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Welcome to the England Project Profile Improvers Team Page

Team Leader - Joe Farler

Profile Improvers

The goal of the England Project is to make English profiles the best that they can be. The PIP Team are on the front line of the coordinated effort to achieve this through arboring, sourcing, biobuilding, connecting, categories and data-doctoring. Team members are committed to improving English profiles so that they have accurate birth, marriage and death details, well written biographies, are properly sourced and linked to the right parents, spouse and children.


Arborists are volunteers who have taken on the mission of improving the overall health of our single world WikiTree. In particular, Arborists seek out and merge duplicate profiles. For more information see the Arborists Project Page. If you are not yet an Arborist, you can join our England Project Arborists Prep Team, to work towards your Arborists Badge.

Pease also visit the England Arborists Team Page, England Project Arborists Prep Team and Merging in England


'Biography Builders make profiles as complete as possible with well-written biographies and sources. They research as much as they can find on a person, writing the information onto the profiles to create as complete a life story for a person. They include categories and links to events and people connected to that profile and citing all those additions. If you are interested in BioBuilding you might want to look at the Biography Builders page.

Also visit the England Biography Builders Team Page for more information.


The Categories Team takes care of categories connected to the England Project. Please visit the England Categories Team page for more information.


Connectors - connect up loose profiles or branches to our global family WikiTree - our (you know someone is connected if their profile has the section at the bottom of their profile after Matches and Merges showing their connection to various people including Queen Elizabeth.

Connectors are also members of the Connectors Project. Unconnected profiles to work on can be found at Unconnected Profiles, Data Doctor 901 and 902 errors.

Please visit the Connectors Team Page for more information.

Data Doctors

Data Doctors - improve profiles on WikiTree by correcting errors (suggestions) identified in the data.

Data Doctors should be members of the Data Doctors Project. They work on correcting the range of Data Errors on the England Suggestions List.

Please visit the Data Doctors Team Page for more information.


Sourcerers - find sources for profiles. The ideal is to provide a source for each fact on a profile, but even one source helps to orientate genealogists to the profile and confirms the person's existence. Family tree sources are not acceptable, and preferably contemporaneous sources such as baptisms, births, marriages, deaths, burials or wills are the preferred standard.

Sourcerers should have the completed the Orphans Trail, or have a Sourcerers badge, which is awarded by the Profile Improvement project for participation in the monthly Sourcerers Challenge, or have participated in a Source-a-Thon. England Project sourcerers are encourage to participate in the Monthly Sourcerers Challenge or Weekend Sourcing Sprints.

Unsourced profiles can be found at Unsourced Profiles and from the Unsourced profiles England

Please visit the Sourcerers Team Page for more information.

Gedcom Team

Gedcom Team - works on Gedcom uploads primarily from the early days of Wikitree, to make each England profile contained within, as perfect as possible. This will cover all Profile Improvements elements including, but not limited to, connecting, merging of duplicates and untangling troublesome profiles. It is a total Team effort, where collaboration on profiles is encouraged to get the best possible outcome.

Please peruse Gedcom Team Page for full details and add your name if interested :)

Send a Message to the Profile Manager

It is not always necessary to do all the work yourself. Profile managers share the responsibility. Sometime a simple message to the Profile Manage can be enough to encourage them to do some work on a profile. Go to Send a Message to the Profile Manager for more information.

Reduce our Unknowns

All data doctors come across profiles where the name is unknown. Help to reduce them by finding the correct last name at birth. See The UNKNOWNS project

You can run a WikiTree+ report to identify orphaned Unknown's for a particular county:

  • Open WikiTree+, then click on the Search heading (third from bottom)
  • Sort your WikiTree+ report by birth date, set page size to 50, in the text box enter (for example):
  • unknown orphan nottinghamshire
  • the easiest ones to work on will be at the bottom of the report
  • using marriage, census and birth registrations of the children should enable you to identify the correct LNAB
  • adopt the orphaned profile, amend the LNAB, add all the sources that you can, then orphan the profile.

Guidelines for working on the Profile Improvers Teams

Apart from formatting changes, all changes to profiles, including correction of database suggestions, should be based on evidence provided by a relevant primary or acceptable secondary source. Online family trees are not acceptable.[1]

In a situation where an online tree is the only information available to orient to who the person may be, relevant information from the online tree should be added to research notes only with an inline source. This information should not be used to update birth, death or marriage details, or to add to the main part of the biography.

Profile Improvers Team (PIP)

Improvement Name
Arborists Wendy Sullivan (Team Leader)| Gillian Thomas | Patricia Hickin | Emma MacBeath | Peter Cameron | J Salsbery | Joan Whitaker | Marion Poole |
seek out and merge duplicate profiles.
BioBuilders Joan Whitaker (Team Leader)| Susie MacLeod | Lynden Raber Castle Rodriguez | Janet Wild |Wendy Sullivan | Patricia Hickin | Valerie Crowley | Stephanie Meredith | |Hilary Gadsby | Robert Stiles |Robin Anderson | Pam Kreutzer | Pat Reynolds |Pip Sheppard |Stephen Trueblood | Alan Fann | Chris Colwell| Mary Blundell | Michael Christmas | |Sandy Edwards | Sally Douglas |
Clean up messy biography sections and sources, and try to set standards for attractive, useful, and well-written biographies.
Connectors Carol Keeling (Team Leader) |Gillian Causier | Richard Shelley | James Stratman | Wendy Sullivan | Patricia Hickin | Valerie Crowley|Hilary Gadsby|Suzanne Doig | Michael Bissell | Fran Weidman |Corina Seal |Sarah Mason | Robert Stiles | Pam Kreutzer | David Edwards | Natalie Trott |Mary Blundell |
focus on connecting all the loose branches around WikiTree to our main Global Family Tree.
Data Doctors Janet Wild (Team Leader) |Susan DeFoe | Joe Farler | Carol Keeling | Emma MacBeath | Lynden Raber Castle Rodriguez | | Joan Whitaker | Peter Cameron | Hilary Gadsby | Wendy Sullivan | Lesley Leamon | Karen Butler | Robert Stiles | Sandie Mustchin |David Edwards | Helen Bowden | Pam Kreutzer | Jo Fitz-Henry | David Selman | Natalie Trott |
Members working together to use tools that seek out errors on our site.
Sourcerers Steph Meredith (Team Leader)|Joe Farler | David Klynkramer | Darcie Light | Susie MacLeod | Richard Shelley | Joan Whitaker | Janet Wild | Gilly Wood | Wendy Sullivan | Patricia Hickin | Peter Cameron | Valerie Crowley| Hilary Gadsby|Suzanne Doig | Sandie Schwartz | Thorby Walker | Sarah Mason |Mary Blundell | Shelagh Mason-Ebenal|Jack Day | Karen Butler |Richard Baxter |David Urquhart | Robert Stiles | Paul Masini | Keith Mann Spencer |David Edwards | Robin Fehser | Pat Reynolds |Paul Shepard | Peggy Haskell | David Selman | Natalie Trott | John Spicer | Emily Armstrong | Kylie Haese |
add sources to Unsourced profiles
Gedcom Team Joan Whitaker (Team Co Leader)|Wendy Sullivan (Team Co Leader) | Susie MacLeod | Joan Whitaker | Steph Meredith | Joe Farler |Robin Helstrom | Sue Boutle | Fran Weidman | Neil Perry | David Urquhart | Stephen Heathcote | Marjorie Gibbon | Lizzie Griffiths | Martin White | Raewyn Vincent | Hilary Gadsby| Amy Utting | Elizabeth Viney | Roger Davey | Karen Cooke | Carol Keeling |Martin Burkinshaw | Mark Dorney | Peter Cameron | Ros Haywood | Jenny Mortimer | Geoff Riley |
Working on old abandoned GEDcom uploads that need TLC

Team Challenges

We have three Challenge teams connected to the England Project. Members of the Profile Improvers teams are encouraged to join as a member of one of those teams and participate from time to time in WikiTree challenges for England.

Windsor Warriors

The Windsor Warriors for those with a competitive spirit who want to work on English profiles during challenges.

Sandringham Strollers

The Sandringham Strollers for those who like to work on more complex tasks, and concentrate on quality over quantity.

WikiTree Help Resources

  1. Uncertain Help page.
Categorization Help
Research Note Box Help
Sources Help
Free Space Pages for Sources
Editing Tips
Adding Links
Sources Style Guide
Communication Before Editing

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