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Hello Carole! Thank you so much for getting back so fast, I was not expecting that, Great Ideas! ;) I also wrote to the Many managers of Tah Chee "Dutch" "The Long Warrior" of Tellico on GENI since they use a link to Tahchee, A Cherokee Chief that states he was born in 1790 [Major b. abt 1771 Can't be his son!] I also noticed not only is his wife on there is the daughter of Oconastota [fag memorial] apparently his Mother was too? I asked them about that...

I actually have much more information on Kah-nung-da-tla-geh aka. Major Ridge then his parents, I had just started to dig around looking at his folks when I noticed all the differences in what folks have out there. I added some links that I used to Major Ridge on Wikitree [and a couple photos] from loc.gov site "The Cherokee Indian Nation resisted the encroachment of Euro-Americans on their lands, while at the same time adopting many of their cultural trappings. Major Ridge (Kah-nung-do-tla-geh) (ca. 1771–1839) a mixed-blood, slave-owning leader of the Chickamuaga Cherokees in Georgia and a friend of government agent Benjamin Hawkins, fought American settlers for years before becoming an advocate for cultural adaptation. He signed the Treaty of New Echota in 1835, which eventually resulted in the Trail of Tears, the forced migration of the Cherokee people to lands west of the Mississippi. He was killed by fellow Cherokees."

My relation is Major Ridge's Daughter Sollee [Sarah] RIDGE Paschal PIX married one of the men charged with helping the Cherokees, George Washington Paschal Jr is my Cousin [they divorced he was a Lawyer she remarried to Charles Sisson PIX] , his mother Agnes BREWER Paschal[5th great aunt] is sister to my 4th great grandma Elizabeth BREWER Paschal who married George Washington Paschal SR Nephew John Paschal... this is our maternal side, our Paternal side our grandma is a Jackson that came from Randolph County, NC James M Jackson b.1818 we don't know who his folks are yet, but I do know that is where Andrew Jackson's family came from.... ugh!

I'll go look & see if I have anymore info, I did this awhile back & lost a lot of research changing computers when my old one got sick ;)

I need to add Sollee as Major's daughter on wikitree still, here is Major in my tree with some weblinks attached, https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/8722757/person/330115809847/facts

Major Ridge PG398 TAHCHEE PG 251 [the 1 b.1790]

History of the Indian tribes of North America : with biographical sketches and anecdotes of the principal chiefs. Illustrated with colored portraits of ... V1.

History of the Indian tribes of North America : with biographical sketch... History of the Indian tribes of North America : with biographical sketches and anecdotes of the principal chiefs...

Major Ridge Stand Watie Elias Boudinot I Think* they have just about ALL the Links & PICS Etc Etc Etc... [Paul is also on ancestry]

the find a grave link goes to OCONASTOTA not to OGANOSTOTA so the info you put on him from there is incorrect,
Note* the AGE Oconastota b.1710 Major Ridge's father
Tarchee Ogonostota, son of Onacona "White Owl" Attakullkulla, Fullblood of the Bird Clan & Ollie Nionee Oconostota, Ani'-Wa'Ya (Wolf) Clan, Oganstota, Dutsi Tah Chee (Tarchee Ogonostota), Long Warrior, Long warrior of Tellico. was b.bet.1738-48....

I Think* you just mixed up those Native American names that look close to the same spelling but were different folks... Oh! OR you mixed them because the FAG guy Oconastota is [major Ridge dad-->] Oganstota, Dutsi Tah Chee FATHER IN LAW!


Thoughts? This message is from Jen Hill (charjenpits@yahoo.com). Click here for their WikiTree profile: https://www.WikiTree.com/wiki/Harris-25184 The sender was on this profile page when they sent the message: https://www.WikiTree.com/wiki/Tah-Chee-1

I will make a new profile if you do not want to and try to get the data changed over or better yet just fix the spelling etc. and open a new one for Ogonostota... found them on rootsweb. no sources... but I will re read the Book I have Trail of Tears and will use that as our source, thank you for catching it.



... was Cherokee.
He is not listed as Dutsi but he is listed under his "Mother's" Cherokee name..........
Oconostota, 1775 – 1780

"After the Tennessee Valley Authority announced plans to build Tellico Dam in 1967, which would flood historic Cherokee sites, the University of Tennessee initiated a plan to conduct salvage archeological excavations throughout the Little Tennessee Valley.

Excavations were conducted at Chota between 1969 and 1974, as litigation stalled the dam project. The excavations uncovered 783 features (mostly refuse pits), the postmold layouts of 31 structures, and

91 burials.[18] Burial 10, uncovered in 1969, was identified by its grave goods (namely a pair of wire spectacles) as that of chief Oconostota.[19] Thousands of stone and ceramic artifacts were uncovered, including projectile points dating to the Archaic period (8000–1000 B.C.).[20]" (wikipedia.com)

Disputed Origins

Often confused with Oconostota, an earlier, prominent chief. There is no connection. Some claim that he was related to Attakullakulla. Author Thurman Wilkins (without documentation) also says he may have also been called "Dutsi" or Tarchee. [1]


From wikipedia.com [1]
"Chota (also spelled Chote, Echota, Itsati, and other similar variations)  :is a historic Overhill --Cherokee town site in Monroe County, Tennessee, in the :southeastern United States. Developing after nearby Tanasi, from the late 1740s :until 1788 Chota was the most important of the Overhill towns, replacing Tanasi :as the de facto capital of the Cherokee people.

A number of prominent Cherokee leaders were born or resided at Chota, among them Attakullakulla, Oconostota, Old Hop, Old Tassel, Hanging Maw, and Nancy Ward.[1][2]"

NOTE:: There is a difference of opinion between the geni.com site and the wikipedia site as to who his father was--- The wikipedia bio gives Attakullakulla as a Cousin...and Possibly the son of Moytoy,,,,,

Find-a-grave memorial states: Cherokee Chief. Born the son of Moytoy Pigeon of Tellico and his Shawnee wife sometime between 1700 and 1710. "

From the geni.com site
Note: Also known as Dutsi Tachee, Tarchee Ogonostota, Tarchee Ogonostota, Tatsi aka "Dutch"
"Son of Attakullakulla / Onacona and Ollie Nionee Oconostota, Ani'-Wa'Ya (Wolf) Clan
Husband of Susannah Catherine, of the Deer Clan and E-li-si
Father of Oo-loo-tsa (Lucy) Bowles; Major Ridge, "The Ridge"; David Oo-Watie; Nettle Carrier and Gi-yo-s-ti
Brother of Hannah "Nikitie" Rebecca Arthur; Chief Dragging Canoe; Little White Owl; Oocumma "The Badger" Attakullakulla; Old Abraham (Ooskiah Oskuah) . of Chillowe/Chillhowie and 8 others"
Father of Major Ridge and Oo-watie

As I read the book and glean the information about "Ridge's" life this is what I find. Ridge's birth and the place of his mother's house was (pg.1) "The place was the town of Hiwassee, on the Hiwassee River, at Susannah Ford, North Carolina Territory." Later to become Tennessee.

"His mother had borne before-3 sons, all now dead by reasons of the cold hand of sickness..."

When "Ridge was about 5 when his "Mother" and "Father" decided to flee Hiwassee." They built a new house for the family and did not tell the "Uncles" where they were.

"Ridge was aged 10 .....when the family decided to move back to their old town of Hiwassee, which had been badly damaged." (p.20)

"Here Ridge helped with the building of his mother's third house, and his father, Dutsi, was accepted in the local council." The boy and his younger sisters, were taken into the Clan's affection."

"Ridge was 17 when the war dance began in his village." "Ridge's sister and younger brother took him away to the house." (p.29)

After the "final defeat at Erowah, with Sevier at Hightower, Ridge had by now moved with his younger brothers and sisters to the village of Pine Log, near members of the Bird Clan. On returning he did his absolution in the river near where a Shaman chanted bleak intonations..............., he walked thru the field to his fiance's house,...........Susanna. (pg.43- There is no mention yet as to where they met)

After Jan 27 1795, the book speaks about "Ridge courting in the traditional way." (Ridge's mother was not around, "as one of Ridge's aunts, taking the part that his mother would have played.........." The main Chief came forward and joyously announced "The blankets joined".. (which means there is no record of their marriage) (p.56 Susanna is called Wickett).

The real life "The Trail of Tears was a series of forced relocations of Indian nations in the United States following the Indian Removal Act of 1830."

The relocated people suffered from exposure, disease, and starvation while on route, and more than four thousand died before reaching their various destinations. The removal included members of the Cherokee, Muscogee, Seminole, Chickasaw, and Choctaw nations, from their ancestral homelands in the Southeastern United States to an area west of the Mississippi River that had been designated as Native Territory. The phrase "Trail of Tears" originated from a description of the removal of the Cherokee Nation in 1838.[1][2] [3]

Between 1830 and 1850, the Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, Seminole, and Cherokee people (including Native Americans, and the African freedmen and slaves, who lived among them) were forcibly removed from their traditional lands in the Southeastern United States, and relocated farther west.[4] Those relocated were forced to march to their destinations by state and local militias.[5]

The Cherokee removal in 1838 (the last forced removal east of the Mississippi) was brought on by the discovery of gold near Dahlonega, Georgia in 1828, resulting in the Georgia Gold Rush.[6] Approximately 2,000-6,000 of the 16,543 relocated Cherokee perished along the way.[7] [8][9][10][11] (wikipedia) [2]

... was Cherokee.

Oganstota was a Cherokee man probably born about 1750. According to Wilkins his wife was a mixed-blood Cherokee of the Deer Clan. Little is known of him other than his name and his children, The Ridge, and David Oo-wa-ti. [2] The Moravian missionaries also mentioned a daughter, but not by name. [3] According to memories of The Ridge, the family was displaced in 1776 during the Revolutionary War when American militia under Rutherford destroyed the Cherokee towns near Hiwassie [4] and moved to the Sequatchie valley farther down the Tennessee River. The family made a final move to Pine Log (now Georgia) about 1785. Oganstota and his wife are believed to have died there about about 1789. [5]


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  • "TRAIL OF TEARS The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation" --- Author: John Ehle copyright: 1988
"First People of Tennessee and the American Southeast"
Tah-Chee or Dutch, Cherokee Chief

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