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UNDER CONSTRUCTION - SORT OUT CONTEMPORARY ROBERT EDWARDS COLONIAL PERIOD -- Wales - Southern Colonies - Isle of Wight Research Notes https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Space:Edwards_Research&action=edit

Summary of Contemporary Robert Edwards - relating to Wales/VA and Edwards Heirs Research



This profile suffers an array of issues, which may never be resolved. Perhaps as more information becomes available this will resolve some of the discrepancies.
No original source records have been located to confirm birth, marriage or death records. It appears that some erroneous information may have been published, and republished/reported, making the “actual facts” obscure.
There is a great deal of conflicting information – Several Source-to-Source discrepancies; co-mingling, Lack of records; conflicting family stories; number of same names, No Middle Names Verified, etc.
Name Variation - Edwards, Edwardes
Date Variation - Source to Source Discrepancy


There were several Roberts within the same timeframe. Most likely they are "different individuals" and over the years information appears to have been co-mingled. Presumed Parents - Robert Edwards and wife Rebecca UNKNOWN arrived 1635 (Estimated Children Births Before 1635 to 1649)
No Proven children or additional information for Rebecca and Robert Edwards - (Children Birth Est before/after 1635 to before 1660-1672)
Not a supported child of contemporary Robert Edwards Mary Hunt - (Estimated Children Births 1649-1681) No Sons listed in either Will.
No original source records have been located to confirm birth or marriage records. It appears that some erroneous information may have been published, and perhaps republished/reported, making the “actual facts” obscure. There is a great deal of conflicting information surrounding Early Edwards' – Many Source-to-Source discrepancies; co-mingling, Lack of records; conflicting family stories; number of Edwards' with the same names, etc.. It is likely that the Edwards' Families may have been accompanied by their families, grown children, sisters, cousins, etc.

Contemporary Roberts

Parents Unproven
  1. Robert of Cardiff m. Mary Hunt (100 Acres) Isle of Wright - Ref - Probate d. 1780-1781 (Doctor)
  2. Robert (b.1608) m. Rebecca immigrant to Isle of Wright Virginia (1635 / Indentured Servant )
  3. Robert m. Cuelin -- Robert of NY (77 acres) Manhatten ((b. 1719 died 1762) (Edward Heirs Research - very few sources; some bible records; No Hunts or Rebecca; (said to be a son of Thomas (styled as Thomas Nathaniel) and Isabell (Elizabeth) Downing -- Arrival about 1750 - (No Probate Found); (said to have "died at sea"); vs Thomas m. Hael (Hall)
Stories co-mingle the "Robert's" (and Thomas'). Robert m. Cuelin (1662 - 1738 presumed to be Robert the Welsh Buccaneer/pirate granted land by Queen Anne of Great Britain (Anne's Reign (6 February 1665 – 1 August 1714) -- for his services in disrupting Spanish sea lanes (Robert m. Cuelin - was Executor of Thomas m. Hael (Hall) Estate) (The 99 yr lease expired in 1877 (wikipedia error/confusion
Lease signed 1778 presumed to be signed by (Grandson) Robert leased to the brothers John and George Cruger for 99 years with the condition that thereafter it would revert to (Robert's Brothers as Heirs)
The heirs of (Grandson) |Robert Edwards named in the lease as his brothers William, Jacob, Leonard, Joshua, John and Thomas and his sister Martha. (children of Thomas Nathaniel) and Isabell (Elizabeth) Downing).

Parent Research Info

No Information located other than (Ancestry Trees and IGI) for parent Joshua - Lineage Needs To Be Proven.
Names may be real -- Accounts appear to be fictionalized insofar as "Joshua's Line" This genealogy seems to be inaccurate and appears to have originated with the famed Edward Heirs Lawsuit and a series of books published thereafter (restating the same ancestors). Much of the Edwards line captured appears to be "Unsourced And Undocumented. (and generally conflicts with located record proof. ) [1]

Presumed Paternal Line

Styled as son of
Robert "Joshua" Edwards (1595 - 1666)
Margaret Babbs Edwards (1589 - ____)
  • aka Joshua Edwards and Margaret Babbs [2]
  • No Record located for Birth of Joshua as son of Richard in Hopton Castle Registers or Shropshire Registers. See Also G2G Comments
  • Hopton Registers identified p.7 1595 Josia filia Rici Edwards & Elionor ux, which may have been erroneously identified as "(son) Joshua b. 1595; or perhaps another unidentified/unrecorded Joshua. Hopton Castle Register[3]
Note Re-review/adjust Profiles as needed -- Parent vs Brother - William vs Joshua (co-mingled info)

Conflicts to Resolve

Joshua Edwards – Hopton Castle, Wales. (born abt 1595 died about 1664 m. Margaret Babbs b. 1589)
Parents: [[Edwards-1876|Richard Edwards (aka Edwardes) (1566-1635) and Eleanor Thomas.
Only 1 known (identified) child of Joshua & Babbs
William Edwards (best 1586) m. Unknown (Presumed m. Jonat Reese) -- [aka William of Llangyfelach, Wales][4]
Many Researchers show Children of Joshua Edwards (Baron)[4] were:
  1. William Edwards b. ca. 1 Nov. 1620 in Glamorganshire, Glamorgan, Wales; m. (1) unk.4 and (2) unk. after 1635. *World Connect (source timeline) and Geni Sources
  2. Robert of Cardiff Edwards born Abt. 1617 in Cardiff, Glamorgan, WALES, and died 01 Jun 1680 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia USA. He married (1) REBECCA Abt. 1634 in WALES or ENGLAND. And (2) MARY HUNT Abt. 1668 in Isle of Wight, Virginia World Connect (source timeline) and Geni Sources
  3. John Edwards
  4. Thomas Edwards (born in 1690 in South Wales (probable son of William)
Likely they are children of Joshua's son William vs Joshua-- See http://www.thepeerage.com/p23612.htm Person Page - 23612 Richard (b. 1566)


Birth Estimate - Most likely birth estimate is 1625-1650 versus the 1608 Wales or England vs Virginia[5]
Most likely two different Roberts (co-mingled) -- one Married Rebecca, (b. 1608; m. before 1635); one married Mary Hunt. (m. 1672).
Both may have arrived about 1635 - 1645
Reportedly b 1608 Glamorgan Wales[5] (vs Edwards Hall, Glamorgan, Wales vs Hopton Castle or Hagley Hall Edwardes Hall (if ever existed) was in Glen Morganshire (and built around 1050-1100) in the time of William the Conqueror; reportedly came into the Edwards family later by marriage into the family of Queen Elizabeth (Reign 1558-1603). Many generations are reported to have "occupied Edwards Hall" until it was abandoned in the early 1700s. Nothing appears to remain to mark its actual location.
As Mary married 3X (m. 1st Robert) and had additional children (birth estimates 1672-1697) after the death of Robert in 1681, it is likely Robert was born later than 1608 either in Virginia or Wales.
(1608-1681 = age 73 / m. 1672 (age 64)
More likely age at death 35-45 = b. 1636-1646;
(if about age-20 at marriage = est. birth 1652 vs 1608-1617)


Robert reportedly married both Rebecca and Mary Hunt.
Marriage Estimate 1628-1633 Wales or England. Likely two separate Roberts (unproven).
1st Rebecca Unknown; before 1635 Wales or England[5] No additional (Land/Probate) records located for Robert m. Rebecca. Robert's birth as 1608.[6]
2nd Mary Hunt - in Virginia 1672 - presumed to be Mary Hunt (daughter of William Hunt and Judith Burton (p.16)[7] [8] Mary Hunt remarried after 1681 to Owen Griffith and William Boddie.[9]
Mary Huntt (aka Hunt) married 1st Robert Edwards 1672 Virginia (vs 1649) [7][10]
Mary Hunt married 2nd Owen Griffith[11] [12]
Mary Hunt married 3rd William Boddie (aka Body) (abt 1638 - died 1727)[7][13]
1732 (Recorded) Will of Mary Hunt (Edwards /Griffith/ Body (Boddie).
Mary Body: Widow and late wife of William Body. Legatees, son in law Thomas Drake; Daughter Mary Bragg; daughter Judith Clark; daughter Sarah Joiner. Executor, Thomas Drake. Dated January 17, 1727; Recorded April 24, 1732. Witnesses: George Washington, Richard Drake, Francis Jones. Page 299. [13]


Immigrant Ancestor[6]
1635, Robert Edwards, 27 (b.1608), to Virginia, as bonded servant to Georg Mynifie (Menafee). (A Virginia merchant who paid transport for 60 persons in exchange for 50 acres each person transported. Shipping list included Rebecca, the wife of Robert Edward)[6]
1635 -- Location To Virginia from England (age 27 wife Rebecca birth about 1608)[5][13]
1635 Robert Edward's Age 22 (b.1613) of Concord from London (Ship Hopewell second voyage of 1635[14][15] - Wife Christian in Concord; Freeman in 1642; died (inventory) 1646[16]
1643 Robert Edwards (Sponsor - Sir Francis Wyatt )[6] (Most likely candidate for the NY Robert connection - James Citie, SIR FRANCIS WYATT, Governor MARGARET LADY WYATT; HANT WYATT, Minister.) Most likely related to Hopton Castle Family -- (William m. Dorothy (Surry Family)
Page: Place: Virginia; Year: 1635; Page Number: . Quality or Certainty of Data: 0 Data: Text: Birth date: abt 1608 Birth place: Arrival date: 1635 Arrival place: Virginia Note: http://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=pili354&h=4074045&ti=0&indiv=try&gss=pt


1664 Robert Edwards bought 100 acres in the upper parish of Isle of Wight County from Edmund Palmer. The land adjoined that of William Boddie, Henry Applewhite and Edmund Palmer.[17]


Death Estimate 1681 -- died intestate, Probate Recorded June 18, 1681; Isle of Wight Virginia
vs 1680 vs 1685 Isle of Wight, Virginia,[18] [2]


May 2, 1681 - Administration requested by his relict, Mary. May 2, 1681. Recorded June 18, 1681; Security, Henry King, Owen Griffen. - [19]
9 Jul 1685 (WB2, 2170 The appraisal of his estate (wb2, PG 245)
One Hundred Acres of land is listed, the (1664) land he bought of Palmer
1694 final settlement of the estate between three daughters takes place in 1694, when he is recorded as Dr. Robert Edwards.


[7] ?????

(No sons named in Robert's Probate) - 3 daughters Named in Robert's Probate; -- 2 daughters confirmed in will of Mary Hunt (Body) and Will of Owen Griffith.
Three daughters were Co-heiresses. The daughters were:
  1. Margaret Edwards 1672-1727 (Probate) (m. Unknown)
  2. Mary Edwards 1674-1736 (m. Bragg)
  3. Judith Edwards 1676-aft 1727 (m. 1st, Thomas Harris, III and 2ns Unk. Clark) [7](p.23) (presumed to be named after her grandmother Judith Hunt)
(1668 Probate) Judith Clark - may be Intermarriages - likely sister of Mary Hunt m. Clark (and/or mother vs daughter m. Parker. [20]
Judith Clark specified as a daughter in Mary Hunt Will and daughter of Robert in probate[13]
Mary (married James BRAGG about 1694), [7] (p.5)
James Bragg - Acquires one third of the land by this marriage,
Bragg later buys the other two thirds from the two sisters, as shown by deeds. [21] The Sisters are referred to several times as "Ye daughters and co-heiresses of Robert Edwards deceased"

(TBD) (Other Imported) Undocumented Children

(Most likely parent Robert & Rebecca vs Tree copies - Isle of Wight VA Families)

  1. William Edwards (m. Ann Mansfield) (son of William & Dorothy vs Robert & Rebecca)
  2. Robert Edwards m Mary (Hunt) (son of Robert & Rebecca)
  3. Thomas Edwards
  4. Charles Edwards
  5. James Edwards
  6. Frances Judith Edwards m. Unknown Wyche
  7. Sarah "Sallie" Edwards (m. Thomas Joyner, II) (1622 - 1710) (listed as Daughter in Will of Mary Hunt (Boddie) may be child of William Boddie - Most likely of Owen Griffith named in Griffith Will)
Timeline Summary looks like Robert may have had son with Rebecca (who also had sons) and looks to be co-mingled records that need to be sorted out.

Named References

[7] [6] [13] [10] [5] [2] [18]

Additional Notes added 4-1-2017

(Use with Caution - Possible Co-Mingled information and Ancestry Misinformation - See Above Research Info Edwards-7481 18:25, 1 September 2017 (EDT))
Robert Edwards, mother Margaret Babbs 1589-1631 [Find a Grave], she was married to Robert Joshua Edwards 1588-1664 [Find a Grave], They had 2 sons Robert Edwards 1608-1680 (m. Mary Hunt) and William Edwards 1613-1660 (m. Janet Reese). Both Margaret and Joshua were born and died in Wales.
Son, Robert Edwards arrived in Virginia at the age of 27, in 1635, Source Biography: SOMERBY, H[ORATIO] G. "Researches for New England Pedigrees." In The New England Historical and Genealogical Register (Boston, MA), vol. 2 (Oct. 1848), p. 399
Spouse, Mary Hunt [Find A Grave], mother Sarah Anne Harris [Find a Grave], she was married to William Hunt Sr. 1599-1676 [Find a Grave]. They had 2 children William Hunt Jr, (m. Sarah Knott), Mary Hunt ____-1727 (m. 1st Robert Edwards, 2nd Owen Griffin and 3rd William Boddie). Mary Hunt Edwards Griffin Boddie was born and died in Isle of Wight, Virginia. Her parents were born in England and died in Virginia.
Robert Joshua Edwards [Burial, 21 Jun 1664, Guildford, St Mary, Surrey, England] and [England, Select Deaths and Burials, 1538-1991]
Margaret Babbs Edwards [England, Select Deaths and Burials, 1538-1991]
Robert Edwards and Mary Hunt [U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900]
Mary Hunt Edwards [Virginia, Land, Marriage, and Probate Records, 1639-1850] Text: Chapman, Blanche Adams; Wills and Administratiions of Isle of Wight County Virginia, Books 1-3; 2006; Heritage Books, Inc.; Westminster, Maryland 21157-5026
Robert was born in 1602. He passed away in 1681.
Wedding date on Family Search is June 1, 1618. There is a discrepancy. Name: Edwards, Sex: Male, Daughter: Frances Edwards, Other information in the record of Frances Edwards, from England Births and Christenings, Name: Frances Edwards, Gender: Female, Christening Date: 20 Sep 1652, Christening Date (Original): 20 SEP 1652, Christening Place: DORKING, SURREY, ENGLAND, Father's Name: Edwards
"England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975," database, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/NPYP-Z96 : 11 February 2018, Edwards in entry for Frances Edwards, 20 Sep 1652); citing , index based upon data collected by the Genealogical Society of Utah, Salt Lake City; FHL microfilm 804,121.


Links are provided for reference only. Family Trees and Find a Grave information is considered unreliable (Unless sources are included within). Researchers are encouraged to perform their own independent research.

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See Also

Ancestry Family Trees

  • Source: S4 Title: Ancestry Family Trees Publication: Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com. Original data: Family Tree files submitted by Ancestry members. Record ID Number: MH:S4 Note: This information comes from 1 or more individual Ancestry Family Tree files. This source citation points you to a current version of those files. Note: The owners of these tree files may have removed or changed information since this source citation was created. Page: Ancestry Family Trees Quality or Certainty of Data: 0 Data: Text: https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/tree/45601784/family
  • http://trees.ancestry.com/rd?f=image&guid=b519a5ea-0428-4285-b49a-cead804e0d1e&tid=7221440&pid=939591797
  • (Birth 1608 Edwards Hall/Death 1681) Source: S8 Author: Ancestry.com Title: Global, Find A Grave Index for Non-Burials, Burials at Sea, and other Select Burial Locations, 1300s-Current Publication: Name: Name: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc.;; Repository: #R1
  • Repository: R1 Name: Ancestry.com Address: E-Mail Address: Phone Number:
  • Page: Place: Virginia; Year: 1635; Page Number: . Quality or Certainty of Data: 0 Data: Text: Birth date: abt 1608 Birth place: Arrival date: 1635 Arrival place: Virginia Note: http://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=pili354&h=4074045&ti=0&indiv=try&gss=pt


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