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The DNA FETTERLING Project (One Name Study) is designed to get all the descendants of the Fetterling line (and all the spelling variants) [in links below #23] to be confirmed via DNA triangulation. Y-DNA37 test will be posted late December 2018 (to find the oldest known Fetterling male). We already have some Autosomal DNA test takers out there just waiting for triangulation. I have tested with Ancestry, FamilyTree, MyHeritage, 23andMe, and all on GEDMATCH. Please look at all members DNA we are sharing and come join us!

Upgraded to YDNA-111 on 11-2019

Updated again to BIGY-700 on 16 Dec 2019

BigY-700 Result is Haplogroup I-Y70718

I-M170 -> I-M253 -> I-DF29 -> I-Z58 -> I-Z59 -> I-Z2041-> I-Y-61117 As of 3/1/2020 I-Y61117, Countries 1, 1 DNA Matches Me self reported from Germany Closest matches with BIGY 1 Norway, , Me from Germany, 1 USA, 3 Unknown (All self reported)

My Map

The project is to firm up all "unknown" confidence levels of these Fetterling relatives to either

  • 1: Confident or ideally to
  • 2: DNA Confirmed and turn the DNA ticker on.

At the very least we will have others reviewing our work, and seek to firmly show we have all the right people in place (family units) all confirmed via written records and hopefully DNA FETTERLING confirmed. Come Join the team!


Name, link, email, Relation to Kirt

  • Kirt Fetterling [1] [fetterling-18] (George Fetterling) Self
  • Sharon Mullin [2] [mullin-1344] (George Fetterling) 5C
  • Howard Camp [3] [camp-97] (Jacob Fetterling) 6C1R
  • Carolyn Batchellor [4] [Raby-467] (George Fetterling) 4C1R
  • Douglas Grimm [5] [Grimm-886] (Johann George Fitterling.) 7C1R
  • Judy Gatlin Lovett [6] [Gatlin-591] (George Fitterling) 5C1R


  • GEDMatch ID's linked to Fetterling/Fitterling
  • GEDMATCH ID# Name Manager
  • Autosomal
  • A637007 Harold Raby
  • JE7750193 Kirt Fetterling V5
  • H863587 Lori Fetterling Whistler
  • A549041 Willa Raby
  • M671631Rocky Raby
  • A248259 Howard N Camp
  • YDNA Test Takers
  • Kirt Fetterling (BigYDNA-700) test already available.
  • James Fitterling [7] 7C1R (YDNA-37 test results available 12-2019)
  • Homer "Tommy" Fetherling [8] 5C1R (YDNA-37 test results available 12-2019

* Tom upgraded to Y-111 markers and it confirms at 98% within 11-12 generations. That means we all extend from Viet's father or grandfather who resided in Baden Germany!

Also, please go to the profile pages listed for each individual to see their DNA test information and matches!


Add this to your Fetterling Profiles:

{{One Name Study|name=fetterling}}

Which will result in this:

This profile is part of the fetterling Name Study.

Note: Stickers must be placed under the biography heading and are hard coded to right justify. They will wrap around your text like this.

G2G Communications

Would testing cousins help YDNA project? [9]

Technical writing on chromosomes [10]


Looking for people to help with tasks (below).

  • Verification of family unit (Parents, Spouse, Children.
  • Source finders.
  • Profile cleaners (format to WikiTree standards / Standardize via template).
    • Adding Biography and life story interests.
    • Searching for sources and adding personal family photographs.
  • Invitation of DNA test takers to consent to upload raw data to GEDMatch for triangulation (and assist through the process).


  • Gedmatch [11]
  • MitoYDNA [12]
  • Y-DNA Haplogroup Predictor - NEVGEN [13]
  • DNA Painter [14]
  • FamilyTree Signon [15]
  • WikiTree DNA Project [16]


  • Fetterling Index - [17]
  • Fitterling Index - [18]
  • Fetherling Index - [19]
  • Fetherlin Index - [20]
  • Featherlin Index - [21]
  • Oldest Fetterling Descendants list - [22]
  • DNA Descendants of Viet Fetterling - [23]

Veit is the 7th great grandfather of Kirt

  • 1. Kirt is the son of Arthur Fetterling Jr.
  • 2. Arthur is the son of Arthur Eugene Fetterling Sr.
  • 3. Art is the son of Walter Thadeus Fetterling
  • 4. Walter is the son of Marshall M Fetterling
  • 5. Marshall is the son of John M Fetterling
  • 6. John is the son of Michael Fetterling
  • 7. Michael is the son of George Fetherling [unknown confidence]
  • 8. George is the son of Jacob Michael Fitterling [unknown confidence]
  • 9. Michael is the son of Veit Fitterling [unknown confidence]

This makes Veit the seventh great grandfather of Kirt.

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I have confirmed our two -37 test takers samples are currently in the lab under analysis. I also have been discussing with G2G geneologists here, and realize I'm not getting the results of my test that I had hoped. I did the complete upgrade to Big700 since I had two others who committed to our Fitterling DNA Project. While their tests are in the lab, my upgrade is also in process. The G2G group thinks we will need to upgrade one of our -37 test takers to at least a Big500 if the Generational Difference is no more than 5. We should all have our results in Jan. Pending the results, no further action can be taken.
posted by Kirt Fetterling
As I continue to try to do my push towards year end to find answers to this Fitterling line... Here is another update about my YDNA-111 findings. G2G helpers here say my findings are quite rare. We may be our own unique Haplogroup, and that's why I have not found many close matches. I will continue to seek answers on my findings, while I wait for our other two new test takers results.

UPDATE Well, WikiTree G2G helpers lead me to a FamilyTree researcher to look at my Haplogroup. At first the I-M253 Haplogroup "Potential Matching" was sort of a fit but not some things within it kept this iine from fitting well into that general grouping. It seems the SNP wasn't exactly. I spoke to the person about my upgrading from a YDNA-37 to YDNA-111 so as the more markers would lead to a better prediction right? Investment of some $300 between the two tests. I also told him I had taken several autosomal tests with different company's. He asked me what Haplogroup they put me in. I told one was I-M253 and the other I-Z58. He said I'm I-Z58.. Now how can a $45 test be better than their $300 YDNA test that the genes do not mutate for tens of thousands of years..?

Anyway, I'm hoping the results of our two new YDNA test takes gives us insight on what Haplogroup our ancestor belongs too. I-Z58 is a more refined group of I-M253. Still in the Nordic area, so Viking, Finnish, Norwegian in play.. Kirt 12/7/2019

posted by Kirt Fetterling
Judith L Gatlin informed me that https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Fetherling-53 Homer "Tommy" Fetherling has ordered a YDNA-37 test kit. Results available maybe Dec 2019. We now have three unique spellings of the Fitterling name all with YDNA tests shortly. Zeroing in on this quite elusive character Veit Fitterling..
posted by Kirt Fetterling
Tom's results are in and he has a generational difference of 4 at -37 which makes him have a 99% chance we have a Most Recent Common Ancestor within 20 generations. His Haplogroup is estimated to be the same as mine I-M253. I'm asking others to consult on these new findings. James Fitterling's test is still in for analysis and results should be ready soon. My BigY-700 is also still in process, but my -111 results are available.
posted by Kirt Fetterling
edited by Kirt Fetterling
I just looked at my results on the YDNA-111 marker test annnnnddddÂ…

No change from who I was matching on the DNA-37 marker test. I am going to need one of my 6th cousins to test to go further, or I'm going to need one of my matches respond to my text messages I have sent. I'm doing everything I can to reach out and find matches. I just need some help, as it won't work if it's just me.. Still I will march forward and seek help of some of our WikiTree geneologists! Fingers crossed, I hope my second close match will respond to another requested information text made by me today.

posted by Kirt Fetterling
Time is running out to pickup DNA kits and upgrades at 40% off. Here is a quick link to some of the offerings! Don't miss out..


posted by Kirt Fetterling
Update: James Fitterling has ordered a YDNA-37 kit and results should be available late Dec-2019 [Fitterling-180]

Also Judy Gatlin Lovett has agreed to help me continue on the Veit Fitterling DNA Project. Judy is the researcher and writer of "The Fetherling Boys" available on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Fetherling-Boys-Julia-Gatlin-Lovett-ebook/dp/B0793SQ8T8/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=the+fetherling+boys&qid=1574263515&sr=8-1 She researched Valentine Fitterling ( Veit's father) and descendants down on her line of the family. It is a great source and the foundation of much of the records used to find the FamilySearch sources attached to WikiTree profiles.

posted by Kirt Fetterling
So if you are a male descendant of Veit, and carry his surname or a variant of, please give consideration to taking a YDNA test. FamilyTree is on sale now until Nov-28 at up to 40% off! Link: https://www.familytreedna.com/products/y-dna?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=ax-brand&utm_term=%2Bfamily%20%2Btree%20%2Bdna%20%2Btest&mkwid=&msclkid=1df1751bb5a61c6ebf6328da101e4ae6

If it does not hyperlink, please past it into your browser. I am searching for candidates, and am struggeling to get responses, but I'm not giving up. I joined Facebook since emails and web searches were not yielding results. If you know a Fitterling or some spelling of, please have them friend me on Facebook Kirt Fetterling. Thanks all

posted by Kirt Fetterling
I do have matches on my YDNA-37 results, but what I thought was going to be varients of a Fitterling surname is not to be at the -37 marker level. I recently upgraded to the -111 level, and am awaiting more results. I have also joined the WikiTree DNA project, and look forward to maybe breaking through a brick wall with the help of some of our experts.

If your are a MALE descendant of Veit and carry the Fitterling surname (or a variant of) please consider taking a YDNA test to help prove these various surnames are all branched from 1700 timeframe. Going back further to German or France, I'm afraid our name was different and I am attempting to find what it was originally. More to follow..

posted by Kirt Fetterling

Time is nearing the end of the Veit Fitterling DNA Project, and I may need to extend it. Things have progressed at a snails pace. The FamilySearch tool within WikiTree stopped working for a time, and it started working again, it is very slow to finish populating matches. I'm using FamilySearch to populate all the sources for each profile of which we now have thousands! Yes I have been busy. Check out the DNA descendants of Veit Fitterling on this page. The scope of the project is to find all Veit Fittelrling decendants and try to populate the confirmed flag to confirmed or confirmed via DNA. I have progressed slightly towards finding more of Veit's male bloodline with the Fitterling last name and populate into WikiTree. More on that below..

posted by Kirt Fetterling
My results are in.

Y-DNA Haplogroup = I-M253 Terminal SNP = M253 Oldest Relative = Joseph Theil, d. 1889

Haplogroup I dates to 23,000 years ago, or older. The I-M253 lineage likely has its roots in northern France. Today it is found most frequently within Viking/Scandinavian populations in northwest Europe and has since spread down into Central and Eastern Europe, where it is found at low frequencies. Haplogroup I represents one of the first peoples in Europe.

posted by Kirt Fetterling