Freedmen Narratives

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This is a list of formerly enslaved persons who were interviewed for the source listed at the bottom of the page. The second source contains a link to portraits that were taken at the time of the interviews. If they do not already have profiles, they will need to be created. The US Black Heritage Project asks that the African-American Sticker be applied below the biography header to each profile that you create.

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Between 1936 and 1938 approximately 2,300 former slaves were interviewed as part of the Federal Writer's Project of the Works Progress Administration (WPA). The results are presented in narrative form, most, allegedly, in the first person, and made available by the Library of Congress. Please be aware that this project took place in the Jim Crow Era and some scholars believe that the narratives themselves may be, in part, adulterated. You may find that in the narratives many of the freedmen actually have praise for the institution of slavery and/or their slave holders. The vernacular in which the narratives are written can be cringe inducing and are most certainly contrived. Just keep in mind the times in which these men and women lived. Their value is that many of the narratives include names of relatives and slave holders, dates, places, and other information with which to create a basic profile.

This list is divided by states. Below each state heading is a link to the digital images. The chart provides the name of each person (sometimes a couple) interviewed, a place to enter their WikiTree ID, and whether or not they are connected to the main WikiTree. At the bottom of the page is the source citation. Adding the Volume and page number is also helpful.



Vol. 1, Aarons - Young

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Abe Whitess
Abraham JonesAbraham Jones
Adeline Hodges
Allen Brown
Allen Sims
Alonzo Fantroy ToombsAlonza Fantroy ToombsWilkes County, Georgia
Amanda Tellis
Amy Chapman
Angie Garrett
Ank Bishop
Anne MaddoxAnne MaddoxVirginia, Alabama
Annie Stanton
Anthony Abercrombie
Aunt Josephine
Bert Frederick
Billy Abraham Longslaughter
Callie Williams
Caroline Holland
Carrie Davis
Carrie Pollard
Charity Anderson
Charity Grigsby
Charles Hayes
Charlie AaronsCharlie Aarons
Charlie Van Dyke
Cheney Cross
Cindy Washington
Clara Davis
Cornelia Robinson
Cull Taylor
Daniel Taylor
Delia Garlic
Dellie Lewis
Eliza White
Elizabeth Thomas
Ella Dilliard
Ellen King
Ellen Thomas
Emma Chapman
Emma Crockett
Emma Jones
Emma L. Howard
Esther Green
Esther King Casey
Everett Ingram
Fannie Gibson
Frank Gill
Frank MenefeeFrank MenefeeLee County, Alabama
Frank Smith
Gabe Hines
George Dillard
George StricklandGeorge StricklandMississippi, Alabama, Georgia
George Taylor
George Young
Gus (Jabbo) Rogers
Gus Askew
Gus Brown
Hannah Irwin
Hannah Jones
Hattie Anne NettlesHattie Anne NettlesGeorgia, Alabama
Hattie Clayton
Henry Barnes
Henry Cheatam
Henry Garry
Heywood Ford
Hilliard Johnson
Irene Poole
Isaam Morgan
Jake Green
Jane Holloway
Janie Scott
Jennie Bowen
Jim Gillard
John Smith
Joseph Holmes
Josh Horn
Katherine Eppes
Laura Clark
Lilah Walker
Lindy Patton
Lizzie Hill
Lucindia Washington
Lucindy Lawrence JurdonLucindy Lawrence JurdonGeorgia
Lucy Kimball
Mandy Leslie
Mandy McCullough Cosby
Martha Bradley
Martha Jackson
Mary Ella Grandberry
Mary Rice
Matilda Pugh Daniel
Maugan Shepherd
Mingo White
Mollie Tillman
Molly (Ammonds) Ammond
Molly Parker
Nannie Bradfield
Nathan Beauchamp
Nelson Birdsong
Nicey Pugh
Oliver Bell
Randolph Johnson
Reuben Fitzpatrick
Rev. W. E. Northcross
Roxy Pitts
Rufus Dirt
Sallie Reynolds
Sally Murphy
Sara Colquitt
Silvia Witherspoon
Simon Phillips
Simon Walker
Siney Bonner
Stepney Underwood
Theodore Fontaine StewartTheodore Fontaine StewartGeorgia
Tildy Collins
Tom Baker
Tom McAlpinTom McAlpinAlabama
Tony Morgan
Uncle Louis
Uncle Mose
Rev. Wade OwensRev. Wade OwensAlabama
Wadley Clemons
Walter Calloway
William Colbert
William Henry TownsWilliam Henry TownsAlabama


Vol. 2, Part 1, Abbott - Byrd

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Dina Beard
Aunt Adeline
John W. H. Barnett
Josephine Ann Barnett
Lizzie Barnett
Silas Abbott
Lucian Abernathy
Laura Abromson
Spencer Barnett
Emma Barr
Robert Barr
Mose Banks
Emmett Beal
William Baltimore
Annie Beck
J.H. Beckwith
Enoch Beel
Sophie D. Belle
Cyrus Bellus
Bob Benford
Carrie Bradley Logan Bennet
George Benson
Kato Benton
James Bertrand
Alice Biggs
Matilda Bass
R.B. Anderson
Rose Adway
Liddie Aiken
Mattie Aldridge
Amsy O. Alexander
Diana Alexander
Fannie Alexander
Lucretia Alexander
Ed Allen
Lucindy Allison
Josephine Ames
Henry Banner
Nancy Anderson
Beatrice Black
Sarah Anderson
Selie Anderson
W.A. Anderson
Henry Anthony
Katie Arbery
Campbell Armstrong
Cora Armstrong
Lillie Baccus
Joseph Samuel Badgett
Jeff Bailey
James Baker
Charles Anderson
Maggie Broyles
F.H. Brown
George Brown
J.N. Brown
Lewis Brown
Lewis Brown
Mag Brown
Mary Brown
Mattie Brown
Molly Brown
Peter Brown
Mandy Billings
William Brown
Waters Brooks
Ida Bryant
Belle Buntin
Jeff Burgess
Norman Burkes
Will Burks, Sr.
Adeline Burris
Jennie Butler
E.L. Byrd
Emmett Augusta Byrd
Casper Rumple
Lewis Brown
William Brown
Mal Boyd
Lewis Brown
Boston Blackwell
Henry Blake
Adeline Blakeley
Vera Roy Bobo
Liddie Boechus
Maggie (Bunny) Bond
Caroline Bonds
Rev. Frank T. Boone
J.F. Boone
Jonas Boone
Elcie Brown
Jack Boyd
Casie Jones Brown
George Braddox
George Braddox
Edward Bradley
Rachel Bradley
Elizabeth Brannon
Mack Brantley
Ellen Brass
Alice Bratton
Frank Briles
Mary Ann Brooks
Jane Birch
John Bowdry

Vol. 2, Part 2, Cannon - Evans

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Mary Allen Darrow
Minerva Davis
Sallie Crane
Isaac Crawford
Mary Crosby
Richard Crump
Zenia Culp
Albert Cumins
Betty Curlett
Betty Curlett
Betty Curlett
J. H. Curry
T.W. Cotton
Ella Daniels
Lucy Cotton
Alice Davis
Charlie Davis
D. Davis
James Davis
Jim Davis
Jim Davis
Jim Davis
Jeff Davis
Jeff Davis
Jordan Davis
Orleans Finger
Lyttleton Dandridge
Frank Cannon
Molly Finley
Fanny Finney
Gate-Eye Fisher
Ellen Fitzgerald
Henry Fitzhugh
Mary Flagg
Doc Flowers
Frances Fluker
Ida May Fluker
Wash Ford
Wash Ford
Ellen Cragin
Ellen Crowley
Rosetta Davis
Zenie Cauley
Liney Chambers
Willie Buck Charleston, Jr.
Lewis Chase
Katherine Clay
Maria Sutton Clemments
Maria Sutton Clements
Maria Sutton Clements
Fannie Clemons
Joe Clinton
Betty Coleman
Judia Fortenberry
Jennie Ferrell
Mary Jane Drucilla Davis
William L. Dunwoody
Lucius Edwards
John Elliott
Millie Evans
Millie Evans
Millie Evans
Mose Evans
Rachel Fairley
Pauline Fakes
Mattie Fannen
Lizzie Dunn
Mrs. Lou Fergusson
Wash Dukes
Frank Fikes
J.E. Filer
Emma Foster
Emma Foster
Ira Foster
Ira Foster
Leonard Franklin
Eliza Frazier
Mary Frazier
Tyler Frazier
Mittie Freeman
Robert Farmer
Fannie Dorum
Virginia (Jennie) Davis
Winnie Davis
Leroy Day
Hammett Dell
James Dickey
Benjamin Diggs
Katie Dillon
Alice Dixon
Luke D. Dixon
Martha Ann Dixon
Railroad Dockery
Nellie Dunne
Charles Green Dortch
Mattie Fritz
Silas Dothrum
Sarah Douglas
Sarah Douglas
Tom Douglas
Tom and Sarah Douglas
Tom and Sarah Douglas
Sebert Douglas
Henry Doyl
Willie Doyld
Wade Dudley
Isabella Duke
Callie Donalson

Vol. 2, Part 3, Gadson - Isom

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Rachel Hankins
William Harris
Ambus Gray
Green Gray
Neely (Nely) Gray
Henry "Happy Day" Green
Henry Green
Frank Greene
Josephine Hamilton
Peter Hamilton
Lawrence Hampton
Hannah Hancock
Marthala Grant
Julia E. Haney
James Graham
Mary Jane Hardridge
O. C. Hardy
Rosa Hardy
Eda Harper
Abram Harris
Betty Harris
Mary Harris
Rachel Harris
Jennie Washington
Hannah Hancock
Jennie Wormly Gibson
George Greene
Andrew Gregory
Annie Griegg
William and Charlotte Guess
Lee Guidon
Linley Hadley
Anna Hall
Ellie Hamilton
Josephine Hamilton
Charlie Gadson
Dr. D. B. Gaines
Mary Gaines
Wesley Graves
Mike Genes
William H. Harrison
James Gill
Cora Gillam
J.N. Gillespie
Will Glass
Frank William Glenn
Ella Glespie
Joe Golden
Jake Goodridge
John Goodson (Goodrum)
George Govan
Julia Grace
Charles Graham
William Gant
Pauline Howell
Rachel Harris
Betty Hodge
Minnie Holloman
H.B. Holloway
Pink Holly
Dora Holmes
Elijah Henry Hopkins
Nettie Hopson
Molly Horn
Cora L. Horton
Laura House
Pinkie Howard
Charlie Hinton
Josephine Howell
Charles Hinton
Molly Hudgens
Charlie Huff
Louvenia Huff
Anna Huggins
Margaret Hulm
John Hunter
William Hunter
Ida Blackshear Hutchinson
Cornelia Ishmon
Jack Island
Jack and Talitha Island
Mary Island
Pinkey (Pinkie) Howard
Annie Hill
Laura Hart
Hetty Haskell
Matilda Hatchett
John G. Hawkins
Lizzie Hawkins
Becky Hawkins
G. W. Hawkins
Eliza Hays
Tom Haynes
Joe Haywood
Marie E. Hervey
Phillis Hicks
Ben Hite
Bert Higgins
Henrietta Isom
Clark Hill
Elmira Hill
Gillie Hill
Harriet Hill
Hattie Hill
Oliver Hill
Rebecca Brown Hill
Tanny Hill
Elizabeth Hines
Will Hicks

Vol. 2, Part 4, Jackson - Lynch

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Abbie Lindsay
Absolom Jenkins
Adaline Johnson
Adreanna (Adrianna) W. Kerns
Alice Johnson
Allen Johnson
Angeline Jones
Anna King
Annie Johnson
Annie Love
Arey Lamar
Barney A. Laird
Ben Johnson
Bessie Lawson
Betty Johnson
Betty Krump
Charlie Jones
Cinda Johnson
Clarice Jackson
Cyntha Jones
Dora Jerman
Edmond Jones
Eliza Jones
Ella Johnson
Ellis Jefferson
Elvie Lomack
Evelyn Jones
Fanny Johnson
Frank Kennedy
Frank Larkin
George Johnson
George Key
Henry Lee
Henry Long
Israel Jackson
John H. Logan
John Johnson
John Jones
John Luckett
John Lynch
Josephine Scott Lynch
Lawson Jamar
Letha Johnson
Lewis Johnson
Lidia Jones
Liza Jones (Cookie)
Lizzie Johnson
Lizzie Luckado
Louis Johnson
Louis Lucas
Lucy Jones
Lucy Key
Lula Jackson
Lydia Jones
Mag Johnson
Mandy Johnson
Mandy Lee
Marion Johnson
Martha Johnson
Mary Jackson
Mary Jones
Mary Lee
Millie (Old Bill) Johnson
Minerva Lofton
Mose King
Moses Jeffries
Nannie Jones
Needham Love
Nellie James
Oscar Felix Junell
Preston Kyles
Reuben Jones
Rev. Ellis Jefson
Robert James
Robert Lofton
Rosa Lindsay
Rosie Johnson
Saint Johnson
Sam Keaton
Solomon Lambert
Susa Lagrone
Susie King
Talitha Lewis
Taylor Jackson
Tines Kendricks
Vergil Jones
Virginia Jackson
Walter Jones
William Jackson
William Kirk
William Lattimore
William Little
Willie Johnson.

Vol. 2, Part 5, McClendon - Prayer

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
A.J. Mitchell
Ada Moorehead
Alex Murdock
Alfred Peters
Angeline Martin
Ann May
Annie Page
Annie Parks
Austin Pen Parnell
Avalena McConico
Ben Moon
Ben Parr
Bess Mathis
Bessie Myers
Bob Potter
Caroline Matthews
Carry Allen Patton
Cella Perkins
Charity Morris
Charlie McClendon
Charlie Norris
Claiborne Moss
Cresa Mack
Dan Newborn
Dinah Perry
Dolly Phillips
Ella Pittman
Emaline Neland
Emma Moore
Emma Morris
Emma Oats
Evelina Morgan
Fannie Parker
Frank A. Patterson
Frozie Moss
Gip Minton
Gracie Mitchell
Griffin Myrax
Hardy Miller
Harriet McFarlin Payne
Helen Odom and mother
Sarah Odom
Henry C. Pettus
Henry Kirk Miller
Henry Nelson
Hettie Mitchell
Ike McCoy
Iran Nelson
Ivory Osborne
J.M. Parker
James Henry Nelson
James Morgan
Jane Oliver
Jane Osbrook
Jeff Metcalf
Jesse Meeks
Joe Mayes
John (Doc) Pope
John Nelson
John Patterson
John Payne
John Peterson
Josie Martin
Judy Parker
Larkin Payne
Lettie Nelson
Lewis Mann
Lizzie McCloud
Louise Pettis
Louise Prayer
Malindy Maxwell
Marguerite (Maggie) Perkins
Mary Estes Peters
Mary Jane (Mattie) Mooreman
Mary Mitchell
Mary Myhand
Mary Poe
Matilda Miller
Mattie Nelson
Mose Minser
Mose Moss
Moses Mitchell
Nannie P. Madden
Nathan Miller
Nellie Maxwell
Olivia Morgan
Pate Newton
Patsy Moore
Perry Madden
R.F. Parker
Rachel Perkins
Richard H. McDaniel
S. O. Mullins
Sallie Newsom
Sally Nealy
Sally Neely
Sam Miller
Sarah Jane Patterson
Sarah Pittman
Richard Soloman P PattilloSolomon P. Pattille Arkansas, Texas
Tom Morgan
Tom Wylie Neal
Tony Piggy
Victoria McMullen
W.D. Miller
W.L. Pollacks
Warren McKinney
Waters McIntosh
William Porter
Wylie Nealy

Vol. 2, Part 6, Quinn-Tuttle

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Alice Rivers
Amanda Ross
Andrew Smith
Annie Thompson
Anthony Taylor
Arzella Smallwood
Augustus Robinson
Bob Samuels
Caroline Smith
Caroline Stout
Cat Ross
Charlie Rigger
Charlotte E. Stephens
Clay Reaves
Cora Scroggins
Diana Rankins
Dicey Thomas
Doc Quinn
Dora Richard
Edmond Smith
Ellen Briggs Thompson
Emma (Bama) Tidwell
Emma Hulett Smith
Emma Sanderson
Emma Turner
Ervin E. Smith
Fannie Sims
Fannie Tatum
Felix Street
Frances Smith
Frank Reed
Frederick Shelton
George Robertson (Robinson?)
Hannah Travis
Hattie Thompson
Henrietta Evelina Smith
Henrietta Ralls
Henry Russell
Henry Smith
Henry Turner
Hezekiah (Ky) Steel
Ida Rigley
Isom Rogers
Isom Starnes
J. L. Smith
J. Roberts
J.T. Tims
James Henry Stith
James Reeves
James Spikes
James Tubb
Jane Reece
Jerry Sims
Jim Ricks
Joe Tillman
John H. Smith
Katie Rye
Kittie Stanford
Landy Rucker
Laura Rowland
Laura Shelton
Laura Thornton
Liza Moore Tanner
Liza Stiggers
Lula Taylor
Maggie and Charlie Snow
Maggie Stenhouse
Mahalia Shores
Malindy Robinson
Mamie Thompson
Mandy Thomas
Mandy Tucker
Mark C. Trotter
Martha Ruffin
Mary Scott
Mary Shaw
Mary Tabon
Mary Teel
Mattie Ross
Mike Thompson
Millie Taylor
Milton Ritchie
Minnie Johnson Stewart
Mollie Hardy Scott
Omelia Thomas
Oscar James Rogers
Peggy Sloan
Robert Solomon
Roberta Shaver
Rosa Simmons
Sam Scott
Sarah Sexton
Sarah Smiley
Sarah Taylor
Seabe Tuttle
Senia Rassberry
Senya Singfield
Shepherd Rhone
Sneed Teague
Tanner Thomas
Thomas Ruffin
Tom Robinson
Tom Stanhouse
Victoria Sims
Violet Shaw
Virginia Sims
Wade Thermon
Warren Taylor
Wester Thomas
Will Ann Rogers
William Henry Rooks
William J. Stevens

Vol. 2, Part 7, Vaden - Young

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Adelaide J. Vaughn
Alfred Wells
Alice Wise
Alice Wright
Anna Washington
Anna Williamson
Anna Woods
Annie Mae Weathers
Annie Young
Bart Wayne
Bell Wilks
Bell Williams
Cal Woods
Callie Halsey Williamson
Calvin West
Caroline Watson
Charley Williams
Charlie Vaden
Charlie Williams
Charlotte Willis
Clara Walker
Columbus Williams
Cora Weathers
David Whiteman
Dock Wilborn
Dolly Whiteside
Douglas Wells
Eliza Washington
Ella Wilson
Ellen Vaden
Emmeline (Emiline) Waddille (Waddell)
Evans Warrior
Frank Williams
Frank Wise
Gus Williams
Hannah Brooks Wright
Henrietta Williams
Henry Andrew (Tip) Williams
Henry Waldon
Henry Walker
Ike Worthy
Ishe Webb
J. W. Whitfield
Jake Walker
James Williams
Joe Whitaker
John Wells
John Wesley
John Williams
John Young
Julia A. White
Julia White
Lillie Williams
Lucy White
Lucy Withers
Maggie Wesmoland
Maggie Woods
Mary Mays West
Mary Watson
Mary Williams
Mrs. John G. High
Nettie Van Buren
Parrish Washington
Robert Wesley
Robert Wilson
Rosena Hunt Williams
Sam Word
Sarah Wells
Sarah Whitmore,
Sarah Williams Wells
Sylvester Wethington
Tom Windham
Tom Yates
William Ball (Soldier) Williams III
Willie Wallace


Vol. 3, Anderson-Wilson

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Acie Thomas
Amanda McCray
Ambrose Douglass
Anna Scott
Annie Gail
Annie Trip
Jessie Rowell
Margaret White
Priscilla Mitchell
Fannie McCay
Hattie Thomas
David Lee
Arnold Gragston
Banana Williams
Bill Austin
olden Hall
Charles Coates
Charley Roberts
Frank Bates
William Neighten
Rivana Boynton
Salem Taswell
Charlotte Martin
Christine Mitchell
Cindy Kinsey
Claude Augusta Wilson
Clayborn Gantling
Dave Taylor, David Lee
Della Bess Hilyard
Douglas Dorsey
Douglas Parish
Duncan Gaines
Edward Lycurgas
Fannie McCay
Florida Clayton
Frank Bates
Frank Berry
George Pretty
Harriett Gresham
Hattie Thomas
Henry Maxwell
Irene Coates
Jennie Golder
Jessie Rowell
John Henry (Prophet) Kemp
Josephine Anderson
Lindsey Moore
Louis Napoleon
Luke Towns
Mack Mullen
Mama Duck
Margaret White
Margrett Nickerson
Mary Minus Biddie
Matilda Brooks
Millie Sampson
Neil Coker
Patience Campbell
Priscilla Mitchell
Randall Lee
Rebecca Hooks
Rev. Eli Boyd
Rev. Squires Jackson
Rev. Young Winston Davis
Rivana Boynton
Salena Taswell
Sam and Louisa Everett
Samuel Simeon Andrews
Samuel Smalls
Sarah Ross
Shack Thomas
Taylor Gilbert
Titus Bynes
William Neighten
William Sherman
Willis Dukes
Willis Williams


Vol. 4, Part 1, Adams - Furr

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Alec BostwickAlec BostwickMorgan County, Georgia
Alice BattleAlice BattleBibb County, Georgia
Alice BradleyAlice BradleyWilkes County, Georgia
Kizzie ColquittKizzie ColquittElbert County, Georgia
Anderson FurrAnderson FurrHall County, Georgia
Arrie BinnsArrie BinnsLincoln County, Georgia
Ben DillardBenny DillardElbert County, Georgia
Berry BrittBerry ClayNot Enslaved - Telfair County, Georgia
Callie NealCallie ElderFloyd County, Georgia
Nancy FryerCarrie Nancy FryerEdgefield County, South Carolina
Celestia AveryCelestia AveryTroupe County, Georgia
Della BriscoeDella BriscoePutnam County, Georgia
Easter BrownEaster BrownFloyd County, Georgia
Ellen ClaibournEllen ClaibournColumbia County, Georgia
Emmaline Heard
George Brooks
George Eason
Georgia Baker
Hannah Austin
Henry Bland
Ike Derricotte
Jack Atkinson
James Bolton
Jasper Battle
John ColeJohn ColeClarke County, Georgia
Julia (Aunt Sally) Brown
Julia Bunch
Julia Cole
Lewis Favor
Mariah Calloway
Marshal Butler
Martha (Mitchell) ColquittMartha Colquitt
Martha Everette
Mary Colbert
Mary Ferguson
Minnie Davis
Mose Davis
Nancy Boudr
Pierce Cody
Rachel Adams
Rev. W. B. Allen
Rias Body
Sarah Byrd
Susan Castle
Washington Allen
Willis Cofer

Vol. 4, Part 2, Garey - Jones

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Alice Green
Alice Hutcheson
Amanda Jackson
Annie Huff
Benjamin Henderson
Benjamin Johnson
Bill Heard
Bryant Huff
Camilla Jackson
Carrie Hudson
Charlie Hudson
David Goodman Gullins
Dosia Harris
Easter Huff
Easter Jackson
Elisha Doc Garey
Emma Hurley
Emmaline Heard
Estella Jones
Fannie Jones
Georgia Johnson
Heard Griffin
Henderson Harris
Isaiah GreenIsaac (Isaiah) Green
Isaiah (Isaac) Green
Jane Smith Hill Harmon
Jefferson Franklin Henry
John Hill
Laura Hood
Leah Garrett
Lina Hunter
Mahala Jewel
Manuel Johnson
Margaret Green
Mary Gladdy
Mildred Heard
Milton Hammond
Minnie Green
Rastus Jones
Robert Heard
Robert Henry
Sarah Gray
Shang Harris
Snovey Jackson
Susie Johnson
Tom Hawkins
Uncle Jake
Wheeler Gresham

Vol. 4, Part 3, Kendricks-Styles

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Alec Pope
Amanda McDaniel
Amanda Styles
Anna Parkes
Annie Price
Bob Mobley
Carrie Mason
Charlie King
Charlie Pye
Charlie Tye Smith
Charlotte Raines
Dora Roberts
Ed McCree
Emeline Stepney
Emily Mays
Emmaline Kilpatrick
Fanny Nix
Fanny Randolph
Ferebe Rogers
Frances Kimbrough
G. W. Pattillo
George Lewis
Georgia Smith
Harriet Miller
Henry Nix
Henry Rogers
Jennie Kendricks
Julia Larken
Julia Rush
Lewis Ogletree
Liza Mention
Lucy McCullough
Mary Smith
Matilda McKinney
Melvin Smith
Mirriam McCommon
Mollie Malone
Mollie Mitchel
Nancy Settle
Nancy Smith
Nellie Smith
Nicey Kinney
Paul Smith
Richard Orford
Robert Shepherd
Shade Richards
Susan Matthews
Susan McIntosh
Tom McGruder
Tom Singleton
Will Sheets
William McWhorter

Vol. 4, Part 4, Telfair - Young

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Addie Vinson
Adeline Willis
Aunt Adeline
Camilla Jackson
Emmaline Heard
Anna Grant
Cordelia Thomas
Cornelia Winfield
Dink Walton Young
Eliza Williamson
Ellen Campbell
Emma Virgel
Emmaline Heard
Rosa and Jasper Millegan
Eugene Wesley Smith
Frances Willingham
George Womble
Georgia Telfair
Green Willbanks
Henry Wright
Ike Thomas
Jane Mickens Toombs
John F. Van Hook
Julia Rush
George Leonard
Henry Holmes
Ellis Strickland
Sam Stevens
Lula Washington
Neal Upson
Phil Towns
Rachel Sullivan
Rhodus Walton
Uncle Willis
William Ward
Willis Bennefield


Vol. 5, Arnold - Woodson

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved Location Enslaver Surnames Connected?
Adah SuggsAdah Isabelle SuggsKentuckyMcClain
Adeline (Rose) LennoxAdeline Rose LennoxTennesseeRose
Alex Woodson
Amanda Elizabeth Samuels
America Morgan
Amy Elizabeth Patterson
Anderson Whitted
Angie (King) BoyceAngie BoyceKentucky Adair Co.Breeding
Barney Stone
Belle (Mayer) ButlerBelle ButlerMississippi Rankin Co.Coffer / Cofer (MS)
Chaney MayerChaney Mayerposs. Virginia Charles City
Powhatan Co.
Rankin Co.
poss. Stagg
(Charles City VA)
Coffer / Cofer
(VA, MS)
Elizabeth "Betty" (Cook) GunnBetty GuwnKentucky Trigg Co.
Billy Slaughter
Callie (Terrell) BraceyCallie Braceynot enslavednot enslaved
Louisa TerrellLouise TerrellMississippi(Andy) Ramblet
Candus Richardson
Carl BooneCarl Boonenot enslavednot enslaved
Rachel BooneRachel BooneKentucky Marion Co.Boone
Stephen BooneStephen BooneMaryland;
Kentucky Marion Co.
Dr. George Washington BucknerDr. George Washington BucknerKentucky
Edna BoysawEdna Boysaw
Elizabeth "Betty" (Alvis) JonesElizabeth JonesKentucky
Henderson Co.
Ellen CaveEllen CaveKentucky Taylor Co.
Frank CooperFrank Coopernot enslavednot enslaved
Amanda "Mandy" CooperMandy CooperKentucky Lincoln Co.Burton
Ford George a.k.a. George FortmanGeorge FortmanKentucky
Livingston Co.
Eliza GeorgeKentucky
Livingston Co.
Courtney HawkKentucky
Livingston Co.
George Morrison
George Taylor BurnsGeorge Taylor BurnsMissouri Clark Co.Burns
George Thompson
George W. ArnoldGeorge W. ArnoldTennessee Bedford Co.Arnold
Professor W. S. Best
Samuel Bell
Harriet CheatamHarriet CheatamTennessee
Sumner Co.
Henrietta JacksonHenrietta JacksonVirginiaRobinson
Henry Clay Moorman
Jack Simms
James ChildressJames ChildressTennessee
Davidson Co.
Joe Robinson
John EubanksJohn EubanksKentucky Barren Co.Everett
John Henry GibsonJohn Henry GibsonKentuckyBidding
John Rudd
John W. FieldsJohn W. FieldsKentucky
Joseph Mosely
Joseph William CarterJoseph William CarterTennessee
Malvina GardnerMalvina GarnderTennessee
Julia Bowman a.k.a. TwymanJulia BowmanKentucky
Katie Sutton
Lizzie (Locklear) JohnsonLissie Johnsonnot enslavednot enslaved
Arthur LocklearArthur Locklearprob. not enslaved
John ScottJohn Scottprob. not enslaved
Matthew HumeMatthew HumeKentucky
Luke HumeLuke HumeKentucky
Mittie BlakeleyMittie BlakeleyMissouri
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Smith
Mrs. Hockaday
Mrs. Preston
Nancy Whallen
Nathan JonesNathan JonesTennessee
Gibson Co.
Crimm (Gibson Co.)
Jones (Tipton)
Parthena Rollins
Rev. H. H. EdmundsRev. H. H. EdmundsVirginia
Rev. Wamble (Womble)
Richard Miller
Robert HowardRobert HowardKentucky
Beverly HowardBeverly HowardKentucky
Robert McKinley
Rosa Barber
Rosaline Rogers
Samuel Watson
Sarah (Carpenter) ColbertSarah ColbertKentucky
Isaac Carpenter
Bat Carpenter
Matilda Carpenter
Sarah H. Locke
Thomas AshThomas Ash
Mrs. Mary Crane
Thomas LewisThomas LewisKentucky
Spencer County
William M. Quinn


Vol. 6, Holbert - Williams

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Belle WilliamsBelle WilliamsCarroll County, Arkansas
William SimmsBill SimmsSt. Clair County, Missouri
Cam HolbertClayton HolbertCarroll County, Arkansas


Vol. 7, Bogie - Woods

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Amelia Jones
Ann Gudgel
Annie B. Boyd
Annie Morgan
Anonymous Female
Belle Robinson
Bert Mayfield
Charlie Richmond
Cora Torian
Dan Bogie
Easter Sudie Campbell
Edd Shirley
Elizabeth Alexander
Esther Hudespeth
George Dorsey
George Henderson
George Scruggs
Harriet Mason
Jenny McKee
Joana Owens
John Anderson
Kate Billingsby
Mandy Gibson
Martha J. Jones
Mary Wooldridge
Mary Wright
Mrs. Heyburn
Nannie Eaves
Peter Bruner
Rev. John R. Cox
Scott Mitchell
Sophia Word
Susan Dale Sanders
Uncle Dick
Wes Woods
Will Oats


Vol. 8, Brooks - Williams

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Alice LewisAlice LewisWilkes County, Georgia
Annie Young HensonAnnie Young HensonNorthumberland County, Virginia
Caroline Hammond
Charles Coles
Dennis Simms
George Jones
James Calhart James
James V. Deane
James Wiggins
Jim Taylor
Lucy BrooksLucy Brooks
Mary James
Menellis Gassaway
Mrs. M. S. Fayman
Page Harris
Perry Lewis
Phillip Johnson
Rev. Silas JacksonRev. Silas Jackson
Rezin (Parson) Williams
Richard MacksRichard MacksCharles County, Maryland
Thomas Foote
Tom Randall


Vol. 9, Allen - Young

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Anna Baker
Berry Smith
Charlie Davenport
Charlie Moses
Clara C. Youn
Dora Franks
Fanny Smith Hodges
Gabe Emanuel
Gus Clark
Hamp Kennedy
Henri NecaiseHenri Necaise
Isaac Stier
James Cornelius
James Lucas
Jane Sutton
Jim Allen
John Cameron
Mollie Williams
Nettie Henry
Pet Franks
Prince Johnson
Rev. James Singleton
Sam McAllum
Susan Snow
Tom Wilson
Wayne Holliday


Vol. 10, Abbot - Younger

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Alex Bufford
Alice Sewell
Ann Stokes
Ann Ulrich Evans
Annie Bridges
Betty Abernathy
Betty Brown
Charles Gabriel Anderson
Charlie Richardson
Clara McNeely Harrell
Clay Smith
Dave Harper
Delia Hill
Delicia Patterson
Ed Craddock
Edward Taylor
Eliza Madison
Eliza Overton
Ellaine Wright
Emily Camster Green
Emma Knight
Emmaline Cope
Fil Hancock
Frank Sides
George Bollinger
Gus Smith
Hannah Allen
Hannah Jones
Harriet Casey
Harriet Lee
Hattie Matthews
Henry Dant
Henry Johnson
James Goings
James Monroe Abbot
James Wilson
Jane Baker
Jane Simpson
Joe Casey
Joe Higgerson
John Estell
John McGuire
Letha Taylor Meeks
Lewis Mundy
Louis Hamilton
Louis Hill
Louis Thomas
Lucy Davis
Lula Chambers
Madison Frederick Ross
Malinda Murphy
Margaret Nickens
Marilda Pethy
Mary A. Bell
Mary Divine
Mattie Lee
Minskie (Minksy) Walker
Mintie Wood
Mollie Renfro Sides
Mrs. Charles Douthit
Mrs. Jame (Jane?) Thompson
Mrs. Lou Griffin
Perry McGee
Perry Sheppard
Peter Corn
Rachal Goings
Rhody Holsell
Rhody Hosell
Richard and Drucilla Martin
Richard Bruner
Robert Bryant
Sarah Frances Shaw Graves
Sarah Graves
Sarah Waggoner
Sim Younger
Smoky Eulenberg
Steve Brown
Susan Rhodes
Tishey Taylor
W. C. Parson Allen
Wes Lee
William Black
Wylie Miller

North Carolina

Vol. 11, Part 1, Adams - Hunter

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Addy GillAddy Gill
Cotton-4332Adeline Crump
Alex Huggins
Alice Baugh
Alonzo HaywoodAlonzo Haywood
Analiza Foster
Andrew Boone
Barbara Haywood
Betty Cofer
Bill Crump
Blount Baker
C.H. Hunter
Chaney Hews
Charity Austin
Charles Lee Dalton
Charles W. Dickens
Charlie Barbour
Charlie Crump
Clay BobbitClay Bobbit
Cornelia Andrews
Cy Hart
David Blount
Doc Edwards
Dorcas Griffeth
Elbert Hunter
Emma Blalock
Essex Henry
Eustace Hodges
Fannie Dunn
Fanny Cannady
Frank Freeman
George Eatman
George W. Harris
Georgianna Foster
Hannah Crasson
Harriet Ann Daves
Hecter Hamilton
Henry BobbitHenry Bobbit
Herndon Bogan
Ida Adkins
Isabell Henderson
Jane Arrington
Jennylin Dunn
Jerry Davis
Jerry Hinton
Joe High
John Beckwith
John C. Bectom
John Coggin
John Daniels
John Evans
Joseph Anderson
Julia Crenshaw
Kitty Hill
Laura Bell
Lindsey Faucette
Lizzie Baker
Louisa Adams
Lucy Ann Dunn
Lucy Brown
Mandy Coverson
Margaret E. Dickens
Martha Adeline Hinton
Martha Allen
Mary Anderson
Mary Anngady
Mary Barbour
Mary Wallace Bowe
Mattie Curtis
Midge Burnett
Milly Henry
Ora M. Flagg
Rev. Squire Dowd
Robert Glenn
Robert Hinton
Sarah Anne Green
Sarah Debro
Sarah Gudger
Sarah Harris
Sarah Louise Augustus
Susan High
Tempie Herndon DurhamTempie Herndon DurhamChatham County, North Carolina
Thomas Hall
Viney Baker
W. L. Bost
W.S. Debnam
William George Hinton
Willie Cozart
Zeb Crowder

Vol. 11, Part 2, Jackson - Yellerday

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Abner Jordan
Adora Rienshaw
Alex Woods
Amy Penny
Anderson Scales
Ann Parker
Anna Mitchel
Anna Wright
Annie Stephenson
Annie Tate
Anthony Ransome
Ben Johnson
Bob Jones
Caroline Richardson
Catharine Williams
Catherine Scales
Celia Robinson
Chana Littlejohn
Chaney Spell
Charity McAllister
Charity Riddick
Clara Cotton McCoy
Clara Jones
Dave Lawson
Dilly Yelladay
Elias Thomas
Ellen Trell
Emeline Moore
Emma Stone
Fannie Moore
Frank Magwood
George Rogers
Hannah Plummer
Hattie Rogers
Henrietta McCullers
Henry James Trentham
Henry Rountree
Hilliard Yellerday
Isaac Johnson
Jacob Manson
Jacob Thomas
James Turner McLean
Jane Anne Privette Upperman
Jane Lassiter
Jane Lee
John H. Jackson
John Smith
John Thomas Williams
Josephine Smith
Julius Nelson
Laura Sorrell
Lila Nichols
Lily Perry
Lizzie Williams
Maggie Mials
Margaret Thornton
Martha Organ
Melissa Williamson
Millie Markham
Nellie Smith
Ophelia Whitley
Parker Pool
Patsy Mitchner
Penny Williams
Plaz Williams
Porter Scales
R.S. Taylor
Rena Raines
Rev. Handy Williams
Ria Sorrell
Richard C. Moring
Roberta Manson
Sam T. Stewart
Sarah Ann Smith
Simuel Riddick
Tanner Spikes
Tempe Pitts
Tina Johnson
Tiney Shaw
Tom Wilcox
Valley Perry
William Scott
William Smith
William Sykes
Willie McCullough


Vol. 12, Anderson - Williams

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Angeline Lester
Anna Smith
Ben Brown
Catherine Slim
Celia Henderson
Charles H. Anderson
David A. Hall
Fleming Clark
George Jackson
Hannah Davidson
James Campbell
Jennie Small
John Williams Matheus
Julia King
Julia Williams
Kisey McKimm
Mary Belle Dempsey
Melissa (Lowe) Barden
Nan Stewart
Nancy East
Perry Sid Jamison
Perry Sid Jemison (Jamison?)
Phoebe Bost
Rev. Williams
Richard Toler
Samuel Sutton
Sarah Mann
Sarah Woods Burke
Susan Bledsoe
Thomas McMillan
Wade Glenn
William Nelson
William Williams


Vol. 13, Adams - Young

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Alice Alexander
Alice Douglass
Allen V. Manning
Amanda Oliver
Andrew Simms
Annie Hawkins
Annie Young
Anthony Dawson
Beauregard Tenneyson
Ben Lawson
Bert Luster
Betty Foreman Chessier
Betty Robertson
Bob Maynard
Chaney Richardson
Charley Williams
Daniel William Lucas
Della Fountain
Doc Daniel Dowdy
Easter Wells
Eliza Evans
Esther Easter
Francis Bridges
George Conrad, Jr.
George G. King
George Kye
Hal Hutson
Hannah McFarland
Harriet Robinson
Henry F. Pyles
Ida Henry
Isaac Adams
Isabella Jackson
James Southall
Jane Montgomery
Joanna Draper
John Brown
John White
Josie Jordan
Katie Rowe
Kiziah Love
Lewis Bonner
Liza Smith
Lizzie Farmer
Lou Smith
Lucinda Davis
Marshall Mack
Martha Cunningham
Martha King
Mary Frances Webb
Mary Grayson
Mary Lindsay
Matilda Poe
Mattie Hariman
Mattie Logan
Morris Hillyer
Morris Sheppard
Nancy Gardner
Nancy Rogers Bean
Nellie Johnson
Octavia George
Phoebe Banks
Phyllis Petite
Polly Colbert
Prince Bee
Red Richardson
Robert R. Grinstead
Sallie Carder
Salomon Oliver
Sarah Wilson
Stephen McCray
Tom W. Woods
William Curtis
William Hutson
William Walters

South Carolina

Vol. 14, Part 1, Abrams - Durant

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Albert Carolina
Alice Duke
Anderson Bates
Andy Brice
Anne Bell
Anne Broome
Bouregard Corry
C.B. Burton
Caleb Craig
Caroline Bevis
Charley Barber
Charlie Davis
Dinah Cunningham
Ed Barber
Elias Dawkins
Ezra Adams
Frances Andrews
Frank Adamson
George Ann Butler
George Briggs
Gordon Bluford
Granny Cain
Hagar Brown
Heddie Davis
Henry Brown
Henry Coleman and His Wife, Evvie
Henry Davis
Isabella Dorroh
Isaiah Solbert(?) Butler
Jane Bradley
Jesse Davis
John Boyd
John C. and Adeline Brown
John Collins
John Davenport
Josephine Bacchus
Josephine Bristow
Laura Caldwell
Laurence Downing
Lizzie Davis
Louisa Collier
Louisa Davis
Lucy Daniels
Maggie Black
Margaret Bryant
Maria Cleland
Mary Adams
Mary Frances Brown
Millie Barber
Millie Bates
Moses Davenport
Mrs. M. E. Abrams
Nelson Cameron
Pete Arthur
Peter Clifton
Rev. Tuff Coleman
Samuel Boulware
Sara Brown
Savilla Burrell
Silva Durant
Silvia Chisolm
Solbert Butler
Solomon Caldwell
Sylvia Cannon
Sylvia Durant
Thomas Campbell
Thomas Dixon
Tom Chisolm
Victoria Adams
Wallace Davis
Washington Dozier
Welcome Bees
Will Dill
William Ballard
William Henry Davis

Vol. 14, Part 2, Eddington - Hunter

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Aaron Ford
Abe Harris
Adele Frost
Adeline Grey
Amos Gadsden
Ann Ferguson
Anson Harp
Ben HorryBen Horry
Brawley Gilmore
Caroline Farrow
Charlie Giles
Charlie Grant
Charlie Jeff Harvey
Charlotte Foster
Cornelius Holmes
Daniel Goddard
Dolly Haynes
Eli Harrison
Elijah Green
Eliza Hasty
Ellen Godfrey
Emanuel Elmore
Emma Fraser
Emoline Glasgow
Eugenia Fair
Fannie Griffin
Gracie Gibson
Gus Feaster
Harriet Eddington
Hector Godbold
Henry Gladney
Hester Hunter
Jane Hollins
Janie Gallman
Jerry Hill
Jim Henry
John Franklin
John Glover
John Graves
John Hamilton
Laurence Gary
Lavinia Heyward
Lewis Evans
Liney Henderson
Louisa Gause
Lucretia Heyward
Lucy Gallman
Madison Griffin
Margaret Hughes
Mariah Heywood
Mary Edwards
Peggy Grigsby
Pen Eubanks
Phillip Evans
Pick Gladdeny
Rebecca Jane Grant
Rev. John B. Elliott
Rev. Thomas Harper
Ryer Emmanuel
Silas Glenn
Sim Greeley
Simon Gallman
Susan Hamilton
Susan Hamlin
Thomas Goodwater
Violet Guntharpe
W. M. Green
Willis Gillison
Zack Herndon

Vol. 14, Part 3, Jackson - Quattlebaum

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Abbey Mishow
Adeline Jackson
Adeline Johnson (Alias Adeline Hall)
Agnes James
Albert Means
Albert Oxner
Amie Lumpkin
Amy (Chavis) Perry
Andrew Means
Andy Marion
Ann Palmer
Anna Johnson
Ballam Lyles
Ben Leitner
Bill McNeil
Charity Moore
Charlie Meadow
Cordelia Anderson Jackson
Cureton Milling
Easter Lockhart
Ed McCrorey
Alias Ed Mack
Eison Lyles
Ella Kelly
Emma Jeter
Emma Lowran
Ephriam Lawrence
Fred James
Gabe Lance
Gable Locklier
George McAlilley
George Patterson
Gilliam Lowden
Govan Littlejohn
Henry D. Jenkins
Henry Pristell
Isiah Jefferies
Jack Johnson
Jake McLeod
James Johnson
Jane Johnson
Jason Miller
Jimmie Johnson
John Petty
Junius Quattlebaum
Lina Anne Pendergrass
Lucinda Miller
Maria Jenkins
Martha Kelly
Mary Ann Lipscomb
Mary Jane Kelley
Mary Johnson
Miemy Johnson
Milton Marshall
Moses Lyles
Nellie Loyd
Paul Jenkins
Rev. James H. Johnson
Richard Jones
Richard Mack
Sallie Layton Keenan
Sallie Paul
Sam Mitchell
Sam Polite
Sarah Poindexter
Sena Moore
Silas Nelson
Susan Nelson
Thomas Jefferson
Tom Johnson
Uncle Rob Perry & Aunt Della Britton
Victoria Perry
Walter Long
Wesley Jones
William Oliver
William Pratt

Vol. 14, Part 4, Raines - Young

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Al Rosboro
Aleck Woodward
Alexander Robertson
Alexander Scaife
Alfred Sligh
Anne Rice
Benjamin Russell
Bettie Suber
Bill Williams
Bill Young
Bob Young
Charley Watson
Charlie Robinson
Dan Smith
Daniel Waring
Daphney Wright
Dave White
Delia Thompson
Eliza Scantling
Ellen Renwick
Ellen Swindler
Emoline Satterwhite
Emoline Wilson
Frank Range
Genia Woodberry
George Woods
Hector Smith
Henry Ryan
Isom Roberts
Jane Smith
Jane Wilson
Jesse Rice
Jesse Williams
Jessie Sparrow
Joe Rutherford
Josephine Stewart
Julia Woodberry
Lila Rutherford
Mack Taylor
Mamie Riley
Manda Walker
Martha Richardson
Mary Raines
Mary Scott
Mary Smith
Mary Veals
Mary Williams
Mary Woodward
Morgan Scurry
Nancy Washington
Ned Walker
Nina Scott
Pauline Worth
Phillip Rice
Prince Smith
Ransom Simmons
Reuben Rosborough
Robert Toatley
Rosa Starke
Sabe Rutledge
Sam Rawls
Silas Smith
Susie Riser
Tena White
Tom Rosboro
William Rose
Willis Williams


Vol. 15, Batson - Young

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Andrew Moss
Andy Odell
Ann Matthews
Cecelia Chappel
Dan Thomas
Ellis Ken Kannon
Emma Grisham
Frances Batson
Frankie Goole
Jenny Greer
Joseph Leonidas Star
Julia Casey
Laura Ramsey Parker
Measy Hudson
Millie Simpkins
Mollie Moss
Naisy Reece
Narcissus Young
Patsy Hyde
Precilla Gray
Rachel Gaines
Rev. John Moore
Robert Falls
Scott Martin
Sylvia Watkins
Wiley Childress


Vol. 16, Part 1, Adams - Duhon

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Adeline Cunningham
Agatha Babino
Amos Clark
Andrew (Smoky) Columbus
Andy Anderson
Anne Clark
Armstead Barrett
Betty BormerBetty Bormer (Bonner)Tarrant County, Texas
Campbell Davis, Carey Davenport
Cato CarterCato CarterWilcox County, Alabama
Charlotte BeverlyCharlotte BeverlyMontgomery County, Texas
Clara BrimClara BrimAcadia Parish, Louisiana
Donaville Broussard
Edgar BendyEdgar BendyTyler County, Texas
Eli Coleman
Eli Davison
Elige Davison
Ellen Betts
Ellen ButlerEllen ButlerCalcasieu Parish, Louisiana
Elvira Boles
Fannie Brown
Francis BlackFrancis BlackMississippi; Marion County, Texas
Frank Bell
George Washington Anderson (Wash)
Green Cumby
Gus Bradshaw
Harriet Barrett
Harriet Collins
Harrison Beckett
Harrison Boyd
Henry H. Buttler
Issabella Boyd
Jack Bess
Jack Cauthern
Jacob Branch
James Boyd
James BrownJames BrownBell County, Texas; McLennan County, Texas
James Cape
Jeff Calhoun
Jeptha Choice
Jerry Boykins
Joe Barnes
John Barker
John Bates
John Crawford
John Day
Josie Brown
Julia Blanks
Julia Francis Daniels
Katie Darling
Laura Cornish
Louis Cain
Madison Bruin
Martha Spence BuntonMartha Spence BuntonRutherford County, Tennessee; Travis County, Texas
Mary ArmstrongMary Armstrong St. Louis County, Missouri
Minerva BendyMinerva BendyHenry County, Alabama
Monroe BrackinsMonroe BrackinsMonroe County, Mississippi; Hill County, Texas; Medina County, Texas
Mrs. John Barclay (Nee Sarah Sanders)
Nelsen Denson
Olivier Blanchard
Preely Coleman
Richard Carruthers
Sally Banks Chambers
Sarah Allen
Sarah AshleySarah AshleyMississippi; Georgia; Polk County, Texas
Sarah Benjamin
Simp Campbell
Stearlin Arnwine
Steve Connally
Sylvester Brooks
Tempie CumminsTempie CumminsSabine County, Texas
Thomas Cole
Valmar Cormier
Victor Duhon
Virginia Bell
Wes BradyWes BradyHarrison County, Texas
Will AdamsWill AdamsHarrison County, Texas
Will Daily
William Adams
William BranchWilliam BranchLunenburg County, Virginia
William Byrd
William Davis
William M. AdamsWilliam M. AdamsSan Jacinto County, Texas
Willis Anderson
Zek BrownZek BrownWarren County, Tennessee

Vol. 16, Part 2, Easter - King

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Albert HillAlbert Hill
Alice Houston
Anderson and Minerva Edwards
Andrew GoodmanAndrew GoodmanJefferson, Alabama; Smith County, Texas
Ann Hawthorne
Ann J. Edwards
Austin Grant
Ben Kinchlow
Betty Farrow
Bill Homer
Carter J. Johnson
Charley Hurt
Chris Franklin
Eliza Holman
Felix HaywoodFelix HaywoodBexar County, Texas
Gabriel Gilbert
Gus Johnson
Harriet Jones
Harry Johnson
James D. Johnson
James Green
James Hayes
James Jackson
John Ellis
John Finnely
John James
Josephine Howard
Larnce Holt
Lewis Jones
Liza Jones
Lizzie Hughes
Lizzie Jones
Lorenza Ezell
Louis Fowler
Lucinda Elder
Maggie Jackson
Mandy Hadnot
Martin JacksonMartin JacksonVictoria County, Texas
Mary Ellen Johnson
Mary Johnson
Mary Kincheon Edwards
Mary Kindred
Mattie Gilmore
Millie Forward
Molly Harrell
Mose Hursey
Mrs. Thomas Johns
Nancy Jackson
Nancy King
Owen GreenO.W. Green
Orelia Alexie Franks
Pauline Grice
Pauline Johnson and Felice Boudreaux
Phoebe Henderson
Pierce Harper
Pinkie Kelly
Priscilla Gibson
Richard Jackson
Rosa Green
Rosanna Frazier
Rosina Hoard
Sam Kilgore
Sarah Ford
Scott Hooper
Silvia King
Spence Johnson
Thomas Johns
Toby Jones
Tom Holland
Wash Ingram
William GreenWilliam GreenMississippi; Texas
William Hamilton
Willis Easter

Vol. 16, Part 3, Lewis - Ryles

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
A.C. Pruitt
A.M. MooreA.M. MooreHarrison County, Texas
Aaron Russel
Abe Livingston
Adeline Marshall
Allen Price
Amos Lincoln
Andrew Moody
Andy Nelson
Anna ller
Annie Little
Annie Osborne
Annie Row
Betty PowersBetty PowersHarrison County, Texas
Bill McRay
C.B. McRay
Charley Mitchell
Cinto Lewis
Daniel Phillips, Sr.
Eda Rains
Ellen Payne
Ellen Polk
Elsie Reece
Florence Ruffins
George Owens
Gill Ruffin
Hagar Lewis
Harre Quarls
Henderson Perkins
Henry Lewis
Henry Probasco
Hiram Mayes
Horace Overstreet
Isaac Martin
James Martin
Jenny Proctor
Jerry Moore
John Love
John McCoy
John Moore
John Ogee
John Price
Josephine Ryles
Josh Miles
Julia Malone
La San Mire
Laura Redmoun
Lee Pierce
Louis Love
Louise Mathews
Lucy Lewis
Mandy Morrow
Margrett Nillin
Mariah Robinson
Martha Patton
Martin Ruffin
Mary Anne Patterson
Mary Overton
Mary Reynolds
Millie Randall
Mintie Maria Miller
Nap McQueen
Patsy Moses
Peter Mitchell
Peter Ryas
Reverend Lafayette Price
Susan Merritt
Susan Ross
Tillie R. Powers
Tom Mills, Van Moore
Virginia Newman
Walter Rimm
William Mathews
William Moore

Vol. 16, Part 4, Sanco - Young

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Abram Sells
Adeline White
Albert Todd
Aleck Trimble
Allen Thomas
Ben Simpson
Bert Strong
Betty Simmons
Bill and Ellen Thomas
Callie Shepherd
Caroline Wright
Clarissa Scales
Daphne Williams
Dianah Watson
Ella Washington
Emma Taylor
Emma Watson
Fannie Yarbrough
George Selman
George Simmons
Giles Smith
Guy Stewart
Hannah Scott
Horatio W. Williams
Irella Battle Walker
J.W. Terrill
Jake Terriell
James G. Woorling
James W. Smith
James West
John Sneed
John Walton
Jordon Smith
Leithean Spinks
Litt Young
Lou Turner
Lou Williams
Louis Young
Lucy Thomas
Lulu Wilson
Mariah Snyder
Mary Thompson
Mazique Sanco
Millie Ann Smith
Millie Williams
Mollie Taylor
Patsy Southwell
Penny Thompson
Philles Thomas
Reeves Tucker
Rosa Washington
Rose Williams
Rube Witt
Ruben Woods
Sallie Wroe
Sam Jones Washington
Sol Walton
Steve Williams
Susan Smith, Sylvester
Sostan Wickliffe
Teshan Young
Wash Wilson
Wayman Williams
William M. Thomas
William Stone
William Watkins
Willie Williams
Willis Winn
Willis Woodson
Yach Stringfellow


Vol. 17, Berry - Wilson

WikiTree ID Name Enslaved State Connected?
Albert Jones
Candis Goodwin
Charles Crawley
Charles Grandy
Della Harris
Elizabeth Sparks
Fannie BerryFannie Berry
Georgina Giwbs (Gibbs?)
Marriah Hines
Mary Jane Wilson
Minnie Fulkes
Moble Hopson
Richard Slaughter
Susan Kelly
Simon Stokes


See also:

  • "Library of Congress: Portraits of African American ex-slaves from the U.S. Works Progress Administration, Federal Writers' Project slave narratives collections 1937-ca. 1938, bulk 1937. | 225 photographic prints | United States. Works Progress Administration. LOT 13262 (F) [P&P] ( Rights Advisory: No known restrictions on reproduction. Photographs were taken by U.S. Government employees, and are therefore not eligible for copyright."

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What a great project this is. A big thank-you to Lucy, Gene, Carolyn, K., and every other WikiTreer contributing to it.
posted by Chris Whitten
Everyone represented in the Federal Writers Project 1936-1938 for Indiana for surnames Arnold through Lewis now has profiles linked to from here. (This is what the book in the Indiana State Museum gift shop covered; the book says it also included surname Locke, but not so! Thomas Lewis is the final entry.)
posted by K Raymoure
Where possible, I've identified the people who enslaved the people in the profiles I've worked on for Indiana. Would it be worthwhile to include a column here of the surname(s) of the people who enslaved the people profiled here?
posted by K Raymoure
Sounds like a good idea to me. Many of them had more than one enslaver, and were even enslaved in different states. I think it would help people searching for their ancestors.
I'll give it a spin on Indiana and see what everyone thinks :)
posted by K Raymoure
Hi, Lucy. I posted this a few days ago on our Google group, but Emma asked me to post it here to make sure you saw it:

I would like to suggest we add a fourth column to the charts on the Freedman Narratives free space page so we can add the state(s) in which the person was enslaved. I am finding that a lot of the people interviewed in one state were actually enslaved in another. I have done a lot of the Texas people interviewed, but most were enslaved elsewhere then later moved to Texas after emancipation. Some were enslaved in another state then also enslaved in Texas. I think it would be helpful to list the actual state or states they were enslaved in an additional column. Someone trying to locate an ancestor that they knew was enslaved in Alabama, might not find them in the Alabama state charts, because they were interviewed in Texas, for example.

While adding entries in Indiana, I'm thinking since we have the alphabetical sorting option with the dynamic tables, maybe we place State before County when including both? I'll do that for a few Indiana ones so we can evaluate.
posted by K Raymoure
(it gets complicated for multiple locations, hmph!)
posted by K Raymoure
This is amazing! Thank you :-)