Eyam, Derbyshire - 1665-6 Plague Victims

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Plague Deaths List: In memory of those who died in the Eyam Plague 1665-6 …
The Population of Eyam 1664-67, Eyam Museum: Research by John and Francine Clifford. The principal sources were the Hearth Tax assessments and the Eyam Bishop's Transcripts and many other documents in the Staffordshire Public Records Office and National Archive at Kew.
Wikipedia on Plague
The Timeline of Plague

The following table shows the names of those commemorated on the Register.

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First Name Surname Sex Date of Birth/Baptism Date of Death Person Profile Notes
September 1665
George Viccars m Pre 1644 7th Viccars George Viccars was not a householder and is known by tradition as the first victim of the plague. He was a journeyman tailor employed by Alexander Hadfield.
Edward Cooper m c1630 22nd Cooper Edward's wife Mary Cooper survived the plague. She married Alexander Hadfield (who was a plague victim) in 1665 and finally married John Coe after the plague. She had another child in 1670.
Peter Hawksworth Snr m 02.10.1636 23rd Hawksworth Snr
Thomas Thorpe m c1625 26th Thorpe
Sarah Syddall f 27.02.1653 30th Syddall
Mary Thorpe f 18.06.1654 30th Thorpe
October 1665
Matthew Banes m 28.04.1633 1st Banes
Elizabeth Thorpe f c1630 1st Thorpe
Margaret Banes f c1640 3rd Banes
Mary Thorpe f c1605 3rd Thorpe
Sythe Torre f c1605 6th Torre
William Thorpe m c1600 7th Thorpe
Richard Syddall m 22.08.58 11th Syddall
William Torre m 12.09.1630 13th Torre
Amy Torre f c1632 13th Torre
John Syddall m c1615 14th Syddall
Ellen Syddall f 23.03.1642 15th Syddall
Humphrey Hawksworth m 17.07.64 17th Hawksworth
Martha Banes f 31.05.1663 17th Banes
Jonathan Ragge m 17.12.1654 18th Ragge
Humphrey Torre m 20.11.1664 19th Torre
Thomas Thorpe m 20.12.1656 19th Thorpe
Mary Banes f c1610 20th Banes
Elizabeth Syddall f 10.08.1645 22nd Syddall
Alice Ragge f 21.01.1665 23rd Ragge
Alice Syddall f 25.05.1656 24th Syddall
George Ragge m c1625 26th Ragge
Jonathan Cooper m 11.12.1653 28th Cooper
Humphrey Torre m c1600 30th Torre
November 1665
Hugh Stubbs m 04.07.1647 1st Stubbs
Hannah Rowland f 26.05.1650 5th Rowland
John Stubbs m c1620 15th Stubbs
Anne Stubbs f c1625 19th Stubbs
Elizabeth Warrington f pre1650 29th Warrington
December 1665
Mary Rowland f 20.06.1652 1st Rowland
John Rowbotham m 04.05.1653 9th Rowbotham There are Stoney Middleton connections with this family.
boy Rowe m  ?1665 14th Rowe Infant
Mary Rowe f c1645 15th Rowe
William Rowe m c1640 19th Rowe
Thomas Wilson m c1661 22nd Wilson
William Rowbotham m c1610 24th Rowbotham There are Stoney Middleton connections with this family.
Anthony Blackwell m 02.06.1665 24th Blackwell
January 1666
Robert Rowbotham m 11.03.1649 1st Rowbotham There are Stoney Middleton connections with this family.
Samuel Rowbotham m  ? 1st Rowbotham There are Stoney Middleton connections with this family.
Abel Rowland m 02.12.1655 15th Rowland
Isaac Wilson m c1659 28th Wilson
February 1666
Thomas Rowland m c1620 14th Rowland
John Wilson m 12.02.1657 15th Wilson
Deborah Wilson f 16.11.1645 17th Wilson
Alice Wilson f 12.12.1665 18th Wilson
Anthony Blackwell m c1615 21st Blackwell
March 1666
John Wilson Jnr m c1625 1st Wilson Jnr
Ann Blackwell f 03.05.1646 22nd Blackwell
April 1666
Thomas Allen m c1640 6th Allen
Joan Blackwell f c1644 6th Blackwell
Alice Thorpe f 21.03.1652 15th Thorpe
Margaret Blackwell f c1618 16th Blackwell
Samuel Hadfield m 21.03.1651 18th Hadfield
Infant son Allen m  ? 28th Allen
Emmott Syddall f c1643/45 29th Syddall
May 1666
Robert Thorpe m c1650 2nd Thorpe
William Thorpe m c1662 2nd Thorpe
June 1666
Isaac Thornley m 23.01.1653 1st Thornley
Anne Thornley f pre1662 12th Thornley Named Chapman
Jonathan Thornley m 30.12.1655 12th Thornley
Anthony Skidmore m 27.04.1656 12th Skidmore
Elizabeth Thornley f c1630 15th Thornley Widow. Elizabeth Chapman remarried on 2nd February 1664 and died Elizabeth Thornley. There was a child by this marriage.
James Mower m  ? 15th Mower
Edytha Mower f 22.01.1660 15th Mower
Elizabeth Buxton f 26.12.1647 15th Buxton
Mary Heald f 09.03.1651 15th Heald
Francis Thornley m 27.11.1664 17th Thornley
Mary Skidmore f 19.03.1648 17th Skidmore
Sarah Lowe f c1655? 17th Lowe Alias Naylor
Mary Mellor f  ? 18th Mellor Or 28th Mary Mellor was not a householder and appeared to have no family in Eyam. She was perhaps a visitor or was in service, or even a vagrant, though the surname was found in Foolow and Great Longstone.
Jane Thornley f 30.12.1655 18th Thornley
Anne Townend f c1625 19th Townend Widow
Abel Archdale m  ? 20th Archdale Or 26th
Edward Thornley m 15.09.1655 22nd Thornley Named Chapman
Ann Skidmore f c1620 24th Skidmore Widow
Jane Townend f 09.05.1647 25th Townend
Emmott Heald f c1645 26th Heald
John Swann m 28.12.1658 29th Swann
July 1666
Elizabeth Heald f c1625 1st Heald
William Lowe m c1620 2nd Lowe
Ellenor Lowe f c1625 2nd Lowe
Deborah Elliott f c1648 3rd Elliott Deborah Elliott an orphan may have been living with her widowed aunt Jane Naylor
George Darby m c1610 4th Darby
Ann Coyle f c1635 5th Coyle
Bridget Talbot f 08.05.1636 5th Talbot
Mary Talbot f 26.03.1648 5th Talbot
John snr Daniel m c1610 5th Daniel John Daniel married Elizabeth Syddall, a plague widow on April 24th 1666. There was a child called John of his first marriage who survived the plague.
Elizabeth Swann f c1630? 6th Swann
Mary Thornley f c1640 6th Thornley
John Townend m 13.05.1649 7th Townend
Anne Talbot f 13.04.1661 7th Talbot
Francis Ragge m 28.12.1656 8th Ragge
Elizabeth Thorpe f 18.02.1653 9th Thorpe
Elizabeth Lowe f 29.05.1657 9th Lowe
Editha Torre f c1610 11th Torre
Ann Lowe f 17.07.1659 13th Lowe
Margaret Taylor f 13.09.1635 14th Taylor
Alice Thornley f 27.11.1664 16th Thornley
Jane Naylor f c1610 16th Naylor Widow of Richard who died in 1648
Edytha Bocking f 18.11.1649 17th Bocking
Elizabeth Thornley f c1662 17th Thornley
Jane Talbot f 08.05.1658 17th Talbot
Robert Whiteley Snr m c1610 18th Whittle Snr Robert Whittle. This family were variously known as White and Whiteley.
Catharine Talbot f c1620 18th Talbot 2nd wife. Richard Talbot remarried in 1643. Joan his first wife died in 1639.
Thomas Heald m 20.11.1653 18th Heald
Robert Torre m 27.12.1650 18th Torre
George Short m c1610 18th Short
Thomas Ashe m c1630 18th Ashe
William Thornley m 29.11.1640 19th Thornley
Francis Wood m c1630 22nd Wood
Thomas Thorpe m 10.01.1647 22nd Thorpe
Robert Thorpe m 17.07.1659 22nd Thorpe
Robert Talbot m c1644? 24th Talbot
Joan Naylor f c1625 25th Naylor
Thomas Hatley m  ? 25th Hatley Gentleman. Thomas Hatley was not listed in the Hearth Tax returns, so may have been visiting, perhaps from Baslow or Edensor, where the name was known.
Richard Talbot m c1610 25th Talbot Richard Talbot remarried in 1643. Joan his first wife died in 1639.
John Naylor m c1620 26th Naylor
Joan Talbot f 06.03.1656 26th Talbot
Ruth Talbot f c1645 26th Talbot
Anne Chapman f c1625 28th Chapman or 26th
Lydia Chapman f 17.07.1639 28th Chapman
Margaret Allen f c1635 29th Allen
John Torre m 31.05.1641 29th Torre
Samuel Elliott m 29.01.1660 29th Elliott
Rowland Mower m c1630 29th Mower
Thomas Bocking m c1647 30th Bocking
Nicholas Whiteley m 20.09.40 30th Whittle Whittle on population register. This family were variously known as White and Whiteley.
Jonathan Talbot m 19.05.50 30th Talbot
Mary Whiteley f 07.01.1638 30th Whittle Whittle on population register. This family were variously known as White and Whiteley.
Rowland Mower m 31.01.1664 30th Mower
Sarah Elliott f  ? 31st Elliott
Joseph Allen m c1630 31st Allen
Anne Morten f 10.03.1939 31st Morten
Robert Kemp m 05.10.1656 31st Kemp
August 1666
George Ashe m  ? 1st Ashe
Mary Naylor f 23.03.51 1st Naylor
John snr Hadfield m c1605 2nd Hadfield
Robert Buxton m 31.03.1639 2nd Buxton
Anne Naylor f 13.05.1660 2nd Naylor
Jonathan Naylor m 19.05.57 2nd Naylor
Elizabeth Glover f 10.04.1662 2nd Glover
Alexander Hadfield m 23.01.1642 3rd Hadfield Mary Cooper survived the plague. She married Alexander Hadfield (who was a plague victim) in 1665 and finally married John Coe after the plague. She had another child in 1670.
Jane Naylor f 18.06.54 3rd Naylor
Godfrey Torre m 01.10.1665 3rd Torre
John Hancock m 28.02.1661 3rd Hancock
Elizabeth Hancock f 09.10.1658 3rd Hancock
Margaret Buxton f 12.07.1644 3rd Buxton
Robert Bocking m 01.11.1646 3rd Bocking
Thomas Hawksworth m c1630 4th Hawksworth
Margaret Percival f 26.11.1665 4th Percival Or 2nd
Anne Swinnerton f 14.02.1664 4th Swinnerton
Rebecca Morten f c1644 4th Morten
Robert French m 28.07.1655 6th French
Richard Thorpe m 23.08.1663 6th Thorpe
Thomas Frith m 15.06.1645 6th Frith
John Elliott m c1630 7th Elliott John Elliott, also known as Royse. The early spelling of Elliott was Yealott. They were in Eyam by 1660 when Samuel was baptised.
Oner Hancock m 26.04.63 7th Hancock
John Hancock m c1625 7th Hancock
William Hancock m c1650 7th Hancock
Abraham Swinnerton m c1640 8th Swinnerton
Alice Hancock f 14.03.1652 9th Hancock
Anne Hancock f 14.10.1656 10th Hancock
Francis Frith m c1615 10th Frith Churchwarden, appears well connected. He was related by marriage to the Furness family.
Elizabeth Kemp f 02.11.1645 11th Kemp
William Hawksworth m 05.11.1661 12th Hawksworth
Thomas Kemp m 05.03.1643 12th Kemp
Francis Bocking m 10.02.1661 13th Bocking
Richard Bocking m 13.09.1663 13th Bocking
Mary Bocking f 20.01.1666 13th Bocking
John Trickett m c1640 13th Trickett
Anne Trickett f 22.05.1642 13th Trickett
Mary Whiteley f c1615 13th Whittle Whittle on population register. This family were variously known as White and Whiteley.
Sarah Blackwell f 21.06.1649 13th Blackwell Sarah Blackwell was an orphan living with her married sister Anne Morten at Bretton.
Bridget Naylor f 02.10.1664 13th Naylor
Robert Hadfield m c1646 14th Hadfield
Margaret Swinnerton f c1645 14th Swinnerton
Alice Coyle f 04.08.1661 14th Coyle
Alice Bocking f 27.06.1634 15th Bocking Alice Bocking was Francis' second wife. There were 3 surviving children by each marriage. Francis survived the plague and remarried. Alice was Mary Cooper's sister.
Thurstan Whiteley m c1610 15th Whittle Whittle on population register. This family were variously known as White and Whiteley.
Bridget Talbot f c1590 15th Talbot Widow. Bridget Talbot was the mother of Richard.
Michael Kemp m 01.01.1654 15th Kemp
Anne Wilson f c1615 15th Wilson
Thomas Bilston m  ? 16th Bilston There were Bilstons in Eyam in 1632. He could have been visiting or a traveller.
Thomas Frith m 15.06.45 17th Frith Anthony Frith's family were also known as Bore or Bower.
Joan French f 27.03.1651 17th French
Mary Elliott f  ? 17th Elliott
Sarah Morten f c1662 18th Morten
Elizabeth Frith f 02.10.1652 18th Frith Anthony Frith's family were also known as Bore or Bower.
Anne Elliott f c1635 18th Elliott
Thomas Ragge m 08.01.1654 18th Ragge
Anne Hawksworth f 09.10.1664 19th Hawksworth
Joan Ashmore f 15.02.1635 19th Ashmore
Elizabeth Frith f c1616 20th Frith
Margaret Morten f c1640 20th Morten
Anne Rowland f c1625 20th Rowland Spinster
John Buxton m c1610 20th Buxton
Frances Frith f c1640 21st Frith
Ruth Morten f 02.05.1665 22nd Morten Or 21st
daughter Frith f 1666 22nd Frith
Lydia Kemp f c1620 22nd Kemp Widow
Peter Hall m c1620 23rd Hall A Bretton family. He was churchwarden at the parish church.
son Morten m 8.1666 24th Morten
Catherine Mompesson f c1640 25th Mompesson
Samuel Chapman m 09.04.48 25th Chapman
Anne Frith f 06.11.1653 25th Frith
Joan Howe f c1640 27th Howe
Thomas Ashmore m 16.03.1665 27th Ashmore
Thomas Wood m 23.12.1632 28th Wood
William Howe m 21.02.1664 30th Howe
Mary Abell f 24.02.1666 30th Abell
Catharine Talbot f 15.04.1666 30th Talbot
Francis Wilson m c1610 30th Wilson
September 1666
Elizabeth Frith f 02.03.1656 1st Frith
William Percival m c1638 1st Percival
Robert Trickett m 16.07.1665 2nd Trickett
Henry Frith m 07.01.1649 3rd Frith
John Wilson m  ? 4th Wilson
Mary Darby f 28.12.1645 4th Darby
William Abell m 22.12.1639 7th Abell
George Frith m 19.06.1659 7th Frith
Godfrey Ashe m c1659 8th Ashe
William Hawksworth m 26.04.1635 9th Hawksworth William Hawksworth and Sarah Furness were married on 29th September 1665. There was a child born after William had died. This contradicts the traditional story that Sarah was the wife of Peter snr.
Robert Wood Snr m c1610 9th Wood Snr
Humphrey Merrill m c1606 9th Merrill
Sarah Wilson f 19.11.1637 10th Wilson
Thomas Moseley m c1600 13th Moseley
Joan Wood f c1610 13th Wood
Mary Percival f 18.01.1663 18th Percival
Francis Morten m c1620 20th Morten
George Butterworth m c1652 21st Butterworth Probably he was an apprentice who came from Stoney Middleton.
Anne Townend f c1635 22nd Townend
Anne Glover f 21.02.1636 23rd Glover
Anne Hall f c1620 23rd Hall
Francis Hawksworth m 02.10.1652 23rd Hawksworth Anne Hawksworth, widow of John lived in Bretton. Her son Francis was a plague victim.
infant Townend f  ? 29th Townend
Susannah Morten f 09.11.1651 29th Morten
October 1666
Jonas Parsley m  ? 1st Parsley
Grace Morten f c1623 2nd Morten
Peter Ashe m 13.09.63 4th Ashe
Abraham Morten m  ? 5th Morten
Thomas snr Torre m c1605 6th Torre
Benjamin Morten m 05.05.1661 6th Morten
Elizabeth Morten f 14.11.1647 8th Morten
Alice Taylor f 25.10.1640 8th Taylor
Anne Parsley f  ? 11th Parsley
Mary Morten f  ? 12th Morten
Samuel Hall m 20.07.1651 13th Hall
Peter Hall m 25.01.1657 13th Hall
Joseph Morten m 02.10.1659 14th Morten
Grace Morten f 01.03.1663 15th Morten
Elizabeth Daniel f c1620 17th Daniel Elizabeth Syddall remarried John Daniel (146) on the 24th April 1666. She is entered in the register at her death as Elizabeth Daniel. She left a nuncupatius will in which she entrusted her surviving son to Robert Thorpe. The Letters of Administration and the Probate Certificate name Joseph Syddall, son of Elizabeth Daniel as being the child in question, thus confirming the marriage.
Anne Grundy f 15.06.1651 17th Grundy Was possibly living as a servant in Francis Morten's household at Bretton.
Francis Morten m 30.12.1649 18th Morten
William Morten m 09.09.1645 28th Morten
November 1666
Abraham Morten m 18.01.1639 1st Morten

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