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Eldorado Cemetery, Victoria

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Eldorado is situated a short distance south of Albury/Wodonga close to Wangaratta and Beechworth, in Victoria, Australia. Links to WikiTree profiles are provided (where known). If you know of any others that can be linked to please contact Paul Bech to have the link added. If you require a photo of a gravestone listed and there is no profile on WikiTree, please create a profile (WIkiTree is entirely free) and contact Paul Bech and one will be added to the new profile. WikiTree is a collaborative effort, so it is little to ask that you add a profile for a person that has not already been added. If you have found a profile then please consider helping others by adding the details of another profile to WikiTree that has not already been added.

Location and Map

Link to map of location of Eldorado Cemetery


This project is to document the life and times of the people interred in Eldorado Cemetery. Project members are needed to assist in the research and adding profiles and information to profiles.

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Completed on the May 2020

Sortable Table of graves

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name born died age notes photo #
?, Jane192? Apr 22875130240
Adams, Irene May1925 Jul 132010 Feb 14M of Colin, Victoria, Mae, Peter, Ken, John, Irene, Lesley, David5130084
Allan, Bridget1896 Sep 0163W of Anthony Allan5130107
Allen, Agnes Louisa Maude1964 Jun 0686W of Robert5130239
Allen, Alice Marie190819845130318
Allen, Annie Lavina Gwendolyn2001 Mar 2891W of Robert5130280
Allen, Anthony1912 Nov 20795130242
Allen, Beryl2005 May 255130129
Allen, Charles1891 Jul 1754H of Lenora5130191
Allen, Charles1916 Aug 2550H of Maria5130240
Allen, Charles Smirl1974 Jun 20705130317
Allen, David Robert1940 Apr 292014 Jul 14H of Beverley Anne; F of John, Barry, Gregory5130330
Allen, Donald James1934 Feb 192016 Nov 3082H of Annelise; F of Kathryn, Jennifer, Robyn, Trevor5130322
Allen, Frank190219795130318
Allen, Frank Fealy1917 Sep 2020KIA; S of Charles & Lenora5130192
Allen, James1897 AugS of Charles & Lenora5130191
Allen, James Alexander1920 May 2519S of Agnes & Robert5130239
Allen, Janice Margaret2001 Jul 0262D of Leslie & Mary; M of Lisa5130332
Allen, John1938 Oct 05S of Bob & Gwen; GS of Agnes & Robert Allen5130239
Allen, Lenora1918 Sep 0284W of Charles5130191
Allen, Lenora Louisa (Molly)1917 Apr 1510D of Agnes & Robert5130239
Allen, Leslie Thomas1989 Sep 0578H of May; F of Brian & Janice5130332
Allen, Maria19?? Jul 0271W of Charles5130240
Allen, Mary Ursula (May)1995 Nov 1781W of Leslie5130332
Allen, Robert1943 Apr 2079H of Agnes5130239
Allen, Robert Charles1986 Mar 2181H of Annie5130280
Allen, Sara1904 Oct 2144D of Charles & Lenora5130192
Anderson, Maryanne1948 Nov 022014 Jan 02M of Jeremy, Marcus, Elisha; Partner of Bryan5130094
Angus, John Colin1907 Dec 082002 Aug 10H of Lilian; F of Deborah, Roslyn, Euan5130361
Angus, Lilian Christina1909 Feb 121998 Feb 01W of Colin5130357
Annesley, Andrew188519005130003
Annesley, Laurence Thomas18981975H of Ada Elizabeth; F of Lawrence, Lorraine, Malcolm5130003
Annesley, Phoebe Helena18631925nee Jeffers5130003
Annesley, Rose Alice1895 Dec 071958 Nov 24W of William; M of William & Helen5130267
Annesley, William1886 Jul 161962 Jun 08H of Rose; F of William & Helen5130267
Armstrong, James1895 JulMcEvoy Mine Disaster5130290
Azzalini, Ettore1893 Aug 161973 Aug 25b. Italy5130052
Ballinger, Mary Madeline (Madge)1989 Apr 01755130050
Barr, H P1906 Apr 141984 Dec 16H of Jean; F of Lynton & Alan; Mayor of Wangaratta5130350
Barr, Mavis Jean1996 Jul 2988W of Harold; M of Lynton & Alan; Mayoress of Wangaratta5130351
Bawden, Ailie1923bur Wonthaggi 1923 Aug 31; D of W H & F T Bawden5130186
Bawden, Edwin Charles Matthews1901 Aug 072424yrs 11 mths; S of W H & F T Bawden5130185
Bawden, Fanny Thomas1928 May 0281W of W H Bawden5130186
Bawden, W H1907 Feb 0764H of Fanny Thomas5130185
Bear, Michael W G1965 Oct 212007 Apr 285130380
Beel, Lawrence Frederick1925 Aug 161987 Sep 25H of Lorna; F of Janet, Kathryn, Laurel, David5130346
Beel, Lorna Ellen1931 Aug 012015 Dec 22Nee Luckie; W of Lawrence; M of Janet, Kathryn, Laurel, David5130347
Booth, Ronald James1931 Apr 222015 Jul 1984b. Stawell; d. Wangaratta; F of Robert, Nola, Annette5130074
Borchers, Franz Andrew1883 Jan 0975H of Sophia5130080
Borchers, Sophia1894 Dec 0976W of Franz5130080
Bork, F1895 JulMcEvoy Mine Disaster5130290
Bosustow, George1894 May 24755130294
Bosustow, George Grant1817 Jan 281898 Mar 095130294
Bosustow, John1884 Sep 215130064
Bosustow, William???? Jul 055130064
Bourke, Mary1964 Apr 05W of William5130307
Bourke, William1954 Nov 19H of Mary5130307
Bradley, Coralie Jessie1883 Mar 251964 Aug 04W of William; M of Roy, Corrie, Len5130232
Brewer, Alma Maud1924 Apr 102013 Nov 11W of Vince; M of Noel, Thelma, Noreen, Ann, David, Norman, Robert, Susan5130226
Brewer, D V G1975 Oct 2665AIF QX10484; H of Alma5130225
Brewer, David George19531988F of Luke; Step-F of Tracie & Natasha5130220
Brewer, Thelma1936 Jun 20135130212
Briggs, Ada1951 Nov 1978D of John Terrill5130269
Brimblecombe, Alex George1928 Mar 302017 Aug 07H of Jennifer; F of Peter, Ann, Claire, Ian, Ross5130387
Brimblecombe, Jennifer Mary1933 Sep 052015 Feb 07nee Pyle; W of Alex; M of Peter, Ann, Claire, Ian, Ross5130387
Brimblecombe, Se. Con. Ann Jane1957 Dec 082006 Aug 16D of Alex & Jennifer; Sis of Peter, Claire, Ian, Ross5130386
Brock, H A1986 Jul 0867AIF VX70135130275
Bruce, Phillip1933 Jun 222000 Feb 28F of Adam5130362
Buchan, Alan1943 Dec 202003 Jan 135130366
Buchan, Robert William1950 May 252010 Jul 055130070
Bush, Robert Wills1957 Apr 171998 Jan 28S of Marjorie & William; H of Beverley; F of Kylie & Amanda5130334
Caldwell, Susannah1903 Jan 211986 Sep 13b. Walwarth, N. Ireland5130349
Carnsew, Eliza1914 Nov 2979W of James5130187
Carnsew, Ellen1894 Jul 22D of James & Eliza5130187
Carnsew, James1904 Aug 2570H of Eliza5130187
Chandler, Jean Elizabeth (Lil)1909 Dec 131996 Aug 03W of Joseph; M of Charlie, Stan, Merle, Lois, Neil5130335
Chandler, Joseph Charles1908 May 101997 Jul 20H of Jean; F of Charlie, Stan, Merle, Lois, Neil5130335
Cheesman, Mary1956 Nov 3076W of Thomas5130308
Cheesman, Raymond Thomas1979 Mar 12735130309
Cheesman, Thomas Edward1953 Apr 2582H of Mary5130308
Conner, John Robert1912 Dec 2557H of Margaret Amelia Connor5130065
Connor, Ada Ellen1967 Aug 24675130025
Connor, Ada May1916 Mar 292004 Jul 2888Twin of Isabel5130024
Connor, Amy Jinfant; with William T Connor5130009
Connor, Brian Robert1970 Dec 238S of Imelda & Robert5130017
Connor, Daniel Finfant; with William T Connor5130009
Connor, David1946 Nov 17625130008
Connor, Florence May1953 Jan 16625130015
Connor, Francis Xavier Lockington1917 Dec 122005 Dec 27AO, QC; H of Lorna; F of Christine, Peter, Damien, Paul; S of James Thomas Connor & Irene Imelda Connor (nee Connors)5130004
Connor, George1976 Jul 14895130016
Connor, Imelda Frances1996 Nov 0970W of Robert; M of David, Gavan, Brian5130007
Connor, Irene Imelda1989 Apr 28100W of James5130006
Connor, Isabel Mary1916 Mar 292002 Jul 0986Twin of Ada5130024
Connor, James182918815130066
Connor, JamesInfant S of James & Mary5130068
Connor, James Thomas1951 Aug 1068H of Irene5130006
Connor, James W1924 Jun 2163H of Mary5130068
Connor, Jane5130067
Connor, Joseph1958 May 03655130016
Connor, Joseph1933 Feb 1265?H of Susan5130120
Connor, Lorna Grace1920 Nov 242008 Nov 04nee Landy; W of Francis5130005
Connor, Margaret1970 Jul 14815130008
Connor, Margaret Ainfant; with William T Connor5130009
Connor, Margaret Amelia1857 Aug 211943 May 155130010
Connor, Mary1902 Apr 1632W of James5130068
Connor, Mary Eileen1973 Mar 26785130025
Connor, Robert John (Bob)2005 Jul 2683H of Imelda5130007
Connor, Sid1918 Oct 08d. Egypt; S of James & Mary5130068
Connor, Susan1909? May 1531W of Joseph5130120
Connor, William T1885 Aug 201938 Jul 095130009
Cooper, Faye Leonie1946 Mar 162017 May 15W of Max; M of Robert & Annette5130384
Corrigan, Marjory Jean2001 Sep 2484W of Thomas5130310
Corrigan, Thomas Cyril1955 Jul 2139H of Marjory; F of Malcolm, Roderick, Christopher5130310
Corry, Jean Agnes1906 Nov 281986 Dec 26nee Allen5130321
Crosby, Janette Sinclair1931 Oct 222015 Jul 10b. Adelaide; d. Wangaratta5130069
Daley, John William1933 Feb 042009 Dec 115130373
Davis, Bruce William1962 May 122014 Mar 18S of William & Audrey; H of Lee; F of Michael & Sarah5130095
Dawkins, Charles1895 JulMcEvoy Mine Disaster5130290
Dawson, William1868 Sep 1544b. Yorkshire, England5130119
De La Rue, Elsie Jean1909 Jan 161988 May 21W of William; M of Lindsay, Nola, Gary5130219
De La Rue, Gladys Olivia1987 Jan 1479W of Ivan; M of Max, Graeme5130271
De La Rue, Ivan Neil (Jack)1959 May 2456H of Gladys; F of Max, Graeme5130271
De La Rue, William Frederick (Peter)1907 Oct 231968 Jun 28H of Elsie; F of Lindsay, Nola, Gary5130219
De La Rue, William Lindsay1995 Mar 24605130218
Delaney, ?5130077
Delaney, ?5130078
Dent, Daisy Frances1908 Apr 122004 Sep 11W of Jack; M of Dave & Des5130276
Dent, David John1931 Mar 202018 Jul 235130055
Dent, John Bloor (Jack)1903 Nov 061985 Nov 11H of Daisy; F of Dave & Des5130276
Dent, Phillip James1960 Feb 242018 Dec 175130054
Denton, Edmund Harry Bengrey191919645130250
Denton, Mary Gertrude19202009nee Duggleby5130250
Dobson, Freda1957 Oct 06835130213
Dobson, Graham John1951 May 152001 Dec 12S of Joy & Val; B of Barbara & Adrian Williams5130164
Dobson, Harriet1931 Oct 185130207
Dobson, Hazel May2006 Nov 1896W of Joseph; M of Ross, Wayne5130209
Dobson, John1921 Jan 065130207
Dobson, Joseph James1991 Nov 1982H of Hazel; F of Ross, Wayne5130209
Dobson, Joseph James1965 May 15865130213
Dobson, Neita I (Peggy)1964 Jan 11445130224
Dobson, Ronald1979 Mar 24655130224
Dobson, Thelma Joy2013 Nov 0789W of Valentine5130215
Dobson, Valentine John1977 Nov 2461H of Thelma5130215
Dowd, Brian Anthony1940 Jan 012007 May 05H of Jeanette; F of Makushla, Shannon, Natasha, Michelagh5130376
Duell, Albert John1924 Sep 042001 Sep 06B of Shirley, Patricia, Nancy, Kathleen5130166
Duell, John Henry1978 Nov 19765130204
Duell, Maude1971 May 12685130204
Duggleby, Alan Milne19221944RAAF; KIA5130250
Duggleby, Blanche Ruth192620075130250
Duggleby, Helen Eliza18881961nee Milne5130250
Duggleby, John Taylor188719535130250
Dunstan, Eliza191483W of William5130121
Dunstan, Elizabeth5130087
Dunstan, Emily Ann1911 Jul 3151W of Thomas5130172
Dunstan, Thomas Knuckey1949 Sep 2894H of Emily5130172
Dunstan, William5130087
Dunstan, William191181H of Eliza5130121
Einhorn, Fraderick William1946 Aug 29695130272
Ellis, William1868 Jun 19445130012
Faithfull, Adelene Rae1924 Mar 022012 Nov 125130333
Faithfull, Audrey May192219635130266
Faithfull, Lindsay Gordon1994 Jul 25345130333
Faithfull, Margaret1895 Oct 251971 Apr 165130263
Faithfull, May1941 Aug 2473W of W Faithfull5130265
Faithfull, Robin1965 Jun 05385130228
Faithfull, Walter Geoffrey192220025130266
Faithfull, William John Martin1924 Nov 242006 Aug 025130333
Faithfull, William Oliver1889 Aug 161934 Mar 17AIF 19215130263
Falconer, Alexander McDonald1904 Nov 3085130179
Falconer, Donald Hugh1929 Feb 042015 Apr 18RAN R49201; H of Olive; F of Celia, James, Leonie5130152
Falconer, Elizabeth May1990 Jul 2587W of Hugh; M of Betty & Don5130289
Falconer, Hugh1864 Mar 041936 Apr 16b. Bothwell, Scotland5130180
Falconer, Hugh1963 May 2271H of Elizabeth; F of Betty & Don5130289
Falconer, James Clifton (Jim)1952 Mar 172017 Aug 09S of Donald & Olive5130153
Falconer, James William1938 Jan 02<18 mths; S of Marge & Bill5130178
Falconer, John Charles145130179
Falconer, Margaret Mary (Marge)1919 Jul 032013 Jul 08W of William; M of Billy, Bev, Ann, Fay, Rhonda, Heather5130338
Falconer, Mary Elizabeth1869 Jul 141948 Sep 28b. Heathcote, Vic5130180
Falconer, Olive1926 Dec 072006 Jan 29AWAS NF481273; nee Porter; W of Donald; M of Celia, James, Leonie5130151
Falconer, William Fulton (Bill)1911 Jun 041995 Mar 26AIF; H of Margaret; F of Billy, Bev, Ann, Fay, Rhonda, Heather5130338
Fealey, Leonora1925 Aug 0731D of Alfred Fealy5130200
Fealy, A Edward1938GS of George & Margaret Fealy5130257
Fealy, Ada M1951D of George & Margaret5130257
Fealy, Alfred Edward1938 Jun 0931H of Sally5130201
Fealy, Alfred T1939S of George & Margaret5130257
Fealy, Alfred Thomas1909 Jul 23725130200
Fealy, Charles V1899S of George & Margaret5130257
Fealy, David J1917d. Belguim; S of George & Margaret5130257
Fealy, Edward John1914 Feb 1042H of Mary; F of George, Margaret Edna5130198
Fealy, Edward John1914S of George & Margaret5130257
Fealy, Ethel I1881D of George & Margaret5130257
Fealy, Frederick J1918d. France; S of George & Margaret5130257
Fealy, George186919265130113
Fealy, George A1926S of George & Margaret5130257
Fealy, George Alfred192279H of Margaret5130256
Fealy, Henry R1868S of George & Margaret5130257
Fealy, James1912GS of George & Margaret Fealy5130257
Fealy, John1904GS of George & Margaret Fealy5130257
Fealy, Lenora E1925GD of George & Margaret Fealy5130257
Fealy, Margaret193385nee Shaw; W of George5130256
Fealy, Margaret A1940D of George & Margaret5130257
Fealy, Mary1899 Feb 0228W of Edward; M of George, Margaret Edna5130198
Fealy, Mildred M1924 Jul 0519D of G & M Fealy; Sis of Myra, Allison, George, John, Barney, James5130112
Fealy, Mildred M1924GD of George & Margaret Fealy5130257
Fealy, Myra M2004 Mar 0289D of G & M Fealy; Sis of Mildred, Allison, George, John, Barney, James5130112
Ferguson, Arthur Norman Wills1895 Dec 026d. Wangaratta5130098
Ferguson, John Edward1893 May 0118d. Eldorado5130098
Ferguson, Philippa1878 Dec 17<11 mth; D of D & E A Ferguson5130116
Fitzpatrick, Bert1972 May 0372S of Daisy5130270
Fitzpatrick, Daisy Camelia1956 Apr 1176M of Bert5130270
Fox, Ina1984 Nov 21W of Milton; M of John, Ted, Betty, Kevin, Brian, Frank, Philip5130051
Fox, Milton Wells1991 Apr 2482H of Ina5130051
Frangos, Claire Julia1934 Aug 112019 Sep 11nee Matheson5130132
Frangos, George Leonidas1928 Jan 142018 May 275130132
Goldsmith, Robert George (Bobby)1932 Apr 192006 Jul 13F of Brendan, Amanda, Penny, William, Graham, Donna; partner of Jackie5130372
Gormly, Patty (Trish)1936 Oct 062017 Apr 26nee Macdonald; W of William; M of Deb, Jo, Andrew5130183
Gormly, William (Bill)1935 Jan 042015 Jan 14b. Scotland; H of Patty; F of Deb, Jo, Andrew5130183
Graham, Carrie1931 Mar 155130168
Grealy, A E Maude1986 Aug 3078W of Thomas; M of Valda, Patricia5130023
Grealy, Francis Edward (Frank)1978 Jun 1760H of Victoria (May)5130022
Grealy, Frederick Denzil1990 Dec 29765130021
Grealy, Iris Margaret1997 Aug 23825130021
Grealy, Margaret M1941 Jun 0611 yr 7 mths5130013
Grealy, Mary1946 Jan 19695130014
Grealy, Thomas1956 Jun 16805130014
Grealy, Thomas A1971 Jul 0464H of A E Maude; F of Valda. Patricia5130023
Grealy, Victoria (May)2003 Mar 2286W of Francis (Frank)5130022
Gribble, Elizabeth1970 Aug 0271W of George5130231
Gribble, George1967 Sep 0569H of Elizabeth5130231
Guinane, Anne Christina1962198725D of Joe & Beatrice; Sis of Sue & Sean5130159
Guinane, Beatrice1933 Jul 162018 Jun 29b. Redcliffs, Vic5130160
Guinane, Joseph1924 Apr 142013 May 08b. Kilkee, Co. Clare; H of Beatrice; F of Anne, Susan, Sean5130161
Hall, Father Allan James1937 Oct 072010 Sep 13H of Susan; H of Jean (dec); F of David5130382
Hallworth, George1885 Aug 02b. Cheshire, England5130079
Hamilton, Barbara Denise1925 Oct 112014 Sep 24nee Johnson; W of Douglas; M of Marg, Liz, Doug, John5130356
Hamilton, Douglas Howard1917 Dec 062012 May 7H of Barbara; F of Marg, Liz, Doug, John5130356
Hatter, Mary (Dolly)1971 Sep 23W of Oliver5130214
Hatter, Oliver David1966 May 04H of Mary5130214
Heaney, Elizabeth Emma1983 Oct 3087W of John5130312
Heaney, John Robert1952 Apr 1265H of Elizabeth5130312
Hearn, John Alfred1941 Mar 242008 Jul 05H of Maureen; B of Zola, Joan, Lesley5130381
Hearn, Maureen Barbara1942 May 212018 Sep 10W of John; O.A.M. for services to community5130381
Heath, Henry Francis1926 Jun 112012 Jun 27H of Nancy; F of Janet & Peter5130325
Hickey, Cyril Benjamin George1905 Nov 0611S of J & S M Hickey5130295
Hickey, George Arthur Eugene1890 Jul 218S of J & S M Hickey5130295
Hickey, William Thomas1879 Apr 11<15 mths; S of J & S M Hickey5130295
Hill, Andrew Robert1949 Jan 132010 Jun 08AIF; B of Martin5130036
Hill, Leslie Alfred1924 Jun 221998 Feb 13H of Patricia (Pat); F of Ian, John, Jeanette5130326
Hill, Martin19532B of Andrew5130036
Hill, Veronica Mary1996 Sep 0280W of William5130038
Hill, William Robert1971 Oct 2360AIF VX26848; H of Veronica5130038
Hing, Arthur C192519925130340
Hinker, Elizabeth1948 Oct62W of Peter5130196
Hinker, Peter1949 Sep 2581H of Elizabeth5130196
Hocking, George William 1972 Feb 0876 5130227
Hocking, Lucy 1976 Jan 1973 5130227
Hocking, Mary ChirgwinW of Richard Hocking5130248
Hocking, Nicholas Albert1900 Jul 1432S of Richard Boyns Hocking5130246
Hocking, Vyvyan1886 Apr 04<15 mths; S of Richard & Mary5130247
Hollow, Jane1818 Nov 051890 Sep 27b. Redruth, Cornwall; d. Eldorado; W of Joseph5130189
Hollow, Joseph1905 Jun 02885130190
Horrocks, Hiram1909 Apr 08845130181
Huggins, Charles18351907 Jul 08H of Mary (nee Wellington); F of Matilda, Richard, Charles, Caroline, Mary, Louisa, Fanny, William, Charles, John, Agnes, Richard5130102
Huggins, Fanny1898 Jan 1222D of Charles & Mary Huggins5130101
Huggins, Mary Harvey1901 Aug 04605130101
Hughes, Raymond Claudius1903 Sep 151991 Feb 08H of Thelma; F of Maurice5130342
Hughes, Thelma Mavis1917 May 011997 Jan 09Step-M of Maurice5130342
Hunter, Kenneth Clifford1949 Aug 012010 May 30H of Roberta; F of Brooke, Amy, Jeremy, Constance5130138
Isaacs, Dvorah Hanna (Deb)19602004M of Keith, Leora, Benjamin, Jasmine5130369
Jansz, James Henry (Jim)1932 Aug 182014 Jul 065130182
Jeffers, Caroline18371892nee Dale5130003
Jeffers, William183019055130003
Johnson, Alfred James1925 Dec 28665130114
Johnson, Alfred Thomas1963 Mar 13795130111
Johnson, Edward Thomas1962 Jul 0579H of Frances5130315
Johnson, Elizabeth Janetta1924 Jul 091989 Oct 285130284
Johnson, Josephine1976 Sep 18835130315
Johnson, Louise Matilda1941 Sep 21725130114
Jordon, John William1952 Mar 2072H of Mabel5130311
Jordon, Mabel1971 Feb 2382W of John5130311
Kay, Thomas Ashley1987 Mar 26S of Margaret & Ross5130042
Klemm, Paul Anthony1972 Apr 182013 Apr 27S of Beryl & Keiran; B of Anne, Damian, Mary, Helen, Kathleen; F of Martha5130047
Kneebone, John1895 JulMcEvoy Mine Disaster5130290
Knuckey, Ivy Josephia1978 Jul 31W of William; M of Lorna & Marlene5130283
Knuckey, William Reid1971 Jul 02H of Ivy; F of Lorna & Marlene5130283
Lacey, Keith Ronald1931 Jul 311998 Oct 19H of Rosemary; F of Andrew & Helen5130296
Lawson, Sidney Frank1920 Jan 202013 Oct 20H of Violet; F of Graham, Dianne, Annette, Suzanne5130385
Lawson, Violet Jean1918 May 122010 Mar 07W of Sid; M of Graham, Dianne, Annette, Suzanne5130385
Le Breton, Father Heywood1907 Dec 261994 Aug 11H of Thelma; F of Don, Graeme, Gavin, Marion, Yvonne, Robert5130339
Le Breton, Thelma1911 Nov 202002 Mar 04W of Father Heywood; M of Don, Graeme, Gavin, Marion, Yvonne, Robert5130339
Little, Beverley Margaret (Bev)1940 Jun 112017 Sep 06W of William5130337
Little, William Jolly (Billy)1938 Jul 272017 Nov 16H of Beverley5130337
Lonie, Harry1920 Aug 131974 Dec 095130086
Lonie, Hay187719455130291
Lonie, Salomie188019705130291
Lowcock, Cyrus1926505130163
Lowcock, Margaret Edna1970 Dec 2775W of Ronald; M of Mildred & Douglas Worn5130199
Lowcock, Ronald George1973 Jun 0465H of Margaret5130199
Lucas, Cornelius Jacobus1914 Dec 101975 Feb 09b. Ijselmonde, Holland; d. Zwijndrecht, Holland5130328
Lucas, Cornelius Jacobus (Cor)1949 Dec 102007 Aug 05b. Rotterdam, Holland; d. Benalla5130327
Lucas, Wilhelmina Neeltja1939 Apr 181997 Sep 10b. Rotterdam, Holland; d. Benalla5130329
Luckie, Alice Louise1939 Jun 0456W of George; M of Ruth5130303
Luckie, Annie Dorothy1993 Sep 10895130306
Luckie, Arthur55130301
Luckie, Edwin Claude1967 May 0681H of Violet5130316
Luckie, Ellen Jane1855 May 051933 Feb 1778W of John5130301
Luckie, Esam Maie1922 Jul 172014 Jun 18D of John & Ruby; Sis of Nancy5130293
Luckie, Frederick1970 Nov 0974H of Jessie; F of Ron5130355
Luckie, George M1952 Nov 2472H of Alice5130303
Luckie, Jessie Eileen1902 Apr 221989 Jul 3187W of Frederick; M of Ron5130355
Luckie, John Alfred1960 Mar 1876H of Ruby5130304
Luckie, John Neptune1847 Feb 161927 Sep 1080H of Ellen5130301
Luckie, Ronald Frederick2002 Nov 2366H of Gerda; F of Geoffrey, Timothy, Linda5130354
Luckie, Ruby May1948 May 1153W of John5130304
Luckie, Violet Adelaide1977 Jul 2189W of Edwin5130316
Luckie, William C1972 Dec 19795130306
Luckie, William Edward1952 Feb 11255130305
Lynn, Agnes B1965 Nov 1171M of Isobel, Margaret, William, Elizabeth5130285
MacDonald, Annie1964 Mar 0188W of Donald5130261
MacDonald, Donald1958 Sep 2980H of Annie5130261
MacDonald, William Donald (Pat)1908 Mar 171991 Mar 15S of Annie & Donald; F of Jeanette, Patty, Sue5130259
Maddern, Alice1934 Mar 2024W of Phillip; M of Betty & Don5130262
Maddern, Phillip1988 May 0686H of Alice5130262
Madew, Alexander1904 Oct 1763H of Louisa5130122
Madew, Grace Adelong1904 Aug 1921D of Alexander & Louisa5130122
Madew, Louisa1907 Feb 0561W of Alexander5130122
Madew, Richard Mathias1898 Nov 1523S of Alexander & Louisa5130122
Mann, Arthur Watson1989 Jun 055130344
Mason, Frances Annie (Queenie)1902 Mar 161990 Apr 23nee Hearn; b. Shepherds Bush, London, England; d. Beechworth5130343
Matheson, Charles David1957 Mar 1973H of Sarah5130027
Matheson, David Donald1997 Mar 0480H of Muriel; F of Charlie, Don, Marg, Gloria, Patsy, Peter, Dot, John5130028
Matheson, Elsie Coralie (Corrie)1912 Apr 131998 Aug 14D of Coralie & William Bradley; M of Claire, Janice, Terry, Gay, Naomi, Jacky5130232
Matheson, Gay Winsome1942 Nov 202017 Apr 27D of Corrie & Jack Matheson; Sis of Claire, Janice, Terry, Naomi, Jac5130133
Matheson, Janice Coralie1939 Dec 312017 Jan 27M & M-in-law of Sara & Neil5130134
Matheson, Patrick1995 Feb 17805130026
Matheson, Rosa1995 Apr 2042W of John; M of Danielle & David5130020
Matheson, Sarah Jane1963 Feb 2375W of Charles5130027
Matheson, Terry John1941 Mar 182001 Jun 29F of Dean & Rebecca5130363
Matheson, William George1971 Jun 27595130026
Matthews, Enoch1871 Apr 2939b. Cornwall; d. Eldorado5130092
Matthews, Hosea1930 Mar 29845130090
Matthews, James1886? Jul 1870H of Jane5130093
Matthews, Jane1897 Feb 0177W of James5130093
Matthews, Thomision Thomis1880 Sep 23305130090
McEvoy, Alice1889 Jan16D of James McEvoy5130265
McEvoy, Hilda18742D of James McEvoy5130265
McEvoy, James1876 Sep5130265
McGregor, Alan Lloyd2004 Oct 3189H of Norma; F of Rodney, Stuart, Helen5130292
McGregor, David John1963 Sep 09905130238
McGregor, George186618875130188
McGregor, Helen1919 May 04D of Mary McGregor5130238
McGregor, Helen Judith1947 Jul 27Infant D of Alan & Norma5130292
McGregor, John183918845130188
McGregor, Mary1958 Jul 0484M of Helen McGregor5130238
McGregor, Norma Alma1993 Nov 1576W of Alan; M of Rodney, Stuart, Helen5130292
McIntosh, Amy V1898 May 031982 Jun 23W of Robert5130286
McIntosh, Robert F1896 Aug 241978 Oct 11H of Amy5130286
McKelvie, Marianne1958 Jul 182008 Mar 16W of Andy; M 0f Melanie, Jake, Elly Mae5130148
McLaughlin, Harold Cameron1900 Sep 251978 Apr 245130130
McLaughlin, Mabel Doreen1905 Sep 271995 Aug 085130130
McPherson, Robert Angus1933 Oct 262011 Aug 09S of Duncan & Gladys; B of Alice & Max5130085
Melville, ?father5130142
Melville, Eliza5130143
Melville, Isobel Jane1939 Sep 11695130146
Melville, James5130141
Melville, Jane1951 Mar 0284W of William5130139
Melville, John5130143
Melville, John1949 Dec 06835130146
Melville, Mary1886 Mar 2937mother5130145
Melville, William David1934 Dec 0870H of Jane5130139
Merrifield, Eva193019785130229
Merrifield, Leonard J1929 Aug 211985 Apr 115130229
Methven, Alan David1926 Aug 2225130135
Methven, Louisa Maud1926 Nov 10315130135
Milne, Blanche Coade1949 Nov 15835130251
Milne, Blanche May1976 Oct 20815130249
Milne, Charles1899 Apr 0465130251
Milne, Florence Myrtle1994 May 29915130216
Milne, Geoffrey James (Geoff)1926 Dec 272019 Jan 17H of Kathleen; F of Pam, Jen, Deb5130217
Milne, James William Wemyss1979 Nov 14885130216
Milner, Mavis Beatrice1908 Jan 191980 Jun 145130221
Milner, Phoebe Adelina188319685130188
Moore, Ada Rosalie1965 Oct 2462D of John & Fanny Moore5130127
Moore, Benjamin4S of Joseph & Elizabeth5130125
Moore, Elizabeth1924 Jul 0387W of Joseph5130126
Moore, Fannie Eliza1868 Jan 281945 Jun 19W of John5130128
Moore, Hazel Ruth1978 May 2268W of Stephen5130314
Moore, Jessie12D of Joseph & Elizabeth5130125
Moore, John1862 Feb 251946 Aug 24H of Fannie5130128
Moore, Joseph19S of Joseph & Elizabeth5130125
Moore, Joseph1905 Oct 1479H of Elizabeth5130126
Moore, Mabel1947 Aug 10725130129
Moore, Stephen1962 Apr 03875130129
Moore, Stephen Alfred Alexander1960 Aug 1651H of Hazel5130314
Moore, William Joseph1918 Dec 2321S of John & Fannie Eliza Moore5130127
Morgan, Ben1977 Apr 1066S of Alice & Alex5130222
Morgan, Mary Ellen1964 Apr 06W of Thomas5130300
Morgan, Thomas Edwin1968 Oct 1485H of Mary5130300
Moroney, Herbert Stewart1918 Jan 052006 Jun 26H of Mary5130375
Moroney, Mary Elizabeth1919 Dec 252006 Jun 09nee Hurry; W of Herbert5130375
Mull, ?5130063
Mull, Albert1950 Nov 2356H of Minnie5130206
Mull, Annie1975 Oct 081005130053
Mull, Bertha1903 Mar 201963 Jun 275130169
Mull, Christian5130063
Mull, Elizabeth1946 Jun 26725130170
Mull, Ernest1933 Aug 11775130170
Mull, Ernest5130171
Mull, GeorgeAIF V3222055130167
Mull, Henry1874 Mar 15H of Marie5130124
Mull, Henry19?? Apr 1219?? ?? 245130171
Mull, Marie Caroline1919 Jan 0477W of Henry5130124
Mull, Minnie1948 Jul 1540W of Albert5130206
Mull, Ruth1915 Oct 0545130170
Mull, William Henry1948 Oct 28825130053
Mull, William Henry1938 Dec 07F of Deb?, Kev. Mary5130205
Mullan, Shane (Michael John)1952 Jul 132010 Nov 01H of Ann; F of Kelly, Joanne, Tanya, Shane5130147
Murphy, Lindsay Winston1940 May 291991 Jul 19H of Maureen; F of Gregory & Bernard5130049
Niehoff, Fritz18401905H of Wilhelmina; F of William5130173
Niehoff, Wilhelmina18501933W of Fritz; M of William5130173
Nikolaevsky, Makushla Gwyn1973 Jul 232017 Jul 07nee Davies/Dowd; W of Mark5130378
Noon, R G1999 Mar 0878AIF QX10354; H of Sylvia; F of David, John, Paul, Elizabeth5130154
Noonan, Annie1952 Dec 21785130031
Noonan, Edward (Tim)1939 Jan 0766H of Annie5130031
Oates, G M1889 Apr 1440H of Mary Anne; Accidentally killed on the railway near Junee5130244
Oates, Rita1963 Sep 25615130243
Oates, William5130243
Petterd, James W1960 Aug 2880H of Florence5130234
Pettered, Florence E1994 Dec 05W of James5130234
Pilkington, Alan Joseph (Joe)1933 Apr 272011 Sep 09F of Fiona, Simon, Ben5130374
Pritchard, Walter Graham1927 May 041996 Apr 27F of Graham, Kevin, Norm5130336
Pyle, Gladys May1963 Mar 26365130233
Pyle, Mary Dorothea1899 Jul 041989 Aug 31b. Three Mile, Beechworth; nee Bartsh; W of Robert5130274
Pyle, Robert John1907 Aug 051976 May 06b. Baarmutha; d. Eldorado; Eldest S of George & Maud; F of Rosalie, Jennifer, Patricia, Doreen, Robin (Joe), Terence5130273
Pyle, Robin Francis (Joe)1939 Dec 022014 Jul 28b. Beechworth; d. Eldorado5130324
Raisbeck, Francis Joseph1912 Sep 171981 Apr 14H of Jessie5130371
Raisbeck, Jessie Jean1980 Apr 1071W of Francis; M of Frank, Graham, June, John5130370
Ramsay, Antonio1948 Sep 221005130033
Ramsay, David Charles1951 Feb 252004 Jan 14H of Anne; F of Johnny, Eric, Peter, Steven5130041
Ramsay, Ellen Edith (Nel)1929 Mar 031989 Jul 02W of George5130043
Ramsay, Ellen Muriel1919 Aug 222009 Apr 16nee Crew; W of Nicholas; M of Nicholas, Frederick, Anthony, Neil, Vera, Ken, David, Peter, Rose, Heather5130046
Ramsay, George James1921 Oct 211993 Apr 16H of Ellen5130044
Ramsay, Henrietta1874 Jan 111939 Dec 04655130033
Ramsay, Johnny Charles1972 Jan 251972 Jan 255130041
Ramsay, Mary Cecilia1989 Feb 1567W of Stanley5130037
Ramsay, Nichilos John1943 Feb 025130034
Ramsay, Nicholas John1918 Jan 222008 Aug 14H of Ellen Muriel; F of Nicholas, Frederick, Anthony, Neil, Vera, Ken, David, Peter, Rose, Heather5130045
Ramsay, Peter James1955 Feb 025130034
Ramsay, R A1950 Oct 3143AIF VX277665130035
Ramsay, Stanley George1911 Sep 141967 Aug 02H of Mary5130037
Rankin, William1876 Apr 1432Doctor5130137
Rankins, Annie1925 Oct 11655130210
Rankins, E1917 Feb 2523KIA5130210
Rankins, Raymond Earl1984 Feb 02585130277
Rankins, William R1974 Jun 1287AIF 9155130211
Rankins, William S1932 Aug 21765130210
Reid, Jacqueline Madge (Jack)1946 Oct 132018 Feb 12nee Matheson; W of Robert5130364
Reid, Robert James (Rob)1944 Mar 02H of Jacqueline5130364
Reith, Valda Mae1926 Sep 041999 Dec 14nee Grealy; W of Keith; M of Carol, Robert, Raymond, David, Dawn & adopted Brian5130019
Richards, Lenore Mary2005 Mar 3196nee Bay; W of Nicholas; M of Kelvin, Rayma, Len5130279
Richards, Nicholas Henry1974 Mar 2368H of Lenore; F of Kelvin, Tauma, Len5130279
Rijken, Siajgje Lucas (Sya)1916 Jun 262000 Jan 09b. Heerjansdam, Holland; d. Benalla; W of Cornelius5130328
Roberts, Adrian James Henry1971 Jan 192017 Jan 28F of Chantelle & Jesse; S of Graeme & Judith; B of Fiona & Janelle5130082
Roberts, Gabrielle Lillian1947 Aug 261991 May 21D of Lillian & Thomas5130341
Roberts, Lillian Evelyn1916 Jun 141984 May 31W of Thomas5130341
Roberts, Thomas Lewis1909 Dec 091979 Feb 10H of Lillian; Winner of 1934 Stawell Gift5130341
Rollings, Amy E1997 Jul 1391W of Thomas5130287
Rollings, Thomas E1966 Feb 25H of Amy Elizabeth5130288
rson, William1877 Dec 0724S of William & Margaret5130136
Sabine, William Hubert1870 Dec 20325130071
Sampson, Catherine 1925 Oct 0883W of Henry 5130237
Sampson, Henry Ross 1923 Jul 0384H of Catherine 5130237
Sanderson, ?5130089
Sasse, Conrad1931 Aug 271025130155
Schneider, Leonard Francis1980 Aug 2368H of Hancy5130278
Schumacher, Roslyn1944 Apr 041984 Apr 14nee Angus; W of Frank; M of Stephanie & Sam; D of Lilian & Colin; Sis of Deborah & Euan5130360
Seferth, Marion Lynette1944 May 162007 May 19D of Beryl & Irving Dimmitt; M of Matrina & Gregory5130379
Shaw, Helen5130258
Shaw, John5130258
Sheedy, John Martin1984 Dec 1071H of Marg5130320
Sheedy, Marjory Lillian191319825130319
Shepard, David George1932 Feb 292008 Jun 26H of Deb; F of David (jnr)5130383
Sheppard, Ada1940 Aug 21685130104
Sheppard, Emanual1945 Nov 22745130105
Sheppard, George1913 Aug 2890d. Eldorado5130105
Sheppard, Johanna Augusta Minnie1965 Dec 2989W of Valentine5130109
Sheppard, Susan1891 Aug 1863d. Eldorado4130104
Sheppard, Valentine1934 Jan 1157H of Johanna5130109
Sheppard, Victoria Louisa1959 Mar 01845130103
Sheppard, Walter Dudley1909 Dec 101996 Sep 015130110
Smith, Cyril Wellington1985 Sep 28855130193
Smith, Emma Theresa 1924 May 2189W of Henry5130195
Smith, Geoffrey James1932 Nov 082011 Feb 11H of Margaret; F of Cynthia, Wayne, Melanie5130083
Smith, Henry 1830 Feb 281891 Oct 08b. Essex, England; H of Emma5130194
Smith, Herbert C Gregory (Bertie)1895 Jun 1716S of George W G & J Smith5130056
Snowdon, Lilian Millicent1924 Jul 141999 Apr 2274nee Wise; M of Keith, Lynette, Henry5130299
Spalding, Frank1930 Apr 222002 May 165130365
Staines, Francesca (Fran)1975 Nov 1125W of Martyn; M of Damien5130223
Stewart, Arthur John190919875130348
Stewart, Enid Joyce191320125130348
Studham, ?father5130061
Studham, Joe5130062
Studham, Mill5130060
Studham, Phil5130060
Sturgeon, Colin Leslie1929 Nov 042014 Sep 27H of Audrey; F of Karen, Robyn, Jan5130072
Sturgeon, Gladys May1945 May 11425130091
Taylor, Flora2003 Oct 0483nee Macdonald; W of Gerald5130260
Taylor, Gerald Leo1971 May 0857H of Flora5130260
Terrill, John Francis1878 Dec 0241F of Ada Briggs5130269
Terry, Joan Hilary1915 Nov 132014 Sep 22W of Ralph; M of Graham & Beth5130367
Terry, Ralph1913 Aug 292003 Dec 10H of Joan; F of Graham & Beth5130367
Thompson, James1895 JulMcEvoy Mine Disaster5130290
Toomer, Frederick Francis1904 Jul 271985 Nov 06F of Margaret Williams, Beatrice Guinane, Bill Toomer5130158
Toomer, Jessie Anne Margaret1894 Feb 081982 May 10nee Pullan5130157
Touzel, Harold George1926 Dec 122016 Jan 02H of Rubena; F of Ian, Janice, Susanne, John5130313
Touzel, Rubena Florence1927 Nov 132014 Dec 24W of Harold; M of Ian, Janice, Susanne, john5130313
Trembath, Philippa Wellington1870 Mar 04<18 mths; D of T H & P Trembath5130115
Trezise, Robert1927 Apr 275130162
Trimble, John 18441929H of Mary Anne Ray 5130002
Trimble, John Richard1898? Feb 11255130011
Trimble, Mary Ann Ray 18511900W of John 5130002
Trimble, Mary Anne1946 Nov 09755130002
Varcoe, Carolyn (Mustard)1957 Jun 192018 Dec 18mother5130081
Vonarx, Stella1946 Jul 12285130268
Wain, Thomas1954 Sep 2285H of Caroline5130135
Wain. Caroline Isabel1969 Aug 0191W of Thomas5130135
Walker, Dennis Jeffrey195420095130150
Ward, Arthur Dudley<110 mths; S of Emma & William5130184
Ward, Emily Kate36D of Emma & William5130184
Ward, Emma1909 Sep 1581W of William5130184
Ward, Mary Helen34D of Emma & William5130184
Ward, William1901 Jan 1869H of Emma5130184
Weinberg, Alfred1860 Apr 078S of Henry & Doretta5130117
Wellington, Caroline1893 Dec 1173W of Richard5130118
Wellington, Joseph1871 Sep 2351b. St Boryan, County Cornwall, England5130097
Wellington, Mary18201912W of Joseph5130096
Wellington, Matthias22yrs 6 mths; S of Richard & Caroline5130118
Wellington, Richard1875 Aug 1361H of Caroline5130118
Wellington, Richard1975 Nov 1637S of Richard & Caroline5130118
Wells, Kathryn Mary1976 Oct 102001 May 1724D of John & Lorraine; Sis of Teresa, Joanne, Peter5130018
West, Albert Graham (Dick)1932 Aug 012016 Dec 07H of Mary; F of Peter, Ken, Colleen5130131
West, Albert King1972 Sep 09675130203
West, Edna May1976 Mar 31675130203
West, Shirley Mai192919895130202
West, William George1985 Jul 05H of Marlene (Knuckey); F of Haley, Dallas, Narelle5130283
Wileman, Neil1972 Mar 25H of Lorna (Knuckey); F of Denise & Laurence5130281
Wilkinson, Albert SAIF V162415130076
Wilkinson, Catherine1971 Jun 1885mother5130075
Williams, Bille1928 Apr 191999 Sep 14nee Sheaves; W of Keith; M of Lynda, Yvette, Kristina, Helen5130297
Williams, Margaret1931 Jun 242002 Feb 05D of Jessie & Frederick Toomer; W of Peter; M of Geoffrey & Heather, David & Lisa, Malcolm & Heather5130156
Williams, Peter Michael Frederick1933 Dec 212016 Sep 28H of Margaret; F of Peter; M of Geoffrey & Heather, David & Lisa, Malcolm & Heather5130156
Wilson, John William2004 Feb 135130368
Wilson, Stanley18941960? Nov 09?5130176
Wise, Alfred Charles1944 May 2858H of Alma5130298
Wise, Alma Mary Edith1960 Apr 0762W of Alfred5130298
Woods, William Samuel1925 Feb 032011 Jul 10AIF VX175792; H of Peg; H of Esme (dec); F of William, Lesley, Wendy (dec) & Kate; Step-F of Mark, Phillip (dec), Lyndsey & Marianne5130048
Worn, D C1927 Jan 1431AIF; M.M & Bar; H of Edna; F of Mildred & Douglas5130236
Young, Eliza184019205130252
Young, Isaac183819215130253
Young, May1935 Mar 1966D of Zaccheus Young5130088
Young, William187819025130255
Young, Zaccheus1872 May 0442b. Penrith, Cumberland, England; d. Eldorado5130088
Young?, Gertie188519195130255

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