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Date: 8 Jun 2018
Surname/tag: Fuller
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Welcome to the Fuller Name Study



This group is intended for WikiTreers who are Fullers by adoption or natural descent, as well as any other persons researching Fullers.

Please post questions to G2G and tag it Fuller - or contact one of the leaders through private message.


To collaboratively promote, advance, and improve the genealogical and historical research available on WikiTree about all persons who have inherited or adopted the surname Fuller.


  1. To merge all duplicate profiles into the final lowest profile ID number. See Merging.
  2. To find and properly cite sources for all unsourced profiles. See Sources
  3. To establish the correct and documented identities of parents.
  4. To write comprehensive, well-sourced biographies in proper WikiTree style, eliminating clutter caused by importing data from other genealogy websites or by imitating their style. See Biographies.
  5. To properly categorize every open profile.
  6. To connect as many family branches to each other as possible, and to connect all branches to the One Family Tree of WikiTree.

How to Join

Please reach out if any steps are unclear.
  • Request to be on the trusted list.
  • Once on the trusted list, add your name to the list of Participants along with a brief description. Directions provided in Members below.
  • Follow the Fuller tag link.
  • Add the appropriate Fuller Name Study member category to your own profile. See the Member Categories section below.

After You Join

Fuller Name Study Categories

  • All active members of the Fuller Name Study should have a Member Category, regardless of whether they were Fullers at birth.
  • The highest Fuller Name Study category is: Category:Fuller_Name_Study

Geographic Categories

  • These sub-categories are for deceased persons with "FULLER" as their last name at birth. If birth location not known use location where FULLER lived or died.
  • Choose one of two methods to format a Fuller Name Study geographic category (Using Michigan as example) NOTE: only one sticker per profile:
  1. Add above the Biography Header: [[Category: Michigan, Fuller Name Study]] Results in adding category but no sticker.
  2. Add any where below the Biography Header: {{One Name Study|name=Fuller|category=Michigan, Fuller Name Study}} Results in adding both a sticker and the category.

Member Categories

Members, Fuller Name Study All members should add a member category to their own profile.

  • Participants: [[Category: Participants, Fuller Name Study]].
  • Leaders: [[Category: Leaders, Fuller Name Study]].

Fuller Name Study Members

All members should add themselves to one of the Members subsections below. Enter your name as a link to your WikiTree profile after an asterisk. Like this: * [[Your_WikiTree_ID|Your Name]] After your name, write a brief summary of your interests, specialties, and/or areas of focus as it relates to the Fuller Name Study.


Members who are not currently leading some aspect of the Fuller Name Study. Participants, Fuller Name Study


Members who are currently leading some aspect of the Fuller Name Study. Leaders should state their type(s) of leadership role(s). Leaders, Fuller Name Study


Notables, Fuller Name Study

Links of interest


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Fuller researchers might find this map interesting. It uses English and Welsh census data from 1841–1911 to show where Fullers were most numerous. There were slight changes during the period, but the general picture is the same: https://www.your-family-history.com/surname/f/fuller/

Contrast with the same maps for Walker: https://www.your-family-history.com/surname/w/walker and Tucker: https://www.your-family-history.com/surname/t/tucker These surnames are derived from different terms for the same occupation as Fuller: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fulling

posted by Katie Fuller
Thanks Katie. That's interesting. That could go under Links of Interest following "Whatlinkshere". If anyone wants to study this more in depth they can create a space page for that.
posted by Pat (Fuller) Credit
Hello Thomas and Pat. Hope you're well. It's been a long time since I looked at the project but I've been adding project stickers/categories to some English profiles this week. There are a lot that... have room for improvement, let's say! :) Should we try to recruit new members? And is there a way that members could share updates about what they're working on? Other projects use Discord – any thoughts?
posted by Katie Fuller
Good work, Katie! i too, when i can, add the Fuller sticker to profiles,
Hello Katie,

Thank you for your work on making Fuller profiles better! What is Discord? Sincerely, Carey Alexander Roos

posted by Carey Roos
It’s a tool that groups of people can use to chat or message each other. I think gamers were the original users but some WikiTree projects have adopted it too. https://discord.com/

This study seems a bit quiet, or maybe even dormant, so I wondered if there was any appetite to keep group members updated or encourage communication between each other.

posted by Katie Fuller
Sorry for my part in the dormancy. I've had to decrease my time on genealogy in general since the pandemic. I'm in my late thirties so my job and family is very time consuming. Next month we will have our fifth child. We did virtual schooling early pandemic and switched to homeschooling this past year (and will be this coming year also). Curriculum and lesson planning takes A LOT of time.

Anyways, I'm very happy for anyone to boost activity on the Fuller projects.

posted by Thomas Fuller Jr
Thanks for all the improvements made to Fuller profiles.

Health issues make it hard to be on WikiTree much. The "Fuller Name Study Members" section can be used for noting main focus for each participant/leader. Some have used that space already. The "Project" section could also include an Update page, Updates, Fuller Name Study. Set up like Notables. I think it should be optional. For me, it would be an extra step of little value since I add space pages for my activity and have them linked above in the "Leaders" section. Seems like most work independently on their pet projects which is available to other Fuller genealogists. Discord might be for those that want to coordinate working on the same project. As for recruiting new members, a g2g post mentioning this page as the profile might give some added interest.

posted by Pat (Fuller) Credit
Hello Cousin Pat,

Hope you are doing well. Thanks for all your help. You are great WikiTree! Cousin Carey Alexander Roos

posted by Carey Roos
Missed our second anniversary (8 June); it's been crazy times. Trying to work on Fuller notables again. Feel encouraged (but not pressured) to pick a Fuller notable and make a profile for them.
posted by Thomas Fuller Jr
Content on Category Pages must be reduced per g2g. I will be editing this page to include data removed category pages and add links on category page to applicable parts of this page.
posted by Pat (Fuller) Credit
Thank you for the add...Sorry it took so long to acknowledge. I usually view the page on my iPhone and it doesn't allow me to view all that is available. Thankfully my laptop is once again working!!
posted by Kathy Lonergan
I apologize for my absence this past year, but I've been dealing with severe health issues. I'm back to my research and will be entering more information on the Fuller line (my Grandmother's maiden name) on site. I'm very excited to be delving into research again!
posted by Lucinda Ferree
The Fuller Notables sub-project is off to a slow start, but that's okay. Genealogy shouldn't be rushed. Anyone interested, please check out the sub-project page and consider "adopting" a Fuller notable without a profile.
posted by Thomas Fuller Jr
Responding to Pat, below:

Obviously any involvement with the new project is voluntary. Any involvement is highly appreciated, even if you don't completely finish the profile.

We're a team, let's take a team effort approach.:

If anyone has created a decent profile for the project that needs more fine-tuning for Notables project standards that they would like assistance with: -Place the profile on the New Profiles table. -Do not fill in Profile Mgr on the table. -Post a message on the Notables, FNS page asking for someone else to pick up where you left off on the profile.

How's that sound?

posted by Thomas Fuller Jr
I've used up all my tags and have no room for Notables.

It's not the same but my page for Fuller Noteworthies has been on the shelf too long. I do some of the ancestors of a couple notables and have just started name studies in the last few weeks. I can work on those and not have to be concerned about project standards which seem a bit too complicated for my senior memory. It's not like category structures that once you understand the basics it's just repeating a few cut & paste steps and its done.

I could enter basic data from their wikipedia page, use A tool to generate a simple biography add FNS template & a sticker to acknowledge Notables, FNS member(s) as PM/trusted list.

posted by Pat (Fuller) Credit
New Project Announcement:

Notables - Fullers on Wikipedia!

See the project page (linked near bottom of this page) for more information.

I thought it might be fun to whittle away at this list of Fullers who need profiles.

I hope a few of you will join me in making a few (or more) of these profiles. If just 4 of us created one of these profiles per week, we would be done in 3-4 months.

posted by Thomas Fuller Jr
Great adjustment, Pat.

While the things you describe will happen, of course, that is not the project.

Edit: I just need to prepare a few more things to be ready to present the project.

posted by Thomas Fuller Jr
Thomas, page is looking good. Made minor adjustment.

Let me guess. the new project involves changing the opening statement to announce our anniversary and celebrate our coming so far in just a year.

posted by Pat (Fuller) Credit
Hello Thomas,

Can you give us a hint? Carey Roos

posted by Carey Roos
Worked on transitioning the free space text away from using geographic categories only for location of birth. Feel free to point out or simply correct anything I missed.

Also: the Study has its first birthday on Saturday. As we are no longer a new study, I think we're ready for a new project. One will be announced soon.

posted by Thomas Fuller Jr