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The goal of this project is to ... TBA1

Right now this project just has one member, me. I am Peter Antony Forder.

Here are some of the tasks that I think need to be done. I'll be working on them, and could use your help.

  • TBA2
  • TBA3
  • TBA4

Will you join me? Please post a comment here on this page, in G2G using the project tag, or send me a private message. Thanks!

PLEASE NOTE CAREFULLY: At ALL TIMES, the Philipps Line is spelt with 1x "L" and 2x "P's". Certain profiles in WikiTree use 2x "LL's" and/or 1x "P" or a mixture of these. Don't confuse yourself - be sure of what you are doing !!! !!! !!!

[ Forder-167 ] Results of Investigation into the CONFUSION currently showing in WikiTree as at 20th August 2021

Ap_Bran-6 Caradog Ap Bran Father of Unknown Linus, Eurgen of Llan Llid, Eurgen Ap Meric Of Siluria, Gladys (KNOWN) Unknown and Cyllinus (Caradoc) ap Caradoc

? Cambelinus True Father of ... (WikiTree ID yet to be created)

Cunobelin-1 Guiderius True son of Cambelinus Legendary son of Cunobelinus

Ap_Cunobelin-1 Arvirargus True son of Cambelinus Legendary son of Cunobelinus

Space:Beli_Mawr Beli Mawr GREAT-GRANDFATHER

? Tasciovanus GRANDFATHER (WikiTree ID yet to be created)

Space:Cunobelinus Cunobelinus FATHER

? Adminius True son of Cunobelinus (WikiTree ID yet to be created)

Cunobelinas-2 Togadomnus True son of Cunobelinus

Catuvellauni-4 Caratacus Catuvellauni True son of Cunobelinus .........................................................................................................................................................


1^ " A genealogy preserved in the medieval Welsh manuscript Harleian 3859 (see Harleian genealogies) contains three generations which read "Caratauc map Cinbelin map Teuhant". This is the equivalent of "Caratacus, son of Cunobelinus, son of Tasciovanus", putting the three historical figures in the correct order. " [ Source: 1 ^ Harleian Genealogies 16; The Heirs of Caratacus - Cunobelinus and his relatives in medieval Welsh genealogies. ]

2^ " Beli Mawr ("Beli the Great") was an ancestor figure in Middle Welsh literature and genealogies. He is the father of Cassivellaunus, Arianrhod, Lludd Llaw Eraint, Llefelys, and Afallach. In certain medieval genealogies he is listed as the son or husband of Anna, cousin of Mary, mother of Jesus. " [ Source: 2 ^ ]

3^ " When King Cambelinus had reigned two years, he died and left two sons of whom the eldest was named Guiderius and the other Arviragus. " [ Source: 3 ^ FIRST VOLUME: BOOK II Page 129 CHAPTER XL of ... ... ...

so, LOGICALLY, Beli Mawr to Thomas Philipps is as follows (Name; Relation; ID; Birth Year) :-

Beli Mawr Great-Grandfather Space:Beli_Mawr <0001 Tasciovanus Grandfather Space:Tasciovanus? <0001 Cunobelinus Father Space:Cunobelinus <0001 Caratacus Catuvellauni Son Catuvellauni-4 0010 Cyllin Catuvellauni, Princess Daughter Catuvellauni-5 0030 Ystdrawl Gadeon Catuvellauni Catuvellauni-6 0085 Coel ap Meurig, King Ap_Meurig-24 0080 Eurgen "Eugein" Britain Meric-2 0107 King Caradog Ap Bran aka King Caradoc Ap_Bran-6 0035 Cyllinus (Caradoc) ap Caradoc Caradoc-1 0050 Owain "King Owain of Wales" ap Cyllin Cyllin-8 0100 Merichion Fawdfilun ap Owain Ap_Owian-1 0140 Cwrrig Fawr ap Merichion Ap_Meirchion-7 0170 Cwrrig (Cwrrig of Ewyas) Goruc Fauir Goruc_Fauir-1 0180 Gwrddwfn ap Cwrrig Ap_Cwrrig-3 0215 Einydd (Einydd of Ewyas) Gwrddwfn-1 / Ap_Gwrddwfn-3 0250 Arthfael (Einudd) ap Einudd Einudd-8 ? Gwrgant (Arthfael) ap Arthfael Arthfael-2 0330 Meirchion ap Gwrgant Gwrgant-3 0370 Unknown Meirig Meirig-1 ? Unknown Brechrwy Brechrwy-1 ? Unknown Edrig Edrig-1 ? Unknown Urban Urban-57 ? Mynon [family name unknown UNKNOWN-130458 ? formerly [surname unknown] - maybe ap Anwn ? Tudwal ap Anwn Ap_Anwn-2 0371 Tewdrig Tudwal formerly ap Tudwal Ap_Tudwal-3 0387 Marchel "Marchell" ferch Tewdrig Ferch_Tewdrig-1 0404 Brychan "Brycheiniog" ap Anlach, Saint Ap_Anlach-1 0419 Gwawr (Gwawr Verch) Elidir Lydanwyn formerly Brychan Brychan-2 0480 Llywarch Hen ap Elidyr formerly Elidir, "Llywarch Hen Elidir-4 0510 Diwg ap Douc Dwywg (Dwg ap) Dalriada Llywarch-34 0525 Gweir Ap Douc, Prince Douc-1 0570 Tegid (Tegid of Man) ap Gwair formerly Gwair, Prince Gwair-5 0600 Alcwn ap Tegid formerly Tegid, Prince Tegid-1 0658 Sandde ap Alcwn formerly Alcwn Alcwn-1 0678 Elidir ap Sandde, "King Elydry of Isle of Man" Ap_Sandde-6 0708 Gwriad ab Elidir Ab_Elidir-4 0738 Merfyn (Merfyn Frych) ap Gwriad Ap_Gwriad-11 0764 Rhodri ap Merfyn, "Rhodri Mawr", King Ap_Merfyn-19 0820 Elen verch Rodri formerly Rhodri Rhodri-38 0860 Idguallaun (Owain) ap Morgan Morgant-1 0920 Ithel ap Owen aka King of Glywysing, "King of Glywysing" Ap_Owen-5 0945 Gwrgan ab Ithel , "King of Glywysing" Ab_Ithel-2 1000 Myfanwy ferch Gwrgan Ferch_Gwrgan-2 1045 Meurig Fychan Cydifor, "Senghenydd" Cydifor-1 1080 Gruffudd ap Cydrych, King Ap_Cydrych-6 1047 Clydwen gwraig Bledri Latimer ap Cydifor Fawr Ferch_Gruffudd-11 1057 Rhys ap Bledri Ap_Bledri-2 1115 Aron ap Rhys, Sir Ap_Rhys-61 1165 (Knighted by King Richard, " The Lion Heart " for his bravery against the Saracens). Gwilym ab Aron formerly ap Aron Ap_Aron-3 1200 Madog ap Gwilym formerly Gwilym Gwilym-23 ? Evan ap Madog formerly Madog Madog-59 ? Philip Ap Evan formerly Evan Evan-43 ? Meredudd Ap Philip formerly Philip Philip-217 1382 Philip Phillips formerly Ap Meredudd Ap_Meredudd-1 1415 Thomas Phillips formerly Philipps Philipps-8 1465 John Phillips Phillips-771 1502 Morgan Philipps Philipps-9 1540 John Philipps Philipps-244 1566 "1st Baronet Philipps of Picton Castle" Philipps MP, Sir Richard Philipps Phillipps-30 1594 "2nd Baronet Philipps of Picton Castle" Phillipps Erasmus Philipps Phillipps-66 1623 "3rd Baronet Phillips, of Picton Castle" Phillipps John Philipps Phillips-26357 1666 "4th BaronetPhillips of Picton Castle" Phillips, Sir Erasmus Philipps Phillips-35074 1699 "5th Baronet Phillips of Picton Castle" Phillips MP, Sir John Philipps Phillipps-68 1701 "6th Baronet Philipps, of Picton Castle" Phillipps Thomas Philipps Philipps-181 1702 Edward Philipps, Reverend "Ned" Philipps-120 1737 Richard Philipps … … … he had no Children.  ? 1744 "7th Baronet Philipps, of Picton Castle", "Lord Milford of Picton Castle", Sir. Thomas Philipps - "1820 Settler" Philipps-119 177



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