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Fellows of the American Society of Genealogists

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Note: The first 50 members are the Charter Members (CM) of the American Society of Genealogists (ASG). As vacancies occur, new members are elected to maintain 50 members.[1]

Number Fellow ElectedStatusASG FoundingNGS Hall of FameProfile Status
1Adams, Dr. Arthur1940Deceased, 1960Founding Member (CM)NoLinked
2Colket Jr., Meredith B.1940Deceased, 1985 Founding Member (CM)1992Connect
3Coddington, John Insley1940Deceased, 1991Founding Member (CM)1997Linked
4Jacobus, Donald Lines1941Deceased, 1970 Charter Member (CM) 1986Linked
5de Forest, Col. Louis Effingham1941Deceased, 1952Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
6Bowditch, Dr. Harold1941Deceased, 1964Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
7Rubincam, Milton1941Deceased, 1997Charter Member (CM)2003Linked
8Bailey, Rosalie Fellows1941Deceased, 1991Charter Member (CM)2010Linked
9Moriarty Jr., George Andrews1941Deceased, 1968Charter Member (CM)1990Linked
10Davis, Walter Goodwin1941Deceased, 1966Charter Member (CM)1987Linked
11Holman, Mary Campbell (Lovering) 1941Deceased, 1947Charter Member (CM)2005Linked
12Swem, Dr. Earl Gregg 1942Deceased, 1965Charter Member (CM)2013Connect
13Rankin, Russell Bruce 1942Deceased, 1949Charter Member (CM)NoLinked
14von Redlich, Dr. Marcellus Donald Alexander Ritter 1942Deceased, 1946Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
15Newman, Harry Wright1942Resigned, 1950 Charter Member (CM)NoLinked
16Bowen, Richard LeBaron 1942Deceased, 1969Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
17Cox Jr., John1942Deceased, 1950Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
18Hastings, Katherine (Bagg) 1942Deceased, 1955Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
19Dodge, Winifred Lovering (Holman) 1942Deceased, 1989Charter Member (CM)NoLinked
20Hume, Maj. Gen. Edgar Erskine 1942Deceased, 1952Charter Member (CM)NoProfile Private: Linked
21Mann, Conklin1942Deceased, 1966Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
22Torrey, Clarence Almon 1942Deceased, 1962Charter Member (CM)2022Linked
23Roney, Lila Russell (James) 1942Deceased, 1944Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
24Torrence, Rev. Clayton 1942Deceased, 1953Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
25Doane, Dr. Gilbert H. 1942Deceased, 1980Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
26Hiden, Martha (Woodroof) (Mundy) 1942Deceased, 1959Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
27Hoffman, Prof. William J. 1942Deceased, 1955Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
28Wood, William Herbert 1942Deceased, 1953Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
29Brainard, Homer Worthington 1942Deceased, 1947Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
30Noyes, Sybil 1942Deceased, 1967Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
31Seversmith, Dr. Herbert F. 1942Deceased, 1967Charter Member (CM)2004Connect
32Bulkley, Carolyn (Caroline) Rogers Kemper 1942Deceased, 1944Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
33Brumbaugh, Dr. Gaius M. 1942Deceased, 1952Charter Member (CM)NoLinked
34Deats, Hiram E.1943Deceased, 1963Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
35Worthen, Samuel Copp 1943Deceased, 1948Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
36Gardner, Charles Carroll 1943Deceased, 1960Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
37Sellers, Dr. Edwin Jacquett 1943Deceased, 1946Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
38Stephenson, Dr. Jean 1943Deceased, 1979Charter Member (CM)1998Connect
39Boddie, Capt. John Bennett 1943Deceased, 1965Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
40Greenlaw, William Prescott 1944Deceased, 1945Charter Member (CM)NoLinked
41Sydnor, Floyd Wills 1944Deceased, 1984Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
42West, Edward H. 1944Deceased, 1963Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
43Campion Jr., H. Clifford 1944Deceased, 1945Charter Member (CM)NoLinked
44Gerberich, Dr. Albert Horwell 1944Deceased, 1965Charter Member (CM)NoLinked
45Sheppard Jr., Walter Lee 1944Deceased, 2000Charter Member (CM)2007Linked
46Ewen, Cecil L'Estrange 1944Deceased, 1949Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
47Butler, Alfred Trego 1944Deceased, 1946Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
48Grant, Sir Francis James1944Deceased, 1953Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
49Metheny, W. Blake 1944Deceased, 1991Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
50Wagner, Sir Anthony Richard 1944Deceased, 1995Charter Member (CM)NoConnect
51Herndon, Dr. John Goodwin 1945Deceased, 1957NoLinked
52Pitman, Harold Minot 1945Deceased, 1970NoConnect
53King, George Harrison Sanford 1947Deceased, 19852019Linked
54Hartridge, Walter Charlton 1947Deceased, 1974NoConnect
55Malchelosse, Gerald 1947Deceased, 1969 No Connect
56Fitz Randolph, Howard Stelle1948Deceased, 1956NoConnect
57Wardwell, Arthur Soper1949Deceased, 1970NoConnect
58Cook, Lewis D. 1949Deceased, 1981NoConnect
59Massey III, George Valentine 1950Deceased, 1984NoConnect
60Roberts, George Mckenzie 1950Deceased, 1980NoLinked
61Weis, Dr. Frederick Lewis 1951Deceased, 1966NoConnect
62Stevenson, Noel C.1952Deceased, 1991NoConnect
63McCracken, Dr. George E. 1952Deceased, 1986NoConnect
64Falley, Margaret (Dickson) 1952Deceased, 1983NoConnect
65Clay, Sir Charles Travis 1953Deceased, 1978NoConnect
66von Frank, Karl Friedrich 1953Deceased, 1975NoConnect
67White, Geoffrey H. 1953Deceased, 1969NoConnect
68Barclay, Florence (Harlow)1955Deceased, 19802014Connect
69Montgomery, Dr. Robert H.1955Deceased, 1974NoConnect
70Parsons, Gerald James1955Deceased, 2003 NoProfile Private: unk
71Owen, Dr. Ralph Dornfeld1956Deceased, 1973NoConnect
72Delafield, Brig. Gen. John Ross1956Deceased, 1964NoConnect
73Dorman, John Frederick1958Deceased, 2021Longest Serving Fellow, 63 yearsNo Connect
74Jester, Annie (Lash)1958Deceased, 1978NoConnect
75Stryker-Rodda, Kenn1960Deceased, 19902006Connect
76Roach, Hannah (Benner)1961Deceased, 19762002Connect
77Bennett, Archibald Fowler 1961Deceased, 19651994
78Allen, Cameron Harrison 1962Deceased, 2017No
79Barlow, Lundie Weathers 1963Deceased, 1965No
80Prindle, Paul Wesley 1964Deceased, 1991No
81Farnham, Charles W. 1964Deceased, 1979No
82Barclay, Rachel E. 1965Deceased, 1999No
83Bell, Dr. Raymond Martin 1965Deceased, 1999No
84Mclean, Maclean W. 1965Deceased, 1990No
85Stern, Dr. Malcolm H. 1965Deceased, 19942000
86Zabriskie, George Olin 1965Deceased, 1988NoLinked
87Johnson, Dr. Amandus 1965Deceased, 1974No
88Dallett, Francis James 1966Deceased, 2007No
89Harter, Mary E. McCollam 1966Deceased, 1992No
90Barlow, Prof. Claude Willis 1967Deceased, 1976No
91Livingston, Virginia Pope 1967Deceased, 1995No
92Huxford, Hon. Folks 1967Deceased, 1981No
93Olsson, Dr. Nils William 1968Deceased, 2007No
94Moncreiffe of That Ilk, Sir Iain 1969Deceased, 1985NoLinked
95Austin Jr., Hon. John D. 1970Deceased, 2019No
96De Ville, Winston*1970ActiveLongest serving active memberNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
97Kelley, Dr. David Humiston 1970Deceased, 2011No
98Kellogg, Lucy Mary 1971Deceased, 19731991
99Scott, Dr. Kenneth 1973Deceased, 1993No
100Thompson, Dr. Neil D. (Emeritus)* 1974ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
101Sherman, Ruth Ann Wilder 1975Deceased, 1992No
102Sherman, Robert Moody 1975Deceased, 1984No
103Coldham, Peter Wilson 1975Deceased, 2012No
104Lackey, Richard Stephen 1976Deceased, 19832001
105White, Elizabeth (Pearson) 1976Deceased, 2011NoLinked
106Threlfall, John Brooks 1976Resigned, 1985NoLinked
107Beard, Timothy Field 1977Deceased, 2015No
108Adams, Enid Eleanor (Smith) 1977Deceased, 1997NoLinked
109Wakefield, Robert Sidney 1977Deceased, 2002No
110Anderson, Robert Charles *1977ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
111Heiss,Willard Calvin 1978Deceased, 19882009
112Hoff, Henry Bainbridge 1978ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
113Russell, George Ely 1980Deceased, 20132020
114Mills, Elizabeth Shown 1981ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
115Greene, Dr. David L.1981Deceased, 2020No
116Dearborn, David Curtis 1982ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
117Joslyn, Roger D. 1982ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
118Fiske, Jane Fletcher 1982ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
119McTeer, Frances (Davis)1984Deceased, 1985NoLinked
120Rumsey, Jean 1984Deceased, 2009No
121Kaufholz, C. Frederick 1985Deceased, 2002No
122Russell, Donna Valley 1985Deceased, 2015No
123Stratton, Eugene Aubrey 1985Deceased, 2009No
124Jones Jr., Henry Z 1986ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
125Sperry, Kip 1986ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
126Rasmussen, James Anthony 1987ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
127Rose, Christine 1988ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
128Hansen, Col. Charles M. 1988ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
129Hyde, Myrtle Stevens 1989ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
130Burgert, Annette Kunselman 1990Deceased, 2021No
131Hendrix,Ge Lee Corley 1990Deceased, 2004No
132Craig, Dr. Peter Stebbins 1991Deceased, 20092017
133Macy Jr., Harry 1992ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
134Martin, David Kendall 1992ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
135Rising, Marsha Hoffman 1992Deceased, 20102016
136Leary, Helen F. M. 1993ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
137Sanborn Jr., George Freeman 1993ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
138Byrne, Melinde Lutz 1993ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
139Harris, Dr. Gale Ion 1994ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
140Hansen, James L. 1995ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
141Fay, Mary Smith 1997Deceased, 20002018
142Saxbe Jr., Dr. William Bart 1997ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
143Stott, Clifford L. 1998ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
144Reed, Paul C. 1999ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
145Remington, Gordon L. 1999ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
146Anderson II, Joseph C. 2000ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
147Hatcher, Patricia Law 2000ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
148Hinchliff, Dr. Helen 2001ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
149Baldwin, Dr. Stewart 2002ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
150Ullmann, Helen (Schatvet) 2002Deceased, 2021NoConnect
151Hill, Dr. Ronald Ames 2005ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
152Arthaud, John Bradley, M.D.2006ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
153Mahler, Leslie 2006ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
154Bamberg, Cherry Fletcher 2007ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
155Fiske, William Wyman, M.D.2007ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
156Hart Jr., Frederick C. 2007ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
157Jones, Dr. Thomas W. 2007ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
158Smith, Dr. Alvy Ray 2010ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
159Zubrinsky, Eugene Cole 2010ActiveNoLiving: Linked (WikiTreer)
160Taylor, Dr. Nathaniel Lane 2011ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
161Dobson, John Blythe 2012ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
162Dwyer, Michael Francis 2014ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
163Mathews, Barbara Jean 2014ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
164Rohrbach, Lewis Bunker 2015Deceased, 2016NoConnect
165Murphy, Nathan W. 2016ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
166Williams, Alicia Crane 2016ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
167Lennon, Rachal Mills 2017ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
168Johnson, Caleb H. 2020ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
169Battle, Robert 2021ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
170Garrett-Nelson, LaBrenda 2021ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
171West, Randy A. 2021ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
172Gumina, Priscilla Eaton 2022ActiveNoLiving: Connect Ancestors
  • NGS = National Genealogical Society
  • * = No WikiTree Profile (Living)


NGS Hall of Fame / Non FSAG

Individuals added to NGS Hall of Fame but not elected as a Fellow of ASG.

Non-American Fellows


  1. [https://fasg.org/about/first-fifty-years/ ASG The First Fifty Years

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