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Welcome to the Flanagan One Name Study!

Variants Included:

  • Flannagan
  • O'Flanagan
  • Flanigan
  • Flannigan


How to Join

Please contact the Study's coordinator Alicia McCormack or post a comment at the foot of the page. If you have any questions, just ask. Thanks!


Add our sticker
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and category Flanagan Name Study to your Flanagan profiles. Living members of our study can add
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There are subcategories for locations that you can add to your profiles if that person came from that area. To see them click on the category Flanagan Name Study.


This is a One Name Study to collect together in one place everything about the Flanagan surname. The hope is that other Flanagan researchers like you will join our study to help make it a valuable reference point for people studying lines that cross or intersect.

We want to create an accurate family tree for Flanagans worldwide. We want to add every Flanagan that can be found to Wiki Tree, and give them detailed biographies, a full list of sources and as extensive a family tree as possible. The key goal is to link the Flanagans of wiki tree back to their place of origin in Ireland.

There are many ways you can help our one name study. We need as many participants and helpers as possible to document as many Flanagans as we can. We want this to be an organized, efficient and fun project. You can decide what you want to do to help this project to preserve a wealth of historical information for the future.


A list of our members and what projects they are working on.

  • Alicia McCormack : Adding Flanagan profiles from County Roscommon 1901 and 1911 censuses, improving Unsourced Flanagan profiles
  • Chris Flanagan  : I've added Flanagan profiles from County Fermanagh 1901 and 1911 censuses. Am currently working on adding profiles and more details to profiles from the Civil Records for Fermanagh.
  • Jane Alexander Creating profiles of the immigrant Robert Flanagan, his son Ebenezer who moved to (West) Virginia and his many Flanagan descendants found in Tucker, Randolph and surrounding counties.


You are welcome to get involved in and contribute to any of the following wiki tree projects around the Flanagan surname. If you have a new idea for a project, add it in below with a short description and feel free to get started straight away!


This project is all about improving the existing Flanagan profiles here on wiki tree and making them look as pretty as possible! You can undertake one or more of the following tasks to achieve this goal. Feel free to work on improving a profile with another person as well by sharing the work.

  • Flanagan Sources: The focus of this sub project is to research each individual Flanagan profile and add a list of comprehensible, well referenced sources with links provided. A good place to start is by this list to Flanagan Unsourced profiles but you can also do this by adding new sources to already sourced profiles.

- Alicia McCormack

  • Flanagan Biographies: What looks really good in a profile is a detailed biography that tells the story of the person's life with sources cited. In the Flanagan profiles you come across, you can add a biography or improve and flesh out an existing one.
  • Flanagan Pictures: Pictures always add a bit of colour to a profile, particularly background pictures. Look for pictures to add to a profile, even if not a picture of the person, the place they lived or something that represented them.


The purpose of this project is to connect the unconnected. Research a Flanagan profile, add their first degree relatives and expand their family tree until they are connected to the global wiki tree. It is a lot of work but worth it! When you are adding profiles, make sure that you or someone from the Profiles Project is adding sources.

Here is a list of Flanagan Unconnected profiles.


There should only be one profile per Flanagan so an important job is for there to be people to keep on eye out for duplicates, review them and merge them if needed to keep our Flanagan family tree as accurate as possible.

Famous Flanagans

In this project, we will be finding and adding profiles for famous Flanagans who made their mark on the world. Link profiles for them in the "Famous Flanagans" section below. The same jobs apply to this project such as sourcing, writing biographies and connecting profiles. Don't forget to add the Notables Project category and sticker.

More and More Flanagans

This project is about finding Flanagans in various sets of records, adding their profiles to wiki tree and continuing to work on them in the Profiles Project. If you can add other sources to them other the record you found them, that would be great also.

  • Ireland 1901/1911 Census: Create profiles for the Flanagan families appearing on these Irish census records. This can be broken down into more sub projects with each county in Ireland. You might like to research the Flanagan census records for a specific county.

- Alicia McCormack: Roscommon

-Chris Flanagan: Fermanagh

  • British Censuses: Create profiles for the Flanagan families appearing on the census records for England, Scotland and Wales. This can be broken down into more sub project by county. You might like to research Flanagan records for a specific county. Many of these people will likely be of Irish descent so see if you can trace them back to their place of origin in Ireland and connect them to our existing profiles.
  • United States Censuses: Create profiles for the Flanagan families appearing on the various United States census records. This can be broken down into more sub projects by state. You might like to research Flanagan records for a specific state. Many of these people will likely be of Irish descent so see if you can trace them back to their place of origin in Ireland and connect them to our existing profiles.
  • Immigration Records: Search through immigration records and see if you can use the information provided to connect this person to an existing profile or add a new one. Watch out for duplicates here especially.


Flanagan DNA Project (at Family Tree DNA, established 2004) - https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/flanagan-2/about

UPDATE (2023-12): See below for update on the Y-DNA of the line of James Flanagan of Louisa and Fluvanna Counties, Virginia

We are focused on Y-DNA due to its usefulness in tracing surnames, but anyone who has DNA tested or has an account at FTDNA (required since they host the project) is welcome to join, as we are also a community. If you've tested at Ancestry, 23andMe, or MyHeritage you can add those results free at FTDNA (see https://learn.familytreedna.com/imports/autosomal-transfer/family-tree-dna-family-finder-transfer-program). Please do consider joining us.

Flanagan DNA Project Results - https://www.familytreedna.com/public/flanagan-2?iframe=ycolorized (note that due to individual participant settings some results, some categories and results may not be visible to non-members)

We have identified the following categories associated with the Flanagan surname, or where Flanagan ancestry has been indicated. Working with the Sons of Aodh DNA Project (https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/sons-of-aodh/about) which is focused on the M222>>DF105 haplogroup anod other sources we have tried to indicate possible corresponding Flanagan and other historical septs these may correspond to. Some are anchored by non-Flanagan testers elsewhere, such as the Baron Inchiquin, a direct descendant of Brian Boru, and a member of the O'Conor Don family, descendants of the last Irish High King, Tairdelbach Már Ó Conchobair. Other projects have identified probable Eoghanachta (possibly the Waterford Flanagans), and Ely O'Carroll Flanagans. Some do not fit anywhere with known Flanagan septs, such as my Flanagans who appear to be Uí Fiachrach Aidhne, distant kin to the Uí Néill and Uí Briúin Flanagans; the may represent DNA switches due to fosterage, adoption, individuals adopting a surname to show loyalty, or husbands taking their spouse's surname (not uncommon), as well as events such as out of wedlock births.

If folks have tested at 23andMe,23 and me tells male testers which Y-DNA haplogroup they are in. There is also a tool called Clade Finder (https://cladefinder.yseq.net) that you can use to find Y-DNA data if you are male and have tested at Ancestry or MyHeritage - both tests have some Y-DNA data though they don't report it and it isn't very deep. Clade Finder is from another Y-DNA testing company, and will attempt to sell their project, and they are a reputable company that offers many useful tests but their testing doesn't get included in project data and there is no matching or ongoing comparison.

Haplogroup G-M201 (TMRCA 26100 YBP)

Haplogroup I-M253 (I1) (TMRCA 26000 YBP)

Haplogroup R1*-M173 (note M173 is predicted by FTDNA and is ancestral to both R1a and R1b)

Haplogroup R1a-M198 (TMRCA 8600 YBP)

Haplogroup R1b-L21>DF21>S971>Z16267>Z3000 - Clan Colla? (TMRCA 1950 YBP)

Haplogroup R1b-M222 (NW Irish Haplogroup, TMRCA 2000 YBP)

Haplogroup R1b-M222>>R1b-DF105 (TMRCA 1850 YBP) - Dál Cuinn, Clanda Eochada Muigmedúin?

Haplogroup R1b-M222>>R1b-DF105>R1b-A18726>R1b-A10528 Dál Cuinn, Clanda Eochada Muigmedúin, Uí Briúin, Maicne Ernáin?

Haplogroup R1b-M222>>R1b-DF105>R1b-A18726>R1b-A259>R1b-A260>R1b-FGC5939 - Dál Cuinn, Clanda Eochada Muigmedúin, Uí Briúin Seóla

Haplogroup R1b-M222>>R1b-DF105>R1b-A18726>R1b-A259>R1b-Y166841>R1b-BY198518 - Dál Cuinn, Clanda Eochada Muigmedúin, Uí Briúin Aí, Cland Cathail

Haplogroup R1b-M222>>R1b-DF105>R1b-DF105>R1b-ZZ87>R1b-BY35726>FT28767 - Dál Cuinn, Clanda Eochada Muigmedúin, Uí Néill (possible Cenél Chairpri)

Haplogroup R1b-M222>>R1b-DF105>R1b-ZZ87>R1b-S588 Uí Néill, Cenél nEógain (Louisa/Fluvanna Counties, Virginia/County Roscommon, Ireland?)

Haplogroup R1b-M222>>R1b-DF105>R1b-FGC23742 (TMRCA 1450 YBP) - Dál Cuinn, Clanda Eochada Muigmedúin, Uí Fiachrach, Cenél Feradaig Dathíi?

Haplogroup R1b-M269 (Possible M222/NW Irish Haplogroup?) - Predicted M222 using tools such as Nevgen

Haplogroup R1b-M269 (Possible U106?) - U106 is Germanic and associated with Norman and Anglo-Saxon lineage

Haplogroup R1b-M269 (TMRCA 6400 YBP)

Haplogroup R1b-P312>Z290>L21>DF13>DF21>S5488 (TMRCA 3700 ybp)

Haplogroup R1b-P312>Z290>L21>DF13>DF21>S5488>Z16294>BY11121/BY11118>Z16281>Z16282>Z16291>Z16284>Z18012>BY3301>FGC63585 - Ely Carroll? (TMRCA 1050 YBP)

Haplogroup R1b-P312>Z290>L21>DF13>ZZ10>Z253>Z2534>BY25450>FGC5618>FGC5625>L226 - Irish Type III (Dalcassian - lineage of Brian Boru - TMRCA 1300 YBP)

Haplogroup R1b-P312>Z290>L21>S552>DF13>FGC11134>FGC12055>Z3026>Z16250>A114>CTS4466 Irish Type II (Eoghanachta)

Haplogroup R1b-P312>ZZ11>U152 (TMRCA 4400 YBP) - described in some sources as Italo-Celtic; found in NE and NW Ireland, and concentrated along Hadrian's Wall


UPDATE (2023-12): Y-DNA of the line of James Flanagan of Louisa and Fluvanna Counties, Virginia

All, important Y-DNA finding for the Flanagan line of Louisa and Fluvanna Counties Virginia.

Three individuals descended from James Flanagan, abt 1705 to 1752, died in Louisa County, have taken the Y700. Becky Thames-Simmons has been working on this line and has a great deal of insight on it.

I think it's safe to say that R-FTE44402 is currently the SNP associated with the lineage of James Flanagan, everyone who is in this line - barring a break in paternity - would be positive for this Y-DNA SNP. It also appears that R-FTE44402>FTE42869 represents descendants of his son Whittle. More testers are needed to refine lines from different sons, ideally with a solid documented trail back to James. Becky has done a wonderful job with James line, and maintains his Wikitree profile at https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Flanagan-1540.

It's important to note that FTE44402 is in a block of 14 equivalent SNPs that include: R-FTE44402 BY86516 FT60231 FTE41782 FTE43825 FTE43829 FTE43937 FTE44016 FTE44397 FTE44516 FTE48995 FTE72159 Y323412 Y39042

What this means is that the men - descended patrilineally from James Flanagan of Louisa County, Virginia - all share these SNPs. It is impossible which came first and which came last so R-FTE44402 is rather arbitrary, it could be the oldest or it could be the the newest or in between. Currently, men who have taken the Big Y are a drop in the bucket, a few thousand, and it only grows and refines as more men test with Big Y. With 14 SNPs that means this block is relatively old, FTDNA estimates the common ancestor of these Flanagans to have been born around 300 years ago, but the block itself is estimated to have formed around 550 CE - 1500 years ago, long before surnames were adopted in Ireland. That means it is likely that, as more men test, other surnames could split this block. What is certain is that any Flanagans that share this particular Flanagan lineage will fall in this block. For more information see Discover (https://discover.familytreedna.com/y-dna/R-FTE44402/story).

It also falls under R-M222>>DF105>ZZ87>S588>S603. R-S588 is believed to be Uí Néill, Cenél nEógain - descended from Niall of the Nine Hostages' son Eoghan, R-S603 through Eoghan's son Muireadhach

Hopefully more in this line will test, as well as in other colonial American lines will also test.

There were many many Flanagans in America, both the North American colonies and Barbados as early as the 17th century. It would be wonderful if we could document these lines better with DNA.

- Gráinne Ní Fhlannagáin/Granuaile O'Flanagan

Surname Origins

Flanagan is an Irish surname that is the anglicized version of O Flannagain,meaning "descendant of Flannagain". Irish surnames were derived by taking the name of a well known ancestor and attaching a prefix such as "Mac" (son of) or "O" (descendant of). The Flanagan's took their name from Flann. Flann was a popular first name in old Ireland, meaning "red" or "ruddy, so several unconnected Flanagan clans rose up in different counties. The chief septa were in Roscommon, Offaly, Fermanagh and Monaghan.

The Flanagan motto is Certavi et vici which means" I have fought and conquered.

Flanagans in Ireland



The Flanagans of Roscommon were relations of the royal O'Connors and for generations served as stewards to their household. Both families had the same oak on their crests. The Flanagan's seat was located near Castlerea and between Mantua and Elphin. Their chief owned the territory of Magh Aoi in Roscommon.

The first recorded spelling of the Flanagan surname in Ireland was in the "Ecclesiastical Records of Co. Roscommon", from 1308,referencing Donough O'Flanagan the Bishop of Elphin Diocese.


The Flanagans were part of the Cenel Cairbre, and were descended from Cairbre, a son of Niall of the Nine Hostages. They ruled the territory along the west of Lower Lough Erne and were based at Ballyflanagan, the modern day townland of Aghamore.


The Flanagans of Monaghan were descendants of Fogartach, King of Farney (died 886). They lived in the parish of Donaghmoyne.


The Flanagans of Offaly lived in the south of the county in Ballybritt barony.

Griffiths Valuation, 1847-1864

Flanagan Household Numbers by County:

Antrim: 5

Armagh: 41

Belfast city: 18

Carlow: 7

Cavan: 46

Clare: 128

Cork: 38

Cork city: 21

Derry: 18

Donegal: 31

Down: 98

Dublin: 58

Dublin City: 33

Fermanagh: 108

Galway: 145

Kerry: 8

Kildare: 84

Kilkenny: 8

Laois: 44

Leitrim: 36

Limerick: 73

Limerick City: 4

Longford: 26

Louth: 18

Mayo: 94

Meath: 43

Monaghan: 83

Offaly: 103

Roscommon: 214

Sligo: 61

Tipperary: 76

Tyrone: 28

Waterford: 43

Westmeath: 42

Wexford: 2

Wicklow: 23

Flanagans Worldwide

Famous Flanagans

  • Sir James Bernard Flanagan (1914-1999) - Irish Chief Constable of the RUC
  • Fred Flanagan (1924-2013) - Australian Rules Footballer
  • James Loton Flanagan (1925-2015) - American electrical engineer and academic
  • Sir Maurice Flanagan (1928-2015) - British Founder and CEO of Emirates
  • John Mack Flanagan (1946-2018) - American Top 40 Radio DJ
  • Edward Flanagan (1950-2017) - American politician and senator


Member's Interests/Lines

  • Descendants and Ancestors of John Flanagan of Clooncor, Tulsk, County Roscommon, Ireland.
  • Descendants and Ancestors of Michael Flanagan of Annaghbeg, Annaghmore, County Roscommon, Ireland
  • Descendants and Ancestors of Catherine Flanagan of Ballydaly, Tulsk, County Roscommon, Ireland
  • Descendants and Ancestors of Patrick Flanagan of Drumlone, County Fermanagh, Ireland
  • Descendants and Ancestors of James Flanagan of Louisa County, Virginia

Genealogy Mysteries

[Feel free to tell us about any of the genealogy mysteries in your Flanagan family, brick walls you are trying to bust and unanswered questions. Someone might be able to help!]


Books/Family Histories:

  • Ayscough, Elizabeth W. (2006). Links : a chain of lineage. Sydney: Ayscough. 4 vols: Burke/Flanagan; O'Reilly/Mulcahy; Newell/Charters; Ryan/Egan
  • Flanigan, James M. (1993). O'Flanagans and O'Mahonys.Denver, Colorado: Book Pub. Co.,
  • Flanigan, Richard D. (1996). Flanigan footprints from Ireland to Princeton. Princeton, W. Va.: R.D. Flanigan
  • Murphy, Donald. (1989). The Flanagans of Tobertoby, Co. Louth
  • Catherine M. Frendo. "Ballynamadoo Flanagans": the life journey of the Flanagan family from Ballynamadoo, Cavan, Ireland to Macleay River, NSW, Australia, 1st edition, 2019



Website Articles:

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Hi, Not sure how all this works yet but I just added a GEDCOM file that contains some details of my mother's family - Flanagan's from Fermanagh that lived in Glasgow briefly then Sligo. I can't find it now but if you know how this place works it may be of interest. All the best, Bernard
posted by Bernard Coen
I would like to join this study. My family trees are located on FamiyTreeDNA.com and MyHeritage. I am a bit slow to get it on Wikitree. My second great grandfather was Peter Joseph Flanagan baptized in Rahan, Offaly Ireland. He was born Jan 17 1845 Rahan, Offaly, Ireland

Jan 13 1927 (at age 81) in Omaha, Nebraska. His father was Bernard Flanagan born in King's County (Offaly) in 1808 and died Cumming County, Nebraska Sept 14, 1886. My GEDMatch Kit AR5084503. Thank you.

I would like to join. I’m looking for information on my 2nd great grandmother, Anna Theresa Flannigan, born around 1860 in County Mayo?? The information that I have heard is that she came to America with her brothers. I know that she ended up in Cripple Creek Colorado.
I would like to include Roderick Joseph Flanagan-557 in your research profile. Roderick is my great great grandmother's brother. He was a journalist, author and historian from Elfin in County Roscommon, Ireland who wrote a 2 volume history of the Colony of New South Wales, Tasmania and Norfolk Island. I am Thomas William Ginty-67 descendant of Charles Michael Ginty from Strokestown, Roscommon, Ireland. Elfin and Strokestown are small towns located close to each other.
posted by Thomas W Ginty
I would like to join the Flanagan Project.
posted by Michael Condon
My husband's Flanagans came to New York from Athlone, Westmeath, Ireland. I have their line back to his 3GGF. He's taken the Y-37 test at FTDNA and is in the Flanagan Surname DNA project.

I'm still learning the finer points of WikiTree -- what do I need to do to join, besides adding categories and stickers to their pages? I'm assuming I add "United States, Flanagan Name Study" to the family members who lived in the US, but I'd need a "Westmeath, Flanagan Name Study" category for the known Irish members (all three of them). Thanks!

posted by Lorena Wolfe
Hi Lorena,

All you need to do to join is say, I will add you to the participants list! (: I will create a Westmeath category for you so you can add your relatives. Here is a guide to category creation on WikiTree: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Category_Creation_and_Removal#:~:text=To%20request%20a%20new%20category,How%20to%20Add%20Categories%22%20section.

posted by Alicia McCormack
Hello Flanagan descendants. I'm fairly new to WikiTree and am still trying to get the hang of navigating the site and edits. I don't know who to ask, but --- can we get a sub-category for Virginia for the Flanagan Name Study? How do I go about this? I didn't find one.

I've got 3 Flanagan families to work on in VA. One is my own (Louisa Co VA starting in 1743), one goes back to the late 1600's (Princess Anne Co VA), and another is newly discovered (Nelson Co VA) and I'm not sure yet if it ties into one of the other two. I also am working to see if the Louisa and Princess Anne Flanagans were connected.


posted by Becky (Thames) Thames-Simmons
edited by Becky (Thames) Thames-Simmons
Hi Rebecca!

Thanks for suggesting this - I've just created a category for Virginia so we have one now! You can add it to your profiles by typing in "Virginia, Flanagan Name Study" into the category box.

So how you do it:

1. I went into one of the Flanagan profiles on your tree that was born in Virginia.

2. I typed in Category:Virginia, Flanagan Name Study with these brackets [] above the Biography.

3. When I saved, a notice came up saying this category didn't exist. I clicked "save anyway".

4. I scrolled down to the bottom of the profile and clicked on the category, which was in red.

5. This brought me into a text box where I typed in:

Category:United States, Flanagan Name Study This category is part of the :Space:Flanagan Name Study|Flanagan Name Study. Please contact the project leader for more information.

(Include these brackets [[ ]] around each Category. I can't put them in in this comment or it doesn't show up in the published version.)

6. Then I hit save and the category was born!

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions or ideas.

posted by Alicia McCormack
edited by Alicia McCormack
My Flanagans hailed from County Clare, in the Doolin Carnuan Ballysallagh areas. My GGM Sarah Flanagan emigrated out here to Australia, her parents Thomas Flanagan and Bridget Fitzpatrick.
posted by Peter Rankine
I saw the page on the Flanagan name study. I know very little regarding my 3rd great-grandmother, Rose Flanagan, and I would like to learn more.


posted by Russell Butler
Thanks Alicia for the new sub-categories! And for everyone, if adding a category, or sub-, to a profile, don't forget that there should NOT be a space between the colon ([Category:) and the rest of the info!
posted by Chris Flanagan A.P.