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Extracting Information from Documents in Latin

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The purpose of this page is to assist in translating genealogical records written in Latin. Google translate is a good option for attempting to translate foreign languages, but they do not have a Latin option. Sad Face. You'll find many early church records or legal documents were written in Latin. These charts contain some common terms including those for record type, events, dates, and relationships.

The most important thing will be to identify the root of the word. Different endings will be used to modify the word according to how it is being used within a sentence.

Common Latin Words Found in Genealogy Documents

Record Type Latin
Baptismal Register matricula baptizatorum, liber
Census census
Church Records parish matrica (parish registers)
Death Register certificato di morte
Marriage Register matrica (marriage register), bannorum (register of marriage banns), liber
Military militaris, bellicus

Family Event Latin
Baptism / Christening baptismi, baptizatus, renatus, plutus, lautus, purgatus, ablutus, lustratio
Birth nati, natus, genitus, natales, ortus, oriundus
Burial sepulti, sepultus, humatus, humatio
Death mortuus, defunctus, obitus, denatus, decessus, peritus, mors, mortis, obiit, decessit
Divorce divortium
Marriage matrimonium, copulatio, copulati, conjuncti, nupti, sponsati, ligati, mariti
Marriage (banns) banni, proclamationes, denuntiationes

Relationship Latin
Ancestor antecessor, patres (forefathers)
Aunt amita (paternal aunt); matertera, matris soror (maternal aunt)
Brother frater, frates gemelli (twin brothers)
Brother-in-law affinis, sororius
Child ifans, filius (son of), filia (daughter of), puer, proles
Cousin sobrinus, gener
Daughter filia, puella; filia innupta (unwed daughter); unigena (only begotten daughter)
Descendant proles, successio
Father pater (father), pater ignoratus (unknown father), novercus (stepfather)
Grandchild nepos ex fil, nepos (grandson); neptis (granddaughter)
Grandfather avus, pater patris (paternal grandfather)
Grandmother avia, socrus magna (maternal grandmother)
Great-grandchild pronepos (great grandson); proneptis (great granddaughter)
Great-grandfather proavus, abavus (2nd great grandfather), atavus (3rd great grandfather)
Great-grandmother proavia, proava, abavia (2nd great grandmother)
Husband uxor (spouse), maritus, sponsus, conjus, coniux, ligatus, vir
Mother mater
Niece/Nephew amitini, filius fratris/sororis (nephew), filia fratris/sororis (niece)
Orphan, Foundling orbus, orba
Parents parentes, genitores
Relatives propinqui (relatives); agnati, agnatus (paternal relatives); cognati, cognatus (maternal relatives); affines, affinitas (related by marriage, in-laws)
Sister soror, germana, glos (husband's sister)
Sister-in-law gloris
Son filius, natus
Uncle avunculus (paternal uncle), patruus (maternal uncle)
Wife vxor/uxor (spouse), marita, conjux, sponsa, mulier, femina, consors
Widow vidua, relicta
Widower viduas, relictus

Dates Latin
Day dies, die
Month mensis, menses
Year annus, anno; often abbreviated Ao, AE or aE
Morning mane
Night nocte, vespere (evening)
January Januarius
February Februarius
March Martius
April Aprilis
May Maius
June Junius, Iunius
July Julius, Iulius, Quinctilis
August Augustus
September September, Septembris, 7ber, VIIber
OctoberOctober, Octobris, 8ber, VIIIber
November November, Novembris, 9ber, IXber
December December, Decembris, 10ber, Xber

Other Common Genealogical Terms Latin
And others - et alii (et. al)
in the year of our Lord Anno Domini (A.D.)
Archive archivia
Catholic church ecclesia catholica
Cemetery (graveyard) cimiterium, coemeterium
Genealogy genealogia
Index indice
Household familia
Name, given nomen, dictus (named), vulgo vocatus (alias)
Name, surname (family name) cognomen, agnomen (also nickname)
Name, maiden look for "from" or "of" to indicate maiden namenata (born), ex (from), de (of)
(He or she) died Obit
(He or she) died without offspringObit sine prole (o.s.p.)
Parish parochia, pariochialis
Parish priest parochus
Town urbe
Village vico, pagus
Will/Testament testamentum


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