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Finding Your Roots

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Date: 2012
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Finding Your Roots is a US based television program currently hosted by Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr that uses research and genetics to trace family lines in pursuit of genealogical information.

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  • "Name of Episode". "[[Space:Finding_Your_Roots|Finding Your Roots]]" written by [[Gates-1834|Gates, Henry Louis Jr]]. Season ## Episode ## Kunhardt McGee Productions, Inkwell Films Ark Media 2012
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Here is a list of the guests from Season 1 (2012) to Season 10 (2024):

Guest Episode WikiPedia Real Name Connected
Abramović, Marina 49 Wikipedia Marina Abramović No
Acosta, Jim 95 Wikipedia Abilio James Acosta Yes
Adlon, Pamela 80 Wikipedia Pamela Segall No
Affleck, Ben 14 Wikipedia Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt Yes
Alba, Jessica 20 Wikipedia Jessica Marie Alba Yes
Alexander, Khandi 14 Wikipedia Khandi Alexander Yes
Amanpour, Christiane 43 Wikipedia Christiane Maria Heideh Amanpour Yes
Ansari, Aziz 40 Wikipedia Aziz Ansari No
Anthony, Carmelo 37 Wikipedia Carmelo Kyam Anthony No*
Armisen, Fred 32 Wikipedia Fereydun Robert Fred Armisen Yes
Arquette, Patricia 26 Wikipedia Patricia Arquette Yes
Bacon, Kevin 4 Wikipedia Kevin Norwood Bacon Yes
Bassett, Angela 16 Wikipedia Angela Evelyn Bassett Yes
Bastianich, Lidia 29 Wikipedia Lidia Giuliana Matticchio Bastianich No
Batiste, Jon 53 Wikipedia Jonathan Michael Batiste Yes
Black, Clint 72 Wikipedia Clint Patrick Black Yes
Bertinelli, Valerie Vitale 98 Wikipedia Valerie Anne BertinelliYes
Black, Lewis 76 Wikipedia Lewis Niles Black No
Booker, Cory 2 Wikipedia Cory Anthony Booker Yes
Branson, Richard 25 Wikipedia Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson Yes
Brazile, Donna 21 Wikipedia Donna Lease Brazile No*
Brooks, Danielle 103 WikipediaDanielle Brittany Brooks No*
Brown, Sterling K 53 Wikipedia Sterling Kelby Brown Yes
Buchdahl, Angela Warnick 5 Wikipedia Angela Lee (Warnick) Buchdahl Yes
Burnett, Carol 89 Wikipedia Carol Creighton Burnett Yes
Burnett, Erin 86 Wikipedia Erin Isabelle Burnett Yes
Burns, Ken 13 Wikipedia Kenneth Lauren Burns Yes
Burrell, Ty 21 Wikipedia Tyler Gerald Ty Burrell Yes
Burton, LeVar99 WikipediaLevardis Robert Martyn Burton Jr. Yes
Canada, Geoffrey 3 Wikipedia Geoffrey Canada Yes
Carlson, Amy 86 Wikipedia Amy Lynn Carlson Yes
Carlson, Gretchen 74 Wikipedia Gretchen Elizabeth Carlson Yes
Cash, Rosanne 72 Wikipedia Rosanne CashYes
Chang, David 79 Wikipedia David Chang No
Chavez, Linda 10 Wikipedia Linda Lou Chavez Yes
Cho, Margaret 8 Wikipedia Margaret Moran Cho No
Chopra, Deepak 18 Wikipedia Deepak Chopra No
Chung, Jamie 90 Wikipedia Jamie Jilynn Chung No
Ciara 97 Wikipedia Ciara Princess Harris Yes
Cisneros, Sandra 28 Wikipedia Sandra Cisnero Yes
Close, Glenn 67 Wikipedia Glenn Close Yes
Coates, Ta-Nehisi 34 Wikipedia Ta-Nehisi Paul Coates Yes
Cohen, Andy 68 Wikipedia Andrew Joseph Cohen Yes
Colicchio, Tom 15 Wikipedia Thomas Patrick Tom Colicchio No
Collins, Francis 57 Wikipedia Francis Sellers Collins Yes
Combs, Sean 27 Wikipedia Sean John Combs No*
Connick Jr, Harry 1 Wikipedia Joseph Harry Fowler Connick Jr Yes
Cooper, Anderson 13 Wikipedia Anderson Hays Cooper Yes
Cooper, Margarett 9 No*
Cox, Brian 91 Wikipedia Brian Denis Cox Yes
Crews, Terry 82 Wikipedia Terry Alan Crews No*
Crudup, Billy 96 Wikipedia William Gaither Crudup Yes
Curry, Ann 43 Wikipedia Ann Curry Yes
Danes, Claire 88 Wikipedia Claire Catherine Danes Yes
Daniels, Jeff 88 Wikipedia Jeffrey Warren Daniels Yes
Daniels, Lee 77 Wikipedia Lee Louis Daniels Yes
Danson, Ted 33 Wikipedia Edward Bridge Danson III Yes
Danza, Tony 82 Wikipedia Anthony Salvatore Iadanza Yes
David, Larry 31 Wikipedia Lawrence Gene David Yes
Davis, Angela 94 Wikipedia Angela Yvonne Davis Yes
Davis, Viola 91 Wikipedia Viola Davis No*
Dershowitz, Alan 17 Wikipedia Alan Morton Dershowitz Yes
Downey Jr, Robert 6 Wikipedia Robert John Downey Jr Yes
Douglas, Michael 105 Wikipedia Michael Kirk Douglas Yes
Duchovny, David 93 Wikipedia David William Duchovny Yes
Dunham, Lena 105 Wikipedia Lena DunhamYes
DuVernay, Ava 34 Wikipedia Ava Marie DuVernay Yes
Esperza, Raúl 79 Wikipedia Raúl Eduardo Esparza No
Farrow, Mia 30 Wikipedia Mia Villiers Farrow Yes
Fey, Tina 19 Wikipedia Elizabeth Stamatina Tina Fey Yes
Field, Sally 18 Wikipedia Sally Margaret Field Yes
Fraser, Brendan 98 Wikipedia Brendan James Fraser No
Gabbard, Tulsi 46 Wikipedia Tulsi Gabbard Yes
Gaffigan, Jim 69 Wikipedia James Christopher Gaffigan Yes
Gehry, Frank 25 Wikipedia Frank Owen Goldberg Yes
Goldblum, Jeff 55 Wikipedia Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum Yes
Gonzalez, Tony 92 Wikipedia Anthony David Gonzalez Yes
Grenier, Adrian 10 Wikipedia Adrian Grenier Yes
Gross, Terry 55 Wikipedia Terry Gross Yes
Gumbel, Bryant 36 Wikipedia Bryant Charles Gumbel Yes
Gupta, Sanjay 8 Wikipedia Sanjay Gupta No
Gyllenhaal, Maggie 6 Wikipedia Margalit Ruth Maggie Gyllenhaal Yes
Hader, Bill 24 Wikipedia William Thomas Hader Jr Yes
Hagar, Sammy 100 Wikipedia Sam Roy Hagar ?
Hahn, Kathryn 80 Wikipedia Kathryn Marie Hahn Yes
Hall, Rebecca 77 Wikipedia Rebecca Maria Hall Yes
Harris, Neil Patrick 28 Wikipedia Neil Patrick Harris Yes
Hill, Anita 78 Wikipedia Anita Faye Hill Yes
Maria (Hinojosa Ojeda) Hinojosa 73 Wikipedia Maria de Lourdes Hinojosa Ojeda No
Hoffman, Dustin 30 Wikipedia Dustin Lee Hoffman Yes
Hoffmann, Gaby 38 Wikipedia Gabrielle Mary Gaby Hoffmann Yes
Hostin, Sunny (Cummings) 102 Wikipedia Sunny Hostin No*
Huffman, Felicity 42 Wikipedia Felicity Kendall Huffman Yes
Hunter-Gault, Charlayne 39 Wikipedia Charlayne Hunter-Gault Yes
Huston, Anjelica 51 Wikipedia Anjelica Huston Yes
González Iñárritu, Alejandro 49 Wikipedia Alejandro González Iñárritu Yes
Jackson, Samuel L 7 Wikipedia Samuel Leroy Jackson Yes
Jackson, Shirley Ann 57 Wikipedia Shirley Ann Jackson No*
Jarrett, Valerie 16 Wikipedia Valerie June (Bowman) Jarrett Yes
Jealous, Benjamin 14 Wikipedia Benjamin Todd Jealous Yes
Jeter, Derek 12 Wikipedia Derek Sanderson Jeter Yes
Johnson, Jeh 94 Wikipedia Jeh Charles Johnson Yes
Johansson, Scarlett 35 Wikipedia Scarlett Ingrid Johansson Yes
Jones, Van 95 Wikipedia Anthony Kapel Jones No*
Keillor, Garrison 40 Wikipedia Gary Edward Garrison Keillor Yes
Kimmel, Jimmy 24 Wikipedia James Christian Kimmel Yes
Kind, Richard 93 Wikipedia Richard Bruce Kind Yes
King, Billie Jean 12 Wikipedia Billie Jean King Moffitt Yes
King, Carole 17 Wikipedia Carol Joan Klein Yes
King, Gayle 65 Wikipedia Gayle King Yes
King, Regina 85 Wikipedia Regina Rene King No*
King, Stephen 11 Wikipedia Stephen Edwin King Yes
Kushner, Tony 17 Wikipedia Anthony Robert Tony Kushner No
Lane, Nathan 84 Wikipedia Joseph Lane No
Latifah, Queen 54 Wikipedia Dana Elaine Owens Yes
Lauper, Cyndi 90 Wikipedia Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper Yes
Lear, Norman 24 Wikipedia Norman Milton Lear Yes
Legend, John 9 Wikipedia John Roger Stephens Yes
Leguizamo, John 83 Wikipedia John Alberto Leguizamo Peláez No
Lemmons, Kasi 71 Wikipedia Karen Lemmons Yes
Lemon, Don 74 Wikipedia Don Lemon Yes
Leoni, Tea 38 Wikipedia Elizabeth Téa Pantaleoni Yes
Lewis, John 2 Wikipedia John Robert Lewis Yes
Lewis-Lee, Tonya 36 Wikipedia Tonya Linnette Lewis-Lee Yes
Lin, Maya 25 Wikipedia Maya Ying Lin Yes
Lindelof, Damon 85 Wikipedia Damon Laurence Lindelof Yes
Lisa Ling 43 Wikipedia Lisa J Ling No
Linney, Laura 48 Wikipedia Laura Leggett Linney Yes
Lithgow, John 73 Wikipedia John Arthur Lithgow Yes
LL Cool J 27 Wikipedia James Todd Smith Yes
Lobo, Rebecca 12 Wikipedia Rebecca Rose Lobo-Rushin Yes
Lopez, Mario 81 Wikipedia Mario Lopez Yes
Lynch, Jane 69 Wikipedia Jane Marie Lynch Yes
Machado, Justina 56 Wikipedia Justina Milagros Machado No
Macy, William H 33 Wikipedia William Hall Macy Jr Yes
Madison, Joe 50 Wikipedia Joseph Edward Madison No*
Maher, Bill 22 Wikipedia William Maher No
Malveaux, Suzanne 36 Wikipedia Suzanne Maria Malveaux Yes
Manganiello, Joe 92 Wikipedia Joseph Michael Manganiello Yes
Margulies, Julianna 29 Wikipedia Julianna Luisa Margulies No
Maron, Marc 55 Wikipedia Marc David Maron No
Marsalis, Branford 1 Wikipedia Branford Marsalis Yes
Martin, George R. R. 41 Wikipedia George Raymond Richard Martin Yes
McCain, John 26 Wikipedia John Sidney McCain III Yes
McCarthy, Melissa 52 Wikipedia Melissa Ann McCarthy Yes
McDonald, Audra 75 Wikipedia Audra Ann McDonald Yes
Meloni, Christopher 70 Wikipedia Christopher Peter Meloni Yes
Merkerson, S. Epatha 45 Wikipedia Sharon Epatha Merkerson Yes
Meyers, Seth 47 Wikipedia Seth Adam Meyers Yes
Mock, Janet 34 Wikipedia Janet Mock Yes
Moore, Julianne 26 Wikipedia Julie Anne Smith Yes
Moore, Michael 48 Wikipedia Michael Francis Moore Yes
Morgan, Tracy 104 WikipediaTracy Morgan No*
Morissette, Alanis 97 Wikipedia Alanis Nadine Morissette Yes
Mowry, Tamera 96 Wikipedia Tamera Darvette Mowry Yes
Nafisi, Azar 29 Wikipedia Azar Nafisi No
Nas 16 Wikipedia Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones Yes
Nash-Betts, Niecy 89 Wikipedia Carol Denise Ensley No*
Navarro, Ana 37 Wikipedia Ana Violeta Navarro Flores No
Norton, Edward 87 Wikipedia Edward Harrison Norton Yes
Notaro, Tig 47 Wikipedia Mathilde Tig O'Callaghan Notaro
Nyong'o, Lupita 37 Wikipedia Lupita Amondi Nyong'o Yes
O'Brien, Soledad 22 Wikipedia María de la Soledad Teresa O'Brien Yes
O'Donnell, Norah 66 Wikipedia Norah Morahan O'Donnell Yes
O'Neill, Ed 100 Wikipedia Edward Leonard O'Neill No
O’Reilly, Bill 22 Wikipedia William James O'Reilly Jr Yes
Odenkirk, Bob 101 Wikipedia Robert John Odenkirk No
Odom Jr, Leslie 84 Wikipedia Leslie Lloyd Odom Jr. Yes
Packnett Cunningham, Brittany 78 Wikipedia Brittany N Packnett No*
Patinkin, Mandy 75 Wikipedia Mandel Bruce Patinkin Yes
Patrick, Deval 20 Wikipedia Deval Laurdine Patrick Yes
Peele, Jordan 65 Wikipedia Jordan Haworth Peele Yes
Pelosi, Nancy 66 Wikipedia Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Yes
Penn, Kal 44 Wikipedia Kalpen Suresh Modi No
Phil, Dr. 39 Wikipedia Phillip Calvin McGraw Yes
Posen, Zac 66 Wikipedia Zachary E. Posen Yes
Qadhi, Abu Ammaar Yasir 5 Wikipedia Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi No
Questlove 39 Wikipedia Ahmir Khalib Thompson Yes
Rae, Issa 65 Wikipedia Jo-Issa Rae Diop Yes
Reuben, Gloria 11 Wikipedia Gloria Elizabeth Reuben No
Rhimes, Shonda 23 Wikipedia Shonda Lynn Rhimes Yes
Rice, Condoleezza 7 Wikipedia Condoleezza Condi Rice Yes
Roberts, Julia 87 Wikipedia Julia Fiona Roberts Yes
Rodriguez, Michelle 10 Wikipedia Mayte Michelle Rodriguez No
Rodriguez, Narciso 61 Wikipedia Narciso Jesus Rodriguez III No
Rosselini, Isabella 51 Wikipedia Isabella Fiorella Elettra Giovanna Rossellini Yes
Rubio, Marco 46 Wikipedia Marco Antonio Rubio No
Rudd, Paul 35 Wikipedia Paul Stephen Rudd No
Rudolph, Maya 23 Wikipedia Maya Khabira Rudolph Yes
RuPaul 61 Wikipedia RuPaul Andre Charles Yes
Ryan, Amy 56 Wikipedia Amy Beth Dziewiontkowski Yes
Ryan, Paul 46 Wikipedia Paul Davis RyanYes
Samberg, Andy 41 Wikipedia David A J Samberg Yes
Sánchez, Aarón 15 Wikipedia Aarón Sánchez No
Sandberg, Sheryl 44 Wikipedia Sheryl Kara Sandberg No
Sanders, Bernie 31 Wikipedia Bernard SandersYes
Schumer, Amy 40 Wikipedia Amy Beth Schumer Yes
Sedaris, David 19 Wikipedia David Raymond Sedaris Yes
Sedgwick, Kyra 4 Wikipedia Kyra Minturn (Sedgwick) Bacon Yes
Sevigny, Chloë 48 Wikipedia Chloë Stevens SevignyYes
Shalhoub, Tony 70 Wikipedia Anthony Mark Shalhoub Yes
Shlesinger, Iliza 101 Wikipedia Iliza Vie Shlesinger No
Silverman, Sarah 47 Wikipedia Sarah Kate Silverman No
Simmons, Ruth 7 Wikipedia Ruth Jean (Stubblefield) Simmons Yes
Simon, Carly 32 Wikipedia Carly Elisabeth Simon Yes
Smith, Anna Deavere 13 Wikipedia Anna Deavere Smith Yes
Steenburgen, Mary 33 Wikipedia Mary Nell Steenburgen Yes
Steinem, Gloria 28 Wikipedia Gloria Marie Steinem Yes
Stephanopoulos, George 19 Wikipedia George Robert Stephanopoulos Yes
Stewart, Martha 8 Wikipedia Martha Helen (Kostyra) Stewart Yes
Sting 18 Wikipedia Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner Yes
Stonestreet, Eric 52 Wikipedia Eric Allen Stonestreet Yes
Strahan, Michael 45 Wikipedia Michael Anthony Strahan Yes
Studi, Wes 99 WikipediaWesley StudiYes
Sykes, Wanda 9 Wikipedia Wanda Sykes Yes
Talley, André Leon 86 Wikipedia André Leon Talley Yes
Tomei, Marisa 44 Wikipedia Marisa Tomei No
Totenberg, Nina 23 Wikipedia Nina Totenberg Yes
Trejo, Danny 90 Wikipedia Daniel Trejo Yes
Tsai, Ming 15 Wikipedia Ming Tsai No
Turturro, John 35 Wikipedia John Michael Turturro Yes
Vance, Courtney B 11 Wikipedia Courtney Bernard Vance Yes
Varmus, Harold E 57 Wikipedia Harold Eliot Varmus No
Villaseñor, Melissa 81 Wikipedia Melissa Anne Villaseñor Yes
von Fürstenberg, Diane 61 Wikipedia Diane Simone Michele Halfin Yes
Waithe, Lena 83 Wikipedia Lena Waithe Yes
Walken, Christopher 32 Wikipedia Ronald Walken No
Walker, Kara 21 Wikipedia Kara Elizabeth Walker Yes
Walters, Barbara 3 Wikipedia Barbara Jill Walters Yes
Warren, Rick 5 Wikipedia Richard Duane Rick Warren Yes
Warwick, Dionne 103 WikipediaMarie Dionne WarrickYes
Waters, John 67 Wikipedia John Samuel Waters Jr Yes
Wayans, Keenen Ivory 23 Wikipedia Keenen Ivory Wayans Sr Yes
Weaver, Sigourney 56 Wikipedia Susan Alexandra Weaver Yes
Wiley, Kehinde 49 Wikipedia Kehinde Wiley No*
Williams, Jesse 102 WikipediaJesse Williams No*
Williams, Michael K. 42 Wikipedia Michael Kenneth Williams No*
Williams, Pharrell 71 Wikipedia Pharrell Lanscilo Williams Yes
Wood, Roy Jr 76 Wikipedia Roy Norris Wood Jr No*
Wright, Jeffrey 54 Wikipedia Jeffrey Wright Yes
Zamata, Sasheer 53 Wikipedia Sasheer Zamata Moore Yes

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