Mar 178618 Dec 1863son of John & Tabitha
WatsonLydia Sands Thompson1 Nov 179122 Jun 1884wife of Greenlief
MerrillDaniel1745 Aug 121830 Jul 11
MerrillDorcas Crockett1756 Apr 141830 Jun 22wife of Daniel
LombardSamuel1779 Oct 181863 Jul 19
LombardCharity Merrill1790 Aug 21 1830 Jan 13wife of Samuel
StephensonAbigail Longfellow1779 Jan 181869 Feb 14
StephensonStephen L.1821 Aug 311892 May 28son of Samuel & Abigail
StephensonAbigail C.1819 May 71885 Aug 5
StephensonJohn1806 Dec 101845 Dec 4
StephensonAlmira S.1809 Mar 311836 Dec 21
StephensonCapt. Stephen1778 Dec 281831 Mar 10
StephensonHarriet Storer1786 Feb 211838 Feb 9wife of Capt. Stephen
DarlingJohn1758 Dec 231832 Apr 7
DarlingGeorge L.1791 Oct 71865 Jun 13son of John & Annah
HardingDavid1796 Mar 191834 Feb 4
HardingJoseph1785 Dec 181845 Feb 8
HardingLouisa Bryant18044 Jun 1875wife of Joseph
LombardRichard20 Mar 179530 Sep 1880
LombardTemperance L. Hamblen30 Jan 179621 Nov 1864wife of Richard
LibbyIsaac24 Feb 178824 Jun 1851
LibbySusanna Rounds3 Jan 178727 Apr 1871wife of Isaac
SkillingsJoseph2 Jan 17795 Apr 1853
SkillingsSusan Clark17902 Mar 1834wife of Joseph
WatsonEdmund17 Jan 177213 Dec 1847
WatsonElizabeth Cressey31 Jan 17751 Jan 1838wife of Edmund
LombardWilliam H.1819 Apr 91903 Jun 7
LombardMary Rounds Clay1823 Jul 301862 Jul 191st wife of William H.
LibbyAndrew C. M.12 Aug 18557 Jun 1863
MerrillNelson181027 Oct 1877
MerrillElizabeth Whitney18107 Mar 1896wife of Nelson
MerrillGardner21 Apr 179818 Feb 1835
MerrillJoanna Day5 Dec 179724 Feb 1828wife of Seward
MerrillSamuel C.23 Oct 183026 Nov 1833
MerrillElizabeth Whitney18107 Mar 1896wife of Nelson
BakerIra23 Sep 17968 Jul 1861
BakerBetsey H. Hanscom26 Sep 17958 Apr 1840wife of Ira
SmithCol. John Tyng6 Mar 177222 Oct 1856
SmithMary Duguid22 Apr 177219 Jan 1855wife of Col. John Tyng
SmithPeter Wendell6 Jun 180528 Mar 1862
SmithJacob Sheafe28 Apr 17861 May 1880
SmithTabitha Stephenson24 Aug 17881 Dec 1857wife of Jacob Sheafe
StevensBenjamin9 May 176029 Nov 1843
StevensHenry17 Dec 178411 Aug 1836
StevensHannah Libby22 Sep 178912 Oct 1866wife of Henry
IrishJames18 Aug 177630 Jun 1863
IrishRebecca Chadbourn9 Apr 17805 Oct 1831wife of James
AldenJohn Fremont1857 Sep 31865 Jun 28son of Henry & Rachel
AldenMary E.1855 30 Nov1938 Aug 19daughter of Henry & Rachel
AldenGeorge1864 Jan 211949 May 27son of Henry & Rachel
AldenAda Douglass1866 Mar 281942 Mar 8wife of George
AldenLewis Lincoln1889 Feb 21918 Sep 27son of George & Ada
AlexanderJames1838 Jun 11910 Aug 25
AlexanderMary Margaret Lombard22 Nov 18433 Aug 1888wife of James
CresseyMartha1810 Apr 251851daughter of Ebenezer & Sarah
CresseyJoseph1812 Mar 101858son of Ebenezer & Sarah
CresseyJohn R.1814 Oct 81892 Jul 22son of Ebenezer & Sarah
CresseySamuel1817 Jun 211893 Feb 22
CresseyRebecca Harding22 Aug 182226 Apr 1896wife of Samuel
ElderKatharine30 Jun 187529 Nov 1880daughter of Randall & Frances
ElderEdward Randall5 Apr 187314 Jul 1948son of Randall & Frances
ClementSamuel R.5 Dec 181016 May 1897
ClementHannah H. Fogg18 Jul 181324 Jun 1882wife of Samuel R.
ClementMary H.10 Jan 184217 Nov 1857daughter of Samuel & Hannah
ClementJacob27 Apr 184928 Jan 1855son of Samuel & Hannah

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