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Fictional Newspaper, London Gazette 1788

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Date: [unknown] [unknown]
Location: Australiamap
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First Fleet Convict List published in the Daily Mirror, 1969 - purporting to be from a fictional article in the London Gazette.

The names in this list cannot be relied upon. For the sourced list of known First Fleet convicts please go to our First Fleet Page.

Transcribed by Barbara Turner, 1992[1]

Capt. Arthur Phillip, R.N. was commissioned as the first Governor of New South Wales. He set sail on May 13th, 1787 from Portsmouth with 11 vessels. He arrived in N.S.W. with 717 convicts of whom 180 were women, guarded by 191 marines under 19 officers.

Note: The incorrect spellings of some place names is how they appeared in the newspaper. Some of those listed did not arrive in Australia as they either did not embark or died en route

From the "LONDON GAZETTE", October 1788

CONVICTS TRANSPORTED TO THE NEW COLONY Your Correspondent looks to our Readers and has ascertained as far as possible the names of those who have been convicted of crimes in the Country of England since 1783 and have been sentenced by His Majesty's Judges to be sent to that part of New Holland known as New South Wales Your Correspondent looks to our Readers for their indulgence to involuntary errors and omissions, and trust general attention will secure us from trespassing on their kindness too often.

Sortable table
NAME Where sentenced Term
ABEL, Robert [2] London 7
ABRAHAMS, Esther [3] London 7
ABELL, Mary, alias Tilley Worcester 7
ACRES, Thomas Exeter 7
ADAMS, John London 7
ADAMS, Mary London 7
AGLEY, Richard Winchester 7
ALLEN, John Hertford 7
ALLEN, William Ormskirk 7
ALLEN, Charles London 7
ALLEN, Susannah London 7
ALLEN, Mary London
ALLEN, Jamasun, alias Boddington London 7
ALLEN, Mary, alias Conner London 7
ANDERSON, John Exeter 7
ANDERSON, Elizabeth London 7
ANDERSON, John London 7
ANDERSON, Fanny Winchester 7
ARCHER, John London 7
ARSCOTT, John Bodmin 7
ATKINSON, George London 7
AULT, Sarah London 7
AYNERS, John, alias Agnew London 7
AYRES, John London 7
BAILS, Robert Reading Life
BANNISTER, George, [4] London 7
BARTLETT, James Winchester 7
BARSBY, George Winchester Life
BARNETT, Henry, alias Barnard, alias Burton Warwick 7
BARNES, Stephen York 7
BARFERD, John London 7
BARLAND, George London 7
BALDING, James, alias William London 7
BASON, Elizabeth, wife of William Bason New Sarum 7
BAYLEY, James New Sarum 7
BAZLEY, John Exeter 7
BAKER, Thomas Exeter 7
BARRETT, Thomas Exeter Life
BATLEY, Caten Exeter 7
BARSBY, Samuel Exeter 7
BALL, John Exeter 7
BARRY, John Bristol 7
BARRET, Daniel
BARRER, Elizabeth
BALDWIN, Ruth, alias Bowyer London 7
BAKER, Martha London 7
BELL, William London 7
BENEAR, Samuel London 7
BELLET, Jacob London 7
BEARDSLEY, Ann Derby 5
BEST, John
BECKFORD, Elizabeth London 7
BELLAMY, Thomas Worcester 7
BRID, James Croydon 7
BIRD, Samuel Croydon 7
BISHOP, Joseph
BINGHAM, John, alias Boughan
BINGHAM, Elizabeth, alias Mooring London- 7
BIRD, Elizabeth, alias Winifred Maidstone 7
BLACKHALL, William Abingdon 7
BLUNT, William London 7
BLAKE, Francis London 7
BLATHERHORN, William Exeter Life
BLOEDWORTH, James Kingston 7
BLANCHETT, Susannah Kingston 7
BOND, Peter London 7
BOYLE, John London 7
BOGGIS, William
BOND, William Exeter 7
BOND, Mary, wife of John Bond Wells 7
BOULTON, Rebecca Lincoln 7
BONNER, Jane London 7
BOLTON, Mary Shrewsbury 7
BROWN, James Hertford 7
BROWN, William Southwark 7
BRINDLEY, John Warwick 7
BROWN, Richard Reading 7
BROUGH, William, Stafford 7
BRADLEY, James London 7
BROWN, Thomas London 7
BRADBURY, William London 7
BRYANT, Thomas Maidstone 7
BRYANT, William Launceston 7
BROWN, Thomas Exeter 7
BRADFORD, John Exeter 7
BRANNEGAN, James Exeter 7
BRUCE, Robert Exeter 7
BROWN, William Exeter 7
BRYANT, John Exeter 7
BREWER, William Exeter 7
BRICE, William Bristol 7
BRAND, Curtis
BRYANT, Michael
BRAND, Lucy, alias Wood London 7
BRANHAM, Mary London 7
BRUCE, Elizabeth London 7
BURLEIGH, James London 7
BURN, Peter London 7
BURNE, James London 7
BUTLER, William London 7
BUCKLEY, Joseph Dorchester 7
BURRIDGE, Samuel Dorchester 7
BURN, Patrick
BURN, Simon
BUNN, Margaret London 7
BURKITT, Mary London 7
BURDO, Sarah London 7
CARVER, Joseph Maidstone 7
CASTLE, James London 7
CAMPBELL, James, alias George London 7
CAMPBELL, James Guildford 7
CARNEY, John Exeter 7
CARTY, Francis Bodmin 7
CAREY, Ann Taunton 7
CARTER, Richard, alias Michael Cartwright Shrewsbury 7
CABLE, Henry [5]
CARROLL, Mary, wife of James Carroll London 7
CESAR, John Maidstone 7
CHIELDS, William
CHADDICK, Thomas London 7
CHURCH, William Dorchester 7
CHAAF, William Exeter 7
CHINERY, Samuel Exeter 7
CHANIN, Edward Exeter 7
CLOUGH, Richard Durham 7
CLEMENTS, Thomas London 7
CLARK, John, alias Hosier London 7
CLARK, William London 7
CLARKE, John Exeter 7
CLEAVER, Mary Bristol 7
CLEAR, George
CLARK, Elizabeth
CONNELLY, William Bristol 7
CORMICK, Edward Hertford 7
CORDEN, James Warwick 7
COLLING, Joseph London 7
COLE, William London 7
COX, John Matthew London 7
COLLIER, Richard Kingston 7
CONNOLLY, William Bodmin 7
CONELLY, Cornelius Exeter 7
COLMAN, Ishmael Dorchester 7
COFFIN, John Exeter 7
COLE, Elizabeth Exeter 7
CON, James Exeter Life
COPP, James Exeter 7
COOMBES, Ann, wife of Samuel Coombes Taunton 7
COLE, Elizabeth London 7
COLLEY, Elizabeth London 14
COOKE, Charlotte London 7
COOPER, Mary Worcester 7
COLPITTS, Ann Durham 7
CROSS, John New Sarum 7
CROPPER, John London 7
CROSS, William Coventry 7
CREAMER, John Exeter 7
CREEK, Jane London 7
CUNNINGHAM, Edward London 7
CULLEN, James Bryen London 7
CULLYHORN, John Exeter 7
CUDLIP, Jacob, alias Norris Bodmin 7
CUSS, John, alias Hunsboy New Sarum 7
CUCKOW, William Maidstone 7
DAVIS, Aaron Bristol 7
DAY, Richard Reading 7
DAVIES, Edward Stafford 7
DAY, Samuel Glocester 14
DAVIS, Samuel Glocester 7
DAVIS, William
DAVIS, James London 7
DANIELLS, Daniel London 7
DALEY, James London 7
DAVIDSON, John London 7
DAVIS, William Brecon Life
DAVIS, Richard
DALEY, Ann, wife of Gore Daley, alias Ann Warburton Nether Knutsford 7
DARNELL, Margaret London 7
DAVIS, Ann London 7
DALTON, Elizabeth London 7
DAVIDSON, Rebecca, wife of Robert Davidson London 7
DAWSON, Margaret London 7
DAVIS, Frances Chelmsford 14
DAVIES, Sarah Worcester 7
DAVIES, Mary Shrewsbury 7
DENNISON, Michael Poole 7
DENISON, Barnaby Bristol 7
DELANY, Patrick
DICKSON, Thomas, alias Ralph Raw Durham 7
DISCALL, Timothy Bodmin 7
DIXON, Mary London 7
DICKENSON, Mary Southwark 7
DOUGLAS, William Lincoln 7
DOWLAND, Ferdinand London 7
DODDING, James, alias Doring
DRING, William, [6] Kingston upon Hull 7
DUNNAGE, Joseph London Life
DUDGENS, Elizabeth
DUNDASS, Jane London 7
DUTTON, Ann London 7
DEYER, Leonard Southwark 7
DYKES, Mary London 7
EARLE, William New Sarum 7
EAGLETON, William, alias Bones Kingston 7
EATON, Mary, alias Shephard
EARLY, Rachel Reading 7
EATON, Martha unknown 7
ECCLES, Thomas Guildford Life
EDMUNDS, William Monmouth 7
EDWARDS, William
EGGLESTON, George Maidstone 7
ELLAM, Peter Ormskirk 7
ELLIOT, William Croydon 7
ELLIOT, Joseph Croydon 7
ELAM, Deborah Chester 7
ENGLISH, Nicholas London 7
EVANS, Williams Shrewsbury 7
EVANS, Elizabeth London 7
EVERETT, John Hertford 7
EVERINGHAM, Matthew, [7] London 7
FARRELL, Phillip London 7
FARLEY, William Bristol 7
FARMER, Ann London 7
FENTUM, Benjamin London 7
FERGUSON, John Exeter 7
FIELD, William
FILLESEY, Thomas Bristol 7
FINLOW, John, alias Hervey
FIELD, Jane London 7
FITZGERALD, Jane, alias Phillips London 7
FITZGERALD, Elizabeth London 7
FLARTY, Phebe London 7
FLYN, Edward
FORBES, Ann,[8],[9] Kingston 7
FORRESTER, Robert, [10],[11] London 7
FOYLE, William New Sarum 7
FOWKES, Francis London 7
FOWLES, Ann London 7
FOWNES, Margaret Shrewsbury 7
FRANCIS, William London 7
FRANCISCO, George London 7
FRASER, William Manchester 7
FRASER, Ellen Manchester 7
FREEMAN, James Hertford 7
FREEMAN, Robert London 7
FRY, George
FRYER, Catherine, alias Prior
FULLER, John Manchester 7
GARDNER, Francis London 7
GARTH, Edward London 7
GARLAND, Francis Exeter 7
GARTH, Susannah, alias Grath
GABEL, Mary Southwark 7
GASCOYGNE, Olive Worcester 7
GEARING, Thomas Oxford Life
GESS, George Gloucester 7
GEORGE, Anne London 7
GLENTON, Thomas Northallerton 7
GLOSTER, William London 7
GORDON, Daniel Winchester 7
GOODWIN, Edward London 7
GOODWIN,Andrew London 7
GOULD, John Exeter 7
GRAY, Charles Southwark 7
GRIFFITHS, Samuel, alias Briscow, alias Butcher Gloucester 7
GREENWELL, Nicholas London 7
GREEN, John Reading 7
GRIFFITHS, Thomas London 7
GRANGER, Charles Plymouth 7
GRACE, James
GREEN, Hannah
GROVES, Mary Lincoln 7
GREEN, Mary London 7
GREEN, Ann London 7
GREENWOOD, Mary (?) London 7
GUNTER, William Bristol 7
HANDFORD, John Winchester 7
HATCHER, John Winchester 7
HATFIELD, William Maidstone 7
HAWKES, Richard Reading 7
HARRIS, William Maidstone 7
HATCH, John Reading 7
HARTLEY, John Oxford 7
HART, John Stafford 7
HAINES, Joseph Gloucester 7
HATHAWAY, Henry Gloucester 7
HAYES, Dennis London 7
HALL, Samuel London 7
HARBINE, Joseph London 7
HARPER, Joshua London 7
HAYTON, George, alias Clayton London 7
HARRISON, Joseph London 7
HART, John London 7
HARRIS, John London Life
HAYES, John Guildford 7
HATTOM, Joseph
HAMLIN, William Exeter 7
HALL, Joseph Exeter Life
HALL, John Exeter 7
HADON, John Exeter 7
HA?ES, William
HANDY, Cooper
HAYNES, William
HERVEY, Elizabeth
HALL, Margaret
HART, Frances
HARRISON, Mary Lincoln 7
HEADING, James Chelmsford Life
HEADINGTON, Thomas Abingdon 7
HERBERT, John London 7
HART, Catherine London 7
HERBERT , John Exeter 7
HANDLAND, Dorothy, alias Gray London 7
HALL, Sarah London 7
HAMILTON, Maria London 7
HARRISON, Mary London 7
HARWOOD, Ester, alias Howard London 7
HAYWARD, Elizabeth London 7
HALL, Elizabeth Newcastle 7
HERBERT, Jane, alias Rose, alias Jenny Russell London 7
HENRY, Catherine London 7
HILL, John Maidstone Life
HINDLE, Ottiwell Preston 7
HILL, John London 7
HILL, Thomas London 7
HILT, William Exeter Life
HILL, Thomas 7
HIPSLEY, Eliabeth London 7
HILL, Mary London 7
HOLLISTER, Job Bristol 7
HAWELL, Thomas Stafford 7
HOLMES, William London 7
HOLLOWAY, James London 7
HOGG, William London 14
HOWARD, John London 7
HORTOP, James Exeter 7
HOLLAND, William Exeter 7
HOLMES, Susannah
HOLLOGIN, Elizabeth London 7
HUGHES, Hugh Southwark 7
HUMPHREY, Edward London 7
HUSBAND, William London 7
HUGHES, John Maidstone 7
HUBBARD, William
HUMPHREYS, Henry Exeter 7
HUGHES, Thomas
HUGHES, Frances Ann Lancaster 7
HUFFNELL, Susannah Worcester 7
HYLIDS, Thomas Guildford 7
INETT, Ann Worcester 7
INGRAM, Benjamin London 7
IRVINE, John, alias Aderson, alias Law Lincoln 7
JACKSON, William Durham 7
JACOBS, David London 7
JACOBS, John London 7
JACKSON, Hannah Bristol 7
JAGET, Joseph Exeter 7
JACKSON, Jane, alias Esther Roberts London 7
JACKSON, Mary London 7
JEFFRIES, Robert Devizes 7
JEFFERIES, John Maidstone 7
JENKINS, Robert, alias Brown Maidstone 7
JEPP, John London 7
JENKINS, William Exeter 7
JONES, Francis Winchester 7
JONES, Thomas Warwick 7
JOHNSON, Charles Manchester 7
JONES, Edward London 7
JOSEPHS, Thomas London 7
JOHNSON, William Kingston 7
JOHNS, Stephen Launceston 7
JONES, Margaret Launceston 14
JOHNSON, Edward Dorcester 7
JONES, John Exeter 14
JONES, William Shewsbury 7
JONES, Richard Shewsbury 7
JONES, Thomas Bristol 14
JOHNSON, Catherine London 7
JOHNSON, Mary London 7
KELLY, Thomas Pontefract 7
KELLAN, John, alias Keeling London Life
KENNEDY, Martha Kingston 7
KIDNEY, Thomas Bristol 7
KILBY, William Reading 7
KING, John London 7
KILPACK, David London Life
KIMBERLEY, Edward Coventry 7
KNOWLER, John Maidstone 7
LANKEY, David London 7
LANE, Richard Winchester 7
LAWRELL, John Bodmin 7
LANE, William Chelmsford 7
LARNE, James Exeter 7
LAMBETH, John Bristol 7
LARA, Flora London
LAYCOCK, Caroline London
LANGLEY, Jane London 7
LAWRENCE, Mary London 7
LEMON, Isaac Chelmsford 7
LEVY, Joseph London 7
LEARY, John Winchester 7
LEGG, George Dorchester 7
LEARY, Jeremiah Bristol 14
LEGROVE, Stephen
LEE, Elizabeth London 7
LEWIS, Sophia London 7
LEONARD, Elizabeth London 7
LEVY, Amelia Southwark 7
LIFT, George London 7
LIMEBURNER, John New Sarum 7
LIMPUS, Thomas Exeter Life
LIGHTFOOT, Samuel Exeter 7
LONGSTREET, Joseph Marlborough 7
LONG, Joseph Gloucester 14
LOCKLEY, John London 7
LONG, Mary London Life
LOVE, Mary Maidstone 7
LOCK, Elizabeth Gloucester 7
LUCAS, Nathaniel London 7
LYNCH, Humphry New Sarum 7
LYNCH, Ann Bristol 14
LYDE, John
MAY, Richard New Sarun 7
MARTIN,Stephen Bristol 7
MANSFIELD, John Chelmsford 7
M'LEAN, Francis Guildford 7
M'LEAN, Thomas Guildford 7
MATON, Thomas Maidstone 7
M'DONNAUGH, James Maidstone 7
MARINER, William Oxford 7
MARROTT, John Gloucester 7
M'LAUGHLIN, Charles Durham 7
MACINTIRE, John Durham 7
MARTIN, John London 7
M'DONALD, Alexander London 7
MARNEY, William London 7
MARSHALL, Joseph London 14
M'LEAN, Edward Maidstone 7
MARTIN, Abraham New Sarum 7
MARTIN, Thomas Exeter 7
MARTYN, James Exeter 7
McCORMICK, Sarah Manchester 7
McCORMACK, Mary Liverpool 7
MASON, Betty Gloucester 14
McGRAH, Redman
McDEED, Richard
McNAMAR, William
MARRIOTT, Jane London 7
MATHER, Ann London 7
MATHER, Mather London 7
MASON, Susannah, alias Gibbs London
McCABE, Eleanor London 7
MARSHALL, Mary London Life
MARSHALL, Mary London 7
MARTIN, Ann Southwark
MEYNELL, John, alias William Radford Nottingham 7
MEECH, Jane, wife of William Meech Exeter 7
MILTON, Charles Maidstone 7
MIDGLEY, Samuel Lancaster 7
MIDDLETON, Richard London 7
MITCHELL, Nathaniel Dorchester 7
MILLS, Matthew
MITCHCRAFT, Mary Kingston 7
MITCHELL, Mary Kingston 7
MORRIS, Peter Bristol 7
MOWBRAY, John Lincoln 7
MORGAN, Richard Gloucester 7
MORRISBY, John London 7
MOORE, William London 7
MORLEY, John London 7
MOORIN, John London 7
MORGAN, Robert London 7
MOBBS, Samuel London 7
MORGAN, William London 7
MOULD, William Guildford 7
MOLLANDS, John Launceston 7
MOYLE, Edward Launceston 7
MOOD, Charles 7
MORTIMORE, John Exeter 7
MORLEY, Joseph
MORTON, Mary London 7
MULLOCK, Jesse New Sarum 7
MUNROE, John, alias Nurse London 7
MULLIS, Stephen Exeter 7
MURPHY, James Exeter, Devon 7
MURPHY, William Liverpool 7
MUNRO,Lydia Kingston 14
MULLENS, Hannah London Life
NEWLAND, John London 7
NETTLETON, Robert Kingston upon Hull 7
NEAL, John London 7
NEAL, James Bristol 7
NEEDHAM, Elizabeth London 7
NICHOLLS, John, [12] London 7
NORTON, Phebe London 7
NUNN, Robert London 7
O'CRAFT, John Exeter 7
OGDEN, James Manchester 7
OKEY, William Gloucester 7
OLDFIELD, Thomas Manchester 7
OLDFIELD, Isabella Manchester 7
OPLEY, Peter Maidstone 7
ORFORD, Thomas London 7
OSBORNE, Thomas London 7
OSBORNE, Elizabeth, alias Jones London 7
OWLES, John Croydon 7
OWEN, John London 7
OWEN, Joseph Shewsbury 14
PAGE, Paul Lincoln 7
PANE, William Nottingham 7
PARRY, Edward Stafford 7
PARR, William Liverpool 7
PALMER, John Henry London Life
PARKER, John London 7
PARISH, William London 7
PARTRIDGE, Richard London Life
PARRIS, Peter Exeter 7
PARKINSON, Jane, alias Partington, alias Ann Marsden Manchester 7
PARKER, Elizabeth Gloucester 7
PARFLEY, Ann London 7
PARKER, Mary London 7
PARTRIDGE, Sarah, alias Roberts London 7
PARRY, Sarah London Life
PERROT, Edward Bearcroft Bristol 7
PETRIE, John London 7
PEYTON, Samuel London 7
PERCIVAL, Richard London 7
PETTITT, John London 7
PEAULET, James London 7
PEET, Charles London Life
PECK, Joshua Exeter 7
PERKINS, Edward Plymouth 7
PETHERICK, John Plymouth 7
PHILLIMORE, William London 7
PHILLIPS, Richard London 7
PHILLIPS, Mary Taunton 7
PHYFIELD, Roger, alias Twyfield Shrewsbury 7
PHYN, Mary London 7
PICKETT, Samuel Exeter 7
PIGOTT, Samuel Exeter 7
PINDER, Mary Lincoln 7
PIPKIN, Elizabeth London 7
PILES, Mary London 7
POPE, David Southwark 7
POWER, John London 7
PONTIE, John London Life
POOLE, Jane Wells 7
POWER, William
POWLEY, Elizabeth
POWELL, Ann London 7
PRICE, John Southwark 7
PRIOR, Thomas Reading 7
PRICE, James Gloucester 7
PUGH, Edward Gloucester 7
RANDALL, John Manchester 7
REYMOND, George London 7
RAMSEY, John aka RAMSAY Kingston 7
REPEAT, Charles Warwick 7
READ, William Croydon 7
REARDON, Bartholomew Winchester 7
READ, Ann London Life
RISDALE, Thomas, alias Crowder Bristol Life
RICHARD, James East Grinstead 7
RICHARDSON, James Maidstone 7
RISBY, Edward Gloucester 7
RICHARDSON, William London 7
RICHARDSON, Hardwicke London 7
RICHARDSON, John London 7
RICHARD, David London 7
RICHARDSON, Samuel London 7
RICKSON, William Chelmsford 7
RICHARDS, John, alias Williams Winchester 7
RICHARD, James Launceston 7
RICE, John Exeter 7
ROPE, Anthony Chelmsford 7
ROGERS, Daniel Croydon 7
ROBINSON, George Lincoln 7
ROGERS, Isaac Gloucester 14
ROBINSON, Thomas Kingston upon Hull 7
ROBERTS, John Liverpool 7
ROBINSON, George London 7
ROMAIN, John London 7
ROWE, John Launceston 7
ROWE, William Launceston 7
ROBERTS, William Bodmin 7
ROBINSON, William Exeter 7
ROACH, Henry Exeter 7
ROBINS, John, alias Major Exeter 7
ROUS, Walton, alias Batley
ROLT, Mary London
ROSSON, Isabella London 7
RUSSEL, John London 7
RUGLASS, John London Life
RUSSLER, John London Life
RUCE, James Bodmin 7
RUTH, Robert Exeter 7
RYAN, John
SALTMARSH, William Kingston 7
SANDERSON, Thomas Lincoln 7
SANDS, William Lincoln 7
SAMPSON, Peter London 7
SANDLIN, Ann, alias Lynes, alias Pattens London 7
SCATTERGOOD, Robert Stafford 7
SCOTT, Elizabeth London 7
SELSHIRE, Samuel London 7
SEYMOUR, John Sherborne 7
SHEARMAN, William Reading 7
SHAW, Joseph Stafford 7
SHEPHERD, Robert Durham 7
SHARPE, George Durham 7
SHORE, William Lancaster 7
SHEERS, James London Life
SILVERTHORN, John New Sarum 7
SLATER, Sarah London 7
SMALL, John Exeter 7
SMART, Richard Gloucester 7
SMART, Daniel Gloucester 7
SMITH, Thomas Lancaster 7
SMITH, William Liverpool 7
SMITH, Edward London 7
SMITH, William London 7
SMITH, Thomas, alias Haynes London 7
SMITH, James London 7
SMITH, John Guildford 7
SMITH, William Bodmin 7
SMITH, Ann, wife of John Smith Winchester 7
SMITH, Hannah Winchester 7
SMITH, William Dorchester 7
SMITH, Edward Exeter 7
SMITH, John Exeter 7
SMITH, Ann London 7
SMITH, Catherine London 7
SMITH, Ann London 7
SMITH, Catherine London 7
SMITH, Mary London 7
SNALEHAM, William London 7
SPENCER, Daniel Dorchester 14
SPENCER, John, alias Pearce
SPENCE, Mary Wigan 5
SPRIGMORE, Charlotte London 7
SPRINGHAM, Mary London 7
SQUIRES, James[13] Kingston 7
STANLEY, William New Sarum 7
STRONG, James Dorchester 7
STOW, James Lincoln 7
STONE, Martin Warwick 7
STOKEE, John Durham 7
STONE, Charles London 7
STONE, Henry London 7
STOGDELL, John London 14
STUART, James London 7
STANTON, Thomas, alias Ebden Launceston 7
STEPHENS, John Morris Dorchester 7
STEWART, Margaret Exeter 7
STRECH, Thomas Shrewsbury 7
SUMMERS, John Gloucester 7
TAYLOR, Joshua Manchester 7
TAYLOR, Sarah Kingston 7
TENANT, Thomas Hilton, alias Phillip Divine Chelmsford 7
TEAGUE, Cornelius Bodmin 7
TENCHALL, James, alias Tenninghill
THACKERY, Elizabeth [14] Manchester 7
THOMPSON, William Durham 7
THOMAS, James London 7
THOMPSON, James London 7
THOMAS, James London 7
THOMAS, John London 7
THOMPSON, William London 7
THOMAS, Elizabeth Wigan 7
THORNTON, Ann London 7
TILLEY, Thomas Stafford 7
TILL, Thomas London 7
TODD, Nicholas London 7
TROTTER, Joseph Maidstone 7
TRACE, John Exeter 7
TRIPPETT, Susannah London 7
TUCKER, Moses Plymouth 7
TUNMINS, Thomas Warwick 7
TURNER, Ralph Manchester 7
TURNER, Thomas
TURNER, Mary Worcester 7
TUSO, Joseph London Life
TWYFIELD, Ann, since said to be married to William Dawley, a convict Shrewsbury 7
TWYNEHAM, William Reading 7
TYRRELL, William Winchester 7
VANDELL, Edward East Grinstead 7
VICKERY, William Exeter 7
VINCENT, Henry London 7
UNDERWOOD, James New Sarum 14
USHER, John Maidstone 7
WADDICOMB, Richard Exeter 7
WADE, Mary, alias Cacklane London 14
WAGER, Benjamin London 7
WAINWRIGHT, Ellen, alias Esther Eccles Preston 7
WALL, William Oxford 7
WARD, Ann London 7
WARD, John Louth 7
WARE, Charlotte
WALSH, William London 7
WALKER, John London 7
WALBOURNE, James London 7
WATERHOUSE, William Kingston 7
WATSAN, John Maidstone 7
WATSON, Thomas Exeter 7
WELCH, James Maidstone 7
WELCH, John Durham 7
WEST, Benjamin London 7
WESTWOOD, John London 7
WELCH, John London Life
WELSH, John London 7
WESTLALE, Edward Exeter 7
WHEELER, Samuel Croydon 7
WHITAKER, George Maidstone 7
WHITE, James Maidstone 7
WHITING, William Gloucester 7
WHITTON, Edward Maidstone Life
WICKHAM, Mary New Sarum 14
WILCOCKS, Samuel Dorcester 7
WILCOCKS, Richard Exeter 7
WILDING, John, alias Warren Bury 7
WILLIAMS, Charles London 7
WILLIAMS, James London 7
WILLIAMS, John, alias Black Jack Maidstone 7
WILLIAMS, Robert Launceston 7
WILLIAMS, John, alias Floyd Bodmin 7
WILLIAMS, Peter, alias Flaggett, alias Creamer Exeter 7
WILLIAMS, John Exeter 7
WILLIAMS, Daniel Preston 7
WILLIAMS, Frances Mold 7
WILLIAMS, Mary London 7
WILTON, William Bristol 7
WILSON, Charles London Life
WILSON, Peter Manchester 7
WISEHAMMER, John Bristol 7
WOOD, George London 7
WOOD, Mark
WOODCOCK, Peter London 7
WOODCOCK, Francis Shrewsbury 7
WOODHAM, Samuel London Life
WOOLCOT, John Exeter Life
WORSDELL, William Launceston 7
WRIGHT, Thomas Reading 7
WRIGHT, Benjamin London 7
WRIGHT, Joseph London 7
WRIGHT, William London 7
WRIGHT, James Maidstone 7
WRIGHT, Ann London 7
YARDSLEY, Thomas Shrewsbury 7
YATES, Nancy York 7
YOUNG, John London 7
YOUNG, Simon, [15] London 7
YOUNGSON, Elizabeth, [16] Lancaster 7
YOUNGSON, George, [17] Lancaster 7


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There are several articles from fictional newspapers that were published in ‘real’ newspapers about the early fleets to Australia. I’ve created a FSP for each of them (still more to come) and linked those pages to the relevant fleet category. I was thinking they should all be nested together.

I was actually surprised we didn't have a category already. There is a Wikipedia category -

I meant to created the category for 'Australia, Fictional Newspapers' so I am happy to keep the pages I am working on there so if you want to delete the higher level I’m fine. Understand most of the comic type papers would not be appropriate on Wikitree.

The articles I have purport to be ‘real;’ so I am trying to ensure researchers know they are not accurate sources.


The Fictional Newspapers category in Wikipedia contains such things as "The Daily Planet," where Clark Kent (Superman) worked. We have no need for a main category such as this, as we use real sources, not fictional ones. I think your case of fiction being reported by legitimate papers is sort of special and unique. It's fine to stay as part of your project.

Thanks! Natalie

posted by Natalie (Durbin) Trott
Hi Veronica,

We don't need a category for fictional newspapers, so if you want to make this part of the project pages or sources or genealogy references for Australia project, that would be more appropriate. Regards, Natalie

posted by Natalie (Durbin) Trott
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