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Florence, Immigrant Voyage to Queensland 1876

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Immigrants to Queensland aboard the Florence which sailed 12 Feb 1876

The ship "Florence" sailed from Plymouth, England on 12 Feb 1876 arriving at Townsville, Queensland, Australia about 4 months later on 17 Jun 1876. Captain Houston was in charge and the ship's surgeon superintendent was Dr. A. H. Savory. The Florence was 841 Tons.

The Passenger summary reveals there were 2 souls in Steerage, 77 assisted, 155 free, and 29 remittance. Total embarked were 263 souls and with 4 deaths there were 259 landed.

This page is part of the study on wikitree of immigration of individuals and families, allowing for a clearer connection of wikitree profiles and the sources from which they reference their facts. Visit the source via the QSA Index search.

1876 Florence passengers with links to existing Wikitree profiles

This table is a comparison of the Queensland Assisted Immigrants on the 1876 voyage of the ship the Florence against Wikitree profiles that reference the source to clearly demonstrate those passengers that don't yet have Wikitree profiles (in red). Birth year is an estimate. The letter 'M' following the birth year indicates the person is married. [1]

An example citation for details sourced from this Queensland State Archives Index search would be <ref>State Archives Index Search; © The State of Queensland 1995-2013; Science, Information Technology and Innovation, Queensland Government; [http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/au/ Attribution 3.0 Australia (CC BY 3.0 AU)] ; Online Repository https://www.qld.gov.au/dsiti/qsa/search Accessed (today's date); Category: Immigration | Index: Assisted Immigration 1848-1912</ref>

George ANSTEFIELD (b.1844)
Thomas ARMSTRONG (b.1857)
Michael ASHFORTH (b.1854)
Eliza AUSTIN (b.1859)
-- B --
William BAILEY (b.1855)
Martin BARRETT (b.1857)
Mary BARRETT (b.1855)
Edward BARRY (b.1849)
Louisa BEACHAM (b.1853)M
William BEACHAM (b.1851)M
Thomas BENN (b.1854)
Daniel BETHNY (b.1841)M
Elizabeth BETHNY (b.1842)M
Kate BRANNIGAN (b.1852)
Thomas BREWER (b.1856)
Matilda BRIGHT (b.1852)
John E BRISTOW (b.1850)
Edward BROWN (b.1855)
Elizabeth BULLOCK (b.1850)M
Jane A BULLOCK (b.1873)
William BULLOCK (b.1847)M
William BULLOCK (b.1875)
Timothy BUTCHER (b.1854)
Daniel BYRNE (b.1858)
-- C --
John CAHILL (b.1853)
Thomas CANNY (b.1847)
Edward CARTER (b.1827)M
Joseph CARTER (b.1841)
Susan CARTER (b.1826)M
Thomas CARTER (b.1858)
Michael CASEY (b.1859)
John CHAMPION (b.1858)
James CLARKE (b.1846)
Patrick CODY (b.1854)
Lydia COLLIVER (b.1853)
Timothy CONNELL (b.1857)
Andrew CONNORS (b.1846)M
Ann CONNORS (b.1875)
Bridget CONNORS (b.1846)M
James CONOVAN (b.1838)M
James CONOVAN (b.1874)
John CONOVAN (b.1875)
Margaret CONOVAN (b.1839)M
Neill CONOVAN (b.1863)
Robert CONOVAN (b.1861)
Rosan CONOVAN (b.1867)
Sarah CONOVAN (b.1862)
James COSTLEY (b.1854)
Henry COWARD (b.1854)
David COYNE (b.1855)
Harriet CROCKER (b.1860)
Patrick CROWLEY (b.1854)
Elizabeth CRUTE (b.1847)M
William H CRUTE (b.1848)M
William A CULLEN (b.1855)
Fanny CURRAN (b.1852)
John CUTHBERT (b.1852)

-- D --
Thomas DAVID (b.1856)
Catherine M DAVIES (b.1874)
Isaac DAVIES (b.1846)M
John DAVIES (b.1856)
John DAVIES (b.1851)Died
Mary DAVIES (b.1841)M
Richard DAVIES (b.1851)
James DAY (b.1856)
William DICKINSON (b.1855)
Mary DICKSON (b.1854)
Mary DOHERTY (b.1850)
Matthias DONOGHUE (b.1849)
Agnes DONOVAN (b.1858)
Margaret DONOVAN (b.1858)
Samuel DONOVAN (b.1857)
-- E --
John EDWARDS (b.1855)
George ELLIOTT (b.1853)
Annie EMBERSON (b.1850)M
John EMBERSON (b.1848)M
-- F --
John FOLEY (b.1850)
James FORSYTH (b.1855)
-- G --
James GARVEY (b.1856)
James GERAGHTY (b.1857)
Wynnie GERAGHTY (b.1859)
Patrick GILLON (b.1853)
Ann GILMARTIN (b.1858)
Cormack GILMARTIN (b.1855)
Hannah GILMARTIN (b.1851)
John GILMARTIN (b.1850)
James C GILMOUR (b.1844)
John GOLIGHTLY (b.1850)M
John W GOLIGHTLY (b.1873)
Margaret GOLIGHTLY (b.1848)M
Margaret GOLIGHTLY (b.1875)
John GORMAN (b.1856)
Mary GORMAN (b.1858)
George GREENING (b.1846)
John GREENING (b.1846)
-- H --
David HACKETT (b.1850)
James HACKETT (b.1857)
Patrick HACKETT (b.1851)
John HALL (b.1844)
Ann HANEFIN (b.1846)M
John HANEFIN (b.1848)M
Stephen HANEFIN (b.1875)Died
Thomas HANEFIN (b.1874)
James HANNAN (b.1857)
Thomas HANNAN (b.1853)
Catherine HART (b.1853)M
Patrick HART (b.1851)M
Robert HEFTI (b.1846)
Mrs Matron HELY (b.1846)

Ellen HENCHY (b.1857)
Francis HIBBERD (b.1847)
William HILL (b.1854)
Sarah L HITCHIN (b.1854)M
Thomas a HITCHIN (b.1849)M
Edmund HOWARD (b.1852)
Michael HUNT (b.1855)
-- J --
Alfred JACKSON (b.1849)
Maria JENKINS (b.1859)
Mary JENKINS (b.1858)
William JENKINSON (b.1840)
Jane JONES (b.1854)
Thomas JONES (b.1834)
Fanny JOYNER (b.1875)
Mary A JOYNER (b.1847)M
Owen JOYNER (b.1870)
Samuel JOYNER (b.1847)M
Samuel JOYNER (b.1869)
Friedrich JUCKER (b.1854)
-- K --
Hannah KAVES or Kares (b.1855)M
Anne KEATING (b.1826)
Ellen KEATING (b.1848)
Bridget KELLY (b.1859)
Margaret KELLY (b.1858)
John KENNY (b.1837)M
Julia KENNY (b.1838)M
Annie KING (b.1875)
Thomas KING (b.1843)M
Mary KING (b.1846)M
Robert C KIRK (b.1854)
-- L --
Catherine LAVERTY (b.1849)
John LAWLOR (b.1855)
Albert LEMOND (b.1846)M
Rebecca LEMOND (b.1846)M
William LEWIS (b.1848)
-- M --
Ellen MAHONEY (b.1854)
William MAPLE (b.1817)
Laura MATTHEWS (b.1857)
Julia McCARTHY (b.1852)
Daniel McGRATH (b.1856)
James McGRATH (b.1854)
John McMICHAEL (b.1856)M
Daniel MEEHAN (b.1856)
Mary MEEHAN (b.1859)
Michael MEEHAN (b.1854)
Winefred MEEHAN (b.1846)
Thomas MILLS (b.1858)
Elizabeth MOODY (b.1873)
John MOODY (b.1848)M
Joseph MOODY (b.1875)
Mary MOODY (b.1854)M
Mary MOORE (b.1857)

Emmanuel MORRIS (b.1857)
Hannah MORRIS (b.1852)
Margaret MORRIS (b.1855)
Edward MULLABY (b.1857)
Francis MULLANNY (b.1849)
Ellen MURPHY (b.1858)
Ellen MURPHY (b.1858)
Michael MURPHY (b.1855)
James MURRAY (b.1856)
Johanna MURRAY (b.1865)
John MURRAY (b.1849)M
Margaret MURRAY (b.1844)
Mary MURRAY (b.1849)M
Mary MURRAY (b.1850)
-- N --
Michael NEALON (b.1857)
Christopher NICHOLLS (b.1858)
Edward NICHOLLS (b.1839)M
Edward J NICHOLLS (b.1870)
Elizabeth NICHOLLS (b.1860)
Elizh NICHOLLS (b.1840)M
Mary NICHOLLS (b.1864)
Richard NICHOLLS (b.1872)
Samuel J NICHOLLS (b.1875)
William J NICHOLLS (b.1874)
Margaret NICHOLSON (b.1857)
Thomas NOLAN (b.1857)
-- O --
Edward O BRIEN (b.1869)
Ellen O BRIEN (b.1839)M
Frank O BRIEN (b.1860)
Mary E O BRIEN (b.1859)
Bartholomew O CONNOR (b.1853)
Philip O KEEFE (b.1856)
Ann OWEN (b.1855)
John G OXMAN (b.1855)
-- P --
William PALMER (b.1851)
Henry POWER (b.1857)
Joseph PRYER (b.1846)
William PUDNEY (b.1849)
-- Q --
Joseph QUIGLEY (b.1857)
-- R --
Edman REEVES (b.1838)M
Emily REEVES (b.1838)M
Bridget REIDY (b.1857)
Francis REIDY (b.1854)
John REILLY (b.1856)
Michael REILLY (b.1856)
Patrick REILLY (b.1855)
Mary REYNOLDS (b.1858)
William RUDGE (b.1842)
Dominique RUNCAN (b.1830)M
Dominique RUNCAN (b.1867)
Emilia RUNCAN (b.1842)M
Frank RUNCAN (b.1874)
Martha RUNCAN (b.1870)

-- S --
A H Dr Surgeon Supt SAVORY
Edward SCHMIDT (b.1854)
Bridget SCULLY (b.1867)
Edmond SCULLY (b.1861)
James SCULLY (b.1839)M
John SCULLY (b.1859)
Thomas SCULLY (b.1863)
Sarah SIMPSON (b.1858)
Emily SMITH (b.1861)
Fred W SMITH (b.1858)
Maria STAPLETON (b.1850)M
Michael STAPLETON (b.1842)M
Michael STAPLETON (b.1875)
Thomas STAPLETON (b.1873)
John SULLIVAN (b.1856)
Thomas SULLIVAN (b.1850)
-- T --
William TAYLOR (b.1857)
Annie THOMAS (b.1874)
Honor THOMAS (b.1844)M
Josephus THOMAS (b.1865)
Nicholas THOMAS (b.1875)
Richard THOMAS (b.1870)
Samuel THOMAS (b.1841)M
Samuel THOMAS (b.1868)
Samuel THOMAS (b.1850)
William THOMAS (b.1872)
Thomas THOMPSON (b.1846)
Edward G TOOGOOD (b.1849)
-- V --
Samuel VEAL (b.1850)
Edmund VIVIAN (b.1849)M
Jane VIVIAN (b.1853)M
-- W --
Michael WALSH (b.1860)
William WATSON (b.1853)
Edward W WEDGE (b.1846)
U Johann WEIRMANN (b.1851)
John WELSH (b.1851)
Eliza WHERRY (b.1862)
Margaret WHERRY (b.1875)Died
Mary WHERRY (b.1850)M
Mary A WHERRY (b.1874)Died
Samuel WHERRY (b.1844)M
Richard WILLIAMS (b.1852)
James WOODWARD (b.1828)
-- Y --
Elizabeth YOUNG (b.1873)
Jane YOUNG (b.1840)M
Jane YOUNG (b.1872)
Lucretia YOUNG (b.1868)
Mary A YOUNG (b.1865)
Thomas YOUNG (b.1838)M
William YOUNG (b.1870)


  1. State Archives Index Search; © The State of Queensland 1995-2013; Science, Information Technology and Innovation, Queensland Government; Attribution 3.0 Australia (CC BY 3.0 AU) ; Online Repository https://www.qld.gov.au/dsiti/qsa/search Accessed (today's date); Category: Immigration | Index: Assisted Immigration 1848-1912

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