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England Project Managed Profiles Team: Project Coordinator roles

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Date: Feb 2020 [unknown]
Location: [unknown]
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Job description for Managed Profiles Coordinator

February 2020

Person Specification

  • Must be a member of the England Project
  • Graduate of the Orphan Trail or proven track record of high quality work on Wikitree
  • Member of the Managed Profiles Team

General work for all Project Coordinators in England

  • Participate in the Project Coordinators Discord channel on the England server, brainstorming, support each other, and generally participating in the leadership of the England Project
  • Share activities through newsletter articles and on G2G so the whole of WikiTree knows what an amazing job we are doing
  • Remember to take a day off a week from leaderly activities and always always always have fun!

Specific to Managed Profiles

Working relationships

  • Agree to collaborate with any other member of the Managed Profiles Team according to the Honour Code.
  • If more than one PC for the MPT, then to establish personal routes of communication and keep the other appraised of (non)availability for Wikitree work (Time zones, regular and recurring real life time away, illness or emergencies, holidays)
  • Liaise with the Team Leaders (TLs) of the Era Team groups to ensure that there is an agreed work plan, and to direct policy and future developments.
  • Be supportive but let the TLs find their own style.
  • Check in formally with TLs at least once every three months.
  • Liaise with the OT PCs regarding new talent coming through. Introduce OT graduates who choose the MPT team into their chosen Era team.
  • Collaborate with the PCs of other England teams (OT, Counties, Topics, Categorisation, etc.) as required.
  • Check-in formally with all members of the MPT at least every six months, more frequently if you have any concerns.
  • Report progress / concerns / new directions in the MPT to the EP Leaders at least once a month.
  • Liaise with Leaders of Projects which intersect with the MPT (Euroaristo, PGM, Magna Carta, etc.)


  • Take overall responsibility for the online shared Muppets spreadsheet and its accuracy. The TLs will do most of the day to day editing and updating.
  • Ensure that all Muppets have access to:
Discord, and specifically the Muppets channels
The online Muppet spreadsheet (editing mode)
EP google group
  • Adopting new profiles - enabling the TLs to decide on appropriate profiles for adoption and to make the requests, with the PC only stepping in if there are issues with refusal or inactive current PM.
  • Being active in G2G surveillance: answering questions when you can or getting one of the team members with specialist knowledge to do so. Adopting problem profiles and allocating them to the appropriate era team. Keeping the profile of the Muppets high in Wikitree
  • Organise/promote team bonding activities every so often. (For example the 5 Star profiles improvements or a Managed Profiles Connect-a-thon)
  • Being aware of changes in Wikitree policy which may have an impact on the Muppets in particular, and devising contingency plans.
  • Keeping the FSPs pertaining to the Managed Profiles team current.

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