Flooding Disasters

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Flooding Disasters

General causes of floods are:

Poor city street planning might cause temporary floods in a city
Overflow of a lake, river, creek.
Localized floods caused by an obstruction (landslide, ice)
Slow-rising flood from large rivers and result of long periods of rain, snow melt, monsoons, or tropical cyclones.
Flash floods occurring near small rivers, valleys, or intense rainfall
Flooding due to sea tidal surge
Flash floods - coming from higher elevation into arroyos



1916 Floods in this area:

1916 floods.

Oct. 4, 2015 South Carolina Floods:

Prior to the hurricane, rain made the South Carolina ground saturated. Then Oct 1, 2015 a hurricane occurred.

Rainfall of 24 inches in Mount Pleasant, SC, 20 inches in areas around Charleston, 18 inches in the Gills Creek area of Columbia. 11 dams have failed, 400,000 state residents under a "boil water advisory".

2015 Flood

11 dams failed, 400,000 residents under boil water advisory, homes, vehicles flooded.


TENNESSEE FLOODS - May 1-2, 2010 - Tennessee Flood of 2010

Flooding atTN Titans stadium
Tennessee Flood

The Cumberland River flooded so badly it nearly took out bridges over the river



Floods of Connecticut

14" Rains, Aug. 18-19,1955 - Oct.14-16, 1955. Rivers crested/overflowed Connecticut streets

SEE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaSlxSntcgk&feature=share

Cause two hurricanes occurred dumping heavy rain on Connecticut.
Heavy Rain, during Aug 18-19, 1955 in Connecticut
36 hours rains, Oct 14, 15, 16, 1955 caused adjacent rivers to crest and overflow CT streets.

Hurricanes did not hit Connecticut, but saturated the land and several river valleys in the state, causing severe flooding in August-Oct, 1955. The hardest hit were the Mad and Still Rivers in Winsted, Naugatuck River, Farmington River and Quinebaug River. Towns suffered much loss include Farmington, Putnam, Norwalk, Waterbury, and Winsted.

90 people died
668 dwellings totally destroyed
1,436 commercial establishments suffered $45.5 million in damage
922 farms reported losses of $2.5 million
Connecticut 1955 flood.
1955 Flood, Connecticut.
memories of Dorothy Barry as shared with Mary Richardson

LOUISIANA FLOODS: Floods in New Orleans

Parts of New Orleans are on higher ground than the gulf, but other districts were built on landfill. The highest neighborhoods are 10–12 feet (3.0–3.7 m) above mean sea level. 49% lies below sea level. Flooding of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina made land fall SE of New Orleans on August 29, 2005 by 31 Aug, 2005, 80% of New Orleans was flooded.

Cause Hurricane Katrina and engineering faults of Levees. The Storm surge caused 23 breaches in the canal levees and flood walls, was called the worst engineering disaster in USA history. South Tammany Parish and the City of New Orleans were hit hard.. The storm surge :The city's levees is the US Army Corps of Engineers.
Major breaches included the 17th Street Canal levee, the Industrial Canal levee, and the London Ave. Canal floodwall. These breaches caused the majority of the flooding, according to a June 2007 report by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Effect federally built flood protection system (levees) should have protected the city's inhabitants from Katrina's surge, but failed. This contributed to better academic community and urban planning.

  • The flood disaster halted oil production and refining which increased oil prices worldwide.

TWIN FLOODS in LOUISIANA April & Aug, 2016 Louisiana had "twin floods". Out of 64 parishes, 58 claimed Disaster last year.

Apr/16 flood.
Aug,16 Livingston flood.

22 Parish flood disaster $1.2 billion aid was awarded to victims, this totals 1.6 billion from the March flood.. A disaster was declared in 22 parishes, including some parishes that flooded in March.

Aug, 2016 Flood, LA
  • Darwin, Australia

Darwin, AU

  • 1362 Grote Mandrenke- England, Netherlands, N. Germany -25,000 deaths in
  • Oct 1634 - Burchardii Flood- stormtide struck North Sea, (N. Frisia, Dithmarschen - overran the dikes. 8,000 -15,000 people drowned
  • 1872 - Baltic Sea flood - storm surge, Denmark, Pomeranis , 271 Deaths, Baltic Sea coast, 2,850 houses destroyed
  • 1889 South Fork Dam broke - caused Johnstown flood (2,209 deaths in Johnstown, Pennsylvania
  • 1913 - Great Flood 1913 (Dayton Flood) 650 deaths
  • 1910 - River Seine burst banks, flooded Paris
  • Great flood of Tokyo, 3700 houses swept away
  • 1916 Clermont, Queensland flood,
  • 1927 - Great Mississippi Flood, destroyed much, caused Flood Control acts
  • 1931 - Huang He River Flood, 1931 800,000-4.000,000 deaths n China
  • 1937 - Ohio River flood, - 385 deaths, $50,000,000 damage from Pittsburgh, Illinois, to Cairo, Illinois
  • 1938 - Great Hanshin flood, 1938 Kobe, Japan- 925 deaths, heavy rains caused landslides
  • 1953 - North Sea Flood, 2000 deaths Netherlands
  • 1975 - Banqiao Dam in China, broke, excess rain and typhoon Nina 26,000 deaths and 140,000 in epidemic
  • 1998 - Floods, Guadalupe and San Antonio River Basins, Texas, 1998 heavy thunderstorm, >12 inches rainfall
  • 1998 - Yangtze River Floods, China 14 million homeless, killed hundreds
  • 2004 - Boscastle flood, Cornwall England.
  • 2005 - Flooding in Mumbai, India, over 700 deaths
  • 80% New Orleans, Louisiana, USA flooded - failure of the levees
  • 2008 - Floods in India, 2404 deaths
  • 2017 - Floods in South Texas, Aransas, and Houston due to Hurricane

....and more....


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I would like to join this project.
posted by Deena (Smith) Cross
In 1953 I was just 5 years old and my family had just moved house to the cliff tops looking out over the mouth of the river Thames in Essex England where the river joins the North Sea. The flood is among my earliest memories, which has stuck in my mind, as I was a little person in a strange new house, and suddenly the electricity was cut off, and we had days with very little gas pressure. A friend of the family was caught on nearby Canvey Island and had a long and difficult walk in the dark on top of the sea wall knee deep in water to get to safety.
posted by John Ward
In April & August of last year Louisiana had the "twin floods". Out of 64 parishes, 58 claimed Disaster last year. My husband works on a construction crew that travels to Baton Rouge to help. They are saying it will be at least 3 years before most of the damage is corrected. Below are 2 articles & 2 Aerial views of some flooding.




http://floodlist.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/CAPBatonRougeandDS8-14-16361.jpg (Just in this city alone, there was over 40,000 homes damaged

posted by Laura York
The Tennessee/Nashville flood of 2010 was devastating!! The water stopped less than half a mile from my back door. I have lots of pictures I can share! 2010 Tennessee Floods okay you convinced me. I'll do a page on it!!! Can I join the project? This would also go well with my Tennessee project, maybe a subproject of both Disasters and Tennessee?


posted by Summer (Binkley) Orman
Thanks, Mary! This looks great!!
posted by Paula J