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Date: 12 Aug 2018
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This FAQ was compiled from numerous questions posted to G2G, with answers provided by many WikiTreers. To avoid embarassing any members, this FAQ does not provide links to actual posts.

1. How do I search for a person with a known WikiTree ID?

2. Why does the profile show full siblings as half?

3. How do I add another spouse?

4. Help, I'm logged in, but I can't add my parents and grandparents!

5. How can I delete a profile?

6. How do I remove an image from a profile?

7. Can I create a tree for Frodo/Harry Potter/Bruce Wayne/Sisyphus?

8. Profiles merged in error! How do I unmerge them?

9. How do I change the last name?

10. How do I merge duplicate profiles that have the same WikiTree ID?

11. How do I upload my DNA data to WikiTree?

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How do I search for a person with a known WikiTree ID?

  • There is no button for it. You go straight to it using its URL.
  • Open any profile (your own, for example, or whichever one you happen to be working on).
  • In your browser's URL box at the very top of your screen, the WikiTree ID is the end part of the site address, e.g., Buckley-1768.
  • Suppose you want to go to Jennie-8675309. Click on the URL box and replace Buckley's ID with Jennie's. Hit [enter].

Why does the profile show full siblings as half?

  • The siblings' profiles are connected to only one common parent. The other parent is either missing or incorrect on one or more of the 'half' siblings.
  • Open each sibling's Edit tab, and check his or her parents. Each one must have the correct WikiTree IDs for both father and mother. If one is missing or incorrect, look to the right-hand side of the Edit page. Under the parents' names, there is a link to [add father (mother)] or [replace/remove father (mother)]. Add or replace as appropriate, using the correct WikiTree ID for the missing/incorrect parent.
  • Depending on Privacy settings, Project Protections, and pre-1500 status, corrections might require collaboration.
  • Note that duplicate profiles often reveal themselves through a false half-sibling's incorrect parent (parent is duplicated), or through half-siblings that have the same name (sibling is duplicated).

How do I add another spouse?

  • Open the profile's Edit tab.
  • On the right-hand side, under Spouses, click [add/remove spouse].
  • If the new spouse already has a profile, enter his or her WikiTree ID in the field provided. Otherwise, create the new spouse's profile.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click Add Spouse of....

Help, I'm logged in, but I can't add my parents and grandparents!

  • You are probably enrolled as a Guest member, and you have to complete your membership to move forward. This involves confirming your e-mail address, selecting Tags, and Volunteering for WikiTree.
  • Go to your Nav Home Page (under the My WikiTree pull-down menu, top right of any screen). You should have boxes for 'Tag' and 'Comment.' Tags indicate your genealogical interest, like family names or ethnic origins. The Comments are simply brief descriptions of why that interests you.
  • After adding at least one Tag, click 'Add Tags and Volunteer.' A Greeter will confirm you as a WikiTree Family Member. Please check your e-mail inbox and spam filters. Once confirmed, you'll be able to add your family members.
  • Tutorials are available at New Member How-To.

How can I delete a profile?

  • Except in certain narrow circumstances, you can't delete a profile.
  • Instead of deleting, you can disconnect, merge, or save the profile for later.
  • Duplicate profiles must be merged.
  • Valid profiles incorrectly placed within a family should be disconnected. Use the [replace/remove (relative)] links on the profile's edit page to correct family relationships.
  • Recycle a profile by removing all the data – first name, dates, biography, etc. Use the shell to create your next profile with the same last name. According to the Recycling Help page, this is almost never appropriate.

How do I remove an image from a profile?

  • On the profile page, click the Images tab.
  • Above the image you want to remove is a title line that includes 'Image #.' Click that.
  • Scroll down almost to the bottom, where it says 'People & Things in the Image.' Click the button for 'REMOVE from image.'
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom, and click 'Save Changes to Image Details.'

Can I create a tree for Frodo/Harry Potter/Bruce Wayne/Sisyphus?

Profiles merged in error! How do I unmerge them?

  • Merges cannot be undone.
  • The only cure is to re-create the profile that was merged away.

How do I change the last name?

  • Only those on the Trusted List can change the Last Name at Birth (LNAB).
  • Go to the profile's Edit tab.
  • To the right of the LNAB, click the [edit] link.
  • If there is no [edit] link, you are not on the Trusted List. Contact the Profile Manager.

How do I merge duplicate profiles that have the same WikiTree ID?

  • This is caused by a 'ghost' profile left over from a merge. The symptom is that you observe duplicate relatives on a profile, but you can't merge them because they seem to have the same WikiTree ID.
  • Please send an e-mail to jamie[at]wikitree.com notifying her you encountered this problem.

How do I upload my DNA data to WikiTree?

  • You do not upload actual DNA data to WikiTree. You simply state what tests you have taken.
  • To do that, go to your own profile.
  • Using the drop-down menu with your WikiTree ID, click on DNA.
  • Then select DNA Tests, and on that screen you should see the button for entering information.
  • Click Save when you're done.

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Some issues and questions are too complex to address here:
  • Importing tree information from third-party sites, using a GEDCom file.


Thanks to Herbert Tardy for creating this page.

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Thanks Julie and Dennis for stepping up to help maintain this page. G2G FAQ is open for business again!
posted by Herbert Tardy
I am Unlisting this page because I have not participated in G2G for many months. I have no idea whether these questions are still 'frequently asked,' or if there might be new ones to add, or if the answers are still correct. I don't want to maintain it, so it's time for it to disappear. Thanks to those who appreciated it.
posted by Herbert Tardy
Regarding the "ghost profiles" -- can you tell people to email jamie [at] wikitree.com when this happens, instead of fixing it?
posted by Jamie Nelson
Hey, Herb!

I didn't realize you had put this together. It's great!


Hi Herbert,

Very good anything/free space page.

All these answers can be found in the WikiTree Help Category and Index Pages under the drop-down menu at the right top of all profiles.

Also the Integrators Project has been working on a page very similar to your which can be found here: G2G Integrators Project - Best Answers.

Thank you, Herbert, for all your contributions to WikiTree!

David ~ Integrators project Coordinator

posted by David Selman
This page is intended to answer recurring questions on G2G, those that appear weekly or more frequently, for which a simple, direct answer exists without ifs, ands, or buts. The half-sibling question sets the upper limit for complexity here.

For more complex questions, add a link in the last section to the appropriate Help pages.

Please post feedback for this page to the G2G discussion about it: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/662609/g2g-frequently-asked-questions

posted by Herbert Tardy