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POPULATION ENKELDOORN and some GUTU RELATIVES 1880 TO 1980 All family details, dates, residences and occupations as far as could be ascertained. List not complete)
AARD VAN Willem arrived 1894 with wife and children b1 Jan Johannes x Anna Martha Dorothea Render
c1 Willem Andries 22-2-1918
c2 Jan Johannes 14-1-23
c3 Hans Abraham Matthys 12-12-26
b2 Hendrik Johannes x Catharina du Plessis
c1 Abraham Matthys 4-10-19
c2 Catharina Magdalena 9-8-21
b3 Hester Susanna x Johannes Hendrik Schleebusch 2c  !
Wincent Harold x Catharina Susanna Heyman 1919
Harold Heyman 17-11-43
Warren x Hester Helena Dreyer 14-5-60
Coraleigh Storm 3-7-94
Sabila 30-11=97
ACKERMAN x Mary Elizabeth Adlam
She died when their child was one year old. He left the area and later remarried.
Dirkie Jacobus x Wynand Frederik Bezuidenhout 1c (1950)
ADLAM Josef (died 1902) and wife Johanna Jacomina Elizabeth Bekker (died 1898) arrived in 1893 from their farm Highover near Pinetown, Natal and settled on their farm approximately 10 Miles to the North of later Enkeldoorn, they named their farm Highover.
They had 14 children of whom only the last one was born in the area.
b1 Josef Johannes (Job) x Emerentia Petronella de Klerk
c1 Josef married no children He died approx. 1902
c2 Emanuel (?) died on Kopje Alleen aged 12 years
c3 Frederick did not marry, died in N. Rhodesia in his twenties
c4 James 24-6-13 x in Salisbury farmed near Wheeler no children
c5 Johanna Jacomina 6-10-16 x Frederik Johannes Wilson Stopforth 1c XX Rudolph Johannes Bronkhorst 3c
c6 Theunis Christiaan 27-7-19
b2 Petronella Jacomina Elizabeth (Nellie) x Hartman (in Enkeldoorn Lager, Rev. Liebenberg 2c officiating) two children 1 boy 1 girl. Hartman moved to Gatooma.
b3 James left Rhodesia as young man.
b4 Mary Elizabeth x Ackerman, she died when their only child was one year old. 1c
b5 and b6 two boys died at Highover aged below 10 years
b7 Frederick x ?
c1 a daughter x ? Joubert left for Gatooma
b8 Stephen died of blackwater aged 13.
b9 Johanna Jcomina Elizabeth (Annie) x  ? Dumford died 1965 3c
b10 David Jacobus died at Beatrice aged 17.
b11 Cathrine Wilhelmina died at Enkeldoorn aged 12
b12 Martha Magdalena 14-11-1890 (Natal)/25-6-1979 (Longhope farm Enkeldoorn) x Thomas Wheeler 14-12-1874 (Middelburg Transvaal) / 18-9-1949 (Longhope farm Enkeldoorn) 10c
b13 Anna Helena (Lenie) died at age 5 years on Highover, Enkeldoorn.
b14 Johannes Frederick (Johnny) ? / 1966 (Bulawayo) x Maria Mgdalena Liebenberg, 4 sons (not Enkeldoorn) Josef Johannes, Gilbert, John and Cornelius
c5 Rachel Jacoba Hester 12-2-33 x Joubert XX Frederick (Frik) Dreyer 22-1-1950
AITKEN Mr. x Mrs. owned a Restaurant
Juan x Hendrika Adriana Stroebel
Johannes Lodewikus Petrus 20-4-16
Petronella Christina x Petrus Stefanus Stroebel 3c
ALBERTS Christiaan x Maria Magdalena Hendrina O'Neill nee Smith 11-8-1949 (her xx)
Aletta Lizelle 6-12-107? x Jonathan (Johnny) Chowles 2c
Esther Natanya
ALDERLICHTEN Maria x Andriamus Moerman 1c
ANDERSON Cpl. B.S.A.P. died 14-5-1910
b1 Cyril Stanley Cuff x Hester Susanna Aletta Kriek 23-8-10
c1 Cecilia Jacomina 1932 x Samuel Jacobus Johannes Erasmus 3c
c2 Ethel Emma 25-1-34
Cyril Stanley Cuff XX Dirkie Jacoba Kriek
c3 Cyril Stanley 2-9-37
c4 Johan Christiaan 10-12-38
c5 Raymond 24-4-40
c6 Hendrik Sebastiaan 18-12-41
AS Van bought Scotland and Kuduspoort when James Symington died Johannes 1902 x Helena Mary Veronica Theron (nee Moore) 1904 Theodor x Hilda Mathilda Nauhaus
Wilfred Carl 4-5-31 Johannes Theodore 10-6-37
Andries 1918 x Johanna Fredrika Bezuidenhout 22-6-22 Pieter Thomas 25-7-41
Barend Christoffel 9-4-45
ASCHMAN Robert Harry Frederik 1911 x Elizabeth Magdalena Cloete Robert James 1937
Anna Isabella 11-9-38 x Eric Edwin Wheeler 4c left area
ASCOUGH Martha Suzanne x Rev. Willem Myburgh Verster 1905 1c
Jacobus Johannes Nicolaas x Anna Gertruida Cecilia Susanna van Rensburg Hendrik Christoffel 2-9-1911
Hendrik Christoffel x Coenrad Jacobus Nieman Susarah Jacoba Magdalena 27-2-13
Albertus Stefanus x Sophia Elizabeth van Zyl Johannes 28-7-20
Johanna Catharina 5-6-27
Andries Adriaan Custaves x Susanna Francina Kampen Johannes Beyers 8-5-21
Johanna Catharina 4-2-23
ATHERSTONE Freddel x Chairman Featherstone Road Council
AUCAMP Christiaan Daniel x Anna Elizabeth Barnard
Marko Daniel 19-5-76
Marika 16-3-78
AVERY Ernst x Catrina Maria Dreyer 12-6-62 Bronlyn Ashly 12-5-87
twin Nocole Kristy 17-11-88 twin Tracy Ann 17-11-88 Raymond Glenn 6-2-91
BAARD Louisa Maria x Stephanus Johannes Herholdt 1c
BADENHORST ? x Johanna Bekker 7-7-1884 / 8-4-1923
Gert Marthinus x Johanna Cecilia Beukes
Hendrik Johannes 21-7-22
Johannes George x Jacomina Wilhelmina Jordaan  !
Magdalena Meryna 1-2-39
Elizabeth Sabi 6-5-40
BAILEY Maureen Hazel x Johannes Hendrik Erasmus 2c
BAIRD Susanna Hendrina from Transvaal in March 1931
BALME Walter John 1871 / 1947
Norah 1909 / 7-1-1915
BARCLAY Sandy Alexander 13-11-1908 / 27-7-1957
Joan x Thomas Gerald Wheeler 3c left area
BARKHUIZEN Simon Hendrik x Maria Magdalena Hendrina Blignaut Simon Hendrik 25-5-40
Engela Susanna Barnard x Johannes Lodewikus Pretorius 3c
Martha Maria x George Frederik Enslin 1c
daughter x Edward George Turner Kirton 2c
Anna Susanna Salomina x Francois Antonie Gerber 2c
Elizabeth Maria x Cornelius Johannes Muller 3c
Adriana Cornelia x Alwyn Jacobus Smith 2 c
Sarah Maria x James Jubilee Symington 4c
Anna Elsabe x Christiaan Daniel Aucamp 2c
Humphrey 11-7-54 x Brenda Elaine Barry nee Kok 24-2-54 (her xx) 2c
Lal x ? Welman
A1 Johan Christiaan 22-4-1883 / 17-5-1954 x Magdalena Susarah Gertruida
Johanna Welman
b1 Alida Maria 13-8-1910
b2 Johannes Hendrikus 15-3-13 x Maria Gesina Erasmus
c1 Frederik Wilhelm 7-8-34
c2 Gert Diederik Johannes 22-8-37
c3 Johannes Hendrik 18-10-42
c4 Petrus Francois Johannes 2-9-44
c5 Jan Hendrik 7-6-46
c6 Maria Gesina 30-12-48
c7 Pieter Willem Adriaan 28-3-51
b3 Anthonie Christiaan Frederik 30-8-14 x Hester Susanna Aletta Hamman 9-3-20
c1 Saea Maria 17-8-40
c2 Johanna Jacoba 30-7 -43
c3 Hester Susanna Aleytta 10-7- 45
c4 Alida Maria 25-1-49
c5 Anna Elsabie 28-12-53
b4 Johan Christiaan 16-5-20 x Christina Johanna le Roux
c1 Johan Christiaan 25-7-48 x Johanna Helena Albertha Wheeler
d1 Deon 3-1-74
d2 Riaan 25-5-76
d3 Rene 4-12-79
d4 Lizelle 19-12-79
c2 Wybrand Albert (Wyt) 8-1-52 married Barbara Mary Robertson from Salisbury on the 15-06-1975 and have 4 children,Michelle Haley, Benjamin, Daniel David and Kimberly Jayne.
b5 Maria Johanna Cornelia 24-12-25
A2 Frederik Wilhelm 18-7-1886 / 6-7-1956 x Johanna Jacoba Welman
b1 Antonie Christiaan Frederik 24-12-15
b2 Alida Maria 2-3-21 x Stefanus Christiaan du Plessis
b3 Maria Johanna Cornelia 6-9-26
b4 Johanna Jacoba 27-8-29 x Benjamin James van Helsdingen 28-7-23 8c
A3 Marthinus Hendrik x Gertruida Magdalena Grobbler
Gertruida Magdalena 1-10-14
A4 Herculaas Philippus x Cornelia Martha Margaretha Meintjies
b1 Herculaas Philippus 19-4-19 x Aletta Vermaak
c1 Herculaas Philippus (Harry) x Geraldine Gentle Osler (?1950)
they lived on Uitkyk where her mother Christine later stayed with them.
d1 Melanie Joy 13-8-72
A5 Jacobus v.d. Berg 3-4-1906 / 30-1-1967
Barnard Antonie (Anton) Chief Jailor Enkeldoorn transferred 1960 from Gwelo. About 1970 Antonie had butchery next to Standard Bank where his wife ran a tea-room (The butchery later belonged to David Kriek) After retiring from prison service Antonie farmed on Wildernes
Lal (?) owned Wilderness which he sold to Wouter de Wet ( x Aletta Boshoff) who in turn sold it to Albert Kirstein. .
BARNES Rose Emma 1917 / 39
Thomas Richard x Catharina Cornelia (Kitty) van Niekerk Thora Joyce 29-7-11
Gutbon Cumming 20-3-14 Yvonne Doris 2-4-21
Maria Maud Madeline arived from Pietersburg in February 1936 Johan 11-7-54 x Brenda Elaine Kok 24-2-54 2c
Althea Warren x James Wheeler Kok 3c
XX Bernard Kok
Aglea (Bopsie) x Neville Edwin Kok 29-6-34 3c ( to Australia)
BARTLEY Johanna Jacoba x Barend Jacobus de Kock 1c
Abraham Johannes x Maria Magdalena Fourie
Maria Magdalena 12-8-1913
Ekizabeth x Willem Johannes Bronkhorst 1c
BASSON Johannes Hendrik x Lassia Jacoba van der Merwe 4c
Jannetha Maria 14-2-26
Lassia Jacoba 17-3-27
Anna Sophia x Johannes Jacobus Jansen van Vuuren 1c
Basson ? x Jeanetta Petromella Magdalena Steyn -25 (sister of Hester x Wray)
BEAN Dennis Rudolph x Catharina Francina Bosman
Tracey Lee 10-1-79
BECKETT John x Blanche they farmed on Nyala (before Lal Meyer) Originally from S.A. they arrived via Marandellas in 1956 and settled on Nyala where the main production was Tobacco with cattle also prominent. Blanche
worked on the secretarial staff in the D.A.s office. John served the community on various Committees as detailed elsewhere. They left the area in 1971 for Lalapansi.
Hansie (Magistrate 1974) 22-1-1911 / 26-1-1974 x Lettie nee ? Claudina Petronella Johanna x Theunis Gert Coetzee 1c Susanna Jacoba x Jacobus Hendrik Smit 1c
Jan Johannes Betesda Gagiano x Nicola Johanna Sophia Steyn
Barend Johannes 27-11-24 Willem Christiaan Steyn 27-11-24
Johannes Hendrik x Martha Cornelia Maria de Klerk
Sonja Aletta 28-1-62 Amanda 16-3-68
Johannes Hendrik 27-11-69
BEETGE Johanna Maria Carolina x Coert Nicolaas Grobler 2c
BEKKER Hendrik was a tansport rider and by 1890 he was well acquainted with the roads to the North and had contacts in Fort Salisbury. His wife accompanied him on all his trips. In 1891 while in Salisbury lung sickness killed most of his cattle and he started a timber cutting and sawing business on the Hunyani river. With two hundred pounds from the proceeds he bought a wagon and team of oxen. He accepted an offer of a free farm by Rhodes and having for some time, had a desire to settle in a particular area he pegged the farm of his choice. There was a prominent lone camelthorn tree and he called his farm Enkeldoorn. (Singlethorn)
Before taking up the offer he returned to the Transvaal to persuade some friends to move with him to Mashonaland. Only two families, Kotze and Visagie joined him. Circumstances, particularly Malaria caused them to stay together. They became seriuosly ill and returned to Transvaal to recover.
Early in 1893, Bekker and his family were on their way back to Enkeldoorn when, at Fort Victoria they met Mr. Pretorious and his sons who persuaded them to change their plans and instead to try Gazaland. The farm Enkeldoorn was forfeited and some years later taken over bt Hendrik Ferreira.
Hendrik x Maria Christina Pienaar
children (did not live in Enkeldoorn) Jacobus Christoffel (Koot), Soon, Joshua,
David Piet, Piet, Jan, Pop (?Pap), Marie, Lourens, Krissie, Nellie (Cornelia).
BEKKER Josef owned Manese Poort farm (1935) and Mansi.
Mrs Bekker and baby Joey were on Sterkstroom when the Mashona attacked the group. (Joey was the baby hidden by a servant girl when the group was attacked.)
Josef and family moved to Umtali leaving Hendrik O'Neill to manage Manzi. Joey inherited the farm and returned to live on and manage the farm till her death. She did not mary.
Other children included a daughter x Boonsaaier, (his xx) and son Hendrik x Maria Coetzee 29-3-25
Johanna 7-7-1884 / 8-4-1923 x  ? Badenhorst 2c
Hendry x Kitty de Wet 1878 / ? farmed near Umvuma William Henry x Catharina Louisa Susanna van Niekerk
Cathlene Elizabeth 15-3-49 William Henry 12-3-50
Patric John 4-10-52
Elizabeth x James de Wet 1c
Jeanetta Maria Magdalena x Christiaan Jacobus Arnoldus Kirstein 3c
Sophia Malherbe x Johannes Hendrik Ferreira 19-2-22 5c
Rene x Louie Alwyn Wheeler (his XX) 1s
Andries Petrus x Anna Petronella van den Berg
Tjaart Nicolaas 29-11-24
Nicolaas Johannes x Rosina Elizabeth Henderson
Sylvia 26-4-33
Gideon Francois (Gippie) 1886 x Susanna Zacharia (Mollie) Dreyer 29-11-1898
b1 Thomas Schalk x Anna Johana van Rooyen
c1 Dirk Reinier 11-8-49
c2 Thomas Frederik 5-12-52
c3 Aletta Margaretha 8-11-55
c4 Pieter 22-9-57
c5 Jacobus 12-4-61
b2 Gideon Francois x Elizabeth Jacomina Susanna Nubbick. Kietzman
c1 Gideon Francois 12-3-51 x Marie Elizabeth Kok 1949 (divorced)
d1 Teresa 1970 x Gerhard Pieterse
d2 Thomas Gerhardus (Tommie) 13-9-74
c2 Anna Magdalena 16-4-52 x Petrus Marthinus van Rooyen 22-10-48 2c
b3 Susanna 19-9-31
b4 Pieter Retief 19-5-33
b5 Anna Christina 29-3-36
b6 Louisa Helena 19-3-38
b7 Jacobus Retief (Koot) x Elizabeth Magrieta (Issie) Odendaal 11-7-1930
c1 Magdalena Hendrina (Lena) x Bertie Cremer
c2 Susanna 11-2-51 x David Brocklehurst
c3 Elizabeth 24-2-53 x James Wheeler 24-7-49 1c
c4 Jacobus Retief 24-10-57 x Caroline Bernadine Cremer 14-5-1960
d1 Ruth Louise 21-1-1984
c5 Daniel Francois 17-9-58 x Wilhelmina Susanna Ferreira
d1 Jacobus Retief 25-10-80
d2 Ruth Louise 21-1-1984
BENNETT Jack Councillor for Charter Estate later Chairman Featherstone Road Council
Barend Jacobus 2-4-1906 / 20-1-1977
Christina Susanna x Marthinus Petrus Bester 5c
Gesina Magdalena x Nicolaas Jacobus Faasen 5c
Anna Petronella x Andries Petrus Benade 1c
Maria Christina x Jan Valentyn Bloem 1c !
Anna Petronella x Stephanus Hermanus Gerhardus Kok 2c
Hendrina Jacoba 23-3-14 / 3-8-72 x Francois John Eagar (his XX) 1c
Dirk Johannes x Johanna Sophia de Wet 1-4-1881 / 28-1-1948
Petrus Gerhardus 21-2-16
Hester Martha Aletta 20-3-20
Hendrik Christoffel x Clara Elizabeth Groenewald
Maria Susanna Margaretha Elizabeth 22-2-29
Barend Lourens 4-10-30
Clara Isabella 19-10-32
Casparus Johannes x Margaretha Maria de Jager
Rudolph Johannes 11-4-39
Louisette Leonora x Theodorus Ferreira 1922 2c
Maria x Rudolph Liebenberg they lived in town 1c
Rudolf Johannes 14-1-1881 / 22-9-1966 x Maria Magdalena Pieterse 8-3-1886 / 24-6-54
Anna Maria Cornelia x Abel Johannes Erasmus 1897 / 75 4c
b2 Barend Petrus Jacobus 1906 x Maria Johanna Kruger
c1 child -40
c2 child -41
c3 Nicolaas Johannes Kruger 20-7-43
c4 Barend Petrus Jacobus 12-6-46
b3 Rudolph Johannes Pieterse 26-10-10 / 13-9-48 x Anna Magdalena Brits 3-7-15
c1 Rudolph Johannes 19-12-34 x Sheila Elaine Davies
d1 Estelle 27-5-65
d2 Suzette 1-10-67
c2 Maria 1936 x Willem Jansen van Rooyen 1922 left the area
c3 Pieter Johannes Andries 25-11-36
c4 Gabriel 20-12-38
b4 Casparua Johannes 191?
b5 Hendrina Jacoba 191?
b6 Gertruida Maria 1915
b7 Henry 16-12-15 x Maria Magdalena Hendrika Odendaal 17-11-31 (she xx B.
c1 Cecil John 29-8-52 x Patricia Gowan Reid 5-9-56
d1 David Eon
c2 Dalene 19-10-1955 x Mike Daly 2c
XX Adrian Sheasby !
b8 David Johannes Fourie 8-1-19 x Magdalena Gertruida Blignaut 21-3-26 left
c1 Nicolaas Johannes 11-10-47
c2 Maria Petronella 16-2-49
c3 David Johannes Lodewikus 26-10-50 x Yvonne Lizette Schoultz
d1 Fredrika Dorothea Maria 28-9-77
b9 Maria Magdalena 12-1-23
b10 Daniel 25-7-26
BERKOWITZ Isaac born in Poland 10-6-1876 / 1944 arrived in S.A. in 1882 aged 6
years, with his father. They lived at Wolmansstad C.P.
Before moving to Rhodesia Isaac x widow Martha Sophia Magdalena Bosman 19-
9-1873 / 29-11-1947. She had a small son Petrus Bosman (step son of
Berkowitz )  !
Isaac Berkowitz and family arrived at Enkeldoorn in 1917. bought and settled on
Elminie.  !
children included
step-son Petrus Bosman approx. 1904 !
Nathan Elia Berkowitz 20-6-11/14-2-60 x Elizabeth Catherina Kruger 22-12-16 (sh
XX Cloete)
Anna Cecilia 18-2-35 / 26-12-86
Josef Jankel 11-2-38 / 18-9-72
Nicholas Johannes 18-10-41 x  ?? 2 children
Martha Sophia Elizabeth 19-8-45 x Johannes Jacobus Erasmus 1-10-41 2 c
Nathan Elia 15-8-1946 x Elizabeth Catharina Burger 2 children
Justin Isaac 6-2-1953 x ?? 3 children
Ada Theodora 27-11-1954 x  ?? 2 children
Grieta x Casper van der Merwe arrived 1895 with 4c (she XX Potgieter,)
Johanna Eliz. Maria 23-11-1893/2-12-1981 x Pietr Johan. Andries Brits 25-10-
1883/13-8-68 7c
Judith Margaretha Susanna x Elana Johanna (man) Brits 5c
Susanna Margaretha Maria  ? 1890 x Johannes Hendrik van der Merwe ? 1885
XX Andries Hendrik Lategan,
Catharina Petronella x Daniel Cornelius ? 2c born 21-7-15 and -17
Anna Sophia x Gerhard Cornelius Bester 1c
Anna Maria Petronella 27-7-1879 / 5-3-40 x Willem Francois Jacobus Marais 4c
Johanna Sophia x Jacobus Ignatius de Wet 4c
Carolina Nora 11-6-1907 / 25-8-1969 x Jan Bastiaan Kirstein 11-11-1898/16-7-1971, 2c
Magrietha Elizabeth x Stefanus Johannes Erasmus 1c
Anna Helena x Daniel Nell (his XX) 7c
Anna Maria ? 1913
Kasper, (Casparus)
Josua x  ? arrived 1895 with family
daughter Cornelia Petronella 1894 / 1983 x Hendrik Andries Gagiano !887 /
1970 (his xx) 6c
daughter Isabella Susanna x Edward George Turner Kirton (his XX) 4c
brothers Bernardus Hermanus 1872 (Mooilaagte)and Barend (Baas) (Rietkop)
arrived in 1895
Barend (Baas) x Maria Elizabeth nee ?
Susanna (Sannie) 187? x Jacobus ( Kosie) de Wet 1878 of Verwagting  ?3c
Catharina Petronella (Nellie) ? 188? x Daniel Hoffman ? 1880 2c
Maria x Teuns de Klerk  ?c
Mathium (? Marthinus)
When the Mashona war started they were with the group attacked on Sterkstroom.. Both Barend and his wife were seriously wounded. Mrs Bester died two days later. Daughters Sannie and Nellie were the two Bester sisters who, with accurate shooting, corageously helped their wounded father to keep would be Mashona attackers at a distance from the wagon on its way to the Vaalkop lager
Bernardus Hermanus 18-8-1872 / 16-10-1939 x Anna Maria Petronella de Wet 27-
7-1879 / 5-3-1940. d.o. Jacobus Ignatius and Johanna Sophia (nee Human) de
Wet. arrived with his parents in 1895 and settled on Mooilaagte In 1914 he
organised the first local government school known as the Mooilaagte Junior
School. The Principle was Mr. Francis Eagar. The children, all day-scholars
Johanna Sophia x de Wet,
Maria Elizabeth,
Anna Maria Petronella,
Elizabeth Margaretha 23-12-12 x Charl Petrus Jooste 1c
Hester Martha Aletta 20-10-15
Bernadus Her,manus 20-8-17
Hermanus Jacobus 22-8-19
Andries x Johanna Susanna Magdalena Grobler
Maria Elizabeth 6-6-15 x Barthalomeus de Klerk 1c
Johanna Susanna Magdalena 28-6-16
Elizabeth Margaretha 18-11-17
Susanna Elizabeth 25-4-23
Andries 16-9-26
Bernardus Hermanus 4-9-31
Martinus Petrus x Christina Susanna van den Berg
Rachel Wilhelmina 3-10-20
Isabella Susanna 13-4-24 x Andries Petrus Jacobus Bronkhorst 1c
XX Roelof le Roux Bosman 2c
Christina Susanna 29-4-26
Cornelia Petronella 4-12-28
Johanna Margaretha 10-2-31
Marthinus Petrus x ( ? XX) Catharina Elizabeth Maria van der Merwe
Josua 11-3-37
Petrus Stephanus 13-5-44
Jacobus Ignatius (Lodewikus) x Hester Sophia van der Walt Farmed on Kopje
Andries 16-9-25
Emerentia Frederika 22-4-27
Bernardus Hermanus 4-7-28
Jacobus Ignatius 21-4-33
Albertus 1-10-36
Hermanus 28-2-44 x Jacoba Petronella Vivviers Petrus Jacobus 24-11-72
Johannes x Petronella Rinke child 1930
Gideon ?/ 1957 x Jacob Daniel van der Merwe ? / 1982
farmed on Vlakplaas, later grew tobaco. After his death Danie farmed on her own .
Maria Elizabeth 3-12-32
Anna Helene 1-12-32 x Daniel Nell (his XX) 7c Emmerias Elizabeth 19-6-41
Gideon Hermanus 25-9-42 x ? Wheeler Margriet Elizabeth 25-9-42
Gerhard Cornelius Bester x Anna Sophia Bester 1c BESWICK Anna Elizabeth x Daniel Philippus Dippenaar 7c
BEUKES Andries Daniel Petrus x Francina Catharina van Niekerk Stella
Andries Daniel Petrus 1923 x Maria Adriana Kriek 23-10-27 Andries Daniel Petrus 8-8-50
Maria Adriana 11-9-52
Gerhardus Josua 7-11-26 Johannes Bernardus 12-7-28 Theodorus Ernst 16-4-32 Francina Catharina 7-4-34 Hendrina Francina Sophia 1-3-36
Johanna Cecilia x Gert Marthinus Badenhorst 1c
BEYERS Piet arrived single before 1895 x ?
Pieter Jacobus Hendrik 1911
Willem Johannes Coenraad 1913
Dirkie Jacobus x Wynand Frederik Bezuidenhout 1c
GROUP 1 (?) Family arrived before 1895
they included Piet, Hermanus single, Wynand single, Jan 19-11-1900/3-12-45
and Anna Sophia 13-4-1908
Thomas Johannes (woman) ? 1915 x Johannes Jurie Kriek 6c
Anna Margaretha x Jeramias Daniel Nel 5c
Anna Aletta Susanna x Francois Johannes Marais 1c
Cornelia Maria Sophia x Pieter Schalk Nel 3c
XX Werendly Roux Rademeyer 9-3-16 2c
Maria Magdalena 1937 x Casper Johannes Jacobus Gernardus Buitendag 3c
Rae x Jacobus Johannes Smit 1c !
Wynand Frederik x Dirkie Jacobus Beyers 1c
Elizabeth 1915
Ellen Mathilda Mary 1925
Johannes Hendrik x Aletta Johanna Margaretha Rabe
Johannes Hendrik 17-2-14
Matthys Marthinus 21-4-17
Aletta Johanna 1-2-19
Ernest Cecil 1-10-20
Frederik Cornelius 1884 x Johanna Taylor
Cornelius Frederik 1-3-11
Marian 7-9-12
Johanna 7-9-12
Nancy 10-10-14
Wynand Allen 1908 x Elsie Josina van Niekerk
Johannes Wilhelmus van Niekerk x Elizabeth Susanna Hamman
Elizabeth Susanna 12-3-24 x Benjamin James Layard Bezuidenhout 21-6-21, 2c
Wynand Frederik x Dirkie Jacoba Akkerman
Maria 27-8-50
Wtnand Allen 3-4-26
Elsie Josina 20-10-30
Johannes Jurgens 19-7-32
Ann Mary Dorothy x  ? Clarke  !
Benjamin 15-2-12 x Francis Lodewika Bouwer 1918
Wynand Allen 17-9-39
Johannes Christoffel 3-6-41
Francois Petrus 28-3-50
Gladys 21-7-14
GROUP 2 (?)
Gideon Smith x Maria Elizabeth Magdalena Fourie (her xx)
Pieter Jacobus 28-8-12
Gesina Gerhardus 16-11-14
Francois Izak x Margaret Charlotte Taylor
Henry Samuel Taylor 18-7-13
Francis Kitchener 26-1-16
Gerhardus Cornelius x Anna Sophia Vorster
Anna Sophia 13-4-09
Grhardus Cornlius -1912" x Hester Maria Odendaal
child 31-1-59
Anna Sophia 13-4-18
Willem Adriaan 6-6-20
Johanna Petronella 27-12-22
Thomas Johannes x Mathilda Layard
Benjamin James Layard 21-6-21 x Elizabeth Susanna Bezuidenhout 12-3-24
Thomas Johannes 26-9-47
Mathilda 15-11-48
Johanna Fredrika 22-6-22 x Andries van As 1918 2c
Hendrik Frederik Cornelius 7-9-26
Margaret Esther 18-4-30
Elizabeth Catharina 9-9-31
Barend Johannes Marthinus x Maria Jacoba Magdalena Burger
Gerhardus Cornelius 10-7-31
George Frederik 1-3-1904 / 8-6-1968 x Elsie Sophia Catharina Maria Wray
George 21-3-34
Anna Maria 19-8-35
Francois Jacob x Cecilia Jacomina Kriek 16-12-12
Thomas Johannes 7-6-33
Johan Christiaan Kriek 7-3-35 x Ester Smith 29-10-39 3s 1d left area
Johannes Jurgens Coenrad x Dora du Plessis
Martha Hendrina Wilhelmina 21-7-39
child -47
Elizabeth Helena 12-3-48
Thomas Johannes x Hester Maria Odendaal 1927
child -58
Adriaan Cornelius 31-1-59
Bezuidenhout x Elizabeth Helena Labuschagne (her xx)
BIGGS Margaret Jane x 81 Douw Gerbrand Steyn 2c  !
Sophia !5-3-1897 / 15-7-1968 x Johannes Nicolaas van der Walt 10-10-1890 / 12-2-
1964 2c !
Hester Maria Elizabeth x Benjamin Gouws 1c
Jacob Jacobus 1911
Petrus Johannes 1916
Catharina Magdalena 1918 x Jeramias Cornelius Oosthuyzen Naude 27-8-24 ( His XX) 1c
Lourens Daniel x Margaretha Francina de Bruin
Lourens Daniel 12-5-14
Nicolaas Daniel Johannes 23-8-17
Catharina Magdalena 7-4-22
Maria Susanna 9-9-23
Margaretha Francina 17-9-27
Maria Susanna 16-6-32 x Schalk Willem Meintjies 9-9-23
Petrus Johannes x Catharina Margaretha de Bruin
Lourens Danirel 30-5-20
Margaretha Francina 22-1-22
Gesina Catharina 2-1-27
Martha Margaretha 5-11-28
Nicolaas Johannes Jacobus 25-1-32
Sarel Hermanus 11-10-33
??? x Martha Magrieta van Biljon !
Catharina Magrieta 30-9-47
BISCO Renee Cathrine 25-12-60 x Cedric George Kok 19-1-58 2c
BISHOP Daisy Philippina x Hendrik Johannes Petzer 1c
BLANK Ephriam x ? General dealer, miller and Town Board Chairman Active
in Gymkhana in late 1940 period
daughter Judith x Issy Gordon
BLANKENBERG Bank manager
Jan XX, 1905 pre- Enkeldoorn Maria Rinke ? 1885 !
The five families Jan and Maria, three married sons and Maria's sister Lettie Rinke and her husband Dirk van Rooyen , with children, travelled in a convoy of seven donkey-wagons with Jan Blignaut as leader, they left Vryburg, South Africa for Enkeldoorn in 1922. and settled on their portion of Swartfontein.
On arrival at Swartfontein Maria , tired after the long journey, declared that they had gone far enough, "Dit is vergenoeg" and so, without intending to, named the family farm Vergenoeg.
For details of the trek see Jan Hendrik Blignaut trek. from x
b1 Jan Hendrik initially stayed in S.A.12-12-1869 / 24-1-42
b2 Ockert Cornelius (Kerneels) x Johanna Catharina Rinke from Vryburg 1922!
c1 Johanna Catharina 14-9-27
c2 Nicolaas Johannes 30-12-29
c3 child -31
c4 Carikina Jacoba 8-2-32
c5 Maria Gertruida 18-7-34
c6 Elizabeth Jacomina 11-3-39
b3 Nicholas Johannes 15-5-1892/ 8-9-73 x Maria Petronella (Mollie) Rinke 26-11-1890/9-11-71
married before coming from South Africa, arrived 1922 and settled on Highway
c1 Jan Hendrik ?-5-1920 did not marry, joined R.M.S. and left area
c2 Schalk Willem  ?-9-1922 x Anna Elizabeth Groenewald ?-8-1924 d.o. Piet  !
d1 Maria Petronella 1-8-57
d2 Nicolaas Johannes 10-1-62
Schalk and Anna lived in Enkeldoorn but Schalk worked away with R.M.S.
c3 Martha Cornelia 21-6-1924 x Hermanus Christiaan de Klerk 16-4-20 / 26-9-62 2c
Martha attended Liebenberg school, boarding with Grand-mother Maria Blignaut on Vergenoeg Together with other children they walked and later cycled, to school, sometimes caught in the rain and soaked.
Martha XX Jan Moolman 25-6-1929 / 11-9-90 farming on Aftenwaters, 30 miles from enkeldoorn After his death after 26 years marriage, Martha moved to town.
Nicholas Johannes 13-4-1930 did not marry, joined R.M.S. and left area
b4 Johannes Jacobus x Catharina Francina de Klerk married in S.A. before move to Enkeldoorn
c1 Maria Elizabeth 18-9-25 x Salomon Daniel Ferreira 8-7-1908 Swartfontein, 5c
XX Jan Moolman 16-4-20 / 26-9-62 0c
Maria (Malie) attended Vlakplaas junior school 1933 / 1938 then Liebenberg senior 1939/ 1941 as senior, lived with step grand-mother (Blignaut nee Rinke) on Vergenoeg, from where the children cycled to attend Liebenberg school as day scholars.
After leaving school she married (19) and left the area. Returned 1959.
c2 Jan Hendrik 24-11-28 x Elizabeth (Betty) Wheeler 1936 left area
d1 Johannes Jacobus 7-3-57
d2 Maria Elizabeth 18-4-63
d3 Catharina Francinas 28-7-66
d4 Jan Henry 11-12-67
c3 Pieter Hendrik 7-10-30 x Gertruida Paulina Pretorious left area !
d1 Amande Cornelia 26-1-56
d2 Johannes Jacobus 19-12-58
d3 Elsie Catharina Francina 19-7-63
c4 Johannes Jacobus (Hannes) 6-12-32 x Elsie Josina van Rensburg
d1 Marthinus Lourens 31-8-54
c5 Magdalena Gertruida 22-11-34 x Pieter Bosman ? c
XX Albert Kirstein 0c
c6 Andries Petrus 22-11-38 x Aletta Catharina Hundermark left area !
d1 Johanna Susanna 13-7-60 x Jacob Melville Steyn 1c
d2 Johannes Jacobus 8-9-62
d3 Johannes Cornelius 4-8-63
d4 Catharina Francina 3-11-65
d5 Elsie Josina 13-2-67
c7 Catharina Francina 20-8-42 / 20-12-98 x Siegfried (Siegie) Groenewald left area
c8 Cornelius Ockert 18-12-46 x Susanna Catharina Gertruida Botha left area, returned
(Umvuma) They had three children, all left the area.
from xx of Jan and Maria
Children from second XX (before Enkeldoorn) travelled with parents
b4 Johannes Jacobus x Cath Francina de Klerk married in S.A. before moving to
c1 Johannes Jacobus 6-12-32
c2 Amdries Petrus 22-11-38
c3 Catharina 20-8-42
from XX
b5 Carolina did not marry, stayed at home.
b6 Arnoldus Mauritius 8-10-07 / 10-7-75 x Jeanetta Maria Ebenaheser Odendaal
c1 Jeanetta Maria 26-2-40
c2 Jan Hendrik 29-9-42 educated at Liebenberg and Thornhill x Patricia Anne
Vickery !
a school teacher from Salisbury.
d1 Arnoldus Mauritius (Andy) 1-8-78 well known test cricketer, educated at
d2 Lisa Jeanetta 25-6-80 educated Eaglesvale
b7 David Andries 10-7-10 / 20-3-39 did not x lived on the farm but worked in town
b8 Maria did not x stayed at home
b9 Sarel Jacobus x Gesina Maria Margaretha Nieuwoudt
Hendrik Jan Jacobus 5-12-31
b10 Hendrik Willem x Cornelia Maria Christina Lock
Hendrik Jan Jacobus 19-10-35
Johanna Elizabeth Margaretha 25-8-38 x Hermanus Hendrikus Jacobus du Toit 1c
Hendrik Willem 20-5-41
Jacobus Coenraad 11-9-45
Elsie Andrika Jacoba 11-9-45
Hugo Amos 14-3-49
Jan Abraham Jacobus 30-4-51
Maria Magdalena Hendrina x Simon Hendrik Barkhuyzen 1c
Jan Hendrik x Catharina Francina de Klerk
c1 child 18-9-25
c2 Jan Hendrik 14-11-28 x Elizabeth Wheeler 15-3-36 left area
d1 child -57
c3 Maria Elizabeth 18-4-63
c4 Catharina Francina 28-7-66
c5 Jan Hendrik 11-12-67
c6 child -30
c7 Johannes Jacobus 6-12-32
c8 Hendrik Jan Jacobus 19-10-35
c9 child -38
c10 child -42
c11 child -46
Ockert Cornelius x Susanna Catharina Gertharina Botha Eugene 24-6-80
Johannes x Petronella Rinke child -30
Cornelia Maria Christina 1919 Maria Gertruida 1920
Ockert Cornelius 1920
Magdalena Gertruida 1922 x David Johannes Fourie van den Bergh 8-1-19 3c Maria Elizabeth 1922
Petrus Cornelius Johannes 1925 Susara Debora 1927
Johanna Elizabeth Magrieta 1938
Arnoldus Mauritius x Magdalena Johanna van As Huyser 1919 Johanna Sophia 21-10-38
Johanna Catharina 4-10-42
Magdalena Johanna 4-3-47 Ockert Cornelius 9-9-48 Johannes Jacobus 6-12-52
Jan Hendrik 1914 x Emerentia Fredrika van der Walt Ockert Cornelius 11-10-40
Magdalena Johanna Hester 9-9-43
Jan Hendrik 1920 x Martha Francina Greyling Nieuwoudt Hendrik Jan Jacobus 16-8-41
Johanna Magrieta 26-10-43 x Francois Hendrik Nieuwoudt 1c Johannes Jacobus 1933 x Johanna Cecilia Coetzee
Johannes Jacobus 11-4-57
BLOEM Murray x  ?? (garage owner)
Jan Valentine x Maria christina van den Berg Maria Magdalena 31-5-30
John Valentine x Johanna Susanna Erasmus Christiaan 10-7-35
Ethel 14-10-36
Pieter Francois 5-4-55
Mr previously worked for Roads Department then retired in Enkeldooen
BOBEER Johannes 2-2-1891 / 18-12-193?
BONDIS1O Andries Johannes Paulus x Anna Catharina Eagar Joseph James 26-8-61
? x Miss Bekker
Maria Louise 1929
Roeline Rhywaldt x Jacobus Adriaan Vlok 3c
Christiaan Petrus x Maria Catharina Cornelia Jansen van Rensburg Carl Hendrik Frederik 24-4-41 x Sandra Edith Burton
Amanda Jean 19-9-68
Christiaan x Maria van Niekerk farmed on de la Guillerie till '75 then moved to Bulawayo
BOOYSEN Jacobus Adriaan x Aletta Johanna Stoltz
Aletta Johanna 24-11-17
Susanna Fredrika 28-10-19
Maria Elizabeth 7-10-21
Alida Petronella 1916 Hester Maria 1920
Jacobus Dirk x Ella Margaretha Marnewick Ockert Petrus 10-12-30
Michiel Christoffel x Margaret Ann Less Pieter Willem 27-4-30
Marie 1-11-31
Jacob Johannes 15-3-18 / 13-3-67 x Wilhelmina Johanna van der Merwe They farmed on Chipisa farm 15 miles along Gutu road, cattle.
Johannes Carolus 29-12-49
Wilhelmina Johanna 18-2-52 x Nicolaas Johannes de Klerk 4c Lodewyk Johannes 28-1-55 x Avril Elizabeth Stella
Daan Elizabeth 8-10-80
Jacob Benjamin (Oupa) x Margaretha Isabella (Ouma) nee ?
b1 Twin Margaretha Issabella x Theunis Christiaan de Klerk 3c
b2 Twin Elizabeth Johanna Sophia x Jan Bastiaan Kirstein 1c
b3 Willem Hendrik 1900 x Aletta Margaretha van Rooyen
Aletta Margaretha 21-6-25 x Wouter de Wet  ?c
Jcob Benjamin 8-3-27 x Herculina Johanna de Meyer
Suzette 7-12-57
Willem Hendrik 21-10-28
Jacobus Nicolaas 17-9-30
Margaretha Isabella 9-4-32 x Jan Johannes Lodewyk Hoffman 3c
Dirk Renier 4-7 -36 x Maria Smit of Athlone
Elizabeth Johanna Sophia 21-1-38
Petrus Cornelius Johannes 23-8-40
Carel Jacobus 17-5-42
Adriaan Andries 11-9-44
Maria Magdalena Hendrin 24-2-50
b4 second son details not known.
b? c? ?d? Johannes Jacobus x Ingrid Meyer  !
e? Johannes Jacobus 18-10-71
Oupa and Ouma arrived approximately. 1912 from Kinross, Transvaal, where he farmed on Winkelhaak. In 1910 Oupa, disheartened by droughts and other proplems decided to look for pastures new and a reconnaissance trip to Rhodesia took him to the Enkeldoorn area. He was satisfied and about 26 miles South of the town Enkeldoorn, pegged a vigin farm thet he called Welvaart. To quote from the memoirs of a descendent "A large pleasant farm with vales and streams and waving grasslands. Also Jackals, Wilddogs and Leopards and Black people wearing clothes of skins and armed with assegais, axes and knobkieries." There were no clearly defined farm bounderies.
Back at home he organised his move, by train, to Rhodesia. His family, wife, two sons and twin daughters and livestock being, one thousand and one hundred sheep, twelve horses, poultry and three cats. A tented wagon and cart, a full range of farm implements and provisions for the long journey.
At Bulawayo the rail wagons carrying the trek were split between two trains with the family travelling on the first train. One son 14 year old Willem, got seperated from the family causing his parents serious concern while he made himself comfortable on his father's tented wagon with its feather bed and stored food, which was loaded on the second train.
After two days the trains arrived at Umvuma and the trek to Velvaart started with Ouma dreading the near future. She had heard of spiders as large as field mice, snakes beyond number on trees and a multitude of biting insects.
On arrival at Velvaart tents were erected. Ouma insisted, not in the lovely shade of large trees with their rat sized spiders and snakes., but in the blistering sun on the banks of the stream. An antheap was hollowed out for baking and cooking facilities were erected.
Living in the tents for the next six months was not a pleasant experience. A house had to be built, outbuildings, stables and stock pens. The nights were filled with the mornfull cries of Jackals
The homestead was built of granite blocks cut to shape on the farm. The builder was Oom Alec Heyns.
The sheep were constantly attacked by hungry wild-dogs that had to be chased way. Sharp grass seeds got tangled in the wool piercing the skins. Bluetongue and other diseases caused heavy losses and wagon loads of carcases had to be moved away and burried. Little more than one hundred survived. Inspite of devoted care, horses died of the dreaded horsesickness with only a few surviving.
The bautiful cattle did well, grazing was good but the cattle had to be herded and kraaled for the night. Leopards were a pest and the occasional lion was not unknown. Manure from the kraal was a good fertiliser for maize and wheat. Oupa had brought sufficient capital, as coins, with him to cary him through the developing years. He kept his money in bags in a strong, securely locked box in a corner of the front room. There were several Kruger-pound gold coins. He was a quiet man with strong religious beliefs and evening home services were the routine. Children were then expected to repeat parts of the lesson. Sundays were celebrated by special attention to details. Ouma was dressed in five or six peticoats decorated with bands of fancy lace and corsets and sitting very upright, complained of the discomfort. Daughters were dressed in their Sunday best and had ribbons in their hair. Oupa and teacher wore clean white shirts with high starched collars and ties and jackets. At 10:30 the Sunday morning service started. . After the service the men would remove their jackets and with general conversation pass the time till the midday meal. On sundays there was special attention to the laying of the table with a starched damask table-cloth and serviets and wine glasses. Sunday was also visiting day among friends and family with guests arriving in time to share the service and the midday meal. After the meal the atmosphere among the adults was more relaxed, with the children banned from their presence.
A visit to town was always a memorable occasion. Ouma, dressed as for Sundays with in addition, hat gloves and handbag, not to forget the lovely odour of the "Oliekolonie' soaked hanky. The day started at dawn, with the four hour drive to town and another four hours return with the hooded-cart and horses being accepted as part of life. In the event of rain, side shields were used. Homesteads along the road were stopping places for a chat with friends, a refreshing beaker coffee and should the friends be ready for a meal the invitation to join them , as was the custom in those days, was automatically accepted. In town Levines store was the main attraction and the parmanently
fixed box on the cart would be packed to the full with provisions to last till the
next trip.
Maria Jacoba Bosman 1895/21-3-55 (teacher) x James Wheeler 1894/4-7-35 (his
XX) 5c
Catharina Francina x Denis Rudolph Bean 1c
Martha Sophia Magdalena
Francina Maria
Rudolph (? Roelof) (Teacher) 12-12-1896 / 15-4-1970 x Ellisabeth Wheeler farmed
on Versailles
b1 Pieter Creswell 19-9-1928 / 1-6-1990 x Magdalena Gertruida Blignaut 22-11-1934
farmed in Featherstone area. Employed as Overseer by Featherstone Road
Ivan x Marie left area before marriage.
b2 Roelof le Roux x Isabella Susanna Bester 13-4-24 (her XX
Maria Gertruida 29-10-50
Roelof le Roux 19-8-52
Petrus (stepson of Isaac Berkowitz) born in S.A.approx. 1904 brought to
Rhodesia in 1917
Petrus Francois x Francina Johanna Roberts
Petrus Francois 3-4-25
? x Elizabeth Margaretha Joubert 1890 ? her xx (first x was Muller) !
? x Martha Susanna Joubert 1895 (sister of Elizabeth Margaretha) !
Gesina Aletta x Charles Robert Gloss 3c
Helena Elizabeth x Jan Andries Rabe Nel 3c
Susanna Christina Elizabeth Barendina x Jacobus Jan Johannes Brits 1c
Martha Maria Cornelia Stoffelina x Charles Robert Gloss (his XX) 1c
Fedora Margaretha x Jacobus Johannes Groenewald 1c
Catharina Carolina Elizabeth x Jacob Rudolph Erasmus 2c
Emerentia Fredrika x Jacobus Petrus van der Merwe 3c
Susanna Catharina Gertruida x Cornelius Ockert Blignaut 18-12-46 3c left area
Ockert Cornelius x Susanna Catharina Gertharina Botha 1c
Anna Elizabeth x Daniel Hartman Ferreira 5-8-15 2c
Maria Cornelia Jeanetta Sophia x Marthinus Cornelius Kirton 3c
Helena Mentz 18-3-38 / 20-10-93 x Christiaan Jan Albertus Kirstein 4 c
Josephine Betsy x Cecil Campbell Sprong 1c
MaryAnn x Jan Adriaan Dreyer 5-4-79 2c
Baps x Hendrik Andries Gagiano 20-8-17 1c left area
Maria Magdalena
Adriaan Botha (local Post Master) x Johanna Susanna van Rooyen 18-6-50 (Chaplain
school) left
Johannes Lodewyk arrived in 1895 with wife, four sons and one daughter.
More children after 1895
b1 Johannes Lodewyk x Johanna v.d.Walt 8-6-1895 farmed crop sharing in the
b2 Helena Elizabeth Marie 5-8-1885 / 28-8-1953 x Steyn
b3 Hermanus Jacobus x Hester Petronella Lombard
Kuitha Margaretha Johanna 23-12-16
b4 Samuel x Johanna Jacomina Coetzee Vrede 14-11-18
Adolph Jonker 10-3-24
b5 Andries Johannes x Cornelia Gertruida Erasmus Gert Diederik Johannes 12-12-18
Andries Johannes 21-5-20
Petrus Francois Johannes 21-7-22
Johanna Susanna 18-6-50 (Chaplain school) x Adriaan Botha local Post Master
b6 Jacobus Petrus x Maria Magdalena Johanna de Klerk
Johannes Rudolph Lodewikus 27-3-24
b7 Jan Jonathan x Debora Margaretha van Staden
Helena Catharina 5-1-33
Susanna Wilhelmina 16-12-34
Johabnnes Jacobus x Maria Petronella Coetzee
Bridget Margaret 28-9-47
Christiaan Hendrik x Hester Elizabeth Landman
Jeanetta Maria 11-10-53
Louis Johannes x Herbrecht Catharina Liebenberg
Louisa Johanna 5-6-58
Gerhardus Johannes x Aletta Elizabeth Breedt
Laettisia Kathleen 18-3-69
Lodewikus (Vic) x Jeanetta Maria Rinke 27-11-44 left the area
Petrus Johannes 28-11-1882 / 8-7-1939 x Martha Aletta Johanna Kotze 21-3-1886
Theunis Louis details unknown, he died in Zambia.
Gerhardus Dirk 10-5-1908 / 4-1-39
Son ? / 20-6-1910 buried at Boksburg 21-6-1910
Pieter Johannes  ? / 24-2-1966
Marthinus Louis Johannes 28-1-1915 / ?
Susara Aletta Gertruida Elizabeth 15-11-1918 / 27-7-1974
Johanna Cecilia 14-6-1920
Martha Aletta Johanna 1923 / 21-9-1931
Magdelena Elizabeth 9-10-1930 x Cornelius Abraham Smit 26-5-1924 3d
Petrus previously employed on the mine at Benoni and Martha arrived in Rhodesia before their fourth child, travelling by train as far as Umvuma and then by road to Central Estate where he was employed as General Manager till he resigned to farm on Chakastad near Driefontein.
Except for Magdelena Elizabeth, the children were educated at Chaplain School, Gwelo. Magdalena was educated at Umvuma School, Enkeldoorn and Queen Elizabeth, Harare
Lodewyk with wife four sons and one daughter arrived before 1895 Elizabeth Francina ? / 27-8-38 x Frederik Richard Hamman ? / 10-9-16 3c
Francina Lodewika 1918 x Benjamin Bezuidenhout 1912 3c
Judith Johanna x Hendrik Petrus Cloete 12c
Magdalena Maria Dorothea x Pieter Ernst Kruger 8-10-15 4c
Louis x Anna Celia Kruger 16-3-26
Johannes Christoffel
Petrus Frederik 1922
Barend Daniel 1927
Jacomina Elizabeth Adriana 1937
Christoffel 9-4-1878 / 8-7-1956 x Judith Johanna Nieuwoudt
Lodewikus Johannes 5-12-34
Jacomina Elizabeth 3-11-36
Adriaan Jacobus x Sara Margaret Gloss
Alfred John 20-2-32
BRANHER Herculina Johanna x Barnard Daniel Marais 1c
BRANDT Frans Jacobus x Maria Paulina Kruger Broli arrived from Zastron in March 1930
Francina Hendrika 6-1-30
Aletta Johabnna Elizabeth 1934 x Willem Elias Paules Nel
BRAY Doctor in Enkeldoorn
Elizabeth Anna x Andrew Abraham McKnight 1884 3c
Margaretha Cornelia x Sarel Jacobus Vermaak 9c
Jacobus Arnoldus x Johanna Elizabe van Heerden Arrived in area in June 1931
Gert Johannes 6-7-31
Michael Hedley (Mike) 9-3-1946 x Petronella Francina (Tossie) Smith 6-12-1952
Deon 25-3-1978
Danine 26-10-1981
Anna Maria Hendrina Petronella  ?/7-7-78 x Hans Jacob Heyns 1-3-1893/ 10-1-62. 2c
Johannes Christiaan x Johanna Susanna Christina Diederiks
Jacobus Christiaan 27-1-30
Christiaan Johannes 24-7-31
Gertruida Cornelia 23-9-32
BREEDT Aletta Elizabeth x Gerhardus Johannes Botha
BROUGHTON William Normab x Margaretha Magdalena Jacomina Hoffman
Dirk arrived in 1894 with wife, one son and one daughter Maria Johanna Magdalena x Cornelius Michiel du Plooy 4c Dirk Johannes x Christina Catharina Briel
Christina Catharina 26-3-28
Hendrik arrived in 1894 with wife, two sons and one daughter Jacobus Alwyn x Johanna Susanna Magdalena van Schalkwyk
Johanna Susanna Magdalena 5-4-18 Benjamin Jacobus 2-10-20
Hendrik Johannes x Christina Catharina Marthina. Oosthuizen Christina Catharina 26-3-28
Hendrik Johannes 28-11-29 Adriaan Zacharias Albertus 30-9-32 Emerentia Hendrika 20-4-36
Christina Catharina x Dirk Johannes Briel 1c BRINK Lillian x James Richard Hewitt 1904 1c
Johanna Carolina Susanna x Coert Johannes Grobler 3c
Johanna Carolina Susanna Petronella x Casper Philippus du Preez 3c Maria Jeanetta Cornelia Sophia x Pieter Coenraad Frederik Oberholser 3c Maria Cornelia Jeanetta Sophia x Willem Jacobus Smit 6c
Johanna Carolina Susanna x Ernst Johannes Grobler 1c Elizabeth Catharina x Jan Willem Mienie 5c
Johanna Cornelia Susanna x (? XXX) Frederik Christoffel Cloete 4c Annie x Mathiam Andries Cornelius Kok
Annie x Mathian Johannes Cornelius Hoffman ?c Jacoba Catharina Gertruida 1917
Elizabeth Jacoba x Barend Christiaan Johannes Gerhardt van Buren Greyling 1c Susanna Francina x Jan Johannes Naude 1c
Rita x Lukas Koen 1c
Pieter Johan Andries 25-10-1883/13-8-68 x Johanna Elizabeth Maria Bester 23-11-1893/2-12-1981
Elena Johanna 11-8-10 Jacobus Johannes 4-7-13 Paul Michiel 13-2-15
Johanna Elizabeth Maria 16-11-16 Catharina Maria 5-12-18
Pieter Johan Andries 23-6-21 Hans Jacob Johannes 15-11-24
Ockert Karl Johannes Maria Cornelia Jeanetta Sophia Rossbe Anna Magdalena 29-4-13 x Jacobus Coetzee 1c
Elena Johanna x Judith Margaretha Susanna Bester ! Jacobus Jan Johannes 21-9-13
Susanna Hermina 8-3-16
Elena Johanna 27-3-19
Judith Magdalena Susanna 25-11-22 Catharina Maria 24-2-25
Pieter Johannes Andries 25-10-1883 / 13-8-1968 x Johanna Susanna de Wet 23-11-1893 / 2-12-81 previously from South Africa, worked at different localities in Rhodesia then settled at Enkledoorn in 1920 where he was self employd as a builder / contracter, generally on his own but at times with a partner.. In 1929 Britz and partner van den Berg built the Enkeldoorn Garage and about the same period, Britz and partner van Helsdinging (? Raymond Eagar ? Goss)) built the original Enkeldoorn Hotel, later expanded and known as Vics Tavern. Britz and Johanna resided in Ferreira town, Plots along the South East of Enkeldoorn town. except for six years when they leased a farm South of town where he ran cattle and grew crops. They had six children,
Johanna Sophia 14-11-13
Anna Magdalena 3-7-15 x Rudolph Johannes Pieterse van den Bergh 26-10-
10/13-9-48 4c
Pieter Johannes Andries 16-3-19
Jacobus Ignatius 1-8-21
Johanna Susanna 27-6-23 x Petrus Marthinus van Rooyen 2c
Benjamin Daniel 8-10-31
After school the children all left Enkeldoorn to fend for themselves, only Johanna Susanna returned to live when in 1945, she x Petrus Marthinus (Paul) van Rooyen, a motor mechanic who had just returned from overseas war service (World War 2). (see van Rooyen) After Paul's death Johanna van Rooyen worked as Matron at the Peter Brocklehurst Foundation Home for the Aged. They had 3c
Diederik Daniel x Petronella Catharina Harmse
Willem Josephus Jacobus Petrus 14-11-20
Michael Jan Marthinus x Elizabeth Johanna Halgryn
Maria Johanna 10-9-24
Jacobus Jan Johannes x Susanna Christina Elizabeth Barendina Botha Susanna Christina Elizabeth Barendina 14-6-25
Johannes Willem x Hester Susanna Steyn Johannes Willem 30-3-50
Pieter Arnoldus 19-11-53
Stephanus Johannes x Elsie Johanna Coetzee he farmed on Seacombe about 1954
child -56 Frederik 22-6-60 Mariette 6-5-66
BROCHLEHURST Peter Orme 5-9-1886 / ?-4-1977 x (July 1917) Marie Johnson nee Guillonard, widow of Percy Johnson who was killed in action at Gallipolle Peter grew up on the farm "The Spinney" near Belvoir Castle, South of London. He was educated at Eton. He served in the first World War as an officer and cavalry instructor. He enjoyed travelling and after deciding to settle in the Tropics he came to Rhodesia. He farmed for a while on Chaka, Fort Victoria, then bought a number of farms totalling over 30 000 acres South of Enkeldoorn, which he named collectively, Belvoir Spinney. In the late 1960 s he decided to reduce his holdings but kept 22 000 acres as Belvoir Spinney.
His farming activities included cattle, horses, grain crops, sheep and pigs. With a manager, he also produced tobacco on Chigaro. He was keen on irrigation but his personal preference was Livestock. In addition to ranching, he had Stud herds of various breeds but at the end his favourite Herefords, was the only breed. He imported Herefords from the United Kingdom but also bought from Colonal Heyderman who introduced the polled Hereford to this country. When Peter died his Poll Hereford herd was the oldest registered Poll Hereford herd in Southern Africa. He firmly believed that, no matter what the breed is, "If you treat your animals well, they will treat you well". After experimenting with various breeds for ranching, he settled for a cross of the Hereford and Afrikander breeds. He was a noted horse trainer and loved his horses. An outstanding horseman, fond of showing his excellent horses and riding skills. He took part in Gymkhana events and his visits to town, with companions, on horseback were occsions for making a show that was appreciated by onlookers. Latterly, his favourite horse was known as almost impossible to control, yet, under him, behaved perfectly.
Peter was a big man, robust, with a strong voice, energetic and dominant by nature. A natural leader with a keen sense of humour called "Mahleka" meaning "He who laughs" by his workers, a name by which he became known in the area.. He was a socialite, took part in all social activities and was popular, particularly with the ladies The local community organised a once a year, week-long outing at Orions Drift on the Sebakwe river, where he was accepted as the leading personality.
Peter Brocklehurst was reputed to be a wealthy man and known for his open purse. Persons in temporary need were readily assisted with the over-riding condition that repayment on due date was expected. In the business world he was known as a man of his word and accounts were never allowed to become overdue. He was at all times a hard worker and also played hard, never a drinker but regularly enjoyed a beer as being both refreshing and nutricious.
Marie Brocklehurst was a quiet, sophisticated lady, admired and liked by all who knew her, always well dressed and well spoken in a French accent, to the end. She was fluent in French and used to read French literature. Marie and Peter had no children but Marie's one Grandson, David, changed his name from Johnson to Brocklehurst and was thereafter known as David Brocklehurst. Marie died in 1959, was cremated and the ashes scattered on Belvoir Spinney.
At a public meeting held on 18-4-1973, the "Peter Brocklehurst Foundation" was established and a "Home for the Aged" was built. This was made possible by an extremely generous donation of 40 000 Dollars received for the purpose, from Peter Brocklehurst. The donation was followed by futher equally generous donations.
In April 1977, a few months short of his 91st. birthday, Peter was walking on the pavement in Salisbury when he colapsed and died from a heart attack. He was cremated and the ashes scattered on Belvoir Spinney.
David x Susanna Benade 11-2-51 David was born Johnson, the grandson
of Marie Brocklehurst, He changed his name to Brocklehurst and farmed on Belvoir Spinney after his Step-grandfather Peter Brocklehurst died. He served for many years on the Peter Brocklehurst Foundation, Management Committee. He was an active member of the local Gymkhana Club. They left the area.
BRODERYK Jan single pre 1895
BROLI Maria Paulina Kruger x Francois Jacobus Brandt 2c
Lucas Cornelius was an Anglo / Boer war P.O. W. on Celon. He died after
Willem Johannes x Elizabeth Barwise 1c
Lucas Cornelius x Martha Louisa du Toit
b1 Joachim Johannes x Hester Maria van der Merwe
Family left soon after arrival settled on Rocklands near Chatsworth. Joachem
was blacksmith
and built wagons and scotchcarts. A respected and earnest Church Elder.
c1 Hester died young
c2 Martha Louisa 1915 x Johannes Jacobus Steyn (Deacon Enkeldpprn Church)
c3 Hester Maria x Zacharias Prinsloo not local 0c
c4 Anna x Karel Pistorius not local
c5 Lukas Cornelius 5-12-23 x Hendrina Schoonveldt (he XX Anna Edwards nee
Joubert) left
d1 Joachem Johannes x Lorraine
d2 Rhoda Veronica
d3 twin Johannes
d4 twin Lucas
d5 Petrus Jacobus
d6 children not local
c6 Petrus Jacobus x Rosemary nee ? left area
c7 ?
c8 Nel x Nellie ? Gert was old established settler (Nellie still living 2003 at 110
Teachers included Kate Pistorius and Miss Jones.
b2 Andries Petrus Jacobus x Lacia Susanna Venter
c1 Lukas Cornelis 1918 x Christina Susanna Lamprecht 1921
d1 Andries Petrus Jacobus 5-12-38
d2 Catharina Margaretha 23-5-42
d3 Jan Christiaan 3-7-44
d4 Lukas Cornelis 29-7-47
d5 Lasyja Susanna Cecilia 20-10-52
c2 Andries Petrus Jacobus x Isabella Susanna Bester 13-4-24 (she XX Roelof
Bosman 2c)
Andries Petrus Jacobus 9-12-44
c3 Philippus Johannes 23-3-30 x Johanna Gertruida van Schalkwyk
d1 Gertruida Johanna 5-10-56
d2 Cecilia Lasya Susanna 22-12-58
d3 Dina Paulina 29-5-61
d4 Philippus Johannes 15-4-65
c4 Jan Jacobus 21-3-32
b3 Gertruida Johanna (Kleinkind) x Jan Daniel Francois Joubert 1c Left the
b4 Cornelia Magdalena x Willem Jacobus Smit 1c
b5 Rudolph Johannes (Roelf) x Johanna Jacomina Adlam (her XX the x F.J.W.
Rudolph Johannes 28-6-37
Josef Hector 11-4-39
Lukas Cornelis 14-2-4?
The family consisting of:
Joachem Johannes x Hester Maria van der Merwe and children and Jan Joubert. Andries Petrus Jacobus x Lacis Susanna Venter and children
Rudolph (single) with their widow mother and single sisters Kleinkind and Cornelia Magdalena
The three brothers each with his own wagon in the company of
Petrus Stephanus van der Merwe and wife Hester Maria Nel (parents in law of Joachem) and children
travelled by four mule wagons, twelve mules to the team. From Middelburg Transvaal. Arrived at Fort Victoria in 1927, then proceeded to the farm of Jim Wheeler a cousin of Stephanus near Featherstone.
Joachem and family moved immediately to Rocklands, joined Jan du Plessis (railways employee) near Chatsworth, he was blacksmith and built wagons and scotch-carts. children attended Loader fatm school , teachers included Kate Pistorius and Miss Jones boarding with Gert Jacobus Cornelius Nel x Nellie nee van der Merwe (not related). Gert Nel was well established settler (Nellie at 100 plus, still living 2003). They also attended Loudia school as boarders headmaster Swart teacher Miss van der Walt.
Andries Petrus x Lacia Susanna Venter stayed in area. He was Church Elder farmed on ?
Rudolph still sigle stayed in area farmed on ? both farms towards Beatrice. Johanna Frederika 1923
Andries Petrus Jacobus x Lacia Susanna Voster 2c Johannes George x Jacoba Wilhelmina Jordaan Child 1-2-39
Willem Johannes x Elizabeth Barwise
Jan Bernardus Christoffel 8-4-19 David x Susanna Benade 11-2-51
Hendrik Coenraad Steynberg x Catharina Johanna Coetzee Hester 25-10-74
Ronel 21-11-84
BROUGHTON William Norman x Margaretha Magdalena Jacomina Hoffman Marie Yvonne Faith 10-4-41
BROWN Helena x Johannes Jurgens Hamman 1c
BRUCE family farmed on Knockbelt after Hart family
Christina Susanna x Casper Hendrik Jordaan 3c Lourens Daniel x Margaretha Francina de Bruin
Lourens Daniel 12-5-14
Nicolaas Daniel Johannes 23-8-17 Catharina Magdalena 7-4-22 Maria Susanna 9-9-23 Margaretha Francina 17-9-27
Maria Susanna 16-6-32 x Schalk Willem Meintjies 9-9-23 Catharina Margaretha x Petrus Johannes van Biljon 6c
Aletta Johanna Wilhelmina x Cornelius Gerhardus Ewerts Greyling 4c Carolina Jean x Jan Bastiaan Kirstein 14-1-1958 1c
BRYDEN Kerry Jane x Christoffel O'Neill (his X)
BRYTENBACH Johan Hendrik x  ?
Christiaan Joseph x Rachel Johanna le Roux
Anna-Marie 16-10-58
Casparus Johannes Jacobus Gerhardus x Maria Magdalena Bezuidenhout 1937
George Gerard 31-7-57
Linda Marie 20-9-59
Johan Frederik 16-11-62
BULCRAIG Morgan Ellis Bulcraig x Martha Aletta Smit 20-6-50
Josephine Muriel x Willem Hendrik Karsten 1c
Sandra Edith x Carl Hendrik Frederik 24-4-41 Boonsaier 1c
Chum x ?? employed as Overseer by Featherstone Road Council
Rocky x Anna Maria (Tick) Odendaal 8-4-1933 / 28-11-1991 (her xxx)
BUTTERY Madge Brazier x Pieter Jacobus Kolbe 1c
Anna Margaretha Francina x Willem Adriaan Jacobus Oosthuizen 1c
Maria Jacoba Magdalena x Barend Johannes Marthinus Bezuidenhout 1c (-31)
Hendrina Cecilia x Petrus Francois Johannes Erasmus 1c
Lenora Marlene x Albertus Herman du Toit 3c
Elizabeth Catharina x Nathan Elia Berkowitz 15-8-46 2c
Jacobus Johannes from Ermelo in 1935
BURNS Catherine Jean x Jan Batiaan Kirstein 1c
Josephine Muriel x Willem Hendrik Karsten 1c
Sandra Edith x Carel Hendrik Frederik Boonzaaier 24-4-41 1c
BUSHNEY Martha Johanna x Johan Antonie Alexander Vermaak 1c
BUYS Johanna Margaretha Roma x ? 40 Johan Christiaan Welman Erasmus 3c!
Alexander Kenneth known as Ken and his brother Donald were born in South Africa and grew up with their parents moving from lace to place following diamond and gold ventures. The family arrived in Rhodesia via Beit Bridge.
Ken was trained and worked as a carpenter but later took to building contracting. During World War 2 he joined the army but was kept in Rhodesia doing building work for the entire war. He was a keen rugby player till he injured a knee and sufferd with a crooked and painful kee for the rest of his life.
Myra was born in Knysna, South Africa. She trained as a nurse and won the Provincial Gold Medal for her general training. She did Maternity training at the Provincial hospital, Cape Town and also did infectious diseases in the Cape. One of Myra's friends as a student nurse, was from Rhodesia where she was going out with Ken. He went to visit her but she developed measles and asked Myra to show him around till she recovered. Once he met Myra he lost interest in his former sweetheart and he and Myra married a year later
They spent the first years of their marriage moving about the country as he built in various towns. In Enkeldoorn he built among others, the old Maternity Home, the Post Office, the Magistrate's Court, the school hostels, the flats at the Police Compound , the Town Hall and the Peter Brocklehurst Foundation buildings which he did at cost, thereby making a substantial donation to the Foundation.
Myra started helping at the Maternity Home while staying at the Hotel. and spent the rest of her life helping people in the community. She had a strong religious belief which was not tied to any one church, she was a member of all churches and helped quite indiscriminately without regard to colour or creed. She taught Sunday school for many years and was known as Granny Campbell to all children. She visited all the elderly in Enkeldoorn and in particular for as long as her strength permitted, served as selector and adored councillor to the inmates at Brocklehurst Foundation.
They decided to buy a farm in the area but sold it when they bought a property from Mr. Peter Broaklehurst on which Ken built a house. They moved to the farm when their sons went to boarding school. Ken was not a farmer by temperament but bought some cattle and planted some tobacco till his son Keith took over. He continued with his building until he had a stroke which incapacitated him and affected his speech, after that he did not feel at ease in company and kept very much to his family.
Brian Alexander trained as an agronomist and worked in the Government Laboratory then after doing his Phd started his own advisory business. He is part owner of Witham Estates but has always lived in Harare.
Keith went to Avondale Junior school then Prince Edward and then Cedara Agricultural College He was Captain of rugby at both Prince Edward and Cedara. He did Terrotorial training and then drafted, started as private and ended up as Major and acting Colonel. He became a full time farmer at Enkeldoorn where he was Chairman of the ICA (Intensive Conservation Area) for many years. During the same period he was also chairman of the Enkeldoorn Social Club and vice Chair of the Farmers Association. He represented Enkeldoorn at rugby and as he grew older took to Polocrosse where he represented Zimbabwe in the Veterans section.
Jenny went to school at Leicester Road Junior school and Jeppe High, both in Johannesburg. She trained as a nurse at Greys Hospital, Pietermaritzburg, where she met Keith while he was at Cedara, She was chairman of the student nurses body. She did Midwifery at the Queen Victoria Hospital in Johannesburg. She spent a year in the U.K. and Europe and worked in Johannesburg before marrying
Keith. She worked at the Enkeldoorn Hospital and then ran family planning and
well baby clinic inoculation for eight or nine years.
Alexander Kenneth (Ken) 10-7-09 / 2-6-94 x Myra Noble 22-10-09 / 27-12-92
b1 Brian Alexander 13-2-40 x Anne Francis 2-7-41
c1 Michelle 10-11-67 x Kevin Stainton
c2 Josephine
c3 Henry
c4 Glen x Lisa Jane
d1 Harry
d2 John Oscar
b2 Keith Raymond 31-7-42 x Jenny ???
c1 Craig Kenneth 9-3-68 x Paula Sargeant ??? (divorced)
d1 Tyla Suzanne 6-2-2000
d2 Connor 1-3-2001
c2 Felicity Margaret x Marcus Reynolds
d1 Tristan Callum 3-6-96
d2 Amelia Jane 29-10-2002
CARSTONS Mr. one time bank manager
CATTON Michael Anthony x Sandra Hendrina Kok 1957
Michael Anthony 1979
Shaun Douglas 1983
CHALKLEN Jennifer x Albertus Wynand Wencke Nel 25-7-51 4c
Winnefred (Wilmina) x Jacob Letterstead Smit 23-9-19 (his XX) 1c Anna Elizabeth x Johan Christiaan Kriek 10-9-21 ( his x ) 5c Gideon Jacobus x Cecilia Maria Nel
Maria Elizabeth 22-4-25 x Johan Christiaan Kriek ( ? his xx) 2c Johanna Katarina 1-5-27
Otto Gideon 28-2-29
Willem Paulus 11-4-32
Agustus Edward 2-2-35 Martinus 25-9-45
CHOWLES Jonathan (Johnny) x Aletta Lizelle Alberts 6-12-107?
Michaela (girl) 4-9-1997
Magdalena Catharina x Abraham Frederik Stefanus Kriek 4c
Lucia Mathilda x Carl Theodorus Rabe 1c
Petrus Gerhardus x Susara Maria Sophia Volschenk
Elizabeth Magdalena 27-8-11
Elena Johanna 18-6-17
Sara Maria Sophia 19-11-23
Magdalena Elizabeth 27-3-1891/4-9-72 (not local) x ?21 Solomon Ferreira 17-7-
1895/27-5-67 5c  !
CLARKE ? x Ann Mary Dorothy Bezuidenhout d.o. Wynand Allen
Andries 1922 XX Elizabth Catharina Berkovitch nee Kruger 22-12-16 (her XX)
Pieter 1869 / 1961 x Anna Isabella nee ? 11-10-1871/12-8-46 Settled on
Vlakplaas pre 1895
b1 Gert Chistiaan 27-7-1878 / 26-11-60
b2 Hendrik Petrus 22-2-1879 / 30-10-53
b3 Pieter Jacobus 30-7-1881 / 8-9-58 x Susanna de Wet 1880 / 61
c1 Pieter Jacobus x Jacoba Elizabeth de Wet
d1 Stefanus Abraham 11-9-15
d2 Pieter Jacobus 24-4-17
d3 Daniel Rudolph 3-4-20
d4 Gert Christiaan Johannes 27-7-22
d5 Elizabeth Helena 18-8-34
b4 Stephanus Abraham 1881 / 1937 x Engela Elizabeth du Toit
owned Tweelingfontein sold it to son in law Curran
c1 Stephanus Abraham 1918 x Johanna Hendrika Mouton
XX Widow Elizabeth Catharina Berkowitz nee Kruger 22-12-
d1 Pieter Jacobus 15-9-49
b5 Gertruida Wessekia 1891 / 1975
Pieter (1881) (Vlakplaas) donated ground for the Vlakplaas School, built before
1905 Still going by 1946. Day school only, children from distant points boarded with nearby families.
Dirk Johannes x Johanna Sophia Conradina Smit Stefanus Abraham 1-11-21
Frederik Christoffel x Johanna Cornelia Susanna Brits Maria Cornelia 9-8-29
Johannes Hendrik 21-12-34 Ockert Carel Johannes 19-10-37 Frederik Christoffel 19-10-37
Johannes Hendrik x Jacobus Petrus (woman) Enslin 1911 Johannes Hendrik 6-6-32
Wilhelmina Johanna Magdalena 6-1-35
Johannes Hendrik Petrus x Maria Susanna Margaretha Elizabeth van der Merwe Sarel Johannes Jacobus 4-6-35
Elizabeth Margaretha 4-6-35 Wilhelmina Johanna Magdalena 5-8-38
Nicolaas Gerhardus Sauer x Magdalena Susanna Gertruida Johanna Steenkamp Magdalena Susanna 17-3-40
Hendrik Petrus 6-7-42 John David 5-7-45
Hendrik Petrus x Johanna Susanna Magdalena Erasmus 1922 Hendrik Petrus 7-5-40
Hendrik Petrus 1910 / 78 x Judith Johanna Bouwer 1926 Judith Johanna 13-1-43
Anna Isabella 19-2-44 Christoffel Bouwer 22-6-45
Nicolaar Everhardus Sauer 1-7-46
Magaretha Maria Dorothea 1-12-47 Elizabeth Magdalena 14-12-48 Hester Martha Aletta 19-1-51 Jacomina Elizabeth Adriana 23-11-51 Ryna Magdalena 23-11-52
Stephanus Abraham 30-10-54 Hendrik Petrus 1-9-59 Robert James 28-11-65
Jacobus Ignatius 1924 x Helena Elizabeth Kruger 1-7-30 Pieter Jacobus 2-6-51
Abraham van Wyk x Johanna Adriana Erasmus 1925 Lenske Meryna 5-8-50
Gert Christiaan Johannes x Sarah Maria Hamman Pieter Jacobus 26-5-51
Elizabeth Jacoba 17-4-53
Johannes Jurgens 29-4-54
Martin Johan x Elizabeth Wilhelmina Prinsloo Elsie Sofina 14-12-55
Hendrik Petrus x Petronella Christina Drodsky Hendrik Petrus 31-7-65
Stephanus Abraham x Jennifer Ann Powell Marie Louise 9-1-78
Christiaan David 13-8-79
Andries Johannes Cloete x Louisa Maria Catharina Lamprecht 2c Jeanetta Catharina Fredrika x Henry Pieter Enslin 1c
Maria Johanna x Jacobus Johannes Hoffman 1c Maria Magdalena x Gert Kruger 1c
Maggie Margaretha x Essias Reinier van Helsdingen 1c
Elizabeth Magdalena x Robert Henry Frederik Aachman 1911 2c
Engela Elizabeth Helena x Stanley Arthur Curren 4c
Elizabeth Magdalena x Michael Christoffel Steyn 1c
Dawn Babette x Bernardus Hermanus Marais 2c
Johanna Sophia x Gordon Morison Coomer 2c
Myra Elizabeth x Herculaas Solomon Nel 1c
Judith Johanna x Coenraad Christoffel Kloppers 3c
Henrietta x Johan George Wasserma 1c
Elizabeth Helena 1919
Elizabeth Magdalena 1914
Louisa Maria Catherina 24-7-1924 / 23-1-1975
COBLENZ Mark a hardware dealer
COCKLIN Charlotte Robertha Maria x Henry Wray 4c
COETZEE family gtoup ?
The Theunis family arrived before 1895
Kemdrik Schalk x Maria Petronella Conradie
Hesyn (?) Petrus 12-1-10
Martha 14-11-11
Jacobus 8-10-14
Pieter Johannes 29-8-1878 / 16-8-1923 x Petrusina Carolina Olivier (from Barclay
Ada 10-9-10
Alexander 30-9-12
Petruzina Carolina Olivier 27-5-19
Theunis Gert x Claudina Petronella Johanna de Beer
Theunis Gert 17-7-22 x Jacoba Maria Lamprecht 4-4-27
Cornelia Maria Magdalena 11-7-49
Theunis Gert 1-10-51
Johannes Gerhardus x Louisa Fredrika van Greunen
Heroulina Johanna 25-8-25
Louisa Fredrika 12-4-28
Barend Jacobus 4-10-34
Thomas Gert x Jacoba Maria Lamprecht
Cornelia Maria Magdalena 11-7-49
Theunis Gert 1-10-51
Theunis Gert x Claudina Petronella Johanna de Beer 1c
Hendrik Schalk 11-8-1865 / 16-2-1950 x Maria Petronella Conradie 29-7-1868 / 3-7-1954 !
arrived 1909 from Potchefstroom Transvaal trek? and settled on Riversdale farm where he produced wheat. Hendrik was a big man, exceptionally strong and very bad tempered while Maria was the opposite and very even tempered. Both died on the farm. Hendrik established the Riversdale school. They had 18 children, one died an infant,the last four were born in Rhodesia.
b1 Christina Johanna 15-5-1886 / 5-6-1914 x Hendrik Andries Gagiano (he xx Bester) 3c
Farmed on Kwesfontein A, she died. He sold to Schalk Rinke and left the area.
b2 Theunis Gert 21-6-1887 / 27-4-1971 x Elizabeth Margaretha (Ousus) Odendaal
they farmed on Nuwejaarsfontein, then left area. Hendrik Schalk 2-6-10 x Anna Susanna du Toit
Anna Susanna 4-11-31
Theunis Gert 17-11-35
Josua Petrus Cilliers 3-11-11
Elizabeth Margaretha 27-5-14
Theunis Gert 27-3-16 (woman) x Ignatius Wilhelmus van Zyl 1c Adriaan Erasmus 8-6-19
Maria Petronella 10-4-22 x Johannes Jacobus Botha 1c
Christina Johanna 5-12-25 x Johannes Laimprecht 22-8-22 2c
b3 Hendrik Schalk (Kallie) 1-2-1888 / 25-2-25 x Anna Maria Odendaal left the
Hendrik Schalk 12-9-11
Josua Petrus Cilliers 19-6-13 x Annie Helena O'Neill
Hendrik Schalk Richard 18-1-33
Theunis Gert 4-6-15
Jan Hendrik 30-11-17
Wynand Willem 19-7-20
Petronella Cornelia 29-7-22
b4 Wynand Willem (twin) 7-6-1890 / 7-1-1970 x Aletta Elizabeth Johanna Dreyer
farmed on Glenfillen then moved towards Beatrice leaving the area.
Hendrik Schalk 23-11-14
Theunis Frederik 18-5-18 x Cecilia Johanna Nieuwenhuizen
Martha Elizabeth 18-6-46 x Josef Frank Struckle 2c
Aletta Elizabeth 5-12-48
Cecilia Johanna 9-1-51
Wynand Willem 13-12-53
b5 Adriaan Erasmus (twin) 7-6-1890 / 3-6-17 he did not mary
b6 Cathrina Gloudina 4-6-1893 / 10-1-127 x Albertus Frank le Roux 6c farmed on
b7 Martinus Pieter 25-8-1894 / 25-6-75 x Tjaartina Nicolaasina van der Walt 3-10-
1907 / ?2000
They farmed on Uitval next to Riversdale.
They had two daughters The daughters attended Riversdale and
Liebenberg schools.
Emerencia Fredrika (Irene) 18-6-24 x Russel Vivian Gardiner 1911 / 1981 2c
XX George Potgieter. 4-11-24 (his XX) 0c !
Maria Petronella (Koekie) 17-4-27 x Stapels left area
b8 Hendrik Schalk Theunis (Henk) 7-3-1896/28-3-35 x Lydia Magdalena du Toit
from Verseilles
farmed on Tradeau where Henk died
Hendrik Schalk 31-1-23
Louisa Hosea 7-7-26
Maria Petronella 3-5-31
b9 Maria Petronella (Miem) 21-9-1897/10-11-62 x Wietske van Zyl farmed on
Riversdale 1c
b10 Son died an infant
b11 Cornelia Johanna (Corrie) 3-5-1902 / 31 8 55 x Jacob Johannes Rohm left the
area 3c
b12 Hester Helena 9-5-1903 / 20-4-1977 x Frederick Johan Dreyer 5c
b13 Theunis Gert (woman) 26-4-1905 / 11-5-1981 x Willem van Zyl 4c
b14 Wilhelmina Christina (Baby) 14-11-1907 x Frederik Francois de Wet 4c on
b15 Alwyn Petrus 12-1-1910 / 16-6-1964 x Victoria Gloria Fick
Gloria Coetzee (nee Fick) died (thrown out when car door opened while
b16 Martha 14-11-1911 / 5-2-1984 x Rupert Goosen left the area
b17 Jacobus (Koos) 8-10-1914 / 21-10-1978 x Anna Magdalena Brits 29-4-13
Hendrik Schalk 17-7-41
Son ?
Daughter ?
Jacobus inherrited Riversdale but had no desire to use it and sold it in
subdivisions to Russel
Gardiner, the son in law of his brother Martinus Pieter ,(two thirds) and Weitz van Zyl .
Russel Gardiner subsequently bought van Zyl's share thereby owning the original farm .
b18 Hendrik Schalk -1915
Mathian (Matie) x Elsie Petronella van der Merwe  ? 1894
Christoffel Bernardus 1918 x Esmie Devine
Mathian 19-5-21 x Engela Helena Steyn
Johannes Gerhardus Frederik 22-9-45
Maria 29-3-25 x Hendrik Bekker
Benjamin x Hester Petronella van der Merwe
child 31-3-52
Benjamin 19-1-29 x Elsie Hendrika Jacoba Lock
Mathian Daniel 25-3-52
Hendrik Willem 6-11-53
Benjamin 11-8-60
Matie x Elsie van der Merwe arrived 1910 , travelling with Elsie's family group who came from Natal They travelled by train to Umvuma and by oxwagons to the farm and settled on Crystal. Matie was known for his great strength and sense of humour with a love for practical jokes, he was also easily moved to tears when sad or happy.
As a Boer Prisoner of War on Hawkins island, part of the Bermuda group, a collegue later told of his escapades of which are recounted, whenever there was a change of guard personnel he would, with their first roll-call parade, on the command "Fall In" run to the nearest point of the see and with gusto fall into the sea, then solemnly declare that he was merely obeying a command. The camp punishment centre was a barbed wire enclosure on the island and Matie had the reputation of being its mosrt frequent inmate, invariably following a prank that discomfited the authorities.
Matie was an excellent horseman and known to be fearless and often swam in flooded rivers. He refused to bath indoors, doing his ablutions in the nearest river and as he got older he would have a servant squirt water from a hosepipe over him.
Anna Elizabeth x Jacob Francois van der Merwe 1c Miem Coetzee x Willem van Zyl
Johanna Jacomina x Samuel Botha 2c
Lucia Susanna x Wessel Petrus de Klerk 3c
Claudina Petronella Johana x Nicolaas Johanne Jacobus Combrink 1c Maria Ellen x Petrus Marais 5c
Elsie Johanna x Stephanus Johannes Brits 2c
Johanna Cecilia x Johannes Jacobus Blignaut 1933 1c Catharina Johanna x Hendrik Coenraad Steynberg Bronkhorst 2c Elizabeth Margaretha 1914
Engela Elizabeth Helena 1917 Martha Johanna 1918 Johanna Susanna Sophia 1938
servant hose him down behind a hessien screen. GROUP 3
Daniel Cias x Hester Petronella van der Merwe Nicolaas Johannes 3-7-49 x Iona Ethel Olivier 2c
Anneline 27-3-84 Daniel Cias 26-9-86
Carel Jacobus 28-12-50 x Alta Lamprecht 29-4-69 Andries Daniel 30-8-89
Maria Elizabeth 11-2-92
Carel Jacobus 23-10-97 Catharina Johanna 31-3-52 Daniel Cias 27-10-59
COLLING Alfred Benjamin 1874 / 20-2-1943 a popular Englishman with no family in the country.
COMBRINK Nicolaas Johannes Jacobus x Claudina Petronella Johanna Coetzee Johan Hendrik 2-2-20
Maria Petronella 29-7-1868 / 3-7-54 x Hendrik Schalk Coetzee 11-8-1865 / 16-2-50 3c
Frederick Ropes (ex U.K.) 11-6-1870 / 24-5-1950
Henry Ropes 7-8-10/ 13-7-95 x Olive Hardwick 4-10-1911 / 2-5-1997 Henry previously in the police then owned the Enkeldoorn Hotel. Farmed on Versailles after R. Bosman. They left the area
COOL Doctor in Enkeldoorn
COOMER Gordon Morison x Johanna Sophia Cloete
June Elizabeth 15-1- 55
Susan 2-2-63
COPPENHAGEN Susanna Magdalena x Pieter Willem van Graan 1c CORNWELL Peter known as Fred 27-12-27 / 13-5-92 x Grace Margaret ?? 8-6-
26 / 7-9-97
Public Works employee then established the well known Freds Butchery. daugter ? x Kevin Paynter !
CORNISH Hubert Arthor (B.S.A.P.) 1891 / 9-5-1916
Jan Hendrik 1888 x  ??
Daniel Christiaan x Adriana Maria Lemmer
Pieter 12-2-26
Bertie x Magdalena Hendrina (Lena) Benade
Caroline Bernadine 14-5-1960 x Jacobus Retief Benade 24-10-1957 1c
Gesina Magdalena x Willem Johannes Steyn Davel 1c
Rev. Arthur Shearly, an Anglican, known as Baba Cripps. He was a well known and revered member of the community. where he served as teacher, preacher and Councillor, ignoring as trivial such matters as Race or Religious beliefs. An outstanding feature of his character as remembered by those who knew him, was his humility. He administered to the regional Mashona and in all activities shared with them at their level. He scorned the easier life that he could have enjoyed and refusing to use transport in any form, regardless of the weather or disamce, visiting the sick and needy..he walked, wherever he had to go He Founded the Maranda Mshawa mission. He was buried in hilly country near the Missopn .where a stone-walled Shrine serves the local Anglican community in the observance of their religious festivals.
CRONJE Christoffel Jacobus x Aletta Maria Human
Daniel 4-5-37
CULVER Archibald Stanley 1891/ 3-9-1967 x ? they owned Farm Supplies
?? x Isabella Magdalena van Niekerk 12-5-13
Ethel Cummings x James Wheeler 1894 / 4-7-35 0c
Stanley Arthur x Engela Elizabeth Helena (Betsie) Cloete d.o. Fanie Cloete farmed on Tweelingfontein
Andries Johannes 2-9-22 x Louisa Maria Catharina Lamprecht 30-7-24 / 23-1-75 Cornelia Maria 3-12-44
Stephanus Abraham 17-4-47
Clive x Anna Christina Dreyer 4-9-38 / 16-12-97 Perville Dudley 11-6-47
Ian Arthur x Petronella Francina Lock 30-4-48 ! Graeme 17-6-70
Clive was better than average at most sports. He was an enthuastic member of the community and active in responsible positions as recorded elsewhere.
They had 2 sons and 2 daughters, educated at Liebenberg and Chaplin. Other cildren of Stanley and Betsie left the area.
DALY Mike x Dalene van den Berch 19-10-55 (she XX Adrian Sheasby) ! Leigh 24-3-75 x Dorian Evans 14-4-1975
Sidney (girl) 11-3-77
Catharina Dorothea Davel x Hendrik Johannes du Toit 1c
Jacoba Elizabeth x Frederik Albertus Nel 1c
Martha Helena Johanna x Jacobus Nicolaas Roussouw 5c
Willem Marthinus x Helena Elizabeth Pretorius
Helena Elizabeth 26-9-18
Martha Maria Magdalena 30-11-20
Elbert Lukas Steyn x Judith Sara Wilhelmina Davel
Martha Magdalena Maria 24-7-20
Judith Susanna Wilhelmina 19-2-25
Gabriel Pieter x Martha Margaretha Haasbroek
Michiel Carel 20-4-31
Willem Johannes Steyn x Gesina Magdalena Cremer
Jan Lodewyk Willem 22-1-35
DAVENPORT Mr. 1929 / 34 a teacher at Liebenberg School
Daniel Solomon 7-7-1905 / 24-12-1915
Dulcie Agnes 16-11-1911 / 16-7-1960
Sheila Elaine x Rudolph Johannes van den Bergh 19-12-34 2c
Catharina Elizabeth x Karl Petrus Snyman 2c
Tania Ann 2-2-67 x Vernon Neil Kok 23-12-65 2c
Rachel Jacomina Johanna x Cilliers Johannes Viljoen 1c
Daniel Beltzaser 1884 / 1961 x Maria Catharina Houptfleisch 1875 / 1962 (farmed on Orange)
Elise Petronella Helena 27-6-15 Johannes Gerhardus 1916
Jan Hendrik x Anna Catharina Jacobs Jan Hendrik 6-1-23
Martha Sophia Christina 17-12-24
DEVENIE Miss 1929 / 34 a teacher at Liebenberg School
Henrietta Cornelia x Johannes Hendrik Kruger 1c
Anna Susanna x Cornelius Petrus Johannes Ryneke 1c
Stefanus Ignatius x Hester Fredrika Ferreira
Susanna Elizabeth 14-5-10
Stefanus Isias 1--12-12
Bridget Elizabeth 24-7-16
Johanna Catriena x Hermanus Gerhardus (Maans) Kok 7-7-1894 / 3-11-39 5c
Anna Johanna Marie x Marthinus Johannes Kok 2c
Pieter Cornelius Johannes 27-10-1897 / 3-10-79 x Elizabeth Magarita Erasmus 26-9-
04 / 3-12-74 Town Butchers.and cattle inspecter
Esme x Christoffel Bernardus Coetzee 1918
DICK Martha 13-6-1961 / 13-11-1998
DICKSON Joan Russel x Frederik John Maughan 1c
Johanna Susanna Christina x Johannes Christiaan Briedenhann 3c
Maria Gertruida x Pieter Ernst Wepener 1c
David Thomas Cornelius Jacobus
Petrus Gerhardus x Gertruida Cornelia Lourens
Marthinus Gerhardus 1911
Magdalena Catharina 1914
Dirkie Cornelia 1916 x Paul Johannes Pretorius 2c
Christoffel Petrus 2-2-18
Matthys Johannes x Magdalena Susanna Steenkamp
Gertruida Johanna Cornelia 10-9-29
Ryna Magdalena 17-6-31
Willem George x Maria Johanna Koorts
Anna Johanna 14-7-33
Theunis Gert 4-9-34
Willem Gert 29-12-35
Luitha Davina (Dawn) Dippenaar x Jacobus Hendrikus Lombard 3c
Dalene x Thomas Mathews Lambart 2c
Daniel Philippus x Anna Elizabeth Beswick
Amelia 30-8-29
Michiel Christoffel 29-5-31
Dina Johanna Jacoba 15-10-33
Annie Elizabeth 17-4-38
Susara 22-2-41
Maria 22-2-41
Daniel Philippus 14-10-48
Willem Hendrik x Sarah Elizabeth Christina Odendaal left area
Michiel Christoffel 27-3-35 / 13-1-1990
Jeanetta Maria 23-7-36
Dirk Cornelius 2-5-42
Dina Johanna Jacomina 8-7-50
DONING Achley ?-1-1940 / 3-8-1940
DOUGLAS Cas x Anna Magdalena Kirton 23-9-55
Ancestor Thomas Frederik Dreyer born in Holstein Germany on 24-8-1727 arrived at the Cape of Good Hope in 1768 .
Thomas Frederik 6-9-1860 / 7-3-1934 x Anna Elizabeth Schoutz 26-11-1862 / 26-9-1937. !
They came from Wolmaransstad, Western Transvaal. and arrived in Rhodesia in 1910. They farmed near Marandellas till about 1917 when they moved to Enkeldoorn and settled on Kwesfontein B. Kwesfontein B was later sold to
schalk Rinke snr
They had 12 children of whom 4 daughters and 2 sons were still with them at
b1 Lukas Ignatius (died and renamed b12) 21-7-1881 / ?
b2 Johan Frederik Rheinhart 5-3-1883 x Petronella Johanna Marthina du Toit
Johan Frederik Benoni 2-7-13
b3 Thomas Frederik 13-11-1884 x ??
c1 Thomas Frederik 1927 x Catharina Maria Stoltz
d1 Frederik Johan 22-1-50 x Maria Joubert
e1 child -73
e2 ? ?
e3 Frederik Johan Joubert 3-5-83
e4 Riaan 2-10-94
d2 Jan Adriaan 1-3-54
d3 Elizabeth Johanna 3-7-55
d4 Hester Helena 14-5-60
d5 Catharina Maria 12-7-62 x Ernst Avery 4c
b4 Solmon Jacobus 18-1-1887 x Susanna Margaretha Alida Nel
Catharina Maria 7-3-11
Frederik Ignatius 7-7-19
Johannes Frederik 13-1-21
Magdalena Petronella Catharina 13-6-22
b5 Anna Christina (died and renamed b11) 6-10-1888 / ?
b6 Francina Elizabeth 27-5-1890 / ?
b7 Aletta Elizabeth Johanna 8-3-1893 x Wynand Willem Coetzee 7-6-1890 / 7-1-70
b8 Issabella Fredrika (Bella) 13-12-1894 / ? died young
b9 Frederik Johan (Frikkie) 4-10-1896/9-10-81 x Hester Helena Coetzee 9-5-
farmed on Steenbok then moved to Kameellaagte.
c1 Maria Petronella 6-11-22 / 22-12-82 x Dirk Renier van Rooyen 8c
c2 Thomas Frderik 10-6-24 x Catharina Maria (Tina) Stolz from Salisbury
d1 Frederick Johan 22-1-1950 x Maria Joubert (G-Grand-Daughter of Josef
e1 Rachel Cornelia 23-1-1973 x Erns Nieuwoudt
e2 Hester Helena 2-10-1981 / 2-10-1981
e3 Frederick Johan Joubert 5-5-1983
e4 Riaan 2-10-1994
d2 Jan Adriaan 1-3-54 x Maryann Botha
e1 Adele 2-6-1980
e2 Thomas Frederick 29-12-1982
d3 Elena Johanna 3-7-1956 x Pieter Jacobus Jacobs 2c
d4 Hester Helena 14-5-1960 x Warren Abrams 2c
d5 Catrina Maria 12-6-1962 x Ernst Avery 4c
d6 Petronella Elizabeth 20-7-1966 x Keith Wilson 2c
c3 Aletta Elizabeth 29-11-1927 / ?-4-1997 x Jacobus (Jimmy) Nel left area
c4 Hester Helena 3-3-1931 / 26-10-1985 x Willem Petrus van der Merwe
Both left
area before marriage (2 s 3d)
c5 Anna Christina 4-9-1938 / 16-12-1997 x Clive Currin 4c
B9 Frederick bought Steenbok where in 1951 his son c2 Tom joined him. Their farming outgrew the size of Steenbok and it was sold. In 1953 they jointly bought and with their families, moved to Kameellaagte where they farmed till 1963, meanwhile Tom bought Antelope from Lombaard to expand their farming operations with both homesteads on Kameellaagte. In 1963 Tom with his family left the area for the Gatooma district. In 1964 the farms were sold to Clive Curran and Frederick joined his son Tom at Gatooma. Hester died in 1977 followed by Frederick in 1981. In 1982 Tom sold at Gatooma, bought Mexico from Wessel Kirstein and with his family moved back to the Enkeldoorn area where Tina served the D.R.C. Vrouediens as Chair-person. Tom and Tina
finally left the Enkeldoorn area in 2001.
b10 Susanna Sacharia (Molly) 29-11-1898 x Gideon Francois Benade 7c
b11 Anna Christina 30-5-1906 x Pieter Willem Koen left area 3c
b12 Lukas Ignatius 14-7-1909 x Gesina Jordaan Left the area
The last 6 accompanied their parents to Enkeldoorn, the others did not come to
Frederick (Frik) Dreyer 22-1-1950 x Rachel Jacoba Hester Adlam 12-2-33 (her
XX) 0c
Nicolaas Jacobus de Wet x Henrietta Maria Faber
William Thomas 13-10-74
Karen 18-3-77
Sarah Margaretha Jocomina 1931
DOHERTY Mr. and Mrs. Store keepers (Uncle of Buck Rogers
DRODSKY Petronella Christina x Hendrik Petrus Cloete 1c
DUCLADIERE Piere 2-12-66 x Elizabeth Amanda Erasmus 15-4-66 (to New
Jayde 10-6-92
Henri 27-6-97
DUMFORD ? died 1965 x Johanna Jacomina Elizabeth (Annie) Adlam
children Ted died in Capetown Joseph (in Durban) and daughter (nurse
DUPONT Clifford Walter 6-12-1905 x  ??? Studied Law at Cambridge and
practiced in London,. he served in the Royal Artillery during World War 2 Came to Rhodesia in 1948 From 1958 to 1862 he was Federal Member of Parliament for Fort Victoria. 1962 to 1964 he represented Charter in the Southern Rhodesia Parliament holding several Ministerial posts. On U.D.I. in 1965 he was designated "Officer Administering the Government" and sworn in as President of Rhodesia on 16 April 1970.
He farmed on Ngesi Poort (Bonanza) producing tobacco and was prominent in local community matters..
Maria Magdalena Johanna x Petrus Stefanus Vermaak Nel 3c Martha Susanna x Jacobus Albertus Steyn 2c
Jacobus Adriaan x Cornelia Susanna Viljoen 1931 Johannes Adriaan 19-5-54
Susanna Maria 14-7-56
Kerneels Coert Durand from Beatrice area was Chief Jailer at Enkeldoorn from after World War 2 till replaced by Steven Kok.
DWINGER Carel Frederik x Johanna Dorothea Stroebel Petrus Stefanus de Villiers 9-4-16
Francis John 22-12-1883 / 3-9-1997 x Elizabeth Margaretha Erasmus (S.A.) ?/19-10-1932,
they arrived at Enkeldoorn, Rhodesia in 1914.
b1 Raymond 3-9-14 x Catharina Johanna van der Merwe (sister of Schalk) Francis John 26-8-37 x Christina Robinson
Rosanna 15-8-63 Raymond Richard 2-11-64 Edward Rose 4-2-70
Catharina Rebecca 30-8-72
Anna Catharina 8-5-39 x Andries Johannes Paulus Bondiso 1c Elizabeth Margaretha 30-11-42 x Clement Henry Tilley 3c Raymond 8-7-48
Johan Lodewyk 15-2-52 Schalk 3-11-54
b2 Christoffel (Stoffel) 22-4-1916 x Christina Schoultz Francis John x Martha Aletta Pienaar
Christopher John 28-1-72
Owen Charles x Dinah Elizabeth Heyns Helena Elizabeth 6-7-77
Owen Christoffel 9-10-79 Christina Gertruida 19-4-82
b3 Anna Christina Johanna 2-10-1919 x Schalk Willem van der Merwe 2c b4 Sarah Sophia 9-12-1925 x Phillip Kieser 2c twins
Francis John XX Hendrina Jacoba van den Berg 23-3-14 / 3-8-72 They had one child.
b5 Franciska Joan 21-5-48
Francis John Eagar of Irish ancestry and 1820 settlers, was born in the district Hoopstad in the then republic of Orange Free State. Still short of his sixteenth birthday he joined his father and older brother on commando to fight for his country against the invading British. He was one of the approximately 5 000 Boers who felt themselves betrayed when General Cronje surrendered his entire force to the British without even a pretence of resistance, considered by many as the one shameful act by a Boer Commander during the three year war. They spent the rest of the war in a P.O.W. camp in Ceylon.
Back in South Africa, Francis resumed his studies and qualified as a school teacher. His first school was in 1908, a private school along Leeurivier, he boarded with Oom Faan Swanepoel. His experiences at various schools make extremely interesting and frequently, amusing reading but is not a part of the Enkeldoorn history.
Francis gave up teaching to become a farmer but misfortune caused him to decide to move to the wilds of Northern Rhodesia with a load of grain to trade. There followed a life so full with notable experiences, including wild animals and bouts of malaria, that it begs to be told.
November 1913 he met up with Rev. Smuts from Bulawayo who was visiting members of his congregation, resident in Northern Rhodesia. By that time Francis had had enough of adventure in the wilds and accepted an offer to negotiate for a teaching post in Southern Rhodesia. He promptly left for the Free State and a visit with his parents. On 7 January 1914 he married Elizabeth Christina Erasmus.
He was offered a teaching post on the farm Mooilaagte in the Charter district. Travelling first class at the Rhodesian Government's expense he arrived at Umvuma. From there to Enkeldoorn with the Zeederberg mule coach. The Sebakwe river was high and when crossing a crocodile attached one of the mules which died on reaching dry ground.
At Enkeldoorn he was not expected and there was nobody to meet him. Mr Bezuidenhout, owner of Mooilaagte, arrived on horseback. A Mr. A. Hoffman who was going courting in the same direction, made his horse available for part of the way and borrowing a cart from Rev. Liebenberg the trio set off. At Mr. Hoffman's destination they had to borrow another horse and it was two days after arriving at Enkeldoorn, before he arrived at his new school, with classes due to start the next morning.
The school inspectors travelled by mule-drawn coaches equipped as a caravan and on arrival at a school would visit overnight, followed by the inspection the next day and another stop-over before continuing to the next school. Out of school, time was taken up by visiting and a hunt in the afternoon was normal practice.On one occasion, intent on looking for game the inspector failed to see a mud filled hole and he fell in. Back at the house, which was as general in those days, without a specific bathroom, Mrs. Eager heated water and prepared a bath under a tree secluded by hessien. Bathed and dressed in dry clothes, the inspector, thanking the lady commented that he had never before so enjoyed a bath.
Many out of class experiences warrant repeating. Francis claimed that baboons can count and by experimenting satisfied himself that the animals could count to three. The baboons were a pest in the ripening mealies. Accompanied by the Bezuidenhout father and son, they entered the land and then only two left. For as long as the third member stayed hidden in the land the baboons in the nearby hill did not approach the mealies. With four people entering and three leaving the baboons entered without hesitation. They experimented with a scarecrow made up to appear human, complete with a hat, it was partly carried into the land by two people, they left with the scarecrow hidden in the land. For several days the baboons stayed in the hills, then went in and finding the scarecrow, removed the hat.
Boarding was a problem and the Eagars decided to have their own house. During the school holidays, with the help of neighbours he built a pole and dagga house with thatched roof. They bought an iron bed with a choir mattress and two chairs, all the other furniture had to be made from box planks and bush timber.
Milk was bought at six pennies a bottle, this was considered too costly and Francis bought a cow at a price that was more than a month's salary. He later bought a second cow and they enjoyed home made butter.
The year 1914 was exceptionally wet with persistent rains and the Umniaty river constantly in flood. There were no bridges and because of the crocodiles, attempting to swim was out of the question. Everybody soon ran out of groceries. The Eagars bought wheat from a nearby farmer and had it ground by Oom Willie Steyn who owned an ox-powered mill. It took two days for Francis and a friend to fetch, convey and mill two small bags of wheat, walking, as the road was too wet for normal travel. Sugar was not a problem as they regularly robbed hives for honey. Most farmers had small hand operated grinders and grinding mealies was not a serious problem. They survived.
Travel by wagon became impossible as the wheels sank into the sodden earth and when unavoidable the body of a wagon was placed on poles that served as skid pads.
In those early days, general transport was a slow process. Horse-sickness killed many animals and even mules were not immune to the insect borne disease . The few that survived, said to be salted, were out of reach of most people and the normal was a donkey-drawn cart and on occasion oxen were used. Francis placed on record his admiration for the donkey. Throughout the early days the donkey was the main draught animal, it was immune to horse-sickness and also rinderpest. The Eagars used a donkey-cart for six years, travelling where-ever they wished to visit including a hundred mile trip. Francis and Wessel de Klerk took a business trip to Salisbury, mainly to buy themselves each a new rifle. In the Beatrice area they became bogged in the mud and for several days managed less than half a mile a day, going from antheap to antheap where they would rest on the comparatively dry ground. That trip took eight days. The accepted price for a donkey, if one became available was thirty pounds.
Shortly after moving to Change Francis was transferred to Iron Mine Hill School, away from the Enkeldoorn area. There was again the need to create a school from scratch but Francis coped and apart from the 1918 hell of the so-called Spanish flue, that killed thousands of people he recorded a contented five years before being transferred back to Enkeldoorn. At Iron Mine Hill he served on the Church Council and also assisted local people with the wording of official documents. The isolation of the area made it impossible for doctors or ministers to be on call when needed and Francis found himself called out to assist with seriously sick people and also to officiate at funerals.
The move to Ngesi was with his own wagon, built by his young brother-in-law Kosie Erasmus, but he had to buy oxen that were untrained and the seller charged him an extra ten shillings per ox for training. Despite mishaps on the road, it was a pleasure to make the move in one, with his own transport instead of being dependant on others and the problem of a split journey, by road then by train and again by road.
The Government had agreed to the establishment of Ngesi Poort school on condition that a substantial building that will permit reasonable conditions for the children, will be built. Francis convened a meeting of parents, in which category he considered himself as his eldest son was a pupil, and found them eager to assist. In the mean time he decided to personally lay the foundations to ensure that the work is properly done, he also insisted on laying the cement floor himself. His purpose was twofold, the parents inexperience and the need to ensure a termite free structure.
Francis was the Ngesi Poort school principle for 18 years, till he retired in 1939. Details of his participation in the building of a new Dutch Reformed Church in 1927 are mentioned in the chapter dealing with the church. At this point it is mentioned that he volunteered and was accepted as secretary of the Building Committee, a responsibility he carried till the final account for building costs was paid thirteen years later.
A noteworthy comment by Francis when he wrote his memoirs "The Long Road" was the comparison of the women of early settler stock and their offspring in which he blamed "Fashion" for many ills experienced by the latter, in particular the high heels on their shoes.
The Eagar family, together with neighbours held regular church services and organised a yearly Bazaar in accordance with church practice. For Nagmaal (Holy communion) they travelled the 32 miles to Enkeldoorn town by tented ox-wagon, stopping over for a night along the route. Such travel by tented ox-wagon was a particular treat for the children
The Flu epidemic of 1932 was not as severe as that of 1918 but both Francis and his wife Elizabeth fell ill as also two of their children. Elizabeth did not recover, she died on 19 October 1932. Francis was admitted to Enkeldoorn Hospital where he was seriously ill for three weeks, when discharged he was too weak to return to work and was absent on sick leave till February the following year.
On his return he found several changes with new pupils, a new matron, Mrs. Maritz and new servants. He found it difficult to adapt to the changed circumstances. His eldest son had left school and was running his section of the farm, the next two were at senior school and the youngest only six years old.
Francis bought Ngesi Poort farm and his brother-in-law Kosie Erasmus who had come with him and Elizabeth, when they first came to Rhodesia, initially farmed on part of Ngesi Poort. See Kosie Erasmus.
With his son Raymond as manager, Francis developed a wheat irrigation project of 35 Hectare where Raymond reaped 92 bags of wheat from one bag seed.
In 1939 Francis retired from teaching and settled on the farm as a full time farmer. His son Raymond moved to town where he established a business as building contractor.
Francis and Kosie together bought Rusfontein, which they subdivided, by paying the owner one hundred pounds and taking over a Landbank bond of one hundred punds that was overdue on rent payments by another one hundred pounds. A Mr. Jordaan grew wheat on the Francis portion which was subsequently bought by Kosie Erasmus thereby owning the full Rusfontein.
In 1936 Francis Eagar remarried, the bride was Miss Hendrina van den Berg. In 1948 their first child, a dughter Fransiska, was born.
During a visit to Daisyfield, where Francis was on the management committee, a five year old orphan Margaret Strydom made friends with Francis and his wife. She was a charming little girl and on returning to Enkeldoorn they aked permission from the Orphanage head to take her along. Thereafter she stayed
with them as their own child, attending school at Daisyfield but staying with them for the hollidays. She married Marthinus Ferreira.
Six months before retiring Francis sold the farm and with his wife moved to the hostel as boarders.
After retiring Francis decided to move nearer town and obtained Doornkasteel, 4 miles to the north of Enkeldoorn on the Salisbury road, on a hire purchase agreement The farm was 1500 morgan and he bought it for 1500 pounds. It was an excellent cattle farm with the animals putting on weight faster and producing more milk than on the previous farm He sold 40 gallons of milk daily till the Taxman cought up with him and being unwilling to work only to be taxed, he reduced his delivery to 20 gallons
Francis took advantage of an opportunity to buy 32 adjoining plots on the town border at a very low price. Town regulations required that he build a house on the ground and his son Raymond, who was a building contractor, built the house. Raymond then proposed to his father that he Raymond take over the management of the farm and that Francis and his family move to town. Francis agreed and the move took place in 1949.
In 1954 Francis and his wife and two daughters left Enkledoorn for South Africa terminating his 40 years of active participation in the affairs of the area. Raymond Eagar and Catharina lived on the farm in their own house till they moved to town.
He took work with a building contractor Goss and qualified as a builder, he later started his own contracting business with among many others, Eagar Buildings, part of the Hotel (with a partner) He bought the Cheese factory along York Street, innitially one large room and converted it to a normal dwelling house. They had two children , Francis John and Betsie.
The family left the area.
Stoffel Eagar (22-4-1917) educated at Liebenberg and Prince Edward schools, joined the civil service, where he worked till world war two when he was called up for military service. A broken ankle during internal manoeuvres caused him to be classed unfit for overseas service and he was transferred to the local armoury where he served till the war ended.
After the war Stoffel returned to the civil service and married Christina Gertruida Schoultz, d.o. Frederick Johan and Issabel (nee Bekker) Schoultz. (22-4-1922) and bought the farm Featherstone while still in employment. He retired from the civil service in 1953 and started full time general, crops and cattle, farming on Featherstone.
In 1974 Stoffel joined the Rural Council as full-time secretary and selling the farm, moved to town He continued to serve as secretary to the various Councils and Town Boards till he retired
Stoffel and Chrissie had two children: Francis John (1944) and Owen Charles (1948)
Francis John was educated in South Africa and did not return to the area. Owen farmed with his parents for a while, then worked as Town Ranger with general responcibilities till he bought Inhoek where he farmed for himself till ne left the area in 1982.
EALES Janine Johanna ( ? Yola) Gloria x Solomon Thomas Ferreira 15-6-49 3c
EDEN VAN Francis Kate x Benjamin Jacobus Kriegler 2c
EDWARDS C.J. and wife Rebecca ? (1895 / 29-6-1977) arrived in the area in 195? and settled on Elminie along the Umyati river, accompanied by their son Eugene (Bob) who for a while helped his father on the farm then moved to part of Ngulubi. C.J. bought the butchery in town from Piet Devine about 1966 and gave up farming to run the butchery.
They were members of the Enkeldoorn club and C.J. built the bowling greens When his wife died he sold the butchery to Cornwell and left the area.
b1 Eugene (Bob) Edwards 13-3-1928 / 1981 x Edith Schaller 29-5-1933 left the area.
Louisa Jacoba x Hendrik Frederk Engelbrecht 6c
Johannes Frederik x Maria Elizabeth van Rooyen
Annie Sophia 11-11-37
ELLIOT Sylvia Alice x Dirk Uys Nel 21-10-40 2c
ELLERMAN Thomas Arnoldus 18-5-1895 / 1928 x ?
Borehole contractor, lived in town had 8 children including:
Ethel Jinny 1912 / 1928
Lena x Bull (Gert) Engelbrecht
ELLIS Gilleam Johannes x Aletta Johanna Strydom
Aletta Johanna 28-3-20
Nicolaas Casparus 6-3-25
ENGELBRECHT Martinus arrived 1895 with wife, one son and five daughters Magdalena Susanna x Johan David Steenkamp 2c
Schalk Willem Burger 1921
Petrus Marthinus x Susara Elizabeth Ferreira Violet Thora 2-3-16
Adriaan Stefanus x Jacoba Hendrina Johanna Martha Viljoen Adriaan Stefanus 30-9-16
Willem Jacobus 3-7-20
Ryna Marthina 14-5-23
Hendrik Frederik x Louisa Jacoba Eksteen Anna Sophia 4-1-17
Maryna Gertruida Maria 3-10-18 Hendrik Andries 4-8-20
Louisa Jacoba 11-12-21 Anna Johanna Maria 3-7-23
Petrus Johannes Eksteen 10-6-25
Theunis Jacobus 31-3-05 x Catharina Wilhelmina Faasen 2-2-1903 / 10-12-1952 (Her XX the x was Petrus Marthinus van Rooyen) arrived in Enkeldoorn in 1923 Theunis owned the Motor Engineering Garage till the ground was sold to the Hotel.
children Engelbrecht being Caty's children from second marriage
Nancy Adelaide 1929 x Neville Nel a Bank employee left on transfer 0c Maria Magdalena 29-6-36 x Rodney St. Quinton Ciil Sevant transferred away
Junita Hilda 27-7-39 (School teacher) x Ian ? left area after marriage
Gert (Bull) x Lena Ellerman d.o. borehole contractor
ENGELS Gideon Jacobus Rossouw x Margaretha Wilhelmina le Roux Antonie Petrus 6-6-31
Gideon Jacobus Rossouw 11-3-33
Susanna Jacoba Elizabeth x Henry Stephen Sharp 5c
Harry Pieter (woman) x Lodewyk Theodorus Ferreira 1c
Jacobus Petrus (woman) 1911 x Johannes Hendrik Cloete 2c
Margaretha Georgina 1906
Henry Peter x Jeanetta Catharina Fredrika Cloete
Gertruida Jacoba 28-9-12
George Frederik x Martha Maria Barnard
Henry Peter 12-3-19
Andries Johannes x Susanna Alida Greyling
Martina Jeanetta 9-4-28
Henry Pieter 23-8-30
ERASMUS Samuel pre 1895 Early settler, he had a large family but details of wife and children not known He settled on Vroeveld, (behind Vlakplaas). He
produced cattle and wheat
Abel 1897 / 75. Buhera road store keeper on Sabi river had wheat thrasher as
The Brothers Abel and Buck bought Mexico from Grobelaar then sold it to Tom Dreyer.
Buck bought Abercorn Ranch from the person who had bought it from Walter Hammond
Samuel settled on Jakalsbank about 1946 he was returning, by bicycle from Enkeldoorn with a bag of sugar, at the Swart river bridge he fell and was seriously injured. He died before he was found.
Anna Sophia 11-8-1902 / 28-9-1968
Elizabeth Magarieta 26-9-1904 / 3-12-74 x Pieter Cornelius Johannes Devine 27-10-
1897/ 3-10-74 2c
Johannes Andries 10-6-1905 / 8-6-1963
Johan Christiaan 5-6-1907 / 19-7-1986
Anna Maria Cornelia (nee v.d. Merwe) 1905 / 1955
Martha Susanna x Petrus Daniel Johannes Swart 2c
Martha Susanna XX Pieter Daniel Gerhardus Swart 3c
Maria Gesina x Johannes Hendrikus Barnard 15-3-13 7c
Cornelia Gertruida x Andries Johannes Botha 3c
Johanna Susanna x John Valentyne Bloem 3c
Johanna Susanna Magdalena 1922 x Hendrik Petrus Cloete 1c
Anna Catarina Gertruida x Gert Hendrik Kriek 5c
Johanna Adriana 1925 x Abraham van Wyk Cloete 1c
Annalie x Walter Gerhardus Johannes Language 2c
Leonie 2-2-69 x Jacobus Johannes Erasmus 23-4-70 2c (to New Zealand)
Jane x Coert Erasmus 1c
Piet (Petrus ?) x Ina de Klerk (? 1940)
Gert Diederik Johannes x Maria Gesina de Jager Martha Magdalena Johanna 6-5-11
Gert Diederiks Johan 1928
Abel Johannes Jacobus 1897 / 75 x Anna Cornelia Maria van den Bergh Magdalena Maria 5-11-22 x Christoffel Bernardus van der Merwe 3c Abel Johannes Jacobus 7-4-25 x Aletta Jacoba Strydom
Anna Maria Cornelia 7-3-67 Rudolph Johannes 28-10-26 Samuel 28-3-29
Johannes Jurie x Magdalena Susanna Gertruida Johanna Welman
Farmed on Chipisa 5 miles along Gutu road. Died in car accident near Warmbaths S.A.
Magdalena stayed with her son and his wife, then with them, moved to Gatooma.
Johan Christiaan Welman x Johanna Margaretha Roma Buys (from S.A.)
farmed Chipise till sold then moved to Gatooma their children :
Johannes Jurie 7-5-41
Jan Hendrik 30-8-42
Johan Christiaan 18-6-44
Magdalena Susanna 1919
Johnnes Jurie 25-4-25
Japie (? Jacobus) x Rina ?? farmed in the area and speculated with cattle
Martha (Mattie) x Henry Jacobs from S.A.
Linnes (Len) x Paul Davey from U.K. and moved to Raffingura
Ree 10-1-26 x George Frederik Potgieter 4-11-24 and left area. for Gatooma.
Jacobus Johannes 13-10-1899 / 28-9-1965 x Henrieta Carolina Lamprecht 28-2-
07 / 2-6-70
Christoffel Petrus Johannes 3-6- 29
Casparus Wilhelnus 1-4-33
Jacobus Johannes 1-10-41
Samuel Jacobus Johannes x Susanna Elizabeth van Schalkwyk
Petrus Hendrik 3-12-1922
Samuel Jacobus Johannes 24-1-24 x Susanna Elizabeth van Rensburg  !
Johannes Jacobus Frederik 8-6-46
Jacomina Fredrika 23-4-25 x Jacob Johannes Kruger 2c
Susanna Elizabeth 5-7-26
Maria Catharina Salomina 22-11-28
Coenraad Jacobus17-8-30
Jacobus Frederik 27-8-32
Aletta Johanna 11-2-35
Lourens Daniel 13-2-36
Elena Elizabeth 17-10-38
Petrus Francois Johannes x Maria Catharina Salomina van Schalkwyk
Coenraad Jacobus 27-6-29
Maria Gesina 27-6-29
Jacob Rudolph x Catharina Carolina Elizabeth Botha
Stella 27-8-35
Johannes Jurie 13-1-39
Petrus Francois x Hendrina Cecilia Burger
Anna Elizabeth 19-9-39
Samuel Jacobus Johannes x Cecilia Jacomina Anderson 1932
Ceril Stenley 17-12-49
Samuel Jacobus Johannes 27-11-52
Coenraad Jacobus 6-5-55
Lourens Marthinus x Agatha Cornelia Steyn
Lourens Marthinus 10-11-58
Rudolph Gerhardus x Aletta Clara Liebenderg
Annamarie 11-11-59
Jacobus Marthinus x Susanna Maria Nel
Daniel Jacobus 28-8-68
Amalie 22-10-69
Issabel 27-8-76
Stefanus Johannes x Magrietha Elizabeth Bester
Magrietha Elizabeth 18-3-72
Johannes Hendrik x Maureen Hazel Bailey
Janeen Margaret 24-6-73
Johannes Coert 1-9-75
Jacobus Johannes x Leonie Eramus
Jacobus Johannes 22-7- -93
Stefanus Christiaan Daniel 27-10-97
Coert x Jane Erasmus
Devan 3-6-99
ERASMUS Not related to local families
Elizabeth Margaretha Christina ?/19-10-32 x Francis John Eagar 22-12-1882 / 3-9-97 4c
Jacobus Johannes (Kosie) 13-10-1899 / 26-9-65(Brother-in-law of Francis Eagar) came to the Enkeldoorn area in January 1914 as a 15 year old schoolboy, in the care of his sister and Brother-in-law, Francis and Elizabeth Eagar, when Francis accepted a post with the Rhodesian Education Department as school teacher. The first school was on Mooilaagte where Kosie attended school.
The school was moved to Change and shortly afterwards Francis was transferred to Iron Mine Hill. Kosie accompanied his sister and brother -in -law.
Kosie did not want to proceed to senior school and having attained standard seven elected to be a farmer, he was keen to do woodwork and Francis suggested that he build a wagon, Francis bought the necessary metal parts and Kosie made the rest using bush timber. Francis was transferred back to the Enkeldoorn area to take charge of the Ngesi Poort school and the move was made easy, with Kosie's wagon and oxen Francis had acquired.
Kosie continued to live with the Eagars and when Francis bought Ngesi Poort farm, he took charge of the farming, concentrating mainly on growing wheat under irrigation.
He married Henrita Carolina Lamprecht 28-2-07 / 2-6-70.The young couple lived with the Eagars for four years before moving into their own house.
Francis was approached by the owner of Rusfontein asking for advice. He had a Farm-bank loan of one hundred pounds with overdue interest amounting to another hundred pounds which he was unable to pay. The Bank was taking posession prior to selling the farm. Francis saw it as an opportunity for Kosie to get on his own feet and proposed that they buy the farm on half shares, Kosie was glad and agreed.
They bought Rusfontein in partnership. They paid the debtor one hundred pounds and assumed responsibility for the Landbank bond obligations The move to Rusfontein was a great day for Kosie and his young wife. Moving with a wagon, built with his own hands and pulled by his own span of oxen.
Kosie grew Wheat with success, selling the crop at one pound and two shillings per bag. He later bought his Brother-in -law's share of the farm.
Jacobus Johannes 13-10-1899 / 26-9-65 x Henrietta Carolina Lamprecht 28-2-07 / 2-6-70
They had three sons, one was a lecturer in Pshycology at Bloemfontein university, another produced tobacco on his own farm at Rusapi. The third (Kobus) managed Rusfontein.
Christoffel Petrus Johannes 3-6-29 Bloemfontein
Casparus Wilhelmus 1-4-33 Rusapi
Jacobus Johannes (Kobus) 1-10-41 x Martha Sophia elizabeth Berkowitz 19-8-45
farmed on Rustfontein and other farms in the area. parents and chilren to New Zealand
Elizabeth Amanda 15-4-66 x Pierre Ducladier 2-12-66 2c
Jacobus Johannes (Kobus) 23-4-70 x Leonie Erasmus 2-2-69
Jacobus Johannes 21-7-93
Stephanus 27-10-97
Maria Francina Elizabeth x Martin William Hulbert 1c
Hester Magdalena x David Jacobus de Villiers 1c
Adolf Johannes x Johanna Maria de Klerk
Hendrik Christoffel 1-5-19
Wilhelmina Catharina 22-1-22
Gerhardus Jacobus 28-6-24
Hendrik Christoffel x Anna Catharina Maria Joubert
Maria Magdalena Elizabeth 26-7-22
EUGAL Elizabeth Maria Jacoba Eugel (?) x Sybrand Lourens van Vuuren 1c
EVANS Dorian 14-4-1975 x Leigh Daly 24-3-1975
FABER Henrietta Maria x Nicolaas Jacobus de Wet Dreyer 2c
FAASEN (brother and sister)
Catharina Wilhelmina (Caty) 2-2-03 / 10-12-52 x Petrus Marthinus van Rooyen 3c
XX Theunis Jacobus Engelbrecht 4c
Nicolaas Jacobus x Gesina Magdalena van den Berg farmed near Umvuma
Magdalena Gesina 10-4-20
Loot (Loot was reputed to be superintelligent)
Dirk Nicolaas 11-8-29
Nicolaas Jacobus 22-10-30
FARADAY Winnifred Janet x Jan Andries Rademeyer 1c
The Ferreiras of Langebaan and Gamtoos were many in number. As a consequence nicknames were used and family lines became known by those
Kort Thomas was the father of Hendrik Atties so named because as a child he had mimicked a Hottentot called Atties, he x Susanna Johanna Louwrens. They did not leave Gamtoos.
Their children, four sons : Tommie, Hendrik, Pieter Lourens and Solomon. (Solomon became known as Salman Matabele). and Daughters Martha x Hermanus Gerhardus Kok. went to Rhodesia in 1895.
Salman Matabele was a resourceful lad and when 15, delivered a wagon for a Potgieter to Barclay-East. His brothers were in Rhodesia on a business venture where they met Cecil Rhodes. They learned that Rhodes intended experimenting with Merino sheep and recommended their brother Salman for the job of transporting the 330 sheep from Humansdorp where the animals were procured in the belief that the diseases and pests were probably similar to what prevailed in Rhodesia.
The sheep were conveyed by train as far as the railhead at Mafeking and from there driven on the hoof for the remaining more than six-hundred miles. Salman walking the entire distance without a road or known landmarks, constantly under threat of predators and unfriendly inhabitants, he delivered the animals at the farm Enkledoorn, the intended destination. He received a 3 000 morgan farm as a reward.
Salman's venture with the sheep caused the family to become interested and the whole family including in-laws, decided to move to Rhodesia, in particular three brothers, Piet, Hendrik and Tommie and two brothers-in-law including Hermanus Gerhardus Kok who married sister Martha Johanna and their 5 children.
The Merino experiment was aborted as the sheep were slaughtered to feed the military forces during the Matabele and Mashona wars, where the Ferreiras excelled in the fighting to the extent that in his subsequent letter of appreciation Rhodes wrote "One Ferreira is worth more to me than an entire regiment of soldiers".
Group 1
Hendrik Atties x Susanna Johanna Lourens (Did not come to Rhodesia)
b1 Martha Johanna 1860 / 1937 x Hermanus Gerhardus Kok 1855 / 1896 7c
(Martha XX Willie Staines 0c)
b2 Tom ( ? Tommie) ( owner of Vaalkop) x daughter of Kanon Wehmeyer. She
went back
to Gamtoos for birth of secand child, while away Tommie died of Malaria. She
did not
return to Enkeldoorn Tom (Veldkornet) arrived 1895 with Ferreira trek, settled
Vaalkop where he organised the second Mashona war lager
b3 Hendrik x ?? , arrived 1895 with Ferreira trek, settled on Enkeldoorn farm
he organised the first Mashona war lager
b4 Pieter Lourens (P.L.) 1869 / 1961 x Martha Johanna Greef !
XX (Enkeldoorn ) Maria Magrieta Magdalena Hamman!
from x :Hendrik (Henry) one daughter
from XX :Daphne Louren Eileen
Corre (? Cornelius) 9-7-10 Violet 3-5-14
Henry (? Hendrik) 12-9-15 Batalia 6-7-17
Ester 26-4-19
Leader of the Ferreira trek (1895), P.L. pegged and settled on Swartfontein to the East of his brothers Hendrik and Tom. About 1908 he bought Manese Poort farm, West of Manese Hills. He subdivided the farm and later sold it as separate farms Manese Poort A and Manese Poort B. After settling in Pieter Ferreira started a legal practice. He was well known as he rode his horse Naughty Boy. He lived well into his nineties.
b5 Solomon (Salmon Matabele) x ?? arrived on foot driving merino sheep and received a 3 000 morgan farm as a reward
Joos (s.o. Salman Ferreira) x Elonie ? (She was Chairperson of R.C.V.V. about 1960), left the area
Salman Thomas (cousin of P.L. and uncle of group 3, Solomon) x Janice McKenzie
Arrived from Gamtoos 1920 together with his brother Daniel who left the area.
They settled on Swartfontein (10 Km South of Enkeldoorn)
Salman's children, all left the area except Solomon and Beyers
b1 Solomon Daniel (Sollie) 8-7-08 x Maria Elizabeth Blignaut 18-9-25
farmed on Swartfontein concentrating on cattle production
He was active in community work and served as Chairman of the Enkeldoorn Farmers Association, also Chairman of I.C.A. and the Dingaansdag Festeval organising comittee
Sollie and Malie had 5 children, all educated at Bothashoff. All except Salman Thomas left the area
Solomon Thomas 15-6-49 x Janine Yola ( Johanna) Gloria Eales they left the area but returned to farm on Rietspruit and Swartfontein (20 Km
South of Enkeldoorn) tobacco and cattle, then stopped growing tobacco and concentrated with Braman cattle developing the well known FX Bramans stud.
Haneke Yola 4-12-85 Loraine Elizabeth 20-1-88 Danita Janine 21-3-91
? Maria Christina 8-7-53
? Magdalena Gertruida 21-5-56 x Leon Gerhard Nel 24-3-50 1c
b2 Beyers (30-12-1917 / 3-9-1977) did not mary, he left the area, then returned in 1951 to grow tobacco on Rietpoort till he died
Solomon 17-7-1895 / 27-5-1967 x Magdalena Elizabeth Celliers 27-3-1891 / 9-9-1972 . Parents, with sons Theodorus and Danie moved to Rhodesia , travelling by train, they arrived at Umvuma on April 27 1927.
Nephew of Group 2 Solomon, he bought farm Hugosfontein as recommended by his uncle who had already settled on Swartfontein near Enkeldoorn town Solomon and family farmed on Hugosfontein for about two years then bought Rooipoort adjoining town on East side. There was no kraal and buildings were delapidated making it necessary to make bricks and renovate before moving from Hugosfontein. After school, his sons had to work on the farm . Magdalena was a trained nurse and helped out at the hospital, bringing in appreciated extra earnings . Magdalena was also a good seamstress and made all the boys clothes from unbleached calico bags used by milling companies and sugar refineries. It was quite normal for the boys to wear shirts with the milling company or sugar refinery name displayed.
As the Economy improved after the world depession, Solomon made hundreds of thousands bricks, sold to the government for another hospital, maternity home, an extra school hostel for girls and additional houses and single quarters for the police. The sudden growth also caused businesses to expand needing more bricks. Solomon built his own trading store and milling plant on the part of the farm that jutted into the town, with the road to Range and Buhera and District Commissioners headquarters passing in front of the store
Solomon then built his own salepens and speculated in buying and selling cattle. He employed four cattle buyers who toured the communal lands with the appreciated approval of chiefs and headmen, the purchased animals being resold at the auction pens. Solomon personally attended to buying cattle from the local commercial farmers. Solomon took advantage of opportunities offered by the banks, to take over liabilities for bonds on which the banks had foreclosed and thereby obtained extra grazing for his speculation cattle.
On Rooipoort Solomon had a shooting range where about 150 surrounding farmers, men and women met for shoots
The children:
b1 Theodorus 1922 x Louisette Leonora van den Bergh Elizabeth 3-4-51
Ignatius 19-3-52 x Hester Cornelia Steyn
(? Hester Cornelia Nel 11-7-50) Theodorus Mathinus 9-12-74
Andre 16-3-77 Petronella 18-10-79
b2 Daniel 1925
b3 Marthinus 3-7-28
b4 Martha 15-12-29 x Thomas Arthur Percival 2c b5 Grewer Cilliers 20-4-32
Several membrs of the Ferreira clan , are on record with no indication of the family connection.
Janice McKenzie x Salmon Thomas Ferreira 3c
Hester Frederika x Stefanus Ignatius Devine 3c
Anna Elizabeth x Oliver Percival Portar Taute 2c Aletta Susanna x John Walter Hardistry 3c
Susara Elizabeth x Petrus Marthinus Engelbrecht 1c Hendrina x Eugene Nigel Noyce 2c
Wilhelmina Susanna x Daniel Francois Benade 17-9-58 2c
Petrus Gerhardus x Maria Catharina Elizabeth Viljoen
Salomina Magdalena 3-3-11
Edmund 10-10-12
Thomas Ignatius 29-1-14
Daniel Hartman x Wihelmina Susanna Hattingh
c1 Daniel Hartman 5-8-15 x Anna Elizabeth Botha
Leatitia Elizabeth 17-2-52
Naomi 26-9-59
c2 Thomas Daniel 16-12-17 x Francina Elizabeth Steenkamp
Daniel Hartman 28-1-49
Ester Amanda 21-1-52
Thoms Donald 1-4-53
c3 Johanna Maria 22-12-19
c4 Johannes Hendrik 19-2-22 x Sophia Malherbe Benade
Molly 15-7-51
Willem 14-2-54
Daniel Johannes 7-2-55 Solomon 13-3-55 Daniel Malan 13-3-55
c5 George Martin 2-6-28 x Catharina Hendrina Jordaan Daniel Hartman 12-5-52
Margaretha Elizabeth 16-9-53
Thomas Emanuel x Maria Petronella Louisa van Lille Johanna Petronella 20-8-21
Ignatius Leopold 17-10-23
Leonora Petronella 5-10-29 Juliana Renska 22-5-33
Jacobus Johannes x Jacoba Marthina Stroebel Jacoba Marthina Cornelia 16-10-25 Ignatius Leopoldus 1-5-28
Lodewyk Theodorus x Harry Peter (woman) Enslim Maria Johanna 22-8-28
Lourens x Annie Elizabeth Fulton Julia 24-7-32
Willem Alfred x Dirkie Jacoba Aletta Olwage Willem Jacobus 6-1-52
Hendrik Deetlof 12-2-53
Marthinus x Margaret Strydom (Eagar foster daughter) ! Hendrina 8-1-54
Solomon 15-3-55 Daniel Malan 3-5-56 Ingrid 10-4-58
Juzina Jacoba Adriana x Jacobus Lodewikus van Niekerk 3c Victoria Gloria x Alwyn Petrus Coetzee 12-1-10 / 16-6-64 1c John Vincent x Helena Elizabeth Steyn
Sarah Johanna 29-11-53
FINAUGHTY William Jesse x Isabella Elizabeth Marthina Grobler Daphne Johanna 19-10-35
FIVAZ Jacomina Christina x Thomas Mathews Lambert 3c
FLANAGAN John Henry x Sara Maria Meyer ? 1933 Elizabeth Wilhelmina 9-11-53
C.M. Fletcher) x May Eveline 1875 / 5-10-18
Constance H.D. nee Oakley 1906 / 1-7-28
Willem Ignatius x Hester Catharina Foord
Johannes 27-5-15
Annie x Theodorus Hermanus Fourie
SJohanna Dorothea Wilhelmina x Gert Andries Petrus Naude 1c Elsje Gesina Jacomina x Grhardus Wilhelmus Naude 1c
John William 1919 x Cornelia Petronella Gagiano Mariot Jane 17-7-51
Tys arrived 1895 with wife
Dina Gertruida x Theunis Christiaan ( ? Old Teuns) de Klerk 8c
Maria Elizabeth Magdalena x Gideon Smit Bezuidenhout 2c
Maria Magdalena x Abraham Johannes Barwise 1c
Maria Magdalena Elizabeth x Andries Jacobus Francois Olivier 3c
Susanna Susara x Albertus Erasmus Korb 2 children
Louisa Maria x Lukas Andries Meintjies 1c
Magdalena Cornelia x Pieter Hendrik de Klerk 1c
Elsie Theresa x Barend Frederik Kruger 2c
Maria Elizabeth x Adriaan Jacobus Lubbe 7-9-22
Theodorus Hermanus x Annie Foord
Hendrik Johannes 20-7-14
Lodewyk Theodorus x Harry Pieter Enslin
Maria Johanna 22-8-28
FORWARD Sydney Mchael 20-11-30 / 30-11-53
FRANCIS R. and T Town
FROST Nicolaas Johannes x Susarah Louisa Strydom
John Wesley 2-11-11
Johanna Catharina Wilhelmina 13-5-16
FULTON Annie Elizabeth x Lourens Ferreira 1c
GAGIANO Hendrik Andries 1877 / 1970 (a bricklayer) from South Africa on
x Christina Johanna Coetzee 15-5-1886 / 5-6-14
XX Cornelia Petronella Bester 1894 / 1983
from x
Maria Petronella x Andries Petrus Lamprecht 1900 6c
Cornelia Hendrina (Pattie) 3-3-07 / 21-4-77 x Lourens Chritiaan de Klerk 8c
Christina Johanna 8-8-11 x Jacob Jacobus Jordaan 2c
from xx
Isabella Susanna 9-7-16 / 24-2-66 x Alwyn Jacobus Smith 1908 / 1998 5c
Jozua 20-8-17
Hendrik Andries 20-8-17 x Baps Botha 1c left area
Cornelia Petronella 27-11-19 x John William Fotheringham 1919 1c
Sara Susanna 20-2-24 x Pieter Labuschagne 1s left area
Maria Elizabeth 2-10-26 x Mike Smith 2c left area
GARDINER Alexander Wilson 1880 / 18-3-1920 x Edna Grace Gardiner (ex
Scotland) of Drayton farm at Beatrice, arrived from South Africa in 1927. Their
son Russel Vivian bought two-thirds of Riversdale Farm, which had previously been subdivided, from Jacobus Coetzee. The other third was sold to Weitz van Zyl. Russel subsequently bought the other third from Weitz van Zyl.
Russel Vivian 1911 / 1981 x Emerencia Fredrika (Irene) Coetzee 18-6-1924 They had two sons , who attended Riversdale and Prince Edward schools.
Norman 6-1-1942
Charles 2-6-1943
Russel retired and Charles (a qualified electrician) took over and on Russel's death inherrited the farm. He subsequently sold the part previously owned by van Zyl, to his brother Norman. By 1980 both were still on Riversdale.
GATES George Henry x Susanna van der Linde Bank Teller.
Evelyn Jess 23-5-57
Hester Anna Elizabeth x Solomon Josias Vermaak 6c
Anna Susanna Salomina x Gerhardus Ignatius de Klerk 6c
Francois Antonie x Anna Salmina Susanna Barnard
Cornelius Michael 17-8-22
Gert petrus 15-11-25
GIFFORD Alfred Johan x Maria Francina Troskie
James Alfred 14-7-19
Andries Johannes 13-1-22
Phoebe Edith 26-2-26
GILL Gail Athlee x Jacobus Frederik van Staden de Klerk 29-3-40 2c
GILLFILLAN ( early settler on Palgrave) x Dina de Klerk d.o. Old Teuns de Klerk!
Catharina Wilhelmina x Lukas Daniel Grobler 3c
Maria Catharina x Charles Henry Holloway 1c
GILMORE R.E. Umvuma town
GLENNY Mike x Marinda Inez Reichert 3-4-1955  !
GODDARD K Blinkwater road
Sara Margaret x Adriaan Jacobus Bouwer 1c
Maida Lettie x Albertus Jacobus Pepler 1c
Ann Phylis x Jacobus Daniel Nel 14-6-49 1c
Charles Robert x Gesina Aletta Botha
Charles Robert 13-7-16
Maria Agnes 31-12-18
Johannes Rudolph 29-5-21
Charles Robert XX Martha Maria Cornelia Stoffelina Botha
Thomas Colin 17-11-27
William Henry x Maria Gesina Strydom
Gustav Ludwig 27-3-20
Maria Gesina 10-4-22
Nicolaas Kisparus 3-6-26
Willem Hendrik 6-9-30
GOELST Willem x Hendrina Johanna Schoonveldt
Cecil 6-11-17
Marie 28-10-19
Gebsija ?) Cornelia 29-1-22
Louis 29-7-23
GOLDBERG Solly x ?? hotel owner had a daughter Milly
Subertina Christina x Abraham Johannes Groenewald 6c Rupert x Martha Coetzee 14-11-1911 / 5-2-1984 left the area Jeanetta Maria x Dirk Cornelius Odendaal 14-10-1868 / 2-7-30
GORDON Issy x Judith Blank d.o. Ephraim  !Storekeepers
GOUWS Benjamin x Hester Maria Elizabeth van Biljon
Catharina Margaretha Magdalena 7-3-35
Thomas 1904
Pieter Willem x Susanna Magdalena van Coppenhagen
Marthinus Lourens 24-9-30
Frederik Carel x Catharina Elizabeth Lourens
Alfred John 30-6-1917
Fredrika Carlmina 4-1-19
Martha Johanna x Pieter Lourens Ferreira (his X) ? children
Louisa Frederika x Johannes Gerhardus Coetzee 3c
Johannes Jacobus x Maria Elizabeth Otto
Susara Magdalena 31-10-24
George Archibald Klerk x Johanna Dorothea Hartzenberg
Johannes Jacobus 10-6-23
Louis Frederik x Susara Magdalena Otto
Louisa Fredrika 14-8-25
GREYLING Jan ( early settler) x Cousin of Josias Martin Hoffman (Leader of Hoffman trek)
XX Marthina, Daughter of Josias Martin Hoffman ! Lived along Umvuma road. At one stage in 1896, Jan travelled to Bulawayo on family business, members of his family including his nephew Basjan Nieuwoudt, accompanied him. After starting the journey Jan went down with malaria and was seriously ill. By the time they reached Gwelo the whole family was ill and unable to watch the oxen. The animals strayed and were on their way back to Enkeldoorn when finally located by Enkeldoorn relatives who had been alerted. At the Shangani river Rinderpest regulations compelled Jan to leave his family and he travelled by coach to Bulawayo. On the return trip he found a group of people stranded at a roadside tavern near the Shangani river. There was widespread unrest and the stranded people urged the Greylings not to proceed with their homeward journey but Jan refused to delay. He offered a lift to anyone who wished to join him but they all declined the offer. The Greylings continued on their way and reached Gwelo safely. That night the group at Shangani who had urged him to delay his journey, were attacked and all thirteen were killed.
pre 1895 Greyling brothers included Ben, Koos, Jan Marthina Johanna x Stephnus Jacobus Rautenbach ?c Elizabeth Hendrika Jacomina x Hendrik Johannes Nel 1c Susanna Alida x Andries Johannes Enslin 2c
Dorothea Petronella x Cornelius Johannes Petrus Hoffman 1c from x of Jan
b1 Cornelius Gerhardus Everts x Aletta Johanna Wilhelmina de Bruin Pieter Francois 30-6-20
Marthina Johanna 28-9-22 Aletta Johanna 14-3-25
Cornelius Gerhardus Everts 6-6-26
b2 Barend (Ben) Christiaan x Dorothea Petronella du Toit Christoffel Johannes 19-7-22
Barend Christiaan Johan Gerhard van Buren x Elizabeth Jacoba Brits Barend Christiaan 6-12-48
b3 Koos (? Jacobus) from xx of Jan
b4 Basjan (?)
b5 Jacob Johannes Carolus 1909 x Catharina Elizabeth van Zyl
Catharina Elizabeth 26-3-35 x Lourens Christiaan de Klerk 8c ! left the area
Johan Gerhard van Buren 23-6-36 x Hester Rademeyer Lynette 26-3-65
Francois Jacob 30-8-67 Pieter van Zyl 14-7-39 Martha Johanna 20-5-44 Mariana Albertha 1-11-51
GRIMBREEK Ella Elizabeth x John Louis de Jager 1c
Jurie arrived before 1895
Anna Helena x before 1890 Christoffel Bernardus van der Merwe 6c Daan x Maria Jordaan (from Beatrice area)
leased and farmed on Manesepoort A for 25 years, then in 1948 bought and moved to Mexico where they continued to produce citrus from seed taken from Manese Poort.
children included
Hendrina Maria x Frederik Ewert van Rooyen 1c Schalk Willem x Jacoba Fredrika van Schalkwyk
Johanna Susanna Magdalena 9-4-33
Christine 1935 x Dougal Osler 1c
Christine and Gert Kok, the son of neighbours attended Loudia School as weekly boarders, they walked the six miles over the hills every Monday morning and back again on Friday. .
When Henry died Mexico was sold to the brothers Abel and Buck Erasmus
Susanna Margaretha Magdalena x Dirk Cornelius Vermaak 1c
Alida Johanna Elizabeth x Jacobus Petrus Swanepoel 1c
Johanna Susanna Magdalena x Andries Bester 6c
Maria Catharina x Jeramia Jesaja Grobler 1c
Martha Susanna x Petrus Johannes Lombaard
Tolitha Kume x Johannes Hendrik Maritz 1c
Gertruida Magdalena x Marthinus Hendrik Barnard 1c
Theunissina x Petrus Marthinus 25-9-72 ?c
Coert Johannes x Johanna Carolina Susanna Brits
Pieter Johannes Andries 19-10-11
Jurgens Hendrik 25-12-13 x Edith Gertrude Wheeler 21-6-22
Doreen Sylvia 17-10-40
Adalina Almieria 30-6-44
Anna Magdalena 19-5-18
Jeremia Jesaja x Maria Catharina Grobler
Jeremia Jesaja 19-10-11
Christiaan Hendrik x Hester Francina Welch
Fredrika Elizabeth 23-5-12
Lukas Daniel x Hester Catharina Jacomina Gilfillan
Susanna Hendrina Adriana 10-2-13
Martha Margaretha Johanna 6-5-16
Maria Catharina 18-8-17
Ernst Johannes x Johanna Carolina Susanna Brits
Ernst Johannes 25-4-16
Jurgens Hendrik x Louisa Philippina van Rooyen
Susanna Hendrika Adriana 17-4-16
Willem Johannes x Johanna Lovina van Zyl
Isabella Elizabeth Maethina 24-10-16 x William Jesse Finaughty 1c  !
Anthonie Christoffel 8-6-18
Martha Susanna 14-11-19
Johanna Lovina 27-3-21 x Lewis Visagie 1c
Anna Maria Hendrika Petronella 13-11-27
Catharina Maria 19-3-30
Daniel Rudolph x Maria Magdalena Adriana Jordaan
Jacques Hendrik 25-10-18
Christina Susanna 8-11-24
Carel Johannes x Heilitjie Lovina Prinsloo
Elizabeth Magdalena Johanna 11-11-31
Hester Martha Aletta 21-12-33
Petrus Johannes x Catharina Johanna Hattingh
Catharina Johanna 18-8-44
Coert Nicolaas x Johanna Maria Carolina Beetge
Martha Carolina 17-3-56
Gert Johannes 29-12-58
Elizabeth Margaretha x Daniel Johannes van der Merwe 6c
Susanna Cornelia x Josias Philippus Hoffman 24-11-1867 11c
Maria Magdalena Margaretha x William Lionel Rooke Paley 2c
Maria Susanna x Andries Stefanus van der merwe 7c
Clara Isabella x Hendrik Christoffel van den Berg 3c
Susanna Cornelia x Josias Willem Hoffman 1c
Siegfried (Siegie) x Catharina Francina Blignaut 20-8-42 / 20-12-98 ?c
Abraham Johannes x Subertina Christina Goosen Hester Carolina 15-5-23
Anna Elizabeth 10-7-24 x Schalk Willem Blignaut ? -9- 22 2c Petrus Hendrik 9-12-26
Subertina 8-6-29
Barbara 4-11-31 Esther Estelle 14-11-46
Jacobus Johannes x Fedora Margaretha Botha Ramona 5-9-32
Pieter Johannes x Louisa Petronella Richter Janine 11-10-74
Mrs. Anna Groenewald was a matron (boys hostel) in he early 1930 period.
Martha Margaretha x Gabriel Pieter Davel 1c
Frederik Jacobus x Maria Elizabeth Schlebusch  !
Johannes 10-6-28
Angelina 4-9-29
Cecilia 20-4-31
Gerbrand Abraham x Martha Ettrusia Steinman
Johannes Bernardus 22-10-34
HALFORTY Gertruida Aletta 11-11-1906 / 18-8-76 in town
Elsie Aletta x Hendrik Johannes van der Merwe 3c
Johanna Fredrika Wilhelmina x Bernardus ( Barend) Hermanus van der Merwe 5c Elizabeth Johanna x Michael Jan Marthinus Brits 1c
Cornelius Rudolph x Anna Catharina Potgieter (her xx) 1c Anna Maria 9-8-17
Gerhardus Lodewikus x Margaretha Gertruida Prinsloo Maria Johanna 13-12-23
Margaretha Gertruida 17-2-26 Maria Elizabeth 1927
HALLAM Edward x ? farmed on Lovedale Basil x ? farmed Lovedale
grandson ? x ? farmed Lovedale Hallam M.G. Umvuma town
HALLET Eric x Maria Jeanetta Smit 19-4-53 (she XX Paul Nel) Sarah
The Hamman family arrived as a group aboutb 1894. There is no record of the
family connections.
Maria Magaretha x Dirk Wouter du Plooy 1860 / 1896 (both murdered 1896) 7c!
Maria Magrieta Magdalena (? 1887/1968) x Pieter Lourens Ferreira (his XX)  ? 7c
Helena Classina x Christiaan Ruolph Lombard ? / 21-10-45
Maria Elizabeth x Abraham Albertus Nyschen 2c
Elizabeth Susanna x Johannes Wilhelmus van Niekerk Bezuidenhout 4c
Anna Catharina x Jacob Johannes Meyer
Francina Elizabeth x Lesley O'Linn 1c
Sarah Maria 17-9-1898 / 12-1-1965
Cecilia Jacoba 1930
Frederick Richard (Frikkie) 7-7-1877 / 10-9-16 x Elizabeth Francina Bothma  ? / 27-8-38
Johanna Catharina 19-8-11
Lodewyk Stefanus 28-6-13
twin "
Willem George 1887 / 1968 x Martha Johanna van Tonder 1890 / 1980
settled on Mooifontein where he farmed till he died The children all left the district.
Elizabeth Maria 17-5-14
Helena Classina 20-9-16
Johannes Jurgens 20-7-18 x Helena Brown
William George
Georg Frederik Richard 26-7-20
Willem 16-12-26
Pieter Hendrik 8-9-30
Johannes Jurgens 25-2-1873 / 5-2-43 arrived 1894 x Sara Maria Kruger 17-9-1898/12-1-65
farmed abot 25 miles along Buhera Road
Hester Susanna Aletta 9-3-20 x Anthonie Christiaan Frederik Barnard 30-8-14, 5c
Johannes Jurgens 29-12-21 x Maria Katharina Vermaak  !
Johannes Jurgens 15-9-50
Roelof Andries 17-9-23
Sara Maria 1-9-25 x Gert Christiaan Johannes Cloete 3c
Anna Elsabie 17-10-27 x Johannes Theodorus Vermaak 1c
Cornelia Jacomina 21-8-32
Frederik Richard 20-11-37
Jacobus Philippus 25-2-40
De Wet Albertus x Anna Margaretha Pepler
Margaretha Elizabeth 1-1-27
Josias Hendrik x Alida Johanna McFerrier
Daphne Elizabeth 2-4-32
HAMMOND Walter x ? Farmed on Abercorn Ranch Producing tobacco.
Prominent in community work, I.C.A., Farmers associations etc. Abercorn sold to ? then to Buck Erasmus.
HANEKOM Martha Jacoba x Christoffel Johannes du Toit 3c
HARDISTY John Walter x Aletta Susanna Ferreira
Evelyn Irene 24-4-16
Doris Eva 12-2-17
Ralph Edwin 12-3-18
HARMSE Petronella Catharina x Diederiks Daniel Brits 1c HART family farmed on Knockhalt then Bruce family
HARTMAN ? x (In Vaalkop Lager) Petronella Johanna Elizabeth Adlam left area 2c
HARTZENBERG Johanna Dorothea x George Archibald Klerk van Greunen 1c
HASTINGS ?? x ? Magistrate at Enkeldoorn and first Chairman of Featherstone Road Council Secretary of Gymkhana 1948
HASTIE C. Cattle inspector
Wilhelmina Susanna x Daniel Hartman Ferreira 5c
Catharina Wilhelmina x Jacobus Johannes de Wet 2c
Catharina Johanna x Petrus Johannes Grobler 1c
HECKLER Dina Maria x Hendrik Matthys Meyer 1c
Johanna Elizabeth x Jacobus Arnoldus van Breda 1c
Nellie Caroline x Willem Cornelius Jacobus Wessels 2c
Aletta Margaretha
Susanna Raynard 1918
Wilhelmus x Hubertha Fredrika Rademeyer
Louise Jessie 5-3-12
Petrus Johannes 1898 x Cornelia Elizabeth Vosloo
Hope Elizabeth 27-2-32
Andries Peter x Felicity Meiring
Jenny Lou 15-9-65
?? 3-5-1873 / 20-12-1948 x Alida Susanna nee ? 3-7-1877 / 12-6-1966 ?c ? Daniel Francois x Anna Aletta Snyman
Magdalena Christina 5-8-50 Franciska 29-4-54
Mr. x Mrs. were first owners of Plein and Co. store
HEFER Gideon Daniel x Elizabeth Magdalena Marais
Barend Daniel 9-10-34
Johanna Salomina Barendina x Jubilee James Symington 22-111917 / 29-6-1976 5c
Alfrieda Magdalena x Pieter Johannes Cornelius de Klerk 3c
Anna Jacoba Susanna x Benjamin Robert Layard 4c
Johannes Michiel x Johanna Anna Layard
Johanna Fredrika 7-12-14
Carel Pieter 19-1-16
Benjamin James 28-7-23 x Johanna Jacoba Barnard 27-8-29
Johannes Jacobus 1-9-48
Johannes Machiel 8-12-49
Johanna Anna 19-4-51
Frederik Wilhelm 9-10-53
Alida Maria 8-3-55
Benjamin James 7-5-56
Carel Pieter 17-1-59
Maria Cornelia 20-3-61
Willem Daniel x Hester Catharina Kriek
Isabella Johanna 5-8-17
Carel Pieter x Johanna Nicolasina Stoffelina Rossouw
Carel Pieter 24-3-29
Johannes Nicolaas 23-9-31
Martha Helena Johanna 13-10-34
Essias Reinier x Maggie Margaretha Cloete
Pieter Johannes 3-9-35
HENDERSON Rosina Elizabeth x Nicolaas Johannes Benade 1c HENNESEE Elizabeth x Jan Hendrik Hygers 1c
HENNING Catharina Elizabeth Lauretta x Barend Hendrik Josephus Mienie 3c HEPPEL Phylis Joyce Pierce x Jacobus Cornelius Andrew Pauw 2c
Dora Maria Herbst x Walter Brumage Richards 2c
Sarah Mathilda x Adriaan Werendly Roux Rademeyer 4c
Elizabeth Johanna x John Rennie 1c
Adriana Marthina Jacoba x Johan David Heyns 2c
Frederik Johannes x Christina Johanna Lourens
Marthinus Johannes 11-9-16
Johan Francois x Katrina Elizabeth Kriel
Sarah Mathilda 1-9-24
Johan Francois 9-1-28
Johan Christiaan Jacobus x Anna Sophia Nel
Johan Christiaan Jacobus 23-8-26
Christina Juanitta Maria 10-12-31
Andries Jacobus x Elsie Christina Versbeld
Rose Christina 23-1-41
Marthinus Johannes x Johanna Sophia Nel
Henry Stephen Nel 3-10-58
HERHOLDT Stephanus Johannes x Louisa Maria Baard
Stephanus Johannes 12-7-83
James Richard 1904 x Lillian Brink
James Richard 4-5-40
John Johannes x Louisa Johanna Steyn
Karen 27-9-73
Petrus Paulus Johannes x Hendrika Wilhelmina Wellman
Petrus Paulus 10-8-34
Catharina Susanna 1919 x Vincent Harold Abrams 2c
Alexander Jacobus 12-2-1886 / 28-12-38 x Magdalene Susanna Steenkamp 22-7-1875 / 14-9-54 ! lived about 9 miles along Range road
Hans Jacob 1-3-1893 / 10-1-62 x Anna Maria Hendrika Petronella Bredenhann  ? /
Susanna Christina 7-5-17
Alexander Jacobus 13-2-26 / 21-2-53 x Hester Susanna du Plesis 1930
Cenetta Renetta Cornelia 7-11-47 x Harry Hendrik Helmuth Symington 14-4-46 1c
Hans Jacob 14-4-51
Alexander Jacobus 23-3-1886 / 14-10-68 x Martha Cornelia Maria Rinke Martha Cornelia Maria 22-7-23
Alexander Jacobus 28-9-26 x Hyla Elizabeth Pretorius Alexander Jacobus 30-10-60
Schalk Willem 16-8-29 x Dinah Elizabeth Uys 1937 Dinah Elizabeth 16-5-56 x Charles Owen Eagar 3c Martha Cornelia Maria 4-6-59
Cenatta Renetta Cornelia 5-2-34 x Roelof Adriaan Pretorius 1c Johan David x Adriana Marthina Jacoba Herbst
Alexander Jacobus 23-1-34
Philippus Johannes 24-10-36
Maria Magdalena Catharina 16-6-1888 / 70 x Albertus Thomas Rinke 22-11-1888 / 1954 6c
Magrieta Magdalena x ? 71 James William Wray 2c  !
Andries Jacobus 23-3-1886 / 14-10-68
Andries Jacobus 19-10-1908 / 20-2-18
Josias Hoffnan (Jnr) was by himself for 45 days, on his father's farm Geluksverwacht, looking after the Hoffman and Louw de Klerk cattle. Frequently flat on his back for several days with malaria and the cattle attacked by lions and other predators. People passed by on their way back to their own farms and left carcasses of cattle that died of rinderpest on the farm, with the result that the Hoffman and de Klerk cattle were infected. Of a total 230, only 8 survived. Josias Martin was the eldest son of J.P. Hoffman, President of Orange Free State. Josias married his first cousin Susanna Alida Hoffman, daughter of J.J. Hoffman
In 1891 the Hoffman family group, living near Potchefstroom, Transvaal sent two members Louw Hoffman and Frans Botha, to inspect the region near Fort Charter and if satisfied, to peg twenty-four farms to be occupied by the group. They liked the area alongside the Umniati river near the Manesi hills and after pegging the farms along both banks of the river, returned to Pochefstroom where their report was favourable.
The family group, under Josias Martin Hoffman, travelled by ox-wagon. They departed from Wolmaransstad near Potchefstroom on 13 June 1893. They arrived at Kudushoek (renamed Pennyfather) sixteen and half months later, on 1 November 1894..
For more details read the Hoffman Trek.
Josef Adlam and family had arrived in the district two months before them, the only other near neighbours were the Potgieter family who had arrived in 1891. On the first night after their arival a lion killed two cattle. It happened to be the first loss to lions throughout their trek. Two days later it was shot. The
brothers Josias and Danie, on horseback, were surprised by a charge but the lion stopped a few yards from them when the dogs attacked the lion with the Hoffmans watching. The brothers Potgieter, their new neighbours arrived on foot and immediately took steps to kill the lion. David Potgieter shot it through
the ribs but it continued to attack and was on the point of jumping at Josias when his shot in the head dropped it. The first of many lions he killed.
In addition to the lions, their livestock as well as the humans were under constant threat of attack by leopards, hyenas and wild-dogs. On one occasion Josias (Jnr) and Louw Hoffman came across about 30 wild-dogs that started circling round them prior to the attack. The pack dispersed only after six had been shot.
On occasion all seven members of the family were down, seriously ill with malaria and unable to help eachother or prepare meals. They shared many other problems with their neighbours as detailed in the varios chapters dealing with specific matters.
It is on record that in spite of the difficulties, the Hoffmans were a cheerful family and as was the case with their forebears during the Great (Afrikaner) Trek, each member had a bible and song book and there were regular home services.
SJosias Martin x Susanna Alida Hoffman settled on Geluksverwacht.
b1 Josias Philip 24-11-1867 x Susanna Cornelia Groenewald Inhoek
Josias Martin Philip 10-2-12
Maria Susanna Margaretha Elizabeth 1-5-13
Jacobus Hermanus 31-7-14
Johan Bernhard 15-7-16
Susanna Alida Cornelia 12-10-18
Petrus Johannes 25-5-20
Daniel Cornelius 23-7-23
Cornelios Jansen Taljaard (Kais) 22-6-27 x Cornelia (Corrie) de Klerk
Mathian Johannes Cornelius 5-5-29 x Anna Brits
Josias Martin Philip 15-2-32
Elizabeth Margaretha 9-12-35
Josias Philip had his crops on Inhoek, planted by Christmas 1894 and went to visit his family. On his return he found van Rooyen in occupation. Van Rooyen refused to move off, claiming that Josias had abandoned the farm. The matter was decided by Veld Kornet Tom Ferreira who advised that it be treated as a sale and the farm changed ownership for thirty pounds. Josias then moved to the farm Kudushoek which his brother Mathiam was vacating to go gold mining at
Gatooma. Josias changed the name to Pennyfather. He sometimes walked to
Sterkstroom to visit the de Klerks for up to a week..
b2 Marthina x Jan Greyling (his XX) ( part of Hoffman trek)  ?3c
b3 Daniel Cornelius 1880 x Catharina Petronella (Nellie of Sterkfontein) Bester
Marthina Johanna 21-7-15
Elizabeth Margaretha 15-3-17
Daniel moved to Mexico near Ngesi river next to Charter Estate and then to
b4 Matthiam Johannes Cornelius x Annie Britz sister of Pieter Johannes
b5 Albertus Wynand Wietske 4-9-1883/ 9-7-73 x Susanna Magdalena Naude 25-8-1893/
12-5-83  !
b5 being under 16 received only half Leeufontein
XX Susanna Maria Naude
from x
Josias Matheus 29-3-15
Margaretha Magdalena Jacomina 1-4-19
Jan Johannes Lodewyk 4-11-25 x Margaretha Isabella Boshoff 9-4-32 Aletta Margaretha 27-5-51
Susanna Maria 11-9-52 Margaretha Isabella 26-9-53
from XX
Susanna Alida 1-3-34 x Cornelius Johannes Nel 16-2-29 5c b6 Louw . (under 8 did not get a farm) died 1915 unmarried.
Louw Johan 23-10-1865 / 12-12-1925 (brother in law of Josias Martin) with wife
and daughter, travelled as part of the Hoffman trek and arrived on 1 Nov. 1894
Farmed on Loudia.
b1 Josias Willem x Susanna Cornelia Groenewald
child 9-12-35
b2 Louw x Emely Wheeler they lived on Roodebult
b3 Jacobus Johannes x Maria Johanna Cloete
Anna Maria Susanna 22-3-19
b4 Cornelius Johannes Petrus x Dorothea Petronella Greyling
Amarenthia Fredrika 23-2-44
b5 Louw Johan x Martha Margaretha Steyn
Maria Johanna 2-8-46
Francina Clarodina 23-11-51
Margaretha Magdalena Jacomina x William Norman Broughton 1c Maria Johanna x Jeremias Cornelius Oosthuyzen Naude 10c Susanna Alida x Cornelius Johannes Nel Roelofse 1c
Elizabeth Margaretha x Hermanus Johannes Smartryk Venter 1c
HOLLAWAY Frans arrived 1895
Annie Charlotte x Pieter Cornelius Johannes van Rooyen 1c Johannes Lodewikus x Mary Mabel Magdalena Lategan 2c Cornelia Johanna x Jacobus Hermanus Spies 1c
Charles Henry x Maria Catharina Gilfillan Charles Henry 23-11-24
David Jacobus x Johanna Hester Susarah Jansen van Vuuren Andries Philippus 7-10-11
Johanna Elizabeth x Andries Antonie du Plessis 2c
HORN Johanna Elizabeth Horn x Markus Johannes Smith (early settler) 2c
HOSKINS-DAVIES Philippa x Douglas James Kok 1958
HOUPTFLEISCH Maria Catharina 1875/ 62 x Daniel Beltzaser Delport 1884 / 1961 2c
HUCKKEL Frans farmed near Charter Estate employed as Overseer by Featherstone Road Council
? x Maria Magdalens de Klerk d.o. Old Teuns de Klerk Martin William x Maria Francina Elizabeth Esterhuizen
Susie Madeline 4-5-33
Johanna Sophia 29-12-1850/17-8-35 x Jacobus Ignatius de Wet (killed in action Anglo/Boer war) 11c
Aletta Maria x Christoffel Jacobus Cronje 1c
HUNDERMARK Aletta Catharina x Andries Petrus Blignaut 22-11-38 5c
Magdalena Johanna van As 1919 x Arnoldus Mauritius Blignaut 5c
Susara Cornelia 1928
Pieter Wilhelm x Johanna Sophia Venter
Johanna Sophia 5-4-31
Diederiks Marthinus Johannes 6-10-32
Anna Catharina 19-7-34 x  ?
Willim Diederik 12-3-52
HUYSTEEN VAN Hendrik 1895 x Adrianna Johanna du Plessis Johanna Danieta 8-1-31
Jan Hendrik x Elizabeth Hennesse
Jan Hendrik 11-10-1896 x Martha Elizabeth de Klerk
Martha Elizabeth 11-2-28
Jan Andries Jacobus 21-7-34
HYMANS Petrus Jacobus Johannes x Hendrika Wilhelmina Welman
Hermanus Petrus Paulus 10-8-34
Noel Duke ?
Wally x ? Bullick (from South Africa)
Alfred Oswald x Anna Margaretha Naude
Arthur Oswald 28-2-30
Jacob Johannes 20-8-31
Alfred Vardon 16-6-35
Jackson was magistrate 1932 to 1938
Henry (not local) x Martha (Mattie) Erasmus
M.J.P. 20-17-12 / 18-11-83 x Mona Catharina ? 5-3-1891 / 24-4-76
Jacob Johannes 5-3-1918 / 13-3-67
Jannie 25-6-1920 / 11-9-1990
Anna Catharina ?1890 x Jan Hendrik Delport 2c
Pieter Jacobus x Elena Johanna Dreyer 3-7-56
Abraham Matthysen 1-5-84 Catharina Maria 21-2-85
? x widow Wilhelmina Johanna Bosch nee van der Merwe left area
Maria Gesina x Gert Diederik Johannes Erasmus 2c
Margaretha Maria x Casparus Johannes van den Berg 1c  !
John Louis x Ella Elizabeth Grimbreek ?
Lenna 16-6-11
JANEKE Christiaan David 20-10-25 / 22-4-63 x Hester Sophia Opperman Magdalena Elizabeth 29-6-53
Roelfina Adriana x Jan Gabriel Schoonveldt 4
Maria Margaretha x Abraham Marthinus Schoonveldt 1c
Maria Margaretha x (? XX) Johan Hendrik Christiaan Schoonveldt 5c
Henry Desmond Beatty 1908 / 53
Jannie 25-6-1920 / 11-9-90
JENNINGS Brian x Maria Magdalena Hendrina Alberts nee Smith 11-8-49 ( her xxx ) ?c
Hester Petronella Catharina 1915
Petrus Stephanus 1918
Petrus Jacobus x Miem Vivviers
Dirk Johannes x Anna Jacomina Raubenheimer
Hendrik Johannes 23-2-21
Cornelia Cecilia 9-3-23
Elizabeth Wilhelmina x Alastair William White 1c
JOOSTE Gerrit Hendrik x d.o. Kosie and Sannie de Wet of Verwagting ! Charl Petrus x Elizabeth Margaretha Bester 23-12-12
Gerrit Hendrik 29-4-36 x Isabella du Toit Christabel 6-8-53
Gerrit Hendrik 6-7-58
JORDAAN Abram arrived 1895
Maria x Daniel Grobelaar lived on Manese Poort A and Mexico.
Susanna Anna Jordaan x Herman Eberhart Posselt 5c
Maria Magdalena Adriana x David Rudolph Grobler 2c
Catharina Margaretha x Jan Johan Christiaan Lamprecht 1895 2c
Jacoba Wilhelmina x Johannes George Badenhorst 2c
Catharina Hendrina x George Martin Ferreira 2-6-28 2c
Petrus Daniel Cornelius Johannes 1912
Catharina Hendrina 1931
Christina Susanna 1936
Casper Hendrik x Christina Susanna de Bruin
Gesina Johanna 7-10-13 x Lukas Ignatius Dreyer 14-1-09 out of area Barend Francois 8-11-15
Cornelius Johannes 16-12-18
Johannes Hendrik Lodewikus x Anna Susanna Koen Casper Hendrik 30-1-18
child 16-12-18
Maria Isabella 13-10-19
Gerhardus Johannes 16-8-21
Nicolaas Johannes Jacobus 5-6-28
Casper Hendrik x Maria Magdalena van der Merwe  ?1902
Casper Hendrik 15-2-25
Christoffel Bernardus 2-10-26
Johannes Martinus 12-11-28
Paulus Nicolaas 20-6-31
Nicolaas Johannes Jacobus 3-2-35
David Johannes Jesse 18-11-36
Jacob Jacobus 14-12-39
Anna Helena 31-7-41
Jacob Jacobus x Christina Johanna Gagiano 8-8-11
Casper Hendrik 21-5-30
Maria Petronella 10-3-40
Albertus Johanes Jacobus x Margaretha Elizabeth Lamprecht
Albertus Johannes Jacobus 20-11-47
Johannes Petrus x Killian Spangler
Johanna 13-4-76
Magiel Jacobus arrived 1895 x Elizabeth Helena Labuschagne
Widow Elizabeth Joubert was at the 1896 Sterkstroom fight (she XX Bezuidenhout)
Jan Daniel Francois x Gertruida Johanna Bronkhorst Jan not local, they left area Gideon Jcobus Johannes 24-1-29
Izak Jacob x Christina Sophia Oberholtzer Elizabeth Catharina 2-8-20
Martha Magdalena 6-10-22
Jan Gerhardus Johannes 1-3-26 Izak Jacob 5-12-30
Jacobus Marthinus XAnna Sophia de Swart Anna Elizabeth 14-7-32
Josua Johannes x Jacomina Margaretha Steyn Hermina Elizabeth Maria 5-3-43
Elizabeth Margaetha ? 1890 x Muller
Elizabeth Margaretha XX Botha
Martha Suanna 1895 x Botha
Anna Catharina Maria x Hendrik Christoffel Esterhuyzen 1c
Elizabeth Hermina x Carel Petrus Snyman 1c
Maria x Frederik Johan Dreyer 22-1-50 4c
Fritz x Maria Magdalena O'Neill
Andries 1914
Elsie Johanna x David Johannes du PLooy 7-1-26 ?c .
Joubert ? x Rachel Jacoba Hester 12-2-33 Adlam ?c
Joubert ? x Magrieta Johanna Christina Jovner 24-9-42
Joubert ? x Ellis Ivy Jovner 23-8-53
Jacob de Klerk 8-12-19 x Louisa Steyn 18-1-29
Cornelia Louisa x Johan David Steenkamp Kriek 14-9-32 / 5-8-84 2c
Magrieta Johanna Christina 24-9-42 x Joubert
Jacob Gerhardus x Lynette Smit
David Christiaan 5-10-78
Trudye 25-4-80
Johannes Frederik 27-11-54 x
Ellis Ivy 23-8-53 x Joubert
KAMPEN Susanna Francina x Andries Adriaan Custaves van Aswegen 2c
KASHULA Irene Victoria Esther x Gerhardus Josephus Oosthuyzen 2c
KARSTEN Willem Hendrik x Josephine Muriel Burton
Katrina 7-4-58
KEARNEY Johannes Mathysen x Alida Magrieta Theron
Catharina 26-10-66
KIESER Fhilip Rudolph 4-4-1916 / 1-10-1978 x Sarah Sophia Eagar 9-12-25.
Flip worked in the area as a general handyman till his death. They had two
children, twins educated at Enkeldoorn School, then both left the area.
Elizabeth Hendriena 18-10-65
Florence Sarah 18-10-65
KIETSMAN Elizabeth Jacomina Susanna Nubbick x Gideon Francois Benade 2c
KIP Wilhelmus Josef x Georgina Magdalena Schoultz
Perdita Merle 22-4-68
Christiaan Jacobus Albertus x Jeanetta Maria Magdalena Benade 3c
Martha Margaretha x Petrus Arnoldus Steyn 3c
Jan Bastiaan x Elizabeth Johanna Sophia Boshoff
Elizabeth Johanna Sophia 23-2-24
Jan Bastiaan 11-11-1898 / 16-7-71 x (? his xx) Carolina Nora Bester 11-6-07 / 25-3-69
farmed on Inhoek before Owen Eagar
Carolina Nora 7-6-30
Francina Claradina 4-6-33
Christiaan Jacobus Albertus x Helen Mentz Botha 18-3-38 / 20-10-93 4c
XX Magdalena Gertruida Bosman nee Blignaut 22-11-34 0c
Jan Bastiaan 14-1-58 x Catherine Jean Burns
Tian Caroline 15-9-85
Sarah Maria 10-4-60 x Richard Clarence Wessels 3c triplets Cornelius Fredrik 26-4-63
Christiaan Jacobus Albertus 11-5-65
Carolina Nora 3-10-37 x Neville Eugene Lindeque 1c Barend Jacobus Bester 7-12-38 x Cecilia Joan Tarr !
Debbie Elizabeth 3-7-62
Daniel Louw 14-8-63 x Karen Ann Wastie ! Deon Louw 18-2-91
Master Ben 3-2-92
Denise Margaret 23-10-71
Edward George Turner x  ? Barnard
XX Isabella Susanna Bester
George Steven 1919/ 90 x Jacoba Johanna Smit farmed on Sterkstroom
Maria Janetta 13-10-49
Elizabeth Johanna 5-7-52
Marthinus Cornelius 19-04-21 / 03-04-92 x Maria Cornelia Jeanetta Sophia Botha
Anna Magdalena 23-9-55 x Cas Douglas Edward George Turner 17-7-57
James Jacobus Petros 10-1-69 Ockert Carel Jacobus Botha 10-1-69
Edward Turner 4-7-25
Isabella Susanna 23-5-27 x Herman Gerhard du Plooy 3c Jusua 26-10-28 x Richen (Rachel) Smit
Muriel 27-12-30 x Elias Paulus Nel 2c
Edward George Turner farmed on Ngesi and later Sterkstroom producing fruit. Eddie's father had previously worked for Rhodes as leader of his ox-wagon teams.
Sons Steven and Martin continued to produce cytrus and wheat on Sterkstroom.
KITSHOFF Stefan x Deborah van Vliet Karen 24-7-90
Adolf Johannes x Johanna Maria de Klerk Hendrik Christoffel 1-5-19
Wilhelmina Catharina 22-1-22
Gerhardus Jacobus 28-6-24
Brother Louw (? Lourens Christiaan) arrived 1894 with wife, three sons and
three daughters
Brother Gert (? Gerhardus ) arrived 1895 with wife and one son
Jacoba Sophia Aletta x Abraham Petrus Louw Kotze 9c
Alida Elizabeth Johanna de Klerk x Nicolaas Marthinus Olivier 3c
Johanna Maria x Adolf Johannes Esterhuyzen 3c
Emerentia Petronella x Josef Johannes (Job) Adlam 5c
Jacomina Dorothea de Klerk x Hendrik Johannes Josef Stoltz 5c
Maria Magdalena Johanna x Jacobus Petrus Botha 1c
Catharina Francina x Johannes Jacobus Blignaut 8c
Catharina Francina x Jan Hendrik Blignaut
Jacomina Dorothea x Paul Stefanus Snyman 4c
Martha Elizabeth x Jan Hendrik Hygers 11-10-1896 2c
Johanna x Jacobus Johannes Swart 1c
Martha Cornelia Maria x Johannes Hendrik de Beer 3c
Johanna Maria x Adolf Johannes Kirchoff 3c
Jacomina Dorothea 13-2-1948 / 16-12-1966
Anna Sophia x Marthinus Johannes van der Vyver 27-11-36 1c
? de Klerk x Martha Johanna Kok (nee Ferreira 1860 / 37) her XX
Teuns (? 1880) x Maria Bester ? d.o. Barend Bester wounded on Sterkfontein
Louw son of Gert was from Gert's x remainder of children from XX
Lourens Christiaan 2-3-1896 /12-11-56 x 11-11-1895 Anna Catharina Potgieter
?1875 ?c
d.o. Willem Potgieter early settler (she XX Halgryn)  !
Theunis Christiaan Lourens ( ? Old Theuns) x Dina Gertruida Fourie
Johanna Magdalena 30-1-1892/ 27-6-79, x James Jubelee Symington 26-8-1887 20-:8-70) 5c
Dina x Gilfillan,
Gert (Gerhardus Marthinus Johannes),
Maria Magdalena x  ? Hulbert
Magrieta Gertruida (d.o. Old Theuns ?) x Andries Nielson 1c
Annie Susanna 2-12-12 x Price
Josef Fourie 1917
Gerhardus Jacobus x Maria Magdalena Elizabeth Johanna Pieterse
Maria Gertruida 17-3-10
Susanna Petronella 19-3-12
Gerhardus Jacobus 20-5-14
Deleen x van Vuuren of Gatoma and left the area
Christiaan x Christa Nel of Gutu
Ina ? 1940 x Piet Erasmus of Featherstone
Johan left
Rita left
Gerhardus Marthinus x Maria Magdalena Johanna Naude Anna Elizabeth Johanna 17-11-10
Johanna Maria 18-11-11
Wessel Petrus x Hester Jacoba van Rooyen
Gerhardus Ignatius 9-1-11 x Anna Susanna Salomina Gerber 1920 Daphne Dorothy 11-3--36
Wessel Petrus 3-12-38 Gerhardus Ignatius 13-1-42 Hester Jacoba 26-2-45
Anna Salomina Susanna 26-2-45 Lucia Susanna 30-4-52
Lourens Christiaan 20-2-13 Hester Jacoba 12-5-15
Theunis Christiaan 1890 x Ellie Sophia Jacoba (Sytjie) Meintjies arrived 1895
(she xx Willem de Wet) The family settled on Nyombi farm
Lourens Chrisiaan 7-1-12 with wife 3s3d left area
Ellie Lucia 13-11-13 Lukas Andries 30 9-15
Theunis Christiaan (young) 2-9-17 with wife 1s2d on Nyombi
Hermanus Christiaan 16-4-1920 / 26-9-1962 x Martha Cornelia Blignaut (21-6-1924)
(d.o. Nicholaas Johannes Blignaut (15-5-1892 / ?) and Maria Petronella Rinke ( ?-!!-1890).
Hermanus and Martha farmed on Wonderklip, Featherstone producing cattle till his death.
(she XX Moolman) children de Klerk Theunis Christiaan 29-10-1946 x Audry Lottering
Nicolaas Johannes x Wilhelmina Bosch 4c
d.o. Jacob Bosch and Wilhelmina van der Merwe (daughter of Lodewyk van der Merwe).
sons attended Liebenberg junior school and Thornhill High at Gwelo, as boarders.
Willem Abraham 19-5-22
Wessel Gerhardus 4-9-24
Jacobus Coetzee 14-9-26
Maria 14-8-28
The brothers Lucas, Maans and Wessel died within a few days of each other.
Wessel Petrus x Lucia Susanna Coetzee
Judic Maryna 10-7-19
Dirk Hendrik Jacobus 29-1-22
Wessel Petrus 7-5-24
Theunis Christiaan x Margaretha Isabella Boshoff
Margaretha Isabella 11-10-26
Dina Gertruida 7-6-31
Theodorus Hermanus Gerhardus 6-3-35
Pieter Hendrik 22-9-1887 / 21-7-1958 x Hester Margaretha Rinke
Schalk Willem 19-6-31 / 31-7-76
Pieter Hendrik from S. A. x (?XX) Aletta Margaretha Rinke
Martha Cornelia Maria 12-1-41
Lourens Christiaan x Anna Magdalena Steenkamp
Theunis Christiaan 4-2-37
Bartholomius Jacobus x Maria Elizabeth Bester 6-6-15
Bernardus Hermanus 30-5-38
Theodorus Hermanus Gerhardus x Dirkie Elizabeth Potgieter 1918
(d.o. Solomon Potgieter) farmed at Umvuma on Vredelust, producing wheat and cattle,
Johanna Magdalena 28-4-39
Christiaan Hermanus 8-5-41
Ina Gertruida 22-5-44
Johanna Salomina 7-8-47
Margrieta Louisa 7-8-47
Lourens Christiaan 2-3-1896 12-11-1956 x Cornelia Hendrina Gagiano 3-3-07 / 21- 4-77
Christina Johanna ( Poppie) 1927 x Gert Stephanu Kok 23-3-27 / 14-7-99 3c
Hendrik Andries x Lola May Spencer-Higgs left area he XX in S,A.
Lourens Christiaan 22-6-59 Louise 6-6-60
Hendrik Andries 2-3-64
Louwrens Christiaan (Sunny) x Catharina Elizabeth Greyling left area Catharina Elizabeth 16-8-57
Lourens Christiaan 14-11-60 Jacob Johannes 3-2-69
Jacoba (Joyce) x Rynie Maritz 2s 3d left area
Cornelia (Corrie) x Cornelius Jansen Taljaard (Kais) Hoffman 3c Pieter Johannes Frederik x Alfrida May Helmuth
Christine June 12-11-70 Paul Dion 26-4-73 Pieter Frederik 6-9-74
Jacobus Frederik van Staden 29-3-46 x Gail Athlee Gill Freek Jacobus van Staden 18-4-64
Ewart Jannie 6-8-70
Jacomina Dorothy (Mina) 13-2-48 / 16-12-66 Wessel Petrus x Johanna Francina Schoultz
Wessel Petrus 4-5-48 Cornelia Johanna 24-11-54 Hendrik Johannes 25-8-65
Pieter Hendrik x Magdalena Cornelia Fourie Daniel Fourie 28-11-58
Nicolaas Johannes x Wilhelmina Johanna Bosch Hermanus Christoffel 8-2-75
Wilhelmina Johanna 10-9-76
Johannes Zacharias Moolman 27-11-78 Martha Cornelia 21-4-80
Coenraad Christoffel x Judith Johanna Cloete
Judith Johanna 30-8-63
Susanna Hendrika 10-8-65
Gerhardus Frederik 9-9-67
Philip x Anna Christina Teesen
Philip Johannes 17-7-78
Anneline Elizabeth 19-2-81
Colleen Jenna 15-7-86
KNOTT Bert x Maria Magdalena (Marie) Odendaal 7-11-1931 (her XX) ?c ! KNOWLES Deborrah Ann x Craig Darren Smith 4c
KOEGELENBERG Hester Anna x Sarel petrus du Toit 2c
KOEKEMOER Morne x Nicolette Kok 1976
Johanna Isabella Koen x Petrus Jacobus Vermaak 3c
Dirk Cornelius Jonathan 1936
Anna Susanna x Johannes Hendrik Lodewikus Jordaan 5c
Petrus Willem x Anna Christina Dreyer 30-5-06
Gerhardus Johannes 28-5-28
Aletta Elizabeth 4-12-30
Lukas x Rita Brits
Maryna 2-3-77
KOCK DE Barend Jacobus x Johanna Jacoba Bartley
Daniel Edward 12-1-50
KOCKOFF ( ? COCKOFF) Andrew John Cecil x Sharon O'Neill
Kerry Jane 10-8-83
Johannes Jacobus born 1710 in Waldeck, Germany arrived at Cape of Good Hope in 1733 as a mercenary soldier. He x Johanna Jannetjie van Rooyen. Their Great-grandson Gideon Jacobus born 6-1-1782 in Swellendam, followed his fiance Jacomina Johanna Vermaak to the Gamtoos when her parents moved there. In 1802 they married and settled on Koksseplaas. Their son Gert Stephanus x Katarina Susanna Taute and grandson Hermanus Gerhardus x Martha Johanna Ferreira
Hermanus Gerhardus 1855 / 1896 and. wife Martha Johanna Ferreira, (1860 / 1937) arrived 1895 with the Pieter Ferreira trek, Martha was a sister of trek leader Pieter. The Koks had with them, two sons and four daughters. A third son, Hendrik (Rex) followed later. The family group trekked from the Gamtoos valey in the Eastern Cape Colony. The move was by train as far as Mafeking and from there by ox-wagon averaging 15 miles a day in two shifts. The eldest son 14 year old, Gert Stephanus was the leader for the Kok wagon. When outspanned the oxen and other livestock had to be watered and constantly guarded against lions.
The children enjoyed the free outdoor life, not realising nor sharing the worries of the adults. They arrived at Vaalkop (later Enkeldoorn town) in 1895. Hermanus pegged Veeplaas, which adjoined the farms allocated to his Ferreira Brothers-n-law. Shortly after, he contracted malaria and died of black-water fever Their daughter Inez also died They were buried on Vaalkop and later re-interred at the Enkeldoorn cemetary. With the outbreak of Mashona hostilities the family moved to the lager, initially on Enkeldoorn then moved to Vaalkop
After her husbands death Mr Rhodes was helpful and offered Martha to send her and the children back to Gamtoos. She refused, saying that they had left an overcrowded Eastern Province looking for a better life for their children. She did however send her four daughters, travellimg with Mr. Rhodes, back for a few years
When the trek left Gamtoos Hermanus and Martha left their son Hendrik (Rex) with a brother and his wife, a childless couple. As the transport situation became easier, widow Martha wanted her child but the couple refused to send him making it nacessary for her to travel to Gamtoos to fetch him.
After the Mashona war, son Gert Stephanus , having heard of mines being opened in Northern Rhodesia, left on foot to look for employment, he headed North. He walked along the Zambesi river to Kazangulu where he crossed. At one stage, a vast flat area, partly flooded, tested his endurance to the limits, walking mile after
mile through the water he became exhausted The water was too deep to sit down for a rest and on the point of collapse, he had to keep walking. After trekking unsuccessfully to many distant places, he returned about eight months later, carrying, as his only reward a small pig he had been given. About 1908, he bought Glenconnor. His sister Eugenie joined him on Glenconnor and later, his mother, who had obtained some plots in Enkeldoorn, joined him.
A single man Willie Staines was employed on the farm and married Widow Martha Kok. A small distance seperated the two homesteads.
A small stream, the Manese river, crossed the farm Helped by Willie Staines and using only a spirit level and length of string to determine the flow of water, a canal two and half miles long, was dug to provide irrigation water from the Manese river. The main crops being wheat, maize and citrus, three varieties of nartjies and one orange. The citrus trees were from seed brought from Gamtoos, all trees from seedlings as grafted trees were still unknown. Grapes from cuttings brought from Gamtoos were grown for home consumption and also prickly pears. Gert took 4 head of cattle to the farm, on the first night a lion killed the bull. He devised a trap gun that he used with success, eliminating leopards and lions.
Willie Staines died of Dropsy and was burried in the small farm cemetary.
Following his death, Widow Martha continued to stay on Glenconnor till her death in 1937. Prior to her marriage, Gert's young sister Eugene stayed with him. The first school in the area was started and the children received a reasonable education.
In 1910 Gert x Elizabeth Mary Wheeler. He built a pole and dagga house for his bride. Later a trading store was established and Gert extended his operations by speculating very successfully with cattle which became the major operation on Glenconnor. He bought from individuals in the area and communal lands. He made a practice of always selling the best beasts and contrary to normal practice, with considerable success, keeping the poorer animals for breeding. Crops were conveyed to the market at Gatooma by oxwagon. On the return trip game was shot and the meat bartered with the indigenous people, for grain. On occasion a cattle desease, Foot and Mouth causing wide ranging quarantine, cought him at Gatooma and he was not permitted to return to the farm with his oxen. He bought donkeys to return to Glenconnor
From the new owners, Gert bought both A and B of Manese Poort farm, initially owned by P.L. Ferreira who subdivided and sold, A and B, A being on the North bank of Manese river and B on the South, adjoining Glenconnor. He followed this by buying Vlakfontein and some years later, Perserverence which adjoined Vlakfontein. Gert died in 1956.
Gert's son, Hermanus Gerhardus (Baas) 1911 / 1980 and wife Rhoda Grace Pocock farmed on Manesepoort B where, in 1935 he built a home and moved from Glenconnor. Daniel and wife Maria (nee Jordaan) Grobler, with son Henry and daughter Christina lived in a brick house on Manesepoort B which they leased and farmed for 25 years till 1948 when he bought and moved to Mexico. Also, for a time, on B was the large Gerber family who lived in a pole and daga house.
Irrigation water for Manesepoort A and B was available from the Manese river. B was connected to the Glenconnor canal while A on the other side of the river was fed by its own canal. Commercial crops grown under irrigation were: Citrus, Wheat, Maize, Tomatoes, Onions, and Potatoes.
Schooling was a serious problem.
Rhoda Kok (wife of Baas) a qualified school teacher, tought their son Allan and children of the family and neighbours by correspondence. Allan b2c1d1 then went to Prince Edward Junior school but brother Gert and the Grobler daughter, Christina, attended Louwdia as week boarders. They had to walk the six miles from Manesepoort B, through the Poort every Monday morning and back home every Friday afternoon. Later a three ton lorry was bought and the children were taken to school with the produce being taken to market.
Allan Kok was tought by his mother to standard three, he then went to Prince Edward Junior, still a part of Prince Edward the name of the Junior section was changed to Allan Wilson and again to Selborn Rutlidge, he boarded at Selous House. He then went to Prince Edward senior and boarded at Rhodes House.
b2c2 Gert to Louwdia then Liebenberg and then to Prince Edward senior.
b2c4 James (Jim) tought by Rhoda Kok then to Liebenberg and to Allan
Wilson senior
In 1946 b2c1 Baas, bought Leleza, named after an African Chief called Leleza
who had previously lived there. His son Neville c1d2 x Algea Bartlett-Torr lived
on Leleza . He farmed with his father on Manesepoort B. When Ralph c1d3 left
school he also joined Baas and Neville on Manesepoort B. In 1970's after
Baas had portioned off his farms to his sons, Neville bought Abercorn Extension, to the East of Abercorn which he named ABEX Estate, but continued to farm with Baas and Ralph till Baas died.
Transport to the Kok farms to the West of the Hills, was by ox-wagon and after negotiating the precarious path over the mountain, there followed about two and half miles of Vlei, which, prior to the construction of Road Council roads, in the wet season took an average two days to cross by wagon with overnight stays at the wagon, with Mosquitoes for company There were very few trips to civilisation and these were restricted to the three monthly trips to town for Nagmaal.
In 1948 Gert Stephanus Kok (b2c3) younger brother of Baas, x Christina Johanna (Poppie) de Klerk married and moved to Manese Poort A.
In 1948 tobacco barns were built on both Manesepoort A and B and also Glenconnor. Thereafter tobacco was the main crop. Low rainfall and consequent lack of irrigation water made it necessary to stop growing wheat. Citrus continued on Manesepoort B till the trees died about 1953. On A irrigation continued with the available water , till the trees died through lack of water.
When Gert Stephanus (b2) died in 1956 his son b2c4 James Wheeler (Jim)
continued to farm on Glenconnor.
Mathiam Andries Cornelius x Annie Brits
Hermanus Gerhardus 12-7-1855 / 1896 x Martha Johanna Ferreira 1860 / 1937
b1 Susanna Johanna 17-12-1879 / ?-10-56 x Solomon Ignatius Maritz 27-5-1875 / ?-
4-58  !
(cousin of Christiaan they left after marriage )
b2 Gert Stephanus (Dick) 1881 / 1956 x Elizabeth Mary (Polly) Wheeler 1892 / 1969
farmed on Glenconnor
c1 Hermanus Gerhardus (Baas) 10-5-11/ 80 x his cousin Rhoda Grace
Pocock1907 / 76
Baas was educated at Boys High, later changed to Prince Edward. With his sons Neville and Ralph, he farmed (Cattle) on Manesepoort B
By 1950 b2c1 Baas, who already owned Leleza, bought Nyamazaan and in 1960 Loudia. He reshaped the farms, taking 3 000 acres from Nyamazaan he added 2 000 acres to Laleza and 1 000 acres to Loudia Before he died Baas gave his reshaped farms to his sons. Nyamazaan to Allan, Laleza to Neville who already owned Abets Estate, Ralph got Loudia and Manesepoort B. In 1981 Neville left for Australia after selling his farms to brother Ralph. Later the Kok family sold their farms, being Manesepoort A and B, ABEX Estate, Leleza and Glenconnor to the Government or individual Africans.
d1 Allan Derek 18-10-29 x Elizabeth Mary (Polly) Wheeler 15-1-33
Allan grew crops on Nyamazaan while looking after cattle belonging to his father.
All children moved to South Africa
e1 Brian Reginald 7-11-52 x Marion Lynette Pretorius 2-9-49 3c
e2 Brenda Elaine 24-2-54 x Johan Barry 11-7-54 2c
XX Humphrey Barnard 11-7-54 . 2c
e3 Arlene Sheryl 14-10-55 x George Lionel Webster 25-12-52 (not local) 2c
e4 Cedric George 19-1-58 x Renee Cathrine Bisco 25-12-60 . 2c
e5 Vernon Neil 23-12-65 x Tania Ann Delport 2-2-67 . 2c
e6 Larry Edwin 24-12-67 x Heleen Catriena Myburgh 29-10-69 2c
d2 Neville Edwin 29-6-34 x Aglea (Bopsie) Bartlet -Torr farmed on Leleza till 81 then Australia.
e1 Kevin Dale 20-9-60 x Anthea Margaret Sherwood in Australia 4c
e2 Tessa Lee 1-7-62 x Grant Michael O'Connor in Australia 1c
XX Neil David Thomson in Australia 4 c
e3 Owen Bruce 14-5-72 / 27-8-73 on Leleza
d3 Ralph Vernon -42 not married
c2 Elizabeth Johanna (Joy) 1-11-1913 / 78 x Hans Jacob Petrus Meyer 4c
c3 Gert Stephanus 23-3-27 / 4-7-99 x Christina Johnna (Poppie) de Klerk 1927
farmed on Manesepoort
d1 Marie Elizabeth 7-5-49 x Gideon Francois Benade divorced 2c
XX Jan Nieuwoudt
d2 Gerhard Christiaan 26-1-953 x Regina May (Jenny) Steyn
e1 Christelle Mavis 8-10-74 x Sagrys Christiaan Venter
e2 Nicolette 26-4-76 x Morne Koekemoer
e3 Wayne Gert 1980
Sandra Hendrina 27-3-57 x Michael Anthony Catton (divorced) 2 sons
c4 James Wheeler (Jim) 1929 x Althea Warren Bartlett-Torr
farmed on Glenconnor
d1 Wayne Eric 4-3-56 / 1966
d2 Douglas James -1958 x Phillipa Hoskins-Davies
d3 Michelle -1961 x Ashley Plume
c5 Iris Mary 2-7-34 x Christoffel Bernadus O'Neill 28-10-21 5c
b3 Katarina Susanna (Kittie) x William George Pocock
b4 Inez Betalia died young !1896
b5 Rachel Elizabeth 1887 / 18-8-42 x David Johannes du Plooy ? / 28-4-46 7c
b6 Hendrik Mathews (Rex) 1890 / 1955 x Anne Margaret Wheeler left the area
Henry Richard 14-12-12
b7 Eugenie 1892 / 1971 x Christiaan Maritz (cousin of Solomon)
b8 Hermanus Gerhardus (Maans) 7-7-1894 / 3-11-39 x Johanna Caterina Devine
owned Gavunga farm where his sons Winfred and Bernard grew tobacco. Eric Edmnd 15-9-18 x Kitty Sieberhagen
Winfred 29-11-20 x Anthea Tapson
Ines 23-11-25 x Herbert ? Sherwin
Bernard 4-8-30 x Althea Kok ( nee Bartlett - Torr)
Johanna 12-4-33 (she officially changed her name to Jean) x Steve Stack (c2 Winfred and c4 Bernard farmed on Cavunga after Herman Du Plo
Stefanus Hermanus Gerhardus x Anna Petronella van der Berg Engela 28-8-31
Andrew 22-11-35
Marthinus Johannes x Anna Johanna Maria Devine Marthinus Johannes 4-1-28
Olga Evelyn 23-5-31
The Kok family were dedicated, staunch believers and supporters of the Church which they served as the occasion permitted. b2c1d1 Allan served on the 7th. Day Adventist Council. Allan, well known and respected as a Lay-preacher, took part in religious activities regardless of the denomination, including funeral services. There are people in most Communities, said to be at the end of the telephone line, known for their selfless readiness to help others in need, particularly in times of illness. Allan Kok was one of them. The family served the Community in many ways as Members, Secretaries, Vice-Chairmen and Chairmen of Committees as detailed elsewhere.
Other branches of the Kok group included Steven A cousin of Gert (Dick) and several other cousins who found employment in the Rhodesian prison service. Steven Kok was Chief Jailer at Enkeldoorn about 1942 replacing Kerneels du Randt. 1n 1960 he was transferred to Gwelo. Also an Overseer working locally for Roads Department
KOLBE Pieter Jacobus x Madge Brazier Buttery
Peter Vernon 24-9-32
KOORTS Maria Johanna x Willem George Diederiks 3c
Albertus Erasmus x Susanna Susara Fourie 2 children
Maria Juktjana (?) 1-3-16
Naomi 26-10-23
Anthony Johannes x Elsie Sophia Catharina Maria Wray
Albert William 22-1-31
Heiletta Maria 2-9-32
Susanna Fourie 14-4-34
Ellen Ray 6-11-36
Antonie Johannes 24-11-37
Martha Aletta Johanna x Petrus Johannes Botha 9c Daniel Joachim 1893
Abraham Petrus Louw x Jacomina Sophoa Aletta de Klerk
Jacoba Aletta 27-9-12 x Helgert Andries Cornelius van Niekerk 4c
Maria Cornelia 7-10-13 x Gert Cornelius van der Merwe 6c
Susanna Philippina 31-8-15
Theunis Johannes 27-9-17
Gerhardus acobus 14-7-20
Margaretha Elizabeth 20-7-22
Abraham Petrus Louw 21-11-25
Maria Claudina Lourens 27-8-30
Jacomina Dorothea 27-8-30
Hermanus Lukas x Aletta Johanna Susara Venter
Carel Frederik Christoffel 14-6-16
Maria Elizabeth 25-9-17 x Jacobus Gerhardus Johannes Oberholzer 1c
Carel Rudolph 3-11-18
Gertruida Philippina 7-2-20
Aletta Johanna Susanna 17-8-27
Louisa Gesina 18-10-29
Hester Magdalena 5-2-36
Karl Rudolph x Elizabeth Ethel Mabel Wheeler
Hermanus Lukas 14-8-43
Rudolph 9-6-46
David 16-4-50
Richard 6-5-53
Aletta Hazel 1-4-55
Deidre 7-10-56
KRIEGLER Benjamin Jacobus x Francis Kate van Eden
Linda 16-1-57
Andre 30-10-58
Hester Catharina x Gerhardus Johannes Odendaal 1c
Hester Catharina x Willem Daniel van Helsdingen 1c
Hester Susanna Aletta 23-8-10 x Cyril Stanley Cuff Anderson 2c
Dirkie Jacoba x Cyril Stanley Cuff Anderson (his xx) 4c
Maria Adriana Kriek 23-10-27 x Andries Daniel Petrus Beukes 1923 2c
Johan Christiaan x Cecilia Jacomina Kruger
Cecilia Jacomina 16-12-12 x Francois Jacobus Bezuidenhout 2c
Abraham Frederik Stefanus x Magdalena Catharina Cilliers
Bridget Aletta 13-8-13
Hester Catharina 4-1-16 x Cornelius Johannes Odendaal 6-10-10 / 1-6-76 3c Magdalena Stefinia 6-11-19
Johan Viviers 2-7-24
Gileam Jacobus 19-9-1895 / 9-11-74 x Maria Adriana Steenkamp 22-8-1895 / 21-10-85
They lived along Range Road 10m
Elsie Sophia Catharina Maria 20-12-16 x Jacobus Daniel Nel 4c Hester Catharina 12-4-18
Johan Christiaan 10-9-21 x Anna Elizabeth Chomse Giliam Jacobus 4-3 -47
Gideon Jacobus 12-2-48
Maria Adriana 23-5-55
Elizabeth Louisa 29-12-60
Maria Adriana 23-10-27 x Andries Daniel Petrus Beukes 1923 2c
Johan David Steenkamp 14-9-32 / 5-8-1984 x Cornelia Louisa Jovner
farmed about 10 miles along Range road and owned butchery by the Standard Bank
Louise Lizelle 7-6-78
Marianna Isabella 19-4-79
Johannes Jurie x Thomas Johannes Bezuidenhout ? 1915
Elizabeth Helena 25-2-33
Johan Christiaan 25-6-34
Cecilia Jacomina 18-3-36 x Gert Jacobus Odendaal
Thomas Johannes Bezuidenhout 20-3-38
Mathilda 13-5-45
Anna Magrieta Gertruida 24-10-49
Gert Hendrik x Anna Catharina Gertruida Erasmus
Johan Christiaan 19-8-40
Gert Diederik Johannes 6-11-42
Cecilia Johanna 12-9-45
Gert Hendrik 7-3-49
Petrus Francois Johannes 1-9-52
KRIEL Katriena Elizabeth x Johan Francois Herbst 2c
KRIENKE x Anna Wilhelmina van Niekerk d.o. Jan Johannes Wilhelminus she XX Mienie
KRITZINGER Matthys Lafras x Hester Johanna. Steyn .6-1-18 2c
KIP Wilhelmus Josef x Georgina Magdalena Schoultz Perdita Merle 22-4-68
Maria Magdalena x Willem Stefanus van der Merwe 1c
Nicolaas Johannes 5-8-1882 / 14-6-66 x Anna Cecilia Oberholzer 28-10-1894/14-1-48 Nicolaas arrived in the area from Barclay East (Wolmanstad), as a single man, He worked for Stuart on Allandale farm and continued to live there after marriage. In 1922 he bought Victor, near Range where he farmed till he died..
Their children :
b1 Pieter Ernst 8-10-15 x Magdalena Maria Dorothea Bouwer divorced
Judith Johanna 6-1-41
Nicolaas Johannes 31-12-41
Anna Cecilia 8-7-43
Pieter Ernst 18-1-50
b2 Elizabeth Catherina 22-12-16 x Nathan Elia Berkowitz 20-6-11 / 14-2-60 7c
Widow Elizabeth XX Andries Cloete 1922 his XX 0c
b3 Maria Johanna 30-5-21 x Barend Petrus Jacobus van den Bergh 1906 4c
left area
b4 Anna Celia 16-3-26 x Louis Bouwer divorced and xx Coetzee left the area
b5 Helena Elizabeth 1-7-30 x Jacobus Ignatius Cloete 1924 1c left area
b6 Aida Theodora Dania 8-11-34 died unmarried on Victor farm. Johannes Jacques x Dora Maria Kruger
child 9-3-20
Johannes Jurie x Maria Catharina Elizabeth O'Reily Rhoda Hester Susanna Aletta 10-9-23
Gert x Maria Magdalena Cloete Veronica 5-4-29
Johannes Hendrik x Henrietta Cornelia van Deventer Johannes Hermanus 25-7-30
Johannes Jacobus x Maria Susanna Margaretha Steyn Daniel Lizemore 26-4-37
Jacob Johannes x Jacomina Fredrika Erasmus 21-4-25
Jacob Johannes 13-6-45
Samuel Jacobus Johannes 26-4-47
Barend Frederik x Ilse Theresa Fourie
Desmond Roy 6-6-90
Nikita 11-8-92
Willem Stefanus x Maria Magdalena Kruger
Magdalena Elizabeth 22-8-29
Philip Rudolh x Elizabeth Helena Nel
Rudolph (Roelf) Kruger x Isabella de Wet ?c left area  !
Cecilia Johanna x Johannes Christiaan Kriek 2c
Sara Maria x Johannes Jurgens Hamman 8c
Cornelia Maria 1928
Johanna Petronella Dorothea 1930
Marie Mentz 1938
Hester Johanna x Jacobus Albertus Steyn 2c
Pieter x Sara Susanna Gagiano 20-2-24 1c left area
Elizabeth Helena x Magiel Jacobus Joubert 6c
Elizabeth Helena XX Bezuidenhout
They arrived in 1895, shortly before Magiel died.
Elizabeth was the Widow Joubert at the 1896 Sterkfontein fight.
Elizabeth Helena XX Bezuidenhout

LAFRAS Aletta Adriana x Esafas Philippus Petrus Vosloo 1c

Thomas Mattheus 27-8-10 / 25-8-80 x Magdalena Elizabeth Smit
Thomas Mattheus 12-11-35 farmed on Bordeau from about 1940
Cornelia Magdalena 6-9-38
Anna Sophia 13-12-47
Magdalena Elizabeth 24-12-53
Thomas Mattheus x Jacomina Christina Fivaz
Thomas Mattheus 16-11-64
Antoinette Jane Minnie 3-2-66
Ignatius Petrus 12-10-73
Thomas Matteus x Delene Dippenaar
Thomas Mattheus 26-11-92
Machiel Cristoffel Dirk 2-12-93 Tom snr x Annie Smith
Casper ? / 1905 arrived 1895 with wife and two sons, they settled on Inhoek, then moved to Girliesfontein and later to the permanent family home on Uitkyk. Homesteads were originally pole and daga then using sandstone mined near Manese hills the permanent homestead was built. Casper died ? 1905
b1 Casparus Wilhelmus 1884 x Catharina Hendrina du Plooy  !
XX Cornelia Maria Barnard nee Meintjies (her xx)
from x
Henrietta Carolina 28-2-07/ 2-6-70 x Jacobus Johannes Erasmus 13-10-1899/ 26-
9-65 3c
Margaretha Elizabeth 8-7-10 x Albertus Johannes Jacobus Jordaan 1c
from XX
Johannes 22-8-22 x Christina Johanna Coetzee 5-12-25
Elizabeth Magrieta 29-9-46
Johannes Casparus 15-5-51
Louisa Maria Catharina 24-7-24 / 23-1-75 x Andries Johannes Curren 2c
Cornelia Maria Margaretha 23-10-25
Jacoba Maria 4-4-27 x Theunis Gert Coetzee 17-7-22 2c
b2 Andries Jacobus ? 1890 x Jacoba Maria Naude
Margaretha Alberta
Casparus Wilhelmus 1-6-15
Catharina Hendrina Henrietta 30-9-21
Jacoba Maria 23-8-25
Jan Johannes 4-4-28
b3 Jan Johan Christiaan 1895 x Catharina Margaretha Jordaan
Christina Susanna 5-5-21
Casparus Wilhelmus 11-9-27
Lukas Abdries 26-6-29 x Aletta Cornelia Lues 7-7-38 (not local)
Lucas Abdrues 27-2-60 x Christine Wooley 9-12-59 (left for Australia)
Casandra Christine 1985
Tara Candite 1986
Dayna Nakita 29-12-89
Anna Marie 16-6-61 x Desmond Wood 14-8-61 (lived Uitkyk 3 years then
Aletta ( ? Alta) 29-4-69 x Carel Coetzee 28-12-56 3c
b5 Rudolph Arnoldus ?1897 Maria Margaretha Susanna Meyer
Rudolph Arnold 30-3-31
Catharina Hendrina 11-3-36
Jacob Meyer 28-1-41
b6 Andries Petrus ?1900 x Maria Petronella Gagiano
Jacoba Maria 4-4-27 x Theunis Gert Coetzee 17-7-22 2c
Christina Susanna 1921 x Lukas Cornelius Bronkhorst 5c
Louisa Maria Catharina x Andries Johannes Cloete 2c
Margaretha Elizabeth x Albertus Johannes Jacobus Jordaan 1c  !
Hendrik Andries 9-11-29
Christina Johanna 21-7-33
Adriaan Petrus 9-3-37
Willem arrived 1894 with wife, three sons and two daughters
Hester Elizabeth x Christiaan Hendrik Botha 1c
Johan Christiaan x Johanna Gustaves Oosthuizen !
Catharina Jacoba 24-9-21
Johannes Christiaan 12-9-23
Petrus Engemachzina 10-2-28
Johan Jacob x Gertruida Anna Magdalena Sherman
Christiaan Jacobus 11-4-13
LANG Nellie Francis x Alet Dorate Schoultz 5c
LANGE DE Catherine Cornelia x Frederik Johannes van der Merwe
LANGENHOVEN Johan Frederik x Anna Petronella du Toit
Guileame Johannes 5-9-46
LANGUAGE Walter Gerhardus Johannes x Annelie Erasmus
Walter Jacobus 22-3-91
Antonie 7-7-92
LATEGAN the brothers arrived before 1895
Andries Hendrik x Susanna Margaretha Maria Bester (her XX the x van der
Maria Elizabeth 7-4-11
Helena Elizabeth x Johannes Jacobus van Zyl 1c
Helena Susanna x Benjamin Hermanus Zietsman 1c
Johannes Lodewikus x Mary Mabel Magdalena Hollaway
Henry 13-1-13
Esther 26-12-16
LAWRENCE Walter (Capt. B.S.A.P.) 1875/ 20-7-54 x Jean Montgomery 1884 / 18-9-
Trustee of Gymkhana Club Funds during World War 2 dormancy
Johanna Anna x Johannes Michiel van Helsdingen 3c
Mathilda x Thomas Johannes Bezuidenhout 5c
Elizabeth Catharina x Michiel Casper Steyn 1c
Benjamin Robert x Anna Jacoba Susanna van Helsdingen
Johannes Michiel van Helsdingen 7-11-14
Benjamin Robert James 12-5-17
Johanna Fredrika Helena 15-7-19
Margaret Esther 23-6-31
LEMMER Adriana Maria x Daniel Christiaan Cremer 1c
LEES Margaret Ann x Michiel Christoffel Bosch 2c
LETTERED Edgar Snel x Anna Helena (Babe) Wheeler 11-2-23  ?c
LEVINE Harry x ? general dealer and farmer. He had a smart horsecart, well groomed horses and showy harness.
LEWIS Dirk Jacobus x Akita Wilhelmina Christina  ? (she XX Dirk Jacobus Du
Preez) ?c
The Ned. Geref. Church headquarters at Cape Town dispatched Rev. Albertus Jacobus Liebenberg to assume responsibility for missionary and teaching leadership, of the Munyati congregation. He arrived at Beira on 6 May 1896, in the company of Rev's Le Roux and Strassheim. The Mashona war caused him to be delayed at Umtali and after traveling with escort, arrived at Fort Salisbury on 8 August 1896. He was again delayed at Fort Salisbury where he served as a Sergeant in the military forces. He met Rhodes and the two men became friends. When he left for Munyati, accompanied by Lampbrecht, Rhodes asked him to locate a suitable site for a town for which Rhodes specified basic conditions. He arrived at the lager on Vaalkop in October 1896 with C Lamprecht and on 1 November 1896 and on1-11-1896 baptised the first child of his career, it was Rudolph Smith.
In 1899, Rev. Liebenberg married Engela Neetling a school teacher. They traveled by train as far as Bulawayo, then by ox-wagon to Iron mine Hill and from there by Zeederberg coach.
He became the central motivating force within the community. He attended to all church functions, sometimes acting without the Church Council authority when the members failed to attend meetings. He was school teacher and secretary of the Farmers Association which he had organised. Numerous attempts by Church authorities to have him transferred, were nullified by the steadfast opposition of his congregation who regarded him as their undisputed leader. He died in 1933. To his memory and selfless service, is recorded that he selected the site where the town was established, started the Farmers Association, The cheese factory, School hostels, Meeting house, Magnificent church and a legend of friendship. His contemporary, Rev. Crisp wrote in glowing terms of his help and friendship. His name will be remembered as a lasting monument to a great man. The Liebenberg school is named after him.
In 1902 (?) he reoresented the Enkeldoorn community at the funeral of Cecil Rhodes.
Albertus Jacobus Rev. ? / 1933 x Engela Johanna Neetling 8-1-1879 / 25-3-1966 (not local)
they had seven children, four survived early childhood
Marie Antoinette (2 years) ?-11-1920
Maria Magdalena (7 months) 4-2-1905
Maria Antoinette (Mardie) 19-9-18 x ? Albert
Lucie Lulu x ?
Mardie was a nursing sister at Enkeldoorn Hospital, left area after marriage but returned later
Mardie was outgoing while Lulu was shy.
Lulu was a school teacher at Liebenberg School and in particular taught music and singing
When Mardie tried to get Lulu to take up nursing Lulu was taken aback and replied "lay my hands on a man, never!"
In later life Mardie lived with her mother in town where she had a lovely garden On occasion at a party Mardie complained that the town was dead and conspired with a friend. She then (at midnight) rang the D.R.C. bell while her fellow conspiritor rang the Anglican church bell.
Maria Magdalena x John Frederik Adlam ? / 66 5c
Herbrecht Catharina x Louis Johannes Botha 1c
Aletta Clara x Rudolph Gerhardus Erasmus 1c
Rudolph x Maria van den Bergh lived in town
LILLE VAN Maria Petronella Leonora x Thomas Emanuel Ferreira 4c
Petronella x Gert Stephanus Nel (Early settler)
Susanna x George Harry Gates 1c bank teller
LINDEQUE Neville Rogers (Eugene) x Caroline Nora Kirstein
Douglas John 20-9-59
LIPTZ Dr. Well known and excellent physician and surgeon with a record of 100
% skilful and successful circumcisions, tonsils and appendectomies.
Hendrik Willem 27-8-1897/ 2-9-60 x Johanna Elizabeth Margaretha Viljoen 14-9-1900
/ 23-7-68
Maria Catharina 17-8-33
Hugo Amos 10-8-1899 / 7-9-75 x Johanna E.M. Viljoen 29-3-1899 / 27-5-57 (local
Johanna H. A. 14-9-1900 / 23-7-1968
Jacobus Wilhelmus 1907
Martha Sophia nee ? 24-7-1903 / 3-3-1983
Catherine Maria Susanna nee ? 28-1-1912 / 5-2-1977
Willem Hendrik Jnr x Anna Magdalena Smith
Petronella Francina 30-4-48 x Ian Arthur Currin 1c
Helena Albertha 14-5-50
Hugo Amos 17-12-52
Hendrik Johannes 9\9-56
Edna Alida 4-4-59
Cornelia Maria Christina x Hendrik Willem Blignaut 7c
Heilitjie Aletta Jacoba x James Wheeler 7c
Elsie Hendrika Jacoba x Benjamin Coetzee 19-1-29 3c
Bessie x Cyril Tarr 1s 1d (Umtagasa Farm)
Johanna Elizabth Margaretha 1923
Christina Johanna 1933
Hendrik Willem 1934
Helletjie Aletta Jacoba 1936
All the children left the area .
William Hendrik . jnr bought Just In Time from Wiggel. frequently from farm to farm including Schoongesight. work.
He was known to move Active in Community
Johanna Herculina Lombard x Petrus Gerhardus de Wet 3c Sophia (Sofie) x Petrus Celerus Odendaal 22-4-1896 ?c Hester Petronella x Hermanus Jacobus Botha 1c Elizabeth Johanna Margaretha 1920
Francina Elizabeth 1922
Jacobus Hendrikus x Luitha Davina (Dawn) Dippenaar Philippus Johanes 1-6-12
Christoffel Anthonie 10-8-14 Antonie Jacobus 28-2-17
Christiaan Rudolph ? / 21-10-45 x Helena Classina Hamman Elizabeth Johanna Margaretha 19-8-19
Francina Elizabeth 11-12-21
Petrus Johannes x Martha Susanna Grobler
Anthonie Christoffel Lombard 31-3-20
Elizabeth Catharina x Gabriel Petrus Stoltz 2-4-18 1c Autry x Theunis Christiaan de Klerk 27-10-46 ?c
LOUBSCHER Salomina Magdalena x Johannes Hendrik van Wyk 1c
Gertruida Cornelia x Petrus Gerhardus Diederiks 4c
Christina Johanna x Frederik Johannes Herbst 1c
Catharina Elizabeth x Frederik Carel Greef 2c
Anita Stella 1931
Maria Catharina x Johannes Theodorus Vermaak 1c Jacomina Murray x Malcolm Wilhelm Retief 1c Philippus Lodewikus 1922
Lorraine Ada x Hendrik Oneill  ?c
LOVELL Closer Cherie x Willem Jacobus Smit 1c
LUBBE Adriaan Jacobus 7-9-22 x Maria Elizabeth Fourie Adriaan Jacobus 7-9-22
LUDLOW Charles Mondham 1870 / 1937
LUES Aletta Cornelia 7-7-38 x Lukas Andries Lamprecht 26-6-29 3c
MACDOWAL father and son were doctors in Enkeldoorn
MACKAY Liza Ursula x Christoffel Bernhardus O'Neill 18-3-65 (his XX) 1c
Duncan A.E. 1-12-1883 / 29-5-1966 x Ellen Primrose nee ? 23-7-1893 / 13-8-
Winnefred Margaret (Peggy) nee ? 5-3-1914 / 21-6-1996
Keneth Alexander 27-11-1916 / 20-6-1926
Edward Nieland x Edna Alexandra McEwen le Roux
Douglas Joshua Brian Niland 6-5-33
Philippus Johannes x Maria Magdalena Venter
Daniel Johannes 30-6-63
Hermanus Stefanus 15-12-66
Catharina Wilhelmina x Stefanus Petrus van Rensburg 1c
Elizabeth Magdalena x Gideon Daniel Hefer 1c
Kittie Catharina Anna 1937
Valerie x Calvin Whitfield continued on Ashton farm
Willem Francois Jacobus x Anna Maria Petronella Bester 27-7-1879 / 5-3-40
Anna Maria Petronella 27-5-24
Bernardus Hermanus 12-1-32 x Dawn Babette Cloete
Nilo 15-1-53
Willem Francois Jacobus 16-11-55
Willem Francois 10-11-34
Johannes 25-11-36
Francois Johannes x Anna Aletta Susanna Bezuidenhout
Frans Johannes 6-8-34
Johannes Philippus Jurgens x Elsie Catharina Stopforth
Elizabeth Wilhelmina 4-5-35
Petrus x Maria Ellen Coetzee
Sarel Francois 18-11-38
Ellen Maria 24-6-40
Jan Johannes 23-11-41
Willem Francois 3-6-45
Bernard Weldon 16-9-47
Bernard Daniel x Herculina Johanna Branher
Susanna Maria Alba 10-6-47
MARITZ Two Brothers Christian and Francois Ignatius arrived at Fort Victoria from Freestate (Liebenbergsvlei) in 1892. The trek was delayed while scouts went looking for suitable farms.
Christiaan with wife, two sons and two daughters. Son Christiaan Stephanus x
Eugenie Kok 1892 / 1971 sister of Susanna They left area..
Francois with wife Elsie Margaretha Aletta Frederika Stopforth ?-?-!851 / 19-5-
Francois was murdered near Felixburg in 1895. Elsie did not remarry, for the last of her nearly 90 years she lived with her children at Mount Pleasant, Salisbury.
Francois and Elsie's children included Christina Johanna x Rae ?c
Salamon 27-5-1875/?-4-1958 x Susanna Johanna Kok 17-12-1879/?-10-1956 sister of Eugene
They left the area after marriage. They had three sons including:
Solomon Ignatius who on 16 December 1936 x Johanna Sophia van der Walt a Louwdia school teacher
Christiaan Maritz (cousin of Solomon) x Eugenie Kok 1892 / 1971 Johannes Hendrik x Tolitha Kume Grobler
Mathew John William 2-6-16
Rynie x Jacoba (Joyce) de Klerk 2s 3d left area MARNEWICK Ella Margaretha x Jacobus Dirk Bosch 1c
MARTIN James Henry 1905 x Christina Susanna van der Merwe Janet Christine 16-5-37
MATHEWS Ray , was chief magistrate and was a leading person in the establishment of the Peer Brocklehurst Foundation in 1937 where he served as Chairman of the Organising Committee and subsequently for many years till he left the area as Chairman of the Management Committee. One block of the establishment is named after him.
MATHYSEN Dirk Johannes P.O. Jurgens x Ellen Hester Nauhaus
Frederik Dirk 5-3-32
Johannes Nauhaus 29-12-38
MAUGHAN Frederick John x Joan Russel Dickson
Frederick Charles 12-10-15
MAVROS Miss Poppy 1929 / 34 a teacher at Liebenderg School
McFARLANE Sylvia nee ? 1915 / 15-9-1950
MCKENZIE Janice x Salman Thomas Ferreira
McFERRIER Aletta Johanna x Josias Hendrik Hamman 1c
McKNIGHT Andrew Abraham 1884 x Elizabeth Anna van Breda Christina Susanna 1912
Robert Stephen Gordon 9-10-13 Susan Mary 1915
McMANUS Miss, In 1900 an assistant teacher at Liebenberg School. She married Balne and left.
MEE  ? farmed on Bultfontein after J.J. Symington Jmr.
Antoinette x Johan Bates Schoultz 1c
Cornelia Martha Margaretha x Herculaas Philippus Barnard 1c
XX Casparus Wilhelmus Lamprecht 1884 (his xx) 5c Ellie Sophia Jacoba x Theunis Cristiaan de Klerk 9c
Elsie Sophia Jacoba x Willem Sterrenberg de Wet 1c Schalk Willem 9-9-23 x Maria Susanna de Bruin 16-6-32 Lukas Andries x Louisa Maria Fourie
Coenrad Frederik 8-8-16
Felicity x Andries Peter van Heerden 1c
Albertus Pieter x Woltera du Preez
Verity 15-1-44 x Keneth Edmond Orford 1c
Jan Stephanus x Magdalena Wilhelmina Oberholser
Catharina Georgina 8-10-33
Martha Elizabeth 5-11-34
Christiaan Willem 24-12-35
Johan Stephanus 31-7-? x Myra Patricia Smit 8-6-59
Yvette Elizabeth 27-1-83
Johan Stephanus 20-1-88
MENTZ Magdalena Wilhelmina x 64 Jacobus Vosloo 1c  !
Anna Cornelia Maria 1905 / 55 x Erasmus
Maria Magdalena x Casper Hendrik Jordaan 8c
Petronella Catharina x Gert Jeremias Cornelius Nel 5c
Lassia Jacoba x Johannes Hendrik Basson 4c
Elsje x Petrus Stefanus de Preez 3c
Hester Wilhelmina (Nonnie) x Albertus Frank le Roux his xx 4c
Hester Maria x Joachim Johannes Bronkhorst 8c
Hester Petronella x Benjamin Coetzee 1c
Hester Petronella x Daniel Cias Coetzee
Nonnie x Coetzee  ?c
Nonnie XX Willem van Zyl his XX ?c
Anna Catharina x Andries Bernhardus 1908 du Toit 1c
Jacob Daniel (woman) x Gideon Bester 5c
Maria Susanna Margaretha Elizabeth x Johannes Hendrik Petrus Cloete 3c
Catharina Elizabeth Maria 1912 x Marthinus Petrus Bester (? his xx) 2c
Catharina Johanna x Raymond Eagar 3-9-14 6c
Christina Susanna x James Henry Martin 1905 1c
Annie x Victor Henwood Wheeler 8-1-1927 / 2-1-1991 they owned local Hotel  ?c
Wilhelmina Johanna x Ronald Peter Wheeler 4c
Sarie x Frank Nel (not local) 4c ( she XX Gideon Nell oc)
Marita x Arthur Francis Symington 30-3-55 1c
Maria Susanna Margaretha Elizabeth 16-3-21/7-10-22
Antonie Christoffel 1915
Barend Johannes Hendrik
Jan Albert Christoffel 22-5-16 / 25-4-74
Frederik Johannes x Catharina Cornelia de Lange
Willem Petrus x Hester Helena Dreyer 3-3-31 / 26-10-85 5C both left before marriage
Johannes Hendrik ?1885 x Susanna Margaretha Maria Bester ?1890 ! (She XX Andries H. Lategan)
Petrus Nicolaas x Susanna Jacoba Potgieter child -18
Petrus Hendrik 4-11-19 Anna Helena 2-3-24
Jacob Francois x Anna Elizabeth Coetzee Philippus Lodewikus 28-8-11
Daniel Johannes x Elizabeth Margareha Groenewald Annie Susanna 1-12-12
Daniel Johannes 12-8-14 Elizabeth Margaretha 2-2-19 Hendrik Schalk 5-6-21 Susanna Cornelia 18-6-23 Johanna Sophia20-11-25
Andries Stefanus x Maria Susanna Groenewald Maria Susanna Margaretha Elizabeth 15-3-21 Elsie Johanna 20-9-22
Elizabeth Margaretha 5-3-24 Helena Johanna Catharina 5-11-26 Petrus Johannes 27-3-30
Susanna Cornelia 16-7-32 Jan Benjamin 18-3-36
Pieter Willem x Elizabeth Catharina van Staden Pieter Willem 1-3-28
Elizabeth Catharina 15-11-33
Willem Stefanus x Maria Magdalena Kruger Magdalena Elizabeth 22-8-29
Gert Cornelius x Maria Cornelia Kotze Jacob Francois 16-12-31
Abraham Petrus Louw 8-10-35 Gert Cornelius 10-1-37 Theunis Johannes 12-5-41
child -43
Child -45
Jacobus Petrus 1914 x Emerentia Frederika Botha Johanna Barendina 17-12-38
Andries Stefanus 9-1-42
Lourens Rudolph 13-2-45 GROUP !
Casper arrived in 1895 with wife, Grieta Bester and children 3s1d. ! (she xx Potgieter ?c !)
children included
1 Hendrik Johannes ? 1870 arrived 1895 single x Elsie Aletta Halgryn Casparus Jacobus 18-5-20
Gerhardus Lodewikus 16-11-21 Maria Johanna 18-6-25
Hendrik settled on Sterkfontein, beyond Manese hills. The attack by the Mashona and fight
described in the 1896 Mashona war occured on Sterkstroom. Hendrik was seriously wounded.
2 Bernardus ( Barend) Hermanus arrived single 1895 x Johanna Fredrika Wilhelmina Halgryn
Casparus Jacobus 1-11-20 Maria Johanna 9-12-21 Margaretha Maria 24-5-23 Gerhardus Lodewikus 16-11-24 Bernardus Hermanus 11-11-26
3 Johannes single 1895 later x ??
Johannes was part of the group attacked by the Mashona on Sterkfontein, the only man not wounded.
Christoffel Bernardus x before 1890 Anna Helena Grobelaar
arrived in 1919 from farm Skuilklip, Newcastle, (?Igogo district) Natal traveling by train to Umvuma and then by ox-wagon, accompanied by their children and sons-in-law Hendrik O'Neill. and Matie Coetzee and their families
They settled on Geluksverwacht which they bought from a Mr. Hoffman, and
farmed with cattle and sheep and grew wheat.
b1 Anna Maria Helena 1891 / 1976 x Hendrik O'Neill !887 / 1960 6c
b2 Elsie Petronella x Matie (Mathian) Coetzee 5c
b3 Anna Helena 1900 / 1968 x John William Wheeler 1899 / 1960 3c
b4 Maria Magdalena  ?1902 x Casper Hendrik Jordaan 8c
b5 Jacob Daniel (miss) x Gideon Bester 5c
b6 Paul Nico x Susanna Jacoba Potgieter
b7 Christoffel Barnardus van der Merwe x Sarah Wheeler (Veeplaas)
Christoffel Bernardus 1-10-18 x Magdalena Maria Erasmus 5-11-22 Dirk Nicolaas 20-10-41
Abel Johannes Jacobus 16-9-47 Maryna 11-6-49
Petrus Hendrik 4-11-19 Elizabeth Johanna 26-1-23 Anna Helena 2-3-24 Helena Anna 21-8-25 Sara Laura 24-8-27
Christoffel Hermanus 6-8-29 x Johanna de Wet Letitia Martha 13-6-58
Andre 1-5-60 Arnold Bill 1-10-61 Sylvia Joy 7-3-62 Harold 20-11-63
James Harold 15-4-33 Marthinus Ignatius 14-2-35 John Gane 11-10-41
On occasion Christoffel and brother-in-law Hendrik O'Neill took a wagon load of live pigs to Salisbury with great expectations and thoughts of buying a plough and other necessities. The journey took three weeks. The pigs were found to
have measels (a parasite that if consumed causes tape worm in humans) and the carcases were condemned with no compensation to the suppliers. Geluksverwacht was subdivided into three farms.
Christoffel and Sally initially share farmed on Geluksverwacht, then moved to Veeplaas where they farmed for many years. Their son bought Veeplaas and later sold it to Carel Coetzee.
Schalk Willem ? 1864 x Johanna Venter (sister of Amerenske v.d. Walt 1866 / 1955)
They settled on Mooidart, Manesi hills. Schalk Willem x Johanna van Vuuren
Anna Catharina x Jan Lodewikus Rinke 2c Hester Helena x Arnoldus Mauritius Rinke 2c Lodewyk ?1889 x Wilhelmina ?
Wilhelmina Johanna x Jacob Johannes Bosch 15-3-18 / 13-3-67 3c she XX Jacobz Hendrik Johannes x Catherina Cornelia de Lange
Helena Gesina, Johanna,
Hendrik Johannes,
Marthinus Johannes Christiaan, Petronella Catherine x Nel Catherine Cornelia.
Elsie Rachel x Andries Bernardus du Toit (his XX) 1c
Catharina Johanna x Raymond Eagar 3-9-14 (brother of Anna) 6c
Schalk Willem x Anna Eagar 2-10-1919 (EaFb3) (sister of Ramond) 2c
Elizabeth x Johannes Teeson a road construction contractor
Lodewyk x Baps they left the area
Jan Albert (Japie)  ?
Jan Albet Christoffel 22-5-!916 28-4-1974
b7 Schalk and Anna settled on Opel farm, producing cattle. They churned cream into butter
which was then rendered down into a long-life ???? taken to Salisbury by pick-op where it
found a ready market with the buyers competing to be first to be served. Opel was away
from the river, partly on Manesi hill, it was very dry and a deep borehole was unsuccessful,
water was however obtained in a well
After Scalk's death Anna stayed on the farm for a while and worked in the Featherstone Post
Office doing secretarial work. She cycled to and from work. She then moved to Enkledoorn
where she again worked in the Post Office till she retired.
Anna tought Elizabeth and Lodewyk by correspondence school to standard 5, they then
attended Liebenberg school as boarders. GROUP 4
Stephanus van der Merwe and wife nee Nel (parents in law of Joachem Bronkhorst) and children, travelled together with Bronkhorst family by four mule wagons, twelve mules to the team. From Middelburg Transvaal. Arrived at Fort
Victoria in 1927, then proceeded to the farm of Jim Wheeler a cousin of Petrus
on Hartbeeslaagte. Then moved to Vlakfontein.
Petrus Stephanus x ? Nel (long bfore leaving S.A.)
Hester Maria x Joachim Johannes Bronkhorst (in S.A.) 6c
Catharina x Marthinus Bester (his XX)
her step daughter Miem Bester x Petrus Jacobus Jones
Petrus Stephanus x widow Catharina Johanna Welman nee du Toit
Catharina Johanna 13-8-39
Petrus farmed on Vlakfontein with father then left area
MEYER DE Herculina Johanna x Jacob Benjamin Boshof 8-3-27 1c
Sarah Maria nee ? 1866 / 1954
Mathian Coenrad 1888 / 1967
Heila (?Hester) Lofina Helena Catharina x Herman Ferdinand Rohm 5c
Sara Maria ? 1933 x John Harry Flanagan 1c
Martha Elizabeth (not local) x Schalk Willem Rinke 3c
Ingrid x Johannes Jacobus Boshoff 1c
Hester Maria x Jan Johannes van Tonder
Hans Jacob Petrus 1909 x Elizabeth Johanna (Joy) Kok 1913 / 78
Wouter Human 1937 x Elizabeth Pretorius
Yula Elizabeth 1940 / 1985 x Willem Elias Paulus Nel
Zelda Anna 1943 x Pieter Retief Muller
Hans Jacob (Hansie) (Ds. N.G.Kerk later Presbaterian) 1950 x Mitsi Roos
Jacob Johannes x Anna Catharina Hamman
Maria Margaretha Susanna 20-7-11 x Rudolph Arnoldus Lamprecht 1897 3c
Jacob Johannes x Maria Catharina Cornelia van Niekerk
Jacob Johannes 18-8-13
Adriaan Theodorus 30-12-16
Maria Catharina Cornelia 15-8-20
Willem Johannes 19-10-27
Hendrik Mattheus x Dina Maria Heckler
Muriette Marie 4-3-33
Dirk Cornelius x Johanna Maria du Plessis
Jcob Johannes 27-9-34
Sarel du Plessis 20-6-38
Dirk Cornelius 3-7-43
MEYER Lal x Ingrid nee ? arrived in 1971 from South West Africa (Namibia).
They farmed on Nyala, bought from Beckett, till sold to Government in 2001 In the early stages, to augment their income Lal undertook working off the farm
doing whatever work was on offer. As part of his cattle project, he did A.I. for his neighbour and friend Frikkie Muller with whom he shared a Brahman bull. Ingrid, a retired Nursing Sister became one of the stalwarts of the district and was at all times available to assist as and where needed. She served on the Peter Brocklehust Foundation Management Committee.
Their children did not stay in the area.
MILLER Iris Mary x Wilhelm Petrus. Schoultz 1c
MILNE ? early settler lived on Tapselpark
Martha Aletta Sophia x Pieter Coenraad Frederik Oberholzer 2c ? x Anna Wilhelmina van Niekerk (her XX her x was Krienke ) Jan Willem x Elizath Catharina Brits !
Elizabeth Catharina 27-9-17
Anna Catharina Margaretha 4-11-19 Elsie Johanna Susanna 4-1-22 Christina Helena 11-9-29
Jan Willem 12-4-32
Barend Hendrik Josephus x Catharina Elizabeth Lauretta Henning Frederik Christiaan 27-3-23
Catharina Elizabeth Lauretta 12-11-25 Jab Adriaan 15-11-26
MILLER Iris Mary x Wilhelm Pet Schoultz 1c
MOERMAN Andrianus x Maria Alderlichten
Adriene Christene 3-7-57
MONTGOMERY Jean 1884 / 18-9-54 x Walter Lawrence (Capt. B>SA>P>) 1875 / 20-7-54
MOOLMAN Jan (Jannie) 25-6-1929 / 11-9-1990 Church Elder and Lay-Preacher, formally a bachelor farming on Aftenwaters, 30 miles from enkeldoorn along Gutu road x widow Martha de Klerk nee Blignaut (21-6-1924), daughter of Nicholaas Johannes Blignaut (15-5-1892) and Maria Petronella Rinke (? -11-1890) who were married in South Africa before coming to Enkeldoorn in 1922. They had no children. Jan produced cattle. After his death after 26 years marriage, Martha moved to town. !
MOORCROFT Sydney Charles 1872 / 1957 x Johanna van Niekerk 1887 / 4-3-1949
MOORE Helena Mary Veronica 1904 x Theron
XX Johannes van As 1902
MOUTON Johanna Hendrika x Stefanus Abraham Cloete 1c
MULLER name ? x Elizabeth Margaritha Joubert (she XX Botha)
Cornelia Maria `1915
Pieter Retief x Zelda Anna Meyer 1943
Cornelius Johannes x Elizabeth Maria Barnard
Susanna Jacoba 13-9-46
John Hilgaard 14-11-48
Elizabeth Maria 5-5-50
Frikkie Christiaan x Louisa Sophia Slabber
Frederik Christiaan 15-2-69
Nicolaas Johannes 29-4-70
Helgaard 16-4-71 Louis Machiel 25-7-73 Nicolet 4-7-81
Frik (Frederick) senior lived at Rusapi but owned Euston Estate
Son Frikkie x Lizette nee Slabbert, managed the farm, they also farmed on Minverwag. Main production from about 3 000 cattle , Hereford and Hereford crossed Brahman using A.I.
Frikkie and Lizette had 5 children , 4 sons (of whom one drowned) and 1 daughter

. The eldest, 1 son and the daughter attended Liebenberg before the family left the area about 1982.

Frikkie Muller Jnr. was known as always helpfull to his neighbours.
MUSAURAKIS Mr. and Mrs Owned bakery for short while jointly with Mr / Mrs Pakis
Gert Petrus Benjamin x Paulina Cornelia Wantenaar Benjamin Petrus 30-8-35
Heleen Catriena 29-10-60 x Lany Edwin Kok 24-12-67 2c
NASH owned the mill in Umvuma
Grhardus Wilhelmus x Elsje Gesina Jacomina Foster
?acous Booyens 17-12-37
Jan Johannes Louw. (? Lodewyk) 14-11-1864 / 8-2-1936 x  ?children ?
Andries A. 4-5-1880 / 18-1-1962
A.P.K. (Kaailan) 15-7-1899 / 31-7-1934
Susanna Magdalena 25-6-1893/12-5-83 x AlbertusWyn Wiet Hoffman 4-9-1883/9-7-
73 4c
Jan Johannes x Susanna Francina Brits
Jan Louw Johannes 11-1-19
Jeremia Cornelius Oosthuyzen x Maria Johanna Hoffman
Jan Louw Johannes 11-7-20
Louw Johan Maritz 20-10-21
Susanna Jacoba 13-3-23
Jeremia Cornelius Oosthuyzen 27-8-24 XX Catharina Magdalena van Biljon
Susanna Maria 21-10-44
Margaretha Johanna 25-8-26
Maria Johanna 8-8-29
Francina Louisa 2-6-30
Jacobus Johannes 3-11-31
Albertha 2-12-32
Yvonne Hope 2-12-33
Jacobus Petrus x Carolina Elizabeth Maria Nieuwoudt
Johanna Margaretha Maria 2-6-32 x Gerhardus Jacobus Snyman 1c
Jan Johannes Lodewyk 18-8-33
Wilhelmus x Elsje Gesina Jacomina Taute
Jacobus Booysen 17-12-37
Gert Antonie Petrus x Johanna Dorothea Wilhelmina Foster Christiaan Frans 31-3-50
Maria Magdalena Johanna x Gerhardus Marthinus de Klerk 2c Jacoba Maria x Andries Jacobus Lamprecht 1890 5c
Susanna Maria x Albertus Wynand Wenke Hoffman (? his xx) 4c
Francina Louisa 11-2-1906/ 26-3-1980 x Jacobus Lodewikus van der Vyver 2-6-1895/
6-7-72 3c
Anna Margaretha x Alfred Oswald Jackson 3c
Magdalena Johanna x Hendrik Josephus Nel 5c
Margaretha Sabella x Adriaan Cornelius Odendaal 1c
Hermina x Jacobus Francois Goosen Odendaal 2c left
Vera Marie Josephine Joan x David Edward Steyn 1c
Michelle x Francois Viviers 2c
Ben (? Barend) x Sytjie de Klerk (?1926)
Aletta Sophia 1921
Helena Elizabeth Francina 1924
Willem Elias Paulus 1938
Gilleam Jacobus Kriek 1941
Johanna Margaretha Maria 1932
Hilda Mathilda x Theodore van As 2c
Ellen Hester x Dirk Johannes J.O. Jurgens Matthysen 2c
Editha Louisa Maria x Theodor Wilhelm Posselt 4c
Elizabeth Maria 9-7-1866/14-9-1949 x Hans (? Johannes) van Tonder 11-11-1864/30-5-55 ?c
Michiel Christiaan Akkerman 17-5-1867 / 16-12-32 x Susanna Cornelia Oosthuisen Michiel Christiaan Akkerman 6-4-27
Wilhelmina Hendrika x Arrend Reichert 3c
Gert Stephanus (? early settler) x Petronella van der Linde Hendrik Johannes x Elizabeth Hendrika Jacomina Greyling
Johanna Margaretha 14-7-20
Josef x Maria Johanna Dorothea Rabe Gertruida Aletta 2-11-22
Jan Andries Rabe x Helena Elizabeth Botha Stephanus Jacobus 11-1-24
Helena Elizabeth Francina 18-10-25 x Jacobus Wouter Redelinghuis 1c Christiaan Johannes 16-10-31
Frederik Albertus x Jacoba Elizabeth Davel Martha Magdalena Maria 5-9-25
Paul x Maria Jeanetta Smit 19-4-53 (her XX)
Jacob Jacobus 12-4-1888 / 8-12-1980 x Maria Magdalena Roelofse 16-9-1905 / 13-3-1979
1 Johanna Sophia 2-8-25
2 Johannes Mattheus 7-7-27
3 Cornelius Johannes 16-2-29 x Susanna Alida (Susie) Hoffman 1-3-34
lived on Rietpoort also ownes Mansi (2000) Originally Ngulubi, then bought part of
Elmini and Rietkop but did not occupy, he lived in town. They later lived on Rooipoort
and then moved to Doornkasteel. C.J. s main activity was as cattle
Jacob Johannes (Kobus) 20-11-1955 x Connie Daughters left area
Albertus Wynand Wencke (Bertus) 25-7-57 x Jennifer Chalklen
Eben Cornelius 19-9-83
Grant Johannes 21-8-85
Alida Maureen 17-8-86
Niel Nicolaas Beyers 5-12-88
Susanna Martha 24-5-60 left area
Maria Magdalena 13-12-62 left area
Maria Magdalena 13-12-68
4 Jacob Jacobus 12-8-30 (Jimmy) x Aletta Elizabeth Dreyer 29-11-27 / 17-4-97 2c left area !
5 Nicolaas Solomon 5-12-31
6 Frederik Jacobus 16-4-33
7 Jacobus Ignatius 26-12-34
8 Willem Jacobus 17-8-36
9 Daniel Rudolph 15-5-38
10 Pieter Nicolaas 1-11-39
11 Catharina Maria Petronella 4-1-42
12 Maria magdalena 21-11-44
13 Dirk Uys 21-10-46 x Sylvia Alice Elliott
Nicola Maria 7-11-68 Dirk Hugh 18-7-70
Gert Jeremias Cornelius x Petronella Catharina van der Merwe Catharina Cornelia 20-2-26 x Johannes Willem Pieter Steyn 1c Maria Louisa 4-12-27
Gert Johannes Cornelius 17-5-30 Petronella Catharina 5-7-34 Hendrik Johannes 10-3-38 Willem Elias Paulus 7-11-41
Jeremias Daniel x Anna Margaretha Bezuidenhout Willem Elias Paules x Altta Brandt
Elizabeth Helena x Philip Rudolh Kruger Jeremias Daniel 29-9-30
Thomas Johannes 16-12-35 x Anna Catharina Nel Anna Magrieta 18-2-64
Rene Estelle 18-1-66
Petrus Schalk 24-5-41 x Anette ?
Pieter Schalk x Cornelia Maria Sophia Bezidenhout Pieter Schalk 23-1-35
Johannes Coenraad 22-8-37 Cornelius Gert 21-1-39
Hendrik Josephus x Magdalena Johanna Naude
Anna Margaretha 26-11-36
Maria Elizabeth 16-2-38
Willem Elias Paulus 28-5-39
Magdalena Johanna 4-1-41
Alida Susanna 3-5-44
Jacobus Daniel x Elsie Sophia Catharina Maria Kriek 20-12-16
Willem Elias Paulus 1-11-37 x Yula Elizabeth Meyer 1940 / 1985
Gilliam Jacobus Kriek 10-1-41
Jacobus Daniel 14-6-49 x Ann Phylis Gloss
Karen Pearl 13-12-80
Johan Christiaan 17-9-54 left April '87
Petrus Stefanus Vermaak x Maria Magdalena Johanna Durand
Anna Catharina 12-4-40
Adrian Cornelius Antonie Christoffel 28-6-42
Emerencia Maria 19-9-57
Hendrik Jacobus x Magdalena Johanna Nel
Louisa 3-8-42
Johannes Willem Pieter x Catharina Cornelia Nel
Hester Cornelia 11-7-50 x Ignatius Ferreira 19-3-52 3c
Elias Paulus x Muriel Kirton 27-12-30
Leon Gerhard 24-3-50 x Magdalena Gertruida Ferreira
Neil Nicolaas Beyers 5-12-89
Nocla Penelope 31-1-52
Elias Paulus x (?XX) Yula Elizabeth Meyer 1940 / 1985
Cornelius Johannes x Susanna Alida Hoffman
Jacob Jacobus 20-11-55
Albertus Wynand Wenke 25-7-57- 57
Susanna Maria 24-6- 60
child -62
Maria Magdalena 13-12-68
Daniel x Anna Helena Bester 1-12-32
Gideon 28-7-56
Anna Helena 26-7-57
Christoffel Bernardus24-9-58
Benjamin Jacobus  ?-12-59
Maria Petronella 13-1-61
Elia Louw 5-3-62
Emerensia Elizabeth 25-3-63
Willem Paulus 1927 x Aletta Johanna Elizabeth Nel
Etiene Hugo 2-4-60
Piere Cornelius 2-4-63
Herculas Salomon x Myra Elizabh Cloete
Herculas Solomon 2-6-60
Jacobus Daniel x Ann Phylis Gloss
Karen Pearl 13-12-80
Pieter Ernst x Delene Dippenaar
child 26-11-92
child - 93
Pieter Ernst x Delene Dippenaar
child 26-11-92
child - 93
Susanna Margaretha Alida x Solmon Jacobus Dreyer 18-1-1881 4c Johanna Susanna Magdalena x Coenraad Jacobus van Schalkwyk 3c Hendrika Jacoba x Marthinus Jacobus Olivier 2c
Cecilia Maria x Gideon Jacobus Chomse 6c
Anna Sophia x Johan Christiaan Jacobus Herbst 2c Maria Magdalena x Daniel Andries Swart 2c
Christa (? Christina) x Christiaan de Klerk Magdalena Johanna x Hendrik Jacobus Nel 1c Helena Catharina x Christian Gert van Rooyen 1c
Herlena Elizabeth Francina x Jacobus Wouter Redelinghuys 1c Catharina Cornelia x Johannes Willem Pieter Steyn 1c Catharina Cornelia x Johannes Willem Pieter Nel 1c
Maria Magdalena x Daniel Andries Swart 1c Johanna Sophia x Marthinus Johannes Herbst 1c Aletta Johanna Elizabeth x Willem Paulus Nel 2c Susara Maria x Jacobus Marthinus Erasmus 3c Anna Catharina x Thomas Johannes Nel 2c
Neville x Nancy Adelaide Engelbrecht 1929 left 0c Soffie ? ? ? 20-12-1920
Aletta Sophia ?-7-21
Coenraad Daniel 4-12-31 / 22-7-1990 Elizabeth Helena ?-8-33
Susanna Elizabeth Erasmus 24-6-41 left 1-61 Hendrik Jacobus ?-4-43
Anna Susanna 14-4-48 left 2-82 Amanda 21-7-51 left 3-69 Petronella 25-3-54
Susanna Maria 24-5-60
Cornelius Johannes Roelofse 26-6-62 left 88
NEL Frank (not local) x Sarie van der Merwe 3c ( she XX Gideon Nell 0c)
Daniel XX Anna Helena Bester from XX
Gideon 28-7-56 x Sarie Nel nee van der Merwe (her XX her x Frank Nel not local)
Anna Helena 26-7-57 Christoffel Bernardus 24-9-58 Benjamin Jacobus 7-12-59 Maria Petronella 13-1-61
Elia Louw 5-3-62
Emerens Elizabeth 25-3-63
NELSON Louisa Catharina x Hendrik Christoffel van Rensburg 2c
A.J. 3-7-1853/ 31-8-26 arrived 1894 with wife Maria Catherina nee ? 22-5-1856/17-10-31 6s 6d
Adriaan Theodorus 22-12-1884 / 18-10-56
Johannes Wilhelmus (Jan) x Isabella Magdalena nee
Izak Andries x Gertruida Magdalena Jansen van Rensburg Johanna 28-3-11
Isabella Magdalena 12-5-13 x ?? Cumming Johannes Wilhelmus 25-12-14
Gertruida Louisa 17-12-16 Elsie Josina 15-6-18
Izak Andries 10-3-21 Gertruida Cecilia 10-12-22
Maria Catharina Susanna 10-11-24 Theodorus Ernst 5-7-27
Stefanus Vorster 27-12-29
Jacobus Lodewikus x Juzina Jacoba Adriana Fick Juzina Jacoba Adriana 8-9-11
Gertruida Jacomina Margaretha 21-2-20 Engela Adriana Lodewika 3-12-25
Catharina Cornelia (Kitty) x Thomas Richard Barry 3c
Helgert Andries Cornelius x Jacoba Aletta Kotze 27-9-12
Johanna Wilhelmina 12-12-35
Helgert ndries Cornelius 2-2-37
Jacoba Sophia Aletta 10-1-43
Abraham Petrus Louw 8-6-45
Cornelius Scholtz,
Ben Johannes Wilhelmus,
Johanna 1887 / 4-3-1949 x Sydney Charles Moorcroft 1872 / 1957
Anna Wilhelmina (Bops) x Krienke (she XX Mienie)
Elsie Josina x Marthinus Lourens van Rensburg 8c
Elsie Josina x Wynand Allen Bezuidenhout 7c
Maria x Christiaan Boonzaaier farmed on de la Guillerie till 75 then moved to
Maria Catharina Cornelia x Jacob Johannes Meyer 4c
Margaretha Maria x Alfred Emanuel Pohl 2c
Francina Catharina x Andries Daniel Petrus Beukes 7c
Catharina Louisa Susanna x William Henry Belmore 3c
Rachel x Hendrik Andries Smith 14-9-43 1s 2d left area
NIELSON Andries x Margrieta Gertruida de Klerk d.o. Old Teuns de Klerk
Oscar Welling 18-4-48
NIEMAN Coenraad Jacobus x Hendrik Christoffel van Aswegen 1c
Dirk Jacobus 1911
Petrus Stefanus 1912
Christina Catharina x August Dieterich Ferdinand Winterboer 3c
Gesina Maria Margaretha x Sarel Jacobus Blignaut 1c
Carolina Elizabeth Margaretha x Jacob Petrus Naude 2c
Judith Johanna x Christoffel Bouwer 9-4-1878 / 8-7-56 2c
Martha Francina Greyling 1918 x Jan Hendrik Blignaut 1920 2c
Magdalena Maud Dorothea x Josef van Dyk Smit 2c Erns x Rachel Cornelia Dreyer 23-1-73
Jan x Maria Elizabeth Kok 1944 (her xx)
Francois Hendrik x Johanna Magrieta Maria Blignaut 26-10-43 Martha Francina 6-9-72
Mr P. x Mrs worked for P.W.D.
NISH Frederick Jacobus 2-5-1910 / 21-5-1946
NIEWENHUYZEN Martha Elizabeth 1939
Cecilia Johanna x Thomas Frederik Coetzee 18-5-18 4c
NOCKIE Solly x Garage mechanic and counter salesman
NOYCE Eugene Nigel x Hendrina Ferreira
Marthinus 3-7-75
Cecil 6-10-77
Albertus Petrus Johannes x Elizabeth Dorothea Visser
Maria Magdalena 20-11-11
Abraham Albertus x Maria Elizabeth Hamman
Frederik Richard Hamman 20-7-20
Elizabeth Francina 9-3-23
OAKLEY Thomas Henry Miller 1895 / 17-4-1923
Helena Elizabeth x Josef Francois Weppener 5c
Jacobus x Elizabeth Steynberg. They came from Freestate. Christina Sophia x Izak Jacob Joubert 4c
Anna Cecilia 28-10-1894 / 14-1-1948 x Nicolaas Johannes Kruger 5-8-1882 / ?-6-1966 6c
Magdalena Wilhelmina x Jan Stephanus Mellet 3c
Pieter Coenrad Frederik x Maria Jeanetta Cornelia Sophia Brits Maria Sophia 24-5-13
Pieter Coenrad Frederik 4-8-15 x Martha Aletta Sophia Mienie Pieter Coenraad Frederil 12-1-37
Francina Johanna 25-9-42
Maria Cornelia Janetta Sophia 24-11-43
Jacobus Gerhardus Johannes x Maria Elizabeth Krause 25-9-17 Pieter Conraad Frederik 12-1-37
Dirk Cornelius 14-10-1868 / 2-7-30 x Jeanetta Maria Goosen before arriving.
Dirk, a widower and his children arrived at Enkeldoorn from Pedi, Cape Province in 1930. They travelled by ox-wagon to Kingwilliamstown, the wagon was borrowed and did not accompany the family, then by train to Umvuma and then by lorry belonging to Barend van den Bergh and settled on Ulster Farm near Range., producing wheat and cattle..
Joachem Frederik did not marry, he did not stay in Enkeldoorn area
Sarah Elizabeth Christina x Willem Hendrik Dippenaar 4c left area
Gert x Cecelia Jacoba Bezuidenhout 16-12-12 (Widow nee Kriek) (local girl)!
Gert Jacobus x Cecilia Jacomina Kriek 18-3-36
Gert Jacobus Adriaan 14-9-50
Cornelius Johannes 6-10-10 / 1-6-76 x Hester Catharina Kriek 4-1-16
Maria Adriana 12-2-44
Dirk Cornelius 20-1-49 x Martha Elizabeth Roberts
Arthur Francis Dudley 23-8-73
Susan Sophia 18-12-75
Magrieta Isabel 24-4-81
Giliam Jacobus 14-8-51
Cornelius Johannes 14-6-53
Jacobus Francois Goosen 1913 x Hermina Naude of Pedi Cape Province he
left area
Ina Amelia 4-4-52
Linda Janetta 18-1-53
Twin Jeanetta Maria Ebenhaezer 18-12-15 x Arnoldus MauritiusBlignaut 8-10-
07/10-7-75 2c
Twin Catharina Martha Magdalena 18-12-15 x Schalk Willem Rinka -1904 7c
settled on Kwesfontein new Featherstone, producing Wheat, maize and cattle.
Martha Issabella ?-?-1920 x Arnoldus Mauritius (Nols) Rinke 22-12-1920 1c
(? Gutu people)
Jozua Petrus Cilliers x Elizabeth Margaretha Struwig
b1 Cecil John Rhodes 8-8-11 / 20-5-62 x Maria Magdalena Hendrina (Molly) van
31-5-1908 / 30-12-89 d.o. Dirk Renier and Aletta Rinke
Aletta Magrieta 7-5-29 / 3-3-98 x Barend Frederik (Ben) Smith 19-5-22 4c
Elizabeth Magaretha (Issie) 11-7-30 x Jacobus Retief (Koot) Benade 5c
XX Sid Parker  ?c
Maria Magdalena Hendrika 7-11-31 x Henry van den Berch 16-12-15 2c
XX Bert Knott  ?c
Anna Maria (Tick) 8-4-34 / 28-11-91 x Henry Reichert 2c
XX Ray Wright ?c
XXX Rocky Butler  ?c
Joshua Petrus Cilliers (Joos) 5-7-39 x Elizabeth Margaretha Struwig (Tish)
child 8-8-11
Roelof Daniel -13
Esther -15
b2 Helena Margaretha Henrietta 12-7-13
b3 David Cornelius Daniel 16-4-15
Petrus Celirius 22-4-1896 x Sophia (Sofie) Lombaard
Joshua Petrus Cornelius (Joos) 9-6-28 x Elizabeth (Betty) O'Neill 10-5-29  ?c left
area !
Odendaal family lived on Riversdale
Elizabeth Magaretha (Ousus) x Thomas Gert Coetzee 21-6-1887 / 27-4-71 7c
Anna x Hendrik Schalk Coetzee 1-2-1888 / 25-2-25 6c left area
daughter x Wasserman (Bulawayo)
daughter x Frost (Salisbury)
Maria Isabella -1920 x Arnoldus Mauritius (Nols) Rinke 22-12-20 1c
Hester Maria 1927 x Thomas Johannes Bezuidenhout 2c
Hester Maria x (? XX) Grhardus Cornlius Bezuidenhout -1912 1c (-59)
Gert Jacobus 1907
Jan Johannes x Aletta Johanna Strydom
Jan Johannes 11-2-14
Hendrik Barend Josephus 11-2-14
Johannes Gerhardus x Anna Elizabeth Stoltz
Johanna Arnoldina 17-1-14
Gerhardus Johannes x Hester Catharina Kriek
Gilleam Jacobus 14-8-51
Adriaan Cornelius x Margaretha Sabella Naude
Magrieta Isybella Josephia 11-3-36
O'LINN Lesley x Francina Elizabeth Hamman
Lester 28-11-23
Hendrik arrived 1894 with wife and children
Marthinus arrived 1894 with wife and children
Anna Elizabeth x Charel Willem Weppener 3c
Petrosina Carolina x Pieter Johannes Coetzee 29-8-1878 / 16-8-23 3c
Elizabeth Sophia Maria x Gerhardus Ignatius van Rooyen 2c
Iona Ethel x Nicolaas Johannes Coetzee 2c
Johannes Hendrik Francois x Johanna Hendrina Francina Olivier
Johannes Hendrik Francois 29-6-12
Anna Maria Elizabeth 16-8-14
Elizabeth Magdalena 4-4-16
Johanna Magdalena 21-1-18
Petrusina Carolina 31-5-19
Gertruida Retief 16-12-25
Adrriaan Zacharias 8-12-28
Alida Elizabeth Johanna 18-8-30
Aletta Susanna Johanna 1-12-3
Nicolaas Marthinus x Alida Elizabeth Johanna de Klerk
Nicolaas Marthinus 21-11-12
Maria Magdlena Johanna 17-8-15
Elizabeth Magdalena 25-12-17
Andries Jacobus Francois x Maria Magdalena Elizabeth Fourie
Andries Jacobus Francois 27-3-15
Jan Adriaan Gerhardus 12-9-16
Johanna Jacomina Maria 10-11-18
Gerhardus Corbelius Johannes Jacobus x Petrusina Carolina Olivier
Elizabeth Magdalena 11-4-15
Barend Matthys x Sophia Aletta Swart
Susara Cornelia Gertruida 27-3-16
Petrus Andries 11-12-17
Maria Magdalena 21-5-20
Marthinus Jacobus x Hendrika Jacoba Nel
Marthinus Jacobus 4-8-21
Catharina Maria 3-4-24
Nicolaas Johannes x Martha Cornelia Maria Pistorius
Janetta Renetta Cornelia 1-3-78
OLWAGE Dirkie Jacoba Albertha x Willem Alfred Ferreira 2c
O"NEILL Hendrik 1887 / 1960 x Anna Maria Helena van der Merwe 1891 / 1976!
arrived 1919 with Anna's parents, who came from Natal.
The O'Niell family home at Majuba, site of decisive war of 1881 when Boers defeated the British army, was the venue where peace was discussed and signed, the Homestead was declared a South African National Monument.
They settled as crop sharing Lessees on Geluksverwacht, then moved to Manzi farm, where Hendrik worked for the owner Bekker until 1946, producing wheat and cattle. Their period at Manzi was a struggle to make ends meet and both had frequent attacks of malaria. Manzi was on the road leading to Enkeldoorn with a low water drift on the Unniati river, which was close to the homestead.
During the rainy season the river was often unfordable and the stranded travellers would seek shelter with the O'Neills where all were welcome, with the O'Neils, themselves short, scraping the bottom of the bucket to feed the stranded people. It was often a case of the mealie and the odd bokkie for the pot keeping them going. Transport was a donkey cart and with no refrigeration on the farm, it meant an early start to get the little produce, butter and cream for sale, to town.
In 1946 they moved back to Geluksverwacht. They had six children , all except Stoffel left the area after leaving school;
Richard died
Annie Helena x Josua Pieter Coetzee 19-6-13 1c Maria Magdalena x Fritz Joubert
Anna Maria died
Christoffel Bernardus (Stofel) 28-10-21 x Iris Mary Kok 2-7-1934
Stoffel farmed on Geluksvarwacht where in 1948 he started producing tobacco with success,
he retired from active farming and his sons Hendrik and Stoffel took over. Their main
farming being high quality cattle. They introduced an abattoir and stock feed
plant, serving
the district and beyond. They established a wild life conservatory on
and neighbouring farms.
Sharon 11-5-55 x Andrew Cecil Kockott 1c
Hendrik 24-2-57 x Lorraine Ada Louw
Gert Stephanus 4-7-58 / 79 killed in action
Elma Joy 31-8-63 x Clive Wixkley
Christoffel Bernardus (Boetie) !8-3-65 x Kerrie Jane Brydon XX Liza Ursula Mackay
Stephanie Lee 24-7-99
Elizabeth 10-5-29 x Joshua Petrus Cornelius Odendaal 9-6-28 ?c left rea Michael O'Neill x Maria Magdalena Hendrina (Rina) Smith 11-8-1949
(Maria XX Christiaan (Chris) Alberts ! she XXX Brian Jennings)
OOSTHUIZEN Gerhardus Josephus x Irene Victoria Esther Kashula Jacobus Herman 19-11-31
Geraldine Pauline 4-1-37
Gerhardus was principal at Riversdale and Vlakplaas schools.
Willem Adriaan Jacobus x Anna Margaretha Francina Burgers
Gerhardus Cornelius 7-8-13
Anna Margaretha Burger x Johannes Willem van Tonder 1c
Johanna Gustaves x Johan Christiaan Landman 3c
Susanna Cornelia x Michiel Christiaan Akkerman Neetling 17-5-1867 / 16-12-62 1c
Christina Catharina Marthina x Hendrik Johannes Briel 4c
Hester Sophia x Christiaan David Janeke 20-10-25 / 22-4-63 1c
OREILY Maria Catharina Elizabeth x Johannes Jurie Kruger 1c
ORFORD Keneth Edmund x Verity Meiring 15-1-44
Kelly 13-7-66
Magrieta Isabel 24-4-81
OSLER Dougal x Christine Grobelaar (?1935) d.o. Daniel / Maria of Mexico. Geraldine Gentle x Herculaas Philippus Barnard 1c
Maria Elizabeth x Johannes Jacobus van Greunen 1c
Susara Magdalena x Louis Frederik van Greunen 1c
OWEN Percy x Hester Maria van Tonder 17-5-19 2c farmed on Sandfontein
Percy arrived in 1895 he farmed on Sandfontein He had agency to supply
mining group with mining timber obtained from neighbouring farms in particular from Inhoek (Jan Kirstein known as Matimba)
Helen Ria Patricia x Douw Gerbrand Steyn 1c
Alexander x Irene Mande Schoombe
Ann 29-4-28
Alexander 19-4-3
PAKIS Mr and Mrs Owned bakery for short while jointly with Mr and Mrs Musaurakis
PALEY William Lionel Rooke x Maria Magdalena Margaretha Groenewald
William John 20-4-20
Alexander Christopher 14-7-25
PATERSON John (Doctor) ex scotland 1901 / 7-5-1974
PARKER Sid x Elizabeth Nagdalena (Issie) Benade nee Odendaal 11-7-1930 (her
XX)  ?c
PAYNTER Kevin x ? Daughter of Peter and Grace Cormwall of Freds Butchery
PAUW Jacobus Cornelius Andrew x Phyllis Joyce Pierce Heppel
Andrew John 31-3-35
Peggy Nell 2-6-39
PAYNE Nellie Francis x Aletta Dorate Schoultz (male) 5c
PENNY Doctor in Enkeldoorn
Maria Mrgaretha x De Wet Albertus Hamman 1c
Margaretha Elizabeth x Marthinus Hendrik Jacob Johannes Potgieter 5c Albertus Jacobus x Maida Lettie Gloss
Petrus Jacobus 16-1-36
PERCIVAL Thomas Arthur x Martha Ferreira 15-12-29
Barry Mark 23-11-56
Brian Neville 20-3-59
PERKS Mr and Mrs owned the hotel
PETZER Hendrik Jacobus x Daisy Philippina Bishop
Mirjam Catharina 26-10-37
Maria Christina x Hendrik Bekker 11c First owner who named his farm Enkeldoorn.
Louisa Maria Johanna x Theunis Christiaan Prinsloo 1c Martha Aletta x Francis John Eagar 1c
Maria Magdalena 14-1-188/22-9-66 x Rudolph Johannes van den Bergh 8-3-1886/24-6-54 10c
Maria Magdalena Elizabeth Johanna x Gerhardus Jacobus de Klerk 3c Johannes Adam (woman) x Johannes Nicolaas Vosloo 3c
Hester Cecilia x Guileam Johannes Davel du Toit 2c Gerhard x Teresa Benade 1970
Casparis Johannes x Maria Elizabeth Jansen van Rensburg
Casparus Johannes 21-8-19
Aletta Johanna x Lodewyk Petrus (Jnr) Spies 2c
Martha Cornelia Maria x Nicolaas Johannes Olivier 1c
Tokkie x Louis Frederik Symington 18-5-42 left the area
Frederik Cornelius x Valerie Francis Taylor
Petrus Frederik 29-11-74
Miss Pistorius 1929 / 34 a teacher at Liebenberg School
PLEIN Solly x ?? general dealer
Adriana Johanna x Hendrik van Huysteen 1895 1c
Johanna Maria x Dirk Cornelius Meyer 3c
Dora x Johannes Jurgens Coenraad Bezuidenhout 3c
Hester Susanna 1930 x Alexander Jacobus Heyns 13-2-26 / 21-2-53 2c
Catharina x Hendrik Johannes van Aard 2c
Andries Antonie x Johanna Elizabeth Holthauzen
Andries Johannes 1909
Sarel Petrus 1-9-12
Johannes Christiaan x Johanna Margaretha Cilliers Wentzel
Johanna Cilliers 18-2-26
Eva Alida 24-8-27
Jean Prieur 20-11-28
Jacoba Elizabeth 25-6-33
Hermanus Carel Andries x Fredrika Magdalena Smith
Amanda Isabella 27-7-70
daughter ?
Benjamin Jacobus x Johanna Francina Prinsloo
Johannes Matthews 9-10-32
Anna Catharina 27-10-34
Stefanus Christiaan x Alida Maria Barnard 2-3-21
Hermanus Carel Andries 20-4-43 x Fredrika Mag nee ?
child -70
Frederik Wilhelm 10-7-47
Johanna Jacoba 17-10-55
Dirk Wouter x Maria Magaretha Hamman (both murdered 1896 during the
Mashona War )
came from Bultfontein, Orange Free State, travelling by ox wagon. They
arrived in 1896 They had 5s 2d
Catharina Hendrina x Kasparus Wilhelmus Lamprecht 1884 5c
Jan Hendrik
Pieterr Johannes
Dirk Wouter x Maria Elizabeth Prinsloo
Hillatjie Louisa 27-6-11
Maria Margaretha 16-5-13
Elizabeth Louisa 25-4-16
Anna Elsabie 3-6-18
Dirk Wouter 10-12-20
Hendrik Petrus Prinsloo 10-7-24
Cornelius Michiel x Maria Johanna Magdalena Briel
Irene Valerie 24-4-09
Anna Elizabeth 7-11-11
Elizabeth Magdalena 13-12-12 James Hertzog 1-11-20
David Johannes ? / 28-4-46 x Rachel Elizabeth Kok 1887 / 18-8-42
David was a church counciller all his adult life. He worked as a prison Gaoler at the
Enkeldoorn prison till 1908 and then went farming on his own farm Palmietfontein along
the Blinkwater road, concentrating on wheat and cattle. David Dirk Wouter 13-4-1906 x Elizabeth White. (left) Martha Johanna -3-1908 x Jacobus Swartz (left)
Herman Gerhard 31-3-10 x Isabella Susanna Kirton 23-5-27 Edward Gerhard Turner 15-1-46
Muriel Veronica 12-3-47
Issabel Rachel 23-7-55
Martha Maria Magaretha (Lulu)12-3-12 x Johannes Steyn (left) Rachel Elizabeth 25-7-14 x Martin Cronwright (left)
Gert Stefanus 5-3-20 x Catheline Eastwood (left)
David Johannes 7-1-26 x Elsie Johanna Joubert. child -29
All, except Hermanus Gerhard and David Johannes. left the district after leaving school
Hermanus Gerhard worked on the Abercorn Ranch, beyond the Manese Hills, then
on Gavunga then Leeufontein before he left the area for Shabani where he
lost his
eyesight in a war accident.
David Johannes farmed on Palmiet Fontein for 1943 / 1946 till his father died and the
farm was sold. He left the area.
PLUME Ashley x Michelle Kok -1961
William George 1880 / 1957 x Katrina Susanna (Katie) Kok
Rhoda Grace 1907 / 71 x Hermanus Gerhardus (Baas) Kok 1911 / 80
POHL Alfred Emanuel x Margaretha Maria van Niekerk
Fredrika Margaretha 1-6-14
Anna Maria 4-5-18
In 1888, the brothers Felix (Willie) and Herman (Harry) Posselt, sons of German parents, previously from Pinetown, Natal but then living at Middelburg Transvaal, were hunting in the vicinity of the Zimbabwe ruins where they were involved in the removal of some of the famous stone birds. Together with brother Theodor (Ted), a transport rider, they responded to Rhodes' call for settlers and left for Charterland with 5 wagons. They were joined by others and the group numbered 22 wagons when they crossed the Limpopo.
Felix (Willie) and Herman (Harry) stopped at the area they had selected and called their farms Felixburg and Grasslands respectively. Theodor (Ted) continued with his transport to Fort Salisbury but later returned and farmed
approx 3 miles from Range to East of Girliesfontein B His son Theodorus was
a fighter pilot in W.W.2
Herman Eberhart x Susanna Anna Jordaan
Herbert Jordaan 15-12-09
Irene 1-9-15
Herman Victor 8-1-20
Stella 29-10-21
Johannes Wilhelmus x Fredrika Johanna de Waal
Theodore Nicholas 14-4-11
Theodore Wilhelm x Editha Louisa Maria Nauhaus
Mathilda Elfida 28-7-18
Gerhatd 25-5-23
Felix 30-12-28
Desmond Theodore 14-4-37
T. Posselt served as Civil Commisioner
Willem widower with two sons Willem and David and a daughter Annie came from Middelburg Transvaal, travelling by Oxwagon with the Posselt brothers. They arrived 1981. They settled on Wildebeestlaagte, Leeufontein and Hartebeestlaagte. Later Annie, as the first settler woman in Mashonaland, was
also granted a farm.
Willem Snr. (? 1845) x (she died before 1891) 3c
XX Grieta nee Bester her XX (first x was Casper van der
from X
Annie Catharina (1875) x Lourens Christiaan de Klerk (?1870) on 11 November
1895. ?c
The first marriage celebrated in the community. she XX Cornelius Rudolph
Halgryn 1c
Susanna Jacoba x Petrus Nicolaas van der Merwe 3c
Susanna Hendrika x William Skinner 2c
Dirkie Elizabeth x Theodorus Hermanus Gerhardus de Klerk 4c
Cornelia Sarolina x Tielman Johannes Roos 3c
Marthinus Hendrik Jacob Johannes x Margaretha Elizabeth Pepler
Margaretha Elizabeth 30-3-25
Albertus Frederik 14-9-30
Petrus Jacobus 11-8-31
Aletta Johanna 7-10-33
Rina Maria 21-10-34
Izak Gert Hannes x Anna Elizabeth Smit
Ewert Frederik 24-12-33
Cornelius x Christina Gertruida Prinsloo
Joachim Frederik 15-1-36
Salomon Johannes x Johanna Dorothea Wilhelmina van Staden Salomon Johannes 9-8-41
Solomom Johannes a Widower whose wife Johanna Heyns from Chimanimani had died in 1928, arrived in the area in 1932 with two sons and two daughters. He settled on Girliesfontein B, North of and butting on Range where he produced Wheat, cattle and maize till he left the area in 1938 The family returned in 1940 and farmed N.E. of Range. Son George left the area shortly after. The children were:
Dirkie Elizabeth 1918 x Theodorus Hermanus Gerhardus de Klerk 5c Theodorus Johannes x Bettie Joubert of Gatooma. left area after leaving
Johanna Salomina Barendina 1923 x Willie Happelt of Somabulla and left the
She had worked in Blank's Store till she married.
George Frederick 4-11-1924 x Ree Erasmus 10-1-1926 of Jakalsbank farm
left area
George returned in 1990 to work as manager for McClean on Minverwacht.
XX Irene Gardiner, nee Coetzee 18-6-24 0c
POWELL Jennifer Ann x Stephanus Abraham Cloete 2c
Walters x Albertus Pieter Meiring 1c
Casper Philippus x Johanna Carolina Susanna Petronella Brits
Elizabeth Catharina 20-6-13
Jan Lourens 6-9-15
Casper Philippus 13-7-26
Dirk Jacobus x Akita Wilhelmina Christina Lewis (her XX)
Gesina Elizabeth Christina 23-7-18
Jean Charles Frederik x Martha Susanna Christina Steyn
Jean 18-2-25
Petrus Stefanus x Elsje van der Merwe
Hester Petronella Catharina 26-11-30
Andries Stefanus 19-6-36
Petrus Stefanus 30-12-42
Johannas Petrus x Maria Louisa Kathrina Margaretha Elizabeth Snyder
Johannes Hendrik 10-3-13
PRENTICE Rachel Louie
Gertruida Paulina 1936 x Pieter Hendrik Blignaut 7-10-30 3c left area
Hyla Elizabeth x Alexander Jacobus Heyns 28-9-26 1c
Dina Johanna 1927 x Johannes Paulus Pretorius 49-52 1c
Marion Lynette 2-4-49 x Brian Reginald Kok  ?-11-52 3c
Elizabeth x Wouter Human Meyer 1937
Elizabeth Catharina Barendina x Gerhardus Steenkamp 3c Helena Elizabeth x Willem Marthinus Davel 2c
Hester Maria Elizabeth x Niolaas Petrus Jansn van Rensburg
Johannes Lodewikus x Engela Susanna Barnard
Helena Elizabeth 21-3-16
David Benjamin 27-10-17
Gerhardus Jacobus 30-8-20
Johannes Paulus x Dinah Johanna Pretorius
Johann 30-7-49
Noeline 25-12-52
Paul Johannes x Dirkie Cornelia Diederiks
Pieter Gerhardus 7-10-49
Noeline 25-12-52
Roelof Adriaan x Janetta Renetta Cornelia Heyns 5-2-34
Magrieta Magdalena 14-8-61
PRICE  ? x Annie Susanna de Klerk d.o. Old Teuns de Klerk
Hendrik arrived in 1895 with wife and one daughter Jan early settler Buffelsfontein
Zacharias arrived 1894 with wife and three sons settled on Bultfontein
Maria Elizabeth x Dirk Wouter du Plooy 6c
Margaretha Gertruida x Gerhardus Lodewikus Halgryn 3c
Margaretha Cornelia Elizabeth x Solomon Cornelius Swart 1c
Elizabeth Wilhelmina x Matin Johan Cloete 1c
Heilitjie Levina x Carel Johannes Grobler 2c
Christina Gertruida x x Cornelius Potgieter 1c
Johanna Francina x Benjamin Jacobus du Plessis 2c
Theunis Christiaan x Louisa Maria Johanna Pienaar
Salomon Pienaar 10-11-14
Hendrik Petrus x Elsie Sophia Catharina Maria Stopforth
Hendrik Petrus 14-11-32
Frederik Johannes 28-7-35
Elizabeth Wilhelmina 1938
Willem Hugo 1909
Hendrika Catharina 1910
Pistorius Rachel 1913
Jacoba Dorothea 1916
Carel Augus 1913
Johan Hendrik 1916
QUINTON St. Rodney (Civil servant) x Maria Magdalena Engelbrecht 29-6-36 left
Petronella Aletta Katrina 1911
Maria Johanna Dorothea x Josef Nel 1c
Aletta Johanna Margaretha x Johannes Hendrik Bezuidenhout 4c
Carel Theodorus x Lucia Mathilda Cilliers
Adriana Johanna 10-5-21
Christiaan Johannes x Elizabeth Francina van der Westhuyzen Elizabeth Francina 1-7-22
Aletta Johanna Margaretha 17-2-24 Susanna Sophia 28-9-27
Christiaan Benjamin 30-8-30
? Rademeyer x Hester Helena (Koekie) van Rooyen Hubertha Fredrika x Wilhelmus van Heerden 1c Adriaan Werendly Roux x Sarah Mathilda Herbst
Elizabeth Mathilda 8-1-14 Adriaan Werendly Roux 30-9-20
Charlotte Louisa van der Riet 30-9-20 Lourentia Roux 1-7-23
Pieter Hilgard x Adriana Maria van Zyl ! Pieter Hilgaard 1910
Juliana 14-6-11
Jan Adriaan 25-9-12 x Winifred Jannet Faraday George Louis 5-1-38
Charlotte Louisa 18-7-14
Werendly Roux 9-3-16 x Cornelia Maria Sophia Bezuidenhout ( her XX) Adriana Maria 1-5-44
Cornelia Wenda 5-2-46 Ignatius Terbkanch 14-6-18 Sophia Elizabeth 29-8-20 Stefanus Michael 24-4-22 Louis Bertthaudt Roux 27-2-24 Maria Emalina 27-10-26
Charles Louis x Catharina Visser
Hester 15-5-37 x Johan Gerhardus van Buren Greyling 2c RAE ? x Christina Johanna Maritz d.o. Francois Ignatius Maritz ?c
RAND DU Jacobus Adriaan x Cecilia Anna Viljoen
Johanna Adriana 19-5-54
Susanna Maria 14-7-56
RAUBENHEIMER Anna Johanna x Dirk Johannes Jonker 2c
RAUTENBACH Stefanus Jacobus x Marthina Johanna Greyling ?c Cartharina Jacomina 19-7-24
? Maria (Ricky) 26-9-1950 / 16-10-1995 x Hendrik Jacobus Smith 28-12-1951 2c
Godfrey Fleetwood x Hendrika Johanna Swart
Catherine Jane 23-10-18
Matthew x Ragel Johanna Catharina van Rooyen 1920
Jacobus Wouter x Lucy Roux
John Andrew 15-8-41
Jacobus Wouter XX Helena Elizabeth Francina Nel 18-10-25
Jacobus Wouter 25-9-45
Abraham Michael 1918
REENEN VAN M.B.P. Chief Magistrate and president of the Gymkhana club
Maria Hermina x Johannes Theodorus Vermaak 6c
Petronella 1914
Ockert Michiel Matthys 1916
Arend x Wilhelmina Hendrika Neetling
Willem Neetling 20-12-29
Siebert 7-1-32
Magdalena Catharina 11-3-34
Henry x Anna Maria (Tick) Odendaal 8-4-33 / 28-11-91 (she XX and XXX)
Marinda Inez 3-4-1955 x Mike Glenny 1c
REID Patricia Gowan 5-9-56 x Cecil John van den Berch 29-8-52 1c
Helena Norbertha x William Stanley 6c
Anna Martha Dorothea x Jan Johannes van Aard 3c
RENNIE John x Elizabeth Johanna Herbst
Jan McDonald 17-7-17
Elsie Josina x Johannes Jacobus Blignaut 1c
Maria Catharina Cornelia x Christiaan Petrus Boonzaaier 1c Gertruida Magdalena x Izak Andries van Niekerk 10c
Susanna Elizabeth x Samuel Jacobus Johannes Erasmus 24-1-24 1c Maria Elizabeth x Casparus Johannes Pieterse 1c
Anna Gertruida Cecilia Susanna x Jacobus Johannes Nicolaas van Aswegen 1c Maria Jacomina 1917
Marthinus Lourens x Elsie Josina van Niekerk Elsie Josina 24-1-11 x Zacharias Wheeler 2c Johanna Francina 19-10-12
Cornelius Johannes Christiaan de Wet 21-10-14 Adriaan Theodorus 18-9-17
Marthinus Lourens 5-5-20 Gert Coetzee 28-10-22
Marthinus Lourens 7-2-28 x Zanna Nance Smith Philip John 29-7-54
Marthinus Lourens 13-12-58
Engla Adriana Lodewika 6-8-29
Hendrik Christoffel x Louisa Catharina Nelson Maria Hermina 17-10-11
Hendrik Christoffel 2-9-13 x Zanna Nance Smith
Nicolaas Petrus x Hester Maria Elizabeth Pretorius
Anna Maria 25-11-17
Stefanus Petrus x Catharina Wilhelmina Marais
Maria Jacomina 22-8-28
Philip Hernoldus x Charlotte Harriet Wray
Hester Maria Elizabeth 4-8-35
RETIEF Malcolm Wilhelm x Jacomina Murray Louw
Petrus Jacobus 9-1-33
RETZLOFF Vera  ? / 25-9-1973
REYNEKE Cornelius Petrus Johannes x Anna Susanna van Deventer Margaretha Elizabeth 23-9-46
A.C 1891/1-1-65 Civil Commissioner x Helena Classina (M.B.E.) 8-12-1900/26-5-1971
RHEEDER Isabella Jeanetta Nel x Albertus Thomas Rinke 1c
RICHARDS Walter Brumage x Dora Maria Herbst
Cecil Brumage 5-7-14
Dorothy 13-5-19
RICHTER Louisa Petronella x Pieter Johannes Groenewald 1c
RINKE Arnoldus Mauritius did not come to Rhodesia with his children.
Schalk Willem x Martha Vermeulen , arrived from Mafeking, South Africa in 1920
accompanied by his younger brother Albertus and family. They travelled by train as far as Umvuma.
Both families settled on Swindon farm, approximately three miles to the North of The Range, bought from Mr. Blank, a local store keeper.
They were accompanied by their seven children who were all above school going
Arnoldus Mauritius 16-7-1894 / 1968
Arnoldus Maurrtius 10-6-1894 / 3-7-1908
Arnoldus Mauritius x Hester Helena van der Merwe Schalk Willem 12-4-30
Anna Catharina 29-10-33
Schalk Willem -1904 x Catharina Martha Magdalena Odendaal 18-12-15 farmed on Kwesfontein
Schalk Willem 8-8-36 / ! 2000 x Martha Elizabth Meyer (not Local) Kwesfontein Martha Elizabeth 7-9-66
Catharina Magdalena 12-10-68 Lizette Joyce 6-6-74
Jeanetta Maria 27-11-44 x Lodewikus (Vic) Botha left the area Jan Jacob
Martha Magdalena left the area
Rachel left the area
Lettie left the area
The brothers Jan Jacob , Arnoldus Mauritius and Schalk Willem initially
settled on
adjoining farms beyond Kopje Alleen in the Featherstone area.
Aletta Margaretha 9-2-1880 x Dirk Renier van Rooyen they arrived in 1922. 10c
Albertus Thomas 22-11-1888 / 1954 x Maria Magdalena Catharina Heyns 16-6-1888 / !970
arrived from Mafeking S.A. in 1920, together with his older brother Schalk and family, they travelled by train as far as Umvuma. Both families settled on Swindon farm.
In 1925 Albertus put up a building on Swindon which he made available to the Government to be used as a junior, up to standard six, school and about thirtyfive children from the surrounding farms attended.
Albertus assisted with the organising to build the Ned. Geref. Kerk (Dutch Reformed Church) and Maria assisted the women who bought the organ.
children :
Daughter died an infant Maria Magdalena Catharina
Albertus Thomas 29-7-20 x Isabella Jeanetta Nel Rheeder 1925 Albertus Thomas 12-6-57
Arnoldus Mauritius (Nols) 22-12-21 x Maria Isabella Odendaal -1920 XX Edith Edwards nee Schaller her XX 0c
Albertus Thomas 21-2-42
Arnoldus Mauritius left the area as a young man returned in 1981 settled on Swindon farm.
He was an outstanding sportsman and shottist, winning championships at Tennis and Golf
and classified Marksman with rifle shooting. He held the rank of Sergeant and served in
the Enkeldoorn Police Reserve at that rank for seven years, commanding police patrols.
Hans Jacob 4-10-24 x Polish girl David Andries 15-3-28 x Marie
Jan Lodewikus 21-2-1900 / 29-1-78 x Anna Catharina van der Merwe Anna Catharina 24-3-33
Schalk Willem 4-8-43
Maria (? 1885) x Jan Hendrik Blignaut 12-12-1869/24-1-42 ( his XX) ex S.A. 1922 6c
Maria Petronella 26-11-1890/ 9-11-71 x Nicolaas Johannes Blignaut 15-5-1892/ 8-9-73 5c
Martha Cornelia Maria x Alexander Jacobus Heyns 4c Johanna Catharina x Ockert Cornelius Blignaut 6c Petronella x Johannes Blignaut 1c
Petronella x Johannes Beter 1c
Hester Margaretha x Pieter Hendrik de Klerk 1c
Aletta Margaretha x Pieter Hendrik de Klerk 1c (? his XX)
Francina Johanna x Petrus Francois Bosman 1c
Martha Elizabeth x Dirk Cornelius Odendaal 20-1-49 3c
ROBINSON Christina x Francis John Eagar 26-8-37 4c
Mr. Robinson 1929 / 34 a teacher at Enkeldoorn School.
Maria Magdalena 16-9-1905 / 13-3-1979 x Jacob Jacobus Nel 12-4-1888 / 8-12-1980 13c
Cornelius Johannes x Johanna Sophia de Wet Herculaas Salomon 14-9-11
Cornelius Johannes Nel x Susanna Alida Hoffnman Cornelius Johannes 26-7-62
ROGERS Buck x Helen ? (from U.K.) Well known Enkeldoorn personalities. Helen was one of the first staff mebers of the Standard Bank where she became the Chief Accountant.
At the time when Rhodesia became Zimbabwe, a group of jokers who regularly met at the Enkeldoorn hotel for social drinks at the bar, led by Buck Rogers, established a socalled independent state named The Republic of Enkeldoorn with written Constitution and Regulations., it was the area around the bar. Buck was installed as President and Helen was First Lady. The socalled Republic automatically came to an end when the hotel was sold. Buck was employed in the town till be bought a fuel filling station and motor repair shop complex which he maintained till shortly begore his death, after which Helen left..
Jacoba Maria nee ? 3-12-1893 / 16-1-81
Susanna Susara Jacoba 29-2-1898 /2-2-72 x Pieter Hendrik van Tonder 23-9-1898 /17-6-72 1c
Herman Ferdinand x Heila Lofina Helena Catharina Meyer Philippus Lodewikus 11-2-10
Ernst Frederik 15-4-11
Margaretha Maria Elizabeth 27-8-12 Johannes Willem 23-5-14
Anna Maria 2-3-18
Jacob Johannes x Cornelia Johanna Coetzee 2-5-02 / 31-5-55 Herman Ferdinand 22-6-20
Maria Petrinella 7-10-21
Hendrik Schalk 8-9-24
Mitsie x Hans Jacob (Hansie) Meyer 1950 (Ds. N.G.Kerk later Presbaterian) Tielman Johannes x Cornelia Sarolina Potgieter
Johannes Hermanus 15--4-48 Susara Cornelia 5-6-49 Cornelia Sarolina 31-7-52
Hester Jacoba x Wessel Petrus de Klerk 3c
Louisa Philippina x Jurgens Hendrik Grobler 1c
Renier Christiaan 1930
Gerhardus Ignatius x Elizabeth Sophia Maria Olivier Gerhardus 15-5-15
Maria Magdalena 2-8-18
Pieter Cornelius Johannes x Annie Charlotte Hollaway Pieter Alexander 15-4-11
Frederik Ewert x Hendrina Maria Grobbelaar Henry Markus 17-11-35
Christiaan Gert x Helena Catharina Nel Jacobus Nicolaas 24-2-44
Dirk Renier 31-8-1872 / 20-5-1962 x Aletta Margaretha Rinke 9-2-1880 / 12-12-1960 arrived in 1922 by donkey wagon from Vryburg together with four other families, being, the Trek Leader Jan Hendrik Blignaut and three married Blignaut sons, the convoy consisted of seven wagons. For details see the Jan Blignaut trek. The van Rooyen family planned to settle in the Melsetter area but because of the rampant malaria in that region, decided to settle in the reputedly healthier Enkeldoorn area.
They initially settled on Girliesfontein then owned by Rev A. Liebenberg. approx
3 miles West of Range They were accompanied by seven of their children, more
were born after arrival at Enkeldoorn.
Carolina Jacoba she did not marry
Petrus Cornelius Jacobus x Hester Wallace
Maria Magdalena Hendrina 31-5-1908/30-12-89 x Cecil John Rhodes Odendaal 8-10-1/
20-5-62 5c
Aletta Magaretha x Willem Hendrik Boshof 1900 11c
Arnoldus Mauritius deceased
Johanna Catharina (Joe) x Phil Wilson
Dirk Renier 1917 x Maria Petronella Dreyer 6-11-1922 / 22-12-1982
Dirk Renier 11-7-43 x Maureen nee ? not local girl
Frederick Johan Dreyer 24-12-44 died before marriage
Hester Helena (Koekie) x Rademeyer
Aletta Magrieta (Lettie) x Willem Hendrik Boshoff 11c
Petrus Cornelius Jacobus (Piet) x ?
all five left the area
Ragel Johanna Catharina 1920 x Matthew Rawstorne
Anna Johanna Maria 8-5-1923 x Thomas Schalk Benade 5c
David Andreas 24-12-26 x Mirriam Rosenberg
The older children walked to school, the Enkeldoorn Public school.
Before 1933 Church services were held at the old church where the highlights of the congregation were the three monthly Nagmaal services which the van Rooyen family attended by oxwagon transport and camping for about four days, together with their fellow Church members. It was always a particularly joyous period for the younger people and the van Rooyen children enjoyed the companionship
Petrus Marthinus x Catharina Wilhelmina Maria (Caty) Fassen 2-2-03/ 10-12-52
(Caty xx Theunis Engelbrecht)
Joel Marthinus 6-10-19
Maria Elizabeth x Johannes frederik Eksteen (he XX Krause) 1c
Willem Jansem 1922 x Maria van den Bergh 1936 left area after
Petrus Marthinus (Paul) 6-1-1923 / 9-6-1987 x Johanna Susanna Brits 27-6-23
Paul a motor mechanic who had returned from war service in 1945 x Johanna Susanna Britz.
He initially worked for his step father Theunis Engelbrecht who owned Motor Engineering
Garage. The garage was closed when the hotel owners bought the ground for hotel expansion
Paul then opened and ran Paul's service station and garage, with Johanna attending to Office
admin. They presented a beautiful floating trophy to the Enkeldoorn Gymkhana Club.
After Paul's death the building was taken over by Charlie Schoultz who established a general hardware and farm supplies store. Johanna became Hostel matron at the Peter Brocklehurst Foundation Home for the aged.
Petrus Marthinus 22-10-48 x Anna Magdalena Benade 16-4-52
Petrus was educated at Bothashoff. Employed in prison service then left the area.
Petrus Marthinus 25-9-72 x Theunissina Grobler Andre Francois 6-11-74
Johanna Susanna 18-6-50 (Chaplain school) x Adriaan Botha (local Post Master) left
ROSENBERG Marrian x David Andreas van Rooyen 24-12-26
ROSSBE Naria Cornelia Jeanetta Sophia x Ockert Karl Johannes Brits 1c
Johanna Nicolasina Stoffelina x Carel Pieter van Helsdingen 4c Martha Maria Magdalena x Johannes Theodorus Vermaak 2c Hendrika Susanna 1913 x Barend Johannes Venter 1908 1c Maria Elizabeth Gertruida 1914 x Henry Wheeler 6c
Francois Daniel Jacobus 1912 Daniel Gerhardus 1916 Engela Catharina Aletta 1918
David Johannes x Maria Magdalena Schoonveldt Abraham Marthinus 20-10-13
Gerhardus 7-12-16 Catharina Johanna 3-3-18 Petrus Johannes 16-8-19 Jacob 16-12-20
Maria Magdalena 20-3-23
Nicolaas Jacobus 9-8-24
Johannes Nicolaas x Martha Helena Johanna Davel Hermanus Johannes 1-7-19
Jacoba Elizabeth 31-12-21 Migiel Carl 16-1-23
Johannes Nicolaas 18-5-27
Catharina Dorothea 3-12-31
Jan Johannes x Maria Magdalena du Toit Andries Bernardus 11-4-23
Betsie Johanna Louw x Jacobus Hermanus Spies 1c Christina Johanna x Johan Christiaan Barnard 16-5-20 2c Margaretha Wilhelmina x Gideon Jacobus Roussouw Engels 2c Lucy x Jcobus Wouter Redelinghuys 1c
Jan Andries x Adriana Maria Catharina van der Westhuyzen Pieter Johannes 30-3-17
Adriana Maria Louisa 3-6-19
Rachel Johanna x Christiaan Josef Brytenbach 1c Edna Alexandra McEwen x Edward Niland Malan 1c
Albertus Frank x Catharina Claudina Coetzee 4-6-1893 / 10-1-27 Maria Petronella 17-4-14
Hendrik Schalk 1-8-15 Susanna Sophia 11-7-17 Catharina Claudina 17-4-19 Albertus Frank 31-8-20 Christina Johanna 15-4-26
Albertus Frank XX Hendrina Wilhelmina van der Merwe Catharina Maria 13-5-31
Lessia Jacoba 24-7-33
Albertus Johannes van der Merwe 6-1-35 Hendrik Jacobus 23-12-37
RYAN Gertruida Winnifred x Johannes Christiaan Swartz 9c
RYNEKE Cornelius Petrus Johannes x Anna Susanna van Deventer child 1946
Margaretha Maria 1916 x Robert Leslie Thornton Smith 1c
Anna Cecilia 1921
Henry Peter 1919
Henry Stephen 1915
Louise Susanna 1921
Pieter Adriaan 1915 x Elsie Johanna Stemmet
Dorothea Johanna 2-5-52
Johanna Susanna Magdalena x Jacobus Alwyn Briel 2c Johanna Gertruida x Philippus Johannes Bronkhorst 1930 4c Susanna Elizabeth x Samuel Jacobus Johannes Erasmus 10c
Maria Catharina Salomina x Petrus Francois Johannes Erasmus 2c (twins) Jacoba Fredrika x Schalk Willem Petrus Grobbelaar 1c
Coenrad Jacobus x Johanna Susanna Magdalena Nel Coenrad Jacobus 16-3-13
Jacobus Stefanus 25-2-17
Aletta Johanna 21-11-20
Joe prospected in the area and located gold at Umvuma, before pegging the claims he went to Northern Rhodesia and on return found the Falcon mine already peged. He left the area. His brother Edward worked on the mine from 1916 till 1944.
In 1926 Edward bought Sable Flats at the East end of Manese along the Umyati river, adjoining Inhoek, (Kirstein) from van Tonder, where he settled in 1935.
The general farming was maize, sheep and cattle but he specialised in producing appels as a crop for sale with a large orchard admired by all visiters.
Edward Vernon 1897 / 1972 x Margaret Gwendoline (Bullick) ? / 19-10-1960, settled on Sableflats Vernon had worked on the Falcon mine before he married. He met and later married Margaret who was from Johannesburg and visiting her sister whose husband Wally Jackson worked on the Falcon mine. They had two children Allen and Edith The children attended Umvuma junior school as boarders where their parents used to visit them, travelling the long distance by Cape Cart and horses. They finished their schooling at Chaplain High in Gwelo.
Edith 29-5-33 x Eugene (Bob) Edwards. 13-3-28 / 1981 4c left area XX Arnoldus Mauritius Rinke (his XX) 0c
Allen Schaller 13-11-38 x Barbara Ford (not local)
Keron Joan 24-9-66 x William David Mickelthwite 10-3-66 Rex Allen Vernon 26-2-68 x Laurelly Shea 10-9-74 Glenda Barbara 26-7-69
Educated: Keron, local junior, Girls High School and Specis College. Rex, Allan Wilson
Glenda Girls High School and Eaglesvale
Allen farmed with his father Edward, then bought Sableflats 1, 1 000 acres and later also
Sableflats 2 and 3, each 1 000 acres. from Rhodesdale Estate, he also bought Foresthill and
Edendale called Dangerendodi meaning Manure-kraal.
Maria Elizabeth x Frederik Jacobus Haasbroek 3c
Johannes Hendrik x Hester Susanna van Aard
Johannes 12-8-33
Ena 20-5-35
SCHMALL Petronalla Maria Johanna x Willem Jacobus Smit 4c SCHMIDT Chantelle x Neil Jacobus Smith 19-7-1977 1c
SCHOEMAN Anna Maria Cornelia Elizabeth Schoeman x Gabriel Johannes Stoltz 2c
SCHOOMBE Irene Mande x Alexander Page 2c
Hendrina Johanna x Willem Goelst 4c
Maria Magdalena x David Johannes Roussouw 7c
Aletta Susanna 1915
Aletta Susanna 1913
Maria Babes 1919
Jan Gabriel x Roelfina Adriana Jansen
Abraham Marthinus 25-11-16 x Maria Margaretha Jansen
Bertha 18-10-18
Roelfina Johanna 11-11-20
Jan Gabriel 23-4-23
Jahan Hendrik Christiaan x Maria Margaretha Jansen
Abraham Marthinus 11-2-17
Maria Baia 7-11-18
Johan Christiaan 5-1-22
Hendrikus Petrus 7-9-26
Hendrina Fortina 23-12-28 x Lukas Bronkhorst 6c
Isabella 13-6-31
Anna Elizabeth 26-11-1862 / 25-4-37 x Thomas Frederik Dreyer 6-9-1860/7-3-34 12
Diana nee ? 11-5-1871 / 13-7-1953
Robert William Stawell 1906 / 1961
Christina x Christoffel Eagar 22-4-16 2c
? lived on Ingulubi ? Wilderness about 1938
Eugene about 1948 owned farm adjoining Commonage
Johanna Francina x Wessel Petrus de Klerk 3c
Georgina Magdalena x Wilhelmus Josef Kip 1c
Yvonne Lizette x David Johannes Lodewikus van den Bergh 1c
Wilhelm Petrus x Iris Mary Miller
child 11-8-48
Aletta Dorati (man) 3-10-1922 / 22-10-1984 x Nelie Francis Payne
Charles Thomas 4-6-48 ( Charles owned Matimba from Francis Eagar )
Albert Daniel 1-10-50
Arthur Marthinus 16-5-53
Sidney Petrus 16-11-56
Dorothy Margaret 16-1-61
Johan Bates 1910 / 1960 x ?
Johan Bates 1946 / 1988 x Antoinette Mee
Sean Alet 23-6-69
Wilhelm Petrus. x Iris Mary Miller
Iris Mary 11-8-48
SCHREIBER Frederik Willem x Maria Catharina Petronella Smit
Cornelius Abram 1-11-38
SHANNON Aletta Johanna x Hendrik Barend Josephus Strydom 5c
Henry Stephen x Susara Jacoba Elizabeth Enslin
Henry Stephen 1915 x Gloria Fay Tarr
Bessie Muriel 7-7-45
Henry Stephen 18-11-46
Samuel Percival 9-1-51
Jeanetta Catharina Fredrika 12-5-17
Harry Peter 11-4-19 x Mary Elizabeth Tarr
Harry Peter 10-2-51
Sarie 6-3-52
Anna Cecilia 4-5-21
Ellen Margaret 26-8-34
SHEASBY Adrian x Dalene Daly nee van den Berch 19-10-1955 (her XX)
Herbert x Innis Kok
Gertruida Anna Madalena x Johan Jacob Landman 1c
SHIRLEY Joan Margaret x Norman Cecil Wheeler 1c
SIEBERHAGEN Kitty x Eric Edmond Kok
SKINNER William x Susanna Hendrika Potgieter
Cornelius Johannes 3-7-34
Louisa Wilhelmina 12-5-36
SLABBER Louisa Sophia x Frikkie Christiaan Muller 5c
Johanna Sophia Conradina x Dirk Johannes Cloete 1c Anna Elizabeth x Izak Gert Hannes Potgieter 1c
Magdalena Elizabeth 1914 x Thomas Mathews Lambert 27-8-10 / 25-8-80 4c Anna Sophia x Petrus Johannes Dirkse Steenkamp 1c
Maria Catharina Petronella 1918 x Frederik Willem Schreiber 1c Jacoba Johanna x Geoge Steven Kirton 2c
Johanna Cornelia 1926 x Willem Cornelius Jacobus Wessels 3c Richen (? Rachel) x Josua Kirton 26-10-28 ?c
Lynette x Jacob Gerhardus Jovner 1c
Maria of Athlone x Dirk Renier Boshoff 4-7-36 Johanna Carolina Susanna 1911
Louis Hendrik 1911 Josef van Dyk 1911 Lukas Cornelius 1912 Cornelia Magdalena 1915
Anna Josina Isabella 1918 Barend Frederik 1922 Cornelis Abraham 1924 Margaretha 1934
Willem Jacobus x Maria Cornelia Jeanetta Sophia Brits Maria Cornelia Jeanetta Sophia 7-12-14
Maria Catharina Petronella 29-5-17
Johanna Cornelia Susanna 2-12-20
Cornelius Abraham 1924 x Magdelena Elizabeth Botha 9-10-30 Martha Aletta 20-6-50 x Morgan Ellis Bulcraig
Maria Jeanetta 19-4-53 x Eric Hallet 1c XX Paul Nel
Myra Patricia 8-6-59 x Johan Stephanus Mellet 31-7-? Jacobus Johannes 12-12-28
Margaretha 7-1-34
Jacob Letterstied x Sara Jacoba Carolina Welman XX Winnefred Chomse
from X
Jacob Letterstied 23-9-19 x Wilmina Chomse 8-3-37
Farmie Joan 8-3-37
Johan Christiaan Adriaan 26-3-21
Johannes Jacobus 25-9-25 x Lynette Smit
from XX
Willem Jacobus x Cornelia Magdalena Bronkhorst
Johanna Cornelia 19-2-31
Jacobus Hendrik x Susanna Jacoba de Beer
Sara Susanna Margaretha 20-3-38
Johannes Jacobus x Maria Catharina Wheeler
Laura Maud 21-3-38
Joseph van Dyk x Magdalena Maud Dorothea Nieuwoudt
Willem Jacobus 20-6-43
Piet Josua 29-5-47
Willem Jacobus 1916 x Petronella Maria Johanna Schmall
Willem Jacobus 25-9-43
Elsje Gesina Jacomina 25-2-45
Martha Louisa 3-12-51
Hendrik Christoffel 1-8-53
Jacobus Johannes x Rae Bezuidenhout
Jacobus Johannes 18-6-64
Willem Jacobus x Closer Cherie Lovell
Duwaine Willem 11-8-71
SETH-SMITH Frances Olive 1876 / 1951
Petronella Francina x Hendrik Jacobus Smith 3c
Anna Magdalena x Willem Hendrik Jnr Lock 5c
Zanne Nance x Hendrik Christoffel van Rensburg 2-9-13 2c
Zanna Nance x Marthinus Lourens van Rensburg 7-2-28 2c
Rachel Magdalena x Robert Shannon Wheeler 27-2-64 2c
Rachel x Hendrik Andries Smith 14-9-43 1s 2d left area
Petronella Francina 18-6-1899 / 17-6-1983 x Hendrik Jacobus Smith 4c
Johanna Catharina (nee de Bruin) 1905
Cornelius arrived 1895 no family recorded. He was with the group attacked by
the Mashona on Sterkstroom. Shot through the chest, he colapsed and was
crawling to the house when, on being dragged into the house by the women, he
was stabbed to death.
Markus Johannes (early settler) x Johanna Elizabeth Horn 2c
Willem Hendrik 21-2-14
Emerentia Elizabeth 14-7-15
Philippus Lodewyk x Hermina Elizabeth Maria Steyn
Marthinus Jacobus 5-6-40
Hendrik Jacobus x Petronella Francina Smith 18-6-1899 / 17-6-1983
Alwyn Jacobus 30-8-33 x Adriana Cornelia Barnard
Andre Wynand 16-4-62
Wouter Gerhard 4-12-63
Stefanus Christiaan 3-7-41
Johanna Elizabeth 5-11-42
Hendrik Jacobus x Petronella Francina Smith
Mike x Maria Elizabeth Gagiano 2-10-26 2c left area
Hendrik Andries 8-10-24 / 8-10-77
Jacobus Martinus 18-4-27 / 22-8-30
Anna Magdalena 14-11-29
Robert Leslie Thornton x Margaretha Maria Schaap 1916
Ivan Peter Thornton 20-12-41
Roelof Daniel x Lynette Christine Vermaak
Dianne Stacey 17-9-83
Estee Jannika 1-7-85
Hendrik Jacobus 24-10-1891 / 11-1-58 x Petronella Francina Smith 18-6-1899 /
born Grootfontein South West Africa
Barend Frederik (Ben) 19-5-22 (Tvl.) x Aletta Magrieta Odendaal 7-5-29 / 3-3-98
Maria Magdalena Hendrina (Rina) 11-8-1949 x Michael O'Neill
XX Christiaan (Chris) Alberts 2c
XXX Brian Jennings
Hendrik Jacobus 28-12-1951 x Ricky ?-1950 / 16-10-1995 Rautenbach
Neil Jacobus 19-7-77 x Chantelle Schmidt
Chanelle 26-5-81
Petronella Francina (Tossie) 6-10-1952 x Michael Hedley van Breda 9-3-46
Roelof Daniel (Danie) 30-10-1958 x Lynette Cristine Vermaak 30-10-60
Sianne Stacey Smith 17-9-1983
Estee Janieke Smith 21-7-1985
Hendrik Andries x Anna Magdalens Lombard arrived at Marandellas Rhodesia in
1916 4s 6d
some of the family later moved to Enkeldoorn.
b1 to b10 birth order not known
b sons
Hendrik not Enkeldoorn
Koos x Gesina Viljoen not Enkeldoorn
Ben x Katherina Steyn not Enkeldoorn
Alwyn Jacobus 1908 / 98 from Marandellas x Isabel Susanna Gagiano 2-3-16 /
Cornelia Petronella (Cookie) 1936 x James Thoma (Jim) Wheeler 4c
Anna Magdalena 21-10-37 x Ernest Percival Wheeler 4c
Ester 29-10-39 x Johan Christiaan Kriek Bezuidenhout 7-3-35 3s 1d left
Hendrik Andries. (Hennie) 14-9-43 x Rachel van Niekerk 1s 2d left area!
Fredrika Magdakena (Driky) x Herman Carel Andriesdu Plessis 2d left
b daughters
Annie x Tom Lambert snr 1s
XX Piet Steenkamp not Enkeldoorn 11 children
Lena x David Nel  ? Enkeldoorn 8 children
Johanna x Hill not Enkeldoorn
Sannie x Theuns Botha  ? Enkeldoorn 1s 1d
Nellie x Hendrik J. Smith (cousins) 4s 2d
Dricky x Jan Lock  ? Enkeldoorn 1d (Anna Lock x Grewer Ferreira)
Craig Darren x Deborrah Anne Knowles (not local Smith family) Amie
Keith John 29-8-94 Joshua James 16-11-98 Samuel Craig 30-8-2000
SNYDER Maria Louisa Kathrina Margaretha Elizabeth x Johannas Petrus du Preez 1c
Anna Aletta x Daniel Francois van den Heever 2c Wilhelmina Johanna x George Frederik Snyman 6c Karl Petrus x Catharina Elizabeth Delport
Rhoda 25-3-19 Noeline 25-12-20
Georg Frederik x Wilhelmina Johanna Snyman George Frederik 28-2-22
Martha Louisa 20-3-24
Cecilia Johanna Maria 10-6-26 Wilhelmina Johanna 24-8-28 Johanna Maria Jacoba 18-11-30 Petronella Margaretha 19-11-34
Paul Stefanus x Jacomina Dorothea de Klerk
Gerhardus Jacobus 29-11-27 x Johanna Magrieta Maria Naude 2-6-32 Elizabeth Gertruida 30-7-56
Hester Jacoba 21-7-30
Wessel Petrus 3-8-32
Paul Stefanus 4-1-35
Carel Petrus x Elizabeth Hermina Joubert Maria 28-7-35
SPANGLER Killian x Johannes Petrus Jordaan 1c
SPENCER-HIGGS Lola May x Hendrik Andries de Klerk 3c
Catharina Helena 1912 Anna magdalena 1912 Susanna Abegail 1910
Hendrik Johannes x Ellen Sophia Catharina Maria Welman Johannes Jacobus 8-11-18
Elizabeth Margaretha 13-7-23 Christiaan Welman 1-10-33
Jacobus Hermanus x Cornelia Johanna Hollaway Hester Thelma 4-4-21
Jacobus Hermanus x Bertie Johanna Louw Roux Elizabeth Anna 14-1-32
Lodewyk Petrus x Aletta Johanna Pistorius Meyer Johan 12-9-32
Sylvia Yvette 31-3-36
SPRONG Cecil Campbell x Josephine Betsy Botha
Marlene Judy 15-8-60
SPRUYT Anna Wilhelmina x Abraham Johannes Viljoen 1c
STACK Steve x Johanna (Jean) Kok
Debora Margaretha x Jan Jonathan Botha 2c Elizabeth Catharina x Pieter Willem van der Merwe 2c
Johanna Dorothea Wilhelmina x Solomon Johannes Potgieter 1c STAINES Willie x widow Martha Kok nee Ferreira 0c
STANDER William Wede x Johanna Maria Stander
Hendrik Jacobus 6-7-47
Agnes x Pieter Voster 3c
Wiliam x Helena Norbertha Render
Anna Elizabeth 15-5-27
Helena Norbetha 3-11-28
Ellen Jane 27-9-30
Agnes 4-3-33
Thelma Judith 18-9-35
Elsie Maria Yvonne 20-9-45
STAPELBERG Anna Francina x Gabriel Petrus Stoltz 1c STEELE William Scobie 1872 / 24-1-1939
Elsie 16-11-1857 / 13-1-17
Gertruida Cornelia 4-4-1875 / 7-2-51
Johanna 21-6-1891 / 18-12-37
Elsie Sophia Catharina Maria x Matheus Nicolaas Strydom 2c
Magdalena Susanna 22-7-1875 / 14-9-54 x Alexander Jacobus Heyns 12-2-1856 / 28-
2-38 3c
Annie Maria Jacoba 19-8-1893 / 22-12-1959 x George Wray 26-1-1884 / 9-2-1943 1c
Magdalena Susanna Gertruida Johanna 1917 x Nicolaas Gerhardus Sauer Cloete
Magdalena Susanna x Matthys Johannes Diederiks 2c
Francina lizabeth x Thomas Donald Ferreira 16-12-17 3c
Maria Adriana x Gilleam Jacobus Kriek 5c
Anna Magdalena x Lourens Christiaan de Klerk 1c
Heiletta Maria Catharina 13-8-1889 / 22-7-1972 x James William Wray 1-12-1878 / 10-
7-1948 4c
Maria Adriana 22-8-1895 / 21-10-85 x Gideon Jacobus Kriek 19-5-1896 / 9-11-74 5c
Elizabeth Wilhelmina ? / 15-10-59 x Frederik Johannes Stopforth 22-11-1894 / 29-7-
1934 4c
Johan David 3-1-1848 / 13-6-38 x Magdalena Susanna Engelbrecht
Hendrik 13-10-14
Magdalena Susanna Gertruida Johanna 14-2-17
Antonie Christiaan Frederik x Amalia Wray
Elsie Petronella Magdalena 10-8-17
Magdalena Susanna Gertruida Johanna 19-7-19
Amalia Frances 11-2-21
Johanna Sophia 26-9-23
Maria Magdalena 14-8-25
Antonie Christiaan Frederik 19-5-27
Gerhardus x Elizabeth Catharina Barendina Pretorius
Anna Johanna Maria 31-5-29
Johan David 3-11-31
Elsie Sophia Catharina Maria 22-11-35
Petrus Johannes Dirkse x Anna Sophia Smit
Barend Frederik 3-11-36
Johan D. 3-1-1848 / 13-6-38 x Elsie  ? 16-11-1857 / 13-1-17
Gertruida Cornelia nee ? 4-4-1875 / 7-2-1951
Johanna nee ? 21-6-1891 / 18-12-1937
Steenkamp ? x Widow Johanna Sophia de Wet nee Human, Mother-in-law of
Bernardus Bester
at start of Anglo / Boer war she had ten children. Assume two year intervals
places her marriage at approximately 1870 and date of birth at approximately
1854. Steenkamp and Johanna farmed near The Range.
STEINMAN Martha Ettrusia x Gerbrand Abraham Haasbroek 1c
John x Charm nee ? first owners of R.E. Motors
Avril Elizabth x Lodewyk Johannes Bosch 28-1-55 1c
STEMMET Elsie Johanna x Pieter Adriaan Schaap 1915 1c
Ronald 1908 / 1909
William Dykes 1897 / 1965 W.D. ?
?? Steyn x Helena Elizabeth Marie Botha 5-8-1885 / 28-8-1953
Hermina Elizabeth Marie (Botha) 5-8-1885 / 28-8-53
Cecil Crosby 26-1-52 / 15-9-74
Vera 23-8-1923 / 2-1-1970
Douw and Mrs storekeepers
Johanna x Frans Sarel Jacobus van der Walt 16-10-1905 2c
Willem arrived single 1891 / 1895 x Helena Elizabeth Marie Botha 5-8-1885 / 28-8-
Nicola Johanna Sophia x Jan Johannes Betesda Gagiano de Beer 2c
Martha Susanna Christina x Jean Charles Frederik du Preez 1c
Hermina Elizabeth Maria x Philippus Lodewyk Smith 1c
Jacomina Margaretha x Josua Johannes Joubert 1c
Engela Helena x Mathian Coetzee 19-5-21 1c
Martha Margaretha x Louw Johan Hoffman 2c
Hester Susanna x Johannes Willem Brits 2c
Jacobus Albertus x Martha Susanna Durand 52/ 55/
Helena Elizabeth x John Vincent Fick 1c
Hester Susanna x John Gibson Wray 1-8-1914 / 11-11-1982 1c
Jeanetta Petromella Magdalena 1925 (sister of Hesterx Wray) x Basson
Agatha Cornelia x Lourens Marthinus Erasmus 1c
Regina May (Jenny d.o. Wynand cattle inspecter) x Gerhard Christiaan Kok 1953
Louisa Steyn 18-1-29 x Jacob de Klerk Jovner 8-12-19
David Johannes ? / 28-4-46
Douw x Mrs owned store and long time Elder in church
Hendril Johannes 1913
Christiaan Jacobu Albertus 1914
Francina Clarodina 1916
Nicholas Frans 7-10-1927 / 13-9-1979
Wynand Mr and Mre he was cattle inspecter.
Johannes x Martha Maria Magdalena (Lulu) du Plooy 12-3-12
David (Ds. Dutch Reformed Church)
Jacobus Albertus x Hester Johanna Labuschagne
Hester Johanna..6-1-18 x Matthys Lafras Kritzinger 2c
Naomi 20-5-30 x Daniel Francois de Villiers 2c
Michiel Casper x Elizabeth Catharina Layard
Maria Susanna Margaretha 15-12-27 x Johannes Jacobus Kruger 1c Petrus Arnoldus x Martha Magdalena Kirstein
Wouter Kirstein 31-1-30
Jacobus Marthinus Johannes 15-6-32 Johanna Christina 11-7-34
Johannes Jacobus x Martha Louisa Bronkhorst 1915 Jacobus Albertus 12-7-37
Jochemus Johannes 9-11-38 Hester Maria 14-4-42 Johannes Jacobus 21-11-47
Louisa Johanna 31-8-52 x John Johannes Hewitt 1c
Douw Gerbrand (s.o. Douw elder brother of Piet of Girliesfontein) x Vera Tarr 23-8-1923/2-1-197 ! Jacobus Marthinus Johannes 21-2-43
Cecil Crosby 26-1-52 / 15-9-74
Johannes Willem Pieter x Catharina Cornelia Nel 20-2-26 Hester Cornelia 11-7-50 x Ignatius Ferreira 19-3-52 3c
Jacobus Albertus x Martha Susanna Durand Marlina 5-5-52
Peter Zacharias Oberholzer Durand 7-6-55
Michiel Cristoffel 1911 / 53 x Elizabeth Magdalena Cloete Margaretha Johanna 7-5-53
David Edward x Vera Marie Josephine Joan Naude Jacobus Edward 23-12-70
Douw Gerbrand x Helen Ria Patricia Page Douline Liza 5-1-72
Pieter Arnoldus x Catharina Elizabeth Maria Venter Jacoba Magrita 3-12-79
Jacob Melville x Johanna Susanna Blignaut Petrus Karel 15-8-81
Douw Gerbrand x Margaret Jane Biggs Natalie Jane 1-7-82
Davida Norma 17-9-83
STEYNBERG Elizabeth x Jacobus Oberholser before arriving. They came from Freestate. 1c
Catharina Maria (Tina not local) x Thomas Frederik Dreyer 10-6-24 6c Aletta Johanna x Jacobus Asriaan Booysen 3c
Anna Elizabeth x Johannes Gerhardus Odendaal 1c Gabriel Petrus x Anna Francina Stapelberg
Maria Sophia 27-3-14
Hendrik Johannes Josef x Jacomina Dorothea de Klerk Gabriel Petrus 2-4-18 x Elizabeth Catharina Lottering
Gabriel Petrus 23-11-58 Jacoba Sophia Aletta 18-9-20 Cecilia Jacomina 22-6-22 Gerhardus Jacobus 14-10-24 Hendrik Johannes Josef 28-12-27
Gabriel Johannes x Anna Maria Cornelia Elizabeth Schoeman Anna Maria Cornelia Elizabeth 18-1-18
Jan Hendrik 19-2-21
STOPFORTH Frederick Johannes (Frikkie) 22-12-1874 / 29-7-34 arrived in 1894 with family.
Frederik Johannes 22-11-1894 / 29-7-1934 x Elizabeth Wilhelmina Steenkamp ? / 15-10-59
Elsie Sophia Catharina Martha 2-4-12 x Hendrik Petrus Prinsloo 3c Elsie Catharina 30-8-14 x Johannes Philippus Jurgens Marais 1c Johan David 21-2-18
Jan Marthinus 21-2-22
Johannes Cornelius x Mathys Marthinus van der Westhuyzen John Martin 27-10-16
Johanna Elizabeth 7-10-17
Frederik Johannes Wilson x Johanna Jacomina Adlam 6-10-16 she XX Rudolph Johannes Bronkhorst
Frederik Johannes Wilson 11-12-33
Elsie Margaretha Aletta Frederika ?-?-1851 / 19-5-1940 x Francois Ignatus Maritz Francois Maritz was murdered near Felixburg, the first white to be murdered in the area.
STOREY Hedleyfarmed on Welverdien producing tobacco very successful
Charles William x Esther Maria van Zyl
Susanna Cornelia 1-4-17
name ? x Maria (Pop) de Klerk (? 1928) left area  !
Petrus Stefanus x Petronella Christina Albasini
Aletta Elizabeth 22-8-16
Petronella Christina 3-5-18
Maria Jacomina 16-2-22
Johanna Dorothea x Carel Frederik Dwinger 1c
Elizabeth Gertruida x Gert Hendrik Jacob van der Walt 1c
Jacoba Marthina x Jacob Johannes Ferreira 2c
Hendrika Adriana x Juan Albasini 1c
STRUCKLE Josef Frank x Martha Elizabeth Coetzee 18-6-46
Annalien Cecilia 19-3-69
Deon Frank 25-1-71
STRUWIG Elizabeth Margaretha x Josua Petrus Cilliers Odendaal 3c STRYDOM Stephanus arived 1895 with wife one son and one daughter
Aletta Johanna x Jan Johannes Odendaal 2c
Susarah Louisa x Nicolaas Johannes Frost 2c
Aletta Jacoba x Abel Johannes Jacobus Erasmus 7-4-25 1c
Margaret (foster daughter of Eagar) x Marthinus Ferreira 4c
Maria Gesina x Willem Hendrik Gloss 4c
Aletta Johanna x Gillium Johannes Ellis 2c
Hendrik Barend Josephus x Aletta Johanna Shannon
Marthinus 8-9-16
Burnett Thomas Shannon 11-9-18
Aletta Johanna 3-11-20
Hendrik Barend Josephus 30-3-23
Johannes Thomas 17-9-24
Mattheus Nicolaas x Elsie Sophia Catharina Maria Steenkamp Magdalena Susanna 9-10-24
Nicolaas Casparus 7-2-27
Tys ? s.o. Stephanus One of the group that the Mashona attacked on Sterkstroom. He cowardly saved himself by running off without firing a shot. He tried to talk a coloured nursemaid who was hiding in tall grass with her tiny charge, baby Joey Bekker, to go with him but arguing that the fighting was far from finished, she refused. When he reached the group on Mooifontein, he told them he was the only survivor from Sterkstroom. Hermanus Bester became suspicious and examined his rifle, proving that it had not been fired. He was shamed into admitting the truth.
SWANEPOEL Jacobus Petrus x Alida Johanna Elizabeth Grobler
Walter Jack 19-10-21
SWART DE Anna Sophia x Jacobus Marthinus Joubert 1c  !
Sophia Aletta x Barend Matthys Olivier 3c
Hendrika Johanna x Godfrey Fletwood Rawstone 1c Petrus Daniel Johannes x Martha Susanna Erasmus
Anna Louisa Isabella 13-8-17 Susara Cornelia Gertruida 2-10-19
Pieter Daniel Gerhardus x Martha Susanna Erasmus (? her XX) Antonie Christoffel 23-9-30
Engela Aletta 3-8-34 Hendrik Hermanus 28-4-37
Daniel Andries x Maria Magdalena Nel Maria Magdalena 20-6-33
Gideon Johannes 12-6-35
Jacobus Johannes x Johanna de Klerk Gerhardus Marthinus 18-1-32
child 28-4-37
Solomon Cornelius x Margaretha Gertruida Elizabeth Prinsloo Elizabeth 19-8-38
Jacobus x Martha Johanna du Plooy -3-1908 (left) Johannes Christiaan x Gertrude Winifred Ryan
Melanie Cecilia 24-1-33 Sylvia Louise 21-7-34 Elizabeth 19-8-35
Adolf Bernhard 9-7-36 Jacobus Hermanus 4-3-39 Stella 6-10-42
Marline 28-6-44
George Frederik Wilhelm 25-9-45 Elaine 29-11-46
SYMINGTON Jan and his wife , two sons and two daughters arrived in 1894 and settled on Scotland near Umvuma. In 1895 Jan, his wife two daughters and one son Arther died from malaria. The other son
Jubelee James 26-7-1887 / 20-8-70 x Johanna Magdalena de Klerk 30-1-1892 / 27-6-79
daughter of Old Theunis de Klerk of Nyombi. Jubilee James farmed all his life on Scotland producing cattle and wheat,
Dina Gertruida 23-9-15
Jubilee James 22-11-17 / 29-6-76 x Johanna Salomina Barendina Helmuth
He joined his father on Scotland where he farmed all his life, their children
Liebenberg and Eaglesvale schools..
Jubilee James 20-11-40 x Sara Maria Barnard
children educated at Liebenberg school.. Family left the area
James Jubilee 26-8-62
twin 26-8-62
Hester Susanna Aletta 28-6-64
Johanna Salomina Barendina 17-1-66
Louis Frederik 18-5-42 x Tokkie Pistorius left the area
Harry Hendrik Helmuth 14-4-46 x Cenetta Renetta Cornelia Heyns 7-11-47
James 31-7-69
Salomie Jeanetta 10-4-48 x ? left for Mazoe
Arthur Francis 30-3-55 x Maria van der Merwe
Theunis Francois 8-2-73
Catharina Maria Magdalena 25-3-19 x Francois Johannes Wilhelmus Zuidwyk
Arthur George 1-3-21
Magdalena Susanna (Lenie) 5-9-35 x ? school teacher left the area
The son Jubilee James J. (1917) bought additional farms, eventually owning
Kuduspoort, Sundown, Wasbank, Rietspruit and Swartfontein as well as
Scotland. On his death in 1976 the farms were sold and Salomina and the family
left for South Africa
The farms were sold to Scotland / van As Kuduspoort / van As Sundown / Tom
Ferreira (Malie) Rietspruit / Tom Ferreira, Swartfontein / Tom Ferreira, Wasbank
/ Japie (J.L.) Smit of Felixburg
TAIT Doctor in Enkeldoorn
TAPSON Anthea x Winfred Kok
Cecil Crosby x Martha Maria Wheeler
Elizabeth Grace 3-6-16 x Stan Smart (C.I.D.) they left area
Cyril x Bessie Lock 1s 1d (Umtagasa Farm)
Vera 23-8-1923 / 2-1-1970 x Douw Gerbrand Steyn 2c
Gloria Fay x Henry Stephen Sharp 1915 3c
Mary Elizabeth x Harry Peter Sharp 11-4-19 2c
Cecilia Joan x Barend Jacobus Bester Kirstein 7-12-38 3c
TAUTE Oliver Percival Porter x Anna Elizabeth Ferreira
Milton 2-4-12
Kenneth Roy 31-3-13
Elsje Gesina Jacomina x Gerhardus Wilhelmus Naude 1c
Johanna x Frederik Cornelius Bezuidenhout 1884 4c
Margaret Charlotte XS Francois Izak Bezuidenhout 2c
Valerie Francis x Frederik Cornelius Pistorius 1c
Johannes x Elizabeth Magrieta Christina van der Merwe (G.D. of Eagar) Anna Christina 14-9-57 x Philip Kloppers moved to S,A, 3c Catharina Maryna 12-10-58 left the area
Johannes 29-1-62
Schalk Willem 25-11-68 / 31-1-88 Pieter Lodewyk 21-8-80
Johannes was a road construction contractor, the family maintained a home in Enkledoorn but generally lived in a caravan at the construction site.
TEMPOFSKY Esther 24-3-1884/ 9-10-10
Alida Magrieta x Johannes Matthysen Kearney 1c
? x Helena Mary Veronica Moore 1904 she XX Van As
THOMSON James (Tpr. B.S.A.P.) ? / 28-6-1907
TILLEY Clement Henry x Elizabeth Margaretha Eagar 30-11-42
Clement Alfred 16-10-64
Catharina Johanna 30-5-66
Raymond Henry 12-10-69
Petronella Johanna Marthina x Johan Frederik Reinhart Dreyer 5-3-1883 1c
Martha Maria Magdalena x Anthonie Christiaan Frederik Welman 23-6-1893 / 28-11-
78 6c
Dorothea Petronella x Barend (Ben) Christiaan Greyling 2c
Engela Elizabeth x Stephanus Abraham Cloete 1c
Maria Magdalena x Jan Johannes Roussouw 1c
Martha Louisa x Willem Cornelius Bronkhorst ?c
Catharina Johanna x Willem Petrus Jacobus Welman 3c
XX Petrus Stephanus van der Merwe 1c
Lidia Magdalena x Hendrik Schalk Thomas Coetzee 7-3-1896 / 28-3-35 3c
Lidia x Haynes and left the area
Anna Susanna x Hendrik Schalk Coetzee 2-6-10 2c
Louise Hosea x Hendrik Johannes Walters 1c
Anna Petronella x Johannes Frederik Langenhoven 1c
Isabella x Gerrit Hendrik Jooste 29-4-36 2c
Mr. / Mrs. Owned the house opposite Matimba, had a cafe and orgnised many
enjoyed dances to the beat of Danie Pringle's band
Christoffel Johannes x Martha Jacoba Hanekom
Christoffel Johannes 7-2-24
Louisa Hosea 4-12-25
Pieter Albertus 26-7-30
Hendrik Johannes x Catharina Dorothea Davel
Martha Maria Magdalena 7-10-23
Johannes Jacobus x Johanna Catharina Elizabeth Welman
Elizabeth Margaretha 28-8-29
Johanna Marthina 30-11-31
Marie 15-12-36
Sarel Petrus x Hester Anna Koegelenberg
Helena Alberta 18-10-30
Charel Petrus 7-3-33
Andries Bernhardus 1908 x Anna Catharina van der Merwe
Elsie Rachel 6-8-31
Andries Bernhardus XX Elsie Rachel van der Merwe
Charel Petrus 20-1-37
Guilleam Johannes Davel x Hester Cecilia Pieterse
Martha Louisa 1-7-53
Catharina Dorothea 10-7-58
Albertus Herman x Lenora Marlene Burger
Aronel Annelise 17-9-57
child -58
Francois Albertus Nicolaas 10-4-60
Hermanus Hendrikus Jacobus x Johanna Elizabeth Magrita Blignaut 25-8-38
Herman Hendrikus Jacobus 8-1-68
Johannes Willem 11-11-1864 / 30-5-1955 x Elizabeth Maria de Necker 9-7-1866 /
Martha Johanna 1890 / 1980 x William George Hamman 1887 / 1968 6c
Pieter Hendrik 23-9-1898 / 17-6-1972 x Susanna Susara Jacoba Rohm 29-2-
1898 / 2-2-1972
Farmed on Rooibokfontein later taken over by their son Johannes
Jan Johannes x Hester Maria Meyer
Johannes Willem 19-5-15 x Anna Margaretha Burger Oosthuyzen
Pieter Hendrik 8-11-50
Heila Lovina 12-7-17 did not mary
Hester Maria 17-5-19 x Percy Owen 2c farmed on Sandfontein
Anna Catharina 14-5-22
Anna Magaretha 5-10-1927 / 4-9-1972
Herman Ferdenand 2-2-1929 / 1-7-1930
Anna nee Oosthuisen wife of Johannes was sick and nursed by an Irish
nurse, after
her death Johannes xx the nurse, later she was Chairman of Beatrice
Rural Council
Johannes bought part of Elmini but lived on Roibokfontein. He also
bought Railway
Block and Owned part of Ngulubi. He sold all his farms to Government and left the area.
TROSKIE Maria Francina x Alfred Johan Gifford 3c
TROTMAN Miss 1929 / 34 a teacher at Enkeldoorn School
UYS Dinah Elizabeth x Schalk Willem Heyns 16-8-29 2c
VANECK Marinda x Ian Thomas Wheeler 28-8-57 2s
Johanna (sister of Amerenske v.d. Walt 1866 / 55) x Schalk Willem van der Merwe ? 1864 8c
Aletta Johanna Susanna x Hermanus Lukas Krause 7c
Lasia Susanna x Andries Petrus Jacobus Bronkhorst 4c Johanna Sophia x Pieter Wilhelm Huyser 3c
Magdalena Johanna x Jan Albert van der Walt 4c Maria Magdalena x Philippus Johannes Malan 2c Catharina Elizabeth Maria x Pieter Arnoldus Steyn 1c Sagrys Chriatiaan x Christelle Mavis Kok .
Hermanus Johannes Smartryk (Road Council grader opperator) x Elizabeth Margaretha Hoffman
Hermanus Johannes Smartryk 19-11-57
Barend Johannes 1908 x Hendrika Susanna Roussouw 1913 Diederik Johannes 26-10-35
Aletta Vermaak x Herculaas Philippus Barnard19-4-19 1c Maria Catharina x Johannes Jurgens Hamman 29-12-21 1c
Lynette Chrirtine 30-10-60 x Roelof Daniel Smith 30-10-58 2c Petrus Jacobus 1910
Rhoda Wilhelmina 1911
Sarel Gerhardus 1914
Gerhardus Petrus 1915 Frans Antonie 1925
Johannes Theodorus x Maria Catharina Louw Rhoda Wilhelmina Florence 1-7-11
Petrus Jacobus x Johanna Isabella Koen Sarel Gerhardus 13-10-13
Anna Margaretha 21-3-18 Johannes Marthinus 25-3-23
Sarel Jacobus x Margaretha Cornelia van Breda Christina Germina 1-7-17
Johannes Theodorus 14-3-20 Susara Susanna 4-8-21 Jacobus Arnoldus 16-10-23 Sarel Jacobus 18-3-26 Daniel Petus 18-9-29 Benjamin 13-7-33
Margaretha Elizabeth 23-11-34 Andrew Abraham McKnight 30-9-35
Johannes Theodorus x Maria Hermina Reichart
Magdalena Catharina Elizabeth 11-8-18
Johanna Isabel 12-10-20
Hendrik Arnoldus 14-1-23
Petrus Jacobus 27-12-25
Petronella Louisa 7-7-28
Casey Patricia 12-12-32
Dirk Cornelius x Susanna Margaretha Magdalena Grobler
Cornelius Tobias 25-8-21
Johannes Theodorus x Martha Maria Magdalena Rossouw
Martha Helena Johanna 4-10-26
Maria Catharina 27-5-32
Solomon Josias x Hester Anna Elizabeth Gerber (? her XX)
Thomas Ignatius 20-3-29
Jacobus Stefanus 1-6-31
Philippus Wilhelm Stefanus 1-9-33
Adam Johannes 31-10-35
Daniel Jacques 13-5-38
Emanuel Dusseau 21-5-40
Johan Antonie Alexander 1917 x Martha Johanna Bushney
Dorothy Sylvia 31-5-33
Johannes Theodorus x Anna Elsabe Hamman
Sara Maria 25-12-48
VERSTER Willem Myburgh (Rev. Dutch Reformed Church) x Martha Suzanne
Elizabeth Cecilia 24-5-89
VERSVELD Elsie Christina (not local) x Andries Jacobus Herbst 1c
VICKERY Patricia Ann (School teacher) x Jan Hendrik ( Boeta) Blignaut 29-9-42
Herculaas Albertus 1897
Cilliers Johannes x Rachel Jacomina Johanna Delport
Helena Elizabeth 11-10-16
Johan Georg Hermanus x Adriana Cecilia van Zyl
Hubert 24-9-12
Abraham Johannes x Anna Wilhelmina Spruyt
Magdalena Martha 3-11-26
Maria Catharina Elizabeth x Petrus Gerhardus Ferreira 3c
Johanna Helena x Albertus Petrs Weeks 2c
Jacoba Hendrina Johanna Martha x Adriaan Stefanus Engelbrecht 3c
Cecilia Anna x Jacobus Adriaan du Rand 2c
Johanna E.M. 29-3-1899 / 27-5-57 x Hugo Anos Lock 10-8-1899 / 7-9-75
Johanna Elizabeth Magdalena 14-9-1900/23-7-68 x Hendrik Willem Lock 27-8-
1897/2-9-60 1c
Cornelia Susanna 1931 x Jacobus Adriaan Durand 2c
Johanna Joubert 1933
Elizabeth Margaret x Arnoldus Francois van der Walt 1c
David Jacobus x Hester Magdalena Esterhuyzen
Jan Christoffel Esterhuizen 30-5-31
Daniel Francois x Naomi Steyn 20-5-30
Estelle 16-10-58
Jacobus Hendrik Daniel 16-12-60
VISAGIE Lewis x Johanna L0uisa Grobler 27-3-21
Lewis 9-2-41
Catharina x Charles Louis Rademeyer 1c
Elizabeth Dorothea x Albertus Petrus Johannes Nyschen 1c
Jacoba Petronella x Hermanus Bester 1c
Natalian x Jane Mary Jones
Nadine 13-7-78
Francois x Michelle Naude
Swisie 24-4-91
Roxanne 16-1-93
VLIET VAN Deborah x Stefan Kitchoff 1c
VLOK Jacobus Andries (from early settler) x Roline Rhywaldt Boonzaaier Jacobus Adriaan 1-9-57
Elmarie 13-3-59 Christiaan Petrus 16-3-61
VOLSCHENK Susara Maria Sophia x Petrus Gerhardus Cilliers 3c
Anna Sophia x Gerhardus Cornelius Bezuidenhout 5c
Lacia Susanna x Andries Petrus Jacobus Bronkhorst 2c
Pieter x Agnes Stanley
Pieter 4-1-21
Ella Agnes 14-1-23
William 3-3-26
Cornelia Elizabeth x Petrus Johannes van Heerden 1898 1c Siena Wilhelmina Jacoba 1927
Esafas Philippus Petrus x Aletta Adriana Lafras Maria Johanna 9-11-30
Johannes Nicolaas x Johannes Adam (woman) Pieterse Esafas Philippus Petrus 26-7-32
Johannes 24-10-33
Jacobus 28-2-35
Jacobus Petrus x Magdalena Wilhelmina Mentz
Magdalena Wilhelmina 11-9- 65
Johanna x Schalk Willem van der merwe  ?c
Johanna Hester Susarah x David Jacobus Holtzhauzen 1c Sybrand Lourens x Elizabeth Maria Jacoba Eugel (?)
Gerrit Lourens 29-9-18
Johannes Jacobus x Anna Sophia Basson Marius Johan 16-6-57
Kobus local farmer Secretary and later Chairman of Featherstone Road Council
Jacobus Lodewikus 2-6-1895 / 6-7-72 x Francina Louisa Naude 11-2-1906 / 26-3-1980
farmed near Featherstone Christiaan Jacobus 30-11-25 Jannie 30-11-25 Margaretha Alberta 23-11-34
Marthinus Johannes 27-11-36 x Anna Sophia de Klerk Francina Louisa 6-9-70
Kosie farmed on Geluksverwacht. Kosie was Sunday School teacher at Loudia school and after long-weekend exits he collected the children of the district and returned them in time for Sunday chool
WAAL DE Fredrika Johanna x Johannes Wilhelmus Posselt 1c
Hester x Petrus Cornelius Jacobus van Rooyen
Charmaine x Andre Percival Wheeler 1c
WALTERS Hendrik Johannes x Louise Hosea du Toit
Henrietta Johanna 12-8-35
WALT VAN DER (No. 1) Johanna Sophia (Hannie) 5-3-1911 /-2002 Assistant
teacher at Loudia school (1934) writer of the book "Kinder jare op Nauhoho" x
Solomon Ignatius (Samie) Maritz from Salisbury
Johanna, who's parents farmed on a section of the Nauhoho block approximately
midway between Bembesi and Fort Rixon, attended the Enkeldoorn Junior School as a boarder. Her father conveyed her by donkey cart to Lockart railway siding. From there the child went by train to Gwelo where she had to find her own way to the Umvuma train. At Umvuma she and other children, were met by transport organised by the Principle and conveyed to Enkeldoorn. At the end of term the reverse direction had to be negotiated. At standard five Johanna was awarded a Beit Scholarship and went to Chaplain senior school where another scholarship took her to the Bulawayo Teacher Training College. Not yet 18 she qualified as a Government teacher, the all time youngest teacher to qualify. She had to wait till full 18 before being appointed to a school. The next five years saw her teaching at various schools. she frequently had pupils who were her seniors in age. By 1933 she was back at Enkeldoorn as assistant teacher at Loudia Junior school. While at Loudia she met Solomon Maritz, the grand-son of Francois Maritz , the early settler who was the first white to be murdered in the area. Solomon was then working in Salisbury. Thy were married in yhe Greystone Church (built by her father) on 16 December 1934.
Johannes Nicolaas (17-9-1866 / 9-7-1944) x Amerenske Fredrika Venter (11-5-1866 / 2-1-1955)
They came from Western Transvaal where they farmed near Wolmaransstad. Travelling by donkey drawn wagon and horse cart to the rail head and then by train to Umvuma and from there by oxwagon and horse cart to their destination on Opel farm. The oxen had been provided and sent to the station by Hoffman. They settled on Opel farm, four miles west of the Featherstone post office, where they died. They produced cattle and crops.
They had twelve children:
b1 Baby daughter 27-5-1888 / 18-7-1888
b2 Catharina Johanna 27-6-1889 x J. Donaldson (they stayed in South Africa) b3 Johannes Nicolaas 10-10-1890 / 12-2-1964 x Sophia van Biljon !5-3-1897 / 15-7-1968
Johannes known locally as Hannes Tarentaal and Sophia settled on Jackalsdraai farm, three miles South East of Featherstone post office, they had two daughters educated at Riversdale
Junior School and Liebenberg Senior School, both left the area after leaving
Johannes and Sophia both died in the district.
b4 Jan Albert 24-11-1891 / 27-1-70 x Magdalena Johanna Venter (Farmed on
Jan Albert and Magdalena farmed on Dunconston farm adjacent to
Jackalsdraai on the Umniati river till 1932 when they left the area. Their older
children attended Riversdale
School as boarders.
Anna Maria 13-8-32
Susanna Gertruida 14-5-34
Doederil Marthinus 28-11-37
Jan Albert 25-6-42
b5 Emerentia Fredrika x P.C.Woods (They stayed in South Africa)
b6 Johanna Maria Barendina 8-6-1895 x Johannes Lodewikus. Botha (farmed as
b7 Renske Susanna Gertruida 26-4-1897 x P. Venter (they stayed in South
b8 Anna Catharina 1899 x G. Venter (they stayed in South Africa)
b9 Maria Jacoba Magrieta 25-4-1901 x H.J. Kriel (they stayed in South Africa)
b10 Hester Sophia 13-10-1903 x Jacobus Ignatius Bester (Kopje Alleen,
Enkeldoorn) 6c
Sb11 Frans Sarel Jacobus 16-10-1905 x Johanna Steyn
XX Wilhelmina sister of widow v.d. Merwe
Fran farmed on Harvieston farm producing cattle and crops. Their children one son and one daughter, attended Riversdale and Liebenberg schools. They left the area
b12 Tjaart (Tjaardina) Nicolaas 3-10-1907/2000 x Marthinus Coetzee 25-8-1894/25-6-
75 2c
Emerentia Fredrika 1919 x Jan Hendrik Blignaut 1914 2c Magdalena Johanna 1919
Catharina Johanna 1924 Albertha Margaretha 1918
Gert Hendrik Jacob x Elizabeth Gertruida Stroebel Gert Hendrik Jacob 6-5-18
Arnoldus Francois x Elizabeth Margaret de Villiers Johannes Philippus 3-11-59
Johanna (8-6-1895) and husband Botha farmed as Lessees, crop sharing. See under Botha.
Tjaardina (3-10-1907) and husband Coetzee farmed on Riversdale. See under Coetzee.
WANTENAAR Paulina Cornelia x Gert Petrus Benjamin Myburgh 1c
WASSERMAN Johan George x Henrietta Cloete
Abraham Bernardus 1-3-81
WASTIE Karen Ann x David Louw Kirstein 2c
WATSON Mr. 1929 / 34 a teacher at Enkeldoorn School
WAYNE Eric 1956 / 66
WEBSTER George Lionel 25-12-52 x Arlene Sheryl Kok 14-10-55 2c
WEEKS Albertus Petrus x Johanna Helena Viljoen
Walter George 29-11-11
Susanna Alida 12-12-12
WELLINGTON ? Manager of Charter Estate and Chairman Featherstone Road
Johanna Jacoba x Frederik Willem Barnard 18-7-1886 / 6-7-1956 4c(brother of
Magdalena Susarah Gertruida Johanna x Johan Chris Barnaed 22-4-1883/17-5-
1954 5c
Magdalena Susanna Gertruida Johanna x Johannes Jurie Erasmus
Ellen Sophia Catharina Maria x Hendrik Johannes Spies 3c
Sara Jacoba Carolina x Jacob Letterstead Smit 3c
Johanna Catharina Elizabeth x Johannes Jacobus du Toit 3c
Hendrika Wilhelmina x Petrus Paulus Johannes Heymans 1c
? x Lal Barnard
David was a batchelor
Anthonie Christiaan Frederik (Boet) 23-6-1893/ 28-11-1978 x Martha Maria Magdalena du Toit
Johan Christiaan Adriaan 5-10-18 Petrus du Toit 24-3-20
Anthonie Christiaan Frederik 28-3-22 lived in a house painted in and out with wheels / animals
Johannes Steyn 18-3-24 Willem Petrus Jacobus 2-2-26 Elizabeth Margaretha 11-9-27
Willem Petrus Jacobus x Catharina Johanna du Toit (she XX) (father of W.P.J. had store)
Louis Hos?? 3-12-26
Johan Christiaan Adriaan 16-1-28 Elizabeth Margaretha 9-4-30
WELSCH Hester Francina x Christiaan Hendrik Grobler 1c
WENTZEL Johanna Margaretha Cilliers x Johannes Christiaan du Plessis 4c
Susanna Magdalena 1909
Jacobus Gerhardus Johannes 1911
Charel Willem x Anna Elizabeth Olivier
Petrus Andties 14-1-10
Charel Willem 29-11-12
Anna Elizabeth 4-6-16
Josef Francois x Helena Elizabeth Oberholzer
Josef Francois 27-10-14
Helena Elizabeth 25-1-17
Maria Magdalena 12-6-19
Sarel Willem 21-10-20
Frederik Johannes 18-1-29
Pieter Erenst x Maria Gertruida Diederiks
Anna Elizabeth 7-11-33
Willem Cornelius Jacobus x Nellie Caroline van Heerden
Beryl Ann 11-11-47
Pieter Hermanus Marthinus 13-11-48
Willem Cornelius Jacobus XX Johanna Cornelia Smit 1926
Cornelia Magdalena 26-2-52
Willem Cornelius Jacobus 16-5-53
Linda Estelle 8-7-58
Richard Clarence x Sarah Maria Kirstein 10-4-60
Nicoline 29-4-93
Brendon 29-4-93
Etiene 29-4-93
Mathys Marthinus (woman) x Johannes Cornelius Stopforth 2c
Adriana Maria Catharina x Jan Andries le Roux 2c Elizabeth Francina x Christiaan Johannes Rabe 4c
Jacobus Ignatius x Johanna Sophia Human 29-12-1850 / 17-8-1935
Jacobus was killed in action, Anglo / Boer war. Johann, with their children were captured and kept in Concentration camp. On release after the war they had no home or means of survival. The three eldest boys Daan, Tom and Koos went to Rhodesia where they obtained employment on farms where their Mother followed with the other seven children and moved into a house on the farm of her son-in-
law Bernardus Bester till she xx Steenkamp
The children (not in birth order)
Jacobus (Koos) 1878 x Susanna (Sannie) Bester Verwagting  ?3c
Kitty (? Catharina) 1878 x Hendry Belmore farmed near Umvuma
Anna Maria Petronella 27-7-1879/5-3-40 x Bernardus Hermanus Bester 18-8-
1872/16-10-39 4c
Jacoba Elizabeth x Pieter Jacobus Cloete 5c
XX Rudolph (Roelf) Kruger they left the area
Johanna Susanna 23-11-1893/ 2-12-1981 x Pieter Johannes Andries Brits 25-10-
1883/13-8-68 6c
Susanna 1880 / 1961 x Pieter Jacobus Cloete 30-7-1881/ 8-9-1958 farmed on Vlakplaas ?c
Johanna Sophia 1-4-1881 / 28-1-1948 x Dirk Johannes van den Berg 2c Petrus Gerhardus x Johanna Herculina Lombard
Jacobus Ignatius 26-4-13
Jacobus Hendrikus 3-3-15
Petrus Gerhardus 9-4-17 Bullar
also a son who had suffered Polio and at 14 insisted on accompanying his father
in action against the British. He was kiled in action.
Johanna Sophia x Cornelius Johannes Roelofse 1c
Johanna Sophia x Pieter Johannes Andries Brits 1c !
Johanna x Christoffel Bernardus van der Merwe 6-8-29 7c
Grace x James Wheeler Whitfield continued on Ashton farm
Wouter x Aletta Margaretha Boshof 21-6-25 ( grand-d.o. Oupa)
Susanna Johanna 1909
Judith Magdalena 1916
Cecilia Johanna Wynsina 1918
Christina Wilhelmina 1919
Johanna Susanna 1921
George Hendrik Adriaan 1925
Jacobus Ignatius x Johanna Sophia Bester
Anna Maria Petronella 20-3-20
Jacobus Ignatius 29-10-21
Bernardus Hermanus 14-3-28
Hendrik Christoffel 24-5-35
Jacobus Johannes x Catharina Wilhelmina Hatting
Jacobus Johannes 13-10-25
Adriaan Lodewyk 19-11-28
Willem Sterrenberg x Elsie Sophia Jacoba Meintjies (widow of Theunis Christiaan de Klerk)
Jacobus Ignatius 16-5-33
Michael Alfred 23-1-49 (adopted)
Frederik Francois x Wilhelmina Christina Coetzee 4-11-07
Frederik Francois 3-6-38
Hendrik Schalk 21-11-40
Maria Petronella 7-1-46
Johannes Petrus 17-5-48
Jacobus Kosie) x ? de Klerk They farmed on Wonderklip. After his death she
continued there.
Jacobus (Kosie) ? / 1995 ? x Sannie  ? They farmed on Verwagting ( before du
daughter x Gerrit Hendrik (Henry) Jooste
Sannie x Jan Blignaut
Members of family farmed on Ngesi-Poort, Verwagting, Wonderklip, and next to
Langlaagte .
James x Elizabeth Benade
child 19-12-79
de Wet x Johanna Sophia Bester
Thomas 5-10-1818 (England) / 2-8-1889 (Middelburg, Tvl.) x Sarah Baylis 7-3-1823 /
7-2-1899 (Middelburg Transvaal). They had 9 children
b1 William 2 James x Elizabeth Mary Powell 3 George Andrew 4 Mary Ann 5
Edwin Albert 6 Susan Anabela 7 Sarah Luce 8 Thomas 9 Emily None went to
The two brothers b2c1 James (1866) and b2c4 Thomas (1874) from Loskop area, Middelburg District, Transvaal went to Rhodesia. on reconnaisance and purchased from the Potgieter family, Wildebeestlaagte and Hartebeeslaagte. They went back to fetch belongings and families. Accompanied by their relative Smit, trekking with donkey-drawn wagons they arrived in 1899.
b2 James 15-3-1844 / 10-7-26 x Elizabeth Mary Powel 1-1-1846/31-7-15(both stayed in
c1 James 1866 / 1947 x Elizabeth Johanna (Betty) Erasmus  ? / 1938 (X in
d1 Anne Margaret x Hendrik Matthews (Rex) Kok 1880 / 55 1s 1d they left
d2 Mary Elizabeth (Polly) 1892 / 69 x Gert Stephanus Kok 1891/1956 5c
d3 James 1894 / 4-7-1935 x Ethel Cummings 0c
XX Maria Jacoba Bosman 1895 / 21-3-1955 (teacher)
e1 James 1925 x Heletjie Aletta Jacoba Lock
f1 James 24-7-49 x Elizabeth Benade 24-2-52
g1 Lizelle 19-12-79
f2 Johanna Hel. Albertha 12-4-52 x Johan Chris. Barnard 25-7-
48 4c
f3 Hugo Amos 13-3-55
f4 Vincent Henry 23-6-59
f5 Brian Victor 13-11-64
f6 Derek Riaan 12-2-66
f7 William Lock 17-7-67
e2 Ronald Peter 1927 x Wilhelmina Johanna van der Merwe 1933
f1 Veronica 13-5-50
f2 Patricia 20-5-51
f3 Shirley 11-10-52
f4 Ronald Peter 9-6-58
e3 Norman Cecil x Joan Margaret Shirley left the rea
f1 Peter Gerald 16-4-59
e4 Thomas Gerald x Joan Barclay left the area
f1 Maureen Ann 19-1-58
f2 Colin James 27-5-59
f3 Thomas Gerald 22-5-63
e5 Eric Edwin x Anna Isabella Achman left the area
f1 Lynette Avril 21-7-58
f2 Glenn Eric 23-10-60
f3 Ingrid Audry 19-5-62
f4 Robert Shannon 27-2-64 x Rachel Magdalena Smith
g1 Vilanda May 12-10-86
g2 Eric Edwin (Jnr) 22-9-89
d4 Martha Maria x Cecil Crosby Tarr 3c
d5 Caroline x Garnett Whitfield (Ashton Farm) 3s 2d.
d6 Maria Catharina x Johannes Jacobus Smit (Teacher Wildebeeslaagte )
d7 John William 1899 (Rhodesia) / 1960 x Anna Helena van der Merwe 1900/68
e1 Anna Helena (Babe) 11-2-23 x Edgar Snel Lettared
e2 Jessie John 9-8-29
e3 James Thomas (Jim) 3-7-1932 x Cornelia Petronella (Cookie) Smith
f1 John William 11-8-56 x Freda Bekker 1958 1s 2d
f2 Issabel Susanna 28-3-58 x David Kucharski 1955 2d
f3 Alwyn Jacobus 20-12-60 x Patricua Raubenheimer 2d
f4 Anna Helena 28-12-61 x Frank Kucharski 2d
Educated at Liebenberg and Chaplin High (Alwyn at K.G. 6
all f1 to f4 left area after school
d8 Sarah x Christoffel Barnardus van der Merwe 7c  ! (Veeplaas)
d9 Emily x Louw Hoffman (Cousin of Kais ) (Roodebult)
d10 Ellisabeth x Rudolph Bosman 12-12-1896/15-4-70 (Teacher on
Wildebees) 2s
d11 Ethel Laura 12-11-13 x Johnny Fox (not local) 1d
c2 George Andrew stayed in S.A.
c3 John (Jack) stayed in S.A.
c4 Thomas 14-12-1874 (Middelburg Transvaal) / 18-9-1949 (Longhope,
Enkeldoorn) x
Martha Magdalena Adlam 13-11-1890 (Natal) / 25-6-1979 (Longhope Enkeldoorn).
He came to Enkeldoorn in 1899 with his older brother b2c1 James, traveling by donkey wagon acompanied by relative Smit. He married Martha at
Enkeldoorn. farmed on Longhope (followed by Percival then Kais Hoffman) They had 10
d1 Margaret Magdalens 8-6-1811 / 20-3-1913
d2 Thomas 27-11-1912 / 9-3-1916
d3 Elizabeth Mary 10-5-1917 / 20-11-1918
d4 Martha Magdalena 7-2-1917 / 2-11-1996
d5 baby died
d6 Edith Gertrude 21-6-1922 x Jurgens Hendrik Grobler 25-12-13 2c
d7 Charles Randal 11-12-1923
d8 Victor Henwood 8-1-27/2-1-91 x Annie van der Merwe Victor owned local
d9 Ernest Percival 23-11-31 x Anna Magdalena Smith 21-10-37
e1 Ian Thomas 28-8-57 x Marinda Vaneck 2s
e2 Louie Alwyn 27-4-59 x divorced 1s
XX Rene Benade 1s
e3 Nina 1-8-60 x divorced 1s1d left area
e4 Andre Percival 10-8-63 x Charmaine Wallace
f1 Garith 13-2-87
f2 daughter  ?
d10 Elizabeth Mary (Polly) 15-1-33 x Allan Derek Kok 18-10-1929 6c
c5 Dick (went to Kenya)
c6 Caroline stayed in S.A,
Wildebeeslaagte was subdivided into Longhope 4000acres which was allotted to b2c4 Thomas. The remainder Wildebeeslaagte 2000 acres was consolidated with Hartbeeslaagte 6000 acres and the full 8000 allotted to b2c1 James. Hartbeeslaagte was subsequently subdivided, 3000 acres called Fairview and remainder 3000 acres
allotted to his 2 sons b2c1d3 James and b2c1d7 John William 1899 / 1960 b2c1d7e2 James Thomas x Cornelia Smith received part and by purchasing the rest by 1958 obtained full posession of both Wildebeeslaagte and Hartebeeslaagte. The main production on the farms was Wheat with small numbers of Cattle. At times cattle were grazed for the Speculator Gert Kok.
Anne Margaret x Hendrik Matthews ( Rex) Kok 1890 / 55  ?c
Ethel Laura 12-11-13
Elizabeth Ethel Mabel x Karl Rudolph Krause 6c
Henry x Maria Elizabeth Gertruida Roussouw 1914
Maria Elizabeth 22-1-33
Elizabeth 15-3-36 x Jan Hendrik Blignaut 24-11-28 left area 4c
Henry 27-2-38
Daniel Petrus 7-10-41 Alice 24-3-43
John 20-11-46
Zacharias x Elsie Josina van Rensburg George Crosby 15-3-36
Elsie Josina 6-5-46
In the early days transport was cart and horses and every Friday morning a picanin was sent on foot to Enkeldoorn carrying a box of eggs and other
produce and a stick with a list of basic provisions, for which payment was by
Gideon Hermanus 25-9-42 x ? Wheeler
Ian Thomas 28-8-57 x Marinda Vaneck 2s
WHITFIELD Garnet x Caroline Wheeler app.1890 (3s2d) farmed on Ashton
James Wheeler Whitfield x Grace de Wet continued on Ashton
Calvin x Valerie ? Marais continued on Ashton
John 2-5-1881 / 22-7-1954 at advanced age x widow with 2 sons.
They farmed on Just In Time which he sold to William Lock.
Alaistair William x Elizabeth Wilhelmina Jonker
Deon MacAlaster 5-5-56
Mr. A x Mrs lands inpector farmed on Grassdale then moved to town lost son in
Elizabeth x David Dirk Wouter du Plooy 13-4-1906 (left)
WHITTIE cattle inspector reputed to be one of the first owners of a motor car
WIGGEL Alfred Edward 1877 / 1960 x Dorothy Selby 1883 / 1968
Herbert Edward 1913 / 1971
WILLSHIRE Member i.c. Police, Enkeldoorn 1948 Organiser of revamped
Gymkhana Club.
Phil x Johanna Catharina (Joe) van Rooyen
Keith x Petronella Elizabeth Dreyer 20-7-66
Glen Robert 13-11-84
Marilyn Elizabeth 30-5-87
WINTERBOER August Dieterich Ferdinand x Christina Catharina Nieuwoudt
Roma 20-1-28
August Dieterich 1-1-30
June 15-6-54
WIXKLEY Clive x Elma Joy O'Neill 31-8-63
WOOD Desmond 14-8-61 x Anna Maria Lamprecht 16-6-61 lived on Uiykyk 3 years then left
Sharlene Deserei 1986 Bianca 1992
WOOLEY Christine x Lukas Andries Lamprecht 27-2-60 2c left WORTHINGTON ?? Councillor and later Chairman of Featherstone Road Council
The family lived in town
Elizabeth Maria nee ? 13-8-1881 / 22-7-1972
Hailetta Maria 13-8-1889 / 22-7-1972
Amalia x Antonie (? Andries) Christiaan Frederik Steenkamp 6c
James William 1-12-1878 / 10-7-48 x Heiletta Maria Catharina Steenkamp 13-8-1889 / 22-7-72
Elsie Sophia Catharina Maria 13-7-11 x Anthony Johannes Korb 5c John Gibson 1-8-14 / 11-11-1982 x Hester Susanna Steyn
Hermina Elizabeth Maria 15-7-54 Johan David 2-7-18
Petronella Johanna 5-1-22
Henry x Charlotte Robertha Maria Cocklin Susarah Petronella 15-9-11
Charlot Harriot 22-4-13 x Philip Hernoldus van Rensburg 1c Amelia Francis 18-11-14
Henry George Corneles 5-1-17
George 26-1-1884 / 9-2-1943 x Annie Maria Jacoba Steenkamp 19-8-1893 / 22-12-1959
Elsie Sophia Catharina Maria 29-6-13 x George Frederik Bezuidenhout 1-3-1904 / 8-6-68 2c
James William x Magrieta Magdalena Heyns
John Gibson 15-5-72 Hester Alexander Jacobus 13-3-76 Mr and Mrs Johnny Wray owned Plein store
WRIGHT Ray x Anna Maria (Tick) Odendaal 8-4-33 / 28-11-91 (her XX)
WYK VAN Johannes Hendrik x Salomina Magdalena Loubscher Adriaan Jacobus 5-11-39
ZIETSMAN Benjamin Hermanus x Helena Susanna Lartegan
Andries Hendrik 1-1-27
ZUIDWYK Francois Johannes Wilhelmus x Catharina Maria Magdalena Symington 25-3-19
Bulah 23-5-44
Adriana Maria x Pieter Hilgard Rademeyer 10c
Johanna Levina x Willem Johannes Grobler 6c
Esther Maria x Charles William Stratford 1c
Willem x Theunis Gert Cotzee 26-4-05 ./ 11-5-81 4c
Catharina Elizabeth x Jacob Johannes Carolus Greyling 1909 5c
Ignatius Wilhelmus x Theunis Gert Coetzee 27-3-16
Adriana Maria 11-7-34
Johannes Jacobus x Helena Elizabeth Lategan
Eve Winnifred 17-12-34
Adriana Cecilia x Johan George Hermabnus Viljoen 1c
Willem x Miem Coetzee
XX sister in law widow Nonnie Coetzee nee van der Merwe (her XX) GROUP 2
Weitske x Maria Petronella (Miem) Coetzee 7-3-1896 / 28-3-35
Pieter 29-3-25
Weitz farmed on portion of Riversdale sold to Gardiner. .
Sophia Elizabeth x Albertus Stefanus van Aswegen 2c Ignatius Wilhelmus x Theunis Gert 27-3-16 (woman) 1c
Wietske farmed on Riversdale x Maria Petronella (Miem) Coetzee 21-9-1897/10-11-62 1c


  • Extracted from THE WHITES OF ENKELDOORN 1880 to 1980 A history of the families of european descent who settled in the area of Enkeldoorn (renamed Chivu) Rhodesia. now Zimbabwe. Author Sarel Van der Walt. Completed in approximately the year 2001

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