French Origins of Acadians

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Acadie - Drapeau French Origins of Acadians - Pioneers and Returnees


Place Names for France

Background and Sources

For historic background and source information regarding France - including an overview of the administrative jurisdictions of the Kingdom of France compared to the present-day French Republic - see the section below entitled "Historic Background and Source Information for France" including:
- The Kingdom of France: Historic Provinces, Duchies and Territories (pre-1790)
- The French Republic: Départements (from 1790) - Civil Registration and Civic Archives (from 1792)
- Régions and Their Relationship to Historic Provinces
For information regarding the Acadians covered - including the French immigrants who were pioneers of Acadie and the later returnees to France - see the section below entitled:
Acadian Pioneers and Returnees

Project Goals, Guidelines and Research

Profiles of our Acadian ancestors from France often reflect various combinations of names in location fields (including churches linked to town names, historic or modern towns, names of a diocese or archdiocese in which a church was governed, historic provinces, subsequent departments, and/or modern regions). This situation is not unique to France - but was made worse by sweeping changes instituted in connection with the French Revolution that were designed to purposely alter many historic as well as religious affiliations of the ancien régime.
From a Wikitree perspective, any "mash-up" of location names complicates searches and reports, fails to place events in their proper historic location, and can make individuals appear to be different when they are not. The particular place names used (both in location fields and in the biography) can also either help or impair research for original records and other sources. For this and other reasons, it is useful to include relevant modern counterpart names in association with historic ones when they are introduced in the biography. This is particularly true in the case of France and other countries in which transitions occurred from religious documentation and maintenance of vital event records to civil registration and civic archives. Locating historic records in France begins with the modern department in which the place now exists - and from those departmental archives, works backward to the towns and historic church records they were and are responsible for.
Key goals of the project are to:
(i) promote understanding of the historical background in which our ancestors lived;
(ii) encourage the correction of Acadian profiles and vital events based in France;
(iii) facilitate the identification of profiles requiring updates or research, and
(iv) provide appropriate French place names to be used - both in location fields and in the biography (to facilitate research and documentation).
For guidelines and recommended usage of French place names in Acadian profiles, see the section below entitled:
Acadians Project and WikiTree Guidelines
Individual Acadian pioneers and returnees to France are now being directly linked to the table of French place origins. So a side-benefit is to reflect and connect the groups of pioneers who brought their unique genetic and cultural backgrounds from the various provinces of France to North America and beyond. For information and links to ongoing research associated with this project, see the section below entitled:
Ongoing Research

Table of French Origins of Acadians

(with links to Acadian Pioneers and Returnees to France)

Town or City
(Current name in parentheses)
and other local
place names

before 1790
France - Royal Banner
Royaume de France

from 1790
France - Tricouleur
République française
Images and
Acadian Pioneers
and Returnees

Acadie - Drapeau
(1514 - 1789)
Angoulême Saint-jacques-de-l'HoumeauAngoumoisCharenteAngoulême Angoulême Pioneers [1]
La Rochefoucauld Notre-DameAngoumoisCharenteLa Rochefoucauld (DGFA list)
Sers Saint-PierreAngoumoisCharenteSers Sers Pioneers [2]
Saint-MédardAngoumoisCharenteVerteuil-sur-Charente Verteuil Pioneers [3]
Villefagnan AngoumoisCharenteVillefagnan Villefagnan Pioneers [4]
(1482 - 1789)
Angers (Château)
BourgueuilSaint-GermainAnjou Indre-et-LoireBourgueuil Bourgueuil Pioneers [5]
Saint-PierreAnjouMaine-et-LoireDoué Doué Pioneers [6]
La FlècheSaint-ThomasAnjou SartheLa FlècheLa Flèche Pioneers [7]
Montreuil-Bellay AnjouMaine-et-LoireMontreuil-BellayMontreuil-Bellay Pioneers [8]
(1371 - 1789)
La Rochelle
La Rochelle
ArdillièresAunisCharente-MaritimeArdillières(DGFA list)
AytréSaint-ÉtienneAunisCharente-MaritimeAytré Aytré Pioneers [9]
(now part of La Rochelle)
AunisCharente-Maritime CougnesCougnes Pioneers [10]
Île-d'AixAunisCharente-MaritimeÎle-d'Aix(DGFA list)
La Rochelle- Notre-Dame
- Saint-Barthélemy
- Saint-Jean(-du-Perrot)
- Saint-Nicolas
- Saint-Sauveur
- Sainte-Marguerite
AunisCharente-MaritimeLa RochelleLa Rochelle Pioneers [11]
La Rochelle Returnees [12]
(now part of La Rochelle)
Saint-PierreAunisCharente-MaritimeLaleuLaleu Pioneers [13]
Rochefort- Hôpital des orphelins
- Notre-Dame
AunisCharente-MaritimeRochefortRochefort Pioneers [14]
Rochefort Returnees [15]
Saint-Jean-d'AngelyAunisCharente-MaritimeSaint-Jean-d'Angely Saint-Jean-d'Angely Returnees [16]
(La Grève-sur-Mignon)
AunisCharente-MaritimeLa Grève-sur-Mignon Saint-Martin-de-Villeneuve Pioneers [17]
Île de Ré
Île de Ré
Île de RéAunisCharente-MaritimeÎle de Ré Pioneers [18]
Saint-Martin-de-RéAunisCharente-MaritimeSaint-Martin-de-RéSaint-Martin de Ré Pioneers [19]
Saint-Martin de Ré Returnees [20]
(1457 - 1789)
Château de Val
AuvergnePuy-de-DômeClermont-Ferrand Clermont Pioneers [21]
(1620 - 1789)

AretteBéarnPyrénées-AtlantiqueArette(DGFA list)
BidartBéarnPyrénées-AtlantiqueBidart(DGFA list)
EscoutBéarnPyrénées-AtlantiqueEscout Escout Pioneers [22]
Labatut-FiguièresBéarnPyrénées-AtlantiqueLabatut-FiguièresLabatut Returnees [23]
BéarnPyrénées-AtlantiqueOloron-Sainte-Marie(DGFA list)
PauBéarnPyrénées-AtlantiquePauPau Returnees [24]
Salies-de-BéarnTemple ProtestantBéarnPyrénées-AtlantiqueSalies-de-Béarn(DGFA list)
(1101 - 1789)

SancerreBerryCherSancerreSancerre Pioneers [25]
Duché de Bourgogne

(1477 - 1789)

BlanzyDuché de BourgogneSaône-et-LoireBlanzy(DGFA list)
Châtillon-sur-SeineSaint-VorleDuché de BourgogneCôte-d'OrChâtillon-sur-SeineChâtillon-sur-Seine Pioneers [26]
DijonDuché de BourgogneCôte-d'OrDijonDijon Pioneers [27]
MontcenisDuché de BourgogneSaône-et-LoireMontcenis(DGFA list)
(1532 - 1789)

Auray Bretagne MorbihanAurayAuray Pioneers [28]
Auray Returnees [29]
Saint-Jean-BaptisteBretagneIlle-et-VilaineBains-sur-OustBains Pioneers [30]
(Chantenay-sur-Loire, Nantes)
Saint-Martin Bretagne Loire-AtlantiqueChantenay-sur-Loiire Chantenay Returnees [31]
Bretagne Ille-et-VilaineChâteauneuf-d'Ille-et-Vilaine Châteauneuf Returnees [32]
ConcarneauBretagneFinistèreConcarneau Concarneau Returnees [33]
Dinan BretagneCôtes-d'ArmorDinan Dinan Pioneers [34]
Dinan Returnees [35]
Dinard Saint-ÉnogatBretagneIlle-et-VilaineDinard Dinard Returnees [36]
BretagneIlle-et-VilaineDol-en-BretagneDol Pioneers [37]
Dol Returnees [38]
Lannion BretagneCôtes-d'ArmorLannion (DGFA list)
La Coquenais
BretagneCôtes-d'ArmorPleudihen-sur-RanceLa Coquenais Returnees [39]
Le Villou
BretagneCôtes-d'ArmorTréméreucLe Villou (Tréméreuc) Pioneers [40]
LouisfertSaint-PierreBretagneLoire-AtlantiqueLouisfert Louisfert Pioneers [41]
MégritLieu-dit de
BretagneCôtes-d'ArmorMégrit Mégrit Pioneers [42]
Mordreuc / Mordreux, Pleudihen
BretagneCôtes-d'ArmorPleudihan-sur-RanceMordreuc / Mordreux Returnees [43]
Morieux BretagneCôtes-d'ArmorMorieux Morieux Pioneers [44]
Morlaix - Saint-Martin
- Saint-Mathieu
BretagneFinistèreMorlaix Morlaix Returnees [45]
Nantes- Belair / Bel-Air
- Hôpital Sanitat
- Hôtel-Dieu
- Quartier l'Hermitage
- Permil
- Saint-Jacques
- Saint-Nicolas
- Saint-Similien
- Sainte-Croix
BretagneLoire-AtlantiqueNantesNantes Pioneers [46]
Nantes Returnees [47]
(now within Saint-Malo)
Saint-Michel-des-SablonsBretagneIlle-et-VilaineParamé Paramé Pioneers [48]
Paramé Returnees [49]
PaimboeufBretagneLoire-AtlantiquePaimboeuf Paimboeuf Pioneers [50]
BretagneLoire-AtlantiquePiriac-sur-MerPiriac Pioneers [51]
Cap FréhelBretagneCôtes-d'ArmorFréhel Pléhérel Pioneers [52]
PlérinSaint-PierreBretagneCôtes-d'ArmorPlérin Plérin Pioneers [53]
BretagneCôtes-d'ArmorPleslin-Trigavou Pleslin Returnees [54]
- La Ville-Ès-Genilles
- Les Villes Morvues
BretagneCôtes-d'ArmorPleudihen-sur-Rance Pleudihen Returnees [55]
Pleurtuit- Créhen
- La Moisiais /
La Moysias
BretagneIlle-et-VilainePleurtuit Pleurtuit Pioneers and Returnees [56]
PloubalayBretagneCôtes-d'ArmorPloubalay Ploubalay Pioneers [57]
Ploubalay Returnees [58]
BretagneCôtes-d'ArmorPlouër-sur-Rance Plouër Returnees [59]
Port-LouisBretagneMorbihanPort-Louis Port-Louis Returnees [60]
Quimper /
Saint-EspritBretagneFinistèreQuimper(DGFA list)
RezéSaint-PierreBretagneLoire-AtlantiqueRezé Rezé Returnees [61]
Saint-Brieuc / Saint-BrieuxBretagneCôtes-d'ArmorSaint-Brieuc / Saint-BrieuxSaint-Brieuc Pioneers [62]
BretagneCôtes-d'ArmorSaint-Cast-le-GuildoSaint-Cast Pioneers [63]
Saint-CoulombBretagneIlle-et-VilaineSaint-CoulombSaint-Coulomb Returnees [64]
BretagneIlle-et-VilaineDinard (DGFA list)
Saint-GlenBretagneCôtes-d'ArmorSaint-GlenSaint-Glen Pioneers [65]
Saint-Malo /
- La Barbinais
- Saint-Ideuc
BretagneIlle-et-VilaineSaint-MaloSaint-Malo Pioneers [66]
Saint-Malo Returnees [67]
Saint-Marc-le-BlancBretagneIlle-et-VilaineSaint-Marc-le-BlancSaint-Marc-le-Blanc Pioneers [68]
Saint-Méloir-des-OndesBretagneIlle-et-VilaineSaint-Méloir-des-OndesSaint-Méloir-des-Ondes Returnees [69]
Saint-Pol-de-LéonHôpital de Saint-Pol-de-LéonBretagneFinistèreSaint-Pol-de-LéonSaint-Pol-de-Léon Returnees [70]
Saint-ServanBretagneIlle-et-VilaineSaint-ServanSaint-Servan Returnees [71]
Saint-SuliacBretagneIlle-et-VilaineSaint-SuliacSaint-Suliac Returnees [72]
SougéalBretagneIlle-et-VilaineSougéal Sougéal Pioneers [73]
TréméreucLe VillouBretagneCôtes-d'ArmorTréméreucTréméreuc Pioneers [74]
BretagneCôtes-d'ArmorPleslin-Trigavou Trigavou Returnees [75]
VannesRui / RhuysBretagneMorbihanVannes Vannes Pioneers [76]
Vannes Returnees [77]
Bangor, Belle-Île-en-MerBretagneMorbihanBangor, Belle-Île-en-MerBangor, Belle-Île-en-Mer Returnees [78]
Le Palais, Belle-Île-en-MerBretagneMorbihanLe Palais, Belle-Île-en-MerLe Palais, Belle-Île-en-Mar Returnees [79]
Locmaria, Belle-Île-en-MerBretagneMorbihanLocmaria, Belle-Île-en-MerLocmaria, Belle-Île-en-Mar Returnees [80]
Sauzon, Belle-Île-en-MerLieu-dits:
- Arpens de
- Kervellan
- Loqueltas
BretagneMorbihanSauzon, Belle-Île-en-MerSauzon, Belle-Île-en-Mar Returnees [81]
(1361 - 1789)

LangresAcre Champagne Haute-MarneLangres Langres Pioneers [82]
Piney Champagne AubePiney Piney Pioneers [83]
SedanÉglise des HugenotsChampagne ArdennesSedan Sedan Pioneers [84]
SoulangesSaint-HilaireChampagne MarneSoulanges Soulanges Pioneers [85]
TroyesSaint-Jean Champagne AubeTroyes Troyes Pioneers [86]
(1678 - 1789)
Cléron (Le Doubs)
Pontarlier Franche-Comté DoubsPontarlier Pontarlier Pioneers [87]
(1453 - 1789)

Paysage de vignes
AuchGascogneGersAuchAuch Pioneers [88]
Dax / Évêché de Dax Gascogne LandesDaxÉvêché de Dax Pioneers [89]
Gascogne Lot-et-GaronneVillefranche-sur-Queyran Villefranche Pioneers [90]
(1453 - 1789)

Bordeaux (Roman amphitheater)
Abjat Guyenne DordogneAbjat(DGFA list)
Ascain Guyenne Pyrénées-AtlantiquesAscain Ascain Pioneers [91]
BergeracTemple ProtestantGuyenne DordogneBergeracBergerac Pioneers [92]
Bordeaux- Saint-Aulary
- Saint-Michel
- Saint-Pierre
- Sainte-Croix
Guyenne GirondeBordeauxBordeaux Pioneers [93]
Bordeaux Returnees [94]
Eysines Guyenne GirondeEysines(DGFA list)
Libourne Guyenne GirondeLibourne(DGFA list)
(987 - 1789)

Paris (Notre-Dame)
[transcr. Coulumbe, Paris]
Île-de-FranceHauts-de-SeineColombes Colombes Pioneers [95]
Compiègne Île-de-FranceOiseCompiègne(DGFA list)
Paris- Saint-André-des-Arcs
- Saint-Benoît
- Saint-Eustache
- Saint-Laurent
- Saint-Sauveur
Île-de-FranceParis (Métropole)ParisParis Pioneers [96]
Saint-DenisSaint-Marcel Île-de-FranceParis (Métropole)Saint-DenisSaint-Denis Pioneers [97]
VersaillesNotre-DameÎle-de-FranceYvelinesVersailles Versailles Pioneers [98]
(Pays Basque)
Labourd - Lapurdi
Labourd - Lapurdi
(1450 - 1789)

Bayonne Labourd
(later w/i Guyenne)
Pyrénées-AtlantiquesBayonneBayonne Pioneers [99]
Guéthary Labourd
(later w/i Guyenne)
Pyrénées-AtlantiquesGuéthary Guéthary Pioneers [100]
Saint-Jean-de-Luz Labourd
(later w/i Guyenne)
Pyrénées-AtlantiquesSaint-Jean-de-LuzSaint-Jean-de-Luz Pioneers [101]
(1271 - 1789)

Pont du Gard
Saint-Alexandre Languedoc GardSaint-AlexandreSaint-Alexandre Pioneers [102]
ToulouseSaint-Étienne Languedoc Haute-GaronneToulouse Toulouse Pioneers [103]
Languedoc ArdècheTournon-sur-Rhône(DGFA list)
(1589 - 1789)

Limoges Limousin Haute-VienneLimoges Limousin Pioneers [104]
(various - 1789)

Monmedy / Montmidi
Lorraine MeuseMontmédy Monmedy Pioneers [105]
NeufchâteauSaint-ChristopheLorraine VosgesNeufchâteau Neufchâteau Pioneers [106]
(1313 - 1789)

IrignySaint-NizierLyonnais Lyon (Métropole)Irigny(DGFA list)
Lyon- Saint-Michel
- Saint-Vincent
Lyonnais Lyon (Métropole)LyonLyon Pioneers [107]
(1584 - 1789)

Cortanvaux à Bessé-sur-Braye
Saint-GuingaloisMaine SartheChâteau-du-Loire Château-du-Loire Pioneers [108]
(1204 - 1789)

AvranchesNormandie MancheAvranches Avranches Pioneers [109]
BacillyNormandie MancheBacilly Bacilly Pioneers [110]
Normandie EureBarneville-sur-Seine Barneville Pioneers [111]
CarollesNormandie MancheCarolles Carolles Pioneers [112]
CherbourgTrès-Sainte-TrinitéNormandie MancheCherbourgCherbourg Pioneers [113]
Cherbourg Returnees [114]
CoutancesNormandie MancheCoutances Coutances Pioneers [115]
DieppeNormandie Seine-MaritimeDieppe Dieppe Pioneers [116]
Saint-MédardNormandie MancheDragey Dragey Pioneers [117]
FalaiseNormandie CalvadosFalaise Falaise Pioneers [118]
GranvilleNormandie MancheGranville Granville Pioneers [119]
(now within Le Havre)
Saint-MichelNormandie Seine-MaritimeIngouville (Le Havre) Ingouville Returnees [120]
Le Havre- Notre-Dame
- Saint-François
Normandie Seine-MaritimeHavre Le HavreLe Havre Pioneers [121]
Le Havre Returnees [122]
Ménibeux / Le Mesnil-Boeufs
Normandie MancheLe Mesnil-Bœufs Ménibeux / Le Mesnil-Bœufs Pioneers [123]
PériersNormandie ManchePériers Périers Pioneers [124]
Rouen- Notre-Dame-de-la-Ronde
- Saint-Vincent
Normandie Seine-MaritimeRouen Rouen Pioneers [125]
Saint-Denis-le-GastNormandie MancheSaint-Denis-le-GastSaint-Denis-le-Gast Pioneers [126]
Saint-Jean-des-ChampsNormandie MancheSaint-Jean-des-ChampsSaint-Jean-des-Champs Pioneers [127]
Normandie MancheSaint-LégerSaint-Léger Pioneers [128]
Normandie MancheSaint-Michel-des-LoupsSaint-Michel-des-Loups Pioneers [129]
Normandie MancheSaint-Pair-sur-MerSaint-Pair Pioneers [130]
Saint-Pierre-LangersNormandie MancheSaint-Pierre-LangersSaint-Pierre-Langers Pioneers [131]
Saint-Planchers /
Saint-PancraceNormandie MancheSaint-PlanchersSaint-Planchers / Saint-Pancrace Pioneers [132]
Normandie MancheSaint-UrsinSaint-Ursin Pioneers [133]
Saint-VigorNormandie MancheSartilly Sartilly Pioneers [134]
VeslyNormandie MancheVesly (Manche) Vesly Pioneers [135]
(1498 - 1789)

BloisSaint-HonoréOrléanais Eure-et-LoirBlois Blois Pioneers [136]
ChartresOrléanais Eure-et-LoirChartres Chartres Pioneers [137]
OrléansSaint-MichelOrléanais LoiretOrléans Orléans Pioneers [138]
Orléanais Eure-et-LoirPoupryPoupry-en-Beauce Pioneers [139]
(1584 - 1789)

Saint-JeanPerche OrneMortagne-au-Perche(In review)
Nogent-le-RotrouNotre-DamePerche Eure-et-LoirNogent-le-RotrouNogent-le-Rotrou Pioneers [140]
(1482 - 1789)

Calais (Cap Blanc-Nez)
AmiensSaint-MichelPicardie SommeAmiens(DGFA list)
Picardie Val-d'OiseBeaumont-sur-Oise Beaumont Pioneers [141]
- Saint-Joseph
- Saint-Nicolas
Picardie Pas-de-CalaisBoulogne-sur-MerBoulogne Pioneers [142]
Boulogne Returnees [143]
CalaisPicardie Pas-de-CalaisCalaisCalais Pioneers [144]
Couperoue en Brye
(Coupru en Brie)
Picardie AisneCoupruCouperoue en Brye /
Coupru Pioneers [145]
(1416 - 1789)

ArchignyPoitou VienneArchignyArchigny Returnees[146]
Beauvoir-sur-MerPoitou VendéeBeauvoir-sur-MerBeauvoir-sur-Mer Pioneers [147]
BuxeuilPoitou VienneBuxeuil Buxeuil Pioneers [148]
(La Puye)
Poitou VienneLa Puye Cenan (La Puye) Returnees [149]
Châtellerault- Saint-Jacques
- Saint-Jean-l'Évangéliste
Poitou VienneChâtelleraultChâtellerault Returnees[150]
Poitou VendéeDoixDoix Pioneers [151]
La Chapelle-Roux
Poitou VienneChenevellesLa Chapelle-Roux Returnees [152]
La ChausséeNotre-DamePoitou VienneLa ChausséeLa Chaussée Pioneers [153]
Le Bouchet
(La Roche-Rigault)
Poitou VienneLa Roche-Rigault(DGFA list)
Leigné-les-BoisSaint-RémiPoitou VienneLeigné-les-BoisLeigné-les-Bois Returnees [154]
MartaizéPoitou VienneMartaizé Martaizé Pioneers [155]
MondionPoitou VienneMondion(DGFA list)
(Les Ormes)
Poitou VienneLes Ormes(DGFA list)
Poitiers- Notre-Dame-la-Grande
- Saint-Étienne
- Saint-Hilaire-entre-les-Églises
Poitou ViennePoitiers Poitiers Pioneers [156]
Saint-Pierre-de-MailléPoitou VienneSaint-Pierre-de-Maillé(DGFA list)
Saint-Vincent de l'Oratoire
Poitou VienneMonts-sur-Guesnes(DGFA list)
Senillé Poitou VienneSenillé (DGFA list)
VellechèsPoitou VienneVellechès(DGFA list)
VouvantPoitou VienneVouvant (DGFA list)
(1482 - 1789)

Sainte-MadeleineProvence Bouches-du-RhôneAix-en-ProvenceAix-en-Provence Pioneers [157]
Provence Bouches-du-RhôneMartiguesÎle-de-Martigues Pioneers [158]
MarseilleSaint-MartinProvenceBouches-du-RhôneMarseille Marseille Pioneers [159]
(1371 - 1789)

BoisTemple ProtestantSaintonge Charente-MaritimeBoisBois Pioneers[160]
Sainte-MarieSaintonge CharenteChalais(DGFA list)
(Curac, Chalais)
Saintonge CharenteCurac (DGFA list)
Saintonge Charente-MaritimeMarsais Marsay (Marsais) Pioneers [161]
MoëzeSaintonge Charente-MaritimeMoëze Moëze Pioneers [162]
Saintonge CharenteSaint-Nazaire-sur-CharenteSaint-Nazaire Pioneers [163]
Saintonge CharenteChalais Sérignac Pioneers [164]
Tonnay-CharenteSaintonge CharenteTonnay-CharenteTonnay-Charente Returnees [165]
(1204 - 1789)

Beaulieu-lès-LochesTouraine Indre-et-LoireBeaulieu-lès-Loches(DGFA list)
CharnizayTouraine Indre-et-LoireCharnizay Charnizay Pioneers [166]
ChinonSaint-ÉtienneTouraine Indre-et-LoireChinon Chinon Pioneers [167]
Touraine Indre-et-LoireDolus-le-Sec(DGFA list)
La GuercheTouraine Indre-et-LoireLa Guerche (DGFA list)
Le Grand-PressignyTouraine Indre-et-LoireLe Grand-Pressigny(DGFA list)
LigréTouraine Indre-et-LoireLigré(DGFA list)
LochesTouraine Indre-et-LoireLoches(DGFA list)
ObterreTouraine IndreObterre(DGFA list)
Touraine IndreChâtillon-sur-Indre(DGFA list)
Tours- Saint-Étienne de Boyle
- Saint-Hilaire
- Saint-Pierre de Boyle
- Saint-Saturnin
- Saint-Vincent
Touraine Indre-et-LoireTours Tours Pioneers [168]
Note re Table: An ongoing Research Space that serves as the background for this table - and contains additonal names in review - is at the following link:
RESEARCH SPACE: Original Location Names for Acadians.
The Research Space contains groups of place names that are in review, as follows:
Group 1 - Place Names in Review / Research Required
Group 2 - Variants of Place Names Reflected in Table
Group 3 - New Place Names Reflected in Table - Profiles to be Reviewed for Updating
Group 4 - New Place Names Reflected in Table - Profiles Updated

Historic Background and Source Information for France

The Kingdom of France

France - Royal Banner The Kingdom of France: Historic Provinces, Duchies and Territories (pre-1790)

The France of our Acadian ancestors comprised individual Provinces, Duchés and Comtés (medieval "duchies" and "counties" ruled by Dukes and Counts respectively), and associated lands that had come under overarching control of the King of France at various times and with differing degrees of integration. They were often culturally, historically and in some cases linguistically distinct - under a multi-tiered system that would eventually be called the Ancien régime.[169][170]
The late 1700s involved a series of tumultuous events for our ancestors and others, including the Grand dérangement and Acadian exile beginning in 1755-1758 (referred to in English as the "Great Upheaval"), the loss of Nouvelle-France to the British in 1763, French participation in the American Revolution of 1776-1783, and shortly thereafter the French Revolution itself, which began in 1789 and culminated with the establishment of the first French Republic in 1792.
Unlike the American Revolution, which severed ties to Britain but left the existing colonies to become the newly-independent states, the French Revolution occurred "in place" and it was in many ways an intentional break with the past. In implementing the post-revolutionary era, the French provinces of the ancien régime were all subjected to re-organization - often in a manner intended to reconfigure and alter the historic regions and alliances. The French provinces were therefore often divided into portions, and in many cases these were recombined to create the new set of départements that would form the modern French Republic. [171][172]
As discussed below, change does not come easily or completely, especially in culturally and historically distinctive places such as those making up France - as reflected in the re-emergence of French régions in the mid-20th century.

The French Republic

France - Tricouleur The French Republic: Départements (from 1790) - Civil Registration and Civic Archives (from 1792)

An overview of the transition from French provinces to subsequent departments is provided by the France Project, along with maps of individual provinces at France from Provinces to Departments.[173]
An expandable map entitled France Provinces en 1789 by Vidal-Lablache shows the geographic relationships between historic provinces and modern departments as of 1789 and is also available via the France Project.[174]
Note: the Vidal-Lablache map is a convenient and generally accurate means of viewing the overall borders of provinces and departments together. However, certain small provinces or comtés are shown as associated with larger provinces in the 1789 map (e.g. Perche and Maine, which were historically separate). Individual maps by province, available via the France Project space entitled France from Provinces to Departments show the principal communities belonging to each part of historic provinces such as Perche.
Although the French province should be used in place fields for Acadians with record events in France, it can be very helpful to also include a simple cross-reference to the current département, for reasons noted below.
On 21 Sep 1792, with the declaration of the First French Republic, the National Legislative Assembly also established a system of civil registration under which all vital events would be handled by the communes and civic authorities in the newly-established départements - and not by the churches and clergy. In most cases, the parish registers were removed from the churches and transferred to the mayors or other officials - and the original parish registers are still currently archived by each French département. The names of the records in France likewise reflect the transition: from registres paroissiaux (Parish registers maintained by priests) to registres d'état civil (Civil registers maintained by mayors or other civic officials).

Modern Administrative Regions

France - Tricouleur Régions and Their Relationship to Historic Provinces France - Royal Banner

Complicating French place names (as they sometimes appear in various profiles) was the creation of administrative regions in the mid-1900s. Some of these reflect all or parts of historic provinces with similar or related names - but their borders match the collection of current départements they comprise. And these too have been reorganized. For example, what started as the région de Poitou-Charentes is now part of the larger région de Nouvelle-Aquitaine.[175]
While the current French région could also be referred to in profiles, there is less of a research need since they essentially reflect groupings of départements, and archival and other records are organized by department and not by region.
The re-emergence of the régions does however reflect the fact that the historic regions of France were and in many aspects still are distinctive, in terms of culture and traditions, and in some cases languages. These distinctions are again reflected in regions such as Bretagne (Brittany), Bourgogne (Burgundy), Normandie (Normandie), Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Occitanie (Languedoc), Picardie (Picardy) and others.

Acadians Project and WikiTree Guidelines

France - Royal Banner Event Place Fields - Use Town and Historic French Province

In keeping with guidelines of the Acadians Project and the broader WikiTree community, only the time-appropriate place information associated with an event should be used in the event location field.
With respect to the lives of Acadians coming from France, these would be the town and historic French province - except for Acadians who both returned to France and lived through the French Revolution that began in 1789. On 4 March 1790, the French provinces were abolished and replaced by the system of departments, which should be used from that date.

France - Tricouleur Biography - Consider Cross-Reference to Current Place Names

While the historic province should be used in place location names for most events related to Acadians (i.e. before 1790), including a simple cross-reference in the biography (e.g. in a parenthetical when the historic place is noted) can be helpful to fellow WikiTreers in at least two major ways:
(i) As with alternative family names (effectively alerting others that they represent the same person), including cross-reference to associated place names that may appear in some files, Gedcoms and other records can be helpful to alert WikiTreers that these actually represent the same place, that the location field properly reflects the time-appropriate place name (and that individuals whose records reflect one or the other are not therefore "different"); and
(ii) French archival and many other records are most often organized and made available by the modern department in which the various towns are now located - so including cross-reference to the département helps guide research, in the official archives and in other contexts.
Similarly, while the names of churches, hospitals, neighborhoods or 'lieu-dits' (local place names) are not generally used in the event location field, it is very helpful to include them in the biography in connection with the place name. (A number of these that appear in multiple profiles are being included within the table, following the corresponding town or city.)
These naming and research objectives can be readily addressed by cross-referencing the modern or other additional place information at the start of a profile (and elsewhere if key events shift to different locations):
E.g. Marguerite Blanchard was baptized on 1 June 1650 at the church of Notre-Dame in Rochefort, Aunis (today Charente-Maritime), France.
In some cases, the name of the town has also changed or been incorporated into another, so the new town and département name can be included together for readability:
E.g. Marguerite Blanchard was born on 1 June 1650 in Mordreuc, Bretagne (today Pleudihen-sur-Rance, Côtes-d'Armor), France.
The table above provides information and links to each of the historic towns and provinces that the Acadians were shaped by and effectively brought in both genes and culture to North America and beyond. Individuals and groups of Acadians who were associated with each of the locations in France - both the Acadian pioneers and the returnees to France - are now being added in links and footnotes to the table.

Acadie - Drapeau Acadian Pioneers and Returnees

French Immigrants to Acadie, Nouvelle-France (from 1605 to 1713/1758)

The central portion of Acadia that forms much of Nova Scotia hosted immigrants from France from the early-1600s until the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht ceded control to Britain.[176][177] Nearby areas that remained under French control included Isle Royale (today's Cape Breton Island), Isle Saint-Jean (Prince Edward Island), and much of the territory that now forms New Brunswick. French immigration continued in these areas after 1713, particularly on Isle Royale - and lasted until the fall of the French fortress at Louisbourg in 1758 during the Seven Years' War that swept both Europe and North America.[176][178]
For the French pioneers who emigrated to establish the Acadian settlements in Nouvelle-France, their locations of origin in France, along with the corresponding historic province (pre-1790) - as well as the corresponding département (from 1790), are shown in the table above. For locations in which there was a change of name, the newer name is shown in parentheses after the historic name. Parishes and other local place names that might be associated with profiles and referenced in biographies are included separately following the town or city name name (particularly for cities in which multiple locations might be referred to in event records).
A list including some of these French place names with their associated parishes is found in the preface to the Dictionnaire Généalogique des Familles Acadiennes (DGFA) - but many locations were not covered in the DGFA list. [179] The locations noted in DGFA are included in the table above - and additional ones have been added - provided that there are WikiTree profiles of Acadian pioneers from those locations, for which source information related to the French place location is associated with the current profile. These are being updated as additional sources or other information are provided (see Ongoing Research and Revisions in Process).

The Acadian Exile and Diaspora (beginning 1755/1758)

The "Great Upheaval" known as Le grand dérangement, which led to the forcible removal and exile of most Acadians by the British, took very different courses in 1755 and 1758.
In 1755, with respect to the principal population of Acadians in Nova Scotia, these were essentially regarded as "British subjects" since 1713 (loyal or not since most refused to take the notorious oath of allegiance). As such, they were not generally returned to France. Instead, some 6,000 French-speaking Catholics were mostly sent to English-controlled Protestant colonies to the South, approximately as follows: Connecticut (675), Georgia (220), Maryland (860), Massachusetts (900), New York (200), North Carolina (290), Pennsylvania (700), and South Carolina (955). Conditions were terrible for most and a number of Acadians perished during "transport" or soon after since the colonies were not only English but mostly Protestant - and so were generally not welcoming of French "papists." Catholic priests and religious practices that were central to most Acadians were likewise generally banned in the English colonies. From these places of exile, many Acadians eventually made their way back to French territories - in the Canadian settlements along the Saint Lawrence that would eventually form Québec, in the Louisiana territory, and elsewhere. Another 1150 Acadians were destined for Virginia, but when the colony refused to accept its share of Acadian "immigrants" they were instead sent to England. [176][180]
In 1758, things were handled somewhat differently with respect to Acadians who were in the remaining French territories of Île Royale (Cape Breton Island) and Île Saint-Jean (Prince Edward Island). When the French fortress at Louisbourg on Île Royale was taken, the local population were French subjects, and customs of the time were for such people to be returned. So from 1758, more than 3,500 Acadians from Île Royale and Île Saint-Jean were returned directly to France. In addition, many of the Acadians who had been refused entry to Virginia (and had been sent to England in 1755) also returned to France once the Treaty of Paris was concluded in 1763. [176][180][181]
The approximately 3,500 Acadians who were returned to France in 1758-59, and another 800 who joined from England in 1763, were mostly located in settlements near port cities in France where they were provided with basic assistance from the government. Several different arrangements were planned and made to resettle them. The initial plans of the French government were for the Acadians to participate in populating French colonies in South America (French Guiana) and the Caribbean (including Santo Domingo, which later became the Dominican Republic, as well as Guadeloupe, Martinique and Saint Lucia). While some Acadians did migrate to the Tropics, conditions at the time were difficult or uncertain, and most were reluctant. [182][183]
In 1763, a significant location for Acadian returnees emerged just off the coast of Bretagne. In connection with the Treaty of Paris, Belle-Île-en-Mer was returned by England to France. By November 1765, about 80 families comprising close to 400 Acadians had relocated there. In subsequent years, some others had been relocated to Poitou - and by mid-1774, close to 1,500 Acadians were living in or near Châtelleraut in Poitou. The following year, a number of Acadian refugees made their way to Nantes in Bretagne, which then hosted the largest number of returnees to France. [182]
In 1785, a portion of the Acadians who had returned to France made their way back to North America to settle at Louisiana - a territory that had been part of Nouvelle-France but was then controlled by Spain.[176][181] Further information, resources and profiles regarding these Acadians and their children who returned to France but eventually made their way to Louisiana (as well as those coming via English colonies) is a key focus of the Louisiana Families Project on Wikitree.[184]
The groups of individual Acadian Pioneers who brought their local genes and cultures from each of the noted place locations are being referenced in connection with each location in France. Links to each of the place locations are also included in the table. Being France, most of these towns still have homes, buildings and other features that our Acadian ancestors grew up with and were shaped by.

Ongoing Research

This page and the table above are focused on the French origins of Acadians for whom the place names have been reviewed and confirmed to be connected with Acadian pioneers from France and/or Acadian returnees to France (including children born in exile). Also included are some additional place names that are listed in the preface of the 1999 edition of the Dictionnaire Généalogique des Familles Acadiennes (DGFA)[179] - but they are not yet associated with Acadian profiles on Wikitree for which supporting source information regarding origins in France has been identified. These additional place names (presumably reflecting Acadians who are either not yet in Wikitree or who do not yet have the associated location information in their profile) are noted in the table as "DGFA list."
For place locations noted in the table, the last column provides a link to the individual Acadians who originated or returned there. The corresponding footnotes are in alphabetical order by province and location. For some of the larger locations such as La Rochelle and Nantes - which involve a number of Acadians - the individuals associated with these places are in the process of being linked.
A number of other place names have been noted in profiles for which there is uncertainty regarding the place name, or whether it is properly associated with the Acadian(s) for whom it was suggested.
An ongoing Research Space, which served and continues to serve as the background for this page, is at the following link:
RESEARCH SPACE: Original Location Names for Acadians.
The Research Space contains groups of place names that are in review, as follows:
Group 1 - Place Names in Review / Research Required
Group 2 - Variants of Place Names Reflected in Table
Group 3 - New Place Names Reflected in Table - Profiles to be Reviewed for Updating
Group 4 - New Place Names Reflected in Table - Profiles Updated
The Acadian ancestors named in Group 1 require research because in most cases specific French origins have been noted but source information is lacking or not clearly cited. The Acadian ancestors specifically named in Group 3 have been updated, but other profiles with the same place name may require updating. (These can be easily identified in WikiTree+ using the place names provided).


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Hi, Tyler, was Marseilles spelled that way in the 1600's? The reason I ask is that two profiles have a location name from Stephen A White that might be Marsal. See Antoine Mouton (abt.1668-) for more information in the source. Feel free to correct my entry if you think so.


posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
Hi Cindy - I couldn't find any evidence that Marseille was spelled as Marsal at that time. Even in the local dialect (Occitan) it was Marselha or Marsiho.

But the other point of interest is the reference to the town of Marsal (or Marsaile?) being within the archbishopric of Albi. Albi is close to Toulouse but historically its bishops were archbishops within Languedoc at the time - and Marseille is not only quite a distance, but in Provence. Is the bracketed text "Marsal, archeveche d'Albi, en Languedoc" in White? And any other source info? Thanks as always for the puzzle! T

posted by Tyler Benoit
Hi, Tyler, yes that entry came directly from White's DGFA, verbatim. He also said Antoine Mouton was a Maitre d'hotel of a hotel de M de Grignon. I think that means of Marseilles and Grignon (which are close together). Another source says it was "a. Francois Adhemar de Monteil, Count of Grignan, Lieutenant General in the government of Provence,". I wonder what White meant by the Marsal entry?


posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
Hi Cindy – that is significant, because the use of "hotel" in the modern English sense of an inn only started in the late 1700s. In the time before inns (other than of ill-repute) became popular, "hôtel" in French was used in broader and more significant ways as an official or otherwise important place of visit – and this is still reflected today (so our principal governmental place of each town is the Hôtel de Ville, police HQ is the Hôtel de Police and the general hospital was the Hôtel-Dieu).

Under the monarchy (i.e. before these "modern" administrations), the most important such places were the houses of the lords – and the "Maître d'hôtel" was the most senior man running the place. In later times it would be someone like Mr. Carson in Downton Abbey – but in earlier ones, especially if the lord was important, it would be an even more important role.

The lord in this case certainly fit the category of important, since François de Grignan (1632-1714) was not only a member of the French aristocracy but King Louis XIV appointed him as his Lieutenant-Governor of Provence: François Adhémar de Monteil de Grignan. His family estate was at Grignan, which still has its castle, and is much connected to his family: Grignan.

Antoine Mouton would then have had a pretty important role that he survived at least long enough to bear children and the Mouton line, which apparently included Louisiana's first elected governor. The Acadians of Louisiana - Mouton.

The later Nova Scotia transcript has been taken to suggest that both Antoine and his wife were from Marseille (i.e. the city in Provence) – but White's note for her ("Jeanne Merlasse, de Marsaile [Marsal, archeveche d'Albi, en Languedoc]") is very specific and the reference to Marsaile / Marsal of Albi would seem to reflect a different place, in Languedoc (to the west of Grignan) rather than Marseille. So I wonder if the Nova Scotia transcript might actually be referring to a place in Languedoc. I haven't found an obvious location yet but does White indicate where the info and Languedoc place names came from – perhaps one of the historians like Arsenault..?

tbc... Tyler

posted by Tyler Benoit
Wow, Tyler, thank you so much for all that information. What a great example of how I learn something every day from this project. Seeing François Adhémar de Monteil de Grignan was probablly the de m de Grignan that White was referring to, not Marseilles. There are no secondary sources used for this entry in the DGFA. I will send you a copy of that page by email. So we know at least that he lived there, she lived in Marsal. Perhaps the priest on the marriage of the son mistook Marseille for Marsal?


posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
Hi Tyler,

Hope you are doing well. Another location found in burial record of Benoit-1719: Belair (likely Bel-Air) near Nantes, (Bretagne) Loire-Atlantique.

Take care and thanks!

posted by Gisèle Cormier
Hi Gisèle - I didn't find any town that would match - but it appears that Belair referred to the neighborhood north of the Église Saint-Similien where Augustin was buried (in fact the street leading north is still called rue de Bel-Air). So I've added Belair / Bel-Air as a 'lieu-dit' within Nantes.

I usually update the profile as well but in Augustin's case I noticed that you have a draft version and wasn't sure if that was intended to be kept or not, so just let me know (I think the location of his second marriage needs updating as well). Hopefully all's well with you and team! Best, Tyler

posted by Tyler Benoit
Thanks Tyler. I saved the draft version and updated the location of his second marriage. You are welcome to correct any mistake I made. Stay safe.
posted by Gisèle Cormier
Merci Gisèle - no mistakes, and I updated Augustin's death and burial info as well. À bientôt!
posted by Tyler Benoit
Is this a legitimate location? Demaiseray, Eveché du Man from See marriage source. Cindy

posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
Hi Cindy -

Just back - and this was a tough one! I searched for "Demaiseray" and tried spellings like it but could find none, in the diocese of Le Mans or otherwise. I did find that Le Mans was one of the largest diocese and had more than 600 parishes before the French Revolution - but haven't found a full list, yet..! So I've added the place reference to the Research list for now: I hope you're well! Best, Tyler

posted by Tyler Benoit
Another new one: Montay found in this profile

Boisseau-110 Cindy

posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
Thanks Cindy! Picking this up with spotty internet but back on the ‘grid’ (relatively speaking) soon. Always happy to add new places and pioneers - and hoping you and team are all well! Cheers from Zambia, T
posted by Tyler Benoit
Hi Cindy - I made it back to Europe and am finally catching up on these! I see that Gisèle has since changed François Boisseau's place of birth to Paris based on DGFA. It seems that his parents were from Montargis, which is not far south of Paris - although it doesn't seem clear if White or anyone had a birth record of François from Paris - versus Montargis..?

I couldn't find the original record of his marriage, just the transcript - which looks like 'Montage', but there's no French town with that name (which means montage, assembly, etc.) - so I suspect it's Montargis as noted in DGFA. (Btw - there is actually a Montay, but it's quite far away in Flanders, and it's not clear that the docs reflect that). In any case, let me know if you think we should note anything further - and hoping that you, Gisèle and Jackie are all well! Best, Tyler

posted by Tyler Benoit
HI, Tyler, I found a new one. On the profile of Peter Cosset Marsais, near La Rochelle.

posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
Thanks Cindy - I've added Marsais (formerly Marsay, Saintonge) to the list - and also updated Pierre's profile.
posted by Tyler Benoit
Would it be possible to add some sort of glossary for locations mentioned in parish registers, that are less well known and situated within or near a city. L'Hermitage, for example, is often mentioned in the Nantes registers. (Sorry, couldn't find a specific profile but there are several). At first I wasn't sure if it was a hospital, or a town, and had difficulty finding information. According to these resources, it was a district of Nantes where many Acadians lived: ( ) (

Same for Rue dos d'Âne in the hamlet of Pirmil on the south bank of the Loire River across from Nantes. David Blanchard wrote an excellent description of this location in a profile


posted by Gisèle Cormier
Thanks Gisèle - I'll look into these as additions. I've started some in the places like Rochefort with multiple locations (so besides the parishes it includes, e.g., the Hôpital des orphelins). Nantes will be a big group, so it's footnoted for follow-up.

Almost through the first big draft of the main table to complete the last column. The plan is to finish that part, adjust some of the research and notes and then I'll post to the group - and Cindy's already been planning follow-up..! ;)

posted by Tyler Benoit
Hi Gisèle - following up on these:

1) Chantenay has been on the list as a village, and is now noted as being currently part of Nantes; 2) L'Hermitage is a quartier in Nantes - it is now noted, and I also found and revised the profiles that had referred to "L'Hermitage, Loire-Atlanique" - so they now refer to Nantes (Quartier de l'Hermitage), Bretagne; and 3) "Permil" appears to be a bridge /area and now street in Nantes - I didn't see any profiles using it (but I'l add it as a potential location within Nantes). I initially had the list as just birth/marriage/death locations by town - with parishes only for major cities - but will include others noted when they're local places within the referenced town or city. Best, Tyler

posted by Tyler Benoit