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England - Project Managed and Project Protected Profiles

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England : Project Managed Profiles (PMP) and Project Protected Profiles (PPP)

The England Project manages profiles of notable English people who are important to our English history, and who either were born or died in England or spent a large proportion of their life in England. Guides to notablility are the Wikitree Notabability test or inclusion in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
We honour these people by:

  • adopting their profile if they are Wikitree orphans
  • becoming co-managers if the profile already has a manager
  • improving their profile with a splendid biography, sources and links
  • maintaining the integrity of the profile

The England Project protects the profile of an English person if:

  • aspects of their history are contentious, unproven or speculative.
The biography or comments indicate that there has been dispute about:
the identity of the person,
key details of the person’s life, or their descendants or ancestors
or there has been previous G2G posts requesting that the profile be locked
  • the profile is prone to duplication
  • the Last Name at Birth (LNAB) is unstable
  • the profile is at least 200 years old or notable

The England Project protects a profile by:

  • either adopting an orphaned profile or becoming a co-manager
  • applying PPP status which locks the LNAB and the parents of the profile person
  • researching the profile history using reliable sources and improving the biography if required
  • encouraging and leading discussion about the profile person and their family on G2G
  • maintaining the integrity of the finished profile by keeping it on our watchlist

All PMPs will have the England Project as a manager.
Only a proportion of the PMPs will need to have PPP.

The England Project follows the Wikitree guidelines for project protection and Project Managed Profiles.

Legacy PPP

There are a large number of profiles with legacy Project Protection which are not managed by any project, or are managed by the Notables Project.
If the England Project decides to take on any of these, we will post to the profile to notify the profile managers that the England Project is taking on management of the profile, and to invite them to contact the England Project if they would like to discuss.

Project Administration

Coordinator: Jo Fitz-Henry (UK time zone)
Admin: Gillian Thomas (Australia)

Please contact either Jo or Gillian if you have any queries.

The England Project PMP and PPP team have a page here for guidance and matters concerning everyday team issues.

Suggest a profile for the England Project to manage

To suggest a profile for England Project management (including how it meets the Project Management and or Project Protection criteria), please complete this e-form:
Form for PMP and PPP Suggestions

Members of the England Project may also post requests and suggestions for PMP and PPP to the England Project google group

Profiles that are significant to the England Project sub-projects may also be managed by the England Project.

The England Project may choose to manage other profiles as agreed after discussion by the England Project Leaders group and at their discretion.

Error List for the England Project Profiles

See PPP and PMP errors for WikiTree-57

Profiles currently managed by the England Project (PMP and PPP)

Top level: England, Project Managed Profiles

England, Pre-1500 Managed Profiles
England, Pre-1500 PPPs
England, Pre-1700 Managed Profiles
England, Pre-1700 PPPs
England, Post-1700 Managed Profiles
England, Post-1700 PPPs
England, Authors Managed Profiles and PPPs
England, Members of Parliament Managed Profiles and PPPs


On 21 Nov 2018 at 17:23 GMT Liz (Noland) Shifflett wrote:


Hi! A merge combined profiles for William Mallory that were managed by different projects - Magna Carta and England projects.

I switched England Project to a sticker, since the project account wasn't on the trusted list.

If England Project would like to co-manage the profile, please switch the sticker back to a project box & add the project account.

Thanks! Liz (co-leader, Magna Carta Project)