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This profile is part of the Frazier Name Study.

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Please post a comment and add your Wiki Id at List of Project Members below. When you join as a project member, feel free to add the project member sticker to your profile as follows: {{Member|ONS|name=Frazier}} which will display as
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If you have any questions, contact the project leader Edie Kohutek. Thanks!


This is a One Name Study to collect together in one place everything about the surname Frazier and its variants. There is a list of variants below, including Frasher, Frazer, and Fraser. The hope is that researchers will join our study to help make it a valuable reference point for people tracking their Fraser/Frazier famiy lines and to break down brick walls.

Origin of Name

Frazier (and its variants) is a common surname because it is a Scottish Clan name, with Fraser being the more common Scottish spelling. It is thought the name Fraser came from the French word for strawberry, la fraise or le fraisier. Clan members took on Fraser as a surname even if not descended from the head of the clan but were simply in liege with him. By working together, perhaps we are attempting to track all family groups from the Clan Frasers that originated in Scotland and determine their migration in the New World.

We are developing a master list of Fraser/Frazier immigrants which you can find below in Project 2. The project includes the heads of the family who migrated from Europe and tracking those emigrant ancestors as they migrated east or south (or otherwise). We then add that Family Group on each biological descendant of the family.

History of Fraser Clan

For more information about Clan Fraser see this page: Clan Fraser Page from Scottish Clans Project

Variants of Frazier

  • Fraser
  • Frasier
  • Frasher
  • Frashure
  • Frayser
  • Frazer
  • Frazier
  • Freshour
  • Frazar
Other names with same origin as Frazier:
  • Frazee
  • Fraze
  • Freier
  • Freyer
  • Frizzell
  • Frissell
  • Brazier

List of Project Members

If you want to become a project member, please click on edit above and post your name here with the pound sign in front of it and add the tag frazier_name_study to your tags in order to follow discussion in G2G regarding this study. You may add the following sticker to your profile page below the biography heading: {{Member|ONS|name=Frazier}}

As a project member, list the tasks you will be working on after your name. You may also edit and add information to this free space page.

  1. Edie Kohutek - I am working on creating state subcategories for the index of profiles; my present project is to create pages for Family Groups headed up by an Emigrant/Settler.
  2. Kathy Frazier Mrs
  3. Amy (F) W
  4. Carol Fuchs
  5. Scott Fraser
  6. Janice Anderson
  7. Joe Frazer II
  8. Lynn Shahnazi
  9. Thressa Paplanus
  10. Greg Lavoie Helping with Frasers found in Québec
  11. Gwen (Bell) Darby
  12. Janine Guimont
  13. Skip Magyar
  14. K Frazier
  15. Alexis Hall
  16. Dawn Theberge
  17. Robin Frazier
  18. Bob Frazier
  19. Leslie (Frazier) Easterling
  20. Cindy (Fritz) Strube
  21. Larry Frazier
  22. Sarah (Barrila) Fergione

How You Can Help

1. Add the Category to Profiles

As a project member, please add the Frazier Name Study category to each profile which is a Fraser or any of the variants of Fraser by adding the following to those profiles: [[Category:Frazier Name Study]]

Do not place the category on the spouse of a Fraser/Frazier, but do place it on the children of Fraser and who are born with that name or any of its variants.

Also place the category for where the person is born as follows: [[Category:State, Frazier Name Study]] See the list of place sub-categories below. If you need help adding a place category, contact the profile manager.

The One Name Study template is reserved for profiles of the Emigrant Settlers who came from Europe to the New World as described in #2.

2. Emigrant/Settler Ancestors

Please add the template for the Frazier One Name Study to profiles for each emigrant/settler arriving in the New World from Europe, above the Biography heading as follows: {{One Name Study|name=Frazier}}.

Their name should also be added to the Subsection "Emigrant/Settler Ancestors" with their dates and places of birth and death. A family group will then be created. Please send the profile manager a message requesting that a family group be created. Then the family group sub-category can be added to each descendant of the Emigrant.

3. Improve Profiles

Improve Frazier/Fraser profiles by fleshing out their biographies and adding sources with online links when possible.

4. Frazier Cemeteries

Add Frazier cemeteries to the sub-category on the Category:Frazier page.

5. Cemeteries on Frazier Profiles

Add a category to all Frazier profiles for the cemeteries that they are buried in. These will then be listed in the Cemetery Project for further linking.

6. Online Frazier History

Create a list of links to online research articles regarding Frazier history and genealogy to enhance our knowledge and ability to make connections.

7. Scottish Clans Research

Add links to Scottish clan projects or groups.

Links to Emigrant Settler Ancestors

Frazier Family Groups

Each number links to an index of profiles in that Family Group.
FG1 [1]: Colin Frazer - Born about 1662 in Scotland; died 26 Mar 1715 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts Bay
FG2 [2]: Alexander Frazier - Born about 1687 in Scotland; died about 1750 in Chester, Pennsylvania
FG3 [3]: John Fraser - Born about 1721 in Scotland; Died about 1773 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania
FG4 [4]: George Thomas Frazier - Born about 1725 in Invernessshire, Scotland; died about 1790 in Randolph County, North Carolina
FG5 [5]: John Cuffy Fraser - Born about 1737 in Scotland; Died 1816 in Montgomery County, North Carolina
FG6 [6]: James Frazier - Born about 1798 in County Armagh, Ireland; Died unknown date in Butler County, Pennsylvania
FG7 [7]: William Frazer - Born about 1833 in Ireland; Died about 1897 in Ontario, Canada.
FG8 [8]: Joseph Frazier - Born about 1661 in Ireland; Died about 1741 in Pennsylvania Colony.
FG9 [9]: Malcolm Fraser - Born 26 May 1733 in Abernathy, Scotland; died 14 Jun 1815.
FG10 [10]: John Fraser - Born about 1809 in Scotland; Died unknown date.
FG11 [11]: John Frazier - Born about 1727 in Inverness-shire, Scotland; Died about 1775 at sea while a resident of Boston, Massachusetts
FG12 [12] : William Cowie Fraser - Born in Peterhead, Scotland in 1908; Died 29 Jul 1966 in Ontario, Canada.
FG13 [13]: John Fraser - Born in Scotland about 1816; Died 4 Nov 1888 in Cherokee County, Iowa.
FG14 [14]: Alexander Fraser - Born in Inverness-shire, Scotland about 1831; Died about 1921 in New South Wales, Australia.
FG15 [15]: Peter Fraser - Born in Inverness-shire, Scotland about 1844; Died about 1916 in Victoria, Australia.
FG16 [16]: Alexander Fraser - Born about 1791 in Scotland; Died 21 Jun 1862 in Ontario, Canada West.
FG17 [17]: James Fraser - Born in Farraline, Dores, Scotland about 1760; Died 14 Oct 1822 in Windsor, Hants, Nova Scotia, Canada.
FG18 [18]: George Frazer - Born about 1740 in Scotland; Died about 30 Jun 1809 in Deer Isle, Hancock, Massachusetts, United States

Links to Famous Frasers and Clan Research

  • Clan Fraser of Lovat Gives a general history of the name and association with William the Conqueror


Sub-Projects of "Frazier"

Frazier DNA

  • A sub-project of the Frazier Name Study is to try to facilitate easier DNA comparison of Frazier descendants. This is in a formative stage. For the page, go HERE

Native American Name Studies

Place Name Studies

Scotland Category:Scotland, Frazier Name Study

Ireland Category:Ireland, Frazier Name Study

England Category:England, Frazier Name Study

Canada Category:Canada, Frazier Name Study

Australia Category:Australia, Frazier Name Study

United States Category:United States, Frazier Name Study


  • Kentucky, Fletcher County, Frazier Cemetery [19]
  • Missouri, Daviess County, Frazier Cemetry [20]
  • Tennessee, White County, Fraiser's Chapel Cemetery [21]
  • Tennessee, Dickson County, Frazier Cemetery [22]

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I would like to join this project.

Leana Korthuis Coates-4311

I’ve been working to trace this parentage of Elizabeth Hulda Frazier and her likely brother Andrew Jackson Frazier.

Elizabeth was born in October of 1812, and every census we find her on says her birthplace was Indiana. andrew born 1816 also says born in Indiana.

Elizabeth and Andrew live in Arkansas and we find Elizabeth’s husband with likely her and their first child in the 1830 Arkansas Census. His name is Wiley Joy.

I found a Manson Frazier in 1828 records of Lovely County Arkansas and also two more Frazier’s on the 1830 census but we have no real idea how they all connect. In 1850, Wiley and Elizabeth have a Francis Frazier age 18 living with them born in Missouri. By 1860 they have already moved on to Texas and near them is a Wiley F Frazier, and after he died his wife takes their children back to McDonald Missouri.

We have an extensive group of family with DNA tests and I’ve been trying to triangulate which Frazier line we belong to. I’m not having a lot of luck, but I’d be willing to go over my research with anyone willing to help.

The history recorded nearly 120 years ago by a granddaughter of Wiley and Elizabeth said that the family left Indiana because the father had orders to report to Fort Smith, Arkansas and that he died once they reached Little Rock. That would be about 1821. We have no record of the name of her father, or mother, she was only referred to as Granny Frazier. However, she was said to have great skill at weaving, and that her father had been a doctor that studied in Europe.

Would love to add our family profile to early Arkansas Frazier’s and Texas pioneer Fraziers. Elizabeth was murdered in 1864 along with her daughter and they’re written up in several books, some more legendary in the account than others. Proof of her maiden name has been found on one sons death certificate.

I would like to join.


posted by Larry Frazier Jr.
You are welcome to the study, Larry!! Feel free to look at the projects and work on any that you like.
I would like to join the Project. My main interest is filling out my immediate ancestors profiles (adding all children), improving their biographies, sourcing profiles, etc. I also have a Frazier brick wall that I would love to break through.

I am Leslie Frazier Easterling, Frazier-5242.

(Frazier-5292, Smith Frazier is my brick wall ancestor.)

Fantastic, Leslie. I will add your name as soon as I get on my laptop. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.
My Fraser/Frazer connection is through William Fraser, who left Scotland and married Hannah Manchester in Vermont. Their son William Henry (my 2x great grandfather) changed the spelling to Frazer and migrated to Nevada. I know quite a bit about the US family; need more on the Scottish roots.
posted by Cindy (Fritz) Strube
That is great, Cindy. I will see if I can find him in WikiTree. Or have you already added his line?
I have added his descendants as far as I knew at the time... Recently my parents gave me some documents they found, one of which is my great-grandmother’s (Vernie Adelia Frazer) handwritten account of where her parents were born, and married, as well as a list of all her siblings. There were a lot of them; some I don’t have in the tree yet. I’ll be updating it soon.
posted by Cindy (Fritz) Strube

That is wonderful! What a treasure trove! I know it will take awhile to get those entered, but it can really add to what we know. Just remember to check each profile for duplicates. If you find one, just connect to that profile and then your family will be linked to the one-family WikiTree! If you have any questions, feel free to message me through the link for the profile manager for Frazier Name Study.

Is anyone working on this family: Robert Frasure 1811, Va-1883Floyd co, Ky married Frances Hall 1817,Va-1894,Ky?
Robert Frasure fits the profile of Frasure-9. Born in 1810, married to Frances Hall. There has not been a lot of work done on the profile as you will see. It doesn't even have any proper sources, so if you have some to add that will be great!

Here is the link that you should be able to copy and paste:

Hi! What field should I add to? Biography / Sources maybe? Thanks, Bob
posted by Bob Frazier
Both are great, but in addition you might add the category for the Frazier Name Study to all Frazier profiles and direct descendants, if you want to go that far. Look under #1 under "How You Can Help" above to copy the template for the category. That will help us add to our Index of Pfofiles.
I am Susan Rusilko and my 4th great grandfather was a Reverend Henry Frasher (later changed to Frazier) who was born in Perth Amboy area of New Jersey and relocated to Redstone (Fayette Co.) PA, then Beaver County, PA and finally to Sharon/Hermitage area in Mercer, Co., PA. He was a traveling baptist minister and married Phoebe (Fitz)Randolph from NJ in 1787. I believe his Father was William Frasher and his mother was Sarah Maxwell. He is buried in Keel Ridge cemetery in Hermitage, PA. He died in 1853. Anyone having information on him or his wife I would like to hear from you. [email address removed] I believe they Henry’s father came over from London area in England
posted by Sue (Baker) Rusilko
edited by Sue (Baker) Rusilko
I've entered Henry and some of your other family members. Henry can be found at Frazier-1589. I can't get back to his father William. He does have numerous children who need to be added. His wife, Phoeby Fitz Randolph has an extensive family and I was able to connect her to the larger tree at WikiTree.
Welcome to Robin Frazier as the latest new project member!
Hi! I'm new to the project. I descend from John Frazier born in Scotland died in Pennsylvania as the Justice of the Peace of Bedford County. I am trying to find as much information out and would like to locate his burial site. Thanks!
posted by Adrienne Vita
Adrienne, welcome to the Frazier Name Study! I checked out your profile page and I see your comment that you are descended from William Fraser born in Raystown, Pennsylvania. Fraser-438 matches that description. You might want to check that profile out and see if that is your family line. If it is, you can start building your line out from that one.
posted by Edie (Nibling) Kohutek J.D.
edited by Edie (Nibling) Kohutek J.D.
Wonderful, MaryJo! Be sure and add your name to the list of participants and look over the site. If you have any questions, you can either message me or post another comment.
I would like to join the group my grandmother's maiden name was Frazier and I am related to the Frazier's of Lynn, Boston, Massachusetts. As my grandfather, and great grandfather's line can be threaded up to the Frazier's of Maine that immigrated to here from Scotland.

Thank You MaryJo Wiki id Halliday1156

posted by MaryJo Halliday
I'm glad to see you are joining the Frazier Name Study, Dawn! I started the project in an effort to break down my own Frazier brick wall. I think it is a lot of fun. Feel free to add categories to your Frazier family members and the project member sticker to your profile. You will find that William Frazier from Aberdeenshire as an ancestor is not too uncommon. Supposedly he is my own distant ancestor. I haven't proven it yet. One of the sub-projects is adding the pioneer emigrant who came from Europe to the New World and then tracking those descendants. Take a look at the Frazier Family Groups below and follow the primary emigrant back to his Scottish roots. Not every family goes back to Scotland, yet, but that is the goal. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

I would like to join the Fraser name study. I have hit a brick wall with my ancestor, George Frazer. (Freese-421). There seems to be conflicting sources as to his parentage. I'd appreciate any guidance is my research. I believe I've found his father, WIlliam in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Thanks! Dawn

posted by D Theberge
Alexis, Welcome to the Frazier Name Study! There is a lot on this page, but a good place to start is to simply add the category to each profile which has the Frazier surname. I added the Virginia category to his profile as well. If you have any questions, ask here, on G2G or private message me.
Hi! I would like to join this study. I have a brick wall ancestor James E. Frazier (Frazier-3117) and am interested in trying to establish who his parents were, and where they came from. Family tradition holds that James' father emigrated from Scotland, but various family members in years past have been unable to confirm that, or to identify him at all.
posted by Alexis Hall
Bob, yes, feel free to add Fraziers to the place name studies. If you get stuck, I'll try to walk you through it.
I've got a set of Fraziers for the New York Name Study, another for Michigan. Can I enter these somehow? Otherwise I can send a list. Thanks, Bob Frazier
posted by Bob Frazier
Cynthia, I am trying to get all the Frazier lines back to the ancestors in the U.S. (or Canada and Australia) to the original immigrants and then track the lines back to the British Isles. We will probably need help from Scottish, British and Irish researchers to see where our lines go. Then yDNA may help us further refine the paternal lines.

Join the project and put the category on your profiles which have Frazier as the LNAB. Eventually we will be able to track each line back and figure out if it is the Highland or Lowland Frasers.

Trying to determine the David Frazier ancestor link. I did have Lovat's Lament played on bagpipes at my wedding but now... Not sure. HELP :-)
posted by Cynthia Clarke
Just to let everyone know, I am on a bit of a hiatus trying to break down my Frazier brick wall through DNA. Please feel free to add the Frazier Name Study category to your Frazier ancestors and add to any of the other projects here. I will be available to answer any questions.
K Frazier,

Welcome to the Frazier One Name Study! I have added your name to the list of Project Members.

Edie K