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Extracts from the diaries of Alice and Vic Hills [[Hills-944|Vic Hills]] and [[Larner-39|Alice Larner]]

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When my parents died I found some of their diaries, most of the content is repetitive and of little interest but I have extracted some entries about family members and will continue to do this until I have gone through all the diaries. I have not indicated which of them made the entry because in most instances they both say much the same.


Feb. 16 Jim & Doris Silver Wedding

April 12 Went to Christine’s flat & in afternoon we went to Thorpe Bay to see Fran. Sue & Hazel.

April 22 Ida & John Silver Wedding

April 25 Nancy’s Confirmation

Aug. 14 Collected Christine from Camberwell. Nancy came.

Aug. 17 Christine started at Lincoln.

1977 - Jubilee Year

Jan 6 Christine went back to Camberwell. She phoned in the evening, had been for an interview regarding flat.

Jan 13 C. heard she is on Peabody waiting list.

Mar 25 Christine phoned in morning to say she had letter about flat.

Ma 28 Spoke to C. she is pleased with flat freshly decorated etc.

Apl 2 Went to Camberwell & to see the flat at Stepney

Apl 3 Came home in evening

Apl 14 Christine moved into flat. A fine day, move went very well. Joyce Gissing, Sheila. Her husband and son went with gas cooker & helped fix it.

Apl 15 Worked in the flat fitting hall carpet. Christine had a meeting with Anne Gurney & Fr. Royal. Went to Addington Square to finish there.

Apl 16 We came home in evening. Bought gas fire and kitchen cupboard home. Good journey.

Apl 23 Went to Stepney saw Christine’s clock from the folks at Camberwell, also picture & flowers.

May 1 Mark christened at Blofield Church. All the Sextons were there & Janice’s relations. Vic went on to work, May & Chas. Brought me home.

June 3 Went to see Christine, had evening with her, Daphne let her off early.

June 4 Went to Trooping (of the colour) rehearsal. Then went to see decorations (for Queen’s Silver Jubilee). Went home for a meal & rest then Christine drove us round to see decorations then to St. Katharine’s. Met Brother & Leslie.

June 5 Went to St. Paul’s in morning, had lunch there. Vic & I went back to the flat, then went to St. Georges in the East for the Jubilee Service & refreshments. Brother then took us to Buckingham Palace in the ‘bus’ to sing ‘God save the Queen’! He, C, & some others led the singing from the V & A Memorial.

June 6 Popped over to see Sam & Sue. Decorated Church House.

June 7 Went to Fleet Street arrived 7 am. Saw all Jubilee Procession. Left Christine & Daphne & came home. Spoke to C. in evening, they watched it return & saw the service sitting on the floor in a T. V. shop opposite, with a welcome from the owners!

June 23 C. had joined us & Ida in Wales & we all saw the Queen & Duke at Camarthan.

July 26 Uncle Jack (Reeves) funeral. Christine went.

Aug. 13 Went to Chelmsford. Christine too, had a good day. Mrs Moore not very well.

Aug 17 Nancy came. She missed train owing to floods in London. Vic met her. Dorothy phoned to say Mrs Moore died at ¼ to 9.

Aug 25 Christine phoned to say Harry had died.

Aug. 26 Vic phoned Sue to find out about Harry’s funeral & she told us Mary is waiting to have a heart pacer put in.

Sept. 1 Harry’s funeral

Oct 5 Christine phoned Vic to say she & Maurice were planning to get married.

Oct 8 Christine phoned to say her car was missing. She & Maurice came in a hired car arrived here about 5.35 pm.

Oct 9 Went to St. Mary Magdalene’s Church then for a tour of Norwich. Vic was on at 5 pm. C & M left soon after. C. phoned to say they arrived home OK then phoned again to say her car had been found in Bow.

Oct 22 Bodham Centenary. (school) Went to the party. Spoke to several people who remembered the Porter Family. A nice service in Bodham Church

Oct 31 Told May about C’s marriage. ‘History repeats itself’!


Jan 14 C & M coming. They arrived about 2 pm. Called at tool place & Carmelite Mon. on the way (Quid.)

“ 15 C & M Went to city in morn. Went on to Felicity’s.

“ 16 We didn’t go out. C phoned to say they arrived home OK. Snow in afternoon.

“ 27 C phoned to say they moved & the move went OK

May 30 Sue, Reg & Val went to Brookland

Jul.. 28 Called at Chelmsford for lunch. Left about 2.15 Mitcham at 6.30 C & M arrived about 7

“ 29 Royal Wedding. St Paul’s. (Charles & Diana)

“ 30 Left Mitcham about 11.15 Good journey home arrived 3.15

Aug 5 C & M here for Vic’s birthday, we all went to Belton, saw Royal Wedding Film.


Jan 7 C. & M. arrived about 2.30 pm

Jan. 8 C. M. & Vic went to get the Fiat car then took it to John. Very cold.

Jan 9 C. M. & V. collected car from John. We all went for a ride in the afternoon.

Jan. 10 C. & M. left about 2.30 pm they had a good journey home.

Jan. 27 Dibbs gave us bird table. Ida phoned to say John P. had died.

Feb. 1 Left home about 7.15 am Chelmsford 9.15 Left 10.15 Sevenoaks about 12 Noon C. & M. were there. John’s funeral 12.30 pm Sevenoaks Cemetery. Left S. about 7.30 pm. Home 11.35

Mar. 23 Heard Ron had died.

Mar. 18 Called in to see Jim. Took photos of St. Alban’s Dedication Service.

Mar. 24 Jim & I went to see the Vicar of St. Alban’s in the afternoon.

Jul. 11 St. Alban’s 50th Anniversary Service, went with Jim & Doris.


Aug. 18 Christine phoned they are definitely going to B’ham. Possibly move in Oct.

Sep. 27 Gordon married today – Wonder how long it will last??!

Sep. 29 D. & C. called. Very pleased to see them. Wedding went off very well.

Oct. 1 Picked beans – over 2lbs as usual

Oct. 5 Went to Lia’s 21st at Blackpool. Disco very good but very noisy! Nothing much personal about but saw all family i.e. Sue, Valerie, Les, Allen, Gretta, etc. Good journey up. Stayed with Birdie she seems pretty well.

Oct 9 Made for home via B’ham took gas fire from Birdie had a good time at B’pool. Annetta couldn’t have been more helpful and friendly and her children likewise!! C. & M. both very well and house very nice or will be!!

Oct. 12 Sue phoned in evening to say Jack is ill in hospital, she is writing to Christine.


Jan. 3 Stayed at Val’s for night. Nice time with members of the family C & M there.

“ 5 Marlene back to South Africa.

Feb. 10 Evelyn phoned to say John died at 1 am.

April 10 Margaret’s sister phoned to say Jack had died

“ 11 Vic rang Barking re. the funeral, then rang Christine & Charlie.

“ 12 Christine rang to say they were both coming on Friday.

“ 13 Vic rang B’ham. C. at choir practice.

“ 15 Jack funeral Left home 8 am. Reached Barking about ¼ to 11 Had picnic got to Margaret about ¼ to 12 After funeral went to Winnie’s for birthday party.

June 5 Left home about 9 am. reached Hornchurch about 11 am. Had lunch with Bill & Kath. Bill came with Vic & I to see Mary. She was not too bad. Left Hornchurch about 6 p.m. Home 8.40 pm.


Jan. 30 Christine rang to say that Lee had died in the morning

Feb. 11 St. Edmunds Hotel Charities Surprise Party. We arrived at noon most of the gang were there. a very nice meal etc. Went back to Belton.


Jan. 27 Jeanne phoned to say Vera had died.

“ 17 Christine phoned to say they had Metro

“ 18 Went to stay with C. & M. A lovely day

“ 19 Not so bright. Went for a ride in Metro in afternoon

“ 20 Went to Yalding. Heavy shower & thunder

“ 21 Vic cycled to shop Brenzett. Went to Batham Abbey. A nice afternoon

“ 22 Left the Willows about 10 a.m. Spent the day with Winnie. Left about 5.30 p.m. went to Mitcham. “ 23 Spent the day chatting. Cut Sue’s lawn in afternoon. Had dinner at Val’s. Arranged to go to Barking on Sat. Kath rang to say Bill in hospital.

“ 24 Did a little more in Sue’s garden. Trimmed edges. Thunder & rain in afternoon.

“ 25 Left Mitcham about 2.15 pm A slow journey to Barking. Meal with Jack & Margaret. On to Rush Green Hosp. to see Bill. Called at Kath’s.

“ 26 Val & Reg came to Sue’s for dinner. Chatted.

“ 27 Left Mitcham about 11.30 am. Very wet but good journey home.

June 22 Jonathan’s Wedding. Went to Doris in morning. On to service and reception.

“ 23 Went for a ride in the afternoon. Did a little driving. ' Aug.2 Charlie came in afternoon. Wet & cool

“ 3 Francine’s wedding. Left home about 10 a.m. Had snack on way. Showery but fine for the wedding. Left reception at 11 p.m. Went to Fran’s. Bed at 2 am.

“ 4 Stayed at Hazel’s until 4 pm. Charlie did 80 mph nearly all the way home! He went back about 6.45 pm.

Sept. 8 Had late breakfast and lunch. C. & M. gave talk at Bately Court.

“ 9 Sue’s 80th Birthday. Went to Chelmsford with C. & M. for D. & C’s Ruby Celebrations.

“10 C. & M. went back after an early lunch.

Nov. 2 Nancy’s Wedding D. & C. & C. & M. came about 11 am. A lovely wedding. We left Sevenoaks about 9 pm. Very frosty. Went to Brookland.

Dec 25 Went to Ruth’s about 11.15 pm. Had a good day.

“ 26 All spent the day at Lapwing

“ 27 Lovely morning. Cold. Went for a walk

“ 28 Snow. We did not go out.

“ 29 Left Ida’s about 11.15 am. Roads rather icy.


Feb 26 C. & M. arrived about 5.40

Feb 27 C. & M. went to see Felicity in afternoon

Feb. 28 C. & M. went to Langham in Evening.

Mar 1 C. & M. went to Church, then Mrs Bool They went to Paul’s for recording, it was not very good.

Mar 2 C. & M. went to Quidenham then on to Paul’s.


Jan. 25 Gale force winds 31 people killed - trees falling on cars, lorries overturning, roofs collapsing.


March 1 C. & M. very pleased with their new car


Jan 14 Went to see Ida & John, they are all OK

“ 15 Went to Helsdon Church Good service

“ 23 Went to see Doctor, she too blood sample (of Vic)

“ 31 Lee died yesterday morning

Feb 5 Alice rang Ida ok, though John’s leg playing up a bit

April 26 C. & M. go to Ireland

May 10 Linda Wilson, Psychologist came. Very nice person. Cards from Christine.

“ 14 Went to see Jim & Doris. All OK. Christine rang in afternoon. Back safely from Ireland.

June 20 Report from Linda not too bad. Vic OK for driving.

July 16 C. & M. coming. They arrived about 5 pm

“ 17 Annetta rang to say Birdie had been in hosp.Went to see Ida & John

“ 19 Christine went to meet Carol (distant cousin) in afternoon

“ 20 C. & M. returned. We went back to B’ham with them. Very hot but good journey

“ 22 Left B’ham about 8 am Went to B’pool. Birdie seemed quite bright & in no pain. Left about 9 pm back at midnight.

“ 23 Left B’ham about ¼ to 3 home about ¼ to 7

“ 24 C. & M. left at 1 pm home by 5 pm.

“ 30 Rang Annetta. Birdie not too good after scan.

Aug. 7 Annetta rang to tell us Birdie has cancer in rectum. Op. 17

“ 12 Went on holiday to Lake District until 19.

“ 21 Birdie had op.

“ 23 Annetta rang. Birdie comfortable

“ 24 Annetta phoned. Birdie slowly improving

“ 28 Birdie had bad days but better again now

Aug. 30 C. & M. enjoyed their break in Scotland

Sept. 3 Rang Annetta. Birdie going home on Tues. Rang Christine to tell her

“ 27 C. & M. go to Lisieux

Oct. 1 PC from Christine from Rennes.

“ 8 Went to see Jim & Doris. They are not too bad. Jims leg not too good.

“ 9 Winnie may go in home for 2 weeks

“ 11 Called to see Doris H. She has cancer of the liver

“ 20 Vic sick during the night. He stayed in bed till nearly 11 am

Nov. 9 C. & M. came. A wet journey

“ 12 Went to Sheringham. Nice ride downcoast, called at Bodham Church.

“ 13 C. & M. went home 12.30 rang at ¼ to 5

“ 25 Gordon’s Wedding. Nice wedding & reception. Left about 3.15 home about 7 pm.

“ 28 Jim went in hospital and had tests

“ 30 Went to N. & N. in aft. To see Jim he is coming out tomorrow.

Dec. 1 Phoned Birdie O.K.

“ 2 Going to Christine’s. A nice bright day. Arrived B’ham 1.30 pm. Lovely drive & presents.

“ 28 Michael, the deacon, came in a’noon. Very talkative! Watched video in Eve. Carols from Kings.

“ 29 Sorted out cards & photos of Mary’s.

N.B.This is a work in progress and is far from complete.



July 29 1962 Charles Vincent Sexton married Veronica Bradley

Feb. 12 1967 Jane Sexton married Richard (Dick) McPherson

Sept. 6 1980 Graham & Dawn

May 22 1979 Joy & Philip

Aug 3 1985 Francine & Stephen

Nov. 2 1985 Nancy & Paul

Aug. 1 1992 Clare Luty and Paul Batty

Nov. 14 1993 Francesca Stefani and Lee Michael Preston Stefani

April 6 1994 Marcus and Marea

Aug. 1995 Lorna Luty married Jeff Manning in Cyprus

Nov 25 1995 Gordon & Karen

Aug 5 2000 Donna Larner & Simon Nightingale


April 1 1950 Janice Payne (Sexton)

May 8 1966 Lorna Elizabeth Luty

Oct. 19 1976 Mark Sexton

Sept. 15 1979 Nicola Joy Sexton

Dec. 18 1985 Kathryn Anne Parker

July 2 1989 Shaun (to Lia and Stephen)

December 19 1991 Gabriella (to Louisa and Russell)

July 2 1882 Christopher (to Lisa Larner)

Sept. 1992 Nadia (to Lia and Stephen)

Oct. 18 1993 Eden Germaine Lewis

Oct. 28 1994 Alessandra (to Louisa and Russell)

Feb. 22 1995 Alphanso (Alfi) (to Francesca and Lee)

Aug. 5 1896 Robyn Lewis

Jan. 1997 Jacob Manning

Feb 2 2002 Samuel Lewis Nightingale (Son of Donna (Born Larner))

June 25 2005 Ethan James Nightingale (Son of Donna (Born Larner))

1992 Christopher Michael to Lisa (Born Larner)

April 2 2004 Mia Emily to Lisa Larner and Matt


June 22 1982 Richard (Dick) McPherson

Jan 27 1985 Vera Sexton

Jan 25 1995 Lee White

2001 C.V. Sexton


Jan 16 Matthew Larner (Son of David & Susan Larner)

Mar 31 Carol Hills

May 19 David Larner


Simon Stefani married Jayne

Leon Stefani married Kelly, Her daughter Natasha Leon & kelly's children, Nico and Claudia

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