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About the Project

The Floyd Name Study project serves as a collaborative platform to collect information on the Floyd name. The hope is that other researchers like you will join the study to help make it a valuable reference point for other genealogists who are researching or have an interest in the Floyd name. The Floyd Name Study is creating a team structure for those interested in specific areas of Floyd research.

As a One Name Study, this project is not limited to persons who are related biologically. Individual studies can be used to branch out the research into specific methods and areas of interest, such as geographically (England Floyds), by time period (18th Century Floyds), or by topic (Floyd DNA, Floyd Occupations, Floyd Statistics). These studies may also include a number of family branches which have no immediate link with each other. Some researchers may even be motivated to go beyond the profile identification and research stage to compile fully sourced, single-family histories of some of the families they discover through this name study project.

Membership Requirements

Requirements for joining:

  • Have Family Member level membership and sign the Honor Code
  • Declare what you would like to work on within the project. Check out the list of Floyd Study Teams] to see if there is a specific study ongoing that fits your interests. If a team does not yet exist for your particular area of interest, please contact the Name Study Coordinator: Wes Miller for assistance.

Project Statistics

  • Total project profiles through 29 March 2023: 428

Research Pages

Here are some of the current research pages included in the study. I'll be working on them, and could use your help!

Project Member Task List

1. Origins of Floyd Surname

2. Identification of First Arrivals/Births in the American Colonies

3. Sourcing of Floyd Profiles

4. Identification and Merging of Duplicate Profiles

5. Adoption of Orphaned Profiles after Sourcing

Related Surnames and Surname Variants

Although Ron mentioned Floyds as Quakers, my own Floyd family came from South Carolina to Loa, Utah in 1903, and all of those Floyd are Mormons, and there records are recorded in the Morman Genealogy Collection in Salt Lake City, Utah. One of the Floyd family mentioned they came from Holland to New York.

A wonderful book, not published yet, was written by Chuck Floyd "called Early Floyd Family History in Virginia and the Carolinas 1600-1860, Surnames, Floyd, Flloyd, Flyd, Ffloyd, Floyde, Floid, Flood, Flowyd, Fowde, Flud, Fludd, Fluud, Fluudi ...Lhuyd, Lloyd, Wnyd, Llwyd, various spelling of the Floyd Surname.

Another book called "Pretty Boy Floyd", written by Michael Wallis, the Life and Times of Charles Arthur Floyd, which has a lot of first hand genealogy information given by family members in this book, they were from Horry County, Floyd County, South Carolina.

Any further research information, books, or research is welcome on this page, if you would like to post any comments, and again I especially thank Ron Floyd for his input.

Peter Floyd Esche - Esche-7 has now joined the Floyd Name Study group.

Origin of the Floyd Surname

submitted by: Ron Floyd [Floyd-1923]

The surname Floyd is an anglicized form of the Celtic Welsh name Lloyd. This name is of nickname origin, belonging to that category of names which were applied to their original bearers as nicknames. In this case, the name comes from the Welsh “llwyd” meaning “grey” and was probably given to someone because of gray hair or a pale complexion. Welsh migrants to England and Scotland in the early Middle Ages took the name with them, but the Welsh “ll” sound proved difficult to pronounce so was gradually changed. The name appears regularly in early English sources. The first instance occurs in 1509, in the Lincolnshire Pipe Rolls, where the name of Richard Floyd is mentioned. In 1532 the same rolls contain a reference to John Floyd. The name next appears in the Surrey Muster lists in 1544. Where Griffin Floyde is registered. In London in 1560, the name of William Floyd, alias Flowde, is entered in the Patent Rolls. The first appearance of the name in America is in a muster of “the living in Virginia” taken on February 16, 1623, where Thomas Floyd was recorded. A further muster, in 1624, recorded the name of Nathaniel Floid, who sailed to America in the “Bona Nova”. The spelling of his name is changed in further documentation to the most common current version, Floyd. There are many gaps in the facts as to the early Floyd migrations to America. Two prevalent schools of thought are that the initial Floyds, Welsh/Scots/English immigrants, all came from ports in Great Britain: 1. Sailed into Virginia on ships they either owned or owed their passage; then either sailed on up the coast to Long Island, New York (Richard Floyd I, arr. 1656) or down the coast to Charlestown, South Carolina (Richard F. Floyd, Sr, arr. 1654-63); or 2. Sailed directly into all three ports from Great Britain. Probably both cases have merit; but either way, they settled on the coast and from there they eventually began moving west. It appears, my direct line ancestors entered through Charlestown, migrated through South Carolina into North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas. Some branches left the Carolinas moving through Georgia and Alabama while others went through to Virginia and Kentucky.

Research notes: between Ron Floyd [Floyd-1923] and Jennifer (Floyd) Zucconi [Floyd-1558]

Analysis concludes that my DNA is more akin to the Scottish line(50%) instead of directly from the Welsh/English(38%) and Irish(12%) that I had been chasing. This also supports the basis for my American kin and their arrival through South Carolina. I am currently hard at work to get this linked. But as fate would have it, the Scottish side is the least documented for this pre 1600 era. There's a Richard, son of Edward, son of William, who fits the timeline with our Richard Floyd Sr. And they're actually Floyds, not Floids, Lloyds or Loyds, etc. The Flaids were from Denbigh on eastward, even over to Angelsey. That's interesting because the Welsh cleared Angelsey of "the Scots." They called both Scots and Irish "the Scots." I assume it's because of the linguistic similarity between them (the Welsh being P-Celtic and Scottish/Irish Gaelic being Q-Celtic, i.e. ap and maq) and basically because they are pretty much the same. There was a lot of intermarriage between the Welsh and the other Celts, particularly in that northern and western part of Wales, so it wouldn't be at all surprising to have both Scot and a touch of Welsh in your lineage. I came upon a Rhirid Flaid. His grandfather's name meant "Bloody Wolf" or "Red Wolf" in polite company. Flaid means wolf. I had seen a passenger list for the colonies that had a Flaid on it so I'm curious if the Flaid name might actually be more akin to Floyd than Lloyd or Llwyd. I wish there could be a DNA study that would separate the lines for us. Otherwise it might be impossible to get any further back than our eastern shore.

Research notes: Jennifer (Floyd) Zucconi [Floyd-1558]

I poured over the genealogy collection at Aberystwyth University. The university link is http://www.aber.ac.uk/en/search/?q=Welsh+genealogy&s=all Dictionary of Welsh Biography: http://wbo.llgc.org.uk/en/s-RHIR-FLA-1160.html?query=Rhirid+Flaidd&field=name One pedigree for him: http://www.fabpedigree.com/s080/f040789.htm On another topic http://www.genealogy.com/ftm/w/i/l/James-K-Willis-TX/WEBSITE-0001/UHP-0015.html That’s a post about Floyd Quakers. It starts out with a Mary Floyd, then goes into lots of families. The last sentence says Floyd is a proven Quaker family. I’ve seen lots of Floyd connections with Quakers and I’ve studied the Pennsylvania Lloyds. But I’ve never found anything that definitely puts the NC/SC/TN Floyds in the Quaker column themselves, other than marrying Quakers who left the church.

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In my research, I have found relatives in all sections of the country. They are descendants of princes to paupers; poets to politicians; plantation owners to pickers; pilgrims to pioneers; preachers to professors; postman to post office wanted posters; Presbyterians to Pentecostals; privates to generals, serving in every war we have fought. Nothing surprises me anymore. What other family has a signer of the Declaration of Independence, William Floyd (NY), and an FBI Most Wanted, Charles Arthur “Pretty Boy” Floyd (GA/OK). Suffice to say in the almost 400 hundred years from 1623 till now, we are about as American as you can get!
posted 13 May 2018 by Ron Floyd   [thank Ron]
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I would love to join this project! Thanks for all the work that you have done! Susanne
posted by Susanne Floyd
Hello Susanne,

Please send me a private message, and we can talk about the various ways to contribute to the project. Thanks for offering, and looking forward to the collaboration!

posted by Wes Miller
Thank you Ron for all that you have done to make this possible. I have been searching my FLOYD line for years. My issue is that I cannot for the life of me get further back than my 3X great grandparents William Floyd (182?-?) born in KY and Eliza Brown (1823-?) born in VA. They were married in Decatur Macon Illinois on 13 October 1848. I have done a dna test through 23&me (January 2020) and am on every site and fb page out there and still at a dead end.
posted by Kelly (Bergmann) Keen
edited by Kelly (Bergmann) Keen
I would like to join the Floyd Name Project...I am the son Of George Henry Floyd...RAF service #551521...who served with the RAF COTU 111 in the Bahamas (Training on Mitchel bombers and north atlantic submarine patrols) during WW11 1939 to 1946.

Regards Robert George Floyd Adderley [email address removed]

I'd like to join the Floyd Name Project. Thanks for all the research that you do, Ron! You have been an amazing resource. I didn't realize this project existed.
posted by Susanne Floyd
I have had a brick wall for years trying to find the parents of 2nd great grandfather William F Floyd who was born in 1802 in Georgia and died in 1860 in Oktibbeha County Mississippi. He was married to Laura Ellen Willingham. I have searched every available resource that I know of. If anyone has any possible knowledge of him or other tips, any help would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to join the Floyd Surname research project. Thanks.
posted by [Living Floyd]
I would like to join the Floyd Name Study. My great-grandmother was a Floyd.

Thank you. Cheryl J Smith Hess Smith-159364

looking for help from an experienced floyd hunter

well i have found my way back to my great granddad horace r floyd, married 1919 i have a foto of him on his 100th birthday that i believe was taken in the mid 1950s

ive been through birth marriage and death records, also the census. where else should i be looking

posted by Jamie Floyd
Thank Ron Floyd for his wonderful contributions to this page, we welcome all comments and help on this page concerning the Floyd name, and the DNA data for Floyd for Dona Floyd is on Ancestry website.
posted by [Living Floyd]
DNA tests on Dona Floyd are located on Ancestry.com, with matches to the Floyd family in Utah and South Carolina.

Dona Floyd Kimmons

posted by [Living Floyd]

Not sure where you are wanting to go with the Task List but went ahead and posted some background/research from work with another Wikitree Floyd that might be some possible ideas. Waiting for your lead.

Ron Floyd [Floyd-1923]

posted by Ron Floyd
Hi Dona! Sorry I missed your G2G post earlier. I think you're all set now. I added text to the companion category for your name study (Category:Floyd Name Study). Feel free to edit it. The default for the template is to add the main category, but you can add a line to have a different category. See the ONS template page for details.

Cheers, Liz

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett