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Following the Mitochondrial Path for J Landry's wife Marianne

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This is the project page for the Descendants of Marianne (Unknown) Landry (1695-bef.1735); our ultimate goal is to establish DNA Confirmations between one of Georgia's first families and their descendants. Hopefully we can use this genealogy as a resource to bridge to her most remote ancestors.

Mitochondrial Tracing

Marianne's ancestry can be traced from mother to daughter with reasonable certainty to (Beginning with Most Recent):

Amanda (Moyer) Torrey (1952-
Grace (Rogers) Moyer (1909-1985
Alma (Groover) Rogers (1892-1952) - Georgia (Salzburgers)
Margaret E. (Wise) Groover (1862-abt.1918) - Georgia (Bulloch County Primitive Baptists)
Susan Catherine (McElveen) Wise (abt.1820-1893) Father - Presbyterians from South Carolina (Scots immigrated from County Downs)
Susannah (Harvey) Bragg (abt.1788-1861)- Georgia Bryan County
Elizabeth (Morell) Harvey (abt.1760-1835) - Suspected Georgian Huguenots
Elizabeth (Landry) Morel (aft.1730-aft.1777) Passenger on the Transporter, James dep'd Rotterdam 28 Sep 1733 arr'd in Savannah 14 Jan 1734 Settled in Highgate GA
Marianne (Unknown) Landry (1695-bef.1735)

Marianne's husband, Jacques Landry (abt.1690-) of Cadzand, Zeeland, Netherlands [1]. DNA evidence suggests he may be descended from Huguenots who left Marck, Pas-de-Calais, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France for Cadzand during the French persecution of French Protestants in the 17th Century.


  • MRCA = most recent common ancestor(s).
  • cohort = a group of DNA samples all descended from the same MRCA.
  • cohort-pair = two DNA samples from different cohorts that are tested against each other
  • opposite autosome = the non-selected autosomal chromosome of the two which constitute an autosomal pair. In matches between two or more cohort-pairs, it refers to the illusion of a match between samples of one cohort-pair with another cohort-pair on the same segment of the same chromosome. The falsity of the match is revealed when testing a sample from the first cohort-pair against a sample from the second cohort-pair, which demonstrates that each cohort-pair contains a separate, distinct match on each of the autosomal chromosomes of the autosomal pair.
  • valid match = a match between two DNA samples in which the minimum segment is 5 cMs, the minimum segment size for negligible false-positives.[1]
  • threshold match = a match between two DNA samples in which the minimum segment is 7 cMs, the historically accepted minimum segment size for a moderately confident likelihood of a single MRCA.[2]
  • multi-chromosomal match = a valid and/or threshold match between two DNA samples on more than one autosomal pair.

DNA Samples

Primary Cohort

Secondary Cohorts

Small Samples

Marital Samples

Additionally, 123 samples from affiliated marital lines that match the relevant Bird samples along the paternal line are included, collectively referred to as "the marital samples."


DNA matching was undertaken at GEDmatch using the default measures for One-to-One Autosomal Comparison except for the minimum segment cM size which was set to a numerical value of 5, the minimum segment size for negligible false-positives.[1]Documented false positives were likewise eliminated.[15] When dealing with large data sets, telltale traces of ancient, degraded DNA commonality seem to be:

  • statistically significant,[16] valid matches[1]between samples from different cohorts; and
  • matches between different cohort-pairs along the opposite autosome; and
  • repetition of matches between different cohort-pairs on different segments of the same chromosome, particularly where those segments adjoin or are nearly-adjoined; and
  • residual threshold matches.

As a rule of thumb, "identical by descent" blocks longer than 4 cMs date from 500-1,500 years, while blocks longer than 10 cM date from within the last 500 years.[17]In my own experience, however, meaningful identification of "identical by descent" trends from significantly-large sample-groups has been limited to about 700 years.

Francis Bird/Rhoda Schermerhorn

Baseline Relationships

The first series of tests establish percentages for two cohorts known to share Francis Bird/Rhoda Schermerhorn as the MRCA: Cohort 1A and Cohort 1B. The DNA split occurred in 1820 and 1823. Five descendants of Joshua Merritt Bird/Elizabeth Cheatham[4] were tested against 12 samples from descendants of John Owens Bird/Permelia Hardin[5]revealing:

  • a 72% valid match rate;[18]
  • a 47% threshold match rate;[19]and
  • a 33% multi-chromosomal match rate.[20]

Marital Lines

The second tests determine common marital lines that preceded the DNA split of 1820-1823, with Cohort 1 being tested against various samples from the marital lines to reveal:



Speculative Relations


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Common Genome of Descendants of Francis Bird [2]

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