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Forefathers Burial Ground, Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Privacy Level: Open (White)
Date: [unknown] [unknown]
Location: Chelmsford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United Statesmap
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Table of Interments

Plot First Last Death Lat Lon Photo Notes
HIS-001-1 Willard Blood 1748-01-09 F
HIS-002-1 Mr. John Senr. Bates 1722-05-17 F
HIS-003-1 Mr. John Bates 1722-05-01 F
HIS-004-1 Mrs. Betty Davis 1769-12-03 F
HIS-005-1 John Bates 1724-05-22 F
HIS-006-1 Sarah Bowers 1735-10-00 F
HIS-007-1 Laura W. Moore 1842-02-22 F
HIS-007-1A George Henry Moore 1841-04-01 F
HIS-008-1 Mary Manning 1857-06-21 F
HIS-009-1 Nathaniel Manning 1814-09-19 F
HIS-009-2 Miss Mary Manning 1787-12-23 F
HIS-009-3 Asa Manning 1845-03-27 F
HIS-010-1 Mrs. Mary Manning 1836-02-27 F
HIS-011-1 Timothy Jr. Manning 1861-02-07 F
HIS-012-1 Timothy Manning 1836-03-11 F
HIS-013-1 Esther Manning 1863-09-22 F
HIS-014-1 Benjamin Prescott 1833-05-22 F
HIS-014-1A Henry Ware Dickinson 1839-03-07 F
HIS-014-2 Amey Prescott 1858-08-24 F
HIS-014-2A Adrain Clark 1839-05-00 F
HIS-015-1 Martha (Prescott) Dickinson Dickinson 1860-02-06 F
HIS-016-1 Augustine M. Dickinson 1850-11-28 F
HIS-017-1 Israel D. Harper 1832-12-19 F
HIS-018-1 Phena Robbins 1852-08-25 F
HIS-019-1 Mr. James Robbins 1835-05-15 F
HIS-020-1 Mr. Zaccheus W. Robbins 1837-09-17 F
HIS-021-1 Mr. Isaac Barron 1739-09-16 F
HIS-022-1 Lieut. Jonathan Barron 1748-08-20 F
HIS-023-1 Mrs. Rebecca Wilder 1796-10-18 F
HIS-024-1 Mrs. Anna Chamberlain 1720-04-21 F
HIS-025-1 Capt. Joseph Adams 1718-01-22 F
HIS-026-1 Mr. Joseph Adams 1772-06-07 F
HIS-027-1 Mary Gould 1736-11-08 F
HIS-028-1 Lieut. Jonathan Bowers 1756-09-26 F
HIS-029-1 Mrs. Thankful Emery 1785-08-31 F
HIS-030-1 Mr. Zachariah Emery 1776-08-30 F
HIS-031-1 Mr. Joshua Davis 1792-02-11 F
HIS-032-1 Mrs. Elizabeth Davis 1775-09-11 F
HIS-033-1 Miss Olive Bates 1810-12-28 F
HIS-034-1 Mr. Ephraim Blood 1775-03-16 F
HIS-035-1 Mrs. Betty Blood 1771-12-28 F
HIS-036-1 John Hildreth 1724-03-10 F
HIS-037-1 Mrs. Elizabeth Bowers 1721-03-04 F
HIS-038-1 Mr. Joshua Snow 1783-03-17 F
HIS-039-1 Miss Sarah Snow 1776-01-20 F
HIS-041-1 Mrs. Sarah Hildreth 1735-04-05 F
HIS-042-1 Mrs. Esther Spaulding 1790-01-21 F
HIS-043-1 Jonathan Perham 1724-04-07 F
HIS-044-1 Cornet Benoni Perham 1724-03-14 F
HIS-045-1 Mrs. Sarah Perham 1742-02-22 F
HIS-046-1 Hannah Perham 1736-08-00 F
HIS-047-1 Mr. Gershom Junr. Proctor 1750-02-07 F
HIS-048-1 Mr. Gershom Senr. Proctor 1774-10-17 F
HIS-049-1 Mrs. Rebekah Proctor 1776-04-16 F
HIS-050-1 Capt. Moses Barron 1719-09-16 F
HIS-051-1 Abigail Barron 1763-06-06 F
HIS-052-1 Mr. Jonathan Butterfield 1750-04-17 F
HIS-053-1 Marcy Richardson 1746-01-19 F
HIS-054-1 Benjamin Gould 1742-03-18 F
HIS-055-1 John Frye Bowers 1799-07-18 F
HIS-056-1 Nathaneel Blodget 1710-10-12 F
HIS-057-1 Mrs. Lydia Perham 1710-06-26 F
HIS-058-1 Mr. John Perham 1721-01-21 F
HIS-059-1 Serjnt. Benjamin Butterfield 1715-03-31 F
HIS-060-1 Mr. Gershom Proctor 1714-11-08 F
HIS-061-1 Mrs. Mercy Butterfield 1743-04-25 F
HIS-062-1 Lieut. Josiah Richardson 1711-10-17 F
HIS-063-1 Ezekiel Richardson 1696-11-27 F
HIS-064-1 Mary Howe 1741-05-07 F
HIS-065-1 Sibyll Spaulding 1747-09-09 F
HIS-065-2 Thomas Richardson 1698-05-06 F
HIS-066-1 Sarah Barrett 1716-05-23 F
HIS-067-1 Esther Richardson 2001-05-19 F
HIS-068-1 Sybil Richardson 1827-06-24 F
HIS-069-1 Josiah Richardson 1801-04-15 F
HIS-070-1 Lydia Richardson 1822-10-15 F
HIS-071-1 Mr. Joshua Davis 1805-02-03 F
HIS-071A-1 J. or L. B. F
HIS-072-1 Olive Gould 1792-03-05 F
HIS-073-1 Elizabeth B. Parker 1832-06-16 F
HIS-074-1 Miss Susze Pierce 1775-12-11 F
HIS-075-1 Ms. Dorcas Hildreth 1727-05-10 F
HIS-076-1 Mrs. Mary Hildreth 1757-09-25 F
HIS-077-1 Mrs. Sarah Hildreth 1746-11-11 F
HIS-078-1 Mr. Robert Bates 1791-05-21 F
HIS-079-1 Mrs. Lydia Bates 1806-07-06 F
HIS-080-1 Nathaniel Bowers 1726-02-27 F
HIS-081-1 Mrs. Mary Spaulding 1747-10-02 F
HIS-082-1 Mr. Henry Spaulding 1754-10-02 F
HIS-083-1 Ms. Elizabeth Hildreth 1727-02-18 F
HIS-083A-1 Samuel Hildreth F
HIS-084-1 Sarah Butterfield 1738-04-28 F
HIS-085-1 Parker Snow 1796-01-28 F
HIS-086-1 Louisa Bannister Smith 1837-06-03 F
HIS-087-1 Thomas Fletcher 1698-04-03 F
HIS-088-1 Samuel Fletcher 1697-02-01 F
HIS-089-1 Mrs. Elizabeth Scripture 1781-04-15 F
HIS-090-1 Mary Spaulding F
HIS-091-1 Ms. Elizabeth Richardson 1722-05-09 F
HIS-091-1A Almah Richardson 1844-03-04 F
HIS-092-1 Mrs. Rememberance Richardson 1719-02-20 F
HIS-093-1 Capt. Josias Richardson 1695-07-22 F
HIS-094-1 William Wallace Hosmer 1829-01-08 F
HIS-095-1 John Horatio Hosmer 1827-07-17 F
HIS-096-1 Miss Mary Gould 1825-08-20 F
HIS-097-1 Miss Nancy Gould 1815-09-05 F
HIS-098-1 Benjamin Gould 1742-03-15 F
HIS-098-2 Mrs. Sarah Gould 1813-02-11 F
HIS-099-1 Miss Ruth Gould 1931-03-23 F
HIS-100-1 Dea. Ebenezer Gould 1816-04-06 F
HIS-101-1 Mrs. Olive Gould 1790-10-06 F
HIS-102-1 Miss Ruth Gould 1785-04-18 F
HIS-103-1 Edwin Proctor 1833-03-12 F
HIS-104-1 Azariah Proctor 1838-11-21 F
HIS-105-1 Mrs. Abigail Osborn 1838-01-29 F
HIS-106-1 Mrs. Mary Freeland 1826-09-09 F
HIS-107-1 Mr. John Freeland 1801-01-17 F
HIS-108-1 Susanna Parkhurst 1794-06-25 F
HIS-109-1 Mrs. Mary Dutton 1724-02-09 F
HIS-110-1 Stephen Keyes 1714-02-06 F
HIS-111-1 Samuel Fletcher 1705-01-24 F
HIS-112-1 Mary Fletcher 1704-01-30 F
HIS-112-2 S. Fletcher F
HIS-113-1 Esther Fletcher 1737-10-27 F
HIS-114-1 Joshua Fletcher 1737-11-05 F
HIS-115-1 Samuel Fletcher 1697-12-09 F
HIS-116-1 Mr. Henry Spaulding 1718-04-05 F
HIS-117-1 Mrs. Hannah Spaulding 1730-01-21 F
HIS-118-1 Dea. Andrew Spaulding 1713-05-05 F
HIS-119-1 Lieut. Edward Spaulding 1708-01-10 F
HIS-120-1 Sybil Richardson 1831-05-21 F
HIS-121-1 Mr. Josiah Richardson 1822-05-08 F
HIS-122-1 Mrs. Mary Gould 1769-08-05 F
HIS-123-1 Mrs. Sara Grave 1793-04-04 F
HIS-124-1 Benjamin Gould 1765-12-28 F
HIS-125-1 Rachel Gould 1754-12-04 F
HIS-126-1 Joseph Philips Gould 1795-02-21 F
HIS-127-1 Mrs. Lucy Harwood 1774-06-14 F
HIS-128-1 Mr. William Proctor 1767-10-13 F
HIS-129-1 Lucy Proctor 1755-11-21 F
HIS-130-1 Levi Proctor 1755-11-19 F
HIS-131-1 Will Proctor 1738-09-10 F
HIS-132-1 Samuel Parkhurst 1849-01-15 F
HIS-133-1 Micajah Parkhurst 1832-01-08 F
HIS-134-1 Samuel Parkhurst 1802-01-16 F
HIS-135-1 Miss Betsy Parkhurst 1811-10-13 F
HIS-136-1 Mrs. Betty Parkhurst 1817-01-29 F
HIS-137-1 Rachel Parker 1746-09-10 F
HIS-138-1 Mr. Benjamin Howard 1754-05-16 F
HIS-139-1 Mrs. Lydia Fletcher 1746-02-09 F
HIS-139P-1 B. F. F
HIS-140-1 Mrs. Mary Howard 1742-01-27 F
HIS-141-1 Mr. Benjamin Howard 1760-01-19 F
HIS-142-1 Nathaniel Howard 1742-01-29 F
HIS-143-1 Lydia Howard 1764-08-15 F
HIS-144-1 Mrs. Martha Howard 1793-04-27 F
HIS-145-1 Mrs. Mary Richardson 1791-04-01 F
HIS-146-1 Esther Adams 1759-10-04 F
HIS-147-1 Samuel Adams 1745-11-04 F
HIS-148-1 Mrs. Esther Adams 1745-11-14 F
HIS-149-1 Ms. Lydia Adams 1745-12-30 F
HIS-150-1 Mr. Samuel Chamberlain 1745-02-16 F
HIS-151-1 Mr. Peletiah Adams 1746-07-15 F
HIS-152-1 Joanah Spaulding 1747-08-24 F
HIS-153-1 Sarah Spaulding 1746-11-14 F
HIS-154-1 Simeon Col. Spaulding 1785-04-07 F
HIS-155-1 Joseph Spaulding 1728-03-12 F
HIS-156-1 Edward Spaulding 1670-02-26 F
HIS-157-1 Mrs. Rachel Richardson 1727-02-26 F
HIS-157-2 Samuel Richardson 1727-02-18 F
HIS-158-1 Mr. Samuel Richardson 1754-04-23 F
HIS-159-1 Rachel Richardson 1760-10-21 F
HIS-160-1 Hannah Marshall 1770-12-09 F
HIS-161-1 John Marshall 1771-06-20 F
HIS-162-1 Thomas Marshall 1799-05-25 F
HIS-163-1 Lydia Marshall 1801-05-25 F
HIS-164-1 Ruth Marshall 2002-08-06 F
HIS-165-1 Grace Livermore 1690-01-14 F
HIS-166-1 Mary Chamberlain 1692-02-08 F
HIS-167-1 Sarah Howard 1736-10-06 F
HIS-168-1 Ann P. Remme 1829-08-30 F
HIS-169-1 Clarissa Spaulding 1801-07-14 F
HIS-170-1 Mrs. Hannah Hay 1830-04-12 F
HIS-171-1 Mr. James Hay 1826-03-26 F
HIS-172-1 John J. Sticklemire 1814-03-31 F
HIS-173-1 Joseph Hirsch 1823-08-27 F
HIS-173-2 Elizabeth Hirsch 1871-10-17 F
HIS-174-1 Mr. Alois Rush 1825-02-19 F
HIS-175-1 Mr. Joshua Fletcher 1727-09-15 F
HIS-176-1 Mr. Daniel Nichols 1768-11-20 F
HIS-177-1 Mrs. Susanna Nichols 1806-10-11 F
HIS-178-1 Mrs. Lydia Richardson 1797-02-21 F
HIS-179-1 Eleazer Richardson 1776-08-15 F
HIS-180-1 Oliver Richardson 1816-05-17 F
HIS-181-1 Chloe Richardson 1807-01-17 F
HIS-182-1 Mrs. Hannah Reading 1768-09-24 F
HIS-183-1 Mr. Jonathan Parkhurst 1737-03-25 F
HIS-184-1 Rachel Parkhurst 1801-09-20 F
HIS-185-1 Rebeckah Parker 1737-01-17 F
HIS-186-1 Rebeckah Parker 1724-12-12 F
HIS-187-1 John Parker 1744-09-02 F
HIS-188-1 Mr. Nathaniel Senr. Howard 1710-01-21 F
HIS-189-1 Sarah Howard 1739-09-26 F
HIS-190-1 Richard Hildreth 1693-02-23 F
HIS-191-1 Hannah Parker 1775-08-28 F
HIS-192-1 Elizabeth Parker 1775-08-30 F
HIS-192A-1 Sarah Adams 1754-09-25 F
HIS-193-1 Mrs. Abigail Chamberlain 1760-05-16 F
HIS-194-1 Capt. Samuel Adams 1767-04-12 F
HIS-195-1 Abigail Chamberlin Thorndike 1843-08-30 F
HIS-196-1 Hezikiah Thorndike 1842-05-03 F
HIS-197-1 Nancy Thorndike 1828-05-27 F
HIS-199-1 Mr. Jonathan Howard 1758-09-14 F
HIS-200-1 Margaret Bradt 1848-06-25 F
HIS-200-2 Henry Bradt 1830-09-30 F
HIS-200-3 Barnabus Bradt 1828-05-01 F
HIS-201-1 Mr. Francis G. Hirsch 1829-10-23 F
HIS-202-1 Lewis Hirsch 1830-03-06 F
HIS-203-1 Francis G. Hirsch 1847-02-13 F
HIS-204-1 A. M. Stephani Scales 1772-11-05 F
HIS-205-1 Ebenezer Shedd 1815-02-21 F
HIS-205-2 Lucy Parker Shedd 1873-10-12 F
HIS-206-1 Joseph Shedd 1851-02-11 F
HIS-207-1 Lucy Shedd 1849-02-02 F
HIS-207-2 Capt. Ebenezer Shedd 1829-03-01 F
HIS-208-1 Mary Shedd 1785-08-03 F
HIS-209-1 Ruth Parkhurst 1803-12-30 F
HIS-210-1 John Parkhurst 1830-08-28 F
HIS-211-1 Surviah M. Parkhurst 1873-07-03 F
HIS-212-1 Deacon Benjamin Parkhurst 1812-06-24 F
HIS-213-1 Elizabeth Parkhurst 1822-05-20 F
HIS-214-1 Abigail Parkhurst 1784-11-10 F
HIS-215-1 Elizabeth Parkhurst 1787-12-16 F
HIS-216-1 John Parkhurst 1741-02-20 F
HIS-217-1 Mr. John Parker 1741-02-20 F
HIS-217-2 Mrs. Rebeckah Parker 1741-02-21 F
HIS-218-1 Lieut. John Parker 1763-03-17 F
HIS-219-1 Mrs. Hannah Parkhurst 1781-02-05 F
HIS-220-1 Mrs. Judeath Chamberlain 1801-07-08 F
HIS-221-1 Mrs. Hannah Hildreth 1737-05-16 F
HIS-222-1 Eunice Spaulding 1849-05-07 F
HIS-223-1 Ebenezer Spaulding 1845-04-14 F
HIS-224-1 Ebenezer Jr. Spaulding 1832-11-17 F
HIS-225-1 Mr. Seth Livingston 1809-05-23 F
HIS-226-1 Mrs. Abigail Livingston 1819-11-24 F
HIS-227-1 Jarathmel Bowers 1715-05-07 F
HIS-228-1 Mary Spaulding 1733-08-05 F
HIS-229-1 Henry Spaulding 1738-01-23 F
HIS-230-1 Clarice Parker 1803-01-16 F
HIS-231-1 Charlott Parker 1804-11-28 F
HIS-232-1 Clarice Parker 1806-09-15 F
HIS-233-1 Betty Dunn 1778-08-23 F
HIS-234-1 Ephraim Fletcher 1763-11-07 F
HIS-235-1 Bridget Ditson 1837-07-31 F
HIS-236-1 John II Spaulding 1830-10-27 F
HIS-237-1 Nathaniel Spaulding 1829-02-12 F
HIS-238-1 Sarah Spaulding 1830-10-05 F
HIS-239-1 Job Spaulding 1835-11-15 F
HIS-240-1 Lucy Stevens 1802-12-18 F
HIS-241-1 Lydia Shedd 1775-12-28 F
HIS-242-1 Noah Shedd 1772-09-10 F
HIS-243-1 Zechariah Shedd 1786-02-02 F
HIS-244-1 Mrs. Mary Parkhurst 1826-03-06 F
HIS-245-1 Mr. Phillip Parkhurst 1810-12-14 F
HIS-246-1 Mr. James Parkhurst 1796-01-18 F
HIS-247-1 Mrs. Abigail Parkhurst 1772-07-29 F
HIS-248-1 Silas Parkhurst 1810-09-19 F
HIS-249-1 Andrew Parkhurst 1834-07-26 F
HIS-251-1 Andrew Parkhurst 1753-11-10 F
HIS-251-2 Abigail Parkhurst 1733-00-00 F
HIS-252-1 Abigail Parkhurst 1737-02-17 F
HIS-253-1 Benjamin Parkhurst 1737-02-17 F
HIS-254-1 Lydia Barrett 1737-02-12 F
HIS-255-1 Mr. Ebenezer Barrett 1752-02-23 F
HIS-256-1 Mr. Jonathan Barrett 1773-10-09 F
HIS-257-1 Mrs. Lydia Barrett 1789-11-16 F
HIS-258-1 Mr. Richard Stratton 1724-04-08 F
HIS-259-1 Mrs. Elizabeth Dunn 1774-07-18 F
HIS-260-1 Mr. James Dunn 1803-04-18 F
HIS-261-1 Mr. Joseph Dunn 1778-12-21 F
HIS-262-1 Joseph Bailey 1852-08-21 F
HIS-263-1 Charles Bailey 1816-02-14 F
HIS-264-1 Joseph Bailey 1808-04-26 F
HIS-265-1 Lieut. Jonathan Minot 1770-07-23 F
HIS-266-1 Mrs. Elizabeth Minot 1772-05-07 F
HIS-267-1 Mr. James Twiss 1826-10-03 F
HIS-268-1 Thankful Spaulding 1778-09-03 F
HIS-269-1 Mr. Henry Spaulding 1760-02-03 F
HIS-270-1 Mrs. Mary Spaulding 1807-04-29 F
HIS-271-1 Cornet Henry Spaulding 1792-04-29 F
HIS-272-1 Olive Spaulding 1778-08-31 F
HIS-273-1 Mrs. Lucia Spaulding 1742-06-11 F
HIS-274-1 Henry Spaulding 1776-04-26 F
HIS-275-1 Mr. Samuel Proctor 1740-04-12 F
HIS-276-1 Mr. Matthias Cowdry 1739-10-15 F
HIS-277-1 Ruth Blodget 1749-10-15 F
HIS-278-1 Olive Blodget 1749-09-24 F
HIS-279-1 Reuben Blodget 1749-09-22 F
HIS-280-1 William Stoddard 1750-04-01 F
HIS-281-1 Elizabeth Stoddard 1749-10-10 F
HIS-282-1 John Vryling Stoddard 1745-10-10 F
HIS-283-1 Mrs. Elizabeth Stoddard 1743-07-26 F
HIS-283-2 Timothy MD Harrington 1802-02-26 F
HIS-283-3 Mrs. Sarah Harrington 1843-05-26 F
HIS-284-1 Mrs. Elizabeth Blodget 1769-09-11 F
HIS-285-1 Ebenezer Blodget 1733-01-01 F
HIS-286-1 Lieut. William Blodget 1779-05-30 F
HIS-287-1 Elizabeth Parker 1787-04-17 F
HIS-288-1 Simeon Blodget 1804-11-10 F
HIS-289-1 Lydia Blodget 1801-10-07 F
HIS-290-1 Miss Hannah Blodget 1778-02-23 F
HIS-291-1 Lydia Meeds 1778-04-05 F
HIS-292-1 Ephraim Blodget 1778-03-09 F
HIS-293-1 Betty Blodget 1778-03-21 F
HIS-294-1 Sarah Parkhurst 1729-02-14 F
HIS-295-1 Sarah Parkhurst 1858-08-04 F
HIS-296-1 Amos Byam 1792-10-22 F
HIS-297-1 Edward Stevens 1816-03-13 F
HIS-298-1 Mrs. Martha Manning 1809-11-10 F
HIS-299-1 Benjamin Manning 1793-09-02 F
HIS-300-1 Isaiah Jr. Foster 1776-12-25 F
HIS-301-1 Mrs. Anna Foster 1786-05-25 F
HIS-302-1 Mrs. Betsy Adams 1807-04-06 F
HIS-303-1 Ebenezer Parker 1745-11-29 F
HIS-303A-1 Ichabod Chamberlain 1807-04-04 F
HIS-304-1 Lydia Foster 1745-11-08 F
HIS-305-1 Simeon Foster 1726-02-06 F
HIS-306-1 Mrs. Mary Adams 1785-09-18 F
HIS-307-1 Eli Parker 1877-09-14 F
HIS-309-1 Mrs. Susannah Proctor 1785-11-26 F
HIS-310-1 Capt. Daniel Proctor 1775-01-28 F
HIS-311-1 Mr. Jacob Chamberlain 1800-02-09 F
HIS-312-1 Mrs. Lydia Chamberlain 1775-05-31 F
HIS-313-1 Mr. Zachariah Richardson 1773-05-20 F
HIS-314-1 Mrs. Hannah Richardson 1754-03-10 F
HIS-315-1 Mr. Zachariah Richardson 1775-09-07 F
HIS-316-1 Miss Sibyl Richardson 1798-12-12 F
HIS-316-2 Miss Sarah Richardson 1784-04-09 F
HIS-316-3 Miss Hannah Richardson 1784-02-19 F
HIS-317-1 Elizabeth Hildreth 1716-08-03 F
HIS-318-1 John Hildreth 1714-03-17 F
HIS-318-2 Abigail Hildreth 1747-11-27 F
HIS-319-1 Jean Hill 1711-11-15 F
HIS-320-1 Jonathan Hill 1710-03-24 F
HIS-321-1 Sarah Parker 1729-02-14 F
HIS-322-1 Mrs. Sarah Butterfield 1734-06-19 F
HIS-323-1 Susanna Chamberlain 1801-10-07 F
HIS-323-2 Benjamin Chamberlain 1812-12-26 F
HIS-324-1 Susanna Chamberlain 1717-12-02 F
HIS-325-1 Jennie Warren F
HIS-325-2 Lieu. Joseph Warren 1807-07-01 F
HIS-325-3 Josie Warren F
HIS-326-1 Joseph Warren Mansur 1891-02-08 F
HIS-327-1 Capt. Joseph Parker 1738-04-29 F
HIS-328-1 Mrs. Rebeckah Parker 1791-01-01 F
HIS-329-1 Noah Foster 1777-11-07 F
HIS-329-2 Mrs. Hannah Foster 1795-07-03 F
HIS-330-1 Mr. William Foster 1786-03-11 F
HIS-331-1 William Foster 1756-07-03 F
HIS-332-1 Aaron Foster 1753-11-04 F
HIS-333-1 William Foster 1750-02-20 F
HIS-334-1 Mrs. Lydia Fletcher 1779-01-18 F
HIS-335-1 Jemima Fletcher 1779-09-24 F
HIS-336-1 Bettey Chamberlain 1795-07-12 F
HIS-337-1 Capt. Isaac Chamberlain 1827-12-18 F
HIS-338-1 Sarah Chamberlain 1840-01-12 F
HIS-339-1 Ebenezer Foster 1756-05-13 F
HIS-340-1 Lydia Foster 1737-03-19 F
HIS-341-1 Mrs. Mary Foster 1787-06-23 F
HIS-342-1 Samuel Butterfield 1805-01-18 F
HIS-343-1 Mary Butterfield 1821-10-04 F
HIS-344-1 Emeline Butterfield 1833-03-20 F
HIS-345-1 Mrs. Mary Clark 1700-12-03 F
HIS-346-1 Bridget Pierce 1805-06-12 F
HIS-347-1 Silas Pierce 1828-04-14 F
HIS-348-1 Joseph Farrar 1797-04-20 F
HIS-349-1 Mrs. Deborah Farrar 1808-06-30 F
HIS-350-1 Capt. Zachariah Richardson 1776-03-22 F
HIS-351-1 Mrs. Sarah Richardson 1788-08-11 F
HIS-352-1 Sarah Richardson 1785-07-03 F
HIS-353-1 Robert Richardson 1799-11-04 F
HIS-354-1 Elizabeth Hildreth 1716-09-04 F
HIS-355-1 Mrs. Hannah Fletcher 1778-09-26 F
HIS-355-2 Jepthae Fletcher 1778-09-26 F
HIS-355-3 Mary Fletcher 1778-10-03 F
HIS-355-4 Rebekah Fletcher 1778-09-24 F
HIS-355-5 Sarah Fletcher 1778-10-05 F
HIS-356-1 Mrs. Hannah Parker 1790-10-22 F
HIS-357-1 Susa Fletcher 1785-02-10 F
HIS-358-1 Elizabeth Parker 1709-09-23 F
HIS-359-1 Coronet Nathaniel Hill 1706-05-14 F
HIS-360-1 Mr. Andrew Fletcher 1759-04-23 F
HIS-361-1 Joanna Fletcher 1718-04-13 F
HIS-362-1 Lieut. William Fletcher 1712-05-23 F
HIS-363-1 Mr. William Fletcher 1742-01-27 F
HIS-364-1 Mrs. Tabitha Fletcher 1742-02-06 F
HIS-364A-1 Hannah Richardson 1775-06-28 F
HIS-365-1 Jonathan Fletcher 1739-11-14 F
HIS-366-1 Mr. Benjamin Fletcher 1772-12-23 F
HIS-367-1 Mr. Robert Fletcher 1781-03-05 F
HIS-368-1 Mrs. Remembrance Fletcher 1778-02-13 F
HIS-369-1 Lieut. Edward Foster 1741-07-12 F
HIS-370-1 Samson Fletcher 1720-03-00 F
HIS-370-2 Mrs. Mary Fletcher 1721-12-13 F
HIS-371-1 Benjamin F. Fletcher 1810-09-29 F
HIS-372-1 Dea. Stephen Pierce 1749-09-09 F
HIS-373-1 Rev. Thomas Clark 1704-12-07 F
HIS-374-1 Samuel Adams 1738-12-05 F
HIS-375-1 Mr. John Burg 1761-09-09 F
HIS-376-1 Mrs. Joanna Warren 1763-03-03 F
HIS-377-1 Capt. Joseph Warren 1792-03-17 F
HIS-378-1 Mrs. Sarah Warren 1815-10-07 F
HIS-379-1 Rev. Ebenezer Bridge 1792-10-01 F
HIS-380-1 Madam Sarah Bridge 1783-04-09 F
HIS-380-2 Kathryne Bridge 1756-03-23 F
HIS-380-3 Elizabeth Bridge 1756-03-31 F
HIS-381-1 Hannah Barrett 1759-03-17 F
HIS-382-1 Mrs. Rachel Barrett 1785-04-29 F
HIS-383-1 Mr. Thomas Barrett 1761-07-09 F
HIS-384-1 Mrs. Lucy Adams 1782-05-24 F
HIS-385-1 Ensign Benjamin Chamberlain 1763-04-30 F
HIS-386-1 Mr. Josiah Fletcher 1760-01-30 F
HIS-387-1 Mrs. Joanna Fletcher 1768-10-01 F
HIS-388-1 Benjamin Fletcher 1764-07-25 F
HIS-389-1 Oliver Esq. Fletcher 1771-11-30 F
HIS-390-1 Lieut. William Fletcher 1744-03-21 F
HIS-391-1 Mrs. Mary Fletcher 1768-02-23 F
HIS-392-1 Sarah Fletcher 1758-08-20 F
HIS-393-1 Thomas Fletcher 1764-07-04 F
HIS-394-1 Lydia Fletcher 1770-11-00 F
HIS-395-1 Mr. Thomas Fletcher 1771-08-07 F
HIS-396-1 Simeon Moore 1781-12-19 F
HIS-397-1 Ms. Sarah Foster 1718-01-27 F
HIS-398-1 Mr. Edward Foster 1716-02-22 F
HIS-399-1 Ms. Rebeckah Foster 1722-10-30 F
HIS-400-1 Mrs. Elizabeth Herrick 1789-11-04 F
HIS-401-1 Dea. Benjamin Adams 1762-08-13 F
HIS-402-1 Patty Herrick 1796-04-29 F
HIS-403-1 Rachel Howard 1818-10-22 F
HIS-404-1 Joanna Howard 1764-08-03 F
HIS-405-1 Abigail Howard 1764-08-05 F
HIS-406-1 Jacob Howard 1798-03-26 F
HIS-407-1 Rachel Howard 1814-07-24 F
HIS-408-1 Willard Howard 1837-01-01 F
HIS-409-1 Mr. Aaron Fletcher 1801-07-20 F
HIS-410-1 Elizabeth Flecher 1764-07-30 F
HIS-411-1 Jonathan Fletcher 1764-08-09 F
HIS-412-1 John Perham 1815-09-16 F
HIS-413-1 Samuel Perham 1866-06-09 F
HIS-414-1 Mr. Samuel Perham 1812-01-13 F
HIS-415-1 Mrs. Anna Perham 1807-10-29 F
HIS-416-1 Mr. Edward Spaulding 1761-11-25 F
HIS-417-1 Lieut. Joseph Moore 1775-07-05 F
HIS-418-1 Mrs. Esther Moore 1773-11-17 F
HIS-419-1 Dea. Samuel Foster 1702-07-10 F
HIS-420-1 Esther Foster 1702-04-16 F
HIS-421-1 Samuel Perham 1788-03-02 F
HIS-422-1 Bradley Pierce 1775-08-30 F
HIS-423-1 Stephen Pierce 1733-06-10 F
HIS-424-1 Mrs. Mary Pierce 1807-11-05 F
HIS-425-1 Mr. Joseph Pierce 1796-06-14 F
HIS-426-1 John Burg 1741-03-12 F
HIS-427-1 Miss Mary Marshall 1816-02-11 F
HIS-427-1A Infant Son Marshall F
HIS-428-1 Miss Mary Pierce 1826-10-28 F
HIS-429-1 Jeremiah Warren 1810-09-10 F
HIS-429-2 Rachel Warren 1836-12-07 F
HIS-429-3 Sybil Warren 1816-01-31 F
HIS-430-1 Mr. Joseph Warren 1769-09-28 F
HIS-431-1 Gideon Whittemore 1834-06-27 F
HIS-432-1 Capt. Joseph Mottey 1777-06-13 F
HIS-432-2 Charles Mottey 1778-10-02 F
HIS-433-1 Mr. Isaiah Spaulding 1787-11-27 F
HIS-434-1 Mr. Samuel Perham 1794-05-20 F
HIS-435-1 Mrs. Sarah Perham 1767-04-28 F
HIS-436-1 Mr. Benoni Perham 1774-02-10 F
HIS-437-1 Mrs. Mary Pierce 1761-06-05 F
HIS-438-1 Joanna Marshall 1855-02-12 F
HIS-439-1 James Marshall 1826-09-06 F
HIS-440-1 Nathaniel Marshall 1820-12-06 F
HIS-440-2 Levi Marshall 1820-12-05 F
HIS-441-1 Otis Marshall 1837-08-29 F
HIS-442-1 Joanna Marshall 1869-06-13 F
HIS-443-1 Cornet Daniel Blodget 1761-04-14 F
HIS-444-1 Capt. Joseph Emerson 1792-11-22 F
HIS-445-1 Elizabeth Emerson 1773-10-23 F
HIS-446-1 Ruth Emerson 1804-02-07 F
HIS-447-1 Elisha Davis 1775-09-18 F
HIS-448-1 Moses Davis 1806-06-21 F
HIS-449-1 Johnson Davis 1826-10-07 F
HIS-449-2 Betsy Davis 1861-11-26 F
HIS-450-1 Miss Rebekah Adams 1789-08-23 F
HIS-451-1 Miss Thankful Adams 1790-06-14 F
HIS-452-1 Simeon Adams 1797-05-24 F
HIS-453-1 Mrs. Mary Shedd 1830-09-03 F
HIS-454-1 Samuel Shedd 1829-05-02 F
HIS-454-2 Mary E. Shedd 1818-08-03 F
HIS-456-1 Rev. D. D. Wilson Waters 1933-06-13 F
HIS-457-1 Emily E. Read 1932-12-16 F
HIS-458-1 Albert S. Read 1927-12-17 F
HIS-459-1 Dea. Otis Adams 1881-00-00 F
HIS-459-2 Abigail O. Adams 1872-00-00 F
HIS-460-1 Mrs. Lucy Adams 1803-10-12 F
HIS-461-1 Joseph Adams 1796-09-17 F
HIS-462-1 Mrs. Lydia Adams 1799-07-18 F
HIS-463-1 Capt. Abel Adams 1792-02-21 F
HIS-464-1 Jonas Adams 1778-09-06 F
HIS-465-1 Mrs. Olive Adams 1819-10-05 F
HIS-467-1 Dea. Josiah Parkhurst 1818-12-31 F
HIS-467-2 Oliver Parkhurst 1835-09-05 F
HIS-467-3 Rachel Stevens Parkhurst 1860-04-11 F
HIS-467A-1 M. C. F
HIS-467A-2 M. C. F
HIS-468-1 Rev. John Fiske 1676-01-14 F
HIS-469-1 Mrs. Susanna Adams 1806-12-21 F
HIS-470-1 Abel Adams 1809-03-10 F
HIS-470-3 Norris Adams 1818-02-01 F
HIS-471-1 Dea. Cornelius Waldo 1700-01-03 F
HIS-472-1 Jonas Adams 1806-07-28 F
HIS-472-2 Sarah Adams 1812-11-14 F
HIS-473-1 Mr. Jonas Adams 1792-01-18 F
HIS-474-1 Mrs. Rebeckah Adams 1781-03-03 F
HIS-475-1 Salathiel Adams 1778-10-07 F
HIS-476-1 Isaac Chamberlain 1834-03-28 F
HIS-476-2 Mrs. Olive Chamberlain 1864-02-02 F
HIS-476-3 Harriet M. Chamberlain 1821-05-22 F
HIS-476-4 Moriah J. Chamberlain 1821-11-27 F
HIS-477-1 Charles H. Sanger 1832-10-13 F
HIS-478-1 Oliver Patten 1763-05-12 F
HIS-479-1 Mrs. Lydia Patten 1763-02-03 F
HIS-479A-1 H. S. F
HIS-480-1 John Emerson 1772-07-10 F
HIS-481-1 Elizabeth Emerson 1782-11-19 F
HIS-482-1 Rebekah Chamberlain 1775-08-31 F
HIS-483-1 Rebekah Chamberlain 1773-00-09
HIS-484-1 Mrs. Rebekah Chamberlain 1775-08-12 F
HIS-485-1 Mr. Phinehas Chamberlain 1813-07-04 F
HIS-486-1 Mr. Joseph Chamberlain 1830-12-19 F
HIS-487-1 Mrs. Mary Chamberlain 1845-10-20 F
HIS-488-1 Mrs. Olive Barron 1760-11-15 F
HIS-489-1 Jonas Farrar 1806-06-05 F
HIS-490-1 Peter Farrar 1804-03-05 F
HIS-491-1 John Farrar 1830-01-22 F
HIS-492-1 Isaac Robbins 1775-08-28 F
HIS-492A-1 Betty Robbins 1775-09-01 F
HIS-493-1 Elizabeth Farrar 1844-03-05 F
HIS-494-1 Mr. Israel Proctor 1775-06-09 F
HIS-495-1 Miss Sarah Walker 1775-09-24 F
HIS-496-1 Ensign Richard Hildreth 1760-04-26 F
HIS-497-1 Daniel B. Knecttle 1831-08-01 F
HIS-497-1A Ann P. Knecttle 1831-08-10 F
HIS-498-1 John A. Semple 1836-02-23 F
HIS-499-1 Miss Abbey-Ann Richmond 1824-08-25 F
HIS-500-1 Mary Gibson 1853-11-27 F
HIS-500-2 Dr. Ichabod Gibson 1810-05-10 F
HIS-500-3 Mr. Thomas Jones 1805-04-05 F
HIS-500-4 Catharine Mary Adams 1874-05-01 F
HIS-500-5 Joel Adams 1864-11-21 F
HIS-500-6 John T. K. Adams 1867-01-27 F
HIS-500-6A John H. Adams 1826-06-26 F
HIS-500-7 Charles E. Adams 1833-02-27 F
HIS-500-7A Henry K. Adams 1820-09-17 F
HIS-501-1 Mrs. Susannah Robbins 1775-08-28 F
HIS-501-2 Mr. John Robbins 1775-09-05 F
HIS-502-1 Miss Elizabeth Spaulding 1815-04-10 F
HIS-503-1 Mrs. Mary Bettey 1813-01-28 F
HIS-504-1 Molley Bettey 1757-00-00 F
HIS-504-2 Mr. Andrew Bettey 1786-04-26 F
HIS-505-1 Jonas Dunn 1773-12-00 F
HIS-506-1 Mary Parker 1803-09-05 F
HIS-506-2 Reuben Parker 1850-01-31 F
HIS-507-1 Mrs. Joanna Stevens 1762-11-09 F
HIS-508-1 Bettey Adams 1782-06-19 F
HIS-509-1 Miss Lucinda Bryant 1830-12-14 F
HIS-510-1 Mr. Edward Smith 1836-05-06 F
HIS-511-1 Mrs. Susanna Carlton 1823-10-04 F
HIS-511-2 Mrs. Dorothy Carlton 1825-11-30 F
HIS-512-1 Sarah Carlton 1825-10-25 F
HIS-512-2 John Carlton 1846-09-15 F
HIS-513-1 Sarah Carlton 1845-09-14 F
HIS-513-2 Mary J. Carlton 1849-06-17 F
HIS-513-3 David Carlton 1848-05-14 F
HIS-514-1 John W. Stearns 1861-08-29 F
HIS-514-2 Lucinda J. Stearns 1895-03-13 F
HIS-517-1 Mrs. Remembrance Parker 1831-04-17 F
HIS-518-1 Hannah Stevens 1837-12-24 F
HIS-519-1 Mr. Jesse Spaulding 1808-05-15 F
HIS-520-1 Mrs. Elizabeth Spaulding 1796-04-30 F
HIS-521-1 Mrs. Nabby Spaulding 1791-08-04 F
HIS-521A-1 Sewall Spaulding 1804-06-29 F
HIS-522-1 Mrs. Elizabeth Spaulding 1812-09-19 F
HIS-523-1 Mr. Robert Spaulding 1771-01-26 F
HIS-524-1 Mr. Jonothan Spaulding 1809-12-16 F
HIS-525-1 Mrs. Lydia Spaulding 1796-08-29 F
HIS-526-1 Dea. Ephraim Spaulding 1791-12-20 F
HIS-527-1 Benjamin Spaulding 1737-12-13 F
HIS-528-1 Mrs. Joanna Harwood 1737-05-10 F
HIS-529-1 Lieut. Jonathan Harwood 1783-06-17 F
HIS-530-1 Mrs. Mary Harwood 1754-12-27 F
HIS-531-1 Mr. Samuel Howard 1790-03-14 F
HIS-532-1 Samuel Howard 1764-09-15 F
HIS-533-1 Lowell Howard 1803-09-21 F
HIS-534-1 Mary Howard 1764-10-21 F
HIS-535-1 Mrs. Judeth Harwood 1766-09-15 F
HIS-536-1 Nathaniel Harwood 1796-07-30 F
HIS-537-1 Isaac Warren 1775-09-25 F
HIS-538-1 Anna Warren 1786-02-16 F
HIS-539-1 C. B. F
HIS-539-2 S. B. F
HIS-540-1 Martha P. Adams 1873-06-29 F
HIS-540-2 Martha Prentice Adams 1860-10-21 F
HIS-540-3 Eben Adams 1836-09-08 F
HIS-540-4 Mr. John Miles Larey 1831-09-18 F
HIS-540-5 William H. Adams 1829-05-22 F
HIS-540-6 Eunice Cole Adams 1827-07-27 F
HIS-541-1 Asaph F. Spaulding 1827-08-13 F
HIS-542-1 Willard Parker 1808-04-04 F
HIS-543-1 Mrs. Anna Parker 1832-09-07 F
HIS-544-1 Willard Parker 1788-05-20 F
HIS-545-1 Reuben Parker 1783-09-07 F
HIS-546-1 Anna Parker 1788-09-07 F
HIS-547-1 Mrs. Sarah Parker 1784-05-19 F
HIS-548-1 Jonathan Parker 1818-05-20 F
HIS-549-1 Mrs. Abigail Spaulding 1805-08-10 F
HIS-550-1 Mrs. Rachel Spaulding 1797-04-10 F
HIS-551-1 Mrs. Phebe & Child Spaulding 1752-11-11 F
HIS-552-1 Lieut. John Spaulding 1791-05-04 F
HIS-553-1 Ruth Spaulding 1754-04-06 F
HIS-554-1 Mrs. Abigail Spaulding 1768-05-12 F
HIS-555-1 Dea. Andrew Spaulding 1753-11-07 F
HIS-556-1 David Spaulding 1798-02-23 F
HIS-557-1 Hannah Howard 1803-09-26 F
HIS-558-1 Elizabeth Hinchman [1] F
HIS-559-1 Thomas Maj. Hinchman 1703-07-17 F
HIS-560-1 Hiram Proctor 1775-09-08 F
HIS-561-1 Moly Proctor 1775-08-30 F
HIS-562-1 Mrs. Azubah Proctor 1826-12-29 F
HIS-563-1 Capt. Azariah Proctor 1832-11-11 F
HIS-564-1 Ann Mari Parker 1814-04-02 F
HIS-565-1 Jonathan Parker 1769-11-14 F
HIS-566-1 Mrs. Rachel Parker 1797-04-05 F
HIS-567-1 Samuel Esq. Davis 1855-08-14 F
HIS-568-1 Mrs. Phebe Davis 1828-09-18 F
HIS-569-1 Mr. Peter Spaulding 1801-03-16 F
HIS-570-1 Dorcus Parker 1775-09-27 F
HIS-571-1 Anna Parker 1775-09-17 F
HIS-572-1 Mr. Jonathan Bates 1764-05-28 F
HIS-573-1 Mr. David Spaulding 1793-11-09 F
HIS-574-1 Mrs. Phebe Spaulding 1795-12-20 F
HIS-575-1 Coln. Jonas Clark 1770-04-28 F
HIS-576-1 Mrs. Elizabeth Clark 1767-04-27
HIS-577-1 Mr. Timothy Clark 1790-04-15 F
HIS-578-1 Elizabeth Clark 1767-04-27 F
HIS-579-1 Mrs. Sarah Harwood 1827-03-04 F
HIS-580-1 Mr. John Harwood 1830-04-16 F
HIS-581-1 Mrs. Harriet H. O'bear 1830-06-21 F
HIS-582-1 Jonas Spaulding 1833-04-30 F
HIS-583-1 Joseph Spaulding 1820-07-31 F
HIS-584-1 Lieut. Daniel Proctor 1803-12-04 F
HIS-585-1 Mrs. Mary Proctor 1773-03-03 F
HIS-586-1 Mrs. Hannah Proctor 1837-04-11 F
HIS-587-1 Eldad Proctor 1811-05-22 F
HIS-587-2 Rachel Proctor 1855-02-20 F
HIS-588-1 Jonathan Parker 1860-08-06 F
HIS-589-1 Benjamin Parker 1848-11-30 F
HIS-590-1 David Parker 1850-04-12 F
HIS-591-1 Mrs. Lucy Parker 1829-12-23 F
HIS-592-1 Mr. David Parker 1811-01-11 F
HIS-593-1 Lieut. Benjamin Parker 1771-05-23 F
HIS-594-1 Mrs. Elizabeth Parker 1765-12-19 F
HIS-594-1 Mrs. Elizabeth Parker 1765-12-19 F
HIS-595-1 Miss Sarah Parker 1771-04-29 F
HIS-596-1 Philip Parker 1790-06-25 F
HIS-597-1 Mrs. Anna Mcquestin 1825-09-03 F
HIS-598-1 Mrs. Dorcas Coffin 1836-11-16 F
HIS-599-1 Jonas R. Proctor 1843-07-02 F
HIS-600-1 Milo J. Proctor 1834-03-12 F
HIS-601-1 Sybil M. Proctor 1819-02-27 F
HIS-601-2 Sybil H. Proctor 1860-08-06 F
HIS-602-1 Betsy An Spaulding 1809-04-02 F
HIS-603-1 Abigail Ann Chandler 1825-10-09 F
HIS-604-1 Oliver Pierce 1863-08-19 F
HIS-605-1 Mr. Oliver Pierce 1821-01-21 F
HIS-606-1 Deborah Pierce 1837-10-27 F
HIS-607-1 Mrs. Abigail Livingston 1830-02-12 F
HIS-607-1A Infant Livingston 1830-02-12 F
HIS-608-1 Joseph Robbins 1775-02-18 F
HIS-609-1 Insign Jonas Robbins 1775-02-25 F
HIS-610-1 Jeduthun Parker 1795-04-06 F
HIS-611-1 Benjamin Parker 1801-02-17 F
HIS-612-1 Mr. Henry Fletcher 1764-06-01 F
HIS-613-1 Mrs. Mirriam Fletcher 1806-06-19 F
HIS-614-1 Mrs. Dorothy (Wheeler) Hodgman 1811-05-13 F
HIS-615-1 Miss Lucy Hodgman 1785-03-26 F
HIS-616-1 Mr. Josiah Hodgman 1801-02-23 F
HIS-617-1 Susan Wood 1875-04-11 F
HIS-618-1 George S. Wood 1903-08-09 F
HIS-619-1 Hannah Pierce 1867-11-27 F
HIS-619-1 Jesse Pierce 1820-06-20 F
HIS-619-2 Henry C. Pierce 1834-02-02 F
HIS-619-3 Jonathan Pierce 1873-10-08 F
HIS-619-4 Hannah Pierce 1820-06-20 F
HIS-619-5 John Pierce 1824-00-00 F
HIS-619-6 Stephen Pierce 1826-04-16 F
HIS-620-1 Daniel Flagg Hayden 1803-11-06 F
HIS-621-1 Salley M. Hayden 1806-01-22 F
HIS-622-1 Grenville G. Hayden 1806-03-21 F
HIS-623-1 Anna Butterfield 1775-09-26 F
HIS-623-2 Reuben Butterfield 1775-10-03 F
HIS-623-3 Silous Butterfield 1775-09-30 F
HIS-624-1 Mrs. Rebeckah Byam 1811-05-18 F
HIS-625-1 Mr. John Richardson 1764-08-28 F
HIS-626-1 Mr. Thomas Davis 1788-01-12 F
HIS-627-1 Rebekah Pierce 1789-11-18 F
HIS-628-1 Mrs. Ruth Stevens 1787-10-15 F
HIS-629-1 Ensign Samuel Stevens 1792-12-21 F
HIS-630-1 Mrs. Hannah Putnam 1826-05-15 F
HIS-631-1 Miss Polley Putnam 1785-06-29 F
HIS-632-1 Mr. Jonathan Putnam 1784-12-09 F
HIS-633-1 Mr. Jonathan Putnam 1790-06-04 F
HIS-634-1 Israel Putnam 1800-02-23 F
HIS-644-1 Capt. John Butterfield 1766-01-08 F
HIS-645-1 Mr. Ephraim Butterfield 1777-06-07 F
HIS-646-1 Miss Olive Adams 1773-05-31 F
HIS-646-1A Hannah Adams 1766-08-20 F
HIS-647-1 Rebecca Stevens 1848-11-22 F
HIS-648-1 Sally Stevens 1853-05-16 F
HIS-649-1 John Caldwell 1825-02-25 F
HIS-649-1 Mrs. Latitia Caldwell 1819-08-00 F
HIS-650-1 Mr. David Hollis 1831-12-31 F
HIS-651-1 Mrs. Mary Hollis 1826-07-04 F
HIS-651-2 Mr. Elijah Farmer 1826-02-03 F
HIS-651-3 Mrs. Charlotte Farmer 1826-07-27 F
HIS-652-1 Mrs. Betsy Fletcher 1811-12-04 F
HIS-653-1 John Bateman 1803-11-07 F
HIS-654-1 Miss Polley Bateman 1798-03-13 F
HIS-655-1 Mr. Benjamin Jun. Adams 1755-12-18 F
HIS-656-1 Mr. Abijah Adams 1757-09-14 F
HIS-657-1 Mr. William Adams 1766-10-20 F
HIS-658-1 Nabby Wright 1827-02-11 F
HIS-659-1 Zacheus Wright 1846-12-08 F
HIS-660-1 Mr. Peter Proctor 1792-06-15 F
HIS-661-1 Sally Ann Young 1821-03-16 F
HIS-661-1A Samuel E. C. Young 1819-02-27 F
HIS-662-1 Mrs. Catherine Gray 1822-09-20 F
NEW-001-2 Joseph W. Clark 1882-12-26 F
NEW-001-3 Eliza A. Prescott Clark 1881-06-06 F
NEW-001-4 Elvira Stanley Dickenson 1911-07-10 F
NEW-001-5 Barnby Prescott Dickenson F
NEW-001-6 Eddie Dickenson F
NEW-002-1 John Phelps Eaton 1939-05-31 F
NEW-002-2 Mary Ella Gray Eaton 1897-10-15 F
NEW-002-3 Olive A. Gray Perham 1884-08-13 F
NEW-002-4 Robert Marshall Eaton 1881-08-06 F
NEW-002-5 Olive Gray Eaton 1962-05-12 F
NEW-002-6 Agnes Viola Eaton 1968-03-29 F
NEW-002-7 Sadie E. Barron 1927-05-14 F
NEW-003-1 Elbridge Dutton 1879-11-18 F
NEW-003-2 Laura M Dutton 1883-12-12 F
NEW-003-3 Edwin E. Dutton 1901-06-04 F
NEW-003-4 Caroline Ayer Dutton 1927-11-21 F
NEW-003-5 Raymond W. Dutton 1949-03-09 F
NEW-003-5A Florence "Mayme" (Dalton) Dutton 1992-01-22 F
NEW-003-6 Mary L. Dutton 1927-05-02 F
NEW-003-7 Lizanna Nancy (Perham) Dutton 1899-02-20 F
NEW-003-8 Lewis M. Dutton 1894-05-12 F
NEW-004-1 Geneva M. (Drew) Marks 1949-12-15 F
NEW-004-1A George Merritt Marks 1931-11-13 F
NEW-004-2 Leonard Edward Andrews 1880-06-24 F
NEW-004-3 Rebecca Andrews 1906-09-21 F
NEW-004-4 John Victor Drew 1923-04-01 F
NEW-004-5 Juliette E. (Andrews) Grosvenor 1887-07-15 F
NEW-004-6 Laura Amelia Drew 1923-05-31 F
NEW-004-7 Leonora A. Andrews 1901-09-03 F
NEW-004-8 Viola R. Andrews 1878-03-22 F
NEW-005-1 Martin L. Metcalf 1881-06-04 F
NEW-005-2 Nancy M. Metcalf 1907-12-14 F
NEW-005-3 Dorothy Hope Metcalf 1906-12-21 F
NEW-005-4 George Edgar Emerson 1913-02-05 F
NEW-005-5 Rebecca Kittridge Emerson 1884-00-00 F
NEW-005-6 Susan E. Kittridge Brown 1910-06-26 F
NEW-005-7 Jacob P. Brown 1903-01-03 F
NEW-005-8 Faustina A. Brown 1884-00-00 F
NEW-005-9 Mary A. Emerson 1931-11-05 F
NEW-006-1 George S. Adams 1918-00-00 F
NEW-006-2 Laura A. Adams 1898-05-24 F
NEW-007-1 Ona May Doloff 1915-04-30 F
NEW-007-2 John C. Hobbs 1912-03-30 F
NEW-007-3 Caroline Hobbs 1920-03-27 F
NEW-007-4 Mary S. Johnson 1891-01-14 F
NEW-007-5 Andrew E. Johnson 1903-12-17 F
NEW-008-1 Julia Fogg 1999-01-06 F
NEW-008-2 Miriam E. Warren 1982-08-23 F
NEW-008-3 Mabel Parkhurst (Emerson) Warren 1959-05-17 F
NEW-008-4 Arthur Mellen Warren 1931-03-11 F
NEW-008-5 A. Carlton Warren 2011-02-19
NEW-008-6 Alice B. (Harmon) Warren 1993-03-21 F
NEW-008-7 David C. Warren 2012-10-24
NEW-0087-3 Paul Dutton 1945-04-06
NEW-0087-4 Adams B. Dutton 1987-10-09
NEW-0087-4 Emma M. Dutton 1937-04-15
NEW-0087-5 Ethel Marie Dutton 1998-11-04
NEW-0087-7 Charles Dutton 1926-02-16 F
NEW-0087-8 Mary E. Perham Dutton 1869-10-07 F
NEW-0087-9 Caroline A. Parkhurst Dutton 1889-02-08 F
NEW-009-1 Fred Mcgregor 1947-06-19 F
NEW-009-2 Roseltha S. Mcgregor 1942-00-00 F
NEW-009-3 Ferne C. Mcgregor 1970-06-23 F
NEW-009-4 Andrew J. Loker 1864-09-25 F
NEW-009-5 Alice B. Loker 1867-09-29 F
NEW-009-6 William L. Loker 1912-10-23 F
NEW-009-7 Hannah Loker 1902-03-04 F
NEW-009-8 Lovering Loker F
NEW-009-8A Loring Loker 1905-04-28 F
NEW-010-1 Frank Willis Santamour 1955-08-01 F
NEW-010-2 Orena Anne (Webster) Santamour 1960-05-19 F
NEW-010-3 Jessie (Sargent) Santamour 1961-12-25 F
NEW-010-4 Edgar W. Sr. Santamour 1993-04-24 F
NEW-010-4A Lillian Eliza Santamour 1909-01-18 F
NEW-010-5 Dorothy L. Santamour 1916-09-05 F
NEW-010-8 Frank Santamour 1902-07-16 F
NEW-013-5 Benjamin Cole 1970-10-21 F
NEW-013-6 Minnie Bremner Cole 1953-08-28 F
NEW-013-7 Barbara Bremner 1941-10-25 F
NEW-013-8 William Bremner 1900-01-24 F
NEW-014-3 Margaret A. Ashworth 1958-02-04 F
NEW-014-4 Elizabeth Thompson Mcgee 1907-07-02 F
NEW-014-6 Christina Ashworth 1912-12-13 F
NEW-014-8 James Ashworth 1899-07-02 F
NEW-015-7 Mary (McCaine) Morton 1896-12-22 F
NEW-015-8 True Morton 1897-09-03 F
NEW-016-1 Ervin Elbridge Smith 1940-09-10 F
NEW-016-3 Georgia Williamson 1922-01-22 F
NEW-016-4 Female Infant Smith 1893-04-09 F
NEW-016-5 Ralph P. Coates 1970-10-04 F
NEW-016-6 Ruth Aseneth (Smith) Coates 1957-10-21 F
NEW-016-7 Sarah A. Smith 1897-03-10 F
NEW-016-8 Elbridge G. Smith 1903-01-28 F
NEW-017-1 Anna (Bliss) Holt 1967-06-29 F
NEW-017-2 Jessie Holt Wiggins 1952-04-08 F
NEW-017-3 Fred Frost Wiggins 1947-05-26 F
NEW-017-4 Martha Holt 1904-01-12 F
NEW-017-5 Leon Samuel Holt 1903-10-06 F
NEW-017-7 Susie Perham Holt 1924-12-23 F
NEW-017-8 Almon Warren Holt 1939-10-11 F
NEW-018-1 Philip Walton Park 1970-11-20 F
NEW-018-2 Charlote P. Dewolf 1999-08-26 F
NEW-018-2A Gordon Parker Dewolf 1969-05-16 F
NEW-018-3 Martha S. Park 1936-03-10 F
NEW-018-4 Fred Ware Park 1959-04-21 F
NEW-018-6a Infant Female Dewolf 1945-06-14 F
NEW-019-1 Edward J. Robbins 1950-05-27 F
NEW-019-2 Christina (Ashworth) Robbins 1944-01-10 F
NEW-019-2A Margaret E. Mills 1993-07-18 F
NEW-019-4 Martin Robbins 1906-04-25 F
NEW-020-1 Leon William Dunn 1936-02-08 F
NEW-020-2 Vera L. Dunn 1898-00-00 F
NEW-020-3 Elizabeth Jane (Malcolm) Dunn 1956-07-15 F
NEW-020-4 Ernest Lee Dunn 1935-02-20 F
NEW-020-5 Ida (Malcolm) Jelley 1957-03-01 F
NEW-020-6 Geneva Florence Dunn 1899-09-19 F
NEW-020-7 Othe Adelaide Dunn 1971-03-21 F
NEW-020-8 Leroy Dunn 1935-06-06 F
NEW-021-2 Charles W. Hutchins 1892-03-28 F
NEW-021-7 Julia M. Hutchins 1909-04-08 F
NEW-021-8 Melbourne F. Hutchins 1912-09-03 F
NEW-022-01 Leighton Mellen Adams 1904-02-27 F
NEW-022-02 Burpee E. Barchard 1949-11-23 F
NEW-022-03 Hettie Mellen Adams 1913-07-21 F
NEW-022-04 Amos Byam Adams 1908-04-08 F
NEW-022-05 Emily Belle Adams 1957-01-06 F
NEW-022-06 Adelbert B. Adams 1971-10-28 F
NEW-022-07 Mabel Marion Adams 1979-10-10 F
NEW-022-08 Harriet E. Sturtevant 2004-03-06 F
NEW-022-09 Ruth E. (Adams) Sturtevant 1985-10-15 F
NEW-022-10 Herbert Milton Sturtevant 1967-11-11 F
NEW-023-1 Alice M. Smith
NEW-024-1 Beth (Little Beth) Russell 1893-00-00 F
NEW-024-2 Dora Elizabeth Russell 1899-05-31 F
NEW-024-3 Mary Dora (Spalding) Russell 1952-02-20 F
NEW-024-4 E. Hamlin Russell 1933-07-16 F
NEW-025A-1 Frances Clark 1959-04-27 F
NEW-025A-2 Louisa Clark Van scoy 1899-01-11 F
NEW-025A-3 Charles Danforth Clark 1907-12-19 F
NEW-025A-4 Charlotte A. Currier Clark 1896-08-01 F
NEW-025B-2 Mary E. Bean Brown 1918-00-00 F
NEW-025B-3 Lynda M. Smith Brown 1897-07-02 F
NEW-025B-4 Isaac Woodward Brown 1916-11-06 F
NEW-026-1 Warren J. Kneeland 1957-02-06 F
NEW-026-2 George W. Kneeland 1974-04-15 F
NEW-026-3 Mary P. Kneeland 1919-00-00 F
NEW-026-4 William Adams Kneeland 1904-09-28 F
NEW-026-5 Bernice Davis 1895-00-00 F
NEW-026-5 Mabel Jackson 1903-08-13 F
NEW-026-6 David B. Copeland 1906-05-14 F
NEW-026-7 Warren K. Kneeland 1977-06-09 F
NEW-027-1 William Henry Baldwin 1955-11-23 F
NEW-027-2 Nora (Smith) Baldwin 1967-04-08 F
NEW-027-2A Child of Paul Smith Smith F
NEW-027-3 Maria (Beaulieu) Smith 1945-03-19 F
NEW-027-4 Paul Smith 1910-08-22 F
NEW-027-8 Alice M. Smith 1959-06-26 F
NEW-028-1 Emily Monette Crooker 1932-01-16 F
NEW-028-2 Charles Crooker 1891-00-00 F
NEW-028-3 Mary H. (Hayden) Crooker 1942-00-00 F
NEW-028-5 Robert Bovill 1979-11-08 F
NEW-028-6 Evelyn L. (Eldridge) Bovill 1987-01-13 F
NEW-028-7 Grace E. (Crooker) Eldridge 1964-10-02 F
NEW-028-8 John R. Eldridge 1959-05-08 F
NEW-029-1 Fred A. Maguire 1933-11-24 F
NEW-029-3 Bertha M. (Kimball) Simpson 1970-01-01 F
NEW-029-4 Tennyson W. Simpson 1937-01-09 F
NEW-029-5 Simon Nason 1906-11-03 F
NEW-029-6 Frances Gordon Tracy 1914-05-30 F
NEW-029-8 Perley Webster Kimball 1963-03-29 F
NEW-030-1 William Warren Kilbourne 1928-03-26 F
NEW-030-2 Maria (Saunders) Kilbourne 1916-11-12 F
NEW-030-4 Miss Emma Kilbourne 1934-12-07 F
NEW-030-5 Clara Maria Saunders 1925-07-01 F
NEW-030-6 Katherine E. Kilbourne 1962-04-19 F
NEW-030-7 Lillian Warren Kilbourne 1962-05-10 F
NEW-030-8 Elizabeth Stickney Saunders 1921-01-16 F
NEW-031-01 Curtis S. Manchester 1903-06-30 F
NEW-031-02 Elizabeth F. Manchester 1918-00-00 F
NEW-031-03 Martha (Truell) Russell 1846-00-00 F
NEW-031-04 Statira (Garland) Russell 1895-00-00 F
NEW-031-05 Abbott Russell 1892-00-00 F
NEW-031-06 Edwin Lincoln Russell 1899-00-00 F
NEW-031-07 Nelson Abbott Russell 1846-00-00 F
NEW-031-07A Charles Abbott Russell 1852-00-00 F
NEW-031-08 M. Adelaide (Russell) Greenwood 1864-11-03 F
NEW-031-08A Belle Hayden Russell 1865-00-00 F
NEW-031-09 Abbott Worthen Russell 1934-03-13 F
NEW-031-10 Dora W. Woodward 1920-00-00 F
NEW-032-1 Alice Ward Spaulding 1895-08-23 F
NEW-032-2 George O. Spaulding 1922-04-13 F
NEW-032-3 Julia A. Spaulding 1902-10-05 F
NEW-032-4 Sybil M. Proctor 1887-04-13 F
NEW-032-5 George Spaulding 1917-00-00 F
NEW-032-6 Robert C. Spaulding 2003-01-07 F
NEW-032-6A Melba R. Spaulding 2006-11-20 F
NEW-032-7 Lillian S. (Van Dyne) Spaulding 1955-04-05 F
NEW-032-8 Clarence L. Spaulding 1967-01-16 F
NEW-033-1 Delmont Gott 1961-04-18 F
NEW-033-3 Adelaide E. (Pihl) Gott 1960-12-24 F
NEW-033-5 Eben T. Adams 1927-12-01 F
NEW-033-6 Lottie L. (Perham) Adams 1944-05-22 F
NEW-034-5 Arthur D. Nason 1890-07-05 F
NEW-035-1 Wilbur A. Cheney 1923-08-02 F
NEW-035-2 Florence Rice Cheney 1940-05-21 F
NEW-035-3 Laroy A. Cheney 1910-05-21 F
NEW-035-4 Lilla A. Rice 1891-04-06 F
NEW-036-1 Charles Morris Hills 1917-01-06 F
NEW-036-1A Louise R. Hill 1898-06-22 F
NEW-036-2 Thomas Francis Middleton 1935-02-07 F
NEW-036-6 Esther G. Hills 1974-11-14 F
NEW-036-6A Arthur Howard Hills 1982-06-30 F
NEW-036-7 Mary Ellen Middleton 1938-01-20 F
NEW-036-7A Emma M. (Hills) Mcconnell 1952-04-03 F
NEW-036-8 Nellie Hill 1944-10-13 F
NEW-036-8A Richard Hill 1946-00-00 F
NEW-036-8B Dorothy A. Mathew 1997-03-08 F
NEW-037-4 Stephen B. Riese 1956-11-25 F
NEW-037-5 George Adams Byam 1912-06-24 F
NEW-037-6 Bernard Haines MD Byam 1910-06-08 F
NEW-037-7 George Adams Byam 1949-07-06 F
NEW-037-8 Relief Spaulding Byam 1901-10-23 F
NEW-038-1 Mary Fanny Brown 1923-02-15 F
NEW-038-2 John E. Brown 1915-12-29 F
NEW-038-3 Revere Colby Byam 1908-12-07 F
NEW-038-5 Mary S. Byam 1927-07-08 F
NEW-038-7 Mary A. Bowers Byam 1894-00-00 F
NEW-038-8 Capt. Amos Byam 1892-00-00 F
NEW-039-1A Harold J. Davis 1995-10-24 F
NEW-039-2A Beatrice C. (Wyckoff) Davis 1991-02-20 F
NEW-039-3 Ellen Davis 1939-02-11 F
NEW-039-3A Harold Henry Davis 1971-12-06 F
NEW-039-5 Luella A. Davis 1886-08-24 F
NEW-039-6 Persis M. Davis 1905-11-17 F
NEW-039-7 Henry Prescott Davis 1909-02-27
NEW-039-8 Levina J. Davis 1931-12-06 F
NEW-040-1 Christopher George Armstrong 1936-04-20 F
NEW-040-2 Mary Hallett Armstrong 1936-02-03 F
NEW-040-3 William Butler 1945-00-00 F
NEW-040-4 Edith A. Butler 1946-00-00 F
NEW-040-4A Beatrice Armstrong 1980-05-17 F
NEW-040-4B Winnifred Armstrong 1971-02-25 F
NEW-040-5 Annie Moore Byfield 1885-00-00 F
NEW-040-6 S. Jennie Byfield 1889-01-16 F
NEW-040-7 Mildred Armstrong Byfield 1891-09-18 F
NEW-041-1 Fannie Caroline Pearl Adams 1916-02-24 F
NEW-041-2 Royal C. Abbott 1883-10-25 F
NEW-041-3 Melintha L. (Upham) Abbott 1892-00-00 F
NEW-041-4 Frank F. Abbott 1897-00-00 F
NEW-041-5 George W. Upham 1922-02-14 F
NEW-041-6 Lucretia Carolina Upham 1843-09-10 F
NEW-042-2 Grace Pearl Adams 1909-12-24 F
NEW-042-3 Eva V. Mckinley 1922-10-05 F
NEW-042-4 John Mckinley 1911-10-19 F
NEW-042-8 W. A. Blackmere F
NEW-043-1 Gladys L. Hill 1922-03-22 F
NEW-043-3 Elizabeth B. Hill 1933-02-23 F
NEW-043-4 Thomas F. Hill 1945-03-26 F
NEW-043-5 Harrison Howard Stone 1905-11-12 F
NEW-043-6 Willard D. Stone 1899-01-22 F
NEW-043-7 Emma L. (Lepine) Stone 1943-04-18 F
NEW-043-8 Child Stone unknown 1887-02-13 F
NEW-043-8A Child Stone unknown 1890-04-07 F
NEW-044-1 Fannie C. Pearl Adams 1915-02-24 F
NEW-044-2 Grace Pearl Adams 1909-12-24 F
NEW-044-3 Caroline H. Pearl 1888-12-06 F
NEW-044-4 Franklin Fenton Pearl 1891-03-09 F
NEW-044-5 Howard Brooks Flemings 1912-01-09 F
NEW-044-6 Everett Adams Roper 1915-06-20 F
NEW-044-7 Pauline Rebecca Roper 1922-11-29 F
NEW-045-1 Minerva Hatch 1887-01-31 F
NEW-045-1 Pascal Hatch 1885-08-23 F
NEW-046-1 Mary E. S. (Dainton) Day 1973-08-24 F
NEW-046-2 Lyman Frederick Fletcher 1973-12-28 F
NEW-046-3 Daisy Day Fletcher 1974-06-17 F
NEW-046-4 George William Day 1937-01-03 F
NEW-046-5 Alfred Day 1894-06-21 F
NEW-046-8 Earl Francis Day 1935-06-22 F
NEW-047-01 Ervin W. Sweetser 1938-12-04 F
NEW-047-02 Bessie May Sweetser 1926-06-19 F
NEW-047-03 Mary Adams Hatch 1931-02-04 F
NEW-047-03A Octavia M. Black Sweetser 1964-01-23 F
NEW-047-04 Alvin Sweetser 1848-11-06 F
NEW-047-04A Miss Mabel M. Hatch 1957-03-01 F
NEW-047-05 E. Adams Sweetser 1870-06-30 F
NEW-047-06 Charles D. Sweetser 1870-12-06 F
NEW-047-07 S. Fred Sweetser 1885-12-09 F
NEW-047-08 Alvira E. (Sweetser) Smith 1890-01-21 F
NEW-047-09 Mary Adams Sweetser 1897-08-11 F
NEW-047-10 Charles Sweetser 1901-03-04 F
NEW-047-11 Herbert Clifton Sweetser 1937-10-17 F
NEW-048-1 Emma Hallett 1860-08-22 F
NEW-048-3 Sarah Parkhurst Hallett 1911-05-11 F
NEW-048-5 John Waldo Perham 1929-02-25 F
NEW-048-6 Anna Hallett Perham 1927-09-09 F
NEW-048-8 Maude Hallett Perham 1963-09-04 F
NEW-049-1 Jacob Spaulding 1899-12-11 F
NEW-049-2 Mary A. Easty Spaulding 1890-08-09 F
NEW-049-3 Sarah Spaulding 1838-11-05 F
NEW-049-4 Eliza Spaulding 1866-01-28 F
NEW-049-5 Isaac W. Spaulding 1839-02-01 F
NEW-049-6 Asa Spaulding 1881-07-19 F
NEW-049-7 Mary Spaulding Lovering 1910-02-07 F
NEW-049-8 Henry Lovering 1872-06-04 F
NEW-050-1 Elmer E. Hildreth 1913-07-12 F
NEW-050-2 Minnie A. Hildreth 1875-00-00 F
NEW-050-3 Alva L. Hildreth 1883-08-05 F
NEW-050-4 Velma I. Hildreth 1941-11-24 F
NEW-050-5 Benjamin M. Hildreth 1894-00-00 F
NEW-050-6 Mary Ann Clogston Hildreth 1915-01-04 F
NEW-051-1 Breck F. Emerson 1926-06-14 F
NEW-051-2 Agnes B. Emerson 1873-01-12 F
NEW-051-3 Sarah P. (Byam) Emerson 1902-10-18 F
NEW-051-4 Joseph B. Emerson 1886-02-01 F
NEW-051-5 Edith W. Emerson 1962-09-27 F
NEW-051-6 Rebecca Cara (Byam) Emerson 1951-10-25 F
NEW-051-7 Addie L. Emerson 1887-01-10 F
NEW-051-8 Walter B. Emerson 1920-00-00 F
NEW-052-01 Harry Bryant Emerson 1901-01-15 F
NEW-052-02 James A. Emerson 1893-10-02 F
NEW-052-03 Abby M. Ford 1941-00-00 F
NEW-052-04 Addie E. (Kittredge) Emerson 1907-02-11 F
NEW-052-05 James Pitt Emerson 1925-06-26 F
NEW-052-07 Priscilla Bradford Richardson 1995-10-20 F
NEW-052-09 Mabel (Fenderson) Emerson 1972-06-07 F
NEW-052-10 Ralph W. Emerson 1955-06-03 F
NEW-053-01 Elbridge P. Spaulding 1876-07-29 F
NEW-053-02 Adeline Parkhurst Spaulding 1899-02-19 F
NEW-053-03 John S. Shedd 1897-03-22 F
NEW-053-04 Jerusha Jane Shedd 1900-11-25 F
NEW-053-05 Baby Shedd 1869-00-00 F
NEW-053-06 Elbridge A. Spaulding 1842-09-02 F
NEW-053-07 Mary S. Shedd 1838-08-28 F
NEW-053-08 Mary B. Shedd 1859-09-14 F
NEW-053-09 Mary Spaulding Shedd 1900-08-03 F
NEW-053-10 Amos Shedd 1842-08-07 F
NEW-053-10A Baby Shedd 1842-10-08 F
NEW-054-1 John Hildreth 1872-11-26 F
NEW-054-2 Lavinia Duchemin Hildreth 1876-07-13 F
NEW-054-3 Willie Clifford Ward 1914-12-02 F
NEW-054-4 Caroline Lavinia (Adams) Ward 1957-10-03 F
NEW-054-5 Eliza Byam 1884-04-20 F
NEW-054-6 Otis Adams 1904-03-12 F
NEW-054-7 Caroline S. Glover Adams 1918-01-18 F
NEW-054-8 William Adams 1881-07-17 F
NEW-054-9 Edward Everett Adams 1946-00-00 F
NEW-055-01 Miss Martha L. Emerson 1885-09-12 F
NEW-055-02 Mary E. Emerson 1867-08-16 F
NEW-055-03 Bertha E. Emerson 1936-09-15 F
NEW-055-04 Burt Emerson 1917-02-25 F
NEW-055-05 Rhoda A. Emerson 1880-01-25 F
NEW-055-06 Mero Chapman Emerson 1888-03-27 F
NEW-055-07 Helen M. Emerson 1879-03-09 F
NEW-055-07A Mary Louise Sargent 1930-01-08 F
NEW-055-08 Hannah Eliza Emerson 1837-08-31 F
NEW-055-09 Bryant Emerson 1846-11-05 F
NEW-055-10 Hannah Bradford Emerson 1884-10-12 F
NEW-055-11 John B. Emerson 1873-01-01 F
NEW-055-12A John Bryant Emerson 1852-00-00 F
NEW-056A-1 Thomas Arthur Harmon 1930-08-19 F
NEW-056A-2 Edna Harmon 1944-07-08 F
NEW-056A-3 Vmd Arthur A. Harmon 1910-11-08 F
NEW-056B-1 Harriett E. Sampson 1912-00-00 F
NEW-058-1 Miss Electra M. Carlton 1901-04-03 F
NEW-058-2 Miss Sarah C. Carlton 1884-09-18 F
NEW-058-3 Miss Susan Carlton 1870-07-18 F
NEW-058-4 David Carlton 1864-09-26 F
NEW-058-5 William Carlton 1864-05-08 F
NEW-059-1 Albert Strout 1874-10-30 F
NEW-059-2 Eliza T. Strout 1877-04-05 F
NEW-059-3 Ellen F. Strout 1920-00-00 F
NEW-059-4 Frank R. Strout 1932-03-28 F
NEW-059A-1 John Clarke Allen 1834-06-26 F
NEW-059A-2 Rev. Wilkes Allen 1845-12-02 F
NEW-059A-3 Mrs. Mary Allen 1864-01-05 F
NEW-059A-4 Israel Allen 1815-01-16 F
NEW-059A-5 Mary Allen 1821-09-09 F
NEW-059A-6 Sarah Allen 1821-09-17 F
NEW-060-01 Frederick A. Russell 1934-02-06 F
NEW-060-02 Sarah Eva (Worthen) Russell 1958-05-20 F
NEW-060-03 Harry Lincoln Russell 1922-05-07 F
NEW-060-04 Evalyn Russell 1993-06-18 F
NEW-060-05 Frederick Russell 1964-12-18 F
NEW-060-06 Susan Russell F
NEW-060-07 Sarah W. Worthen 1891-00-00 F
NEW-060-08 Sarah W. Boardman 1848-06-13 F
NEW-060-09 Abbott Worthen Russell 1934-03-13 F
NEW-060-10 Ezekiel B. Worthen 1886-00-00 F
NEW-061-1 Mary A. Spaulding 1887-02-20 F
NEW-061-2 Lydia A. Spaulding 1890-09-24 F
NEW-061-3 Jonathan Spaulding 1892-04-28 F
NEW-062-1 Sophronia W. Park 1862-07-12 F
NEW-062-2 Andrew H. Park 1897-02-22 F
NEW-062-3 Sarah Tarbel Park 1913-12-25 F
NEW-062-4 Mary Aka Minnie (Allen) Wilder 1913-06-13 F
NEW-062-5 Mary Allen 1918-08-15 F
NEW-062-6A Sophronia Park 1873-01-10 F
NEW-062-7A Baby Girl Hart F
NEW-062-8A Calvin Allen 1863-08-14 F
NEW-063-1 Hattie L. Parkhurst 1871-05-11 F
NEW-063-2 Jerome Manning Parkhurst 1908-02-16 F
NEW-063-3 Ella N. (Reynolds) Parkhurst 1913-00-00 F
NEW-063-4 Elizabeth Rider (Johnson) Parkhurst 1908-12-16 F
NEW-063-5 John Parkhurst 1888-12-25 F
NEW-063-6 Leroy J. Parkhurst 1932-11-21 F
NEW-063-7 Alice Adella Osgood Parkhurst 1893-01-21 F
NEW-063-8 Annie J. (Hood) Parkhurst 1950-12-22 F
NEW-063-9 Harry Osgood Parkhurst 1879-08-00 F
NEW-064-1 Mary B. Stevens 1868-07-03 F
NEW-064-2 Dea. John E. Stevens 1890-04-03 F
NEW-064A-1 Robert M. Hill 1930-11-19 F
NEW-064A-2 Zilpha Jennie Hill 1934-08-15 F
NEW-064B-1 Mary Jane Dix 1925-09-12 F
NEW-064B-3 Mary Ann (Marshall) Dix 1937-07-19 F
NEW-064B-4 Royal Wilson Dix 1937-10-05 F
NEW-064C-1 George Marshall 1883-00-00 F
NEW-064C-2 Eliza A. Marshall 1897-00-00 F
NEW-064C-3 Charles Marshall 1871-05-09 F
NEW-064C-4 Mary Ann Eliza Marshall 1916-05-05 F
NEW-065-1 Frederick A. Hazen 1923-11-30 F
NEW-065-2 Ellen Josephine Hazen 1944-08-16 F
NEW-065-3 Julia C. Hazen Gale 1877-09-05 F
NEW-065-4 James Henry Hazen 1900-04-06 F
NEW-065-5 Sarah Wood Hazen 1906-04-04 F
NEW-065-6 Sanford Hazen 1892-02-27 F
NEW-065B-01 Myra Marshall 1895-11-13 F
NEW-065B-02 B. Parker Marshall 1892-11-12 F
NEW-065B-03 Loring Marshall 1845-04-23 F
NEW-065B-04 Joseph A. Marshall 1833-04-24 F
NEW-065B-05 Peter Marshall 1828-04-03 F
NEW-065B-06 Mary Marshall 1852-10-07 F
NEW-065B-07 Lydia C. Marshall 1809-12-26 F
NEW-065B-08 Mary N. Marshall 1837-03-25 F
NEW-065B-09 Ann F. Marshall 1856-06-25 F
NEW-065B-10 Thomas Marshall 1860-04-13 F
NEW-065B-11 Mary Ann F. Marshall 1846-09-15 F
NEW-066-1 Donald F. Adams 1927-07-19 F
NEW-066-2 Marion E. (Smith) Adams 1980-08-03 F
NEW-066-5 Allan Howard Adams 1963-02-06 F
NEW-066-6 Leona Adams 2001-03-11 F
NEW-066-7 Medora E. (Stelling) Adams 1940-04-22 F
NEW-066-8 Howard Stanley Adams 1940-05-16 F
NEW-066A-1 Mary E. Thompson 1821-10-04 F
NEW-067-1 William H. Hoyt 1899-09-08 F
NEW-067-2 Rhoda J. Hoyt 1907-01-31 F
NEW-067-3 James Arthur Hoyt 1930-09-22 F
NEW-068-1 Phebe R. Marshall 1890-10-27 F
NEW-068-2 Eben H. Marshall 1885-10-03 F
NEW-068-4 Mrs. Susan E. Marshall 1929-04-18 F
NEW-068-5 Fred R. Marshall 1896-09-03 F
NEW-068-6 Lucy Elizabeth Hazen Marshall 1908-05-06 F
NEW-068-7 Eben Russell Marshall 1937-01-16 F
NEW-069-01 Mary L. Sargent 1930-00-00 F
NEW-069-02 Mildred E. Kane 1925-00-00 F
NEW-069-03 Arthur E. Sproule 1927-00-00 F
NEW-069-04 Henry Hubert Emerson 1904-10-22 F
NEW-069-05 Eliza Jane Emerson 1912-06-29 F
NEW-069-06 Lucy A. Shute 1932-00-00
NEW-069-08 Dorothy (Emerson) Kennedy 1942-12-23 F
NEW-069-09 Edward B. Emerson 1944-06-17 F
NEW-069-10 Elizabeth (Logan) Emerson 1953-06-07 F
NEW-070A-2 Albert Sidney Whitbeck 1931-06-14 F
NEW-071-1 May Elizabeth Files 1983-11-29 F
NEW-071-2 Rachel Hamilton 1973-11-18 F
NEW-071-2A Thomas L. Hamilton 1975-01-06 F
NEW-071-3 Francis A. Marshall 1923-08-28 F
NEW-071-4 Susan E. Marshall 1929-04-18
NEW-071-5 Eben Files 1914-08-26 F
NEW-071-5A Kittie May Files 1923-04-08 F
NEW-071-6 Edward S. Files 1903-05-21 F
NEW-071-7 Guy Gardner Files 1960-07-15 F
NEW-071-8 Everett Richardson Files 1909-08-12 F
NEW-072-1 Maude H. Willoughby 1968-01-22 F
NEW-072-2 James Howard Willoughby 1926-02-10 F
NEW-072-3 Blanche S. Willoughby 1911-05-15 F
NEW-072-4 Florence (Willoughby) Johnston 1965-11-20 F
NEW-072-5 Jennie Lind Willoughby 1922-01-29 F
NEW-073-1 Jasper Elliott 1910-12-30 F
NEW-073-2 Caroline A. Prescott Elliott 1929-06-11 F
NEW-073-3 Emma L. Elliott 1874-05-06 F
NEW-073-4 Carrie J. Elliott 1946-01-12 F
NEW-073-5 Ephraim Elliott 1900-02-27 F
NEW-073-6 Carrie Barbour Elliott 1916-10-06 F
NEW-073-7 Fitz Henry Spaulding F
NEW-074-1 Charles Bent 1906-04-22 F
NEW-074-2 Sarah Jane Bent 1913-12-31 F
NEW-074-3 Joseph Warren Smith 1886-08-27 F
NEW-074-4 Mary S. Bent Smith 1889-07-01 F
NEW-074-5 Abba Smith 1913-10-04 F
NEW-074-6 Charles Bent Smith 1862-12-01 F
NEW-074-7 Fannie Warren Smith 1864-05-04 F
NEW-075-2 Emma J. Perham 1926-06-14 F
NEW-075-3 Maria Adams Perham 1901-09-28 F
NEW-075-4 David Clinton Perham 1903-11-23 F
NEW-076-1 Perley Perkins Perham 1911-03-16 F
NEW-076-2 Emeline Augusta Perham 1911-07-04 F
NEW-076-3 Ella J. Perham 1882-03-02 F
NEW-076-4 Lydia Spaulding 1876-03-23 F
NEW-076-5 William Rufus Fowle 1909-10-22 F
NEW-076-6 Louisa E. Perham Fowle 1929-00-00 F
NEW-077-1 Gerard Prescott Dadmun 1923-03-15 F
NEW-077-1A Nathan Clifton Dadmun 1858-10-01 F
NEW-077-2 Belle A. Dadmun 1896-08-07 F
NEW-077-3 Martha L. Dadmun 1893-12-26 F
NEW-077-4 Nathan P. Dadmun 1880-10-05 F
NEW-077-5 Abigail P. Dadmun 1880-10-01 F
NEW-077-6 Martha Ellen Dadmun 1916-01-02 F
NEW-077-7 Sears G. Laws 1852-00-00 F
NEW-077-8 Mary B. Laws 1852-00-00 F
NEW-077-9 Susan Laws 1894-00-00 F
NEW-078-1 Faustina E. Handley 1907-00-00 F
NEW-078-2 Minnie B. Hanley 1914-02-10 F
NEW-078-3 Eliza A. Wright 1906-05-12 F
NEW-078-4 Jonathan Wright 1909-01-17 F
NEW-079-03 Bernice C. Whittemore 1891-06-28 F
NEW-079-04 Clara M. (Upham) Whittemore 1933-04-08 F
NEW-079-05 Floyer J. Whittemore 1935-09-17 F
NEW-079-06 Clarence L. Spalding 1925-06-26 F
NEW-079-06A Floyer Earl Whittemore 1981-04-07 F
NEW-079-07 Lena Mae (Lovett) Spalding 1955-10-04 F
NEW-079-10 George Ephriam Spalding 1914-03-26 F
NEW-080-1 Ray Saunders 1887-11-24 F
NEW-080-1A Paul Saunders 1892-02-27 F
NEW-080-2 Ruth Irene Saunders 1906-06-09 F
NEW-080-3 Louise Goucher Saunders 1911-02-01 F
NEW-080-4 Lydia A. (Craig) Saunders 1885-12-19 F
NEW-080-5 Rev. Nathan Crosby Saunders 1904-01-26 F
NEW-080-6 Rev. Walter G. Goucher 1910-04-01 F
NEW-080-7 Sarah I. Saunders Goucher 1909-08-02 F
NEW-080-8 Ida May Goucher 1937-09-06 F
NEW-081-1 Lucy Heywood Worthen 1898-10-12 F
NEW-081-2 Frank W. Worthen 1943-00-00 F
NEW-082A-1 Lyman S. Gale 1917-01-01 F
NEW-082A-2 Abbie A. Gale 1887-04-18 F
NEW-082B-1 Horace Comstock Dean 1908-11-21 F
NEW-082B-2 Eliza T. Dean 1894-03-17 F
NEW-083-1 David Perham Howard 1887-01-18 F
NEW-083-2 Mary Howard 1872-08-20 F
NEW-083-3 Annie R. Howard 1944-00-00 F
NEW-083-4 Caroline R. Howard 1926-05-04 F
NEW-083-5 Lewis Kirk Howard 1915-11-01 F
NEW-084-01 Samuel Hagerman 1927-03-26 F
NEW-084-01A J. Paul Hagerman 1880-01-17 F
NEW-084-02 Anna M. (Hodges) Hagerman 1940-05-04 F
NEW-084-03A Ethel R. Hagerman 1982-07-26 F
NEW-084-04A George F. Hagerman 1959-03-04 F
NEW-084-09 Edith (Hagerman) Hemenway 1948-08-06 F
NEW-084-10 Rodney Frank Hemenway 1915-01-01 F
NEW-085-1 Levander Emerson 1880-04-08 F
NEW-085-2 Adams Emerson 1890-02-05 F
NEW-085-3 Lucy A. Adams 1888-11-07 F
NEW-085-4 Dudley B. Emerson 1978-03-27 F
NEW-085-5 Lucy A. Shute 1932-07-26 F
NEW-085-7 Martha Bailey Emerson 1879-08-08 F
NEW-085-8 Jonathan Emerson 1868-06-09 F
NEW-086-1 Levi W. Howard 1974-08-11 F
NEW-086-2 Alice E. (Dyar) Howard 1962-10-24 F
NEW-086-3 Louise C. (McCrae) Howard 1935-07-27 F
NEW-086-4 Amasa MD Howard 1921-03-02 F
NEW-086-5 Sarah Elizabeth Howard 1849-09-17 F
NEW-086-6 George Levi Howard 1875-01-29 F
NEW-086-7 Lydia Jane Howard 1893-04-11 F
NEW-086-8 Levi MD Howard 1885-01-23 F
NEW-087-10 Little Charlie Dutton 1868-00-00 F
NEW-087-11 Mary E. Perham F
NEW-087-12 Susan A. Dutton 1897-01-19 F
NEW-087-3 Paul Dutton 1945-04-06 F
NEW-087-4 Emma M. Dutton 1937-04-15 F
NEW-087-4A Adams B. Dutton 1987-09-09 F
NEW-087-5A Ethel Marie Dutton 1998-11-04 F
NEW-088-3 Eleutheria W. Perham 1888-06-05 F
NEW-088-4 David Perham 1895-02-21 F
NEW-089-01 Mary R. Parker 1869-04-20 F
NEW-089-02 Francis B. Parker 1882-10-30 F
NEW-089-04 Mary Hortense Parker 1872-06-01 F
NEW-089-05 George A. Parker 1872-11-23 F
NEW-089-06 Frank R. Parker 1886-11-15 F
NEW-089-07 Mary R. Parker 1878-12-24 F
NEW-089-08 Rachel A. (Kingsbury) Fulton Parker 1941-09-22 F
NEW-089-09 Edward Francis Parker 1912-08-29 F
NEW-089-10 Sarah R. Parker 1875-02-18 F
NEW-090-01 Benj. F. Hodges 1895-06-16 F
NEW-090-02 Julia A. Hodges 1906-06-01 F
NEW-090-03 Mary Jane Cummings 1921-02-15 F
NEW-090-04 Hannah A. Hodges 1845-09-25 F
NEW-090-05 Charles H. Hodges 1846-10-05 F
NEW-090-06 Benj. F. Jr. Hodges 1847-01-31 F
NEW-090-08 Alice Gertrude Greene 1904-10-28 F
NEW-090-09 Alice May Greene 1896-09-09 F
NEW-090-10 Alonzo Gardner Greene 1910-10-21 F
NEW-090-11 Julia A. Greene 1919-07-10 F
NEW-090-12 Benj. A. Greene 1862-11-15 F
NEW-091-1 Rose Carrie Parker 1937-04-26 F
NEW-091-2 Willard Parker 1880-03-02 F
NEW-091-3 Phoebe P. Parker 1883-02-12 F
NEW-091-4 Female Infant Parker 1887-11-00 F
NEW-091-5 Willard Sullivan Parker 1910-05-20 F
NEW-091-6 Ethel P. Parker 1961-09-24 F
NEW-091-7 Leon H. Sr. Parker 1963-10-18 F
NEW-091-8 Margarite (Fish) Connor 1941-03-02 F
NEW-092-02 Anna Relief Adams 1915-01-16 F
NEW-092-04 Nancy (Robbins) Adams 1878-07-27 F
NEW-092-05 Charles Adams 1883-04-20 F
NEW-092-06 Annie L. Clouston 1886-06-06 F
NEW-092-07 Clara L. Clouston 1885-07-19 F
NEW-092-08 Emma J. Adams 1859-03-12 F
NEW-092-09 Sarah C. Adams 1846-03-22 F
NEW-092-10 Charles Henry Adams 1878-01-24 F
NEW-093-1 Susan M. Emerson 1941-09-23 F
NEW-093-2 Frank A. Emerson 1952-10-01 F
NEW-093-3 Rufus Francis Emerson 1899-12-16 F
NEW-093-4 Adaline Delana (Burbank) Emerson 1923-01-15 F
NEW-093-5 Arthur I. Emerson 1937-05-11 F
NEW-093-6 Louis F. Emerson 1876-09-16 F
NEW-093-8 Joel C. Kittredge 1875-05-21 F
NEW-094-1 Cecelia A. Richardson 1926-04-29 F
NEW-094-2 Emerson Richardson F
NEW-094-3 Mary Elizabeth Richardson 1922-10-10 F
NEW-094-4 Alvah Howard Richardson 1903-03-16 F
NEW-094-5 Frances Adelaide (Richards) Adams 1913-02-23 F
NEW-094-6 Henrietta Richardson 1881-01-09 F
NEW-094-7 Elisabeth Richardson 1873-02-13 F
NEW-094-8 Elijah Richardson 1862-07-11 F
NEW-095-2 Walter Perham 1958-04-29 F
NEW-095-3 Grace (Craige) Perham 1948-05-18 F
NEW-095-5 David Perham 1919-00-00 F
NEW-095-6 Esther Perham Curtiss 1965-04-22 F
NEW-095-6A Male Infant Perham 1869-00-00 F
NEW-095-7 Estelle S. (Kittredge) Perham 1877-00-00 F
NEW-095-8 Henry S. Perham 1906-00-00 F
NEW-096-1 Charles S. Reed F
NEW-096-2 Emily E. Reed 1909-05-05 F
NEW-097-1 Sabra Dunn 1861-11-18 F
NEW-097-2 Eli F. Webster 1870-12-13 F
NEW-097-3 Roxana D. Webster 1873-02-25 F
NEW-097-4 Angie M. Webster 1860-08-17 F
NEW-097-5 Emily Cordelia Webster 1914-05-27 F
NEW-097-6 Maria Evalina Webster 1933-09-28 F
NEW-097-8 H. Georgie Webster 1887-03-25 F
NEW-098-1 Frank W. Corey 1921-05-14 F
NEW-098-2 Harriet L. Corey 1886-04-10 F
NEW-098-3 George Corey 1865-02-16 F
NEW-098-8 Maria L. Needham 1904-04-29 F
NEW-099-1 Mercy Maria R. Abbott 1826-08-21 F
NEW-099-2 Mercy Abbott 1834-02-08 F
NEW-099-3 William Stackpole Abbott 1846-05-06 F
NEW-099-4 Caleb Abbott 1846-12-04 F
NEW-099-5 Lucy Ann L. Abbott 1861-08-01 F
NEW-099-6 Evelina Maria Antoinette Abbott 1897-04-30 F
NEW-100-1 Edgar S. Parkhurst 1868-02-29 F
NEW-100-2 Henrietta M. (Douglas) Parkhurst 1913-12-13 F
NEW-101-01 Joseph Maj. Manning 1876-08-05 F
NEW-101-02 Julia M. Manning 1869-01-04 F
NEW-101-03 Charles Everett Warren 1865-07-20 F
NEW-101-04 Daniel Emerson Warren 1865-09-27 F
NEW-101-05 Julia Elizabeth Manning 1913-03-03 F
NEW-101-06 Edwin H. Warren 1898-02-14 F
NEW-101-07 Joseph E. Warren 1933-04-28 F
NEW-101-08 Elizabeth M. (Fiske) Warren 1932-02-01 F
NEW-101-09 Lillian Esther Warren 1955-04-16 F
NEW-101-10 Martha E. Warren 1935-07-18 F
NEW-101-11 George Manning Warren 1869-02-01 F
NEW-102-1 Joseph Merrill Fletcher 1915-02-19 F
NEW-102-2 Harriett A. Goodman Fletcher 1912-01-30 F
NEW-102-3 Josiah Fletcher 1869-12-28 F
NEW-102-4 Hannah Fletcher 1836-06-09 F
NEW-102-7 Josiah Richardson Fletcher 1911-11-29 F
NEW-102-8 Eliza E. Streeter Fletcher 1886-02-18 F
NEW-103-1 Dea. John Day 1864-12-02 F
NEW-103-2 Martha Day 1867-10-13 F
NEW-103-3 Elijah N. Day 1864-06-26 F
NEW-104-1 Rufus G. Hildreth 1888-12-07 F
NEW-104-2 George B. Lamphere 1861-10-27 F
NEW-104-3 Herbert W. Lamphere 1923-05-16 F
NEW-105-1 Josiah Fletcher Bowers 1863-05-13 F
NEW-105-2 George Robey Bowers 1864-02-23 F
NEW-105-3 William F. Bowers 1894-12-05 F
NEW-105-4 Hannah R. F. Bowers 1897-07-12 F
NEW-1051/2-3 Jennie (Fulton) Fletcher 1961-07-31
NEW-1051/2-4 Karlene Mackissok 1996-01-09
NEW-106-1 Samuel S. Parkhurst 1875-05-21 F
NEW-106-2 Solomon Parkhurst 1890-08-18 F
NEW-106-3 Lucinda M. (Adams) Parkhurst 1890-09-27 F
NEW-106-4 George Adams Parkhurst 1904-02-03 F
NEW-106-4A Clorinda (Hodgman) Parkhurst 1919-08-11 F
NEW-106-5 Millie May (Jefts) Parkhurst 1953-08-05 F
NEW-106-6 Winthrop Adams Parkhurst 1963-09-25 F
NEW-106-7 George Adams Parkhurst 1998-06-17 F
NEW-106-8 Barbara Parkhurst 2011-09-21
NEW-107-1 Dr. John Call Bartlett 1878-01-13 F
NEW-107-2 Maria J. Bartlett 1882-12-09 F
NEW-107-5 Joel Adams Bartlett 1921-04-24 F
NEW-107-6 Emma L. L. (Greenleaf) Bartlett 1936-03-04 F
NEW-107-7 Harriet M. Bartlett 1903-03-11 F
NEW-107-8 Charles A. E. Bartlett 1900-04-04 F
NEW-108-01 William Fletcher 1893-06-22 F
NEW-108-02 Diantha E. Fletcher 1866-09-09 F
NEW-108-03 Mary K. Fletcher 1866-08-13 F
NEW-108-04 D. Elizabeth Fletcher 1874-01-27 F
NEW-108-05 Eliza A. (Warren) Fletcher 1903-02-15 F
NEW-108-06 M. Katie Fletcher 1870-08-12 F
NEW-108-07 Angie A. Fletcher 1877-09-13 F
NEW-108-08 Charles F. Fletcher 1874-09-27 F
NEW-108-09 Rachel (Fletcher) Greene 1914-04-18 F
NEW-108-10 Rachel Fletcher Greene 1921-04-17 F
NEW-109-1 Hiram J. Brown 1898-07-10 F
NEW-109-2 Frances L. Brown 1901-08-08 F
NEW-109-2A Male Infant Brown 1905-08-18 F
NEW-109-3 Levi Lamphere 1885-06-09 F
NEW-109-4 Fannie C. Lamphere 1877-01-21 F
NEW-109-5 Levi Jr. Lamphere F
NEW-110-1 Willis Barrett Parkhurst 1921-08-23 F
NEW-110-2 Martha Jones (Dutton) Parkhurst 1912-01-13 F
NEW-110-3 Solomon Waldo Parkhurst 1924-12-05 F
NEW-110-4 Infant Parkhurst 1874-00-00 F
NEW-110-5 Jamie Waldo Parkhurst 1866-08-27 F
NEW-110-6 Emma L. Parkhurst 1954-02-04 F
NEW-110-7 Bertha Amelia Parkhurst 1962-06-17 F
NEW-110-8 Bertha Amelia Parkhurst 1962-06-17
NEW-111-01 Hezekiah Parkhurst 1882-01-20 F
NEW-111-02 Julia A. Parkhurst 1889-12-27 F
NEW-111-03 Marietta F. (Parkhurst) Spalding 1926-07-16 F
NEW-111-04 Mary Elizabeth (Battle) Parkhurst 1902-09-02 F
NEW-111-05 Sewall Parkhurst 1887-07-06 F
NEW-111-06 Sarah (Fletcher) Parkhurst 1860-08-10 F
NEW-111-07 Edward A. Parkhurst 1864-06-03 F
NEW-111-08 Julia A. P. Spalding 1874-03-11 F
NEW-111-09 Edward Everett Spalding 1907-06-10 F
NEW-111-10 Florence J. Spalding 1923-07-24 F
NEW-111-11 Hinton E. Spalding 1936-10-24 F
NEW-112-1 Gardner Fletcher 1871-06-13 F
NEW-112-2 Frances C. Fletcher 1871-06-26 F
NEW-113-1 Frank Lamphere 1898-05-12 F
NEW-113-2 Albion J. Lamphere 1898-11-15 F
NEW-113-3 Mary J. Lamphere 1897-07-14 F
NEW-114-3 Almira M. Teel 1879-02-24 F
NEW-115-01 Henry Mead Kittredge 1840-02-08 F
NEW-115-02 Dorcus Melvina Kittredge 1840-09-12 F
NEW-115-03 Dr. Paul C. Kittredge 1864-02-28 F
NEW-115-04 Cullena F. Kittredge 1874-05-08 F
NEW-115-05 Cullen F. Kittredge 1845-01-02 F
NEW-115-06 Amy Hull Kittredge 1852-07-20 F
NEW-115-07 Dr. Paul Kittredge 1845-08-09 F
NEW-115-08 Rebbecca Kittredge 1869-11-17 F
NEW-115-09 Forestus Darwin Kittredge 1828-04-29 F
NEW-115-10 2 Female Infants Kittredge 1821-02-20 F
NEW-116-1 Jabez Stevens 1874-04-29 F
NEW-116-2 Surviah M. Stevens 1882-03-04 F
NEW-116-3 William J. Stevens 1903-07-10 F
NEW-116-4 Charlotte A. Stevens 1920-08-07 F
NEW-116-5 Benjamin Stevens F
NEW-117-1 Joseph E. Farmer 1851-10-29 F
NEW-117-2 Mary S. Farmer Shephard 1845-06-07 F
NEW-117-3 Mrs. Mary Farmer 1880-12-22 F
NEW-117-4 Owen Emerson 1873-05-02 F
NEW-117-5 Louisa B. Emerson 1851-02-01 F
NEW-117-6 Rachel B. Emerson 1886-12-18 F
NEW-117-7 John O. Emerson 1846-11-23 F
NEW-117-8 Joseph L. Emerson 1825-09-01 F
NEW-117-9 Mary R. Emerson 1840-01-05 F
NEW-118-1 Lucy E. Morris 1867-11-05 F
NEW-118-2 Lillie H. Morris 1866-10-22 F
NEW-118-3 Minnie A. Morris 1868-01-23 F
NEW-120-1 Moses P. Hildreth 1878-03-12 F
NEW-120-2 Eliza A Murdock Hildreth 1892-03-06 F
NEW-121-1 Joseph Marshall 1856-01-04 F
NEW-121-2 Lois Lamson Marshall 1895-09-24 F
NEW-122-1 Emaline Woodward Hartford 1905-01-01 F
NEW-122-1A Waldo Woodward 1837-00-00 F
NEW-122-2 Clara Arnold 1893-03-24 F
NEW-122-3 Ruth Woodward 1853-07-08 F
NEW-122-4 Herman Woodward 1889-01-09 F
NEW-123-1 Nehemiah Flint Merriam 1853-11-26 F
NEW-123-2 Amelia Augusta Merriam 1851-01-22 F
NEW-123-3 Eliza Elvira Merriam 1907-02-24 F
NEW-123-4 Darius Gregory Merriam 1864-00-00 F
NEW-124-1 Phebe Hutchins 1883-02-14 F
NEW-124-2 Hannah A. Hutchins 1855-03-01 F
NEW-124-3 Oliver Hutchins 1862-01-17 F
NEW-125-1 Jonathan B. Wheeler 1849-09-16
NEW-125-2 Rhoda Wheeler 1876-04-09 F
NEW-125-3 Julia A. Grover 1853-07-27 F
NEW-125-4 Julia M. Dupee 1852-07-30 F
NEW-125-4A Georgeanna Dupee 1858-02-28 F
NEW-126-1 Sarah Wright 1854-08-12 F
NEW-126-2 Joel B. Wright 1867-01-14 F
NEW-127-1 Mary Byam 1860-01-07 F
NEW-127-2 Willard Byam 1854-09-02 F
NEW-127-2A Edith M. Byam 1901-03-28 F
NEW-128-1 Lucy Fiske 1882-05-08 F
NEW-128-2 Betsey W. Howe 1855-03-30 F
NEW-128-3 Amanda J. Howe 1908-12-04 F
NEW-128-4 Ellen J. Howe 1948-12-27 F
NEW-129-1 Samuel Lane Dutton 1910-05-27 F
NEW-129-2 Surviah Parkhurst Dutton 1914-01-16 F
NEW-129-3 Grace S. Dutton 1880-12-28 F
NEW-129-5 Edgar Fulton Dutton 1918-01-15 F
NEW-129-6 Bertha Hutchinson Dutton 1915-10-24 F
NEW-130-3 Frederick Remme 1866-11-20 F
NEW-130-4 Nancy Remme 1868-01-20 F
NEW-131-01 Joseph Reed 1883-09-28 F
NEW-131-02 Leonora Reed 1835-06-13 F
NEW-131-03 Maria E. Reed 1874-02-20 F
NEW-131-04 Leonora S. Reed 1832-02-20 F
NEW-131-05 Lucy E. Reed 1841-08-25 F
NEW-131-05A Caroline A. Reed 1843-02-26 F
NEW-131-06 Andrew J. Reed 1844-09-25 F
NEW-131-06A Mortimer Reed 1845-09-02 F
NEW-131-07 Zachary F. Reed 1848-08-26 F
NEW-131-07A Adelaide Reed 1850-09-19 F
NEW-131-08 Katie A. Reed 1860-01-11 F
NEW-131-09 George E. Reed 1862-08-01 F
NEW-131-10 Lucien H. Reed 1893-01-30 F
NEW-131-11 Maria L. Reed 1909-08-27 F
NEW-132-1 Fannie E. Parker 1884-05-27 F
NEW-132-2 Eli P. Parker 1898-01-29 F
NEW-132-3 Nancy B. Parker 1875-10-22 F
NEW-132-4 Emma Parker 1867-09-24 F
NEW-132-5 Agnes B. Weits Parker 1945-00-00 F
NEW-132-6 Charles Winslow Parker 1930-09-03 F
NEW-133-1 Mary A. Pierce 1849-01-28 F
NEW-133-2 Maria D. Pierce 1864-12-13 F
NEW-133-5 George D. Pierce 1842-08-28 F
NEW-133-5A George D. Pierce 1839-05-13 F
NEW-133-6 Arthur Pierce 1851-02-16 F
NEW-133-6A Minnie I. Pierce F
NEW-134-1 Anne Marshall 1894-11-06 F
NEW-135-1 Fanny Thurlow Proctor 1893-06-18 F
NEW-135-2 Jonas R. Proctor 1859-08-20 F
NEW-136-1 Harriett S. W. Proctor 1864-10-18 F
NEW-136-2 Harriett M. Proctor 1854-01-04 F
NEW-137-1 Genett W. Proctor 1840-10-25 F
NEW-137-2 Charles Proctor 1880-09-29 F
NEW-137-3 Harriet P. Proctor 1883-06-24 F
NEW-137-4 Ella J. Proctor 1927-05-20 F
NEW-138-1 Harriet E. Proctor 1850-06-19 F
NEW-138-2 Benjamin B. Proctor 1850-10-07 F
NEW-139-1 Cyrus Durant 1847-01-25 F
NEW-140-1 John A. Hall 1843-01-10 F
NEW-140-2 Esther A. Hall 1847-05-03 F
NEW-140-3 Albert E. Hall 1851-09-03 F
NEW-140-6 Darius L. Hall 1885-06-06 F
NEW-140-7 Sarah A. Hall 1891-04-01 F
NEW-140-8 Charles H. C. Hall 1891-04-03 F
NEW-141-1 Lovina Byam 1868-09-21 F
NEW-141-2 Otis Byam 1857-11-05 F
NEW-142-1 Sarah B. Moors 1854-05-03 F
NEW-142-2 Waldo Adams 1857-12-14 F
NEW-143-1 Frederick M. Wentworth 1847-09-16 F
NEW-143-2 Lydia E. Wentworth 1847-08-23 F
NEW-145-1 George P. Kittredge 1856-12-30 F
NEW-145-2 Maria Heald Kittredge 1894-04-15 F
NEW-146-1 Simon Dearden 1845-00-00 F
NEW-146-2 Martha Dearden 1848-00-00 F
NEW-146-3 Sarah F. Dearden 1856-04-05 F
NEW-146-4 William Ferriday Dearden 1845-00-00 F
NEW-146-5 Martha S. Dearden 1856-00-00 F
NEW-146-6 Sarah Elizabeth Dearden 1860-00-00 F
NEW-147-1 Horace M. Page 1852-09-06 F
NEW-148-1 Nathaniel Dustin 1851-04-11 F
NEW-148-2 Jerusha Dustin 1861-06-21 F
NEW-149-1 George Green 1858-05-17 F
NEW-149-2 Amos Green 1849-01-25 F
NEW-149-3 Louisa Green 1847-03-16 F
NEW-149-4 Thos. Parkhurst 1848-10-11 F
NEW-149-5 Amos Green 1896-01-10 F
NEW-150-1 Emma B. Aiken 1948-04-22 F
NEW-150-2 Curtis A. Aiken 1946-04-11 F
NEW-150-3 Amos Parkhurst 1848-10-11 F
NEW-151-01 George H. Byam 1897-00-00 F
NEW-151-02 Ellen M. (Richardson) Byam 1901-00-00 F
NEW-151-03 Ellen L. Hollings 1926-08-17 F
NEW-151-04 Charles Byam MD Hollings 1957-01-25 F
NEW-151-05 Warren Richardson 1925-02-01 F
NEW-151-06 Loiusa Webster 1866-01-02 F
NEW-151-08 George Richardson 1853-09-01 F
NEW-151-09 Asenith C. Richardson 1852-12-13 F
NEW-151-10 Asa Edwin Richardson 1846-03-10 F
NEW-152-1 Mertie Webber 1867-11-01 F
NEW-152-2 Asa H. Webber 1861-00-00 F
NEW-152-3 Charlie M. Webber 1916-00-00 F
NEW-152-4 Sarah L. Hall Webber 1933-06-26 F
NEW-153-1 Abraham A. Spaulding 1836-09-08 F
NEW-153-2 Polly H. Spaulding 1857-04-24 F
NEW-153-3 Hannah Elizabeth Spaulding 1851-02-15 F
NEW-154-01 Joshua Hunt 1843-04-27 F
NEW-154-02 Olive Chamberlain Hunt 1857-10-07 F
NEW-154-03 Samuel Chamberlin Hunt 1878-09-29 F
NEW-154-04 Elizabeth Abbott Warren Hunt 1893-12-18 F
NEW-154-05 Susan B. Barrett 1854-12-25 F
NEW-154-06 Annie Warren Hunt 1861-04-11 F
NEW-154-06A William Barron Hunt 1854-02-19 F
NEW-154-07 Samuel C. Jr. Hunt 1894-12-06 F
NEW-154-08 Sarah K. Gardner Hunt 1913-05-13 F
NEW-154-09 Olive C. Hunt 1906-05-18 F
NEW-154-10 Susan Barron Hunt 1907-12-07 F
NEW-154-11 Anna Eliza Hunt 1912-01-11 F
NEW-154-12 George Balderston Hunt 1842-02-13 F
NEW-155-1 Elotia D. Proctor 1856-09-30 F
NEW-155-2 Louisa Osgood 1854-06-02 F
NEW-155-2A Laura Maria Osgood 1840-12-27 F
NEW-155-3 Simeon B. Proctor 1850-01-25 F
NEW-155-3A Mary L. Proctor 1846-12-20 F
NEW-156-1 Warren Hamilton Pratt 1838-10-25 F
NEW-157-1 Thomas Minot Adams 1855-04-25 F
NEW-157-2 Nancy P. (Worthen) Adams 1878-07-23 F
NEW-157-3 Isaac Adams 1892-12-31 F
NEW-158-1 Clement Upham 1886-07-26 F
NEW-158-2 Elmira W. Upham 1898-08-20 F
NEW-158-3 George H. Upham 1861-04-16 F
NEW-158-4 Lucretia Caroline Barry 1843-09-10 F
NEW-158-5 William Barry 1854-08-09 F
NEW-159-1 Abigail Dutton 1867-06-01 F
NEW-159-2 Almira R. Dutton 1854-08-07 F
NEW-159-3 Hildreth P. Dutton 1859-10-27 F
NEW-159-4 Elizabeth J. B. Dutton 1841-12-15 F
NEW-159-4A Infant Dutton F
NEW-160-01 Eva M. (Large) Dutton 1966-10-06 F
NEW-160-02 Francis Oliver Dutton 1963-08-27 F
NEW-160-03 Georgia Libby (Sherburne) Dutton 1928-08-07 F
NEW-160-04 Ruth Bernice Dutton 1921-03-22 F
NEW-160-05 Abigail Dutton 1877-11-15 F
NEW-160-06 Darius Dutton 1868-06-10 F
NEW-160-07 Amos W. Dutton 1851-04-12 F
NEW-160-08 David Dutton 1850-02-07 F
NEW-160-09 Emma Bartlett Dutton 1937-00-00 F
NEW-160-10 Hannah Dutton 1846-03-13 F
NEW-160-11 Eunice Parker 1873-05-09 F
NEW-160-12 Dorcas Smith 1886-03-17 F
NEW-161-1 Nathaniel Sweetser 1857-02-20 F
NEW-161-2 Hannah (Parker) Sweetser 1864-08-07 F
NEW-161-3 Juliet C. Sweetser 1847-01-03 F
NEW-162-1 Mary Kimball 1866-07-17 F
NEW-162-2 Clarisa Kimball 1870-03-22 F
NEW-163-1 William Lott Burgess 1844-08-25 F
NEW-163-2 William B. Burgess 1846-05-22 F
NEW-163-3 Charles R. Cook 1905-12-17 F
NEW-163-4 Clement M. Cook 1871-08-26 F
NEW-163-5 Nelson D. Cook 1864-06-07 F
NEW-164-1 Jonathan Larcom 1895-10-24 F
NEW-164-2 Frank H. Larcom 1878-07-04 F
NEW-164-3 Benjamin F. Larcom 1846-04-23 F
NEW-164-4 Duncan Mcdonald 1881-05-24 F
NEW-164-5 Mary Macdonald 1884-06-20 F
NEW-165-1 Herbert A. Knowlton 1946-10-21 F
NEW-165-2 Minnie R. (Kingsbury) Knowlton 1933-04-20 F
NEW-165-3 Harry A. Knowlton 1955-01-22 F
NEW-165-4 Hazel R. Knowlton 1984-03-14 F
NEW-165-5 Charles T. Obear 1848-10-03 F
NEW-166-1 William J. Preston 1908-12-30 F
NEW-166-1A Herbert A. Preston F
NEW-166-2 Maria A. Preston 1891-00-00 F
NEW-166-2A Albert P. Preston F
NEW-166-3 Alice L. Preston 1868-02-19 F
NEW-166-4 Carrie A. (Preston) Smith 1944-01-18 F
NEW-167-1 Thomas Howe 1865-09-06 F
NEW-167-2 Lucy F. Howe 1882-05-08 F
NEW-167-3 Sophia F. Howe 1853-10-15 F
NEW-167-4 Charlotte M. (Howe) Parkhurst 1851-12-13 F
NEW-167-5 Edwin King Parkhurst 1898-09-12 F
NEW-167-5A Fiske King Parkhurst 1904-11-23 F
NEW-167-6 George W. K. Parkhurst 1873-10-26 F
NEW-167-6A Stillborn Parkhurst 1903-10-09 F
NEW-167-7 George W. Howe 1886-11-09 F
NEW-168-1 John G. Clogston 1868-10-13 F
NEW-168-2 Mary B. Clogston 1891-01-18 F
NEW-168-3 William H.s. Clogston 1922-01-23 F
NEW-169-1 Susan Hildreth 1841-11-04 F
NEW-170-1 Elizabeth Washer 1841-10-15 F
NEW-170-2 Children Crooker F
NEW-171-1 James T. (or F.) Whitney 1843-06-23 F
NEW-172-1 John N. Esty 1862-10-05 F
NEW-172-2 Sarah B. Esty 1872-07-27 F
NEW-172-3 John Minot Esty 1864-08-14 F
NEW-172-4 Sarah Jane Esty 1864-12-10 F
NEW-172-5 Mary Abigail Esty 1847-04-30 F
NEW-173-1 Hannah Kimball 1841-03-09 F
NEW-174-1 Mary Hunter 1856-10-02 F
NEW-174-2 Robert Collier Hunter 1849-09-04 F
NEW-174-3 John Collier Hunter 1857-05-31 F
NEW-174-4 Sarah Hunter 1877-06-04 F
NEW-174-5 Jane S. Hunter 1846-09-22 F
NEW-174-6 William Hunter 1883-10-19 F
NEW-175-1 Lucinda Parkhurst 1892-11-10 F
NEW-175-2 Charles Parkhurst 1861-10-25 F
NEW-175-3 Sewell Parkhurst 1860-05-03 F
NEW-175-4 Harriet L. Watson 1846-08-22 F
NEW-175-4A William P. Watson 1846-08-01 F
NEW-175-5 Abram Parkhurst 1840-08-31 F
NEW-175-6 Joel Parkhurst 1841-10-06 F
NEW-176-1 Emily J. Proctor 1856-09-06 F
NEW-176-1A Clifton T. Proctor 1856-10-25 F
NEW-176-2 Betsey Proctor 1852-10-06 F
NEW-176-2A Mathew Proctor 1835-08-31 F
NEW-176-3 Daniel Proctor 1864-10-23 F
NEW-176-4 Mary A. Strong 1876-08-21 F
NEW-176-5 Moses Hale 1861-01-07 F
NEW-177-01 Delia A. Jones 1920-00-00 F
NEW-177-02 Felix Lovely 1910-03-29 F
NEW-177-03 Ruth (Emerson) Berg 1945-06-09 F
NEW-177-04 Ralph A. Berg 1977-07-31 F
NEW-177-06 Matilda Wood unknown F
NEW-177-07 Emily (Lovely) Middleton 1943-00-00 F
NEW-177-08 John J. Middleton 1922-07-18 F
NEW-177-09 Hattie A. Russell 1956-01-04 F
NEW-177-13 Henry Powers 1889-05-05 F
NEW-178-1 Merville M. Harris 1926-07-12 F
NEW-178-2 Deborah Harriet Harris 1926-08-07 F
NEW-178-3 Harriet Harris 1926-08-07 F
NEW-178-3A Female Infant Harris 1891-00-00 F
NEW-178-4 Alonzo R. Harris 1970-11-29 F
NEW-178-5 Loretta V. Harris 1967-02-02 F
NEW-179-1 Clarence Flanders Wright 1901-02-17 F
NEW-179-2 Edward C. Wright 1932-12-29 F
NEW-179-3 Juliette L. Wright 1943-01-18 F
NEW-179-4 Asenath Manning Chamberlain 1909-02-28 F
NEW-179-5 Martha H. Wright 1891-03-29 F
NEW-179-6 Calvin T. Wright 1899-06-09 F
NEW-180-1 Cora Lee Nichols 1922-08-28 F
NEW-180-3 Hannah Nichols 1888-09-21 F
NEW-180-4 John H. Nichols 1898-12-09 F
NEW-181-1 Infant Alexander 1879-00-00 F
NEW-183-1 Ida Ellsworth Byam 1921-03-30 F
NEW-183-2 Mary Jane Proctor Byam 1911-06-14 F
NEW-183-3 Charles W. Byam 1915-08-31 F
NEW-183-4 Gertrude W. (Byam) Greene 1941-12-11 F
NEW-183-5 Harry C. Greene 1948-07-07 F
NEW-184-1 Henry B. Proctor 1901-10-18 F
NEW-184-2 Sarah Elizabeth Proctor 1892-03-28 F
NEW-184-3 George W. Proctor 1898-11-07 F
NEW-184-4 Ella J. Proctor 1927-00-00 F
NEW-184-5 Emma E. Proctor 1927-11-18 F
NEW-184-6 Charles Edward Bartlett 1945-11-22 F
NEW-184-7 Carrie L. (Proctor) Bartlett 1938-08-21 F
NEW-185-1 Anna R. Reed 1902-06-16 F
NEW-185-1A Edith Minot Reed 1879-01-18 F
NEW-185-2 Frederick Minot Reed 1919-02-12 F
NEW-185-3 Willard Reed 1859-10-12 F
NEW-185-4 Miriam Reed 1846-11-29 F
NEW-185-5 Frederick Tilton Reed 1906-07-14 F
NEW-185-6 Sarah Elizabeth Reed 1889-06-02 F
NEW-185-7 Jonathan Minot Reed 1869-05-15 F
NEW-186-1 Ella P. Perham 1890-02-15 F
NEW-186-2 Edwin C. Perham 1935-03-02 F
NEW-186-3 Grace E. (Hood) Perham 1954-11-11 F
NEW-189-3 Marie E. Jenkins 1925-04-30 F
NEW-189-4 Frank W. Jenkins 1893-05-13 F
NEW-190-01 George W. Pickard 1935-10-29 F
NEW-190-02 Bertha F. (Wilson) Pickard 1935-02-05 F
NEW-190-04 Allen Pickard 1905-04-16 F
NEW-190-05 Carlton M. Pickard 1900-08-08 F
NEW-190-06 Moses C. Jr. Wilson 1926-02-15 F
NEW-190-07 John Hamilton Wilson 1953-03-07 F
NEW-190-08 Edith (Fletcher) Wilson 1950-05-06 F
NEW-190-09 Bertha M. Wilson 1930-10-13 F
NEW-190-09A Stillborn Pickard 1909-10-15 F
NEW-190-10 Moses C. Wilson 1893-01-23 F
NEW-191-1 Karl M. Perham 1951-06-13 F
NEW-191-2 Edith A. (Andrews) Perham 1956-11-05 F
NEW-191-3 Hannah Fairbanks Perham 1911-12-30 F
NEW-191-4 Albert Proctor Perham 1899-00-00 F
NEW-192-3 Sarepta Patchin 1919-03-10 F
NEW-192-4 James W. Patchin 1899-05-14 F
NEW-341/2-2 Harlan B. Brown 1955-01-20 F
NEW-341/2-3 Mary E. (Thompson) Brown 1938-07-26 F
NEW-341/2-4 Jerome H. Brown 1915-03-12 F
Tombs-03-1 Rebecca (Spalding) Warren 1848 F
Tombs-03-2 Aaron Mansur 1859-06-22 F
Tombs-03-3 Rebecca (Warren) Mansur 1872 F
Tombs-03-3 Rebecca (Warren) Mansur 1872 F
Tombs-03-4 Mary Frances Mansur 1834 F
Tombs-03-5 Jesse Smith 1848 F
Tombs-03-6 Fanny (Warren) Smith 1874 F
Tombs-03-7 Mary Woodbury Smith 1835 F
Tombs-03-8 Rebecca Smith 1826 F
Tombs-03-9 John Henry Smith 1851 F
Tombs-04-1 Caroline Chamberlain 1825-03-10 F
Tombs-04-2 Jonathan Manning 1828-04-08 F
Tombs-04-3 Asenath Chamberlain 1828-06-23 F
Tombs-04-4 Salathiel Manning 1828-10-07 F
Tombs-04-5 George J. Manning 1836-09-18 F
Tombs-04-6 Lydia Manning 1841-05-04 F
Tombs-05-1 Mr. Stephen Pierce 1733-06-10
Tombs-05-2 Hannah Kimball 1841-03-09
Tombs-06-1 Nathaniel H. Henchman 1903-04-21 F
Tombs-06-2 Nathaniel Hurd Henchman 1826-05-29 F
Tombs-07-1 Dea. Josiah Parkhurst 1818-12-31
Tombs-08-1 Sergt. Jonas Pierce F
Tombs-09-1 William Esq. Adams 1843-12-25 F
Tombs-09-2 Mary Adams 1849-07-03 F
Tombs-09-3 Elizabeth (Adams) Spaulding 1868-01-08 F
Tombs-09-4 Mary E. Spaulding 1867-07-05 F
Tombs-09-5 L. Abby Spaulding 1874-03-22 F
Tombs-10-1 Benjamin Parkhurst F
Tombs-12-1 Josiah Fletcher 1803-07-18 F
Tombs-12-2 Mary Fletcher 1781-06-09 F
Tombs-12-3 William Fletcher 1677-11-06 F
Tombs-12-4 Lucy Fletcher 1814-12-19 F
Tombs-12-5 Dr. Ezekiel H. Fletcher 1817-08-15 F
Tombs-13-1 Azariah Spalding [2] F
Tombs-15-1 Samuel Howard F
Tombs-15-2 Mrs. Rachel Howard 1814-07-21 F
Tombs-17-1 Samuel Stephens F
Tombs-18-1 Jeptha Parker 1843-07-25 F
Tombs-18-2 Clifton Parker 1848-07-07 F
Tombs-18-3 Clifford Parker 1853-03-30 F
Tombs-19-1 Frederick Fiske 1939-01-13 F
Tombs-19-2 (Mrs. F.A.P.) Harriet Locke Fiske 1903-10-16 F
Tombs-19-3 Benjamin M. Fiske 1903-10-20 F
Tombs-19-4 Benjamin Minot Fiske 1901-05-09 F
Tombs-19-5 Helen L. Fiske 1962-04-05 F
Tombs-19-6 John Minot Fiske 1841-08-16 F
Tombs-19-7 Eliza Winn Fiske 1878-12-17 F
Tombs-19-8 Elizabeth Parkhurst Fisk 1917-11-16 F
Tombs-20-1 Charity Dunn F
Tombs-21-1 Joseph Adams F
Tombs-22-1 Asa Hodgman F
Tombs-22-2 Malvina Hodgman 1907-12-30 F
Tombs-23-1 Jonathan II Parker 1851-12-29 F
Tombs-23-2 Hannah Clark Parker 1859-06-07 F
Tombs-23-3 George D. Furber 1895-01-05 F
Tombs-23-4 Ann Maria Parker Furber 1882-01-01 F
Tombs-23-5 Jonathan III Parker 1862-04-15 F
Tombs-23-6 Betsey Marshall Parker 1853-02-03 F
Tombs-23-7 Charles Parker 1888-05-03 F
Tombs-23-8 Mrs. Ellen Libee 1903-02-21 F
Tombs-26-1 Charles Parker F
Tombs-26-2 Samuel Proctor Perham 1899-01-29 F
Tombs-26-3 Mrs. Nellie P. Parker 1930-09-27 F
Tombs-27-1 Mary Lindsey Putnam 1904-02-24 F
Tombs-27-2 Sarah Lindsey Putnam 1922-03-03 F
Tombs-28-1 Joseph Warren 1858-02-09 F
Tombs-28-2 Mary Spalding Warren 1841-10-25 F
Tombs-28-3 Joseph Jr. Warren 1888-06-09 F
Tombs-28-4 Martha Carlton Warren 1879-01-06 F
Tombs-28-5 Miriam Warren 1889-10-07 F
Tombs-28-6 Amos Carlton 1864-11-28 F
Tombs-28-7 Betsey Sumner Carlton 1865-08-21 F
Tombs-28-8 George Carlton 1843-08-03 F
Tombs-29-1 Ephraim Warren 1837-10-13 F
Tombs-29-2 Esther Carlton Warren 1862-10-28 F
Tombs-29-3 Martha C. Warren 1854-10-14 F
Tombs-29-4 Rachel Warren 1839-11-14 F
Tombs-29-5 Nathan Carlton Warren 1907-01-17 F
Tombs-29-6 Carrie A. Clark Warren 1940-06-18 F
Tombs-29-7 Etta A. Warren 1875-08-09 F
Tombs-29-8 Helen C. Warren 1973-00-00 F
Tombs-29-9 Amos C. Warren 1887-01-07 F
Tombs-31-1 Edward Richardson 1900-03-25 F

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