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Family of Field Archer of Chesterfield County, Virginia

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John Archer (1644-bef.1714) of Elizabeth City is a different John than Field's father John Archer (abt.1675-1718) of Henrico County.[1]


Field Archer

Field Archer (-1784) married Elizabeth Royall (-1785)
  • by John Archer of Second Branch (living 21 July 1795)[4]
    • John Archer (living 1784)[5]
    • Polly Archer (living 1784)[5]
    • Field Archer (living 1784)[5]
    • Sally Archer (living 1784)[5]
    • Billey Eppes Archer (living 1784)[5]

Field Archer's 1784 Will

Will of Field Archer of Dale Parish, Chesterfield County, Virginia, dated 22 October 1784[8]
  • Wife Elizabeth
  • Son John
    • John, Polly, Field, Sally and Billey Eppes
  • Son Edward Archer
  • Daughter Agnes Downman and her husband William Downman
  • Daughter Martha Field Walthall - husband William Waltham not mentioned in will; he was living 15 December 1780[9]
  • Daughter Michal Robertson and her husband George Robertson
  • Daughter Elizabeth Moseley and her husband Blackman Moseley
  • Daughter Mary Archer
Executors: Edward Archer [son], my sons-in-law, George Robertson, William Downman, Blackman Moseley, and George Markham of Chesterfield County
Witnesses: George Markham, James Gill, Edward Gill

Slaves Named in Field's Will

Old Abram, Step, young Abram, Nancy and Indian Lucy to wife Elizabeth "lend ... during her life or widowhood"[10]
Jane, Selady, Phebe, Silver, Ritter, Letty and Priss to wife Elizabeth[10]
Will, Adam, and Tom to son John Archer (now in his possession)[10]
David, George and little David to son Edward Archer (now in his possession)[10]
Davy and Betty (child of Fanny) to daughter Michal Robertson (now in his possession)[10]
Judy, Salt, Sampson, Effey, Letty, and Tabb (now in her possession) to Elizabeth Moseley[10]
Charles, Daphne, Pompey, Boson, and Edy to Mary Archer[10]

Slaves Sold in 1780

In a 15 December 1780 document, the following slaves were sold to Field's son-in-law William Walthall:[9]
Dickey, Phill, Jack, Daphney, Fanny, Jinney, Effie, Liddy, Lucy, Juddy, and Seludy

Wife Elizabeth's 1785 Will

Will of Elizabeth Archer of Chesterfield County, Virginia, dated 3 July 1785[7]
  • Daughter Agnes Downman
  • Daughter Martha Field Walthall
  • Daughter Mary Archer
  • Daughter Elizabeth Moseley
  • Daughter Michal
  • Grandson James Robertson
  • Granddaughter Elizabeth Osborne Downman
  • Granddaughter Elizabeth Osborne Moseley
  • Granddaughter Martha Moseley
  • Granddaughter Martha Field Robertson
  • Granddaughter Martha Field Walthall
  • Granddaughter Martha Field Downman
  • Edward Archer
  • William Downman
  • George Robertson
  • Edward Archer
  • Benjamin Osborne
  • George Robertson
  • William Downman

Slaves Named in Elizabeth's 1785 Will

  • Jane, to daughter Agnes Downman
  • Ritter, to daughter Martha Field Walthall
  • Priss, to daughter Mary Archer
  • Pheby, to daughter Elizabeth Moseley
  • Letty, to grandson James Robertson
  • Seludy, to granddaughter Elizabeth Osborne Downman
  • Silva, to granddaughter Elizabeth Osborne Moseley (underage and unmarried); if she dies underage and unmarried, then to my granddaughter Martha Moseley

1795 Indenture by Mary Archer

This is apparently the distribution of Field Archer's estate by his daughter Mary after her brother Edward's death.[4]

Slaves Named in 1795 Record

Charles, Pompey, Boson, Daphny, Edy, Ellick, and Priss[4]

Research Notes

DAR information for Field Archer has his birth in Henrico County before 14 March 1717 (date of John Archer's will), his wife "Elizabeth xx", and includes children Martha Field Archer (married William Walthall) and Michal Archer (married George Robertson). DAR reports that Field died in Chesterfield County before 5 March 1785.[12] Note - DAR only includes children with descendants who joined the DAR.

DAR has another Field Archer - Peter Field Archer, DAR Patriot Ancestor #A003001, who married Francis Tanner and had at least one son (Theodoric m Jane xx).[13] He matches Archer-1726. He is also probably the Field Archer who received his commission as a Lieutenant, 2nd Virginia Regiment, on 18 February 1781.[14]

Location Notes

Dale Parish was created in 1735 and included that part of Bristol Parish that had served Henrico County. It continued to serve Henrico County until 1749, when Chesterfield County was formed from Henrico County. Dale Parish served Chesterfield County until after 1785.[15][16]

Son John

He does not appear to have a profile as of 7 September 2021, but I have not found enough information to create a profile for him yet. Following are notes/leads.
  • son John was alive and with five children at the time of his father's will in 1784
  • oddness: no Archer grandchildren are named in Elizabeth's 1785 will, and neither John nor Edward are named in the will, although Edward is named as an executor
  • [don't know if this is him or not] 29 January 1788 - Thomas CLARKE and Jane h/w buys from John ARCHER and Sarah h/w certain tract of land on ss of 2nd Branch bounded by John VADEN, DUNNAVANTS old line "during and for their natural lives or if the said Thomas dies before the said Jane, then to go to her the said Jane during and for the time she lives and remains a widow" for 50 pounds.(Chesterfield Co. DB 11, p. 378)[17]
  • living in 1795 when his sister Mary - "of the whole blood" - distributed their father's estate (maybe re-look that transcription to ensure John was included in that statement?... Edward had died before 1795)
Not Him: A note on another profile for Field says that a pension record gives the death date of 18 October 1793 for John Archer, giving the pension number as S12936. However, that pension # is for Edmund Archer and does not mention John. There's a DAR record that says John died 18 October 1793, but that's a different John, not of this family (born 1752 in Appomattox County and married to Elizabeth Calvert); he was a naval lieutenant.[18] The pension application associated with him - #W5348 - was filed in 1832 by Mrs. Elizabeth Martin (his re-married widow), based on the sea service record of John Archer - #W5348.[19]
From the file for pension application #W5348, John left a will dated 15 Oct 1793 and probated 28 July 1794. His will names no children (or grandchildren) and the file "contains a letter dated 30 June 1851 stating that John Archer had no children when he died".[19]

Conflicting Information

The Critic has two sons of Field married to Bollings,[20] but the evidence of his Field's will, and his wife's, does not support that. WikiTree has the Archer brothers who married Bollings as the sons of Field's son Edward.[21]

The information from The Critic appears to fit the profiles for Field's grandsons (Edward and "Peter" Field Archer,[22] sons of Edward who married Mary Walthall):
  • Colonel Edward, of Powhatan, married Mary, daughter of John Bolling, of "Chestnut Grove," and his wife, Martha, sister of President Jefferson
  • Peter Field married Martha, daughter of John Boiling, of "Chestnut. Hill"
WikiTree also has grandson Edward's second wife as Ann Walthall.
Unsourced information from one of the profiles for Field Archer:[23]
  1. Edward Archer January 01, 1739/40 - January 03, 1790 married Mary Walthall
  2. Martha Field Archer married William Walthall and second Francis Osborne
  3. Mary Field Archer married Francis Jones


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See also:
  • Will of Elizabeth Archer. Chesterfield Co., VA, WB 4, pp. 1-2, w. 3 Jul 1785, no notation of when the will was proved. Digital image at Ancestry.com - https://ancstry.me/2RfLrsf
  • Randolph, Wassel, Henry Randolph I (1623-1673) of Henrico Co., Virginia and His Descendants, Distributed by Cossitt Library, Memphis, 1952, https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=wu.89066245275&view=1up&seq=72
  • Virginia Critic 2 (34) 5 May 1889 (basis for this WikiTree space page)
  • GenForum page:
    • 9 August 1787 - Capt. James CLARKE buys from Blackman MOSLEY and Elizabeth h/w, George ROBERTSON, Thomas WORSHAM, and Jesse COGBILL 273a for 409.10.0.Blackman was the s/o Matthew MOSELY.Land bounded by Francis EPPS, ARCHER, and Wm. ELAM. (Chesterfield Co. DB 11, p. 677)
  • Ensign John Archer in 1775 militia for Chesterfield County, Virginia; Archibald Walthall was a Lieutenant. Lots of familiar names. ~ William Armstrong Crozier's Virginia county records, page 240
    • Probably John Archer; DAR record says born 1746, Henrico County/died Dinwiddie County in 1825; service in Chesterfield County; married Millison Barrow.

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