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Team Leader - Carol Keeling


Welcome to the team page of the England Connectors

Connectors connect up the loose profiles or branches to our global family WikiTree. You know someone is not connected if their profile does not have a section at the bottom of their profile showing their connection to various people.

From November 2023, we would like all new connecting team members to participate in the WikiTree Monthly Connectors Challenge before they join. This is a link to the challenge G2G post for November 2023, a new challenge is started every month.

Guidance on connecting during the challenge is available if required, and we suggest that you aim to work on four connections during the month.

The England Project Connectors are:- Carol Keeling (Team Leader) | Irene (Dowd) Marlborough| Hilary Gadsby | Wendy Sullivan | Michael Bissell | Fran Weidman |Corina Seal | Madelaine Kirke | Jackie Prentice |Janet Wild|Roger Davey | Matt Steady |Jenny Mortimer |Elizabeth Viney|Maddy Hardman|Dave Welburn |Owen Lake |Geoff Riley|Marjorie Gibbon | Maureen Wilkins | Adriana Hazelton |Laura Enomoto | David Smith|Sue Bramley|Susan Pearson | Jules Harris | Alex Gray-Hull | Maxine Keske | Celia Marsh | Derrick Watson |Sjana Bauer | Paul Nelson |Rachel Bulmer|Jean Skar | Jean Blane | Nick Eades |Karen Webster

Team members Particular areas of Interest
Carol Keeling (team leader) Sussex and Kent, all large England trees
Adriana Hazelton Warwickshire
Alex Gray-Hull Lincolnshire
Celia Marsh
Corina Seal Sussex
Dave Welburn Derbyshire and Yorkshire
David Smith London, Hertfordshire, Warwickshire
Derrick Watson Nottinghamshire
Elizabeth Viney Gloucestershire and its adjacent counties
Fran Weidman Lincolnshire and cross-over border counties, Cornwall
Geoff RileyLancashire, Staffordshire, West Riding of Yorkshire
Hilary Gadsby Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire
Jackie Prentice Kirkby, Lancashire
Janet Wild Surrey, Cheshire, Hampshire
Jean Blane Nottinghamshire
Jean Skar
Jenny Mortimer East End of London, possibly East Anglia
Jules Harris Middlesex and Sussex
Karen Webster
Laura Enomoto Warwickshire
Maddy Hardman likes to take part in our challenges, will help with Lancashire and Hampshire occasionally
Madelaine Kirke Wiltshire/Oxfordshire/Gloucestershire borders
Marjorie GibbonNorthumberland and County Durham
Matt Steady Clearing his own unconnected profiles first, and taking part in our challenges
Maureen Wilkins Shropshire, Yorkshire and Kent, and taking part in our challenges
Maxine Keske Buckinghamshire
Michael Bissell English Classical Composers
Nick Eades Cheshire and Lancashire
Owen Lake Dorset
Pam Kreutzer Various locations, filling & connecting holes in USA & England
Paul Nelson
Rachel Bulmer County Durham
Roger Davey Cornwall and South Australia
Sjana Bauer
Sue Bramley Lincolnshire
Susan PearsonCornwall - starting with Lansallos, also West Yorkshire
Wendy Sullivan Suffolk, England, Old Gedcom profiles that are from tangled families and therefore detached and unconnected, Various profiles on my Watchlist that I have adopted or am on the TL for.

Current Statistics Table

Follow this link to the England, Regional and County Statistics Page, to see each county and the number of unconnected profiles they have. And under Quick Links you can access the statistics spreadsheet that shows the County rankings.

New for 2022 - Unconnected County Trees

Click the county name in the table below to go to the county's unconnected list, and beneath each county name is a link to a table of Unconnected Trees for that specific county.
Bedfordshire Berkshire Bristol Buckinghamshire Cambridgeshire Cheshire
Unconnected Bedfordshire Trees Unconnected Berkshire Trees Unconnected Bristol Trees Unconnected Buckinghamshire Trees Unconnected Cambridgeshire Trees Unconnected Cheshire Trees
Cornwall Cumberland Derbyshire Devon Dorset County Durham
Unconnected Cornwall Trees Unconnected Cumberland Trees Unconnected Derbyshire Trees Unconnected Devon Trees Unconnected Dorset Trees Unconnected County Durham Trees
Essex Gloucestershire Hampshire Herefordshire Hertfordshire Huntingdonshire
Unconnected Essex Trees Unconnected Gloucestershire Trees Unconnected Hampshire Trees Unconnected Herefordshire Trees Unconnected Hertfordshire Trees Unconnected Huntingdonshire Trees
Isle of Wight Kent Lancashire Leicestershire Lincolnshire London
Unconnected Isle of Wight Trees Unconnected Kent Trees Unconnected Lancashire Trees Unconnected Leicestershire Trees Unconnected Lincolnshire Trees Unconnected London Trees
Middlesex Norfolk Northamptonshire Northumberland Nottinghamshire Oxfordshire
Unconnected Middlesex Trees Unconnected Norfolk Trees Unconnected Northamptonshire Trees Unconnected Northumberland Trees Unconnected Nottinghamshire Trees Unconnected Oxfordshire Trees
Rutland Shropshire Somerset Staffordshire Suffolk Surrey
Unconnected Rutland Trees Unconnected Shropshire Trees Unconnected Somerset Trees Unconnected Staffordshire Trees Unconnected Suffolk Trees Unconnected Surrey Trees
Sussex Warwickshire Westmorland Wiltshire Worcestershire Yorkshire
Unconnected Sussex Trees Unconnected Warwickshire Trees Unconnected Westmorland Trees Unconnected Wiltshire Trees Unconnected Worcestershire Trees Unconnected Yorkshire Trees

Link to England's Largest Unconnected Branches

Just follow this link and start connecting the big branches. Anyone can join in the fun of connecting them, they just need a little of your time and effort.

How Can You Help

Any help you can give to connect our unconnected profiles is appreciated. Connecting can be difficult and time consuming and we know that it can be a tough job.

Below are some ideas on how you can help to connect our English profiles.

Getting Started - Find a Profile and Connect it to our Tree

Fran has created an amazing 'How-to' connecting guide, with lots of pictures and links to screen shots that talk you through a simple connection. Every new connector should spend a few minutes working through each step that she has described, it's easy to follow, and I'm sure it will inspire you to try connecting.

Just follow this link to Fran's Connecting_How-To

Unconnected profiles to work on can be found at Unconnected Profiles, Data Doctor 901 and 902 errors, Data Errors 106 and on the England Unconnected List. Profiles to connect can also be found at the Lost and Found Project.

A large part of connecting involves identifying duplicate profiles, (one connected, the other unconnected), proposing the merge and making sure once it goes through that the bio is clean and well sourced.

Choosing profiles to try and connect can seem challenging in itself. Work in a geographical area that you are familiar with, and that has adequate sources online for you to cite. Or choose one of the surnames that connects to your own ancestry, but not a very common name. Do not chose a surname that is also a large place (eg Nottingham).

For either connections, run a WikiTree+ report for both connected and unconnected profiles.

  • Open WikiTree+, then click on the Search heading (third from bottom)

For Location Connecting:

  • Sort your WikiTree+ report by Last Name, set page size to 50, in the text box enter (for example):
  • unconnected Rolvenden Kent
  • then run the same report on another tab but with
  • connected Rolvenden Kent

You now have two lists on separate tabs, one showing a list of connected profiles, the other showing unconnected. Scroll through the unconnected list, checking each surname against the connected list. If any match on roughly the same timeframe, then they are candidates for further investigation. Using census and BMD records, check up, across and down the family for both profiles. There is no need to create any profiles unless you see where there is a match. If nothing matches, you may now find that your unconnected profile has family members in another nearby parish. Run the connected report for that parish.

For Surname Connecting:

  • Sort your WikiTree+ reports by Birth Location, set page size to 50, in the text box enter (for example):
  • unconnected Austin Sussex
  • then run the same report on another tab but with
  • connected Austin Sussex

If your unconnected list is too long, then narrow it down by including a parish in the search criteria. Scroll through the unconnected list, checking the birth locations with those shown on your connected list. Any that have the same location should be investigated as they may be part of the same family. As with location connecting, now use census and BMD records, and check up, across and down the family for both profiles. Do not create any new profiles until you have found a match.

Connecting profiles for absent profile managers

Whilst working on location connecting, you may come across several unconnected profiles for the same profile manager. Often, they have had trouble uploading a gedcom, or have forgotten to link husbands and wives, or not added children to their parents. There are WikiTree+ reports that can be run to help you identify all their unconnected profiles.

  • Open WikiTree+, then click on the Search heading (third from bottom)
  • Sort by Last Name, set page size to 50, and in the text box enter (for example):
  • unconnected winton_239 (the managers Wiki-Id, but use underscore, rather than hyphen)
  • then run the same report on another tab but with
  • connected winton_239

As with location connecting, scroll through the unconnected list, checking each surname against the connected list. (Hint: Do not try this if the profile manager is running a one-name study). If you wish to narrow down your results, then you can also add a location to your search criteria, for example

  • unconnected winton_239 sussex

For Surname Connecting: within a specific County

  • For a list of common surnames for a particular county, try using the most frequently found in the 1881 census, which can be found here British Surnames in the 1881 census. It lists the top 50 unique surnames for each English county, (Scotland and Wales are also shown).

Please Help - England Projects needing Connectors help

A number of small projects in England need help connecting their profiles. Please help if you can.

Connecting Project Name Location Date added Number Unconnected Current Unconnected Helpful Reports
Westbridge Cottages Tavistock, Devon 24 Jan 2019 312 Westbridge Cottages unconnected Connected profiles for Tavistock
Lundhill Pit Mining Disaster 1857 Wombwell, Yorkshire 25 Jan 2019 34 Lundhill Pit unconnected Too many different places of birth for any one report to be useful
Carr House Colliery Disaster Rotherham, Yorkshire 25 Jan 2019 28 Carr House disaster unconnected Connected profiles for Rotherham
Huskar Moorend Mining Disaster 1838 Silkstone, Yorkshire 25 Jan 2019 58 Huskar Moorend Disaster 1838 unconnected Connected profiles for Silkstone
Ripley Colliery Explosion 1857 Ripley, Derbyshire 25 Jan 2019 14 Ripley Colliery Explosion 1857 unconnected Connected profiles for Ripley
Cobham, Surrey Cemetery Cobham, Surrey 25 Jan 2019 308 Cobham, Surrey Cemetery unconnected Too many different places of birth for any one report to be useful
A House Through Time -Ravensworth Terrace Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland 05 Nov 2019 32 Ravensworth Terrace unconnected Connected profiles for Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland
English Classical Composers England 22 Nov 2019 30 English Classical Baroque Composers no specific location
English Classical Composers England 22 Nov 2019 23 English Classical Era Classical Composers no specific location
English Classical Composers England 22 Nov 2019 6 English Classical Medieval Composers no specific location
English Classical Composers England 22 Nov 2019 9 English Classical Modern and Contemporary Composers no specific location
English Classical Composers England 22 Nov 2019 53 English Classical Renaissance Composers no specific location
English Classical Composers England 22 Nov 2019 8 English Classical Romantic Composers no specific location

Join the Monthly Connectors Challenge

If you enjoy challenges, then join the monthly Connectors Challenge. Work on the English profiles.

Become a Connecting Buddy, try the new beginners Connectors Trail

If you like connecting, but can never find the right links, then being a Connecting Buddy could be for you. Visit the Connecting Buddy page for more information. There is a table showing some easier suggestions for connecting, split by place name so choose a county that you are familiar with. Just add your name against any that you've completed, and once done, they can all count towards the current Connectors Challenge.

Are you totally stuck on one connection?

If you've tried really hard to find a connection for a stubborn branch of profiles, then please post the details as a comment on this page. Any connectors that see your message may then be able to help.

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Flag of England

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Please edit the Lundhill mining category to Category: Lundhill Colliery, Barnsley, Yorkshire, 1857 as the name has been changed. Thanks!!

Natalie, Categorization

posted by Natalie (Durbin) Trott
Hi, I came across this page and the table of England Projects needing connectors help, I wonder if another page could be added to it please? I made a page for the television program 'A house through time' set in Newcastle upon Tyne earlier this year, and profiles for most of the people who lived there, but sadly most of them are not connected! There are probably about 60 profiles to connect. The page is Many thanks, Marjorie